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Fonds CB/M/C. Council Records: Middlesbrough Borough Clerk's Department, 1904 - 1934

Filmed selectively.

Series 10. Photographs, 1904 - 1928

Photographs of Cook bicentenary birth celebrations, 1928 (File 10/5)

42 photographs, some identified on back and 16 copies of engravings of scenes in Tahiti...

Press cuttings re erection of Cook's cottage in Melbourne (mounted on one page), 1904 (File 10/27/13)

Although listed, the items in this file were not filmed by the AJCP as the documents were too large to film.

Series 11. Programmes and Pamphlets, 1934

Souvenir of unveiling of the memorial to Captain James Cook, erected on the site formerly occupied by his cottage at Great Ayton, Yorks by Mrs R. Linton, wife of Victoria Agent General. (16p.) (printed), 15 October 1934 (File 11/26)

Pages 5-8 removed.

Series 19. Events, visits, functions, 1928

Souvenirs re Cook bicentenary, 1928 (File 19/5-23)

Includes: booklets, periodicals, correspondence, some Australian published material...

Town Clerk (St Kilda) to Preston Kitchen, (Town Clerk, Middlesbrough) requesting copy of souvenir programme, 7 November 1928 (Item 5)
Minutes of meeting of General Executive Committee re Captain Cook Bicentenary Celebrations, (12p.), 1928, 28 June, 1 August 1928 (Item 6)
Minutes of meeting of Rotarians convened to discuss Captain Cook bicentenary celebrations on, 14 June 1928 (Item 7)

Milton Cafe, Saltburn (10p.)

E.H. Hiley-Peel James Cook Article/essay (9p. typescript with manuscript additions) (Item 12)
J. Fairfax-Blakeborough. Captain James Cook: an historical play, 1928 (Item 14)

Script and programme of performance by Marton and Great Ayton players...

Descriptive catalogue of the Cook bi-centenary exhibition in the Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby. (10p. printed), 3 October 1928 - 1 November 1928 (Item 15)
Souvenir of the opening of the Stewart Park, Marton. (20p. printed), 23 May 1928 (Item 18)
Proof and drafts of souvenir booklet (97p.), 6 August 1928 (Item 19)

Includes: 6 August 1928 C.T. Forscutt (London) to Preston Kitchen that members of his party of voluntary workers in Empire Service are anxious to attend celebrations.

Captain Cook Bi-centenary 1928 Souvenir of the Bi-centenary Celebrations arranged in the Cleveland District (24p. printed), 8 September 1928 - 27 October 1928 (Item 20)

Signed by attending dignitaries, including Sir George Fuller, Sir Chris Parr, C.T. Forscutt...

Ephemeral material (7p.), 8 September 1928 (Item 21)

Includes: Car sticker; Admission ticket to tea at Stewart Park; Platform ticket to Public meeting at Town Hall.

20 Photographs of Cook sites or monuments, many identified on back, some duplicates (Item 22)

Includes: Cook statue in Mall, London; Marton Church; Entry in Baptism Register of baptism of James Cook; School, Great Ayton; Cook Statue, Whitby; Interior of old school room, Great Ayton.

Fonds CB/M/C (2). Council Records: Middlesbrough Borough Council Clerk's Department 2nd Deposit, 1772-c.1950

Filmed selectively.

Series 10. Photographs, c.1950

Seven postcard photographs of Captain Cook's landing place, Kurnell, showing Cook monument, Banks' memorial, Solander monument and Forby Sutherland monument, (n.d. c.1950) (File 10/47)

Series 19. Events, visits, functions, 1772 - 1938

Australian cricket match. (7p.), 1880 - 1938 (File 19/1)
Thomas Belk (Middlesbrough) to Preston Kitchen (Town Clerk) re cricket match between Australian XI and Middlesbrough on 5-7 July 1880, his memories of Murdoch and Spofforth, 24 November 1938 (Item)
Scorecard for the match and programme of Australian matches (Item)
W. Murdoch (Clifton) re Belk re arrangements for a match, 2 August 1880 (Item)
W. Murdoch (Sutherland) to Belk that he and Spofforth can not travel to Middlesbrough, 13 August 1880 (Item)
Captain Cook Bicentenary (5p.), January 1772 - December 1934 (File 19/2)
R. Lionel Foster (Folkestone) to Kitchen sending photograph copy of Cook letter in his possession, 14 December 1934 (Item)
James Cook (Ayton) to Captain W. Hammond (Hull) re renaming of ships, Drake to Resolution and Raleigh to Adventurer 'which in my opinion are much properer', 3 January 1772 (Item)


Photograph of Captain Scott and Captain Black and other members of Royal Empire Society Towing Party outside Captain Cook's Cottage in Melbourne, October 1934 (Item)

(Identification on back, faint).

Fonds PR/GU. Parish Records: Guisborough, 1803

Filmed selectively.

Series 1/15. Overseers of the poor: Correspondence, August 1803

William Fenton (Portland, Langston Harbour) to Parish Officers requesting assistance so his wife and five children can go with him to Botany Bay. (2p.), 23 August 1803 (File 1/15/54)

Fonds U/ML. Deposited Collections: Middlesbrough Library Collection, 1833 - 1840

Series 1. Documents re Daniel Wheeler, March 1833 - June 1840

Loose extracts from the journal of Daniel Wheeler, Quaker missionary to Tahiti, and letters to friends, 24 May 1834 - 1838 (File 1/1)

Subjects include: conduct of other missionaries; trading with natives; voyaging round the islands; correspondence with missionaries in Friendly Islands; visit to Honolulu and other islands in Sandwich Islands; earthquake, 27 September 1836...

Extracts from the letters and journal of Daniel Wheeler, 26 March 1833 - 29 June 1840 (File 1/2)

Includes: arrival at Van Diemen's Land, 10 September 1834; visits to Morea Island, Oahu, Bay of Islands, Sydney...

Extracts from Daniel Wheeler's journal, 30 August 1833 - 29 November 1833 (File 1/3)

Re departure of father, brother Charles and Cuthbert Wigham for Southseas (1p.)

Extracts from Daniel Wheeler's letters, 13 May 1836 - 16 August 1837 (File 1/4)

Re reception by natives (1p.)

Circumstances of Cuthbert Wigham not proceeding with Daniel Wheeler on his visit to the inhabitants of the Southsea Islands. (4p.), n.d. (File 1/11)

Series 2. Letters, January 1834 - December 1840

Letters from Daniel Wheeler (Mother Bank, off Portsmouth, Rio de Janeiro, Hobart, Sydney Cove, Moorea, Norfolk Island, Tahiti, Oahu) to his 'dear cousins' Isabel and John Kitching, 10 January 1834 - 29 December 1840 (File 2/12)

Subjects include: voyage in Henry Freeling; sending extracts from his journal; life on board 'Our little floating prison'; relations with Cuthbert Wigham; journeys in Southseas; other missionaries; news of friends in Hobart; trading with the natives...

Letters from Daniel Wheeler (Henry Freeling at sea, Hobart, Tahiti, Moorea, Sydney) to William Manley, 14 March 1834 - 10 June 1837 (File 2/13)

Subjects include: voyage to Australia; news of James Backhouse and George Washington Walker; meetings held in Hobart; visits to Southsea Islands; mission work on the Islands; George Pritchard; barter rates with the natives...

Parts of letters written by Daniel Wheeler in Southseas (10p.), n.d. (File 2/14)
Daniel Wheeler (no place) to James Backhouse, preparations for voyage, 1 March 1834 (File 2/15)

Fonds U/MSB (2). Deposited Collections: Meek, Stubbs and Barnley, Solicitors 2nd Deposit, 1865 - 1917

Filmed selectively.

Transfer of mortgage from John Wilson of Table Cape, Launceston, farmer, formerly of Nether Silton, Yorkshire (2p.), 3 August 1865 (File 28)

Power of attorney granted by Harold Hopkins of Spit Junction, Mosman to his mother Hannah Isabella Taylor and covering letter from Bank of Liverpool, Middlesbrough (4p.), 16 April 1917 (File 95)

Fonds U/MSB (3). Deposited Collections: Meek, Stubbs and Barnley, Solicitors 3rd Deposit, 1907

Filmed selectively.

Series 72. Miscellaneous papers, July 1907 - August 1907

Draft on Union Bank of Australia for Arthur Kay for £805-12-1d, 26 July 1907 (File)
Draft on Bank of New South Wales for Charles Kay £199-15s, 1 August 1907 (File)

Fonds U/OME (2). Deposited Collections: Owners of Middlesbrough Estate 2nd Deposit, 1868

Filmed selectively.

Series 5. Title Deeds, July 1868

Transfer of mortgage by John Thomas Roberts of Wagga Wagga, merchant. (2p.), 25 July 1868 (File 5/486)

Fonds U/PEN. Deposited Collections: Pennyman Family of Ormesby Hall, 1912 - 1958

Filmed selectively.

Series 1. Title Deeds, April 1912

Draft conveyance from Peter Moores of Auckland, New Zealand to James Worsley Pennyman. (4p.), 8 April 1912 (File 1/24)

Series 7. Personal Records, November 1930 - December 1935

Letters from James Beaumont Worsley Pennyman (Prinz der Nederland at sea, Colombo, off Sumatra, Batavia, Bandoeng, Bali, Samarang) to his mother, 16 November 1930 - 31 March 1931 (File 7/130)

Subjects include: arrangements for the voyage; sea sickness; Suez canal; 'Buddism' in Ceylon; sightseeing in Ceylon; visit to Padang; Singapore Harbour; Dutch society at Batavia; flight to Bandoeng in Fokker monoplane; climate; 'natives look most happy and contented'; native dress; agriculture; Bali 'a paradise unspoilt (Yet)'; Balinese people; scenery; English and Dutch society at Samarang; visit to Fire Mountain volcano; purchasing Batik at Government Pawn shop; visit to stud farm of Volz...

[J.B.W. Pennyman] (Bintang) to Mother re climate, fauna, visited by Pere Francois, French priest. (2p., part letter), 9 December 1935 (File 7/133)
J.B.W. Pennyman (Rapallo, Samarang, SS Insulinde) to Pritchett (Estate Manager), 25 November 1930 - 1 April 1931 (File 7/135)

Subjects include: journey across Europe; voyage to Colombo, delights of Ceylon; accommodation in East Indies; 'Delightful week' in Samarang...

Series 11. Schemes and organisations, July 1958

Filmed selectively.

Hungarian refugees, July 1958 (File 11/17)

From black ledger 'Hungarian accounts'

Elizabeth Kevi (Girraween, NSW) to Mr and Mrs Pennyman, 10 July 1958 (Item)

Re voyage to Australia on Groote Beer, job with railways, learning English. (2p.) (loose at front of ledger)

Fonds U/PEN (3). Deposited Collections: Pennyman Family of Ormesby Hall 3rd Deposit, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Series 28. Photographs, n.d.

Album of photographs taken during East Indies trip, n.d. (File 28/64)

Fonds U/PF. Deposited Collections: Priest Furnaces, 1962 - 1965

Filmed selectively.

Series 3. Correspondence, January 1962 - December 1965

Correspondence with Pacific Steel Ltd (Otahuhu, NZ), 16 January 1962 - 23 December 1965 (File 3/435)

Subjects include: orders for equipment for furnaces, specifications, shipping details, visit by Mr Vose, General Manager of Ceramics Division of Winstone Products (New Zealand) Ltd; problems with reheating steel furnaces. (108p.)

Fonds U/PK. Deposited Collections: Preston Kitchen Collection, 1930 - 1933

Filmed selectively.

Series 76. Captain Cook Souvenirs, 3 May 1930

Souvenir booklet 160th anniversary of the landing of Captain Cook at Kurnell, 3 May 1930 (File)

Includes: press cuttings, photographs, booklet. Photographs include: Cook statute at Hyde Park, Cape Banks, Endeavour River, South Head Botany Bay...

Series 77. Captain James Cook: snapshots of a romantic life by James R. Grogson, 1933

Script of a play broadcast in 1933. (52p. typescript)

Fonds U/S. Deposited Collections: Miscellaneous Items, 1879 - 1988

Filmed selectively.

Programme of 10th Captain Cook Birthday Celebrations. (1p.), 23 October 1983 (File 516)

Charles Foster's Journal of voyage to New Zealand, 21 August 1879 - November 1879 (File 786)

Details include: sightseeing in London; boarding Afghan; confusion on board as ship is converted to take passengers; weather; other passengers; St Vincent; Capetown; soldiers in Capetown; visit to Adelaide, 'a nice place'; transship to New Zealand 'we have fresh meat three times everyday'; Hobart; impressions of New Zealand; economic conditions; 'Berry's pamphlet has done a deal of harm'; Christchurch...

Programme for Captain Cook Birthday Festival Week. (2p.), 1988 (File 856)

Fonds U/SG. Deposited Collections: Skelton and Gilling Estate Mining Records, 1905 - 1912

Filmed selectively.

Series 7. Reports and accounts of Mining Companies, October 1905 - July 1912

Town Properties of Western Australia (1905) Ltd: Report of Directors (4p.), 12 October 1905 (File 7/8)

Empty envelopes contained in this file were not filmed by the AJCP.

Directors report and statement of accounts of Town Properties of Western Australia (1905) Ltd. (9p.), 31 July 1912 (File 7/9)