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Series 1-999. Early and Personal Life, Correspondence etc., c.1880-1940

All correspondence to Haddon unless otherwise stated...

Subseries 2. (Box 2). Haddon's war mementos, August 1917 - January 1918

Clive W. Thompson (14th Australian Field Ambulance, France), 31 August 1917, 31 January 1918 (Item)

Re assuming command of ambulance, news of old Australian friends; injured during battle of Ypres; treatment of wounded Australians in England.

Subseries 3. (Box 1). Correspondence, c.1880-1910

Correspondents include: John Beddoe (Bradford); Henry Balfour (Oxford); Edward Beardmore (Sir Charles Hardy Island); William Brigham (Honolulu); Daisy Bates (Adelaide); Reverend Chalmers, Tamate (Motu Motu, New Guinea); J. Cowling (Daru, Papua); John Douglas (Thursday Island); Havelock Ellis (London); O. Finsch (Delmenharst); James Frazer (Cambridge); William Wyatt Gill (Marrickville); Bishop of New Guinea; Charles Hedley (Australian Museum); Charles Hose (Baram); A. Lang (London); Flinders Petrie (London); A. Pitt Rivers (Salisbury); Charles Read (London); W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne); R. Shelford (Sarawak); Marie Stopes (London); Edward Tylor (Oxford); Everard im Thum (Colonial Office); Alfred Wallace (Godalming); R.J. Wilkinson (Kuala Lumpur)...

Subseries 4. Boxes 2 and 4. Correspondence, March 1902 - June 1930

File A: Correspondence, November 1926 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Leo Austin (Samarai) re using quotations from Migration and Culture in New Guinea, 21 November 1926 (Item)
File B: Correspondence, March 1902 - August 1929 (File)

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P.A. Buxton (London) re work in New Hebrides, 9 February [n.yr.] (Item)
P.H. Burk (Auckland) re publication The Evolution of Maori Clothing, 24 November 1926 (Item)
Beatrice Bateson (London) that Gregory has arrived in Sydney, 8 March 1927 (Item)
Beatrice Blackwood (Oxford, Sydney) preparations for field work, arrival in Sydney, 3 December 1928, 19 May 1929, 26 June 1929, 11 August 1929 (Item)
Gregory Bateson (London) re possible research in Australia, [n.d.], 10 January 1927 (Item)
John Bickers Blair (Brisbane) re languages (17p.), 24 May 1920 (Item)
M. Brown (Christchurch) re work on Easter Island, 12 January 1923 (Item)
William Brigham (Honolulu) re election as Honorary Member of Anthropological Institute, 11 March 1902 (Item)
A. Blyth (Kairuku) re election to Royal Geographical Society, 15 November 1922, 7 December 1922 (Item)
File C: Correspondence, January 1921 - March 1928 (File)

Filmed selectively.

A.A. Child (R.M.S.P. Chaudiere) en route to New Guinea, 27 January 1921 (Item)
J.A. Carrodus (London, Canberra) with introductory letter from E. Chinnery of New Guinea Service (20 April 1926); proposals to start museum in Canberra, 26 June 1926, 16 Nov. 1927, 29 March 1928 (Item)
Walter Coleman (Fiji) re work on primitives, 29 June [n.yr.] (Item)
File D: Correspondence, March 1923 - July 1924 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Reverend J. Done (Torres Strait) forwarding article for Man (not in file), 16 March 1923 (Item)
Philip Dollman (London) re Australian negatives, [n.d.], 26 February 1924, 19 March 1924, 8 April 1924, 28 July 1924 (Item)
File E-F: Correspondence, September 1921 - October 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

J. Evans (Perak Museum) re problems of raising money for museums; his position, 16 September 1921, 26 July 1922, 26 April [n.yr.] (Item)
James G. Frazer (London) re AH's lecture The Religion of a Primitive People, 29 October 1929 (Item)
J.B. Freshwater (Daru) re fiasco of Pacific Scientific Exploration Co., 27 February 1924 (Item)
File G: Correspondence, September 1921 (File)

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Arthur Grimble (Newton Ferrers) re work on Gilbertese canoes, 9 September 1921, 30 September 1921 (Item)
File H: Correspondence, November 1921 - April 1927 (File)

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G. Horne (Melbourne) thanking Haddon, 4 November 1921 (Item)
James Hornell (London) re possible position at Dominion Musuem, New Zealand, 28 April 1927 (Item)
C.B. Humphreys (Sydney) re trip to England, 29 December 1926 (Item)
Charles Hose (Purley) work on tribes of Sarawak; honour received from College, 26 June 1924, 7 November 1924, 19 November 1926 (Item)
A. Hill (London) re dinner with Hose, 14 February 1923 (Item)
File I-J: Correspondence, September 1923 - December 1923 (File)

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F. Wood-Jones (Adelaide) re AH's visit; stone implements, 18 September 1923, 17 December 1923, 26 December 1923 (Item)
File K: Correspondence, May 1912 - August 1927 (File)

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A.S. Kenyon (Melbourne) Australia's prosperity; sending stone implements, 18 Dec. 1919, 29 April 1925, 23 August 1927 (Item)
Georgina King (Darlinghurst) sending articles. (2 Letters), 28 Aug. 1923, 29 Aug. 1923, 4 September 1923, 31 August 1923 (Item)
Mary G. Peury (Willoughby) to Haddon re stuffed head from Solomon Islands, 29 August 1923 (Item)
William Sherp (Toronto) to G. King re his work on science of man, 24 May 1912 (Item)
File L: Correspondence, December 1919 - January 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Heber Longman (Brisbane) happy memories of AH's visit, 3 December 1919 (Item)
John Layard (Folkestone; Hertingfordbury) his health prevents return to work; Rivers' New Hebrides notes, 24 August 1921, 17 October 1922 (Item)
Gunnar Landtman (Finland) re work on New Guinea, 8 Jan. 1921, 30 Oct. 1924, 13 January 1929 (Item)
File M: Correspondence, April 1920 - February 1927 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Albert Morris (Broken Hill) sending seeds, 17 October 1923 (Item)
D. Masson ([]; Bolgano, Italy) re founding of Chair of Anthropology at Sydney and withdrawal of support from Government, [n.d.] (Item)

(Part letter).

George Macmillan (London) re AH's comments on proof of Landtman's book on Kwai Papuans, 14 February 1927 (Item)
Lord Louis Mountbatten (H.M.S. Renown, Honolulu to Fiji) re ceremonies of crossing the line and reception given to Royal party in Hawaii, 20 April 1920 (Item)

(Includes two printed sheets on these subjects).

File P-Q: Correspondence, February 1922 - January 1924 (File)

Filmed selectively.

W.R. Price (Chepstow) queries re Indonesian and Polynesian migration, 6 Feb. 1922, 18 Feb 1922, 25 May 1922, 15 June 1922 (Item)
G.H. Pitt Rivers (Melbourne) re his work on clash of cultures, 17 January 1924 (Item)
File R: Correspondence, January 1922 - August 1928 (File)

Filmed selectively.

E. Baxter Riley (Daru) re tools; his manuscript, 2 June 1923, 4 February 1924 (Item)
Harriette Roth (Halifax) thanking AH for helping Kingsley, 14 February 1928 (Item)
Kingsley Roth (Suva) re work in Colonial Secretary's Office at Suva and as Clerk of Peace; learning Fijian; putting Museum into order, 25 August 1928 (Item)
William Robinson (Richmond, Pendle Hill) re money lent to him by AH; starting a poultry farm, [n.d.], 22 August 1922 (Item)
Galbraith & Best (Australia House) re money sent by Robinson, 24 January, 3 January, and 8 February 1922 (Item)
Notes by AH on original meeting with Robinson. (Pencil), [n.d.] (Item)
Katherine Routledge (between Tahiti and New Zealand) re journey home, 26 February 1923 (Item)
Bishop of Perth (Perth) re tablet from Mesopotamia, 7 November 1924 (Item)
File S: Correspondence, February 1916 - January 1927 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne), 2 February 1916, 21 April 1919, 15 October 1921, 12 September 1922 (Item)

Re working in the Museum; news of anthropologists; establishment of Anthropological Chair in Melbourne rather than Sydney.

C.G. Seligman (Oxford) re Scientific Expeditionary Research Association to Pacific, 5 May 1923 (Item)
H.D. Skinner (Dunedin; New Haven, Conn.) re his publications; work for the Museum, 11 November 1921, 2 March 1924, 12 January 1927 (Item)
File T: Correspondence, April 1927 - November 1927 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Griffith Taylor (University of Sydney) re his ideas on race and migration, 27 November 1927 (Item)
W.H. Tawell (Sydney) re bad gales. (Enclosure not in file), 18 April 1927 (Item)
File W: Correspondence, June 1922 - February 1924 (File)

Filmed selectively.

E. Nixon-Westwood (New Zealand Office) return from Samoa to act as Samoan Government Representative, 1 June 1922 (Item)
F. Williams (Oxford) about to go to New Guinea as Anthropologist in Papuan Service, 2 December [n.yr.] (Item)
Olga (Cambridge) re comparitive totemism, 2 February 1924 (Item)
File Y: Correspondence, June 1930 (File)

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Dorothy Young (Cove) re letters of her father (Baldwin Spencer), 25 June 1930 (Item)

Subseries 5. (Box 5). Correspondence, January 1910 - May 1922

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Lacey Envelope, May 1922 (File)

Testimonials re H.M. Lacey, former student at Cambridge. (8p.)

Haddon to Charles Hose re Curatorship of Sarawak Museum, 16 May 1922 (Item)
Expedition to West Australia. 1910 Envelope, January 1910 - March 1910 (File)
Minutes of meetings re Cambridge and Oxford Australian Expedition (4p.), January 1910 - March 1910 (Item)
Memorial to Rajah of Sarawak, 1913 - 1914 (File)

Drafts, notes and correspondence re memorial to Rajah of Sarawak re appointment of Ethnologist. Correspondents include: Rivers (Cambridge); C. Hose (Diss). (38p.)

Subseries 6. Correspondence, 1906 - 1924

Filmed selectively.

Fagg etc., October 1907 - February 1909 (File 6/1)

Filmed selectively.

J.B. Andrews [] re analysing and collecting Australian stories, 4 October 1907 (Item)
Gunnar Landtman (Finland) thanking Haddon for help planning Expedition, 8 July. 1908, 31 Aug. 1908, 6 September 1908, 13 December 1908, 15 February 1909 (Item)
T.T. Barnard, 1924 (File 6/3)

Filmed selectively.

Notes re appointment of T.T. Barnard to Anthony Wilkin Studentship for research in ethnology and archaeology in Southern Sumatra (4p.), 1924 (Item)
Wilfrid Beaver, 1916 - 1919 (File 6/6)

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence and notes, 1916 - 1919 (Item)

Re book by Wilfrid Beaver on Papua for which A. Haddon was to write preface. Letters from Evelyn Beaver (London) after son's death. (6p.)

J. Macmillan Brown, May 1907 (File 6/10)

Filmed selectively.

J.M. Brown (Christchurch, New Zealand) re his writing on Maoris, 2 May 1907 (Item)
N. Keltie Bushell, February 1918 (File 6/11)

Filmed selectively.

N. Keltie Bushell (Cambridge) re New Guinea, 15 February 1918; 26 February 1918 (Item)
Ernest William Pearson Chinnery, 1906 - 1924 (File 6/13)

Correspondence and notes re studentship of E.W.P. Chinnery and his war service and work in Papua. (46p.)...

Dora De Beer, January 1921 - July 1921 (File 6/14)
H.D. Skinner (Dunedin) introducing Dora De Beer, who had arranged their New Guinea material, 15 January 1921 (Item)
Dora De Beer (London) re interest in Pacific, 1 July 1921 (Item)

Subseries 7. Correspondence, 1910 - 1940

W.E. Armstrong, February 1928 (File 7/2)

Filmed selectively.

Note by A. Haddon on W.E. Armstrong's research and publication Rossel Island (1p.), 15 February 1928 (Item)
Reo Franklin Fortune, April 1928 - June 1933 (File 7/5)

Correspondence and notes re Dr R.F. Fortune and his research on Dobu and Manus. (20p.)...

Dr Gottfried W. Locher, April 1938 (File 7/6)
G.W. Locher (Leiden) re work on Indonesian ethnology, 8 April 1938 (Item)
Manuscript note by A. Haddon on Locher, 17 April 1938 (Item)
Dr. Bronislaw Malinowski, 1910 - 1923 (File 7/8)
Correspondence and notes re Dr Bronislaw Malinowski, his research in Australia, and attempts to get research grant, 1910 - 1923 (Item)

Correspondents Include: Malinowski (London; Poland; Papua; Sydney; Trobriand Islands; France; Italy); W.A. Herdman (London; Liverpool); Charles Hedley (Australian Museum); C.G. Seligman (London)...

Joseph Daniel Unwin, 1928 - 1929 (File 7/9)
Correspondence with Joseph D. Unwin (Withersfield) on animatism; includes notes on C.E. Fox's book on San Cristoval. (8p.), 1928 - 1929 (Item)
Camilla Wedgwood, 1932 - 1935 (File 7/10)
Correspondence re Camilla Wedgwood and her research in Papua New Guinea, 1932 - 1935 (Item)

Correspondents: Camilla Wedgwood (S.S. Ceramic, M.V. Macdhui; Madang; Sydney); L.E. Cheesman (Kokoda); H.D. Skinner (Otago). (51p.)

Gerard C. Wheeler, 1939 - 1940 (File 7/11)
Correspondence re Gerard C. Wheeler's application for civil list pensions and his research in Solomon Islands, 1939 - 1940 (Item)

Correspondents include: G.C. Wheeler (London); Prime Minister's Office. (4p.)

Subseries 8. Correspondence, 1906 - 1938

Filmed selectively.

Gregory Bateson, 1926 - 1938 (File 8/1)

Correspondence and photographs re Gregory Bateson, his research in New Guinea and application for William Wyse Professorship of Social Anthropology. Correspondents include: G. Bateson (Cambridge; London; Rabaul; Salamaua; Bali); Australia House. Includes: G. Bateson's curriculum vitae. (53p.)

Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown, 1906 - 1930 (File 8/10)

Correspondence and press cuttings re Radcliffe-Brown's research in Andaman Islands, Australia, South Africa and his reasons for return to Australia and Chair at Sydney...

Subseries 9. Correspondence, May 1914 - November 1929

Filmed selectively.

Ivor Evans, May 1914 - October 1919 (File 9/2)
Ivor Evans (Perak) hoping Haddon will visit his Museum, 17 May 1914 (Item)
Ivor Evans (Perak Museum) re work on implements, 30 September 1917 (Item)
Ivor Evans (Perak Museum) re work on megolithic monuments, 30 October 1919 (Item)
Herbert Ian Priestley Hogbin, August 1929 - November 1929 (File 9/6)
Hogbin (London) re introduction from Radcliffe-Brown, n.d. (Item)
Hogbin (London) thanks for hospitality, 11 November 1929 (Item)
A.R. Radcliffe-Brown (Sydney) introducing Hogbin, 6 August 1929 (Item)
James Hornell, February 1923 (File 9/8)
Haddon (Cambridge) to Herdman introducing James Hornell who wants to travel in Pacific, 1 February 1923 (Item)
Clarence Blake Humphreys, March 1923 (File 9/11)
A. Haddon note on C.B. Humphreys MSc. Dissertation 'Ethnological report on Tanna, Anaiteum, Futuna and Aniwa of New Hebrides'. (2p.), 3 March 1923 (Item)

Subseries 12. (Box 6). Correspondence to Fanny Haddon, March 1898 - April 1899

Filmed selectively.

Letters from Haddon in Murray Island; Port Moresby; Yule Island, Mabuiag; Thursday Island; Kuching; Baram, 22 March 1898 - 3 April 1899 (File 12/1)

Includes: Letters to his children, Mary and Kathleen, with illustrations of natives. Subjects include: Journey; the other anthropologists; Rivers, Ray, Wilkin; programme for field work; his health; description of Hose. 38 letters...

Subseries 13. Correspondence while in Torres Straits, 1888 - 1889

Filmed selectively.

Copies of letters home, 1888 - 1889 (File 13/1)

Filmed selectively.

'A day in New Guinea'. (10p.), n.d. (Item)
Two chapters of diary written from Torres Straits by Dr A. Haddon for his children. (9p.), n.d. (Item)

(Faint typescript). Refers to Haddon's first journey in 1888-1889.

Letters to Ernest and Mary. Murray Islands (24p.), 1888 - 1889 (Item)
'Down the Great Barrier Reef'. (8p.), n.d. (Item)
Two pages re wreck of the Norwegian barque Bona Fides 100 miles east of the Murray islands, n.d. (Item)

Subseries 15. Miscellaneous Correspondence, February 1892 - February 1906

Filmed selectively.

Letter from 'L.E.D.' (Lakeba) to 'Charlotte' re anthropological report on Fiji - comments on cannibalism, infanticide, diseases, 5 June [n.y.] (Item 15/1. ff.82-92)
Notes on life of Gordon Augustus Thomson by E. Selby Smythe. (7p.), February 1892 (Item 15/2)
Reverend Chalmers, Tamate (Norwich) weather unfavourable compared to New Guinea, 6 February 1895 (Item 15/3)
Walter E. Roth (Brisbane) intends to continue work in Queensland, 10 February 1906 (Item 15/4)

Subseries 17. (Box 7). Documents, September 1923

Filmed selectively.

Material re Wheat Belt Excursion tour across Australia, 21 September 1923 - 23 September 1923 (File 17/1)

Includes: Itinerary, photograhs, maps, A. Haddon's notes. (53p.)

Subseries 20. Correspondence re Rennell and Bellona Islands, 10 February 1936 - 10 May 1936

Letters (draft and copy) from Grafton Elliot Smith (London) to Dr Lambert, Sir Murchison Fletcher, and AH re plight of Rennell and Bellona Islanders.

Subseries 21. Private Correspondence, February 1882 - May 1891

Filmed selectively.

Bundle, February 1887 - December 1887 (File 21/1. File 1)
Reverend S. MacFarlane (London Missionary Society, Bedford) advice on going to Torres Strait; his experiences in Loyalty Islands, 7 February, 29 November, 2 December, 28 December 1887 (Item ff.2-4)
Bundle, April 1889 - November 1889 (File 21/1. File 1)
William Wyatt Gill (Marrickville) urging A. Haddon to visit, 26 April 1889 (Item 1.)
J.E. Harting (London) re cats cradle in Henry Jones' letter, 19 November 1889 (Item 2.)
Henry Jones (London) to Harting re cats cradle in Torres Straits, 19 November 1889 (Item 3.)
Bundle, March 1890 - November 1890 (File 21/1. File 1)
Letters from F.W. Rudler (London); R.H. Codrington (Wadhurst); G. Bettany (London); Sidney Ray (London); Dublin University Press, 28 March, 9 April, 2 May, 15 May, 25 November 1890 (Item 1-5)

Re A. Haddon's manuscript; Torres Islands languages.

Bundle, May 1891 (File 21/1. File 1)
Correspondence with Dr M. Foster (Royal Society) requesting assistance to publish work on Torres Straits, 5 May, 7 May, 28 May 1891 (Item 1-3)
Correspondence, February 1882 - November 1886 (File 21/2. File 2)
Letter of application, with testimonials, of Alfred C. Haddon M.A. for Chair of Biology at University of Melbourne, Victoria. (14p.) (Printed), 11 November 1886 (Item)
Percival Wright [] re A. Haddon's application, n.d. (Item)
A. Haddon's application for Professorship of Biology and Curatorship of Museum in University of Otago, New Zealand. (5p.) (Printed), 12 February 1880 (Item)

Subseries 23. (Box 8). Personal Correspondence, February 1899 - July 1903

Filmed selectively.

Personal Correspondence, February 1899 (File 23/1)

Filmed selectively.

Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne) re working with Gillen, 26 February 1899 (Item 20)
Personal Correspondence, July 1903 (File 23/2)

Filmed selectively.

Ivor Evans (Taipang) sending hair samples from Pahang, n.d. (Item 1.)
Augustus Hamilton (Dunedin) re his work on Maori art, 28 July 1903 (Item 7.)

Subseries 24. Personal Correspondence, 1911 - 1921

Filmed selectively.

Australasian related correspondence, 1911 - 1921 (File i)

Correspondents include: Ivor Evans (Taipang); C.G. Rawling (London); Stainforth-Smith (Australia House); J.H. Holmes (Sydney); William Brigham (Honolulu); Annie Hore (Hobart); Registrar Melbourne University; Bishop of Perth; C.S. Myers (France); C.G. Seligman (Liverpool). Subjects include: Evans' trips in Perak; Rawling's travels in Dutch New Guinea; E.C. Hore's paintings of South Seas; Baldwin Spencer's Litt. D. thesis...

Australasian related letters, 1911 - 1919 (File ii)

Correspondents include: Stainforth Smith (Port Moresby); Mary Stirling (St. Viglans and London); Mervyn Beech (London); Ivor Gatty (London); J.S. Bruce (Murray Island); Norman Hardy (Bedford Park); I. Evans (Kuala Lumpur); Georgina King (Sydney); E. Baxter-Riley (Papua); L. Glauert (Perth); R.A. Goodyear (Sydney); Atlee Hunt (Melbourne); E. Westwood (Alexandria); S.F. Harmer (British Museum (Natural History)); Gunnar Landtman (Finland). Subjects include: Drought in Australia; New Guinea missions; photographs of Borneo; news from Murray Island; Hardy's drawings of natives; New Messiah at Saibui; Glauert's application for fellowship of R.A.I.; German lands administered by Australia; Malinowski's work; Bainbridge to collect in Solomons for British Museum (Natural History)...

Subseries 25. Personal Correspondence, 1913 - March 1940

Filmed selectively.

File 1, July 1926 - March 1940 (File)
A.M. Howard? (Lamalete) to A. Haddon re cat cradles from Kiriwina man, 23 January [n.y.] (Item 1)
A. Haddon to Herdman decided to go to Australia, n.d. (Item 2)
Dr R. Thurnwald (Berlin) re problem publishing work on New Guinea since Germany lost her colonies, 21 July 1926 (Item 3)
Ranian? (Kerema) forwarding smoking pipes from Naihikaia tribe, 9 March 1940 (Item 4)
File 2, 1913 - July 1927 (File)
Ewan Corlette (New Hebrides) re Deacon's death, 16 June 1927 (Item 1)
Correspondence with A.R. Radcliffe-Brown (Sydney), 2 May 1927 - 19 July 1927 (Item 2)

Re Deacon's death and his work in New Hebrides; news of other anthropologists in the field (Bateson, Chinnery, Camilla Wedgwood); his work at Sydney University. (5 letters)

Tables and notes re grants from Percy Sladen Memorial Fund for Haddon to travel to Australia. (5p.), 1913 (Item 3)
Report to Percy Sladen Trustees on Expedition to Papua by Haddon. (4p.), 1915 (Item 4)

Subseries 26. Correspondence, 1900 - 1935

Correspondence, 1900 - 1922 (File File 1)

Correspondents include: E. Baxter-Riley (London, Daru); Beatrice Blackwood (Oxford); John Cowling (Mabuiag); C.G. Seligman (London, Oxford)...

Correspondence, 1928 - 1935 (File File 2)

Correspondence with L. Dudley Buxton (Oxford) re Torres Strait and analysis of skulls. (18 letters.)...

Subseries 27. Material re Sarawak, c.1900-1934

Correspondence and miscellaneous notes by Haddon re Sarawak. Correspondents include: Henry Balfour (Oxford); E. Banks (Newport); Barbara Freire-Marceco (Horsell); John Hewitt (Sarawak); Charles Hose (Baram); R. Shelford (Kuching)...

Subseries 29. Gregory Bateson, 1927 - 1937

Photocopies of letters from Haddon (Cambridge) to Mrs Beatrice Bateson (Gregory's mother) re Gregory Bateson and other anthropologists. (8p.)

Series 1000-1999. Torres Straits, 1888 - 1936

Correspondence Haddon (Thursday Island, Cambridge, Dublin, Mabuiag) to J. Bruce, 1898 - 1914 (File 1001)

Subjects include: News of other anthropologists (Wilkin, Myers, etc.); writing up, visit to Australia in 1914; queries on photographs. (22 letters)

Correspondence Charles Myers (London, Cambridge) to Bruce, 1907, 1912 (File 1002)

Subjects include: Ceremonies on Murray Island; Malu songs; writing up T.S. material. (3 letters)

Correspondence, 23 January 1891 (File 1003)

W.H.R. Rivers (Cambridge) to Bruce re genealogy of Daru.

Correspondence J.S. Bruce (Murray Island) to A. Haddon, 1899 - 1919 (File 1004)

Subjects include: Murray Island legends; reactions of Murray Islanders to their photographs; trip to Sydney in 1915; stone implements; Carnegie Expedition. (12 letters)

Correspondence James Chalmers, Tamate, (Saquane), 13, 19 August 1898 (File 1005)

Sending Niue to help.

Correspondence Robert Bruce (Murray Island, Thursday Island) to A. Haddon and Mrs Haddon, November 1893 (File 1006)

Subjects include: Visit to island by Charles Savage building new mission station on Dauan Island; death of brother Charles at hands of Ducie River blacks; in spite of hard work in debt to Burns Philp; left Murray Island...

Chalmers, Tamate, (Dauan) to AH re visit to Bugilai tribe, 7 November 1893 (Item)

Stories from Mer, some in hand of J.S. Bruce, some transcribed by A. Haddon (c. 100p.), n.d. (File 1007)

Includes: Origin of fire, sun, moon, night, origin of stone fish fences.

Ethnographic notes by J.S. Bruce re mourning ritual, myths, mortuary rites (c.200p.), n.d. (File 1008-1009)

Ethnographic notes by J.S. Bruce re illegitimate children, legends, head hunting, vocabulary, genealogies (c.200p.), n.d. (File 1010)

A. Haddon's transcript of J.S. Bruce's notes on Mer (145p.), n.d. (File 1011)

Notes and illustrations by Robert Bruce on scarification in Torres Straits. (c.38p.), n.d. (File 1012)

Notes, press cuttings and correspondence from Reverend W.H. MacFarlane (Thursday Island), 1919 - 1929 (File 1013)

Re Torres Strait customs on weddings, legends, place names, births (c.200p.)

Notes and correspondence from A.D.C. Davies re Mer stories, stone figures, turtle zogo. (c.100p.), 1928 - 1929 (File 1014)

Heber Longman (Queensland Museum) to AH forwarding material from Davis, 23 November 1927, 24 February 1928 (Item)

Genealogies from Saibai Island (19p.), n.d. (File 1015)

Miscellaneous notes (c. 15p.), February 1899 (File 1016)

J. Cowling (Mabuiag) to Haddon forwarding proposal of marriage sent by Mabuiag native to a Murray Islander, 16 February 1899 (Item)

Album of photographs taken by Haddon of New Guinea and Torres Straits. (25p.), n.d. (File 1018)

Includes: Natives, villages, scenery.

Drawing by A. Haddon, climbing palm, 1888 (File 1020)

7 coloured drawings by Melanesian boys of hats worn at Mota and Banks Islands. John Still. 1878.

Notes, press cuttings, correspondence re First Expedition to Torres Straits and to Australia, 1888 - 1914 (File 1021)

Correspondents include: Reginald Bartlett (Weston Super Mare); William Wyatt Gill (Sydney); J.H.P. Murray (Port Moresby); J. Muirhead Collins (Australia House); A. Schuck (Hamburg)...

Reviews, notes, bills, correspondence re Expeditions (c.100p.), 1889 - 1935 (File 1022)

Correspondents include: W.H.R. Rivers [n.p.]; Edward Tylor (Oxford); Charles Dickson (Queensland House); James R. Dickson (Brisbane).

Transcript by A. Haddon of J. Bruce manuscript re genealogy, plus list of photographs. (7p.), n.d. (File 1023)

Press cuttings and correspondence re Torres Straits, 1888 - 1910 (File 1024)

Correspondents include: Edward Beardmore (Katow River; Sir Charles Hardy Islands); J. Cowling (Mabuiag); J.G. Frazer (Inch ma home); John Douglas (Thursday Island); Sidney Ray (Ilford); Hugh Mckuan (Thursday Island). Subjects: Problems of getting information from the natives; Beardmore's missionary work; Frazer will comment on Haddon's work; arrival of Dr Landtman. (c. 50p.)...

Correspondence, notes, sketch maps, press cuttings re Torres Straits reports, c. 1903-1936 (File 1025)

Correspondents include: J. Cowling (Mabuiag); William McFarlane (Thursday Island); H.A. Thomson (Eltham, Vic.); Cambridge University Press. (c. 52p.)

Notes, sketches and rubbings of objects from Torres Straits (14p.), September 1934 (File 1026)

Filmed selectively.

Haddon (Cranmer Road) to Balfour re illustrations for Reports, 18 September 1934 (Item)

Anthony Wilkin Field Notebook, 1898 (File 1027)

(Some blank pages, variety of pencils used). Subjects include: Government; land tenure; agriculture; houses (with sketches); personal property; Tabu; industry; canoe traffic; morality and punishments; relationships; hunting; songs (with musical score); feud between Mabuiag and Moa. (281 p.)

A comparative table of customs concerning land tenure in Torres Straits and British New Guinea, 1898 (Item)

Notes, sketches and correspondence re trip to Sarawak (c.77p.), 1898 - July 1905 (File 1028)


Journal kept on First Torres Straits Expedition, 8 August 1888 - 23 April 1889 (File 1029)

Prince of Wales Island, guest of Mr and Mrs Milman, typical day, trip to Magheer, fieldwork, visits to local islands; onto New Guinea, guest of E. Breadmore; attendance at Koppa Koppa; island of Davan; Saibai; second cruise from 25 August round islands; descriptions of houses, native adornment, dances, etc., buying native articles...

Journal kept on Second Torres Straits Expedition, 10 March 1898 - 20 (March?) 1899 (File 1030)

Voyage on Duke of Westminster; description of party and other passengers; activities on board; visit to Colombo; trips in Java; Bali; arrival in Torres Straits (April 23); meeting with Seligman after his visit to Australia; voyage to Murray Island; established in camp; visits to nearby islands; taking down legends, ceremonies, dances, visit to Port Moresby; Sacred Heart mission to New Guinea; visit to Mer; work of other anthropologists, Rivers, Wilkin etc...

Press cuttings and miscellaneous material re Second Expedition (17p.), March 1898 (File 1031)

Menu for dinner given by Dr A. Hill for the Expedition, 5 March 1898 (Item)

Press cuttings and miscellaneous notes re First Expedition (c.18p.), 1888 - 1889 (File 1032)

List of collecting stations in Torres Straits, 1888 - 1889 (Item)

Two sketch books by Haddon, 1888 - 1889 (File 1033)

Includes: Koppa koppa; house at Saibai; dugong spear; panorama views. (38p. and 21p.)

Sketch book by Manjini and other natives (c.60p.), n.d. (File 1034)

18 Notebooks belonging to J.S. Bruce, Murray Islands (c.348p.), 1889 - 1934 (File 1035-6)

Subjects include: Rain making ceremonies, songs, feasts, vocabularies, agriculture, legends...

Maps and field notes of Torres Straits (47p.), n.d. (File 1037)

Includes: Original sketch maps; names of places in Warias; map of Mubuiag; native names of people and places; tribes at Cape York; tribes in Torres Straits.

Field notes on skin colour and physical movements; notes by Bruce on Mer children's abilities, taken down by Rivers (c.100p.), 1898 - 1899 (File 1039)

Field notes c.1898-1899 and correspondence 1899-1906 re identifying specimens of natural history. (141p.), c.1898-1906 (File 1040)

Subjects include: Astronomy by Rivers; Mollusca, animals, plants...

Field notes: original native drawings and prints, n.d. (File 1041)

Subjects include: Constellations, animals, natives...

Notes on physical anthropology from Torres Straits, Eastern tribes and Western tribes, c.1898-1899 (File 1042)

Includes: Cranial measurements; names of islanders; measurements and descriptions by Dudley Buxton, 1928; Tud (Warrior Island); Crania from Darnley Island; dental anatomy and diseases of the Torres Straits Islanders by T. Treherne Barton; correspondence from Treherne Barton (Woking) 1905-1906 re his paper; material from Selgiman on Torres Straits. (287p.)

Miscellaneous notes and correspondence on Torres Straits, 1896 - 1934 (File 1043)

Includes: History of Papuan Industries (1934); P. Wirz Ornamentation, especially the representation of human forms, in the art of South Netherlands New Guinea (1921); Queensland Report on Horn Island Goldfield (1896); notes on gesture language at Mer by Haddon. Correspondents include: C.M. Younge (Plymouth); Martin Hinton (British Musuem (Natural History)); Harry Scott (Shanklin); Beatrice Blackwood (Oxford); Alfred Mayor (Princeton); Felix Speiser (Basel). (c. 139p.)

Field notes from First Expedition and correspondence, c.1888-1903 (File 1044)

Includes: Notes on geography and geology with sketches; angular measurements taken by sextant on Mer (1888-1889) by Haddon; notes on tropical fishes; list of reptiles, amphibia and fished collected by Haddon in Torres Straits; miscellaneous zoological notes, Torres Straits, 1888-1889. Correspondents include: A. Gibb Maitland (Geological Survey Office, Townsville); C.G. Seligman (Sydney). (c.200p.)

Notes on hero cults in Torres Straits and initiation (77p.), n.d. (File 1045)

A.C. Haddon and C.S. Myers Cult of Bomai and Malu (proof copy with manuscript alterations), n.d. (Item)

Mabuiag - Torres Strait. Waria's Manuscript, n.d. (File 1046)

Net Waria N. Polaiziinca Muruicao Tusi Lag nel Mabuiagi...

Miscellaneous notes on publications and correspondence, n.d. (File 1047)

Includes A. Haddon's notes on unpublished works by Baxter Riley (Kiwai); press cuttings re Royal Commission on shooting of Goariban natives after deaths of James Chalmers and Tomkins, 1901; Report to government resident at Thursday Island, 1896-1897 (printed); AH notes on Journal of a missionary voyage by Reverend A.N. Murray and S. MacFarlane, 1872. (108p.)

Subseries 1048. Plans and correspondence for First and Second Torres Straits Expeditions, 1890 - 1906

First Expedition (46p.), 1888 - 1890 (File 1)

Lists and notes of items obtained from natives; lists of photographs...

Second Expedition (57 letters), 1897 - 1898 (File 2)

Correspondence: Re formation and funding of team...

Press notices re Second Expedition. (15p.), 1898 (File 3)
Second Expedition (36 letters), 1897 - 1898 (File 4)

Correspondence and notice re formation of team...

Second Expedition (126p.), c. 1897-1906 (File 5)

Correspondence and press cuttings re Expedition organisation...

Subseries 1049. Bills, plans, correspondence for Second Expedition, 1897 - 1899

Bills, invoices, lists, correspondence re equipment (171p.), 1898 - 1899 (File File 1)
Bills, accounts, correspondence, notes re estimating expenditure (120p.), 1897 - 1899 (File File 2)

Includes: Charles Hose (Baram) inviting Haddon to Baram at end of trip to Torres Straits (26/08/1897).

Bills, invoices, correspondence re expenditure from New Guinea, Thursday Island, Singapore (c.100p.), 1897 - 1899 (File File 3)
Correspondence with Professor MacAlister (Cambridge) re financial material from Haddon (Murray Island, Baram, Indian Ocean); Fanny Haddon (Cambridge). (26p.), 1898 - 1899 (File File 4)

Cuttings and copies of Torres Straits Pilot (56p.), 1888-1890, 1898, 1901 (File 1050)

Subseries 1051. Torres Straits Reports, 1890 - 1912

Torres Straits Reports (24p.), 1890 - 1895 (File File 1)

Includes: Plan for publications; correspondence with Cambridge University Press and Royal Society re publication (1890-1894). Acknowledgment from Smithsonian Institution for ethnological objects (19/11/1895).

Bills for reproduction of illustrations; prospectus of publication; correspondence with Royal Society re grant for publication (128p.), 1908 - 1912 (File File 2)
Copies of letters from A. Haddon at Smithsonian Institution re donation of ethnological objects (37p.), 1890 - 1896 (File File 3)

Correspondence, December 1889 - November 1909 (File 1052)

J.S. Bruce (Murray Island) re activities in Murray Island, deaths of Chalmers and Tomkins, 20 November 1901; 3 November 1904; 5 November 1909 (Item A.)
Robert Bruce (Glasgow, Murray Island) re Haddon looking after his son; his affairs on Murray Island not going well. (13 letters and fragments), 7 September [n.yl], 23 December 1889 - 6 September 1892 (Item B.)
Reverend Chalmers (Fly River) looking forward to his visit; local languages, 10 January 1898 (Item C.)
Miscellaneous notes on languages and stories (8p.) (Item D.)

Field notebooks, n.d. (File 1053)

Sketches, word lists, notes on legends etc.

Mabuiag, Yam. (74p.), n.d. (Item A.)
Saibai, Yam, Muralug. (68p.), n.d. (Item B.)
Mer. (106p.), n.d. (Item [C.])

Subseries 1054. Rough notes on zoology, anthropology and geology of Torres Straits. AH. 6 field note books, 1888 - 1889

Rough notes (147p.), n.d. (File)
Rough notes (149p.), n.d. (File)
Rough notes (131p.), n.d. (File)
Rough notes (151p.), n.d. (File)
Rough notes (152p.), n.d. (File)
Rough notes (150p.), n.d. (File)

Subseries 1055. Two notebooks from First and Second Expeditions, 1888; March 1898-March 1899

Book of line and colour wash drawings by AH on First Expedition (37p.), 1888 (File 1)

Includes: Canoes, ornaments, pipes, shields.

Diary kept on Second Expedition (170p.), 10 March 1898 - 25 March 1899 (File 2)

Series 2000-2999. New Guinea, 1888 - 1939

Subseries 2002. Manuscript book by J.J. Atkinson on New Caledonia, 1878, obtained by C.S. Bruce, and given to A. Haddon, 21 November 1912

One sheet on Loyalty Islands...

Subseries 2003. Notes and measurements on physical anthropology, n.d.

Central District by A. Haddon, Chinnery and Seligman (40p.), n.d. (File 1)
Rigo District by A. Haddon, Chinnery and Seligman (49p.), n.d. (File 2)
Mountain Peoples British New Guinea by W. Beaver and Chinnery (22p.), n.d. (File 3)

Includes: Wilifrid Beaver (Mambore) re measurements (4/11/1914).

Binandele Group by Seligman (9p.), n.d. (File 4)
South-East New Guinea by Seligman (9p.), n.d. (File 5)
Kovio Group by Seligman (14p.), n.d. (File 6)
Mekeo by A. Haddon, Seligman (46p.), n.d. (File 7)
Miscellaneous - includes proofs of Seligman's lectures 1-3. (8p.), n.d. (File 8)

Subseries 2004. Abstracts of works on Melanesia, August 1900 - April 1924

Physical anthropology of New Ireland and New Britain. (9p.), n.d. (File A)
Admiralty Islands. (43p.), n.d. (File B)
G.H. Pitt Rivers (Melbourne) re Aua physical characteristics., 16 April 1924 (File C)
New Guinea. (1p.), n.d. (File D)
Globus. (28p.), 4 August 1900 (File E)
Hermit Islands. (4p.), n.d. (File F)
Ninigo. (3p.), n.d. (File G)
Kaniet. (8p.), n.d. (File H)
Polynesian communities in Northern Melanesia. (Draft and typescript) (31p.), n.d. (File I)

Subseries 2005. Cuttings, notes by A. Haddon, correspondence, November 1915; n.d.

Papua: North-East Coast. (56p.), n.d. (File 1)
Bush Orokaiva, Koko and Manua. (11p.), n.d. (File 2)
Mambore and Kumusi Divisions Orokaiva, Bush and Coast. (15p.), n.d. (File 3)
E. Chinnery (Kokoda) sending notes on cults, 20 November 1915 (File 4. (i))
'The Thaw or Thaw Shiango or Geweta Shiango (Dance of the Spirit)' by E.W.P. Chinnery and W.N. Beaver (File 4. (ii))
Notes on initiation ceremonies of the Koko Papua by E.W.P. Chinnery and W.N. Beaver. (2 drafts, 14p. and 12p.), n.d. (File 4. (iii))
Miscellaneous notes and maps, n.d. (File 4. (iv))

Subseries 2006 ff.29-176. The Orokaiva by E.W.P. Chinnery. (Typescript), 1920

Subseries 2007. Reverend A. Capell. Migrations into South Eastern Papua. (13p.), 1937 - 1938


Subseries 2008. E.W.P. Chinnery. Correspondence (Rabaul, Melbourne) and miscellaneous documents, 4 October 1916 - 8 May 1938

17 letters...

Subseries 2009. Press cuttings, miscellaneous documents and correspondence (c. 70p.), 1890 - 1914

Correspondents include: Paul Wirz (Basle) sending photos of wooden images); B.H. Bodwell (Port Moresby granting A. Haddon permission to remove artefacts); Vicariate Apostolic of New Guinea; C.G. Seligman (London); G. Landtman (Thursday Island, re field work); J.H. Murray (Port Moresby)...

Subseries 2010. Miscellaneous notes, on publications, press cuttings and correspondence (c. 60p.), 1897 - 1917

Correspondents include: Dr Loria (Florence, incomplete), re his work in New Guinea; H.M. Dauncey (Bournemouth); C.G. Seligman (London); E.W. Lexton (Plymouth); Horne (?) (New Guinea); R. Bartlett (Layton); T. Miller (Buna Bay); C.B. Higginson (E.D.) re turtle shell; H. Ling Roth (Halifax).

Subseries 2011. A. Haddon's notes on J.H. Holmes' manuscript, n.d.

Subjects include initiation, bull roarers, skulls. (c. 171p.)

Subseries 2012. A. Haddon's notes: Moreaipi: Moreaipi and Hereva (Orokola); Auva, Haita (Vailala). (25p.), n.d.

Subseries 2013. J.H. Holmes manuscript. Papuan Gulf. (111p.), n.d.

Subjects include: Abortion, agriculture, dogs, war, funeral customs, law.

Subseries 2014. A. Haddon's notes on Kerewa Tribes. (c. 100p.), 3 March 1912 - 20 June 1920


Subseries 2015. A. Haddon's notes, J.H. Holmes' manuscript. Distribution History and Migration of the Namau People and Ipi tribe notes on Gulf District, Urama. (c. 226p.), c.1924

Includes: photographs and Introduction by Haddon to J.H. Holmes In Primitive New Guinea. 1924(?)

Subseries 2016. A. Haddon's notes, 8 March 1915 - 1920

Notes relate to on mountain tribes of South East Peninsula; inland tribes of Gulf and Delta Divisions; E.W.P. Chinnery, peoples of the Mambore and Kumusi Divisions (123p.). Includes: Wilfrid Beaver (Buna) re his publication and trip to interior (8/03/1915).

Subseries 2017. A. Haddon's notes, typescripts and cuttings on Mekeo District (c.156p.), 1886 - 1897

Includes: List of Members of the Catholic Mission of New Guinea.

Subseries 2018. A. Haddon's notes, Koita and Motu, Rigo, Koiari. (126p.), 1918

Includes sketches and W. Saville (Mailu Island) re visit to Sydney, anthropology of the island vis a vis the mainland (16/07/1918).

Subseries 2019. Drawings by natives of New Guinea, originals and reproduction in Man, March 1904

Subseries 2020. Miscellaneous notes, correspondence, sketches and rubbings by Haddon. (25p.), 18 August 1929 - 3 May 1938


Subseries 2021. Reverend Copland King. Native life in New Guinea. (60p.) (Manuscript and typescript), 22 December 1904

Includes: Copland King (Woolwich) forwarding typescript (22/12/1904).

Subseries 2022-23. A. Haddon's notes on Northern Massim and Southern Massim, 16 January 1921 - August 1924

Includes: Sketches, correspondence, cuttings. (c. 200p., 250p.)...

Subseries 2024. A. Haddon's notes, cuttings, photographs, sketches, rubbings of shields in New Guinea, 13 May 1916

Includes: William MacGreggor (Scotland) re saving the Aboriginal language of South East corner of Queensland (13/05/1916). (c. 200p.)

Subseries 2025. Miscellaneous notes, press cuttings, correspondence. (c. 200p.), 25 March 1900 - 17 November 1920


Subseries 2026. Miscellaneous notes, press cuttings, correspondence, sketches (c.61p.), 1921 - 13 January 1930


Subseries 2027. Notes on masks, figures, head rests. (c.85p.), n.d.

Includes photographs and sketches.

Subseries 2028. Notes on games, armour and weapons, musical instruments, plants and animals. (110p.), 5 July 1923 - 10 October 1928


Subseries 2029. Miscellaneous, photographs, notes, correspondence, cuttings. (57p.), 29 May 1915 - 4 September 1929


Subseries 2030. Press cuttings on New Guinea. (c.40p.), n.d.

Subseries 2031. Press cuttings on Fiji, New Hebrides. (c. 8p.), n.d.

Subseries 2032. C.G. Seligman. Notes on currency in New Guinea (18p.), n.d.

Subseries 2033. Notes on houses in New Guinea and New Caledonia. (349p.), 18 March 1900 - 14 June 1913


Subseries 2034. Notes and measurements on physical anthropology. (c.118p.), n.d.

Subseries 2036. Correspondence, notes, and press cuttings re British Association for Advancement of Science meeting in Australia (c.44p.), 1913 - 1914


Subseries 2037. Correspondence from Gunnar Landtman (Oxford, London, Thursday Island), 1908 - 1910

Re plans for Expedition; Haddon's reputation in Torres Straits; news of friends on Thursday Island. (26p.)...

Subseries 2039. Notes and measurements of Massim physical anthropology, including craniology. (142p.), n.d.

Subseries 2040. Correspondence and notes (34p.), 10 March 1902 - 1937


Subseries 2041. Notebook by Haddon of specimens from Deacon in the Museum (45p.), 10 March 1928

Includes: John Layard (Vienna) re identification of prints used in Museum catalogue, 10 March 1928.

Subseries 2042. Notes, articles, press cuttings, and correspondence re native labour in Papua. (106p.), 1915 - 1931


Subseries 2043. Press cuttings, postcards, photographs re Papua, New Guinea. (55p.), September 1928 - March 1933


Subseries 2044. General notes, press cuttings, correspondence. (39p.), 18 August 1908 - 28 July 1939

Includes: Felix Speiser (Jacquinot Bay, New Britain) re study of natives of South Coast, future plans, 27 May 1930.

Subseries 2045. Drawings by New Guinea natives. (6p.), n.d.

Subseries 2046. Notes, drawings, photographs, correspondence, articles on stuffed heads of New Guinea (66p.), 1920s

Includes: Letters from W.O. Oldham (London) and articles by E. Baxter Riley Dorro head hunters; Leo Austin Karigara Customs; Haddon stuffed human heads from New Guinea.

Subseries 2047. Correspondence, articles and notes on work of Leo Austin (51p.), 14 June 1920 - 12 December 1926


Subseries 2048. Press cuttings and correspondence (c.90p.), 1934 - 1935

Correspondents include: Lucy Cheesman (London; Sara Chinnery (Rabaul); E. Chinnery (Rabaul); R.F. Fortune (Suva); G. Phillips (L.M.S.); Kingsley Roth (Fiji); W. Saville (West Wickham); F.E. Williams (Port Moresby)...

Subseries 2049. Notes by A. Haddon on Western Division of Papua. (155p.), 1915 - 1922

Includes correspondence from T. Reeves Palmer (Thursday Island), sending notes on the Dirimu and other anthropological matters.

Subseries 2050. Notes by Haddon on Fly River. (118p.), 1914 - 1925

Items of interest include: Photographs from Lake Murray...

Subseries 2051. Notes on Gogodara Tribe. (183p.), 1910 - 1930


Subseries 2052. Correspondence and notes on New Guinea. (94p.), 1926 - 1938

Correspondents include: Leo Austen (Kikori); L. Cheeseman (London); E. Chinnery (Melbourne); Osbourne Grimshaw (Port Moresby); C.G. Seligman (Oxford); Felix Speiser (Basel)...

Subseries 2053. Notes on maps and vocabularies. (32p.), n.d.

Subseries 2055. Notebook/ Diary (49p.), 1930s

Includes notes mainly on Polynesian fishing and canoes; visit to London (9-10 May 1930); visit to Berlin and Hamburg (8 Dec 1930).

Subseries 2056. Physical anthropology notes and measurements by E. Chinnery (some by W. Beaver). (73p.), n.d.

Subseries 2057. Anthropological opportunities in British New Guinea by Sidney H. Ray. (Manuscript) (12p.), 1896

Subseries 2061. Jack Shepherd. British New Guinea under Sir William MacGregor 1889-1898. (Typescript) (50p.), [1934]

Subseries 2062. Two field notebooks, n.d.

Notes on vocabularies, canoes, musical instruments, figures.

Field notebook, n.d. (Item ff.221-300)
Field notebook, n.d. (Item ff.305-398)

Subseries 2063. Notes and measurements on craniology of Torres Straits and New Guinea. (110p.), c.1926


Subseries 2064. Bills, accounts, and correspondence with Burns Philp & Co. re New Guinea Expedition (20p.), 1898 - 1915

Includes: expenses in connection with carriage and storage of specimens collected on Expedition (1898-1899).

Subseries 2065. F.R. Barton. Tattooing in South East New Guinea. (94p.), n.d.

Haddon notes and Barton's page proofs.

Subseries 2066. Report on the ethnological collections from the Utakava River made by A.F.R. Wollaston by Haddon and J.W. Layard, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Final Manuscript. (Typescript and manuscript) (306p.), n.d. (File Folder 1)

Subseries 2067. Correspondence and papers by V.H. Sherwin. (134p.), 1933 - 1937

Papers: Watut Stone artefacts; notes on ethnology of West of New Britain...

Subseries 2068. J.H. Holmes Correspondence and papers, 1902 - 1905

Book on Papuan Gulf with introduction by Haddon. (Typescript, 314p.), n.d. (File Folder 1)
Various papers and correspondence from Holmes (Orokolo) (212p.), 1902 - 1905 (File Folder 2)

Subjects include: Daily occupations of the Elema Tribes; introductory notes on toys and games of Elema; canoes; occupations; notes on Elema tribe of the Papuan Gulf; initiation ceremonies; religious ideas; totems.

Miscellaneous original manuscript. Notes A-Z. (230p.), n.d. (File Folder 3)

Subjects include: architecture; ancestry; bigamy; canoes; clans; feasts, gods; initiation; legend; rivers; sorcery; totemism; war.

Subseries 2070. Miscellaneous field notes and correspondence. (c.57p.), 1919


Subseries 2072. Torres Strait Pilot (8p.), September 1888 - October 1898

Torres Strait Pilot, 29 September 1888 (Item)
Torres Strait Pilot, 29 October 1898 (Item)

Subseries 2073. Notes on anthropology of Torres Strait. Haddon. (91p. plus inserted sheets), n.d.

Exercise book including stories and accounts from various people...

Series 3000-3999. Publications, Various, 1888 - 1940

Subseries 3003. Select bibliography of Dr. A.C. Haddon (49p.), n.d.

Includes: Books and monographs, articles and notes, reviews, obituary notices, Reports of Committees, syllabuses and lectures.

Subseries 3005. Original notes, cuttings etc. re canoes, 1931 - 1932

Filmed selectively.

Envelope marked Sherwin (c. 51p.), 1931 - 1932 (File)

Comprises: Notes, drawings and correspondence with Reverend V.H. Sherwin (Sag-Sag) re canoes. (Some letters incomplete).

Subseries 3006. Smoking and tobacco pipes in New Guinea, 1898 - 1940

Subseries A.. Draft manuscript. (Typescript with manuscript amendments) (563p., various pagination), c.1938-1940

Includes correspondence from Professor H.J. Fleure (Manchester) 1938-1940 re Royal Society's attitude to anthropology and ethnological material.

Subseries B.. Folders of rough notes, drawings, rubbings, and correspondence, May 1898 - December 1940
Netherlands New Guinea (48p.), 1909 - 1938 (File 1)

Includes: Correspondence from George Penrose (Truro) 1909-1911: Bella Weitzner (New York), 1937; S.H. Ray (Thorpe Bay), 1938.

Papua: Upper and Middle Fly. (18p.), 1921 - 1937 (File 2)


Torres Straits. (9p.), n.d. (File 3)

Includes vocabulary list from an unknown Torres Straits group.

Torres Straits. British Museum material. (17p.), n.d. (File 4)

Includes vocabulary details, sketch of Stegostoma tigrinum, notes on pipes of Cape York, editing of Deacon's manuscripts by Camilla Wedgwood.

Daudai and Dadi. (12p.), c.1906 (File 5)


Estuary of the Fly, Kiwai. (34p.), March 1937 (File 6)
Henry Roberts (Brighton) enclosing rubbing on pipe presented by David Stead, Commissioner of Fisheries, New South Wales, 11 March 1937 (Item)
Bamu. (2p.), 1916 (File 7)

Sketches and notes of pipe designs.

Gogodora. (4p.), 1911 - 1914 (File 8)

Map showing lands of the Kabiri (Gogodora) people; miscellaneous notes.

D.D. region between Bamu and Kikori. (9p.), December 1929 - 1934 (File 9)

Sketches, language notes, pipe designs, notes on indigenous tobacco, types of canoe used at South West Bay, Malekala, the Louisiade Archipelago.

Delta Division. (19p.), n.d. (File 10)

Details of pipes and pipe designs, vocabulary notes, and tobacco.

Elema Tribes. (24p.), n.d. (File 11)

Notes on pipes and pipe designs, notes on the tribes of Elema, funeral ceremonies

Ipisi. Kerema Gulf. (10p.), 4 October 1938 - 12 January 1939 (File 12)

Includes: Correspondence with Government Secretary (Port Moresby), R.A. Vivian (Kerema) re decorated pipes; forwarding of memoranda.

Inland People. (41p.), 1938 - 1939 (File 13)

Includes: Correspondence with F. Williams (Port Moresby), 1938-1939; Ivan Champion (Lake Kutubu) 1938; C.J. Adamson (Lake Kutubu Police Camp), 1938.

Mountain Peoples. (7p.), 1929 - 1936 (File 14)

Includes: Correspondence from R.G. Speedie (Kairuku), 1929; G.M. Rodger (Goilala) 1938 and incomplete letter from ? re Haddon's comments on book, 13 July 1936.

Chirima Valley. (2p.), n.d. (File 15)

Notes on various groups in Chirima Valley; tobacco pipes.

Mounts Scratchley, Momoa, and the Todda Valley. (5p.), 1931 - 1938 (File 16)

Tobacco; Natural Science Tripos; cigarette holders; Cambridge University Reporter 1930-1931 page; canoes.

Kokoda (18p.), 8 June 1926 - 14 June 1938 (File 17)


Material found on Haddon's desk. (24p.), 5 August 1939 - 3 April 1940 (File 18)


Miscellaneous. (23p.), 1929 - 1938 (File 20)

Letter to 'My Dear Harrison' from A. Haddon enclosing a memorandum, Sept 1929; Isle of Pines; Malinowski's work on canoes; assorted typed and handwritten notes on psychology.

Bibliography. (39p.), 25 September 1939 (File 21)

Letter from S. Maris? (Cambridge) to A. Haddon enclosing bibliography, 25 Sept 1939; enclosed bibliography.

Northern New Guinea. (42p.), 1936 - 1937 (File 22)
Correspondence with P.B. Rautenfields (Basle), 1936 - 1937 (Item)
Southern Zone, Eastern Zone, Central Zone. (65p.), 1938 (File 23)
Correspondence from F. Williams (Port Moresby), 1938 (Item)
Memoranda to be gone through, June 1938 (File 24)
Frank Tate (Melbourne) re Chinnery in Melbourne, 14 June 1938 (Item)
Mekeo. (26p.), 9 January 1938 - 2 September 1938 (File 25)

Includes: Pipe design sketches and notes; Government Secretary of Papua re memorandum of patterns on baubau, 20 April 1938; Report by W.H.H. Thompson (Kairuku), 28 March 1938 and C.G. Seligman (Oxford) re leaving for Yale, 9 Jan. 1938.

Delena and Nara. (15p.), 25 May 1898 - 1912 (File 26)

Includes notes on nekeo pipe; sketches of pipe designs; sketches of tattooing;.

Central Division and tattooing. (27p.), c.1900s-1937 (File 27)

Includes sketches of tattooing and tattoo designs.

Central Division. (4p.), n.d. (File 28)

Includes notes on smoking.

Central Division. Papua. Redscar Bay. (37p.), 1898 - 1906 (File 29)

Includes pipe designs; plans of canoe.

Central Division. Rigo District incised. (51p.), May 1923 - 1938 (File 30)
E. Chinnery sending notes on Mount Obree people, 14 May 1923 (Item)
Report by R.A. Vivian on patterns on Baubau, 1938 (Item)
Central Division. Rigo District. Burnt only. (20p.), n.d. (File 31)

Includes corrected list of groups; details and sketches of pipe designs.

Massim. (38p.), 1928 - 1938 (File 32)

Includes: notes on native tobacco; articles by Theodor Koch and Dr. G Thilinius (in German), the latter writing about tattooing; pipe designs

Aroma and Cloudy Bay. (20p.), 28 November 1901 - April 1937 (File 33)

Includes pipe design sketches and rubbings.

Murua [envelope]. (11p.), 19 April 1940 - 25 December 1940 (File 34)

Includes: Notes on Murua; pipe designs; Haddon's biographical note; C.G. Seligman (Oxford) to Miss Fegan, 19 April 1940: 'realize now that there is not hope'.

Tobacco pipes in Oxford Museum. (9p.), n.d. (File 35)

Also includes notes on the collection of pipes in the Pitt Rivers Museum and anthropomorphs.

Carl Schuster. (11p.), April 1939 - May 1939 (File 36)

Correspondence from Carl Schuster (Holland, Oxford, London) re pipe designs. (With photographs).

Subseries 3029. Canoes in Melanesia: notes, drawings and correspondence, January 1931 - March 1933

Filmed selectively.

G. Friedenn (Abrensberg) re canoes of Bismarck archipelago, 26 March 1933 (Item)
James Hornell (Jersey) re Fijian canoes, 27 January 1931 - 31 January 1931 (Item)
Sidney Ray (Thorpe Bay) re Melanesian words for canoe, 6 March 1931 (Item)

In folder: Santa Cruz.)

Subseries 3030. Canoes in Micronesia: notes, drawings, correspondence, 1929 - 1931

Filmed selectively.

Canoes: Polynesia, 1929 - 1931 (File Folder)


Subseries 3033. Notes and correspondence on stone implements (44p.), 1934 - 1938

Correspondents include: C. Anderson (Sydney); V.H. Sherwin (Wau); J.C. Van Eerde (Amsterdam)...

Subseries 3035. Pygmies of New Guinea: notes, photographs and correspondence with Lord Moyne, 1936

Subseries 3036. Miscellaneous correspondence re publication of Canoe book, March 1937 - May 1938

Filmed selectively.

Reo F. Fortune (Senegal) on return of Canoe book, n.d. (Item)
Correspondence with Lord Moyne (London) re attack on Lord Moyne by Reverend Franz Kirschbaum of Catholic Mission at Alexishafen. (4 letters), March 1937 - May 1938 (Item)

Subseries 3037. Notes on New Guinea: Kiwai, Mawata, Daudai, June 1902 - 1911

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence from Gunnar Landtman (Badu, Kiwai)., 1910 - 1911 (Item)

Re journey to New Guinea, field work, people more civilised than when Haddon visited; problems getting natives to talk. (6 letters)

Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne) re work in Central Australia with Gillen, 12 June 1902 (Item)

Subseries 3039. Notes and drawings re pipes and tobacco in Papua and Netherlands New Guinea. (c. 245p.), 1926 - 1939


Subseries 3040. Notes and drawings re pipes and tobacco in Mandated Territory. Includes sketch maps. (266p.), 1928 - 1939


Subseries 3041. Notes and drawings on tobacco, 1888 - 1932

Filmed selectively.

Melanesia, New Britain etc. (11p.), 1888 - 1932 (File Folder)

Subseries 3042. Notes and correspondence re tobacco in New Guinea. (67p.), 1929 - 1930


Subseries 3043. Notes and correspondence with J.W. Nouhuys (Rijswijk) re smoking in Dutch New Guinea, 1928 - 1939

Lecture by Nouhuys on origins of tobacco in New Guinea (64p.), 1928 - 1939 (Item)

Subseries 3044. Working notes on tobacco in New Guinea, correspondence (224p.), c.1929-1930

Correspondents include: I. Champion (Port Moresby); Sir Hubert Murray (Australia Club); R.A. Vivian (Melbourne); C.T. White (Brisbane); John Gilmour (Cambridge); Evan A. Wisdom (Canberra and Rabaul); F.E. Williams (Port Moresby); Beatrice Blackwood (Oxford).

Subseries 3046. Material for Canoes of Oceania written with Hornell. Volume 2, 17 August 1916 - 21 June 1938

Correspondents include: Beatrice Blackwood (Oxford); Reverend C. Fox (Ugi); Walter Ivens (London); H.J. Nind (Solomon Islands); R.A. Lever (Tulagi); Sidney Ray (Thorpe Bay); A.M. Hocart (London); P.D. Montague (Egypt)...

Subseries 3047. Material for Canoes of Oceania written with Hornell. Volume 2, 1915 - 1932


Subseries 3048. Material for Canoes of Oceania written with Hornell. Volume 2, 1931 - 1932

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence from F.E. Williams (Port Moresby), 1932 (Item)
Correspondence from D. Jenness (Ottawa), 1931 (Item)

Includes: James Hornell, 1932 about Humbodt's Bay canoes.

Subseries 3049. New Guinea pipes: notes, drawings, correspondence (45p.), n.d.

Subseries 3052. Correspondence in Times generated by letter of G. Elliot Smith, 17 January 1925

Re training of colonial administrators in anthropology. Letters from: Henry Balfour, C.G. Seligman, John Myers, A.E. Shipley, Arthur Keith. Includes draft letter by A.C. Haddon. (c. 16 cuttings).

Subseries 3054. Correspondence, 1899 - 1929

Correspondence with Andrew Lang (St. Andrews, London), [n.d.]. 28 letters. Subjects include: Spencer and Gillen; totemism; the arunta. Also correspondence from E Sidney Hartland (Folklore Society), 1899-1907; J.G. Frazer (Cambridge), 1902 (3 letters) re totemism, work of Spencer, Tyler's theories; and others...

Subseries 3055. Correspondence, April 1939

E. Chinnery (Darwin) enclosing copy of policy paper submitted to Australian government re new aboriginal policy in Northern Territory; his plans for new position as Advisor in native matters. (17p.), 24 April 1939 (Item)

Subseries 3056. Correspondence, February 1934

Haddon (Cambridge) to Arthur J. Vogan (Pymble) offering a home for his collection of ethnological photographs, 9 February 1934 (Item)
Haddon (Cambridge) to Desmond Flower (London) re offer to Vogan, 9 February 1934 (Item)

Subseries 3056A. Correspondence, September 1922

History of the Moriori of Chatham Islands [by Arthur J. Vogan?]. (Typescript, 60p.), n.d. (Item)
Arthur Vogan (Houailou, New Caledonia) re studying ancient carvings, tree carvings in Australia, 18 September 1922 (Item)
Photographs of stone implements and carvings from Chatham Islands, some from Dominion Museum, Wellington, and Bishop Museum, Hawaii (c.100 images) (Item)
Moriori canoe - Christchurch Museum (4p.), n.d. (Item)

Subseries 3060. Correspondence, December 1894 - August 1914

Filmed selectively.

Proofs and drawings for Decorative art in New Guinea, August 1914 (File)
The decorative art of Papua, lecture given in Brisbane (7p.), 31 August 1914 (Item)
Decorative art: notes, mainly New Zealand, December 1894 (File)

Filmed selectively...

A. Hamilton (Dunedin) re work on Maori art, 12 December 1894 (Item)
H.G. Robley [n.p.] re Maori art, n.d. (Item)

Subseries 3061. Pagan Tribes of Borneo: proofs, notes, correspondence, 1900 - 1912

Correspondence file. (63p.)...

Subseries 3062. Notes, measurements re natives of Borneo/ Sarawak (c.300p.), 1902


Subseries 3063. Blackfoot and Pawnee Indians: notes and papers, 1924

Filmed selectively.

Pearls as givers of life, 1924 (File Folder)
H.D. Skinner (Dunedin) re Perry's theory on pearls and coral; pearling in the Pacific unknown in Cook's time, 1 August 1924 (Item)
Sidney Ray (Ilford) re words for pearl in Pacific area. (4 letters), 1924 (Item)

Subseries 3065. Typescript of speech 'Welcome to Visitors'. (7p.), n.d.

References to spread of culture; examples of spread of tobacco in New Guinea and of kava drinking.

Subseries 3066. Notes and correspondence on photographs, October 1900 - January 1928

Filmed selectively.

Aboriginal photographs: notes and correspondence, 20 October 1900 - 27 January 1928 (File Folder 1)

Includes: Correspondence from New South Wales Agent General, 1922. J Ferguson (New South Wales House, 1926-1927); R.H. Compton (London, 1925); P.A. Buxton (London)...

Subseries 3068. Canoes: Notes, cuttings, correspondence re canoes in ancient world, Britain and Melanesia, 15 July 1913 - 11 July 1932

Correspondence from folder 2...

Subseries 3069. Canoes: General notes, correspondence re publication, 20 November 1931 - 7 March 1938


Subseries 3070. Canoes: Line drawings, drafts, and correspondence re publication, 25 March 1936 - 14 October 1938

Correspondence from folder 4.1...

Subseries 3071. Canoes: draft manuscript, notes, drawings re canoes in Papua, Torres Straits and Solomon Islands, August 1931

Filmed selectively.

Norman C. Dedes (East Malaita) re outrigger canoes, 1 August 1931 (Item)

Subseries 3072. Canoes of Oceania: Correspondence, notes, c.1930-1936

Correspondence (235p.), c.1930-1936 (File File 1)

Correspondents include: James Hornell (London, St. Leonards); S.M. Lambert (Suva); Edward Mumford (Oxford); Bernice P. Bishop Museum (Honolulu); Gregory Bateson (Cambridge); Templeton Crocker (London). Subject include: Publishing Canoes; preparing manuscript; problems with Dr Herbert Gregory 'editing' the manuscript at Honolulu. Includes: Drafts and copies of letter from Haddon.

Memoranda from Hornell (87p.), c.1931-1933 (File File 2)

Includes: Correspondence and comments on manuscript by James Hornell (Jersey, London).

Orthography (30p.), October 1935 (File File 3)

Notes, pictures, corrections to proofs.

Haddon to Gregory re alterations and 'editing' by Gregory, 21 October 1935 (Item)

Subseries 3073. Correspondence, April 1902 - August 1902

Walter Roth (Cooktown) re working on book; his work in office of Northern Protector of Aboriginals; totemism, 11 June 1902, 7 July 1902, 12 July 1902 (Item)
John Douglas (Thursday Island) re Head Hunters, 28 July 1902 (Item)
F. Gillen (South Australia) re completion of work on Expedition across Australia, 16 August 1902 (Item)
Sam. A. Deacon (Cape Colony) re Haddon's work on Torres Straits; Deacon's trip to Torres Straits in 1854; visit to Sydney as guest of Fairfax family, 12 April 1902 (Item)

Subseries 3075. Correspondence, January 1902 - June 1907

L.W. Jenkins (Salem, Mass.) sending prints from South Pacific collection, 13 June 1907 (Item)
O. Mason (Washington) re pictures of Papuans, 24 January 1902, 15 September 1902 (Item)
I. Cowling (Mabuiag) re turning over Kuiam's grave, 19 September 1902 (Item)

Subseries 3077. Decorative art: Notes from publications, cuttings, tracings and offprints re art in Sepik, December 1922

Filmed selectively.

Heber Longman (Brisbane) enclosing notes on ceremonial mask from Sepik River. (3p.), 16 December 1922 (Item)

Subseries 3078. L.M.S. Correspondence, May 1900 - October 1911

R. Wardlaw Thompson (London) re lecture, and visit by Reverend J. King, Australasian agent, 14 May 1900 (Item)
G. Currie Martin (London) re Reverend W.J.V. Saville, missionary at Mailu, 28 October 1911 (Item)

Subseries 3079. Decorative art: Notes and correspondence, n.d.

Correspondents include: Leslie Spier (New Haven), Gladys Reichards (New York) with review of Reichard's Melanesian Design...

Series 4000-4999. Lecture Notes and Miscellaneous Notes, 1894 - 1935

Only Australasian material has been noted...

Subseries 4007. Notes and press cuttings on magic and religion, n.d.

New Religions: religious vagaries, revivals, n.d. (File)

Filmed selectively.

E.W.P. Chinnery. Two new religious cults of the Northern tribes of British New Guinea. (Typescript. Manuscript alterations, 9p.), n.d. (Item)
Notes by Haddon on Chinnery's paper. (Pagination erratic, 18p.), n.d. (Item)

Subseries 4013. Pan Pacific Science Congress, Australia, c.1923

Notes, correspondence, press cuttings. c.1923. (204p.)...

Subseries 4014. List of books owned by Haddon on New Guinea. (32p.), n.d.

Also contains miscellaneous notes on New Guinea.

Subseries 4022. Decorative art: Drawings, notes, correspondence, 20 November 1894 - 3 March 1931


Subseries 4030. Notes, photographs, drawings, reports on pottery in South Pacific and New Guinea, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Report on sherds from Mailu Islands given by W.J.V. Saville, n.d. (File)

Subseries 4031. Notes, photographs, drawings, correspondence re pottery in New Guinea, 1916 - 1935

Correspondence at back of envelope. (22p.) Correspondents include: Henry Balfour (Oxford); Reverend W.J.V. Saville (Papua); H. Champion (Port Moresby); A.C. English (Rigo); C. Seligman (Oxford). Subjects include: Pottery, decoration, dying out of customs, influenza epidemic...

Subseries 4052. Notes on Australia (c. 100p.), 21 July 1901 - 1929

Comprises: Cuttings and notes on Australian totemism, Indigenous Australians, fertility ceremonies...

Subseries 4053. Notes, correspondence, press cuttings on Indigenous Australians and bull roarers. (c. 64p.), 1921 - 1925

Includes 4 Letters from G. Horne (Melbourne) re shells, and Indigenous Australians (one letter incomplete) (1921-1925).

Subseries 4054. Notes, correspondence and lecture (by Haddon?) re Australia in general and Indigenous Australians (c. 166p.), 1906 - 1908


Subseries 4055. Notes and correspondence on Australian canoes. (c. 70p.), July 1913 - 1932

Correspondents include: B. Malinowski (London School of Economics, July 1913); William Mackenzie (Thursday Island, 1931-1932, one letter incomplete); Ursula McConnel (Cressbrook, 10 December 1930); Heber Longman (Brisbane, 1 July 1931).

Subseries 4061. Material re ethnographic survey of Ireland, June 1902 - September 1902

Filmed selectively.

Letters from T. Treherne Barton (London) re teeth of Torres Straits Islanders (3 letters), 11 June 1902 - 1 September 1902 (File)

Subseries 4067. Correspondence and notes re teaching anthropology to missionaries (c. 83p.), 1911 - 1915


Subseries 4083. Press cuttings and notes on Arunta Totemism (133p.), 18 June 1897 - 1908

Includes: Article in Man (1908, in French); Andrew Lang 'The Primitive and the advanced in totemism' (1906); Letter from Andrew Lang to Times re article (9 March 1906); Arunta and Ilpirra totemic and rain ceremonies; Article in Nature regarding fire ceremonies (18 June 1897); religious and totemic conceptions of Arunta people (9 May 1907); assorted notes on the beliefs of the Arunta people; vocabulary information; Miscellaneous notes on the Aranda people and totems.

Subseries 4084. Cuttings and notes on Indigenous Australians: A psycho-analysis of Australian ritual; Death and burial; Totemic magic. (c. 50p.), 5 January 1905 - 1914

Includes: Notes about Buccaneer Islands of North-Western Australia (Anthropos VI, 1911); review of Totemism and Exogamy: A treatise on certain early forms of superstition and society by J.G. Frazer (Clare Review XI, January 1911); 'Varieties of Totemism in Australia' by A. R. Brown (1914); Article on Dr. A. W. Howitt (Nature, 5 January 1905); Indigenous Australian burial practices; totemic magic and relationships with totems.

Subseries 4087. Notes and cuttings on family language; marriage in Australian tribes; kinship (includes notes on Torres Straits and notes on publications by Rivers), April 1911 - 1917

Filmed selectively.

Relationship and marriage in Australian Tribes (43p.), 17 April 1911 - 1917 (File Folder)


Subseries 4091. Miscellaneous. (16p), 1928


Subseries 4092. Skinner. Material Culture of the Maoris. Dissertation for Diploma in Anthropology, August 1918

Typescript chapters, manuscript drafts, notes...

[Skinner]. (Christ's College Cambridge) to Board of Anthropological Studies, Cambridge University re dissertation and his method of work. (Draft and copy typescript), 14 August 1918 (File)

Subseries 4095. Report to the Carnegie Institution on Anthropological research outside America (52p.), n.d.

Includes: Chapters on Malaysia, New Guinea and Melanesia, Australia, Polynesia and Micronesia.

Series 5000-5999. Off Prints of Publications not by Haddon, 1888 - 1939

Subseries 5037. Polynesia, March 1925 - February 1933

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, cuttings, photographs re Maoris and Maori art...

Correspondence from Ettie Rout, Mrs F.A. Hornibrook (London), 24 March 1925 - 27 February 1933 (File)

Correspondence re her book Maori Symbolism; the use of dance by Maoris to regulate body functions; making of spear heads from molten lava by Solomon Islanders. (21 letters)...

Subseries 5058. New Zealand, September 1925 - February 1926

Comprises of correspondence, photographs and offprints re Maori art...

Correspondence from Ettie Rout, Mrs Hornibrook (London), 9 September 1925 - 1 February 1926 (File)

Correspondence re Maori inscriptions and sacred designs; comparisons with other cultures including Tunisia. (c. 40p.)...

Subseries 5059. New Zealand, July 1914 - March 1933

Comprises of correspondence, notes from publications, and offprints...

Mrs Hornibrook (London) re Robley's picture of Maori war canoe, 1 March 1933 (Item)
S. Percy Smith (New Plymouth) re papers of Wyatt Gill, 24 July 1914 (Item)

Subseries 5067. General Anthropology, c.1914-January 1925

Filmed selectively.

Folder: Speech at presentation of Rivers Medal, January 1925 (File a)
Haddon's speech at presentation of Rivers medal R.A.I.,; references to setting up Torres Straits Expeditions; comments on accompanying anthropologists (9p.), 27 January 1925 (Item)
Folder: Miscellaneous speeches, c.1914 (File b)

(Both in pencil, faint.)

Draft memo by Haddon to Premier [of Western Australia?] re need to establish a study of natives of Western Australia (3p.), [n.d., c. 1914] (Item i)
Draft memo by Haddon to Premier Atlee Hunt on need for (a) Ethnologist for Papua (b) Ethnologist for German New Guinea c) Museum for Papuan ethnology and curator. (7p.), December 1914 (Item ii)

Subseries 5080. General Anthropology, February 1898

Filmed selectively.

Envelope: Astronomy, February 1898 (File)
Mary Anne Baily (London) requesting that Haddon investigate the way in which Torres Straits peoples group and name the stars, 1 February 1898 (Item)

Subseries 5085. Indonesia, April 1924

Comprises of notes from publications, off prints, correspondence...

Malaysia and Indonesia, April 1924 (File)
Notes by Haddon on Indonesian peoples. (7p.), n.d. (Item)
Gordon Harrown (King Edward VII College of Medicine, Singapore) to Sir Arthur Keith, 2 April 1924 (Item)

Enclosing copy of the Report for the Sumatra Ethnological Expedition Committee by Gordon Harrown on tribes and apes of Sumatra. (6p.)

Subseries 5101. British New Guinea, n.d.

Comprises of reprints, press cuttings...

A.C. Haddon. The Cephalic index and stature of the natives of the British New Guinea (Typescript, 13p.), n.d. (Item)

Subseries 5102. Philippines, April 1909 - September 1926

Comprises of correspondence and off prints...

Laura Benedict (Chicago) re Bagobo tribe, with 7 photographs, 7 April 1909 (Item)
Notes on the Bersisi of Tamboh, Kuala Langat Selangor by I. Evans (Typescript, 19p.), n.d. (Item)
On reverse covering letter from Evans to Cowles, n.d. (Item)
A.H. Q[uiggin?] (Cambridge) re following letter. (Incomplete), 25 September 1926 (Item)
C.B. Perey (Bureau of Science, Manila) re Haddon's and Mrs Quiggin's revision of Keane's Man, Past and Present and their comments on Filipinos. (10p.), 29 July 1926 (Item)

Subseries 5103. Australia, July 1914

Comprises of correspondence, off prints, press cuttings...

A plea for systematic ethnological research in Australia by W.D. Campbell. (Manuscript, 5p.), n.d. (Item)
T.W. David to Wilson forwarding an item. [Above paper?], 25 July 1914 (Item)

Subseries 5105. Australia, April 1891 - March 1892

Comprises: Off prints, papers, notes, correspondence. (c. 63p.)...

Subseries 5109. Solomon Islands, August 1894

Comprises of off prints, correspondence...

R.H. Codrington (Chichester) re his items from Solomon Islands; name for frigate bird, 7 August 1894 (Item)

Subseries 5113. Australian Sociology, 1888 - September 1903

Comprises of correspondence, leaflets, off prints, notes...

Spencer Baldwin (Melbourne) re Aboriginal beliefs in reincarnation; tribal development; totemism. (7p.), 14 September 1903 (Item a)
Tost and Rohu (Sydney), Australian aboriginal curios (for sale) (8p.), n.d. (Item b)
Henry King Catalogue [of photographs] Jenolan caves, Sydney Harbour, Blue Mountains etc., Sydney (16p.), 1888 (Item c)
C. Staniland Wakes. Australia Kamilaroi group system of relationships and marriage. (1p.), 24 October 1901 (Item d)

Subseries 5118. Polynesia, n.d.

Comprises of off prints and press cuttings...

Marquesan creation myth [collected by Thomas and William Lawson]. (Typescript) (32p.), n.d. (Item)

Subseries 5119. Australia General, July 1912 - February 1919

Comprises: Correspondence, notes, press cuttings, off prints, pamphlets...

Lawrence Hargrave (Sydney) with 3 photographs of rock work, 22 July 1912 (Item a)

Three photographs of rock work at Woollahra Point which Hargrave interprets as showing socket of flag staff, chess board and arms of ship - Santa Ysabel 1595. (2p.)

Haddon review of book by Professor Elkin and other notes. (3p.), n.d. (Item b)
William Lowe. The Northern Territory Problem - a solution. Melbourne (6p.), April 1914 (Item c)
Georgina King (Sydney), her war work. (1p.), 13 February 1919 (Item d)
I. Cowling [] re Cambridge Ethnological Expedition in Western Australia (1p.), 23 July 1910 (Item e)

Subseries 5123. Australian Technology, April 1914 - April 1924

Comprises: Correspondence, off prints, photographs...

C. Price Conigrave (Department of Mines, Darwin) re his Expedition through Northern Western Australia; visit to Melville and Bathurst Islands. (3p.), 27 April 1914 (Item a)
F. Wood Jones (Adelaide) sending cast of knife from Coopers Creek, 7 April 1924 (Item b)
Two photographs of Aboriginal knives and ornaments, n.d. (Item c)

Subseries 5125. New Guinea, 1888 - 1889

Comprises: Off prints and list of collecting stations in Torres Straits, 1888-1889. A.C. Haddon. (Manuscript, 3p.)...

List of collecting stations, 1888 - 1889 (Item)

Subseries 5127. New Zealand, February 1913 - June 1918

Comprises of correspondence; off prints, plates...

A. Fuller (London) re Maori canoes, 9 February 1913 (Item a)

Includes newspaper clippings 'Performance by Maoris' and 'The hidden teaching of the Maori'.

W.F. Moore (Auckland) to Dr Scott with paper on red-haired Maoris. (26p.), 11 May 1914 (Item b)

Includes newspaper cutting 'Te Kooti Rikirangi: The real story of the rebel leader'.

F.A. Bather (British Museum (Natural History) re methods of preserving wax gramophone records of Maori speech in New Zealand climate, 7 June 1918 (Item c)

Subseries 5128. Melanesia, n.d.

Comprises of off prints and notes from publications...

The Santa Cruz District, n.d. (Item)

(16p.) (Typescript, 16p.)

Subseries 5131. Malay Peninsula, October 1897 - October 1934

Comprises of off prints, correspondence, notes...

F. Bussikofer(?) (Rotterdam) re Expedition to Borneo, 21 October 1897 (Item)
F. Knocker (Dover) re publication in Malayan Miscellany, 8 August; 5 October 1934 (Item)

Subseries 5132. Language sheets, n.d.

108 Language sheets giving equivalent words from various Pacific Island languages (e.g. Pelew Islands, Ponape, Yap, Gilbert Islands, Marianne Islands, Timor).

Subseries 5137. Decorative art, May 1896 - August 1896

Comprises: Off prints, correspondence, lectures, notes...

'The decorative art of Papua'. (5p.) (incomplete) (Item a)
'The natural history of decorative art': lectures I-IV. (7p.) (Item b)

(Includes examples from Pacific and Australia.

W.A. Squire (West Maitland) re his study of Aboriginal art, 24 May 1896 (Item c)
A. Muir? (London) re Squire's letter, 20 August 1896 (Item d)

Subseries 5140. String figures, May 1912

Comprises: Off prints, correspondence, notes, photographs (includes some of string figures from Torres Straits)...

Walter E. Roth, 2 May 1912 (Item)

Subseries 5162. Collection re eminent scientists, 1908

Filmed selectively.

Petition to Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to continue the civil list pension to widow and daughters of Reverend Lorimer Fison. Includes resume of his life and work and press cutting of obituary. (3p.), 1908 (Item)

Subseries 5166. Melanesia, March 1926 - October 1934

Comprises: Correspondence, off prints, papers, press cuttings, notes from publications...

John Layard (Welwyn Garden City) on adoption in Malekula, 18 October 1934 (Item a)
Cultural change and education in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands by H.E. Maude. (Duplicated typescript, 10p.), n.d. (Item b)
Hedley Vicars Adams (London) feels unable to write about secret societies among natives in Melanesia, 25 March 1926 (Item c)
'The journey of the dead from the small islands of North Eastern Malekula' by J. Layard. (Typescript with manuscript annotations and corrections, 59p.), 8 January 1933 (Item d)

Corrected copy.

Photograph of tomb of sacred chief, Tonga from A.B. Deacon, n.d. (Item e)

(Poor photograph).

Typed notes 'classification system' on relationships on Santa Maria, Oba, Ambrym (2p), n.d. (Item f)
T. Macmillan (Tanna) to Deacon re division of Tannese, 2 April 1926 (Item g)
Notes on information on Sakan Peninsula people given to Deacon by M. Salisbury. (1p.), n.d. (Item h)
L. Cheesman (London) re Maraes on Vanda Lava and following page of notes, 17 May 1931 (Item i)

Subseries 5170. Linguistics, February 1926 - January 1930

Comprises: Off prints, notes from publications, correspondence. Includes: Examples of Austronesian, Papuan, Australian language...

From envelope: Australian languages, July 1929 (File)
Haddon to S.H. Ray re Papua-Australian languages, 9 July 1929 (Item)
From Folder: Linguistics Oceania, February 1926 - January 1930 (File)

Correspondence from S.H. Ray (Ilford and Thorpe Bay) re language.

Correspondence (and note by Haddon), 14 February 1926 (Item)
Correspondence, 10 December 1928 (Item)
Correspondence (and 4p. Of notes), 14 March 1926 (Item)
Correspondence, 16 January 1930 (Item)
Correspondence, 18 November 1929 (Item)
Correspondence, 1 July 1926 (Item)

Subseries 5171. Melanesia, April 1925

Comprises: Off prints, notes from publications, sketches, rough notes on ethnology of Pacific Islands...

Loose material, n.d. (File)
The New Hebrides by W.H.R. Rivers. Article for Hasting's Dictionary (Typescript with ms. Annotations, 17p.), n.d. (Item)
Santa Cruz envelope, April 1925 (File)
S.H. Ray (Ilford) that he has not found 'much evidence of Micronesian contact in Santa Cruz, linguistically', 25 April 1925 (Item)

Subseries 5190. Physical Anthropology, 1911

Filmed selectively.

'Changes in Bodily Form', 1911 (File Envelope)
On the permanence of racial differences by Charles S. Myers (13p.), 1911 (Item)

Observations based on his trip with Haddon to Torres Straits and Borneo.

Subseries 5191. Fire making, n.d.

Comprises: Off prints, notes from publications, draft articles...

Aboriginal coast camps of Eastern Victoria: Lecture by Haddon?, (Typescript, 8p.), n.d. (Item)

Subseries 5204. Agriculture, September 1923

Comprises of off prints and notes from publications...

From envelope: Arboriculture, September 1923 (File)
John Mingaye (Department of Mines, Sydney) re properties of Duboisia Hopwoodii, 26 September 1923 (Item)

Subseries 5216. Hunting and Fishing, April 1917

Comprises: Off prints, notes from publications; photographs...

'Fishing Tackle', April 1917 (File Folder)
A. Liversidge (Kingston Hill, Surrey) re use of spiders' web by Fijian fishermen; strength of spiders' webs in Australian bush and in pine plantations in New Zealand, 18 April 1917 (Item)

Subseries 5232. Craniology, January 1896

Comprises: Off prints; correspondence; manuscript by John Gratton on Craniology...

R. Semon (Jena) re importance of studying 'lower races', refers to Tasmanians, Torres Strait Islanders, Papuan influences in North Queenslanders, 25 January 1896 (Item)

Subseries 5248. Methods of Ethnographical Investigation, July 1891

Comprises of off prints and correspondence...

Francis Galton (London) re Haddon's offer to obtain finger prints of Torres Straits Islanders, 19 July 1891 (Item)

Subseries 5262. Australian Aboriginals, n.d.

Comprises: Press cuttings, off prints, notes from publications and correspondence...

Correspondence, n.d. (File)
A. Lang (London) re group marriage, 5 May [n.y.] (Item)
N.W. Thomas (London) re Aboriginal beliefs re the soul, n.d. (Item)
A.R. Brown (Tonga?) regrets cannot continue work in Australia; Durkheim and Australian organisation; coronation of Queen Charlotte (incomplete), [n.d., 1914/1918?] (Item)

Subseries 5263. Notes from books on Australia, April 1914 - October 1915

Comprises: off prints, sketch maps, plates and notes from publications, including A.R. Brown Decorative art in Western Australia, Philip King Narrative of a Survey, and correspondence...

A.R. Brown (Birmingham) re grant from British Association to go to South Australia and study Narrinyeri. (12p.), 6 April 1914 (Item)
D. Mahony (London) re stone implements from Leigh River and Warrnambool, 17 October 1915 and [n.d.] (Item)

Subseries 5315. Rivers offprints, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Government by W.H.R. Rivers. (Typescript, 16p.), n.d. (Item)

Includes examples from Melanesia.

Subseries 5322. Pacific - general notes, 1896 - 1909

Comprises: Off prints, press cuttings, correspondence...

Correspondence (8 letters), 1896 - 1909 (File)


Subseries 5323. Migrations of peoples and cultures in Oceania, November 1923

Comprises of off prints, notes from publications...

T.T. Barnard. The Polynesian settlements in the New Hebrides, paper read at Anthropological Club, Cambridge (27p.), 7 November 1923 (Item)

Subseries 5333. New Guinea, September 1919

Comprises of off prints, notes from publications...

L.W.G. Malcolm (Cologne) on visit to Germany; Graebrier's experience as prisoner of war in Australia - Spencer and Masson ignored him, 6 September 1919 (Item)

Subseries 5336. New Guinea, 1925 - 1930

Comprises: Notes from publications, rough notes, press cuttings, correspondence...

Correspondence. (5 letters), 1925 - 1930 (File)


Subseries 5341. East Indies, March 1910

Comprises of off prints, notes from publications...

Sidney Ray (Ilford) re Malay languages and relationship between Maori and Malagasy, 19 March 1910 (Item)

Subseries 5360. Physical Anthropology, n.d.

Measurements of the living from Rossel Island, Isudai, Misima, Tubetube, Maiwara, Bunama, Bohilai, Bohutu area New Guinea, Gibara District New Guinea, Sudest Island...

Subseries 5363. New Britain, November 1925

Comprises: Notes from publications, off prints, correspondence...

Duk Duk and other customs as forms of expression of the Melanesians intellectual life. (Manuscript, 26p.), n.d. (Item)
Reverend C.E. Fox (Solomon Islands) to T.C. Hodson re Hodson's review of Threshold of the Pacific in the Times Literary Supplement with press cuttings. (6p.), 25 November 1925 (Item)

Subseries 5364. Solomon Islands, n.d.

Comprises: notes from publications, off prints, press cuttings...

A.M. Hocart. The cult of the dead in Eddyston in the Solomons Pt II. (Typescript, 89p.) (Item)

Subseries 5385. Agriculture and technology, November 1899 - March 1919

Comprises: Off prints, notes and correspondence...

Correspondence. (6 letters), 14 November 1899 - 18 March 1919 (File)


Subseries 5391. Society Islands, October 1917 - June 1925

Comprises: Off prints, notes from publications, correspondence...

New Zealand and Chatham Islands envelope, October 1917 - June 1925 (File)
H.D. Skinner (Dunedin) re evidence that Maori scrolls are ultimately Mediterranean in origin; news of other anthropologists, 12 November 1924 (Item)
Reischek (Vienna) requesting Haddon to edit an English edition of his father's book Herbende Welt ('A dying world'), 26 June 1925 (Item)

Enclosing copy of letter below.

Reischek (Vienna) to Sir James Allen (New Zealand High Commission), n.d. (Item)

Re an English edition of his father's book; his father's work in New Zealand organising Museums, establishing National Parks and fighting rat and weasel plagues.

Notes from Ms. By Skinner on Chatham Islands (3p.), 1918 (Item)
Notes from a letter from E. Best to Skinner re Chatham Islands (1p.), 4 October 1917 (Item)

Subseries 5392. Polynesia, n.d.

Comprises of notes from publications, off prints...

Chapters IV and V from book on Polynesia. (Annotated typescript, 39p.), n.d. (File)

Subjects include: Physical description of natives; personal decorations; dress; childhood; marriage.

Subseries 5408. Racial conflict and competition, June 1907

Comprises: Press cuttings, off prints, correspondence...

J.G. Frazer (Cambridge), 6 June 1907 (Item)

Re Leonhardi's statement that Spencer and Gillen only used pidgin English; problems using evidence from tribes which have had missionary contact.

Subseries 5416. Australia, January 1930

Comprises: Off prints, press cuttings, notes; Baldwin Spencer's presidential address A.A.A.S., January 1921...

A.R. Radcliffe Brown (Sydney), 13 January 1930 (Item)

Re investigation of Cape York Peninsula tribes; totemism; 'all our recent work tends to show Australia as a much more homogenous region, culturally, than was thought by some earlier writers'; museum project postponed; news of Camilla Wedgwood and other anthropologists, including Bateson. (8p.)

Subseries 5417. Blood grouping and diseases of Indigenous Australians in Australia, April 1930 - July 1930

Comprises: Correspondence, off prints, notes...

J Burton Cleland (Adelaide) enclosing table of Indigenous Australian blood groups, 16 April 1930 (Item)
Cleland enclosing copy of letter below, 4 July 1930 (Item)
A.H. Tebbutt (Sydney) to Cleland re blood groups of Indigenous Australians, 20 May 1930 (Item)

Subseries 5425. Zoology, August 1934 - February 1935

Comprises: Off print of Donald F. Thomson, The Dugong Hunters of Cape York J.R.A.I., 1934; notes on Thomson's article and correspondence...

Correspondence, August 1934 - February 1935 (File)
Ursula McConnel (Thursday Island), 23 September 1934 (Item)

Re field work; legends and myths; capture of Japanese sampan on shelling trip 'pirates pure and simple'. (10p.)

Ursula McConnel (Cairns) re field work on Cape York Peninsula; Donald Thomson's work. (10p.), 12 November 1934 (Item)
Donald Thomson (Melbourne) that natives of Thursday Island remembered Haddon. (Incomplete, 1p.), n.d. (Item)
H.A. Thomson (Bucks) that his son is to work in Arnhem Land, 31 August 1934 (Item)
H.A. Thomson (London) re rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne over Donald's services in Arnhem Land, 25 November 1934 (Item)
H.A. Thomson (London) re Donald's article, 6 February 1935 (Item)

Subseries 5426. Zoology, March 1894

Comprises of off prints and correspondence...

Correspondence, March 1894 (File)
C. Emery (Bologne) re ants brought back from Mer (in 1888), 2 March 1894 (Item)
Note by Haddon of the insects given to British Museum, n.d. (Item)

Subseries 5427-31. New Guinea, July 1939

Comprises: Off prints, press cuttings, correspondence...

Correspondence from 5430, July 1939 (File)
R. Murray Birndt (Adelaide) re his work on Indigenous Australian burial customs, 20 July 1939 (Item 5430)