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Fonds P39. Cherry Hinton Parish Church Records, 1849

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Vestry minutebook, January 1849 (File 8/2)

Financial assistance to labourers intending to emigrate to Australia, 25 January 1849 (Item ff. 123-24)

Fonds 8/5. Melbourn Parish Church Records, 1848

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Vestry minutebook, February 1848 (File)

Assistance to paupers to emigrate to Australia, 24 February 1848 (Item ff.181-82)

Fonds P127. Orwell Parish Church Records, 1854

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Account book belonging to Joseph Merry, carpenter, 1854 (File 28/1)

List of inhabitants of Orwell who emigrated to Australia, 1854 (Item)

1p. Near end of book.

Fonds R57/24. De Freville Family of Hinxton Collection, 1837

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Letter of Ann Gore (Lake Bathurst, N.S.W. to her cousins Mary Ann, Henrietta and Ellen Collison (London), 29 September 1837 (File 18 (b) 12)

Family news; visit to Parramatta; farm; monotonous scenery; isolation; no means of civilising Indigenous Australians. (very faded) Also includes transcript by P. Mander-Jones.

Fonds R59/27. Haslingfield Charities Records, 1847 - 1848

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Vestry minutebook, December 1847 - November 1848 (File 5/1)

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Establishment of fund to assist emigration of Paupers (1p.), 30 December 1847 (Item)
Payment to men emigrating to Australia (1p.), 15 November 1848 (Item)

Fonds R77/90. Document received from Messrs. Park, Nelson, Dennes, Redfern & Co., London, 13 July 1871

Letters of administration of Norris W. Dike (died 29 April 1871), formerly of Cambridge, issued by master in Equity, Melbourne.

Fonds R79/70. E.D. and J Wedge Correspondence, 1826

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E.D. Wedge (Oyster Bay, Tasmania) to his father, 1 February 1826 (File)

Wishing he had undertaken farming, ruinous effects of saw mill; competition of Government sawyers; hopes his wife will emigrate; high cost of living in Hobart; allergations against surveyor G. Evans; bravery of J. Larke in helping capture armed convict. (photocopy)

Fonds R80/88. Letter-diary of William Elbourne to his father describing voyage on Ecliptic from England to Port Napier, New Zealand, 20 April 1860 - 19 August 1860

Refers to weather, fishing for porpoises and turtles, religious services, meals, sighting of Tasmania, arrival in New Zealand.

Fonds 17. Papers of the Baumgartner Family, 1855 - 1856

Series C. Correspondence, 27 January 1855 - 26 February 1856

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Charles Baumgartner (McIvor, Victoria) to Percy Baumgartner, 26 February 1856 (File C/95)

Weather; platypus hunting; friends at diggings; McIvor flouring though unspectacular; postal services; fall of Sebastapol. (10pp)

Walter King (Liverpool) to Percy Baumgartner, 27 January 1855 (File C/99)

Imminent departure for Australia as chaplain on Annie Wilson; description of ship.

Fonds 279. Papers of Holsworther Family of Bromley and Elsworthy, 1877 - 1919

Series F. Family Papers, 16 December 1877 - 22 January 1878

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Diary of Joseph M. Holsworthy (b. 1822) on voyage from St. Vincent to Melbourne on Lustitania (11p), 16 December 1877 - 22 January 1878 (File)

The diary refers to the weather, social events, church services, books, seasickness, drunkness, fellow- passsengers (including Houdini), loneliness, visit to Adelaide, impressions of Melbourne, insanitary streets.

Series T. Title deeds, 1919

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Correspondence of F.W. Holsworthy (Bromley) concerning shares in Hampton Properties Ltd., 1919 (File T/46)

The company owned 27,000 acres of land near Kalgoorlie. The papers include a letter of C.M. Holsworthy about the allocation of shares (12 Aug. 1899) and a Financial Times report of the general meeting of Hampton Properties Ltd. (23 Oct. 1919)

Fonds 455. Records of Cambridge Women's Suffrage Association, 1902

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Newspaper cuttings, 1902 (File Q21-22)

Newspaper cutting on deputation from National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies to Sir Edmund Barton concerning adoption of women's suffrage in Australia, c. Sept. 1902...

Fonds 757. Papers of Cross-Morphew, Dobede and Collins Families, 1917 - 1919

Series F. Family Papers, 21 June 1917 - 6 August 1919

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Copy of will of Vivian P. Collins, late 12th Battalion, A.I.F., 21 June 1917 (File F/49)
Board of Inland Revenue. Schedule of property of Lewis P. Collins, chargeable with estate duty, 24 June 1919 (File F/68)
Board of Inland Revenue. Account of property of Lewis P. Collins, chargeable with estate duty, 24 June 1919 (File F/69)
Death certificate of Lewis P. Collins (died 24 Feb. 1918) of Launceston, 6 August 1919 (File F/81)
Probate of will of Lewis P. Collins of Launceston, 6 February 1919 (File F/83)

Fonds. Papers of A.G. Hayes and S.C. Holt, 1821 - 1892

A.G. Hayes. Extracts on emigration from the Cambridge Chronicle (1821-97), 4 May 1821 - 17 March 1860 (File)

The volume contains numerous references to Australia and New Zealand, including farewell presentations, departure of emigrants, wrecks of emigrant ships, accounts of visits to Australia, conditions in the colonies, prices, the goldfields, death in the colonies, the return of R.G. Herbert from Queensland in 1866, and newspaper advertisements for emigrant ships. Roneoed (1 volume).

S.C. Holt. Emigrant to Victoria from Cambridgeshire, 1891 - 1892 (File)

Alphabetical listing of emigrants, giving villiage, ship date of arrival in Victoria, age, occupation, religion, literacy and disposal (ie. Town or district in Victoria). Vol. 2 is arranged by parish and also contains indexes. (2 volumes, Volume 2 by S.C. Holt and A.G. Hayes.)