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Scope and Contents

Diary 1843 of David Cargill on a voyage to Van Diemen's Land and Tonga.

Papers 1831-44 of Leslie Family of Warthill, including a letter of Patrick Leslie.

Papers 1800-13 of Alexander Seton, including letters of his brothers William Anderson and Robert Anderson at Sydney and Norfolk Island.

Papers 1891-1984 of John M. Bulloch on genealogy of Gordon Family, including cuttings, letters and a booklet about Adam Lindsay Gordon.

Papers 1889-93 of 10th Earl of Kintore, Governor of South Australia, including letters of Lord Salisbury, Lord Knutsford, Lord Carrington and Lord Hopetoun.

Typescript of Alice Hay describing her childhood in Western Australia.

Records 1964-72 of International Biological Programme collected by E.M. Nicholson relating to conservation of wildlife in the Pacific Islands.

Papers 1879-1974 of Dr William Wood, a Sydney physician.

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Anderson, Robert ; Anderson, William; Bulloch, John M. ; Cargill, David, Rev. ; Emigrant voyages; Pacific Islands: flora and fauna; Gascoyne-Cecil, Robert A.T., 3rd Marquess of Salisbury; Genealogy and genealogies; Gordon Family; Gordon, Adam L. ; Hay, Alice; Holland, Sir Henry T., 1st Viscount Knutsford; Hope, John, 7th Earl of Hopetoun, 1st Marquess of Linlithgow; International Biological Programme; Keith-Falconer, Sir Algernon, 10th Earl of Kintore; Leslie Family; Leslie, Patrick; Nicholson, E.M. ; Norfolk Island; Seton, Alexander; Governors and Governors General: South Australia; Sydney, NSW; Tasmania; Tonga; Western Australia; Wildlife conservation; Wood, William, Dr; Wynn-Carrington, Charles R.W., 1st Earl Carrington


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 2, p1.

Item Descriptions

Fonds MS 911. David Cargill. Diary of Second Missionary Journey, 1843

A description of the Wesleyan missionary David Cargill's (1809?-1843) first journey to Tonga and Fiji was published as the Memoirs of Mrs M. Cargill. John Mason, 1841.

This diary, of his second journey in 1843 is a version typed in 1920 by J M Bulloch together with 8 pages of information on the Cargill family. It is not known where the original ms. version is.

It details the voyage to Hobart, and his travels round Tasmania, preaching; the journey to Vavau, Tonga and ends with Cargill preaching in Tonganese. It covers the period 1 May to 29 March 1843 and has 33 pages.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Fonds MS 2580. Leslie Family of Warthill. Correspondence and Accounts, 1831 - 1844

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Biographical / Historical

Three of the sons of William Leslie, 9th Laird of Warthill, (1770-1857) and his wife, Jane Davidson-Patrick, (1815-1881) Walter, and George, (1820-1860) emigrated to Australia in the 1830's. Three hundred and thirty four of their letters to their parents are in the Oxley Memorial Library, Brisbane, and were used by K G T Waller for his BA Hons thesis The letters of the Leslie brothers in Australia, 1834-1854. Queensland University. 1956.

Patrick Leslie arrived at Sydney in 1835 and in 1836 went to manage his uncle; W S Davidson's property at Collaroi. In 1839 his brothers arrived and they set up their own sheep station on the Darling Downs at Canning Downs. In 1840 he married Catherine Macarthur. At first the property didn't flourish and Patrick was also indebted to his uncle. His brothers took over sole running of Canning Downs, and Patrick moved to Brisbane. He later sold out, firstly returning to Britain, then settling in New Zealand. In 1879 he returned to Milson's Point, Sydney where he died in 1881.

Richard Jones, 1786-1852, was one of the foremost pasturalists and merchants in NSW. He arrived at Sydney in 1809 and set up as a merchant. In 1818 he went to China, where he joined forces with W S Davidson. In 1825 he introduced Saxon sheep to NSW in partnership with Davidson. In spite of his vast land holdings Jones still ran a merchant house and had several maritime and whaling interests. He was an active member of the Legislative Council from 1829 to 1843, a magistrate and leading public figure.

Walter Stevenson Davidson, 1785-1869 was a landowner and merchant. He arrived in Sydney in June 1805 and was granted 2000 acres in Cowpastures. In October 1807 he visited China and India where he assembled a cargo for John Macarthur, Robert Campbell and Garnham Blaxcell. In March 1809 he left for London, and didn't return to Australia, although retaining his Australian business interests. Richard Jones became his agent and managed his Collaroi property. In 1836 he entrusted this property to Patrick Leslie, whose activities there became a source of dispute between the two families for many years.

Series 2580/1. Correspondence, October 1831 - 1844

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Two extracts of a letter from Richard Jones, Sydney, to W.S. Davidson, 3 October 1831 (File 2580/1/550-551)

States that he is willing to receive his nephew, Patrick Leslie, and giving details of land grants near the Goulburn River.

Patrick Leslie, NSW, to his parents, 29 May 1839 (File 2580/1/705)

States that he, Walter, and George are all well, they intend dealing in cattle and horses, not sheep, as they are convinced sheep will not pay well; he is to have half share and his brothers quarter in partnership; mentions the activities of emigrant agents who supply information in different parts of the country; the system of indentured servants is unsatisfactory, the cost of hiring labourers; details of the men wanted - carpenters, blacksmiths and suggests names of tenants who might come out; wants an Aberdeen bull and cows sent out.(Eight pages all crossed.)

pp 1-4, 133-163 of a privately printed account of transactions between W.S. Davidson and his nephew Patrick Leslie, NSW, 1836 - 1844 (File 2580/1/818)

Includes extracts of letters and accounts illustrating Davidson's charge of mismanagement against Patrick. (With ms. annotations.)

Fonds MS 2787. Seton Family of Mounie, Aberdeen, 1800 - 1813

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Related Materials

For a fuller introduction to the family and the archive see D.B. Johnston, Letters and Papers of the Setons of Mounie, including the papers of Dr. James Anderson. Northern Scotland Vol. 5 no. 1, 1982 pp71-80. Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

The estate of Mounie, three miles NW of Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, was puchased by George Seton, an Edinburgh Advocate, in 1714. His daughter Margaret married Dr. James Anderson, and their son Alexander, a business man in London, adopted the name Seton in 1812. The estate was sold in 1970 and the family papers deposited in Aberdeen University Library by the solicitors acting for Alexander Wake Seton. Apart from estate papers the archive contains family correspondence.

Series 2787/5. Papers of Alexander Anderson Seton, 1800 - 1813

3 items

Biographical / Historical

Alexander Anderson Seton (1770-1850).

Subseries 2787/5/02. Correspondence, 1800 - 1813
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between A.A.S. and his brother William, February 1800 - October 1805 (File 2787/5/2/4)
6 items
William Anderson to A.A.S., Sydney, 25 February 1800 (Item 2787/5/2/4/21)

He has travelled to Sydney with brother Robert from India and proposes Robert should stay in Sydney for the sake of his health; he should join the New South Wales Corps 'many of the officers of which are very respectable'; state of market in Sydney - 'rather dull'.

W.A. to A.A.S. Port Jackson, 8 April 1800 (Item 2787/5/2/4/25)

Regarding Robert's commission in NSW Corps and that he has had a profitable voyage.

W.A. to A.A.S. Amboyna. Introducing Cpt. McArthur of NSW Corps, 8 April 1802 (Item 2787/5/2/4/26)
A.A.S. to W.A. London. Discusses lack of prospects for Robert and John in NSW. [Original and xerox], 29 August 1804 (Item 2787/5/2/4/27)
A.A.S. to W.A. London. That a Lieutenancy has been purchased for Robert [Original and xerox], 20 April 1805 (Item 2787/5/2/4/30)
W.A. to A.A.S., India: Regarding Robert's prospects, 18 October 1805 (Item 2787/5/2/4/31)
Letters from A.A.S. to brother Robert Anderson, June 1801 - March 1813 (File 2787/5/2/17)
6 items
A.A.S. to R.A. London. Re Robert's ensignacy in NSW Corps and William's Botany Bay excursion [Original and xerox], 16 June 1801 (Item 2787/5/2/17/3)
A.A.S. to R.A. London. Re purchase of R.A.'s Lieutenancy, 8 July 1801 (Item 2787/5/2/17/4)
A.A.S. to R.A. London. Re R.A.'s commission, 11 August 1801 (Item 2787/5/2/17/5-6)
A.A.S. to R.A. London. Asking him to collect 'a few insects', 3 June 1802 (Item 2787/5/2/17/7)
Part letter A.A.S. to R.A. Asking for seeds of plants (Item 2787/5/2/17/9)
A.A.S. to R.A. London. That money has finally been received for his sheep from the government, 5 March 1813 (Item 2787/5/2/17/11)
Letters from Robert Anderson, October 1800 - December 1811 (File 2787/5/2/18)
6 items

Biographical / Historical

By 1831 Robert had settled in Georgina, Lake Simcoe, Upper Canada. Dav Anderson, A.A.S's nephew also went to Australia in Dec. 1837, where he died some years later. There are no letters from him from Australia in the archive.

R.A. to A.A.S. Sydney, 10 October 1800 (Item 2787/5/2/18/3)

He is now an ensign in NSW Corps but asks A.A.S. to purchase him a Lieutenancy discusses the characters of Governors. Hunter and King - 'forward and arrogant…I don't suppose he will reign long here'.

R.A. to A.A.S. HMS Porpoise off Norfolk Island., 28 February 1801 (Item 2787/5/2/18/4)

Discusses the surveying duties to be carried out by Lady Nelson; the number of ships in Sydney Harbour; and state of affairs in Sydney 'settlers in complete state of misery' due to actions of Governor King.

R.A. to A.A.S. Norfolk Island, 7 January 1803 (Item 2787/5/2/18/5)

Cannot find any shells to send A.A.S. or even 'a curious bird or reptile' on Norfolk Island; failure of attempt by Mr. Barrallier to cross the Blue Mountains, R.A. may try when he is posted back to Port Jackson.

R.A. to brother George Anderson. Norfolk Island, 26 Ju. 1803 (Item 2787/5/2/18/6)

Asking G.A. to get him a transfer to an Indian regiment; state of affairs at Port Jackson 'Governor and whole of the officers are at external warfare… entirely the Governor's fault'.

R.A. to A.A.S. Sydney, 21 May 1805 (Item 2787/5/2/18/7)

Sending him some shells, chrystal and seeds - cannot send more as everyone thinks himself a collector; he has resigned his commission and is joining William in Calcutta.

R.A. to A.A.S. Near Calcutta., 4 December 1811 (Item 2787/5/2/18/9)

He is sending papers re the sheep bought off him by Governor King. [Not enclosed]

Fonds MS 2804. James Godsman, 1925

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Biographical / Historical

James Godsman, 1893-1972, was a local Aberdeen historian and author. His works included The Church of King Edward, 1948; King Edward, 1952 History of Bugh and Parish of Ellon, 1958 and Glass, the story of a Parish, 1970, and many newspaper articles.

Series 2804/4. Diaries of voyages, 1925

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Diary of James Godsman, pp 17-29 31 Jan to 7 April 1925 (File 2804/4/3)

Description of a voyage across the Indian Ocean to Australia; landing at Sydney Harbour 25 Feb.; visit to 5th test match; discussion on the history of Australia and the problem of immigration 'the people are in favour of white Australia'.

Fonds MS 2978. Prof. John Laird, 1933

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Biographical / Historical

Prof. Laird (1887-1946), was Regius Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. His papers were given by his wife in 1978.

Series 2970/6/1. Correspondence, November 1933

1 item

Filmed selectively.

W. Mitchell, Prospect W.A. to John Laird. On the economic prospects for Australia, 22 November 1933 (File 2978/6/1/3)

Fonds MS 3051. J.M. Bulloch

2 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Biographical / Historical

John Malcolm Bulloch (1867-1938) was born and educated in Aberdeen. He graduated with an MA in 1888 from Aberdeen University and joined the Aberdeen Free Press. In 1893 he moved to London, firstly to The Sketch and then to The Graphic which he edited from 1909 to 1924. He then became chief literary critic of Allied Newspapers. His main interest in life was genealogical and antiquarian research. He wrote many books on the Gordon family including The House of Gordon Aberdeen University, 1907-1912. 3 Vols. and Bibliography of the Gordons 1924. He bequeathed all his manuscripts, books, documents and papers and other effects relating to the Gordon Family to Aberdeen University.

Series 3051/2. Gordoniana research papers arranged by branch of family

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Australia Files: File 1 (File 3051/2/13/11)

Includes press cuttings re. the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-1870) on the occasion of the centenary of his birth booklet by Eustace Stedman on Adam Lindsay Gordon; letter 7 June 1936 to J.M. Bulloch from Lindsay Gordon, Sutherland, NSW, re. his family; paper by J.M. Bulloch on the ancestry of Adam Lindsay Gordon, especially about his grandfather Robert Gordon, Governor of Berbice.

Australia Files: File 2 (File 3051/2/13/12)

Includes paper on Adam Lindsay Gordon's sister Inez; pres cuttings and commemerative booklet re. unveiling of memorial to Adam Lindsay Gordon in Westminster Abbey, 11 May 1934; booklet by E. Stedman on Adam Lindsay Gordon; press cuttings from Baniffshire Advertiser .re. Gordons transported to NSW; letters and notes on Robert Gordon.

Fonds MS 3064. Papers of the Earl of Kintore, 1889 - 1917

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Related Materials

Some records of his term are in the National Library of Australia: MS 6072 - visitor's books, dinner books, etc (

Biographical / Historical

Algernon Hawkins Thomond Keith-Falconer (1852-1930) succeeded his father as 10th Earl of Kintore in 1880. He held various court and other offices until 1889 when he was appointed Governor of South Australia. On his resignation in 1895 he returned to service at court.

Correspondence: Bundle 184, 1889 - 1917 (File)

10 items

Letters addressed to Algernon, 10th Earl of Kintore whilst serving as Lieutenant-Governor of South Australia from Edward Stanhope, Algernon Borthwick the Queen's private secretary, Lord Pembroke, Lord Dufferin and Ava, Lord Carrington, Duke of Fife, Lord Forbes, Lord, Salisbury, Peter Clarke, Lord Ripon, Lord Rosebery, Lord Knutsford, Lord Hopetoun and Lord Lansdowne.

Letters of congratulation on his appoinment were not copied.

Filmed selectively.

From Lord Carrington regarding the formation of the new government, 08-26 (Item (i))
From Lord Carrington re. a speech made by him on Australia which aroused controversy in Australia, 27 January 1892 (Item (ii))
From Lord Carrington re. U.K. politics and South African politics and business and the inter-relation of the two, 28 October 1891 (Item (iii))
From Lord Salisbury, 12 September 1892 (Item (iv))

Thanking the Earl of Kintore for offering to pay the cost of an election petition v Mr Gladstone but refusing the offer, with some remarks on the causes of the loss of the general election and on the possibility of attracting the working classes to the Conservative party.

From Lord Ripon, 29 December 1892 - 25 August 1893 (Item (v) and (vi))

Requesting that the Earl should communicate freely and confidentially with him, and congratulating him on assisting in the settlement of a wide-spread strike.

From Lord Knutsford, 29 Jan 1891; 17 July 1891; 14 May 1892 (Item (vii), (viii) and (ix))

Re. a federation of Australian States, the Australian squadron of naval ships and coolie labour in the Northern Territories: 'I dare say we could find and send out. skilled Protector of Immigrants, as we have so many coolies in the W. Indies'.

From Lord Landsdowne, Viceroy of India, 8 September 1891 (Item (x))

Expressing the view that India's surplus population should be re-settled as labourers in the Northern Territories of Australia with the protection of an Indian 'native protector'.

From Lord Salisbury to the effect that public opinion on the Home Rule bill is uncertain, 23 February 1893 (Item (xi))
From Lord Devonshire re. the proposed labour laws of South Australia, 21 September 1894 (Item (xii))
From Lord Curzon, 22 September 1917 (Item (xiii))

Asking Kintore to chair a parliamentary committee in the absence of 'Donoughmor [who] is going away for 2 or 3 months with Montagu on a mission to Judea'

Fonds MS 3079. Mrs. Alice Ivy Hay of Seaton

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Biographical / Historical

Alice Hay was born in Western Australia, (maiden name Wigmore) but she left Perth aged twelve, before the First World War to continue her musical education in London. Her husband, Malcolm Hay, was a distinguished Scottish Historian and Mrs. Hay herself was a writer and public speaker. Her son-in-law was Orde Wingate and in 1963 she published There was a Man of Genius, as a memorial to him. In 1971 she published a biography of Malcolm Hay, Valiant for Truth.

T.s. of 'The first twenty years' (File 3079/1/2/7)

First part of an intended autobiography, descriptive of her early years in Australia. (77p.)

University of Western Australia and visit to Australia (File 3079)

Items of interest include:

1978 Department of Music Prospectus

A Diary of a visit in 1964. (c.20p)

1979 Music Programme


Fonds MS 3162. International Biological Programme papers collected by E.M. Nicholson, Convenor of the Conservation Section, 1964 - 1977

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Biographical / Historical

The International Biological Programme aimed between 1964-1974, to increase scientific knowledge of the world's biological resources, human adaptability and the effect of human activities on the environment. The Programme was divided into seven operational sections including the present C.T.section (Conservation Terrestrial Communities).The Archive of the SCIBP itself is held by the Linnean Society of London.

Series 3162/5. General and technical meetings, 1967 - 1970

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Conservation of Pacific Islands; papers relating to a Conference in Koror, Palau Island, 1967 - 1969 (File 3162/5/9/2)
Pacific Islands: recommendations by technical meetings on conservation in the Pacific Islands, 1968 - 1970 (File 3162/5/9/3)

Series 3162/8. Working Papers, Correspondence and reports undertaken by the C.T. Section, 1966 - 1972

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Conservation and preservation of wildlife on Oceanic/Pacific Islands. Correspondence of E.M. Nicholson, R.C.Murphy and G.Douglas, 1966 - 1972 (File 3162/8/9)

Series 3182/9. Correspondence General, 1964 - 1966

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence of E.M.Nicholson including material on Edward H. Graham and papers on the Pacific Islands Action List, 1964 - 1966 (File 3162/9/4)

Fonds MS 3203. Sinclair-Wemyss Family of Southdun, Wick, Caithness 19th and 20th Century, 1878 - 1921

5 items

George Sackville Sinclair-Wemyss was the eldest son of David Sinclair-Wemyss of Southdun, who died in 1877. George joined the Royal Navy at an early age and served for four years on the Australia Station. He resigned his commission in 1879 due to ill health. While in Australia he met and, in 1878, married Helen Annie Jones, eldest daughter of R.M. Jones of Glenview, NSW. They returned to Scotland where two daughters were born. Helen Louisa Elizabeth Dunbar in 1879 and Marian Australie in Dec. 1880. George died on 30 March 1882.

The papers are mostly of a financial nature and plot the decline of the family. The widow and daughters had to leave Sackville House, Southdun and finally settled in Inverness. Marian died in 1982 aged 100

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2398.

Series 3203/4. Financial and legal papers of George Sackville Sinclair-Wemyss, April 1878

2 items

Filmed selectively, Items of interest include:

Assignment by way of mortgage between G.S.S-W. and Messrs. Jacobs and Emanuel of Phillip Street Sydney for £656, 1878-04-06, G.S.S.W. raised £656 by mortgaging Helen Annie's annuity of £200. A note on the last page dated 6 July 1878 details the repayment of the sum.

Assignment by way of mortgage of annuity of £1000 for £656 between G.S.S-W. and Messrs. Jacobs and Emanuel, 1878-04-23, On the last page a note that this was repaid on 6 July 1878.

Series 3203/5. Legal Documents, April 1878

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Marriage certificate of G.S.S-W. and Helen Jones, 16 April 1878 (File)

St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney.

Series 3203/18. Miscellaneous Documents, 1918 - 1921

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Scrapbook, 1921 (File 3203/18/3)
3 items
2 postcards between pp[38-39] (Item)

To [Helen] Annie from Muriel, undated, View of Middle Harbour Sydney x showing their new home.

To Aunt Anne from Annie 6 July 1921, Mosman, View of Waratahs and giving cricketing news.

Illuminated address by Bishop of Amiens in Church of Long, Somme, 4 November 1918 (File 3203/18/8/)

[commemorating Australian dead].

Fonds MS 3212. Dr. William Wood, 1879 - 1931

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2399.

Biographical / Historical

Dr. William Wood (1882-1974) studied medicine at Aberdeen University and graduated in 1904. He travelled to India in 1905 as a ship's surgeon. In 1912 he went to Sydney and practised medicine in Coffs Harbour. In World War 1 he served in Egypt and Palestine with the 1st Lighthorse Regiment.

After the war he toured New Zealand, and then went into practice at Bondi Beach. In 1930 he moved to a practice in Macquarie Street and organised a war veteran's home at Narrabeen. During World War 2 he founded 113(Concord) Military Hospital. He was made an OBE in 1965.

Trials, achievements, confessions and achievements in many lands of a well known Sydney physician (215p.), 1879 - 1931 (File 3212)

Ts, autobiography.

Correspondence and other memorabilia (70p.), 1879 - 1926 (File 3212/1 pt.1)

Includes birth certificate, hotel bills, travel documents, press cuttings, free masonary membership documents, AIF documents, 'passport' signed by Bruce, 17/3/26 for visit to G.B. and U.S.A.

Correspondence and other memorabilia (60p.), 1926 - 1931 (File 3212/1 pt.2)

Includes: family photographs, souvenirs of journeys to England and Europe 1926-1927 and as ship's surgeon, 1929-1930.