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Series DDA 6. Malaya and Singapore, 1920 - 1952

Filmed selectively.

Envelope, September 1920 - May 1950 (File 1)

Letter from F.W.D. to 'New Statesman' Re railwaymen. (2p.), September 1920 (Item a)
Correspondence with Kingsley Martin and Woodrow Wyatt Re Malaya and railways. (6p.), 22 June 1949 - 29 June 1949 (Item b)
Letter from Francis Thomas (Singapore) to Mrs Selwyn Clarke re training in Singapore. (3p.), 5 May 1950 (Item c)

5 Memoranda on trade unions and labour situation in Malaya and Singapore. (38p.), 1950 (File 3)

Series DDA 7. Malaya and Singapore, c.1946-1956

Envelope containing information issued by T.U.C. & C.O. on industrial relations in Singapore. (8p.), 1955 (File 1)

Correspondence with R G D Houghton (Malayan Planting Industries Employer's Association, Kuala Lumpur) re industrial relations in Malaya. (6p.), 9 January 1955 - 14 January 1955 (File 2)

Biographical notes on ministers and prominent people in Singapore (issued by C.O?) (6p.), 1955 (File 3)

Correspondence and papers on Trade Unions Ordinance, 1940, and Trade Disputes Ordinance 1941, 1956. (24p.) (File 4)

Correspondents include: M Buttrose (Attorney General's Office, Singapore); Sng Choon Yee (Singapore).

Envelope containing material relating to trade unions and socialism in Singapore. (11p)., December 1949 - January 1956 (File 5)

Items include:...

Model Trade Union Rules, Agenda and Standing Orders published by Trade Union Dept, Malaya. (24p.), (1946?) (File 6)

Article. Trade Union Trends in Malaya, by F.W.D. (10p.), c.1948 (File 8)

Report of Chief Minister on first six months of Labour Front administration in Singapore: Let the People Know Singapore Labour Front. (13p.), 1955 (File 15)

Industrial Relations. Principles and Practices. (pub. Trade Union Adviser, Malaya) (33p.), 1955 (File 16)

Series DDA 8. Malaya, 1949

Filmed selectively.

The Interplay of Chinese Secret and Political Societies in Malaya, by W L Blythe. Carbon typescript. (8p.), 1949 (File 3)

Series DDA 9. Malaya, 1948 - 1952

Press cuttings re Trade Unions and Communism in Malaya. Papers include: Times, Manchester Guardian, Scotsman, 31 May 1948 - 20 August 1952 (File 1)

Includes: note on trade unions in Malaya (by D H Morris?) (c34p.)

Series DDA 10. Malaya and Singapore, 1949

Filmed selectively.

Comments of Governments of Malaya and Singapore on Report, as 1, and summary of Malayan press reaction to it, 1949 (File 2)

Issued by Colonial Office. (duplicated typescript, 34p.)

Series DDA 11. Malaya, 1948 - 1955

Correspondence with W L Blythe (Colonial Sec. Office, Singapore); R G D Houghton (Kuala Lumpur) and T H Silcock (Raffles College, Singapore), 1948 - 1950 (File 1)

re Trade Unions and labour conditions. (23p.)

Correspondence with R Caddick (Kuala Lumpur), 1948 - 1951 (File 2)

re Trade Unions and labour relations in Malaya. (18p.)

Letters of thanks from A Creech-Jones to F.W.D. for his work in Malaya (1 Nov 1948) and W.Indies (3 March 1949); also letter from A Lennox-Boyd (29 June 1955) (4p.) (File 3)

Correspondence with John Brazier (Kuala Lumpur), 1949 - 1953 (File 4)

re Trade Unions in Malaya and training. (31p.)

Correspondence from M S Dhoss (Ipoh) re union problems, 26 July 1948 - 15 August 1950 (File 5)

Includes: copy of Dhoss to Creech-Jones, 16 Sept 1949, re termination of his services as Assistant Trade Union Advisor. (16p.)

Correspondence with Alex Simpson (Labour Dept, Singapore) re Trade Unions and labour problems in Singapore, 1950 - 1953 (File 6)

Includes tables of pay. (42p.)

Correspondence with International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and P Sang of the Thai Labour Union re Singapore Trade Unions. (9p.), 1950 - 1951 (File 7)

Correspondence with P P Narayanan (Malayan Trade Union Council, Seremban) re Trade Unions. (7p.), 1950 - 1952 (File 8)

'Malayan workers and the Trade Unions', by Ooi Thiam Siew (Malayan Trade Union Council) (5p.), n.d (File 9)

Report and award of Arbitration Board to settle wages dispute in Rubber industry. G.P. (6p.), 8 November 1952 (File 10)

'Problems of Labour Economics in Malaya', by Charles Gamba. Free Labour World (6p.), 1953 (File 11)

Series DDA 12. Malaya and Singapore, 1949 - 1953

Correspondence with N D Watson (Colonial Office), 1951 - 1953 (File 1)

re visit to Malaya; John Brazier; M Phillips (C.O.) re Trade Union and labour conditions V S Mathur (Calcutta); Tsung Tze Meng (Kuala Lumpur); Francis [Taulin?] (Kuala Lumpur) (45p.)

Memorandum on Communist penetration of labour in certain Far Eastern countries. (3p.) [carbon typescript], 1949 (File 2)

Programmes for Trade Union Training Courses in Malaya and Singapore. (8p.), 1952 (File 3)

Press cuttings on Malaya, 1952 (File 4)

Papers include: Observer, Guardian...

Draft of after-dinner speech by F.W.D. at Penang re Trade Unions. (Typescript and MS alterations, 1p.), 7 June 1952 (File 5)

Notes for speech by F.W.D. at Kuala Lumpur re unionism. (1p.), 12 June 1952 (File 6)

Report on training courses, as in File 3 above. (6p.), 1952 (File 7)

Report by F.W.D. on training courses, as in File 3 above, with script for relevant broadcast, and correspondence. (10p.), 1952 (File 8)

Envelope, 1952 (File 9)

Correspondence with Charles Gamba (University of Malaya); R G D Houghton (Kuala Lumpur) and Walter Hood re Trade Unions. (18p.), 1952 (Item (a))
Notes on Whitton Arbitration Award. (11p.), 1952 (Item (b))

Articles by Rawle Knox on rubber workers in Malaya. Press cuttings. (2p.), 1952 (File 10)

Series DDA 13. Malaya, 1952 - 1955

Correspondence with J D Hodgkinson (Kuala Lumpur); John Brazier (Kuala Lumpur), 1952 - 1955 (File 1)

re training conditions in Labour Department; Nurses Union; Malaysia's future. (24p.)

Rules of Malayan Nurses Union. (28p.), 1953 (File 2)

Why we are a Trade Union. (Pub. Malayan Nurses Union) Leaflet, 1953 (File 3)

Minutes and Proceedings of the Second Annual Delegates Conference of the Malayan Nurses Union. (36p.), 1954 (File 4)

Malayan Nurses Union. Memo on case of local domiciled members. (20p.), n.d. (File 5)

Series DDA 14. Malaya and Singapore, 1946 - 1948

Draft of Report (issued as C.O.234. H.M.S.O. 1948) by S S Awbery and F.W.D. on Trade Unions in Malaya and Singapore, 1948 (File 1)

(See Bundles 7/7 and 10/1) Typescript draft with MS notes and additions by F.W.D...

Information from trade unions and press reports, 1946 - 1948 (File 2)

Includes: information on Trade Unions and labour conditions from Army Civil Service Union; Clerical Union; Govt and Municipal Labour Union (Singapore). (114p.)

Information from employers on labour conditions, 1948 (File 3)

Includes: Dunlop Rubber Co. (Malaya) Ltd; Singapore Harbour Board; United Engineers Ltd (Singapore); Singapore Steam Laundry Ltd. (50p.)

Housing situation. Memoranda, notes, statistics, correspondence from Singapore Improvement Trust re housing. (21p.), 1948 (File 4)

Folder, 1947 - 1948 (File 5)


Survey of immigration/labour requirements, 1947 (Item (a))
Annual Report of Labour Department, Malayan Union (Duplicated typescript), 1947 (Item (b))
Memorandum on Federation of Malaya (physical features; population; statistics on labour), 1948 (Item (c))
Information from Commissioner of Labour, R G D Houghton (Kuala Lumpur) re labour conditions and wages, 1948 (Item (d))
Extract from a reprint of a pre-war report on Indian labour in Malaya by V S Srinivasa Sastri, n.d. (Item (e))
Programme of Inaugral Meeting of Legislative Council of Federation of Malaya, 24 February 1948 (Item (f))
Report on Communists in Malayan trade Unions from Malayan Security Service, 1948 (Item (g))
Report on Force 136 and guerillas by R N Broome, 1948 (Item (h))
Information from Malayan Railway, 1947 - 1948 (Item (i))
Newspaper cutting on investigation into General Transport Co. strike ('Malay Mail'), 21 April 1948 (Item (j))
Draft of Trades Disputes Bill, 1948 (Item (k))

Annual Report of Trade Union Registry, Malayan union (Duplicated typescript, c50p.), 1946 - 1947 (File 6)

Folder, 1947 - February 1948 (File 7)


Judgement of Willan C J in High Court (Kuala Lumpur) in Wong Mook v Wong Yin and others:- dispute over strike of rubber-tappers, 1947 (Item (a))
Copy of Malay Press Summary:- visit of labour observers (Awbery and Dalley), February 1948 (Item (b))
Series of questions (to Awbery and Dalley for press interview?), n.d. (Item (c))

Information on labour (rubber and tea plantations, Port Swettenham docks, tin mines) (40p.), 1947 - 1948 (File 8)

Includes the Rules of Malayan Planting Industries Employers' Association. 1947.

Report on Trade Unionism in Malaya by Labour Dept. (19p.), 1947 - 1948 (File 9)

Miscellaneous information from Labour Dept (examples of disputes; information on social welfare and cost of living; etc.); Trade union statistics (Trade Union Advisors' Office, Kuala Lumpur) (100p.), 1948 (File 10)

Information from John Brazier on politics and Trade Union matters 1948 and Reports ('Garrett' 1 & 2) on Employers' and Workers' Associations, and Industrial and Social Unrest in Singapore (125p.), 1948; n.d. (File 11)

Information from Malayan Trades Unions 'and similar bodies' on Trade Unions and labour conditions, 1948 (File 12)

Unions include: Malayan Estate workers Union; Locomotive Enginemen's Union; Pan Malayan federation of Trade Unions; Muslim worker's Union (Penang); Marine Employee's Union; Penang Municipal Services Union; Indian Printing Employees Assoc.; Perak Rubber worker's Union; Perak Clerical Union...

Information from High Commissioner (Federation of Malaya) and Governor of Singapore re setting up and progress of the enquiry; banishment of aliens. (25p.), 1948 (File 13)

Correspondence with Colonial Secretary, P A B McKerron (Singapore) re trade unions. (12p.), 1948 (File 14)

Series DDA 15. Singapore, 1948 - 1959

O H Morris (Colonial Officer) inviting F.W.D. to report on industrial relations in Singapore., 3 November, 23-25 November 1955. (File 1)

F.W.D. ack...

Extract from Hong Kong Trade Unions and disputes Ordinance. (2p.), 1948 (File 2)

Envelope containing press cuttings from Singapore., n.d. (c.1951) (File 3)

Includes report of Singapore strike.

Reports on industrial unrest and government employees indebtedness to moneylenders. (5p. and 4p.), c1955 (File 4)

Information from government officials and departments re Trade union disputes. (40p.), 1955 (File 5)

Analysis of Trade Unions in Singapore (date of registration, name, occupation covered, recognition, percentage organised) (6p.), c1955 (File 6)

Papers relating to Singapore Trades Union Congress, 1952 - 1955 (File 7)

Includes: Rules and Constitution; minutes of 1st Annual Delegates Congress, 1952; correspondence, 1955. (53p.)

Colonial Office papers and communications from E W Barltrop (Labour Dept, Singapore) re labour relations and industrial disputes. (21 p.), 1955 (File 8)

Notes on visits to offices and factories; meetings with workers, 1955 - 1956 (File 9)

Includes: Major Broome (Secret Service); Ford Motor Co; British Council; Lee Kuan Yew; Straits Steamship Co; Bata Shoe Co. (61p.)

Papers on Harbour Board. (3p.), 1955 (File 10)

Correspondence with Singapore Employers Federation and other employers, including Metal Box Co of Malaya Ltd re Trade Unions. (57p.), 1955 - 1957 (File 11)

Correspondence with R N Broome; Aneurin Bevan; Sir Vincent Tewson re Lee Kuan Yew and his relationship with the communists. (12p.), 1955 - 1956 (File 12)

Newspaper cuttings from Times and Observer. (5p.), 1959 (File 14)

Series DDA 21. Articles and Notes for Lectures, 1949 - 1957

Subseries DDA 21/1. Lectures by F.W.D. on Trade Unions in the Colonies - Malaya and S.E. Asia, 1949 - 1957

Rough notes, typescript lectures re Trade Unions in Malaya, British Colonies at various meetings including those held at Royal Institute of International Affairs...

Subseries DDA 21/2. Articles by F.W.D. on Trade Unionism in G.B., Malaya, The Colonies, Trinidad, September 1951

Draft and reprints of articles on Malayan and South East Asian Trade Unions. (93p.), September 1951 (File)

Filmed selectively.

F.W.D. (Welwyn Garden City) to 'Jay' re trip to Malaya, 13 September 1951 (Item)

Subseries DDA 21/5. Broadcasts by F.W.D. on Malaya and Far East. (44p.), July 1949 - October 1952

Filmed selectively.

Drafts, transcripts, correspondence, press cuttings re Malayan Trade Unions, 20 July 1949 - 7 October 1952 (File)

Includes: Article by F.W.D. Letter from Malaya. Transport and Salaried Staff Journal. July 1952. (pp.291-92)