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Australian Joint Copying Project
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Scope and Contents

Correspondence 1920-34 of economist Edwin Cannan, including letters of D.B. Copland, F.C. Benham and A.G.B. Fisher.

Diaries 1930 and a notebook 1932 of Sir Walter Citrine, General Secretary of Trade Union Congress, kept during a world tour.

Papers 1937-48 of Hugh Dalton, including a diary of a visit to Australia and New Zealand.

Papers 1845-63 of Sir Joshua Jebb relating to transportation of convicts to Australia.

Papers 1939-40 of anthropologist Phyllis M. Kaberry relating to her work in the Sepik district of New Guinea. Includes correspondence from Margaret Mead.

Papers 1884-1940 of politician George Lansbury including references to land development in Australia 1929-30.

Papers 1853-93 of the philosopher John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor, including letters of Arthur Hardy of Adelaide.

Papers 1898-1904 of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, including diary and letters relating to their visit to New Zealand and Australia in 1898.

Papers 1904-30 of economist and political scientist Graham Wallas, including letters of R.C. Mills.

Correspondence 1866-76 of Florence and Rosamund Davenport-Hill.

Papers 1895-1911 of W. Pember Reeves, New Zealand Agent General in London, including letters of E. Treagear, M. Cohen, Sir Joseph Ward, Sir Henry Atkinson and R. Seddon.

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Archival History

Material selectively filmed at the British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics and Political Science, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1985-1987 (AJCP Reels:M1612-M2615). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

The Papers of Lord Beveridge have been listed and filmed separately.

Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2018. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

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Adelaide, South Australia; Anthropologists; Atkinson, Sir Henry; Land: Australia; Benham, F.C.; Politicians: Britain; Cannan, Edwin, Prof.; Citrine, Sir Walter M., 1st Baron; Cohen, M.; Copland, Sir Douglas B.; Dalton, Hugh, 1st Baron; Davenport-Hill, Florence; Davenport-Hill, Rosamund; Economists; Fisher, A.G.B.; Hardy, Arthur; Jebb, Sir Joshua; Kaberry, Phyllis M.; Lansbury, George; Papua New Guinea: life and customs; Mead, Margaret; Mill, John Stuart; Mills, Richard C., Prof.; New Zealand; Officials; Philosophers; Political scientists; New Zealand: politics and government; Reeves, W. Pember; Seddon, Richard; Sepik district, Papua New Guinea; Taylor, Harriet; Trade unions; Transportation of convicts; Treagear, E.; New Zealand: visits to; Australia: visits to; Wallas, Graham, Prof.; Ward, Sir Joseph; Webb, Beatrice; Webb, Sidney J., 1st Baron Passfield


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 54, p19.

Item Descriptions

Fonds. Broadhurst Papers, 18 October 1886 - 5 January 1893

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2612

Biographical / Historical

Henry Broadhurst (1840-1911), Secretary of Trade Union Congress Parliamentary Committee 1875-90, Liberal M.P. 1880-92, 1894-1906.

Correspondence, 18 October 1886 (File Vol.2)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Lord Carrington (Sydney) to Broadhurst, 18 October 1886 (Item ff.172-73)

Introduces W. Alison of Canonbar, interested in leasehold enfranchisement; enjoyment of vice-regal life.

Correspondence, 8 January 1888 - 8 May 1888 (File Vol.3)

3 items

Filmed Selectively.

Lord Carrington (Sydney) to Broadhurst, 8 January 1888 (Item ff.12-13)

N.S.W. Centenary; opening of new Trades Hall; opportunities in Australia for tradesmen; high rents.

Lord Carrington to Broadhurst, 15 February 1888 (Item ff.19-20)

Good relations with trade unions; improvement in N.S.W. economy.

Lord Carrington to Broadhurst, 8 May 1888 (Item ff.26-27)

Cruise to Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island; beauty of Pacific.

Correspondence, 5 January 1893 (File Vol. 4)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

F. Schnadhorst (Melbourne) to Broadhurst, 5 January 1893 (Item ff.80-81)

Royal Commission; wife's health; refusal to be interviewed by Australian press.

Fonds. Cannan Papers, 23 May 1920 - 12 December 1934

30 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2612.

Biographical / Historical

Edwin Cannan (1861-1935), lecturer at London School of Economics 1895-1907, Professor of Political Economy 1907-26, author of Wealth (1914), Review of economic theory (1929) and other works.

Private Correspondence, 23 May 1920 - 12 December 1920 (File 1025)

3 items

Filmed Selectively.

Cannan to Lord D'Abernon, 23 May 1920 (Item f.150)

Refers to inept reply from Australian Offices; Australian and New Zealand financial transactions.

Sir Timothy Coghlan to Cannan, 27 November 1920 (Item f.256)

Exchanges on Australia; short-sightedness of Australian banks.

Cannan to S. Evans, 12 December 1920 (Item ff.287-90)

Depreciation of Australian pound; discussion with Sir Timothy Coghlan.

Private Correspondence, 8 August 1924 - 1 April 1925 (File 1028)

6 items

Filmed Selectively.

R.C. Mills (Sydney) to Cannan, 8 August 1924 (Item ff.46-53)

F. Benham; teaching of economics at Sydney University; public lectures on monetary problems; management of note issue in Australia; amendment of Commonwealth Bank Act; article in Round Table on Australian fiscal policy.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-762473405.

F.C. Benham (Sydney) to Cannan, 20 August 1924 (Item ff.54-60)

Intellectual isolation in Sydney; Sydney University; questions about monetary theory.

R.C. Mills to Cannan, 9 September 1924 (Item f.64)

Sends report of lecture on Australian monetary policy.

Cannan to F.C. Benham, 4 December 1924 (Item ff.90-92)

Questions raised by Benham on monetary theory; difficulty of financing Australian exports.

F.C. Benham to Cannan, 21 March 1925 (Item ff.124-28)

Financing of exports; Commonwealth Bank and gold standard; Sir John Garvin; book by Benham and R.C. Mills.

S. Evans (Johannesburg) to Cannan, 1 April 1925 (Item ff.132-41)

Sends papers, including copy of letter to N. Havenga on negotiations between Australian and British Governments on bonus on gold bullion exported from Australia.

Private Correspondence, 15 April 1926 - 13 August 1928 (File 1029)

8 items

Filmed Selectively.

J.C. Finlay (Auckland) to Cannan, 15 April 1926 (Item f.27)

Sends copy of book Theory of gratuitous credit.

R.C. Mills (Sydney) to Cannan, 14 May 1926 (Item ff.29-31)

Visit of D.B. Copland to England; F.C. Benham and his work on Australian economic problems. (incomplete).

Cannan to R.C. Mills, 19 August 1926 (Item ff.71-72)

D.B. Copland; Cannan's retirement; writing plans.

F.C. Benham (Sydney) to Cannan, 29 December 1927 (Item ff.157-58)

Debate with J. Brigden in Economic Record; seeks support of Cannan for his economic theories; isolation in Australia; abuse by press and manufacturers.

F.C. Benham to Cannan, 23 January 1928 (Item ff.162-163)

Indexing of book; hopes to enter it for Ph.D.

Agent-General for Victoria to Cannan, 23 March 1928 (Item f.177)

Offer of new Chair of Economic Research at Melbourne University.

Cannan to Agent-General for Victoria, 27 March 1928 (Item f.180)

Declines offer.

J.B. Brigden (Hobart) to Cannan, 13 August 1928 (Item f.192)

Review of Australian tariff; new Chair at Melbourne University.

Private Correspondence, 2 December 1929 - 6 October 1930 (File 1030)

3 items

Filmed Selectively.

D.B. Copland (Melbourne) to Cannan, 2 December 1929 (Item ff.121-22)

Examination of thesis of F.L. Wood; Tariff Report; increase in tariffs by Labour Government; teaching of economics at Melbourne University.

A.G.B. Fisher (Dunedin) to Cannan, 14 April 1930 (Item f.153)

Thesis by F.L. Wood; need to impress on Australians importance of productivity rather than movements in exports or national debt.

E. Hall (Silverspur, Queensland) to Cannan, 6 October 1930 (Item ff.190-93)

Australian ecomomic problems; questions on monetary theory.

Private Correspondence, 4 March 1931 - 19 July 1931 (File 1031)

5 items

Filmed Selectively.

W. Barrett to Cannan, 4 March 1931 (Item f.37)

Cannan's letter in Times; effect on Australian credit of shipment of total gold reserves to England.

Cannan to W. Barrett, 4 March 1931 (Item f.38)

Futility of Australia holding reserves of £20m. in gold.

Cannan to C. Fay, 31 March 1931 (Item f.44)

Refers to Cannan's parents living in Melbourne in 1853-55; proud to be colonials.

A.G.B. Fisher to Cannan, 19 July 1931 (Item f.81)

Research in Europe; query of New Zealand friend on transfer of gold from England in 1896.

Private Correspondence, 31 March 1934 - 12 December 1934 (File 1033)

5 items

Filmed Selectively.

A.G.B. Fisher (Sydney) to Cannan, 31 March 1934 (Item f.227)

Sends paper on money and prices; work in Economic Department of Bank of N.S.W.

Cannan to A.G.B. Fisher, 8 May 1934 (Item ff.234-37)

Comments on paper.

A.G.B. Fisher to Cannan, 4 October 1934 (Item ff.280-82)

Thanks for comments; importance of changes in aggregate production in countries like Australia; strong prejudice in favour of hanging on to unprofitable primary production.

Cannan to A.G.B. Fisher, 12 December 1934 (Item ff.287-88)

Bank deposit money theory.

A.G.B. Fisher (Dunedin) to Cannan, 12 December 1934 (Item f.289)

Requests foreward for book Material progress and individual security.

Fonds. Citrine Papers, 1930 - 1932

3 items

Sir Walter McLellan Citrine (1887-1983), 1st Baron Citrine (created 1946), General Secretary of Trade Union Congress 1926-46, President of International Federation of Trade Unions 1928-45, Chairman of Central Electrical Authority 1947-57.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2612.

Series 1. Diaries and Diary Notes, 1930

1 item
Diary of World Tour, 1930 (File 9)

Typescript diary, including photographs and cuttings. Covering visits to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Wellington. Refers to social activities, sight-seeing and sporting events, and discussions about trade, trade unions, industrial arbitration, manufactures, tariffs, Australian Labor Party and Communism. Includes notes of interviews with Kitson (Perth), L. Hill (Adelaide), M. Duffy (Melbourne), K. Kavanagh (Sydney), Sir John Goodwin (Brisbane), Lord Stonehaven, J.T. Lang (Sydney) and W. Nash (Wellington).


Diary of world tour, 27 June 1930 - 16 July 1930 (File 11)

Typescript diary of visits to Rotorua, Auckland, Suva and Honolulu. Almost entirely devoted to social activities and sight-seeing.(ff.392-503)

Series 3/2. Reference Notebooks: Notebook on Ottawa Conference, 1932

Small notebook containing brief typescript entries on such subjects as Australian trade and tariff preferences, Canada, coal, cotton, chemical trade, iron and steel, India, Imperial economic machinery, meat, motor trade, New Zealand trade and tariff preferences, timber, wool, wheat.

Fonds. Dalton Papers, 1937 - 3 July 1950

30 items

Hugh Dalton (1887-1962), Baron Dalton (created 1960), lecturer at London School of Economics 1919-36, Labour M.P. 1924-59, Minister of Economic Warfare 1940-42, President of Board of Trade 1942-45, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1945-47, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster 1948-50, Minister of Town and Country Planning 1950-51.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2612.

Series I. Diaries, 1937 - 1938

2 items
Diary, 1937 - 1938 (File 55)
4 items

Filmed Selectively.

Diary of voyage to Australia and visits to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch, 16 December 1937 - 2 April 1938 (Item ff.8-218)

Includes detailed impressions of cities, universities, and social activities and accounts of discussions, especially in Western Australia and Queensland. (photocopy)

Typescript notes on Australia, J. Curtin, Federal-State relations, foreign policy, Labor policy on immigration, Fairbridge Farm, industrial arbitration, State enterprises, W. Forgan Smith, achievements of Queensland Labor Government. (Item ff.232-48)
H. Dalton. The British democracies in the South Pacific (Item ff.249-54)
Further notes on Australia and New Zealand (Item ff.288-301)
Diary, 1937 - 1938 (File 56)

Typescript notes on visit to New Zealand in 1938, including meetings with Ministers and officials, comments on New Zealand Labour Party, social legislation, State enterprises, achievements of Labour Government, land legislation, financial policies, waterside workers, P. Fraser, W. Nash. (photocopy).


Series 2. Papers, 22 July 1938 - 3 July 1950

15 items

Filmed Selectively.

Various Correspondence, 22 July 1938 (File 5/2)
1 item
W. Forgan Smith (Brisbane) to Dalton, 22 July 1938 (Item f.53)

Thanks for pamphlet Government's air muddle exposed.

Speeches, 30 January 1939 (File 6/2)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Speech by W. Forgan Smith on divisions in Labour Party (Typescript), 30 January 1939 (Item ff.38-39)
Papers and Speeches: Other Political and Economic Papers, May 1944 (File 7/9)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Review by J. Curtin of meeting of Prime Ministers, London, May 1944 (Item ff.15-39)
Correspondence: Political and General Correspondence, 7 February 1940 - 10 August 1944 (File 8/1)
6 items

Filmed Selectively.

C. Clark (Brisbane) to Dalton, 10 August 1944 (Item ff.38-39)

Post-War planning in Queensland; optimum size of cities; redistribution of urban populations.

Photographs of Somerset Dam, Queensland (Item ff.40-42)
Dalton to W. Forgan Smith, 23 May 1940 (Item f.58)

Dalton's visit to Queensland in 1938; war effort.

Speech by W. Forgan Smith at Coolangatta (8pp.), 7 February 1940 (Item f.59)
Cutting on case for Labor, Worker (Brisbane), 13 February 1940 (Item f.60)
W. Forgan Smith (Brisbane) to Dalton, 9 July 1940 (Item ff.61-64)

Dalton's appointment as Minister for Economic Warfare; difference between national unity and national government in Australia; visit of Grenfell to Queensland.

President of Board of Trade Congradulation Letters, 14 June 1943 (File 8/2)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

D.O. Wilkins to Dalton, 14 June 1943 (Item f.2)

Thanks for dinner; hopes to see Dalton in Australia.

President of Board of Trade Congradulation Letters, 12 June 1943 (File 8/3)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

J. Armstrong (Australia House) to Dalton, 12 June 1943 (Item ff.18-19)

Thanks for dinner.

Post-War Papers and Correspondence, 25 May 1948 (File 9/4)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

H.V. Evatt (Melbourne) to Dalton, 25 May 1948 (Item f.95)

Welcomes reference in speech to Australia and New Zealand. (cable).

Papers and Correspondence, 29 December 1949 (File 9/7)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

J.B. Chifley (Canberra) to Dalton, 29 December 1949 (Item ff.71-72)

Election defeat; success of Opposition in linking socialism with communism; appreciation of currency.

Papers and Correspondence, 1 March 1950 - 3 July 1950 (File 9/9)
4 items

Filmed Selectively.

A.A. Calwell (Canberra) to Dalton, 1 March 1950 (Item ff.19-21)

Election defeat; effects of devaluation; British migration to Australia; success of Labour Party in Britain.

L. Adams (Devonport, N.Z.) to Dalton, 17 June 1950 (Item f.43)

Schuman Plan.

Dalton to L. Adams, 3 July 1950 (Item f.44)

Labour Party statement on foreign affairs.

A.A. Calwell to Dalton, 28 June 1950 (Item f.50)

Sends article in Melbourne Herald on 'Trouble-man in Britain.'

Letters of Sympathy and Congratulation-C, 17 November 1947 (File 10/3)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

J.B. Chifley (Canberra) to Dalton, 17 November 1947 (Item)

Sympathy on resignation as Chancellor of Exchequer.

Letters of Sympathy and Congratulation-H, 28 November 1947 (File 10/8)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

R. Henderson (Sydney Morning Herald) to Dalton, 28 November 1947 (Item)

Sympathy on resignation.

Letters of Sympathy and Congratulation-U,V,W,Y, 14 November 1947 (File 10/19)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

A.E. Young (Rotorua) to Dalton, 14 November 1947 (Item)

Former student; admiration of Dalton's career; sympathy on resignation; plans for returning to England.

Letters of Sympathy and Congratulation-Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 2 June 1948 - 4 June 1948 (File 10/21)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

H.V. Evatt (Canberra) to Dalton, 2 June 1948 (Item)

Congratulations on return to Government. (cable).

A.A. Calwell (Canberra) to Dalton, 2 June 1948 (Item)

Congratulations on return to Government. (cable).

Sir Alexander Livingstone (Rotorua) to Dalton, 4 June 1948 (Item)

Congratulations on return to Government.

Ministry of Economic Warfare and Related Papers, 9 October 1941 - 12 October 1941 (File 18/3)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Dalton to J. Curtin, 9 October 1941 (Item)

Congratulations on becoming Prime Minister; role of Australia in War. (cable).

J. Curtin (Canberra) to Dalton, 12 October 1941 (Item)

Thanks for cable.

Board of Trade Related Papers, 14 February 1942 (File 18/4)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

[H.F.C. Walsh] (Batavia) to Foreign Office, 14 February 1942 (Item)

Low opinion held by Dutch of British and Australian war effort in Far East; criticism of British efficiency by refugees from Malaya. (cable).

Fonds. Farr Papers, 14 July 1869

1 item

William Farr (1807-1883), statistician, compiler of abstracts in Registrar-General's Office 1838-79, President of Statistical Society 1871-72.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Letters mainly to William Farr, 14 July 1869 (File 1)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

W.H. Archer (Melbourne) to Farr, 14 July 1869 (Item ff.8-9)

Methods used in abstracting from census schedules; interest in mortality of immigrants compared to that of native-born Australians.

Fonds. Giffen Papers, 18 September 1897 - 12 April 1905

2 items

Sir Robert Giffen (1837-1910), journalist and statistician, official in Board of Trade 1876-97, editor of Journal of Royal Statistical Society 1876-91.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Letters to Sir Robert Giffen, 18 September 1897 (File 1)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

T.A. Coghlan to Giffen, 18 September 1897 (Item f.180)

Accepts invitation; illness of wife.

Letters and Papers, 13 January 1905 - 12 April 1905 (File 4)

7 items

Filmed Selectively.

Statement on imperial organisation (roneoed), [October 1904] (Item ff.56-63)
Imperial organisation; the Secretariat (printed), 13 January 1905 (Item ff.65-67)
P. Kennedy to Giffen, 7 February 1905 (Item ff.69-70)

Sends advance copy of letter to press; Sir Frederick Pollock grateful for suggestions.

Sir Frederick Pollock. Imperial organisation (printed), 8 February 1905 (Item ff.71-74)
P. Kennedy to Giffen, 21 March 1905 (Item f.75)

Sends paper.

P. Kennedy to Giffen, 12 April 1905 (Item f.77)

Sends paper of Sir Frederick Pollock.

Sir Frederick Pollock. Imperial organisation (printed), 11 April 1905 (Item ff.79-88)

Fonds. Harrison Papers, 12 November 1880 - 16 February 1898

4 items

Frederic Harrison (1831-1923), barrister and writer, President of English Positivist Committee 1880-1905, Professor of Jurisprudence, Council of Legal Education, 1877-89.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Frederic Harrison Correspondence, 2 March 1896 - 16 February 1898 (File 1/22)

2 items

Filmed Selectively.

Lord Brassey (Melbourne) to Harrison, 16 February 1898 (Item ff.26-29)

Supports commemoration; Australian federation should evolve from Federal Council.

Lord Brassey to Harrison, 2 March 1896 (Item ff.30-33)

No regrets on being in Melbourne; strength of attachment to Britain.

Frederic Harrison Correspondence, 12 November 1880 (File 1/30)

2 items

Filmed Selectively.

Sir Charles Gavan Duffy to Harrison, 12 November 1880 (Item ff.68-69)

Sends book Young Ireland; enjoyment of Harrison's writings.

Sir Charles Gavan Duffy to Harrison, 9 March [1886] (Item ff.70-71)

Enjoyment of article on Radical Programme in Contemporary Review.

Frederic Harrison Correspondence, 13 April 1882 - 5 September 1893 (File 1/97)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir Henry Parkes to Harrison, 13 April 1882 (Item f.2)

Requests meeting.

C.H. Pearson to Harrison, 5 September 1893 (Item ff.22-23)

Harrison's criticisms of Pearson's book; only disciples of F.D. Maurice shocked by book.

Frederic Harrison Correspondence, 19 August 1889 (File 1/112)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Sir Henry Parkes (Sydney) to Harrison, 19 August 1889 (Item ff.3-4)

Sends report of debate on Western Australian Constitution Bill; hopes for closer union with England but need to recast chain of connection.

Fonds. Jebb Papers, 5 February 1845 - 21 February 1863

40 items

Sir Joshua Jebb (1793-1863). Entered Army 1812, Lieutenant-Colonel 1847, Major-General 1860. Surveyor-General of Prisons 1837-63, Inspector-General of Military Prisons 1844-63.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Series 3. Further letters on prison matters, 5 February 1845 - December 1862

31 items

Filmed selectively.

W Crawford to Jebb, 5 February 1845 (File 3/2)

Senus report on conduct of Parkhurst boys in Van Diemen's Land; 'heart-breaking document'.

Lord Dunferline to Jebb, 20 May 1846 (File 3/4/11)

Failure of Van Diemen's Land; transported convicts should be replaced by exiles.

Sir James Graham to Jebb, 6 February 1847 (File 3/5/10)

Thanks for papers; problem of disposal of convicts at expiration of sentence.

Bishop F R Nixon to Jebb, 14 June 1848 (File 3/6/4)

Notes on transportation.

G Hall to Jebb, 6 June 1848 (File 3/6/6)

Demand for labour in Australia; Lord Grey should be dissuaded from sending exiles to Van Diemen's Land.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 19 September 1848 (File 3/6/12)

Selection of ticket of leave convicts for Australia.

Sir James Graham to Jebb, 11 December 1848 (File 3/6/16)

Thanks for rules of Portland Convict Establishment; measure must provide for transportation of convicts beyond seas.

Sir George Grey to Jebb, 24 March 1849 (File 3/7/3)

Prisoners sentenced to transportation to be placed at once in solitary confinement.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 6 October 1849 (File 3/7/17)

Proposed convict establishment in western Australia.

Sir George Grey to Jebb, 7 October 1849 (File 3/7/18)

Lord Grey anxious to see Jebb about transportation.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 25 December 1849 (File 3/7/23)

Administration of convict establishment in Western Australia; valuable services of Capt E Frome in Australia.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 8 March 1850 (File 3/9/3)

Presentation of report to House of Lords; inquires about convicts sent by Hashemy.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 30 July 1851 (File 3/10/4)

Sends draft on convict regulations of Sir William Denison.

Sir George Grey to Jebb, 09-16 (File 3/10/8)

Legislation on penal servitude.

Sir George Grey to Jebb, 5 January 1852 (File 3/10/10)

Remission of sentence of transportation.

Sir George Grey to Jebb, 10 January 1852 (File 3/10/11)

Opposed to weakening sentences of transportation.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 8 July 1856 (File 3/14/24)

Thanks for report; disagrees with conclusions; exile not regarded as boon by convicts.

Jebb to Lord Grey, 11 July 1856 (File 3/14/25)

Lack of certainty in punishment; transportation for short periods; small proportion of convicts actually transported.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 15 July 1856 (File 3/14/27)

Favours replacing transportation with penal servitude in any penal establishment at home or abroad; tickets of leave in colonies.

Sir George Grey to Jebb, 29 September 1856 (File 3/15/4)

Jebb's memorandum on penal servitude.

Lord Grey to Jebb, 14 January 1857 (File 3/17/2)

Thanks for memorandum on convict question; suggests provisions in new legislation.

Jebb to Lord Grey, 20 January 1857 (File 3/17/3)

Convict question; possibility of convicts with good records being settled in Western Australia.

Sir William Denison to Jebb, 31 March 1858 (File 3/18/3)

Denison's paper on secondary punishment; opposed to remission; Agricultural Society.

Sir James Graham to Jebb, 25 November 1858 (File 3/18/22)

Opposes theories of A Maconochie; transportation should not be relinquished.

G Henderson to Jebb, 18 January 1859 (File 3/19/2)

Account of conduct of convicts on Edwin Fox.

Jebb to Sir George Grey, 16 June [1857] (File 3/19/10)

Encloses letter from Sir William Denison.

Sir William Denison (Sydney) to [unknown], 11 April 1857 (File 3/19/10)

Agitation for resumption of transportation. (extract).

Sir William Denison to Jebb, n.d. (File 3/20/1)

Transportation and police regulations. (incomplete).

W Daly (Dublin) to Jebb, 21 May 1861 (File 3/23/12)

Discussion of convict discipline at meeting of Dublin Historical and Literary Society; emigration of rerormed convicts to Australia.

C Cooper to R C Dawson, December 1862 (File 3/26/19)

Transportation of convicts with short sentences.

Jebb to Lord [unknown], May 1862 (File 3/27/8)

Report of Royal Commission on Penal Servitude; disposal of prisoners in western Australia.

Series 6. Memoranda and notes (concerning prisons), 25 January 1847 - 1 May 1856

7 items

Filmed selectively.

J T Burt. Convict discipline, Parts 1-3 (48pp) (File 6/43)
Jebb. Memorandum for Sir George Grey on Tasman Peninsula (2pp), 25 January 1847 (File 6/52)
Lord Chichester. Minute for report on transportation (5pp), [1856] (File 6/53)
Notes on comparison between English system and convict establishment in western Australia (3pp), n.d. (File 6/56)
Rev. J Kingsmill. On secondary punishments (4pp), 1 May 1856 (File 6/57)
Memorandum on mark system of Convict Department in western Australia (5pp), n.d. (File 6/65)
Memorandum on convict ships (4pp), n.d. (File 6/67)

Series. From Old Numbering System, 21 February 1863

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Return of number of Irish convicts sentenced to transportation and number transported, 1839-50. (1p), n.d. (File Box 10)
Discussion on transportation. Weekly review, 21 February 1863 (File Box 12)

Fonds. Kaberry Papers, 20 March 1939 - May 1940

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Biographical / Historical

Phyllis M. Kaberry (d.1977), reader in social Antrhopology, University College, London. In 1939-1940 undertook fieldwork among Abelam trive in Sepik district of New Guinea, mainly in village of Kalabu.

Series 70-74. Papers, correspondence, notes and lectures on Abelam fieldwork, 20 March 1939 - May 1940

Filmed selectively.

Margaret Mead (New York) to Kaberry, 30 September 1939 (File 70/1)

Kaberry's research, kinship.

Notes taken from Kaberry's letters, April 1939 - May 1940 (File 70/6-18)
Kaberry (Maprik) to A.P. Elkin: research (incomplete), 21 August 1939 (File 70/40-45)
H. Spender Roberts to Kaberry (incomplete), n.d. (File 70/46-48)
A.P. Elkin to Kaberry, Kaberry's research, 4 September 1939 (File 70/49-50)
A.P. Elkin to Kaberry, Kaberry's research, 4 January 1940 (File 70/51)
Margaret Mead (Auckland) to Kaberry, 20 March 1939 (File 71/12)

Sends notes, arrangements for visit to New Guinea.

G. Bateson (Auckland) to Kaberry, notes on Itamul language, 20 March 1939 (File 71/13-21)

Fonds. Lansbury Papers, 20 May 1840 - 22 July 1940

23 items

George Lansbury (1859-1940). Visited Australia 1884-85. Labour M.P. 1910-12, 1922-40, Commissioner of Works 1929-31, Leader of Labour Party 1931-35.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Series Vol. 1. Correspondence and Papers, 5 February 1886

3 items

Filmed Selectively.

Leaflet: 'What is the truth about emigration?', [1886] (File f.46)
Cutting about N.S.W., Sporting Life, 5 February 1886 (File f.47)
J. Murray Macdonald to Lansbury, 1 December [1892] (File f.167)

Letter from Progressive Political League of Victoria; relevance of platform for Britain.

Series Vol. 6. Correspondence and Papers, 27 June 1912

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Harriet C. Newcomb (Australia and New Zealand Women Voters' Association) to Lansbury, 27 June 1912 (File f.7)

Thanks for protest by Lansbury in House of Commons about suffragette prisoners.

Series Vol. 11. Correspondence, 24 March 1933

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

W. Jordan to Lansbury, 24 March 1933 (File f.183)

Sympathy of New Zealand people and Parliament on death of Mrs Lansbury.

Series Vol. 16. Correspondence, 10 November 1938

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

C. Knowles to Miss Postgate, 10 November 1938 (File f.302)

Permit for E. Strunz to enter New Zealand.

Series Vol. 17. Correspondence and Collected Papers, 20 May 1840 - 22 July 1940

8 items

Filmed Selectively.

Mary Campbell (Germany Emergency Committee) to Lansbury, 31 January 1939 (File f.4)

Efforts to obtain permit for E. Strunz to emigrate to New Zealand.

E. Strunz to Lansbury, 31 January 1939 (File ff.5-6)

Permit to emigrate.

W. Jordan to Lansbury, 13 February 1938 (File f.10)

Applications by E. Mandl and Munk to enter New Zealand.

E. Pressburger to Lansbury, 10 June 1939 (File f.106)

Rejection of application to enter New Zealand.

C. Knowles to Lansbury, 15 June 1939 (File f.107)

Application of E. Pressburger to enter New Zealand.

E. Pressburger to Lansbury, 20 June 1939 (File f.108)

Application to enter New Zealand.

L. Arlingstall to Daisy Postgate, 22 July 1940 (File ff.303-4)

Sympathy of Rockhampton Branch of Fellowship of Reconciliation on death of Lansbury.

Winifred Smith (Christchurch) to Peace Pledge Union, 20 May 1840 (File f.330)

Resolution of Christchurch branch of New Zealand Peace Pledge Union on death of Lansbury.

Series Box 20. Unemployment and Migration, June 1929 - October 1930

5 items
Unemployment, 25 November 1929 - 9 May 1930 (File III d.)
2 items

Filmed Selectively.

A. Greenwood to Lansbury, 25 November 1929 (Item ff.282-83)

National Schemes Conference could not properly discuss large-scale migration to Australia.

Lansbury to J.R. MacDonald, 9 May 1930 (Item ff.355-56)

Disappointment on land policy and migration; need to develop land lying idle in Dominions; refers to Western Australia.

Unemployment and migration, June 1929 - October 1930 (File III e.)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Correspondence and papers, June 1929 - October 1930 (Item ff.1-95)

Concerning schemes for land development in Australia, Colonial Development Bill, address by J.E. Fenton, Passmore Scheme of Land Settlement in Western Australia and migration to Western Australia. Correspondents include J.R. Passmore, Sir John Allen, R.B. Howarth, Sir James Mitchell (Perth), J.R. MacDonald and W. Lunn.

Series Vol. 28. Additions to Sections I and II, 16 September 1884 - 17 April 1920

4 items

Filmed Selectively.

Lansbury (Ipswich, Queensland) to W.C. Sewell, 16 September 1884 (File ff.13-19)

Voyage to Australia; work for old tyrant on farm; wages; exploitation of poor immigrants; disappointment with Queensland; religious observance.

Lansbury (Brisbane) to W.C. Sewell, 1 March 1885 (File ff.20-25)

Misleading information given to emigrants; exploitation of female labour.

Lansbury, [Tottenham] to W.C. Sewell, 1885-01-30 [i.e. 1886] (File f.26)

Queensland press; wages in Queensland; drunkenness.

W. Bow (Adamstown, N.S.W.) to Lansbury, 17 April 1920 (File ff.114-18)

Former association with Lansbury; interest in his career; victory of Labor Party in N.S.W.; T. Mann.

Fonds. Low Papers, 2 July 1908 - 1919

4 items

Sir David Alexander Cecil Low (1891-1963), cartoonist and caricaturist. Born in Dunedin, cartoonist on Spectator (Christchurch) Canterbury Times, Bulletin (Sydney) 1911-19, Star (London) 1919-26, Evening Standard 1926-49, Daily Herald 1950-53.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Cartoons and drawings, 1911 - 1919 (File 4)

Volume of cartoons, caricatures and advertisements by Low extracted from Star (1909), New Zealand Mail, Canterbury Times (1911), Lone Hand (1914) and Bulletin (1916-19). There are also some cuttings from British newspapers and publications, 1923-46.

(Copy complete, 180pp.).

Fonds. Macdonald Papers, 1 September 1896 - 23 August 1908

2 items

James Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1937), Labour and National Labour M.P. 1906-18, 1922-35, 1936-37, Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary 1924, Prime Minister 1929-35, Lord President of the Council 1935-37.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Factory and Shop Legislation, 1 September 1896 (File Vol. 1)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

W.P. Reeves to M.E. Gladstone, 1 September 1896 (Item ff.7-8)

New Zealand factory legislation; fines and deductions from wages.

Miscellaneous Letters and Papers, 23 August 1908 (File Vol. 5)

1 item
Lilan Locke Burns (Charles Towers) to Mrs MacDonald, 23 August 1908 (Item ff.55-57)

Thanks for greeting to Women's Committee; interest in British women's movement; Queensland politics; danger of Labour Parties stagnating due to too much attachment to palliative legislation.

Fonds. Mill-Taylor Papers, 1853 - 1893

5 items

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), philosopher, civil servant, Liberal M.P. 1865-68, author of many works on logic, moral philosophy, political philosphy, economics and education. In 1851 married Mrs Harriet Taylor, sister of Arthur Hardy of Adelaide.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2613.

Correspondence of John Stuart Mill, 5 December 1853 - 9 September 1870 (File Vol. 1)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

J. Rae (Hawaii) to Mill, 5 December 1853 (Item ff.76-77)

Mill's reference to work by Rae on political economy; activities in Hawaii; seeks help to publish pamphlet on Hawaian language.

Mill to J. Rae, 19 September 1854 (Item ff.78-79)

Declines to help with publication. (draft).

Mill (Avignon) to A. Hardy (Adelaide), 14 May 1859 (Item ff.117-18)

Death of Harriet Mill; plans to publish her writings.

H.K. Rusden (Melbourne) to Mill, 9 September 1870 (Item f.153)

Lecture by Rev. A. Henderson on behalf of Early Closing Association; defence of Mill by Rusden.

Correspondence with John Stuart Mill, 21 January 1856 - 21 May 1872 (File Vol. 2)

6 items

Filmed Selectively.

A. Hardy (Adelaide) to Mill, 20 January 1871 (Item ff.390-91)

Geometrical statement by Mill in Fortnightly Review; compulsory education; importance of infant schools.

G.K. Holden (Sydney) to Mill, 9 August 1871 (Item ff.442-48)

Request by Sydney Chamber of Commerce for views on protective duties in colonies; move to establish customs union; objections of Chamber to ad valorem duties.

G.C. Stewart (Queenscliff, Victoria) to Mill, 9 September 1871 (Item ff.451-52)

Hare's scheme for proportional representation; alteration to electoral law in Victoria; proposal for three-cornered constituencies.

G.C. Stewart to Mill, 30 September 1871 (Item ff.453-57)

Defects in Hare's scheme.

W.H. Bundey (Adelaide) to Mill, 21 May 1872 (Item ff.488-91)

Evils of land monopoly in South Australia; seeks essays or lectures on land question.

Mill to A. Hardy, 21 January 1856 (Item ff.738-39)

Interest in educational institution in Adelaide; recommends C. Gavan Duffy; difficulties concerning Harriet Mill's marriage settlement.

Private Correspondence of Helen Taylor, 1868 - 1893 (File Vol. 21)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

A. Hardy (Adelaide) to Helen Taylor, 1873 - 1893 (Item ff.81-96)

Death of Mill; visit of R. Barr Smith to England; article by Sir Anthony Musgrave on Mill's theories on finance; resolutions on free trade; visit of daughter to England; family news. (5 letters, 2 replies).

J.L.A. Ley (Echunga, Adelaide, Perth, Robe) to Helen Taylor, 1868 - 1884 (Item ff.240-53)

Gold-digging at Echunga; Hardy Family; engagement; illness; work as survey draughtsman; seeks appointment in another colony; financial difficulties; visit to England.

Lucy Ley (Melbourne) to Helen Taylor, 02-28 (Item ff.254-55)

Illness of husband; financial difficulties.

Correspondence of Harriett Hardy (later Taylor and Mill), of other members of Helen Taylor's family and miscellaneous correspondence, 1853 - 1857 (File Vol. 27)

2 items

Filmed Selectively.

Harriet Mill to A. Hardy (Adelaide), 1853 - 1857 (Item ff.82-102)

Family matters; J.L.A. Ley; writings of Mill. (6 letters).

A. Hardy (Adelaide) to Caroline Ley, 10 April 1856 (Item ff.103-4)

Marriage settlement of Harriet Mill.

Correspondence of Harriett Hardy (later Taylor and Mill), 24 January 1864 (File Vol. 29)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

A. Hardy (Adelaide) to A. Taylor, 24 January 1864 (Item ff.5-6)

Death of Caroline Ley; family matters; education of son Arthur.

Fonds. Passfield Collection, 15 July 1898 - 1947

Sidney James Webb (1859-1947), 1st Baron Passfield (created 1929), civil servant, London County Councillor 1892-1910, Labour M.P. 1920-29, President of Board of Trade 1924, Secretary of State for Dominions 1929-30, Secretary of State for Colonies 1929-31, Married Beatrice Potter (1858-1943). Joint authors of many works on trade unionism, industrial relations, local government and politics. Founded London School of Economics (1895) and New Statesman (1913).

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2614.

Series I. Beatrice Webb's Diaries, 15 July 1898 - 8 December 1898

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Diary of Beatrice Webb, 15 July 1898 - 8 December 1898 (File Vol.19 ff.1747-1926)

Typescript copy, with manuscript amendments, of extremely detailed diary of journey across Pacific and travels in New Zealand and Australia. Written in Honolulu, Samoa, Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Contains impressions and statements on wages, factory legislation working conditions, local government, politics, political leaders and many other subjects.

(ff. 1747-1926)

Series II. Correspondence, 19 August 1898 - 1947

30 items
Subseries. General personal correspondence, 24 August 1898 - 1947
27 items
General Correspondence, 24 August 1898 - 14 December 1898 (File a)
12 items

Filmed Selectively.

Beatrice Webb (Wellington) to Kate, 24 August 1898 (Item ff.240-42)

Travels in New Zealand; political dominance of R. Seddon; defects of Compulsory Arbitration Act.

Beatrice Webb (Brisbane) to Kate, 17 September [1898] (Item ff.243-45)

Visit to Sydney; political crisis; G.H. Reid; B.R. Wise; Federation; inferiority of Sydney people to New Zealanders; travel plans.

S. Webb (Brisbane) to G. Wallas, 18 September 1898 (Item ff.246-7)

Grant to London School of Economics; travels in Australia; remarkable contrast between colonies and America.

Mary McConnel (Brisbane) to Beatrice Webb, 20 September 1898 (Item ff.247(a-c))

Organization of women in trade unions; influence of W. Lane in Queensland; industrial education.

Beatrice Webb (Sydney) to Kate, 7 October 1898 (Item ff.248-50)

Unsavoury nature of Queensland politics; Sir Samuel Griffith; Lord Lamington; visit to Blue Mountains; J. Ashton; N.S.W. Parliament.

G.B. Shaw to S. Webb, 18 October 1898 (Item ff.251-53)

Refers to Fabian propaganda in New Zealand.

Beatrice Webb (Melbourne) to Kate, 20 October 1898 (Item ff.254-55)

Impressions of Melbourne; H. Turner; wages boards; Federation; proportional representation.

S. Webb (Melbourne) to G. Wallas, 20 October 1898 (Item ff.256-59)

Observations in Australia; genuine democracy; education; payment of M.P.s.

Beatrice Webb (Melbourne) to Kate, 1 November [1898] (Item ff.260-62)

Activities in Melbourne; wages boards; hostility of churches to State education; recruitment of civil servants; Melbourne Cup; Lord Brassey.

Beatrice Webb (Adelaide) to Mary Clayne, 7 November 1898 (Item ff.263-65)

Melbourne Cup; visit to Adelaide; E. Wallington; S. Way.

J. Ashton (Sydney) to Beatrice Webb, 14 November 1898 (Item ff.265(a-c))

Departure of Webbs from Australia; N.S.W. politics; Victorian politicians.

S. Webb to G. Wallas, 14 December 1898 (Item ff.266-67)

Travel plans.

General Correspondence, 29 April 1904 (File c)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

H.G. Wells to Beatrice Webb, 29 April 1904 (Item ff.29-34)

Webb's article on prisons; refers to writings of Marcus Clarke.

General Correspondence, 30 November 1911 (File e)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

Beatrice Webb (Singapore) to Kate Courtney, 30 November 1911 (Item ff.195-96)

Voyage from Hong Kong; description of Government House in Singapore; travel plans; change in leadership of Conservative Party.

General Correspondence, 6 May 1920 (File g)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

S. Webb to G. Wallas, 6 May 1920 (Item f.146)

Suggests he meet Australian H. Duncan Hall; his book on Empire Constitution opposed to ideas of L. Curtis on imperial government.

General Correspondence, 2 September 1926 (File h)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Sir James O'Grady (Adelaide) to S. Webb, 2 September 1926 (Item f.129)

Introduces H.W. Gepp of Australian Migration and Development Board.

General Correspondence, 4 January 1927 (File i)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

H.W. Gepp to S. Webb, 4 January 1927 (Item f.1)

Regrets has not had opportunity for meeting.

General Correspondence, 8 July 1938 (File k)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

S.K. Ratcliffe (Canberra) to Beatrice Webb, 8 July 1938 (Item ff.187-88)

Travels in U.S.A.; visit to Hawaii; race relations; New Zealand politics; lack of progress in social welfare since R. Seddon; H. Dalton; impressions of Canberra; success of son's book Flying fox and drifting sand.

General Correspondence, 15 January 1940 (File l)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

W. Nash (Wellington) to Beatrice Webb, 15 January 1940 (Item ff.127-28)

Cooperative movement in New Zealand; refers to books on agricultural cooperation.

General Correspondence, 28 October 1941 - 24 June 1942 (File m)
2 items

Filmed Selectively.

W. Jordan to S. and Beatrice Webb, 28 October 1941 (Item f.89)

Thanks for book on Soviet Communism; visit of P. Fraser to England.

S.M. Bruce to Beatrice Webb, 24 June 1942 (Item f.190)

Thanks for booklet on Soviet Russia.

General Correspondence including many letters of condolence on the death of Beatrice Webb, 1 May 1943 - 4 May 1943 (File n)
4 items

Filmed Selectively.

Marie Patterson (Sydney) to Passfield, 1 May 1943 (Item f.88)

Sympathy on death of Beatrice Webb.

C.M.H. Clark (Geelong) to Passfield, 2 May 1943 (Item f.113)

Sympathy on death of Beatrice Webb; intellectual climate in Australia similar to that in England in 1880's; need for blueprints for new society.

Sir Harry Batterbee (Wellington) to Passfield, 4 May 1943 (Item f.196)

Sympathy on death of Beatrice Webb; New Zealand a laboratory of political and social ideas.

W. Jordan to Passfield, 4 May 1943 (Item ff.200-1)

Sympathy of New Zealand Government on death of Beatrice Webb.

General Correspondence, 8 June 1944 - 1947 (File o)
2 items

Filmed Selectively.

W. Jordan to Passfield, 8 June 1944 (Item f.62)

Congratulations on award of Order of Merit.

H. Webb (Douglas Park, N.S.W.) to Passfield, n.d. (Item ff.187-89)

Congratulations on O.M.; family connection; farming in N.S.W.

Subseries 5. Further general correspondence, 19 August 1898 - 3 December 1930
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Beatrice Webb to R.D. Holt, 3 December 1930 (File f.300)

Dominions Conference; strange offer of R. Bennett and J.H. Scullin; Scullin 'strangest kind of Labour man that I ever came across'.

New Zealand Registrar-General (Wellington) to S. Webb, 19 August 1898 (File ff.455-57)

Attendance at churches and Sunday schools in New Zealand; variations in birth rate within New Zealand.

Subseries 6. London School of Economics, 12 September 1898 - 8 May 1906
3 items
Library Correspondence, 12 September 1898 (File (1))
1 item

Filmed selectively.

S. Webb (Sydney) to J.D. McKillop, 12 September 1898 (Item)

Despatch of case of New Zealand publications.

Library Correspondence, 28 June 1899 (File (2))
1 item

Filmed selectively.

W. Harrison Moore (Melbourne) to S. Webb, 28 June 1899 (Item)

Sends report on reclassification of Victorian Public Service; offers to send papers on Federation.

Library Correspondence, 8 May 1906 (File (7))
1 item

Filmed selectively.

S. Webb to J.D. McKillop, 8 May 1906 (Item)

Stratification of incomes; important paper by T. Coghlan on evidence afforded by Australian death duties.

Fonds. Wallas Papers, 1904 - 1930

12 items

Graham Wallas (1858-1932), member of Fabian Society 1886-1904, lecturer at London School of Economics [1895]-1914, Professor of Political Science 1914-23, author of Human nature in politics (1908) and other works.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2614.

Series 1. Correspondence, 1904 - 1930

12 items
Letters to Wallas, 1904 - 1905 (File 1/30)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

F. Bradshaw to Wallas, 4 January 1904 (Item ff.1-4)

Recommends books on Canadian, Australian and South African constitutional and political affairs.

Letters to Wallas, 1909 (File 1/44)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

E. Shann to Wallas, 2 November 1909 (Item ff.59-62)

Books; plans to visit Paris; interest of brother in Melbourne in exchange of teaching posts.

Letters to Wallas, 1909 - 1910 (File 1/45)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

E. Shann to Wallas, 12 December 1909 (Item ff.4-5)

Impending departure for Australia.

Letters to Wallas, 1911 (File 1/48)
2 items

Filmed Selectively.

A.J. Grant to Wallas, 20 October 1911 (Item ff.13-15)

Impending visit to New Zealand; hopes to lecture on history.

G. Prothero to Wallas, 3 November 1911 (Item ff.27-28)

Invitation to lunch to meet W. Harrison Moore of Melbourne University.

Letters to Wallas, 1916 (File 1/59)
2 items

Filmed Selectively.

B. Malinowski (Sydney) to Wallas, 27 June 1916 (Item ff.64-65)

Wallas' book; ethnological conclusions; thanks for support of Wallas and C. Seligman.

McGinley (?) to Wallas, 2 December 1916 (Item ff.103-5)

Account of research on Queensland history; thesis on land system.

Letters to Wallas, 1919 (File 1/62)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

R.C. Mills (Melbourne) to Wallas, 28 October 1919 (Item ff.95-96)

Introduces Leila Thomas from Sydney; search for permanent appointment; Commission on high prices; election campaign; strength of guild socialism in Australia; moves to establish School of Economics at Melbourne University.

Letters to Wallas, 1922 (File 1/67)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

R.C. Mills (Sydney) to Wallas, 19 February 1922 (Item ff.20-24)

Appointment as lecturer at Sydney University; interest in public finance; proposed book on Australia and Pacific; political transformation of E. Shann; mutual friends.

Letters to Wallas, 1923 - 1925 (File 1/68)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

W. Harrison Moore to Wallas, 30 May 1923 (Item f.19)

Requests meeting; mutual students.

Letters to Wallas, 1926 - 1927 (File 1/69)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

P. Campbell (Sydney) to Wallas, 11 May 1926 (Item 18-19)

Appointment with N.S.W. Industrial Commission; 'Australia has got behind with social experiments'.

Letters to Wallas, 1930 (File 1/71)
3 items

Filmed Selectively.

R.C. Mills to Wallas, 21 July 1930 (Item 81)

Request that Wallas write introduction to memoir of H.B. Higgins by Nettie Palmer.

V. Palmer to Wallas, 4 August 1930 (Item f.86)

Thanks for consenting to write preface.

Nettie Palmer (Melbourne) to Wallas, 9 September 1930 (Item 92 r and v)

Thanks for agreeing to write preface; report by Wallas in 1923 on A new province of law and order.

Envelope 'F' (File 1/82)
1 item

Filmed Selectively.

R.C. Mills (Exeter) to Wallas, n.d. (Item ff.8-9)

Account of life as cadet at R.F.A. Reserve Battery.

Envelope 'G' (File 1/83)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

R.C. Mills to Wallas, n.d. (Item ff.5-6)

Seeks testimonial for application as lecturer at Queensland University. (incomplete)

R.C. Mills to Wallas, May 7 (Item ff.7-8)

Gratitude to Wallas as teacher and friend.

Fonds. Webster Papers, 1943 - October 1954

4 items

Sir Charles Kingsley Webster (1886-1961), Professor of Modern History, Liverpool University 1914-22, Professor of International Politics, University College of Wales 1923-32, Professor of International History, London School of Economics 1932-53, officer in Foreign Office Research Department 1943-45.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2614.

Series 11. Foreign Office Research Department, 1943 - 1945

2 items
World Organisation and Post- War Settlement (File 11/8)
4 items

Filmed Selectively.

Speech by J. Curtin at opening of conference between Australia and New Zealand (roneoed), 18 January 1944 (Item ff.20-25)
C. Eastwood (Colonial Office) to Webster, 4 April 1944 (Item ff.30-38)

Sends paper on international regional bodies in colonial areas.

Possible regional organisations in the Pacific, n.d. (Item ff.39-47)
G.F.H. South Pacific and South East Asia as possible regions for international organisations (roneoed), 4 May 1944 (Item ff.48-49)
Minister of State's Committee on Future World Organisation (File 11/13)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

P. Fraser to A. Eden, 18 May 1944 (Item ff.30-31)

New Zealand objections to division of world into three continental blocs; unreal conception of Pacific or Asiatic region; European unity. (copy).

Minutes of meeting of Dominions officials with Sir Alexander Cadogan on future world organisation, 17 May 1944 (Item ff.32-34)
A. Eden to P. Fraser, May 1944 (Item ff.51-53)

Criticisms by Fraser of Foreign Office paper on world organization.

Series 19. Committees, October 1954

1 item
British Academy Archaeological and Historical Advisory Committe for Colonial Territories, October 1954 (File 19/24)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Memorandum VI. Malayan archives (2pp.), October 1954 (Item)

Series 23. Personalia, 1 January 1946

1 item
KCMC Congratulations (File 23/5)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

K.H. Bailey (Australia House) to Webster, 1 January 1946 (Item)

Congratulations on knighthood.

Fonds. Welby Papers, 30 April 1884 - 4 July 1894

11 items

Sir Reginald Earle Welby (1832-1915), 1st Baron Welby (created 1894). Entered Treasury 1856, Assistant Financial Secretary 1880-85, Permanent Secretary 1885-94.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2614.

Papers and Letters of Lord Welby on Indian Currency, bimetallism, etc. (File Vol. 5)

4 items

Filmed Selectively.

A.G.F. Peel (Treasury). Memorandum on Australian crisis of 1893. (printed), August 1893 (Item ff.208-23)
Currency of the Straits Settlements; correspondence between the Colonial Secretary, Straits Settlements, and Chamber of Commerce, Singapore, and report of committee appointed by Govenor (printed), August 1893 (Item ff.697-741)
Adamson. Memorandum on proposal to change currency of Straits Settlements from Mexican dollar to Indian rupee (printed), n.d. (Item f.746)
G.W. Johnson. Memorandum for Colonial Currency Committee on Hong Kong and Straits Settlements currencies, 4 July 1894 (Item ff.747-49)

Papers and Letters of Lord Welby on Coinage and the Bank of England, 30 April 1884 - 16 August 1889 (File Vol. 7)

5 items

Filmed Selectively.

G.C. Levey to H.C.E. Childers, 30 April 1884 (Item ff.37-38)

Proposal to change quantity of gold in half sovereign; effect on Sydney and Melbourne Mints.

H.C.E. Childers to G.C. Levey, n.d. (Item ff.39-40)

Consultation with N.S.W. and Victorian Governments; substitution of ten shilling piece for half sovereign. (draft).

Welby. Agreement with N.S.W. and Victoria on changes in coinage (draft), n.d. (Item f.115)
C. Fremantle to Sir George Goschen, 16 August 1889 (Item ff.155-59)

Circulation of British gold coin in colonies; refers to Sydney and Melbourne Mints.

R.C. to Welby, 17 February [1891] (Item ff.269-70)

Sends extract on proportion of cash to liabilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Miscellaneous Letters and Papers, 17 June 1893 (File Vol.9)

2 items

Filmed Selectively.

Australian crisis of 1893; extraordinary action of the British Treasury. (printed), n.d. (Item ff.176-79)
Lord Ripon to Welby, 17 June 1893 (Item ff.229-30)

Effect of reforms of Indian Government on colonies with silver currency, including Singapore.

Fonds. Letter Collection, 26 July 1834 - 3 January 1903

6 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2614.

Correspondence, 18 November 1894 - 12 November 1895 (File Vol. 3)

3 items

Filmed Selectively.

E.M. Eddy (Sydney) to W.M. Ackworth, 18 November 1894 (Item ff.175-76)

Plans to return to England; pressure to remain in N.S.W.

W.M. Ackworth to E.M. Eddy, 12 November 1895 (Item ff.177-83)

Continental rates; Eddy's report on Tasmanian railways affairs of railway companies; lectures on railway economics.

E.M. Eddy to W.M. Ackworth, 6 January 1895 (i.e. 1896) (Item ff.184-85)

Continental railway rates; affairs of British railway companies; legislation on Victorian railways.

Correspondence, 26 July 1834 (File Vol. 4)

1 item

Filmed Selectively.

F. Place to [unknown], 26 July 1834 (Item ff.59-60)

Interest in Secretaryship of South Australian project; no expectations of appointment.

Correspondence, 2 January 1903 - 3 January 1903 (File Vol. 5)

2 items

Filmed Selectively.

Prince Louis Battenburg to Gen. J.B. Stirling, 2 January 1903 (Item f.47)

Disapproves of Anglo-Australian naval agreement; imperial views overrode naval views.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-762480791.

Note by J.B. Stirling on naval agreement, 3 January 1903 (Item f.48)

Fonds. Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 1816 - 1946

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2614-M2615.

Lectures of C.O. Burge (typescript, 20pp), 1900 (File Coll. Misc. 79)

C.O. Burge. Railway construction, 19 lectures delivered at University of Sydney, 1900.

Copy complete.

Articles by W. Pember Reeves (10pp.), August 1911 - September 1911 (File Coll. Misc. 99)

W. Pember Reeves. How to end strikes. Series of six articles in Daily Chronicle, refer in detail to systems of industrial regulations in New Zealand and Australia.

Copy complete.

Cuttings from Australian papers, May 1926 - June 1926 (File Vol. 7 (3))

2 items
Argus, Herald, Morning Post, Sun News Pictorial, Age (Item (i))
Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph (Item (ii))

Essay of F.G. Crane (File Coll. Misc. 175)

F.G. Crane. Methods of remuneration of labour in Queensland. Archibald Prize Essay, 1921. (typescript, 35 pp)

Papers of W. Pember Reeves (File Coll. Misc. 198)

Papers of W. Pember Reeves. The principal correspondents are E. Tregear (Wellington) ff.1-89, M. Cohen (Dunedin) ff. 90-139, Sir Joseph Ward (Invercargill), F. Waldegrave (Wellington), W. Watson (Wellington), C. Wilson (Wellington B. Tillett (Sydney), Sir John McKenzie (Wellington), Sir Henry Atkinson (Wellington), O.T.J. Alpers (Christchurch), R. Seddon (Wellington), Sir Frederick Chapman (Christchurch), Sir William Russell (Hastings). They deal with the New Zealand Government, economy, trade unions, elections, legislation, industrial arbitration, relations between Ministers and officials, press, visit of B. Tillett to New Zealand and Australia in 1897, South African War, Australian Commonwealth celebrations, Chinese in New Zealand, affairs of Sir Joseph Ward, deaths of R. Seddon and Sir John McKenzie, New Zealand reactions to introduction of Chinese labour into Transvaal, travels by E. Tregear in Pacific, 1907 strike, Australian politics; proposed creation of High Commission in London, Reeves' writings and his work as Agent-General.

(298 ff)

Biographical / Historical

New Zealand Agent-General in London 1895-1908

Papers of Home Secretary, Lord-Sidmouth (18ff), 1816 - 1820 (File)

3 items
List of convicts under transportation at Middlesex House of Correction, December 1816 (Item (i))
List of convicts on hulk Retribution recommended for pardon, 2 October 1817 (Item (ii))
Letters and petitions to Lord Sidmouth, mainly about convicts under sentence of transportation, 1819 - 1820 (Item (iii))

Correspondents include W. Dickenson, Elizabeth Dowley, Mary Durdle, James Bruce, Sir William Curtis, James Williams, Richard Kidman.

Essay of Leila Thomas (File Coll. Misc. 213)

Leila Thomas. Colonisation in the Pacific; a study in imperial enterprise. [c. 1922] (typescript with manuscript amendments, 88pp.)

Essay of C.H. Brand (File Coll. Misc. 251)

C.H. Brand. Imperial migration. Gladstone Memorial Prize, 1945 (manuscript, 59pp.)

Papers on trade, c. 1830 (File Coll. Misc. 262)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Thornton. Memorandum on trade of N.S.W. c. 1830 (6ff.) (Item)
List of articles suitable for Sydney market. (5ff.) (Item)
Tariff of Government timber at Java. (4ff.) (Item)
Memorandum of articles for Moluccas and Eastern Islands. (2ff.) (Item)
Memorandum of Bengal goods for Java. (2ff.) (Item)

Essay of R.F. Dunfield, 1946 (File Coll. Misc. 275)

R.F. Dunfield. British defence policy in relation to the development of colonial self-government (typescript, 37 pp)

Essay of E. Rosenbaum (File Coll. Misc. 422)

E. Rosenbaum. Uber Goldproduktion in Kalifornien und Australien um die Mitte des 19. Jahrhundert. Berlin, Handelschochschule, 1908 (manuscript, 53ff)

Papers of Davenport-Hill Family, 1866 - 1876 (File Coll. Misc. 469)

Correspondence of Florence Davenport-Hill and Rosamund Davenport-Hill (13 letters). The letters refer to their book What we saw in Australia, allegations of imprisonment of seamen in South Australia, Victorian prison system, treatment of aboriginal women, and family news. Correspondents include C.L. Adderley (Board of Trade), Sir Anthony Musgrave (Adelaide), C. Duncan (Melbourne), A.S. Clark (Adelaide), Caroline Clark (Adelaide), and George Macmillan. There are also a list of corrections in What we saw in Australia and cuttings from English newspapers concerning Australia, 1875.

Papers of W. Pember Reeves, 1895 - 1902 (File Coll. Misc. 524)

3 items

Biographical / Historical

Agent-General for New Zealand in London, 1895-1902.

Factory legislation, labour legislation and Victorian Unemployment Board, 1895 - 1902 (Item (i))

Typescript articles, printed article, and newspaper cuttings on New Zealand factory legislation, colonial developments in factory legislation, labour legislation in Australia and New Zealand and Victorian Unemployment Board

H. Ord (Melbourne) to Reeves, August 1901 - October 1901 (Item (ii))

Victorian system of Special Boards compared to New Zealand arbitration system. (2 letters).

A. Studley to Reeves, 18 July 1902 (Item (iii))

Comments on Reeves' chapters on Progressive Movement in New Zealand.

Papers of Sir William Clark, 22 June 1927 - 21 February 1936 (File Coll. Misc. 528)

3 items

Sir William Clark, British High Commissioner in Canada (1928-34) and South Africa (1934-1939).

Letters to Sir William Clark: Sir Edward Harding to Clark, 6 November 1933 (Item)

Account of discussion by Solicitor-General of conference on Commonwealth relations at Toronto. (9pp.).

Correspondence: H.S. Batterbee to Clark, 21 February 1936 (Item 528/3)

Australia and air mail scheme.

Papers: Memorandum by L.S. Amery and minutes, 22 June 1927 (Item 528/4)

of Cabinet committee in representation of H.M. Government in Dominions (14pp.)