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Series SLA 1-18. Personal and General Correspondence, 5 May 1886 - 30 June 1920

Personal and General Correspondence, 5 May 1886 - 16 August 1888 (File SLA.1)

Filmed selectively.

S.C. Johnson (Christchurch) to Sladen, 18 April 1888 (Item SLA. 1/1-2)

Hopes his poems will be included in future anthology; his Australian origins.

Note on Adam Lindsay Gordon, n.d. (Item SLA. 1/5-6)
J. Hubyers to Sladen, 5 May 1886 (Item SLA. 1/7)

Sends poem by Tasma.

J. Hubyers to Sladen, 4 May (Item SLA. 1/9)

Urges poem of Tasma, 'The dirge', be included in collection.

Poem by J. Rugby (South Australia), Old Archie's last camp (Item SLA. 1/18-21)
Contents pages of Selections from Australian poets , with ms. corrections (Item SLA. 1/27-32)
Mary Colborne-Veel (Christchurch) to Sladen, 3 April 1888 (Item SLA. 1/42-43)

Thanks for including her verse in anthology.

Annie de Carle (Dunedin) to Sladen, April 1888 (Item SLA. 1/68)

Praises Australian Ballads; sends poem by Constance McAdam.

H. Tinker (Huddersfield) to Sladen, 2 July 1888 (Item SLA. 1/96-97)

Requests inscription for copy of A century of Australian song .

H. Tinker to Sladen, 16 July 1888 (Item SLA. 1/104-5)

Thanks for inscription.

Mariana Rhead (Adelaide) to Sladen, 19 May 1888 (Item SLA. 1/119-20)

Sends poems of her mother Mrs C.J. Carleton.

Ettie E. Bode (Strathalbyn) to Sladen, 26 March 1888 (Item SLA. 1/150)

Sends poem.

Nelly S. Clerk (Dandenong) to Sladen, 4 April 1888 (Item SLA. 1/185-86)

Inclusion of her poems in anthology; sends cutting.

Jane A. Wilson (Wellington) to Sladen, 4 April 1888 (Item SLA. 1/189)

Sends poem for New Zealand anthology.

Poem: The horses were ready, the rails were down (Item SLA. 1/191)
A. Panthgate (Dunedin) to Sladen, 16 May 1888 (Item SLA. 1/196-97)

Errors in anthology; inquires about cost of publishing poems in Britain.

A.H. Miles (Brockley) to Sladen, 24 July 1888 (Item SLA. 1/215)

Wishes to discuss Australian poetry.

Reviews of A century of Australian song and Australian Ballads and rhymes (Item SLA. 1/222-23)
Annie de Carle to Sladen, 4 June 1888 (Item SLA. 1/229)

Review of Australian Ballads; omission of poem by H. Lawson.

Janette Russell (Melbourne) to Sladen, 10 June (Item SLA. 1/230-31)

Personal news.

Review of A century of Australian song, n.d. (Item SLA. 1/236)
M.R. Wills (Auckland) to Sladen, 26 March 1888 (Item SLA. 1/240)

Publications of verses.

Cuttings concerning acquisition of Captain Cook relics by N.S.W. Government Daily Telegraph (Sydney), n.d. (Item SLA. 1/241-42)
E.A. Landa to Sladen, 20 June (Item SLA. 1/249)

Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Sarah Welch (Adelaide) to Sladen, 28 June 1880 (?) (Item SLA. 1/277-78)

Poems. (damaged)

Poem: Gordon's grave (Item SLA. 1/279)
Walter Scott (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) to Sladen, 9 August 1888 (Item SLA. 1/288)

Presentation of book to Adams; Sladen's book on H. Kendall.

H. Okeden to Sladen, 16 August 1888 (Item SLA. 1/300-1)

Forthcoming Australian publication.

A.P. Martin (Dover) to Sladen, 13 August 1888 (Item SLA.1/303-4)

Martin's book Oakbough and wattle blossom.

Katharing Tynan to Sladen, 16 April 1888 (Item SLA.1/321-322)

Will send poems of J. farrell for anthology.

W. Cowran (Geelong) to Mrs D. Sladen, 11 January 1887 (Item SLA.1/332-337)

Despatch of money from estate of R. Muirhead.

H. Okeden to Sladen, 21 January 1888 (Item SLA.1/345)

Inclusion of works of A.L. Gordon in forthcoming publication.

H. Tinker to Sladen, 11 February 1888 (Item SLA.1/348-349)

Urges inclusion of poems by A. Forbes in Selection from Australasian poets.

F.S. Lewin (Adelaide) to Sladen, n.d. (Item SLA.1/373)

Thanks for including poem 'Abel Tasman' in Australian Ballads and rhymes .

Subseries SLA. 2. Personal and General Correspondence, 16 May 1892 - 7 October 1902

Vol I, March 1894 - 5 August 1896 (File)

Filmed selectively.

J. Howlett Ross (Melbourne) to Sladen, May 1895 (Item SLA. 2/11)

Introduces P. O'Hara, father of poet J. O'Hara.

O. Smeaton (Edinburgh) to Sladen, 8 December 1895 (Item SLA. 2/172-73)

Seeks help for sketch on Australian literature; refers to his work as journalist in Australia.

Press cuttings concerning lecture by Sladen on Australian poetry at Imperial Institute, March 1894 (Item SLA. 2/174-75)
Mrs H. Braithwaite (Adelaide) to Sladen, 5 August 1896 (Item SLA. 2/190-91)

Inquires about publication of story.

Vol II, 16 May 1892 - 7 October 1902 (File)

Filmed selectively.

M. Braithwaite to Sladen, 5 August 1895 (Item SLA. 2/302)

Publication of story 'Sheila Macquarie'.

Press cuttings about A.P. Martin (Item SLA. 2/352)
A. Musgrave (Pt. Moresby) to Sladen, 7 October 1902 (Item SLA. 2/401-2)

Thanks for copy of Sladen's London and its leaders; titled residents in Pt. Moresby.

Sarah Welch (Melbourne) to Sladen, 16 May 1892 (Item SLA. 2/442)

Cost of publication of poems.

Sarah Welch to Sladen, 16 May 1892 (Item SLA. 2/443-45)

Z. Sutcliffe; authorship of 'The Children'.

Mrs G. Bones (Ballarat) to Sladen (Item SLA. 2/446)

Sends book Ballarat crumbs

Personal and General Correspondence, 1897 (File SLA. 5)

Filmed selectively.

A. Knowles (Kendal) to Sladen, n.d. (Item SLA. 5/29)

Seeks Australian books for Friends School at Kendal.

L. Becke to Sladen, 23 March 1897 (Item SLA. 5/65)

Unable to keep appointment. (telegram)

Richard Bentley & Son to _____, 20 April 1897 (Item SLA. 5/167-68)

Publication by Bentley of For the term of his natural life; profits shared with widow of M. Clarke.

Personal and General Correspondence, 29 May 1896 (File SLA. 7)

Filmed selectively.

E.J. Jenkins (Sydney) to Sladen, 29 May 1896 (Item SLA. 7/34)

Introduces L. Becke.

L. Becke to Sladen, n.d. (Item SLA. 7/36-38)

Arrangements for meeting.

Personal and General Correspondence, 29 March 1893 - 20 November 1911 (File SLA. 11)

Filmed selectively.

Press cuttings concerning tour of Australia by O. Asche and Lily Brayton, November 1910 (Item SLA. 11/1-2)
J. Henniker Heaton to Sladen, 30 November 1910 (Item SLA. 11/25)

Requests speech on Australian poetry at dinner of Poetry Recital Society.

Press cuttings on meeting of Poetry Society, January 1911 (Item SLA. 11/32-33)
Esme' Boyes (Hobart) to Sladen, 25 April (Item SLA. 11/34)

Requests autograph.

Speech on Adam Lindsay Gordon. (typescript) (Item SLA. 11/47-56)
Press cuttings on meeting of Poetry Society, January 1911 (Item SLA. 11/60)
Prof. Petrini (Milan) to Sladen, 29 March 1893 (Item SLA. 11/71)

Italian translations of Australian poetry; refers to his visit to Australia.

Article on Australian poetry by Florence Burton, 1 April 1911 (Item SLA. 11/97)
C. Chomley to Sladen, 20 November 1911 (Item SLA. 11/129)

Address to Australasian Section of Royal Colonial Institute.

Personal and General Correspondence, 28 January 1911 - 13 December 1912 (File SLA. 12)

Filmed selectively.

C. Mackellar to Sladen, 25 January 1912 (Item SLA. 12/11)

Introduces W. Dyson; refers to Ruby Lindsay (Mrs Dyson).

Sladen to R. Bridges, 30 January 1912 (Item SLA. 12/20)

A.L. Gordon memorial. (draft).

F. Stroud to E.M. Humphris, 28 January 1911 (Item SLA. 12/42)

A.L. Gordon biography.

L. Brodsky to Sladen, 9 February 1912 (Item SLA. 12/44-45)

Seeks help with play.

Frances Gordon to Sladen, 1 March (Item SLA. 12/69)

Request by Sladen for information about A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to Oliver, 26 March 1912 (Item SLA. 12/99)

Seeking to trace T. Oliver, friend of A.L. Gordon in Cheltenham.

Eileen Kennedy (Sydney) to Sladen, 12 February 1912 (Item SLA. 12/107)

Enjoyment of Sladen's books; requests autograph.

Sladen to Dixon, 15 April 1912 (Item SLA. 12/112)

Progress on A.L. Gordon book.

Sir John Henniker Heaton (Sydney) to Sladen, 25 March 1912 (Item SLA. 12/118)

Thanks for congratulations.

Edith Humphris to Gordon, 29 May 1912 (Item SLA. 12/136)

Refers to photographs of A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to A. Conan Doyle, 12 July 1912 (Item SLA. 12/155)

Wishes to dedicate book on A.L. Gordon to Conan Doyle.

Article entitled 'Australasian writers of today', British Australian, 11 July 1912 (Item SLA. 12/161-62)
C. Mackellar to Sladen, 4 July 1912 (Item SLA. 12/180)

Dinner guests, including A. Streeton; correction of proofs of A.L. Gordon book.

Helen Key to Sladen, n.d, (Item SLA. 12/211)

Enjoyment of poems of A.L. Gordon.

D. McKenzie to Sladen, 13 December 1912 (Item SLA. 12/213)

Sends compositions.

Article on Australian literature, Bookman, September 1912 (Item SLA. 12/222)
Sir John Henniker Heaton to Sladen, 29 October 1912 (Item SLA. 12/248)

Invitation to lunch; Australian poets were all in debts and difficulties.

Personal and General Correspondence, 1913 (File SLA. 13)

Filmed selectively.

C. Harrison to Sladen, 31 January 1913 (Item SLA. 13/7)

Interest in A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to E. Hulton, 31 January 1913 (Item SLA. 13/8)

F. Lysnar; efforts to send another New Zealand football team to England.

Sladen to F. Lysnar, 9 February 1913 (Item SLA. 13/17)

Suggests he speak to E. Hulton about horses.

Sladen to E. Hulton, 23 February 1913 (Item SLA. 13/22)

Interest of F. Lysnar in Hulton's horses.

Sladen to E. Hulton, 19 February 1913 (Item SLA. 13/26)

Introduces F. Lysnar from New Zealand.

Sladen to Mrs Lees, 5 March 1913 (Item SLA. 13/46)

Reactions in Australia to A.L. Gordon book.

Sladen to Edith Humphris, 23 April 1913 (Item SLA. 13/76)

Collaboration on A.L. Gordon book; declines any further collaborations.

Sladen to A. Deakin (Item SLA. 13/222-27)

Future of Empire; wishes Deakin would enter British politics; work for a Federal Council of the Empire.

Personal and General Correspondence, 30 June 1913 - 10 December 1915 (File SLA. 14)

Filmed selectively.

J. Mathews to Sladen, 20 May 1914 (Item SLA 14/91)

Thanks for book; refers to his New Zealand birth.

Sladen to J.R. Boose, 26 February 1915 (Item SLA 14/161)

View of Edith Humphris that Australian could teach Gloucestershire Yeomanry to cook out of doors.

Sir John McCall to Sladen, 30 June 1913 (Item SLA 14/172)

Interview with Miss Kemp.

Sladen to R.M. Collins, 10 December 1915 (Item SLA 14/217)

Seeks address of granddaughter of H. Creswick of Melbourne; Artillery from Melbourne.

Personal and General Correspondence, 21 November 1915 - 1 May 1917 (File SLA. 15)

Filmed selectively.

Sladen to Agent-General for Queensland, 6 July 1916 (Item SLA. 15/10)

Trade outlets for Australian meat in Britain.

Helen Kay (Penzance) to Sladen, n.d. (Item)

Refers to W.M. Hughes.

Rosalind Hyndman to Sladen, 10 April (Item SLA. 15/29)

H. Hyndman wishes to meet W.M. Hughes; his contribution to secular education in Australia.

H.M. Hyndman to Sladen, 28 April 1916 (Item SLA. 15/33)

A Cooperative Commonwealth; hopes to meet W.M. Hughes.

C. Mackellar to Sladen (Item SLA. 15/54)

Memories of Australia and Australians, including Sir George Bowen, Sir Ferdinand Von Mueller, Rutledge and Chirnside families.

Theodora Roscoe to Sladen, 14 April 1917 (Item SLA. 15/108)

Seeks contribution for Special Anzac issue of Harefield Park Boomerang.

G.L. Warble to Sladen, 1 May 1917 (Item SLA. 15/114)

Seeks loan in name of happy memories of Australia.

Cutting on poets of Canada and Australia, British Australian Observer, 21 November 1915 (Item)

Personal and General Correspondence, 12 November 1893 - 19 June 1906 (File SLA. 16)

Filmed selectively.

F. Smeaton (Singapore) to Sladen, 19 June 1906 (Item SLA. 16/99)

Impending return to England after 27 years in East.

S. Milbourne (Adelaide) to Sladen, 12 November 1893 (Item SLA. 16/135)

Receipt of poem; her Birthday Book.

W. Cornwall (Melbourne) to Sladen, 9 March 1906 (Item SLA. 16/189)

Proposed LL.D. thesis at Melbourne University on copyright relations of Great Britain and United States.

Personal and General Correspondence, 30 January 1912 - 1 March 1920 (File SLA. 17)

Filmed selectively.

J. Howlett Ross (Melbourne) to Sladen, 31 January 1912 (Item SLA. 17/839)

Seeks books for review in Australian Financial Gazette; sends Table Talk; unpublished poems of H. Kendall.

G. Silvester (Coleraine) to Sladen, 30 January 1912 (Item SLA. 17/840)

Death of father; does not think he knew A.L. Gordon.

Circular: new novel by Sladen, Paul's wife or the ostriches; denies Australian Prime Minister in novel is W.M. Hughes, 24 February 1919 (Item SLA. 17/864)
Sladen to Sir John Monash, 1 March 1920 (Item SLA. 17/168)

Sympathy on death of Lady Monash: thanks for book; plans to visit Melbourne.

G.G. McCrae to Sladen, 18 December 1919 (Item SLA. 17/182)

Thanks for views on John Rous; reviews; death of his son in War.

Sir John McCall to Sladen, 24 February 1919 (Item SLA. 17/185)

Visit to Sladen by Sir John Monash and McCall.

Commemoration Service, Westminster Abbey, for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, 25 April 1916 (Item SLA. 17/563)

Personal and General Correspondence, 19 November 1914 - 30 June 1920 (File SLA. 18)

Filmed selectively.

Invitation to testimonial to Capt. R.M. Collins at Australia House, London, 19 November 1914 (Item SLA. 18/55)
Circular to British novelists from some Australian mothers criticizing references to drinking and smoking in novels, n.d. (Item SLA. 18/65)
Sladen to Edith Humphris, 25 March 1919 (Item SLA. 18/174)

Introduces G.W. Thomas, old colonist writing his reminiscences.

Sladen to Whitman, 21 September 1919 (Item SLA. 18/195)

Refers to help given to Sir John Monash in writing account of military campaigns.

Sladen to G.G. McCrae (Melbourne), 27 October 1919 (Item SLA. 18/197)

Receipt of copy of John Rous; plans to travel; death of Mrs Sladen.

Margaret McArthur to Sladen, 1 February 1920 (Item SLA. 18/213)

Appointment of W.S. McArthur to Supreme Court of Victoria.

Correspondence, Sladen to A. Fisher and Sladen to G.G. McCrae, 8 February 1920 (Item SLA. 18/215)


Sladen to Eva, 25 April 1920 (Item SLA. 18/228)

Reminiscences of life in Australia; death of wife; Sir John Monash; writing.

Sir John Henniker Heaton to Sladen, 30 June 1920 (Item SLA. 18/233)

Seeks copy of A century of Australian song for help with article on H. Kendall.

Series SLA. 33-38. Literary and Business Correspondence, 1887 - 24 April 1920

Literary and Business Correspondence, 1887 (File SLA. 33)

Mainly correspondence concerning the anthology edited by Sladen, Australian poets 1788-1888 (London, Griffith, Farran 1888). Most of the letters are from writers wishing to be included in the book sending manuscripts or published poems. Correspondents include A. Patchett Martin, J. Howlett Ross, H. O'Kedan, R. Richardson, P. Clarke, J. Thomas (Sydney), Ada Cloud (Wallaroo), Isabel Giles (Adelaide) E.G. Millard (Narrandera), J. Sadler (Adelaide), N. Pratt (Adelaide), J. Plummer (Sydney), A. Raymond (Melbourne), Elizabeth Lander (Avoca), P. Russell, C. Watkins (Otago), R. Rae (Hokitika), Mary Colborne-Veel (Christchurch), G Willmer (Christchurch), H Smith (Woorak, Victoria)...

Literary and Business Correspondence, 12 November 1905 - 21 December 1905 (File SLA. 34)

Filmed selectively.

H.H. Champion (Melbourne) to Sladen, 12 November 1905 (Item SLA. 34/83-84)

Progress of his paper The Queen; recommends articles of Mary Poynter of New Zealand; health.

E.H. Bromby (Melbourne) to Sladen, 21 December 1905 (Item SLA. 34/87)

Seeks copy of A poetry of exiles and other works of Sladen.

Literary and Business Correspondence, 9 April 1910 - 23 May 1910 (File SLA. 35)

Filmed selectively.

Sladen to Bowden, 9 April 1910 (Item SLA. 35/1)

Sends manuscript of novel by South Australian poet Mrs Skinner; inquires about publication.

Walter Scott Publighing Co. to Sladen, 23 May 1910 (Item SLA. 35/42)

Refers to sales of A century of Australian song and Australian ballads and rhymes.

Literary and Business Correspondence, 20 February 1912 - 2 September 1912 (File SLA. 36)

Filmed selectively.

O. Kyllman to Sladon, 20 February 1912 (Item SLA. 36/4)

Projected book on Adam Lindsay Gordon.

O. Kyllman to Sladen, 13 May 1912 (Item SLA. 36/66-68)

Need to reduce length of A.L. Gordon book; sends specimen page.

Sladen to O. Kyllman, 21 May 1912 (Item SLA. 36/71)

Sends new shortened draft of A.L. Gordon book.

Sladen to T & A Constable, 7 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/117)

Title page of A.L. Gordon book.

T & A Constable (Edinburgh) to Sladen, 6 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/118-19)

Suggestions for title page of A.L. Gordon book.

Sladen to O. Kyllman, 7 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/120)

Returns preliminaries for A.L. Gordon book with comments; title page.

T & A Constable to Sladen, 3 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/122)

Setting up of A.L. Gordon book.

Sladen to O. Kyllman, 4 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/124)

A.L. Gordon manuscript sent to printers; interview with Gordon's partner Mount.

Sladen to T & A Constable, 2 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/128)

Sends poems of A.L. Gordon; instructions for printing.

Sladen to Dixon, 29 July 1912 (Item SLA. 36/140)

Sending proofs of A.L. Gordon book; collaboration with Edith Humphris.

Sladen to T & A Constable, 5 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/141)

Further instructions for A.L. Gordon book.

Sladen to Townend, 12 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/147)

Seeks article on A.L. Gordon by W. Farmer in Sydney Mail.

Constable & Co. to Sladen, 2 September 1912 (Item SLA. 36/150)

Sends letters concerning Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Sladen to W Heinemann, 22 May 1912 (Item SLA. 36/218)

Sends manuscript entitled 'The ascent of Blee' by friend in Borneo (F. Butterworth).

Mills and Boon to Sladen, 20 May 1912 (Item SLA. 36/217)

Acknowledges manuscript entitled 'The Eurasian'.

Sladen to Nash, 15 June 1912 (Item SLA. 36/213)

Novel 'The ascent of Blee', best picture of Eurasian life he has read.

Sladen to Boon, 19 May 1912 (Item SLA. 36/212)

Sends manuscript 'The ascent of Blee'.

Sladen to T. Fisher Unwin, 12 June 1912 (Item SLA. 36/210)

Recommends publication of 'The ascent of Blee'.

Sladen to Nash, 30 June 1912 (Item SLA. 36/204)

'The ascent of Blee'; author returning to Borneo.

W. Heinemann to Sladen, 4 June 1912 (Item SLA. 36/203)

Unable to publish 'The ascent of Blee'.

Sladen to Lane, 22 July 1912 (Item SLA. 36/202)

Sends manuscript of 'The ascent of Blee'.

Sladen to O. Kyllman, 9 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/191)

Royalty of poems of A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to F. Butterworth, 27 July 1912 (Item SLA. 36/189)

'The ascent of Blee' not yet sold to publisher; urges him to continue writing.

T. Fisher Unwin, 16 July 1912 (Item SLA. 36/183)

Unable to publish 'The ascent of Blee'.

Constable & Co. to Sladen, 29 August 1912 (Item SLA. 36/174)

Refers to publication of Adam Lindsay Gordon and his friends and Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Literary and Business Correspondence, 28 November 1911 - 27 February 1917 (File SLA. 37)

Filmed selectively.

Constable & Co. to Sladen, 16 April 1913 (Item SLA. 37/17)

Returns letter of Sir Langdon Bonython on A.L. Gordon book; Australian review copies; sales in Australia.

O. Kyllman to Sladen, 28 November 1911 (Item SLA. 37/27)

Sends agreement on A.L. Gordon book; royalties on sales in colonies.

Sladen to Sir John Henniker Heaton, 17 October 1913 (Item SLA. 37/44)

Proposed edition of poems of H. Kendall; seeks help with copyright.

Emilie Mathers to Sladen, 21 October 1913 (Item SLA. 37/46)

Offers to send copy of Australians who count in London.

May Bateman to Sladen, 8 November 1913 (Item SLA. 37/51-54)

Seeks articles and photographs on Australia for The Young Imperialist; encloses poems.

Sladen to May Bateman and Sladen to O. Kyllman, 13 November 1913 (Item SLA. 37/56)


'Adam Lindsay Gordon, the poet of Greater Britain' (typescript) (Item SLA. 37/57-62)
Sladen to May Bateman, 20 November 1913 (Item)

Sends article on A.L. Gordon.

May Bateman to Sladen, n.d. (Item SLA. 37/72)

Illustrations for article on A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to Sir John Henniker Heaton, 12 January 1914 (Item SLA. 37/87)

Sends Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon; Gordon and H. Kendall.

Sladen to J. Hodder Williams, 28 March 1914 (Item SLA. 37/90)

Inadequacies of Ward Lock edition of poems of A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to Buchan, 6 March 1914 (Item SLA. 37/98)

Need for cheap edition of poems of A.L. Gordon. (incomplete)

J. Hodder Williams to Sladen, 16 March 1914 (Item SLA. 37/100)

Cheap edition of A.L. Gordon poems.

Sladen to Hutchinson, 28 May 1914 (Item SLA. 37/108)

Proposed A.L. Gordon publication. (draft)

Henrietta Walker to Sladen, 13 January 1915 (Item SLA. 37/122)

Thanks for letters of A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to R. Scott, 25 February 1917 (Item SLA. 37/148)

Publication of book by W.M. Hughes; royalty.

R. Scott to Sladen, 27 February 1917 (Item SLA. 37/149)

Arrangements for publication of W.M. Hughes. The industrial battlefield.

Sladen to Granger, 24 October 1913 (Item SLA. 37/221)

Orders copy of Australians who count in London.

Sladen to Calvert, 20 March 1914 (Item SLA. 37/195)

Wishes to sell original study for painting 'The first discovery of gold in Australia' by D.W. Wynfield.

Sladen to Lewin, 28 March 1914 (Item SLA. 37/190)

Inquiries about location in Australia of painting of D.W. Wynfield.

Literary and Business Correspondence, 22 June 1918 - 24 April 1920 (File SLA. 38)

Filmed selectively.

Note concerning The Ostriches, referring to Sladen's experiences in Australia. (typescript) (Item SLA. 38/233)
K. Murdoch to Sladen, 22 June 1918 (Item SLA. 38/231)

Proposal discussed with W.M. Hughes.

Hutchinson & Co. to Sladen, 7 December 1918 (Item SLA. 38/219)

Requests synopsis of The Ostriches.

S. McArthur (Melbourne) to Sladen, 24 January 1919 (Item SLA. 38/216)

Books by Sladen in Public Library of Victoria; portrait of Sir Simon Fraser by Millais; doubts of Melbourne University will award honorary degree to Sladen.

Jessie Williams to Sladen, 17 January 1919 (Item SLA. 38/208)

Seeks interview on behalf of Australian Y.W.C.A.

Constable & Co. to Sladen, 18 March 1919 (Item SLA. 38/200)

Transcription into braille of Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

A. Royden to Sladen, 18 June 1919 (Item SLA. 38/195)

Changes needed in manuscript of 'The finger of Mr Blee'.

Sladen to _____, 5 June 1919 (Item SLA. 38/194)

Musical comedy 'The finger of Mr Blee' by F. Butterworth.

Sladen to Gough, 21 September 1919 (Item SLA. 38/189)

Refers to assistance to Sir John Monash in writing The Australian victories in France in 1918.

Sir John Monash to Sladen, 18 September 1919 (Item SLA. 38/188)

Sends typescript of book for comments.

Sladen to Sir John Monash, 15 September 1919 (Item SLA. 38/187)

Monash's book; meeting to discuss possible alterations.

Sladen to H. Massie, 17 September 1919 (Item SLA. 38/187-86)

Sends summary of book by Sir John Monash.

Sladen to Cook, 24 September 1919 (Item SLA.38/182)

Refers to assistance given to Sir John Monash.

O. Kyllman to Sladen, 8 October 1919 (Item SLA.38/180)

Sends letter from J. Brown about poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Sladen to H. Massie, 28 September 1919 (Item SLA.38/179)

Interview concerning payments to Sir John Monash.

Sladen to F. Butterworth, 5 October 1919 (Item SLA.38/178)

Sends new draft of 'The finger of Mr Blee'.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, n.d. (Item SLA.38/177)

Alterations to book. F. Butterworth to Sladen, 19 October 1919: Alterations to script.

Sladen to _____, 19 October 1919 (Item SLA.38/173)

Pseudo-Gordon poem 'A voice from the bush'.

Sladen to H. Massie, 3 November 1919 (Item SLA.38/167)

Casting of 'The finger of Mr Blee'.

B. Merivale to Sladen, 8 November 1919 (Item SLA.38/164)

Acknowledges script of 'The finger of Mr Blee'.

B. Merivale to Sladen, 14 November 1919 (Item SLA.38/162)

Unable to place 'The finger of Mr Blee'.

Summaries and blurbs of The Australian victories in in France in 1918 (Item SLA.38/159-56)
Sladen to A. Hutchinson, 10 March 1920 (Item SLA.38/121)

Possible cheap edition of poems of A.L. Gordon.

A. Hutchinson to Sladen, 9 March 1920 (Item SLA.38/120)

New edition of poems of A.L. Gordon.

O. Kyllman to Sladen and A Hutchenson to Sladen, 13 March 1920 - 17 April 1920 (Item)


Sladen to Sir John Monash, 6 April 1920 (Item SLA.38/117)

Proposed book by Monash; death of Lady Monash.

Sladen to H. Massie and A. Hutchenson to Sladen, 29 March 1920 - 8 April 1920 (Item SLA.38/117)


Sladen to A. Hutchinson and Sladen to O. Kyllman, 15 April 1920 - 24 April 1920 (Item)


A. Hutchinson to Sladen, 16 April 1920 (Item SLA.38/114)

Proposed edition of poems of A.L. Gordon.

Sladen to A. Hutchinson, 22 April 1920 (Item)

Poems for Ward, Lock edition.

Series SLA. 39-40. Literary Agency, 25 May 1890 - 26 July 1919

Subseries SLA. 39. Literary Agency, 5 April 1912 - 16 January 1914

Filmed selectively.

W. Rimington to Sladen, 12 December 1912 (File SLA. 39/3)

Assistance with A.L. Gordon book.

B.W. Willett to Sladen, 10 December 1912 (File SLA. 39/21)

Publication of 'The finger of Mr Blee'.

F. Butterworth (Culmstock) to Sladen, 5 April 1912 (File SLA. 39/45)

Thanks for help with book; plans to return to Borneo.

Alys Missing (Mackay) to Sladen, 9 July 1912 (File SLA. 39/47)

Thanks for book of verses; Brunton Stephens.

Sladen to B.W. Willett, 25 January 1913 (File SLA. 39/50)

Inquires about publication of The finger of Mr Blee.

F. Butterworth (Brunei) to Sladen, 2 November 1912 (File SLA. 39/51)

Title of The finger of Mr Blee, distance from Dutch Borneo.

Sladen to B.W. Willett, 5 February 1913 (File SLA. 39/56)

F. Butterworth.

John Lane to Sladen, 27 January 1913 (File SLA. 39/57)

Payment for The finger of Mr Blee.

B.W. Willett to Sladen, 27 January 1913 (File SLA. 39/58)

Publication of The finger of Mr Blee.

Sladen to F. Butterworth, 6 February 1913 (File SLA. 39/60)

Sales of The finger of Mr Blee; payment.

Sladen to Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, 8 February 1913 (File SLA. 39/64)

Payment to account of F. Butterworth.

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to Sladen, 10 February 1913 (File SLA. 39/68)

Account of F. Butterworth.

F. Butterworth (Brunei) to Sladen, 23 February 1913 (File SLA. 39/119)

Wrapper for book.

F. Butterworth (Labuan) to Sladen, 5 March 1913 (File)

Pleased at success of book; plans to return to England.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, 21 April 1913 (File SLA. 39/134)

Thanks for reviews.

Sladen to Everett, 22 April 1913 (File SLA. 39/135)

New humourist 'Peter Blundell' (F. Butterworth); inquires about publication of stories of Eurasian life.

Sladen to Everett and Sladen to World Wide Magazine, 5 May 1913 - 7 May 1913 (File SLA. 39/137)


Sladen to World Wide Magazine, 30 May 1913 (File SLA. 39/139)

Stories of 'Peter Blundell'.

Correspondence of Sladen to World Wide Magazine, 28 May 1913 - 3 June 1913 (File SLA. 39/140)


Correspondence of Sladen to F. Butterworth, 29 May 1913 - 3 June 1913 (File SLA. 39/142)


World Wide Magazine to Sladen, 29 May 1913 (File SLA. 39/143)

Inquires about truth of stories of 'Peter Blundell'.

World Wide Magazine to Sladen and Sladen to F. Butterworth, 6 June 1913 - 7 June 1913 (File SLA. 39/144)


'Peter Blundell' to World Wide Magazine, n.d. (File SLA. 39/145)

Regrets rejection of stories.

Sladen to F. Butterworth, 22 July 1913 (File SLA. 39/162)

Current slump in short stories.

Correspondence between F. Butterworth to Sladen, 2 October 1913 - 3 October 1913 (File SLA. 39/175)


Sladen to John Lane, 1 November 1913 (File SLA. 39/185)

Novel of Margaret Thomas.

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. to Sladen, 31 October 1913 (File SLA. 39/189)

Unable to publish novel of Margaret Thomas. Margaret Thomas to Sladen, 2 November 1913: attempts to publish novel.

E. Evors to Margaret Thomas, 15 April 1912 (File SLA. 39/191)

Proposition of J. Long for publication of The cities of Zenobia and Saladin.

G. Routledge & Sons to Sladen, 3 November 1913 (File SLA. 39/192)

Unable to publish novel of Margaret Thomas.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, 16 January 1914 (File SLA. 39/229)

Writings; dedication to Rajah of Sarawak.

Subseries SLA. 40. Literary Agency, 24 March 1912 - 26 July 1919

Filmed selectively.

G. Hodgkinson (Invercargill) to Sladen, 4 November 1913 (File SLA. 40/16)

Sends book of verses.

W.K. Harris to Sladen, 19 August 1913 (File SLA. 40/17)

Suggests exchange of A.L. Gordon book and Outback in Australia; sends prospectus of his book.

O. Kyllman to Sladen, 5 March 1914 (File SLA. 40/18)

Plates of Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon.

O. Kyllman to Sladen, 3 March 1914 (File SLA. 40/27)

Cannot undertake cheap edition of poems of A.L. Gordon.

Notes on new edition of poems of A.L. Gordon, n.d. (File SLA. 40/69)
F. Butterworth to Sladen, 28 April 1914 (File SLA. 40/70)

Acknowledges agreement with Curtis Brown; reviews.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, n.d. (File SLA. 40/75)

Agreement with Lane; to be given first offer on two more novels.

Sladen to F. Butterworth, 12 June 1915 (File SLA. 40/80)

Accounts; agreement with Lane.

Frances Lysnar (Hornchurch) to Sladen, 29 May 1916 (File SLA. 40/94)

Publication of New Zealand, the dear old Maori land.

Frances Lysnar to Sladen, 27 June 1916 (File SLA. 40/98)

Sales of book in New Zealand and Australia; need for second edition.

Margaret Thomas to Sladen, 4 July [1916] (File SLA. 40/99)

Inquires about her book.

Frances Lysnar to Sladen, 3 August 1916 (File SLA. 40/105)

Thanks for introduction to publishers.

A. Adcock to Sladen, 20 August 1914 (File SLA. 40/118)

Inclusion of poems of A.L. Gordon in anthology of English poetry.

Correspondence from F. Butterworth to Sladen, 25 January 1915 (File SLA. 40/121)


F. Butterworth to Sladen, 29 January 1915 (File SLA. 40/122)

Work on engineering paper; latest novel.

R. Scott to Sladen, 22 February 1917 (File SLA. 40/123-24)

Wishes to publish English edition of W.M. Hughes. The industrial Battlefield.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, 1 December 1917 (File SLA. 40/133)

Decision not to use literary agent; collaboration on play.

Agreement between F. Butterworth and John Lane on sale of Ascent of Blee (copy), 1 August 1912 (File SLA. 40/137)
Agreements on performing rights of The finger of Mr. Blee (copies), February 1918 (File SLA. 40/142)
F. Butterworth (Tiverton) to Sladen, 23 December 1916 (File SLA. 40/166)

War work; has done almost no writing.

R. Scott to Sladen, 18 June 1918 (File SLA. 40/170)

Proposed publication of W.M. Hughes. The industrial battlefield.

Sir John Monash to Sladen, 20 January 1919 (File SLA. 40/189)

Demobilisation of Australian forces; need to postpone any writing on wartime experiences.

G.W. Thomas to Sladen, 18 March 1919 (File SLA. 40/105)

One of oldest pioneers of Australasia; wishes to publish nook of travels.

Sir John Monash to Sladen, 26 July 1919 (File GLA. 40/120)

War equipment; progress of book.

Loose items (File SLA. 40/134)
Dorothy Butterworth (Tiverton) to Sladen, 24 March 1912 (Item)

Travels; Brunei.

F. Butterworth (Tiverton) to Sladen, 26 March 1912 (Item)

Offers novel on adventures of young Eurasian.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, 4 August 1912 (Item)

Titles for new work.

F. Butterworth to Sladen, 16 August 1912 (Item)


F. Butterworth to Sladen, 22 August 1912 (Item)


J. Lane to Sladen, n.d. (Item)

Suggests title 'A tropical comedy'.

J. Lane (Henley) to Sladen, 23 August 1912 (Item)

Titles for novel by F. Butterworth.

B. Willett to Sladen, 5 September 1912 (File)

Latest suggestions for title.

Subseries SLA. 41-75. Books and Literary Projects, 25 May 1890 - 1916

Younger American Poets, 25 May 1890 (File SLA. 42)

Filmed selectively.

Margaret Thomas to Sladen, 25 May 1890 (Item)

Refers to return from Australia; painting; A.P. Martin.

Subseries SLA. 59. Oriental Cairo (1911) and Australian Poetry, January 1911 - April 1912
Correspondence concerning writing and publication of Adam Lindsay Gordon and his friends, January 1911 - April 1912 (File 56-250)

The letters refer to requests for information about Gordon, associates of Gordon, collaboration with Edith Humphris, illustrations for book, agreement with publisher, meeting of Royal Colonial Institute, campaign to erect a memorial to Gordon in Melbourne. Correspondents include Sladen, Edith Humphris, A. Baker, Sir John McCall, T.B. Strange, J. Randall, E.K. Thomas (Adelaide), H.W. Harris (Wellington), R. Raper, F. Vaughan (Marlborough, Qld), A. Adcock, E. Lees, C. Mackellar, O. Kyllman, F. Johns (Adelaide), P. Lewin, D. Chapman (Bulla, Victoria), J.E. Jenkins, J. Strachan (Melbourne), E. Boake (Muswellbrook), Sir Langdon Bonython, J. Bulloch...

From Boundary Rider to Prime Minister, 1916 (File SLA. 70)

Correspondence and reviews concerning Sladen's biography of W.M. Hughes, From boundary rider to Prime Minister...