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Created: 2018

Online Items

Fonds DD/CL. Clark Family of Doncaster, 1881

Series 3. Other Clark Records, April 1881

Filmed selectively.

Probate of will of George Clark Walker of Brooks Farm, Parahaki, Wangarei, New Zealand, died 16 September 1880 (2p.), 22 April 1881 (File 5)

Fonds DD/DC. Davies-Cooke of Owston, 1821

Series P/2. Political Papers: 3rd Earl of Kingston, 6 March 1821

Filmed selectively.

Lord Bathurst to Lord Kingston re passage to New South Wales for Mr Bennett of Cork (2p.), 6 March 1821 (File 25)

Fonds DX/BAX. Sommerville and Baxter, 1872 - 1876

Series 6/1. Percival Papers: Thomas Percival, January 1872 - 1876

Filmed selectively.

Thomas Wilson (London) to T. Percival (Whitby) with receipt for sale of Bank of South Australia shares (2p.), 24 January 1872 (File 6/1/4/1-2)
Bank of South Australia Reports of the Court of Directors (36p. printed), 1876 (File 6/1/5)

Includes: Annual report and accounts, list of proprietors.

Fonds DY/BRI. Bridon PLC, 1887 - 1971

Papers of British Ropes Ltd and companies acquired...

Series 1. Bridon PLC, 1950 - 1968

Subseries 1/7. Catalogues
Australian Wire Rope Works Pty Ltd Newcastle, 1950 (File 1/7/88)

Illustrated bookslet about the company and its products. (25p., printed)

Australian Wire Industries Pty Ltd, n.d. (1960?) (File 1/7/89)

Illustrated booklet about the company and its products, including examples of ropes in use (eg. Scenic skyway at katoomba). (257p., printed)

Subseries 1/8. Published Works, 1965
David S. Macmillan. Archibald Forsyth and Co: one hundred years of ropemaking, 1865-1965. Sydney, The Company (55p., printed), 1965 (File 1/8/37)

Illustrated history of the company. Filmed selectively.

Series 7. William Cooke Co Ltd, 1961

Commemorative brochure issued on the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the company in New Zealand, 1961 (File 7/8)

Includes illustrated brochure on the New Zealand company and its managing directors. (12p., printed)

Series 18. Gourock Ropework Co, 1934 - 1971

Journal foreign branches, 1934 - 1968 (File 18/3)

Financial records of overseas branches, including Australia and New Zealand. (253p., some blank pages)

Financial records, New Zealand, 1965 - 1971 (File 18/7)

Statements of account, credit and debit notes. (456p.)

Financial records, Sydney, 1965 - 1971 (File 18/8)

Statements of account, debit and credit notes. (267p.)

Series 28. Thomas and William Smith, 1887 - 1926

Australian tramway rope order book (58ff.), 1887 - 1926 (File 28/1)

Details of cables ordered and laid for Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Company. (Some blank pages)

Photograph album, n.d. (File 28/2)

Photograph of cables and cables in use, including aerial ropeways in Tasmania; logging at Geeveston Mills, Tasmania; headgear at Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine, Australia. (Poor photograph). (29p.)

Fonds DZMD. Miscellaneous Deposits, 1842

Letter from Miss Bella Ashkam of Melbourne, Australia, c. 29 May 1842 (File 364)

Anna Bella Ashkam (Brighton) to her sister Elizabeth Askham (Doncaster) re life in Melbourne; weather; furnishing the house; "the servants have what is called damper... the old prisoners made the best"; convicts are better servants than emigrants. (4p., crossed, faint.)

Fonds NF1. Society of friends, Doncaster, 1832

Series 3. Certificates of Commendation, September 1832

On behalf of Daniel Wheeler issued by Balby monthly meeting and Sheffield addressed to the inhabitants of Van Diemen's Land, and the Society Islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean (1p. faint), 13 September 1832 (File 3.1)
Signed by Thomas Backhouse on behalf of York meeting (1p. faint), 26 September 1832 (File)

Includes transcription in index handlist. (1p.).

Fonds P59. Parish Records: St Margaret Parish Swinton, n.d.

Series 10. Miscellaneous, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Catherine Everett (Remuark, South Australia) to Vicar, n.d. (File 23)

Swinton that cannot spare money for his church, 'everything here is in a most unsettled condition', encloses photograph of cottage. (2p.)