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Baring Brothers and Company Ltd
Records of Baring Brothers & Company Ltd (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1827 - 1880
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M1973 - M1975
106 items
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Scope and Contents

Letters of Paine, Stricker & Co concerning coffee and sugar production in Java.

Correspondence 1853-57 relating to the sugar estate of E. Horsman in Penang.

Memorandum 1838 on cotton and wool production in Australia.

Papers 1855-58 relating to a loan to the Victorian Government for railway construction, including letters of Sir Henry Barkly and H.C.E. Childers.

Correspondence 1844-48 with Sir Evan MacKenzie on trade between Brisbane and London.

Correspondence 1830-66 with Hope & Co on trade with Dutch East Indies.

Papers 1848-50 concerning Kapunda Copper Mine.

Ships' papers 1869-80.

Letter-books 1831-70 containing copies of Baring Brothers business letters. Recipients include E. Horsman, Paine, Sticker & Co, Russell and Sturgis, Revesby & Co, and H.C.E. Childers.

Statistics of general trade 1829-58.

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As the Guildhall Library did not allow selective filming, only those manuscripts relating entirely or substantially to Australia have been filmed.

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Australia: economic conditions; Banks and banking; Baring Brothers & Co Ltd; Barkly, Sir Henry; Brisbane, Queensland; Business records; Childers, Hugh C.E.; Coffee industry and trade; Cotton and cotton growing; Dutch East Indies: trade; Hope & Co; Horsman, Edward; Java; Kapunda Copper Mine; London, England; MacKeNew Zealandie, Sir Evan; Mines and mining; Paine, Stricker & Co; Penang, Malaysia; Railways: Victoria; Revesby & Co; Russell and Sturgis; Straits Settlements; Sugar industry and Trade: Java; Trade: Australia; Dutch East Indies: Trade; Wool and woolgrowing: Australia


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 24, p8.

Biographical / Historical

Johann Baring emigrated from Bremen in 1717 and established a prosperous business as a cloth manufacturer and merchant in Exeter. In 1763 his sons set up the firm of John and Francis Baring & Co. in London, an import and export commission house mainly acting as an agent for the Exeter house. Under the leadership of Sir Francis Baring (1740-1810), the company soon established contacts with leading commercial houses in Europe and America, including the Amsterdam merchant bankers Hope & Co. Baring was an expert on trade with Turkey, the Mediterranean and the Baltic and in 1792 became Chairman of the East India Company.

From 1803 to 1828 the firm was led by Alexander Baring (1774-1848), later 1st Baron Ashburton. In 1806 a new partnership was formed, Baring Brothers & Co., and the firm moved to Bishopsgate. In this period it reached its zenith as the leading banking house in Europe, financing trade, remitting huge subsidies to Britain's allies on the Continent, and taking a leading role in the Louisiana Purchase. By 1828 its preeminence as banker to governments had been eclipsed by Rothschilds, but it had greatly expanded its American business, making loans to State Governments, and built up its Far Eastern and Latin American business on American account.

Baring Brothers was recognized in 1828. Of the new partners the most dominant were Thomas Baring (1799-1873), a politician, Chairman of Lloyds, director of the Bank of England and many companies, and the American Joshua Bates (1788-1864), who directed the routine commercial operations. The company continued to play a major role in American and Canadian public finance and trade, while in the Far East it acquired ships in the China tea trade and extended its credit system to Singapore, Batavia and other ports. It faced its greatest crisis in 1890, when excessive commitments in Argentinia left it with liabilities amounting to £21 million, It was saved by a private guarantee fund organized by the Bank of England and was then reconstructed as a limited company, Baring Brothers & Co. Ltd.

Item Descriptions

Series MS. 18321. House Correspondence, 1827 - 1879

81 items

Filmed selectively.


Originally filmed on AJCP reels M1973-M1975.

Subseries HC. 1. General, 1841 - 1865

6 items
Letters from E. and J. Lawford, solicitors, January 1850 (File HC. 1. 65)
4 items
E. & J. Lawford to Baring Brothers, 8 January 1850 (Item)

Kapunda Mine; sends power of attorney to E. Stephens, A. Hardy and W. James of Adelaide to establish rights of Baring Brothers against Bagot.

E. & J. Lawford to Baring Brothers, 19 January 1850 (Item)

Kapunda Mine; alteration of power of attorney.

J. & H. Freshfield to E. & J. Lawford, 30 January 1850 (Item)

Power of attorney; rights of mortgagees.

J. Lawford to Baring Brothers, 30 January 1850 (Item)

Requests unexecuted power of attorney for forwarding to Australia.

Letters from H. Labouchere (Lord Taunton), July 1858 (File HC. 1. 70)
1 item
H. Labouchere to T. Baring, 16 July 1858 (Item)

High opinion of character and abilities of H.C.E. Childers; one of best public men in Victoria.

Correspondence, June 1841 - February 1843 (File HC. 1. 78)
3 items
Draft of letter to Lord Stanley on emigration to N.S.W. (12pp., printed), December 1841 (Item)
Letter to Lord Stanley on raising of loan to provide for adequate immigration of labourers to N.S.W. (3pp., printed), February 1843 (Item)
Tables illustrative of present state of commercial and monetary affairs in colony of N.S.W. (3pp., printed), June 1841 (Item)
Correspondence, February 1848 (File HC. 1. 95)
1 item
C. Enderby to M. McChlery, 9 February 1848 (Item)

Need to re-establish southern whale fishery; price of vessels lower and price of oil higher than in 1847; use of whalers for trading with Pacific Islands, China and Japan; seeks support of Barings.

Correspondence (File HC. 1. 96A)
1 item
Notice of public dinner to be given to C. Enderby on 18 April (Item)

For his work in re-establishing southern whale fishery.

Correspondence, January 1865 (File HC. 1. 152)
1 item
Memorial of London merchants and bankers to Postmaster General, 11 January 1865 (Item)

Urging weekly despatch of mails to India, China and Australia preferably every Friday, (copy)

Subseries HC. 2. Statistics of general trade, 1827 - 1862

29 items
Correspondence, February 1829 (File HC. 2. 63)
1 item
Milne, Harewell & Co. (Batavia) to Baring Brothers, 18 February 1829 (Item)

Reports on coffee, sugar, indigo, rice, pepper, tin, copper, opium.

Correspondence, 1838 - 1862 (File HC. 2. 160)
3 items
J. Moore (N.S.W. and V.D.L. Commercial Association) to Baring Brothers, 29 May 1838 (Item)

Sends account of quantity of wool exported and tonnage of shipping employed in trade of N.S.W. and Van Diemen's Land.

Estimate of profits to be derived from sheep-breeding, founded upon data furnished by superintendent of sheep in N.S.W. (13pp., MS.) (Item)
Estimate of increase in number of sheep in N.S.W. (16pp., MS.), 1838 - 1862 (Item)
Correspondence, July 1827 - May 1828 (File HC. 2. 205)
1 item
Exports to Java (2pp.), July 1827 - May 1828 (Item)
Correspondence, June 1828 (File HC. 2. 210)
1 item
Memoranda of cargo of Francis Watson bound for Java (6pp.), 13 June 1828 (Item)
Correspondence, March 1838 (File HC. 2. 241)
1 item
J. Crawfurd to J. Stikeman (East India and China Association), March 1838 (Item)

Scheme of land regulations promulgated for Straits Settlements, especially as applied to Singapore. (24pp.)

Correspondence, 1831 - 1840 (File HC. 2. 253)
1 item
List of exports from Java for (1p.), 1831 - 1840 (Item)
Correspondence, December 1841 (File HC. 2. 254)
1 item
William Thompson & Son to Baring Brothers, 31 December 1841 (Item)

Sends paper on Java cinnamon; samples; believes it could sell as well as Ceylon cinnamon. (2pp.)

Correspondence (File HC. 2. 256)
1 item
Comparative statement of exports from Manila in 1840 and 1841 (1p.) (Item)
Correspondence, 1842 (File HC. 2. 298)
1 item
Cutting concerning trade of Java during 1842 (Item)
Correspondence, March 1843 (File HC. 2. 306)
1 item
Memorandum on cost in Java of some of principal articles exported (2pp.), March 1843 (Item)
Correspondence (File HC. 2. 328)
1 item
Exports from Java and Madura in 1845 (1p.) (Item)
Correspondence (File HC. 2. 338)
1 item
List of exports from Java in 1846 (1p.) (Item)
Correspondence, July 1847 (File HC. 2. 343)
1 item
Prospectus of India and Australia Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (4pp., printed), 1 July 1847 (Item)
Correspondence, 1849 (File HC. 2. 355)
1 item
Prospectus of Eastern Archipelago Company (8pp., printed), 1849 (Item)
Correspondence (File HC. 2. 365)
1 item
Statements of principal imports and exports of Java in 1850 and 1852 (2pp., printed) (Item)
Correspondence, 1847 - 1850 (File HC. 2. 367)
1 item
Papers concerning Banca tin, 1847 - 1850 (Item)

Including statements of prices and stock in Holland and London, exports of Banca tin from Holland in 1849, and correspondence of W. Short and Labouchere & Co. (23pp.)

Correspondence, September 1852 - January 1853 (File HC. 2. 398)
1 item
Paine, Stricker & Co. (Batavia). Reports on Java trade (4pp.), 27 September 1852 - 26 January 1853 (Item)
Correspondence, September 1852 (File HC. 2. 408)
1 item
Adelaide Times Shipping Gazette; Mail Packet Newsletter (4pp.), 11 September 1852 (Item)
Correspondence, 1852 - 1855 (File HC. 2. 423)
1 item
Statements of produce and exports of Java (6pp., printed), 1852 - 1855 (Item)
Correspondence, August 1853 - September 1853 (File HC. 2. 424)
1 item
Caldwell, Train & Co. (Melbourne). Market report and general circular (10pp., printed), 3 August 1853 - 24 September 1853 (Item)
Correspondence, June 1855 (File HC. 2. 440)
1 item
McPherson, Francis & Co. Melbourne prices current and shipping list. no. 2 (4pp., printed), 18 June 1855 (Item)
Correspondence, 1853 (File HC. 2. 454)
1 item
Cutting on statistics of Australian shipping, 1853 (Item)
Correspondence, December 1851 (File HC. 2. 460)
1 item
Prospectus of Australian Royal Mail Steam Navigation Company (4pp., printed), 26 December 1851 (Item)
Correspondence, January 1856 (File HC. 2. 463)
1 item
Bear's Weekly Circular (Melbourne), no. 36 (4pp.), 8 January 1856 (Item)
Correspondence, February 1856 (File HC. 2. 464)
1 item
Russell and Sturgis (Manila). Trade circular (3pp.), 7 February 1856 (Item)
Correspondence, 1855 - 1857 (File HC. 2. 472)
1 item
Statements of produce of Java (2pp., printed), 1855 - 1857 (Item)
Correspondence (File HC. 2. 502)
1 item
Prospectus of India and Australia Mail Packet Company (via Egypt) (4pp., printed) (Item)
Correspondence, January 1858 (File HC. 2. 503)
1 item
Principal exports from Manila (1p.), 1 January 1858 (Item)
Correspondence, January 1858 (File HC. 2. 504)
1 item
Peele, Hubbell & Co. (Manila). Trade circular (5pp.), 7 January 1858 (Item)

Subseries HC. 3. England, 1848 - 1852

2 items
Letters of Sir George Larpent, January 1848 - October 1848 (File HC. 3. 77)
2 items
Sir George Larpent to J. Bates, 31 January 1848 (Item)

Unpleasant character of transaction with South Australian Bank; possibility of bankruptcy.

Sir George Larpent to Young, 10 October 1848 (Item)

Kapunda Copper Mine; offer by Capt. Bagot of agency to Larpent and Noble; seeks opinion of terms of offer.

Correspondence, January 1852 (File HC. 3. 81)
2 items
Barclay, Bevan, Tritton & Co. to Baring Brothers, 28 January 1852 (Item)

Introduces A. Lewis, agent of Western Australian Bank.

Lewis Brothers to J. Bates, 29 January 1852 (Item)

Requests interview. (Annotated: 'declines account of Swan River Bank').

Subseries HC. 5. North America, 1827 - 1829

1 item
Subseries HC. 5. 1. Boston, 1827 - 1829
1 item
Perkins & Co., merchants of Boston, January 1827 - 1829 (File HC. 5. 10A)
3 items
J. Bates and J. Baring. Indent for lace and other cotton goods for Manila (2ff.), January 1827 (Item 1)
Barrett & Co. (Manila) to Col. Perkins, 15 March 1827 - 18 August 1827 (Item 2)

Import trade in cotton goods in Philippines; design of garments, colours. (extracts).

Manifests of Indian and Mary Hope bound for Singapore and Batavia (2ff.), 1829 (Item 18)

Subseries HC. 6.. East Indies and China, 1832 - 1878

15 items
Subseries HC. 6. 1. China, 1834 - 1876
2 items
Russell, Sturgis & Co. (Manila) to Baring Brothers, 1834 - 1873 (File 1)

Order for hydraulic press for pressing bales of hemp; financial transactions. (4 letters).

H.N. Jeffries, F. Griswold Heron and C.H. Warren (Manila) to R. Sturgis (London) and Baring Brothers, 1875 - 1876 (File 2)

Death of J. Russell; settlement of his estate; efforts to save firm of Russell, Sturgis & Co.; demands of creditors; dissolution of Company. (11 letters).

Subseries HC. 6. 2. East Indies, 1832 - 1863
6 items
Paine, Stricker & Co. (Batavia) to Baring Brothers, 1832 - 1863 (File 1)

Coffee purchases; ship movements; market reports; sales of produce in Java; coffee and sugar crops. (11 letters)

H.C. Mair (Batavia) to Baring Brothers, 1837 - 1838 (File 2)

Arrival in Batavia; prices; Java merchants; piece goods; China trade. (5 letters)

A. Forestier (Batavia) to J. Bates, 1836 - 1843 (File 3)

Java trade; speculations of H.C. Mair; orders from Barings; H. Ritchie; coffee production in Java; agency business. (8 letters)

Includes letter of A. Morgan (Batavia), 12 Dec. 1839.

Cuttings on Dutch commerce, Dutch East India Company, Dutch Trading Society, 1841 - 1853 (File 4)
T.P. Freyss & Co. (Macassar) to Baring Brothers, 28 July 1848 (File 5)

Arrival at Macassar; political situation; produce of Celebes; sends samples of cloth.

Correspondence of concerning sugar estates of E. Horsman in Penang, 1853 - 1857 (File 6)

Letters refer to assignment of produce of estates to Baring Brothers, conditions of estates, labour shortages, sugar shipments, estimates of future production, history of sugar cultivation in Penang, selection of manager, production reports, settlement with former manager, claims against Horsman. Correspondents include E. Horsman (Rugby), J. Higginson, E. & J. Lawford, Gladstone & Co., W. Taylor (Penang), J.T. White (Penang), Revesby & Co. (Penang).

(75 letters)

Subseries HC. 6. 4.. Australia, c. 1838 - 1878
7 items
Memorandum on cotton and wool production in Australia, c. 1838 (File 1)

Referring to need for reliable supply of raw materials from British dominions; unreliability of India; suitability of Australia for cotton and wool and also coffee, tobacco, silk, flax, wine; advantages of Indian labour in northern Australia weaknesses of system of disposing of Crown lands

(38pp., ms.)

Estimate of capital necessary for establishment of a cotton and sugar estate in N.S.W. to be worked by European labourers and profits that may be expected to arise therefrom. (11pp., ms.)

Correspondence, 1844 - 1848 (File 2)

Concerns proposal of E. Mackenzie that direct trade be established between Brisbane and London, indemnity granted by Sir Colin Mackenzie to Baring Brothers on account of loans granted to his sons at Moreton Bay, and proposal that Barings make advances to pastoralists.

Correspondents include J. Balfour (Edinburgh), W. Mackenzie (Edinburgh), Sir Evan Mackenzie (Sydney, Brisbane). (15 letters)

Also list of parties holding squatting licences at Moreton Bay and Darling Downs (1843) and list of summer cargoes suitable for Sydney and Brisbane markets.

E. & J. Lawford to J. Bates and T. Baring, 4 Aug. 1848: loan for Kapunda Copper Mine; encloses minute of 3 title deeds. Accounts of Kapunda Copper Mine, 1845 - 1849 (File 3)

Statement of shipment of Kapunda ores, 1844-1847.(4 docs.)

Rev. J.D. Lang (London) to Baring Brothers, 23 August 1852 (File 4)

Proposal that Baring Brothers finance emigration of Scottish and Northern Irish small farmers to N.S.W. to cultivate cotton in northern rivers region; land to be held exclusively by Barings until loan and all expenses paid.

Papers concerning a loan to Victorian Government for railway construction, July 1855 - 1858 (File 5)
8 items
Sir Charles Hotham (Melbourne) to T. Baring, 20 July 1855 - 21 July 1855 (Item (i))

Invites Barings to negotiate loan for railway construction in Victoria and act as agent in payment of dividends; encloses official papers on railway construction and memorandum by W.C. Haines on financial state of colony.

Sir Henry Barkly (Melbourne) to T. Baring, December 1857 - June 1858 (Item (ii))

Negotiation of loan of £7m; progress of Victoria; arrival of H.C.E. Childers in Melbourne; failure of his negotiations; selection of local banks to negotiate loan.

C. Ebden (Melbourne) to Baring Brothers, December 1857 - May 1858 (Item (iii))

Invites Barings to negotiate loan and act as agents for supply of railway material; encloses Acts and Parliamentary Papers on railway construction, loans for public under takings, and revenue and expenditure of Victoria; change of Ministry and Ebden's departure from Treasury. (2 letters).

J. Goodman (Melbourne) to Baring Brothers, September 1857 - June 1858 (Item (iv))

Winding up of wine business; account with Barings; railway construction in Victoria; meeting with H.C.E. Childers; failure of Childers' mission; state of goldfields. (4 letters).

Also includes letter from W.C. Haines regretting that Barings did not commission Goodman to negotiate with Government.

H.C.E. Childers (London, Melbourne) to Baring Brothers, February 1858 - November 1858 (Item (v))

Draft instructions; power of attorney; correspondence with H. Ebden on negotiation of loan; voyage to Australia; negotiations; failure of mission; return to England; expenses; New Zealand securities; banks in Victoria. (22 papers).

Correspondence between Baring Brothers and Union Bank of Australia (London), February 1858 - March 1858 (Item (vi))

Participation of Bank in proposed loan to Victorian Government; draft agreement. (10 papers).

Victoria. Parliamentary Papers on railway loan, 1858 (Item (vii))
Newspapers and cuttings on Victoria and its railways, 5 August 1856 - 27 February 1858 (Item (viii))

Includes Argus and Australian and New Zealand Gazette

Goodman and Umphelby (Melbourne) to Baring Brothers, May 1857 - June 1857 (File 6)

Railways in Victoria; offers to use influence with Government to negotiate loan; arrival of railway engineers from England. (2 letters).

P.G. Julyan (Crown Agents for Colonies) to Baring Brothers, 25 May 1878 (File 7)

Thanks for interview; agents for New Zealand loan unable to accept Barings' conditions.

Subseries HC. 8. Netherlands, 1830 - 1869

9 items
Subseries HC. 8. 1. Hope & Co., bankers and merchants of Amsterdam, 1830 - 1866
5 items
Part 2, October 1830 - June 1831 (File HC. 8. 1)
7 items
Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 16 October 1830 (Item)

Commercial Society shipments to Batavia; offers to charter Dutch ship; no decision on reduction of duties in Java.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 23 October 1830 (Item)

Application to Minister of Colonies on Java duties.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 30 October 1830 (Item)

Java duties.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 24 December 1830 (Item)

Java duties.

Hope & Co. to Baring Brothers, 31 December 1830 (Item)

Contract between East Indies Government and Trading Company.

Hope & Co. to Baring Brothers, 6 May 1831 (Item)

Alteration in Java duties; offers to charter ship.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 4 June 1831 (Item)

Chartering of ships to East Indies; refers to Botany Bay ships.

Part 5, 1834 - June 1847 (File HC. 8. 1)
6 items
Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 25 March 1845 (Item)

Sale of Banca tin by Trading Company.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 28 March 1845 (Item)

Banca tin; encloses statement of sales and prices 1816-1844.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 4 April 1845 (Item)

Sends invoice for 1,000 slabs of Banca tin.

Statement of export of tin from Java and Madura, 1834 - 1843 (Item)
Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 8 May 1846 (Item)

Import of Javanese sugar; Dutch Government will do nothing without Trading Company.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 1 June 1847 (Item)

Proposed monopoly of produce of Banca tin mines.

Part 6, June 1848 (File HC. 8. 1)
2 items
Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 13 June 1848 (Item)

Surfeit of Banca tin.

Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 20 June 1848 (Item)

Commercial Society and Banca tin.

Part 12, January 1865 (File HC. 8.1)
1 item
Hope & Co to Baring Brothers, 14 January 1865 (Item)

Seeks opinion of Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.

Part 13, June 1866 (File HC. 8. 1)
1 item
Hope & Co. to Baring Brothers, 7 June 1866 (Item)

Seeks opinion on renewal of credit to Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.

Subseries HC. 8. 12. H. Luden, merchant of Amsterdam, 1851 - 1857
1 item
H. Luden (Amsterdam) to T. Baring, 1851 - 1857 (File)

Java coffee crop (1851-52); orders for tin. (10 letters).

Subseries HC. 8. 14. Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij (Netherlands Trading Society), March 1864
1 item
W.H.M. (Amsterdam) to Baring Brothers, 30 March 1864 (File)

Information about Australian firms; dealings of Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China with Society's agent at Singapore and Batavia; seeks opinion of standing of Bank.

Subseries HC. 8. 15. Nederlandsch - Indische Spoorweg - Maatschappij, 1869
2 items
W. Pooman (The Hague) to Baring Brothers and C.L. Norman, 1869 (File)

Invites subscription to loan of fl. 11m. for construction of railway from Batavia to Buitenzorg. (4 Letters).

Statuts de la Societe des Chemins de Fers des Indes Neerlandaises. (16pp., printed) (File)

Subseries HC. 17. 29. Proposals for commercial credit and for other business, 1832 - 1859

13 items
Subseries HC. 17. 29. Correspondence, April 1832 - 1847
2 items
A. Meyer (London) to Baring Brothers, 2 April 1832 (File)

Effects of separation of Holland and Belgium on Dutch Trading Society; efforts of Cenie and Meyer to set up trading establishment at Batavia; seeks capital.

Papers on sale of Javanese sugar, 1847 (File)
Subseries HC. 17. 62. Correspondence, May 1840
1 item
A. Behn (Singapore) to Baring Brothers, 28 May 1840 (File)

Plan to establish agency business, Behn, Meyer & Company, in Singapore; difficulties of trade between Europe and East; state of market in Java, Sumatra, Philippines; seeks recommendation to European and Indian merchant houses.

Subseries HC. 17. 90. Correspondence, May 1848
1 item
G. Hirst (Leeds) to W. Beckett, 1 May 1848 (File)

Introduces Mackintosh of Sydney visiting London; offer of firm of Hirst and Mackintosh to act as Sydney agents of Barings.

Subseries HC. 17.999. Correspondence, January 1848
1 item
N. Dennys to T. Baring, 18 January 1848 (File)

Sends letter from son C.J. Dennys of Geelong; prices in Geelong; purchase of cattle; plans to ship consignment of beef to England; willing to establish commission business.

Subseries HC. 17. 123. Correspondence, May 1845
1 item
J. Busby to Baring Brothers, 17 May 1845 (File)

Arrangements for shipment of oil and whalebone from Bay of Islands; insurance; encloses letter on American whalers.

Subseries HC. 17. 130. Correspondence, November 1845
1 item
J.S. Polack (Auckland) to Baring Brothers, 21 November 1845 (File)

Seeks capital to work copper deposits on Wakahan Island; offers to send sample ores; interest in purchase of kauri gum

Subseries HC. 17. 148. Correspondence, August 1851
1 item
E. Macarthur to Baring Brothers, 21 August 1851 (File)

Impending move to Sydney; seeks assistance in controlling sale of wool from Macarthur estates in Australia; need for cash advances to cover variations in price and output.

Subseries HC. 17. 152. Correspondence, July 1852
1 item
J.S. Roberts (Paris) to Baring Brothers, July 1852 (File)

Ownership of 100,000 acres of Peel Estate in Western Australia; offers it for sale or joint interest.

Subseries HC. 17. 154. Correspondence, September 1854
1 item
J. Smallbone to Baring Brothers, 30 September 1854 (File)

Proposed mining association in eastern Australia; invites Barings to be trustees.

Subseries HC. 17. 155. Correspondence, January 1851
1 item
J. Richardson to Baring Brothers, 29 January 1851 (File)

Request by Rodyk for loan of £5,000 for sugar estates at Penang.

Subseries HC. 17. 158. Correspondence, April 1852
1 item
N. Dennys to T. Baring, 23 April 1852 (File)

Sends letter from son C. Dennys of Geelong on boiling works, wool shipments, gold discoveries and expansion of Victorian market; seeks interview.

Subseries HC. 17. 232. Correspondence, June 1859 - July 1859
2 items
A. Goldsmith (Paris) to Baring Brothers, 6 July 1859 (File)

Interest in subscribing to loan for Victorian Government.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-806823283

A. Goldsmith to [F. Baring], 25 June 1859 (File)

Mission of H.C.E. Childers to Victoria; interest in subscribing to loan to value of £30,000; former settler in Victoria.

Subseries HC. 18. Ships Papers, 1871 - 1879

6 items

Financial papers of ships owned by Baring Brothers.

Subseries HC. 18. 1. Black Prince, June 1871 - July 1871
3 items
Voyage 8 (Capt. W. Inglis), June 1871 - July 1871 (File HC. 18. 1. 12)
2 items

London-Java-Hong Kong-Yokohama-New York-Melbourne-Newcastle-Yokohama-New York-London, 1869-1872.

Melbourne, June 1871 (Item (vi))

Account of R. Towns & Co. and bills and vouchers of T. Jones, D. Thomas, A. Stewart, Ellworthy Dobbin, J. Locke, Gordon and Gotch, Norton, Graham & Co., and other businesses. (20ff.)

Newcastle, July 1871 (Item (vii))

Account of R.B. Wallace and bills and vouchers of J. Dalton, G. McNaughton, W.A. Sparke, T. Innes and other businesses. (12ff.)

Voyage 12 (Capt. W. Inglis), May 1876 - July 1876 (File HC. 18. 1. 16)
2 items

London-Adelaide-Sydney-Shanghai-London, 1876-1877

Adelaide, May 1876 - June 1876 (Item (iii))

Account of C. Jacobs and Sons and bills of Andrews, Thomas and Clark, Virgoe, Son & Company, E. Spicer, Francis Clark &Sons, G.R. Selth, Barrow and King, J.G. Ramsay & Company, and other businesses. (11ff.)

Sydney, July 1876 (Item (iv))

Account of Joseph Ward & Company. (4ff.)

Voyage 13 (Capt. W. Inglis), September 1877 - March 1880 (File HC. 18. 1. 17)
4 items

London-Brisbane-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Melbourne-Sydney-Shanghai-Melbourne-Sydney-London, 1877-1880.

Brisbane, September 1877 (Item (v))

Account of Bright Brothers. (3ff.)

Melbourne, September 1878 (Item (ix))

Account of W.J. Greig & Company. (3ff.)

Sydney, October 1878 (Item (x))

Account of Gilchrist, Watt & Company. (10ff.)

Correspondence of Capt. W. Inglis and Young and Lark (Sydney) with Baring Brothers, October 1879 - March 1880 (Item (xiii))

Concerning accounts and freight of Black Prince (7ff.)

Subseries HC. 18. 2. Norman Court, 1876 - 1879
3 items
Voyage 7 (Capt. A. Shewan), June 1876 - July 1876 (File HC. 18. 2. 19)
1 item


Sydney, June 1876 - July 1876 (Item (iv))

Account of Young and Lark and bills of L.E. Threlkeld, J. and T. Fenwick, Mitchell & Company, George R. Dibbs & Company, Allan A. Marshall & Company, Learmonth, Dickinson & Company, Myers and Solomon, and other businesses. (41ff.)

Voyage 8 (Capt. A. Shewan), 1877 - 1879 (File HC. 18. 2. 20)
2 items

London-Sydney-Shanghai-Nagasaki-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Capetown-London

Sydney, October 1877 - December 1877 (Item (v))

Account of Young and Lark and bills of Pt. Jackson Steam-boat Company, Thomas Playfair, F. Allerding & Company, S.S. Sustenance, Parbury Lamb & Company, John Fairfax and Sons, H.S. Bird & Company, Archibald Wright, Powell and Wall, Learmonth, Dickinson & Company, and other businesses. (41ff.)

Survey report by S.S. Sustenance on Norman Court, 6 November 1877 (Item)
Voyage 9, June 1879 - July 1879 (File HC. 18. 2. 21)
3 items

London-Sydney-Hong Kong-Foochow-London

Sydney, June 1879 - July 1879 (Item (vi))

Account of Young and Lark and bills of S.S. Sustenance, Pt. Jackson Steamboat Company, E. Dunrich, Thomas Playfair, W. Beer, John Fairfax and Sons, John Hardie, N.S.W. Customs, and other businesses. (32ff.)

Survey report by S.S. Sustenance on Norman Court, 4 July 1879 (Item)
Newcastle, July 1879 (Item (vii))

Account of Bingle, White & Company and bills of N.S.W. Customs, James Russell, Thomas Innes, Farthing and Dawson, and other businesses. (16ff.)

Series MS. 18322. Letterbooks (45 vols), 1831 - 1870

24 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M1975.

Correspondence, July 1831 (File LB. 1)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Capt. B.G. Ropes, 25 July 1831 (Item)

Instructions to proceed to Batavia and Padang to purchase coffee summaries of markets for salt petre, ginger, sugar.

Correspondence, November 1832 - December 1832 (File LB.3)

2 items
Baring Brothers to Capt. J. Gillis, 27 November 1832 (Item ff.232-33)

Recommends he proceed to Batavia as Dutch are at moment thrown out of Java trade; prices of coffee, sugar, pepper, salt petre.

Baring Brothers to Baring Brothers (Liverpool), 8 December 1832 (Item f.279)

Failure of Morgan, King & Company of Batavia; conduct of firm a regular swindle.

Correspondence, December 1835 (File LB.5A)

2 items
Baring Brothers to Hope & Company (Amsterdam), 1 December 1835 (Item f.601)

Chartering of Dutch ship for trading to Batavia; inquires about differences in duties by using Dutch flag.

Baring Brothers to Baring Brothers (Liverpool), 10 December 1835 (Item f.616)

Requests it advertise Dutch ship; advantages of importing articles into Java on Dutch ship.

Correspondence, February 1836 (File LB.5C)

2 items
Baring Brothers to T.W. Ward (Boston), 26 February 1836 (Item ff.89-90)

Sends prices current for N.S.W.; profits to be derived from Sydney market.

Baring Brothers to T.W. Ward, 27 February 1836 (Item ff.91-96)

Wool; sugar; cotton; voyage of B. Sturges to N.S.W.; customs regulations at Batavia almost prohibit import of British manufactures.

Correspondence, April 1836 - October 1836 (File LB.5D)

4 items
J. Brown (Boston) to Forestier & Company (Batavia), 23 April 1836 (Item ff.158-59)

Order for sugar.

J. Bates to A. Forestier (Batavia), 7 October 1836 (Item ff.466-68)

Unable to suggest a partner; emigration of H.C. Mair to Singapore; markets for coffee, tin, sugar, rice.

Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 15 October 1836 (Item ff.504-5)

Money crisis; order for rice.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-806824122

Baring Brothers to Forestier & Company, 15 October 1836 (Item ff.506-7)

No improvement in money market; sugar, tin, coffee.

Correspondence, May 1837 - November 1837 (File LB.7)

3 items
Baring Brothers to Capt. N. de St. Croix, 25 May 1837 (Item ff.337-38)

Instructions for voyage of Alexander Baring to China, Philippines, East Indies.

Baring Brothers to Capt. Dudman, 3 November 1837 (Item ff.611-15, 618)

Instructions for voyage to Mauritius, Philippines, China; purchase of Javanese sugar.

Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 4 November 1837 (Item f.616)

Introduces Capt. Dudman of Baring ship Diana.

Correspondence, February 1839 (File LB.9)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Forestier & Company (Batavia), 25 February 1839 (Item ff.56-59)

Requests Diana be loaded with cargo of coffee; markets for sugar, hemp; Capt. Dudman.

Correspondence, December 1842 (File LB.12)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Paine, Stricker & Company (Batavia), 6 December 1842 (Item ff.634-35)

Purchase and payment of cargo of sugar.

Correspondence, July 1844 - December 1844 (File LB.14)

2 items
J. Bates to H. Sturgis (Manila), 8 July 1844 (Item f.239)

Alteration of sugar duties; prices for sugar; indigo sales.

J. Bates to J. Knight (Antwerp), 6 December 1844 (Item f.409)

Order for Manila sugar.

Correspondence, September 1846 (File LB.16)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 24 September 1846 (Item f.310)

Authority to load American ship bound for United States with cargo of sugar.

Correspondence, April 1848 - May 1848 (File LB.18)

2 items
Baring Brothers to Dutch Trading Company (Amsterdam), 18 April 1848 (Item f.4)

Stagnation in tin trade; price of British tin; market for colonial produce.

Baring Brothers to Dutch Trading Company, 9 May 1848 (Item f.53)

Declining market for British tin; price of Banca tin.

Correspondence, July 1849 (File LB.19)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Paine, Stricker & Company (Batavia), 19 July 1849 (Item f.355)

Order for coffee; inquires about Java and Sumatran crops of coffee, sugar and indigo.

Correspondence, July 1853 - November 1853 (File LB.25)

3 items
Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 2 July 1853 (Item ff.191v-92v)

Arrangements for management of sugar consignments from Penang estates; commission of Revesby & Company.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 1 August 1853 (Item ff.210r-v)

Proposal to put Penang estates in trust; proposed purchase of Valdon estate.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 7 November 1853 (Item f.315)

Payment to agent in Penang.

Correspondence, June 1854 - July 1854 (File LB.26)

3 items
Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 7 June 1854 (Item ff.145-46)

Management of Penang sugar estates.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 7 July 1854 (Item f.170v)

Management of sugar estates.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company (Penang), 10 July 1854 (Item f.176)

Advance of $6,000 for W. Taylor, seeks information on sugar production; fall in price of sugar.

Correspondence, January 1855 - December 1855 (File LB.27)

11 items
Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 24 January 1855 (Item f.23v)

Sugar estates; W. Taylor.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company (Penang), 24 January 1855 (Item f.24r-v)

Horsman's sugar estates; seeks views on importing guano and purchase of swamp land.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 18 April 1855 (Item f.76v)

Introduces J. Higginson.

Baring Brothers to Baring Brothers (Liverpool), 20 April 1855 (Item f.77v)

Inquires about suitability of J. Higginson as manager of Penang estates.

Baring Brothers to J. Higginson, 25 April 1855 (Item f.84)

Unable to offer Penang appointment.

Baring Brothers to Baring Brothers (Liverpool), 4 May 1855 (Item f.94v)

Reasons for not appointing J. Higginson manager of Horsman's estates.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company, 9 June 1855 (Item f.113)

Need for more work on sugar estates.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company, 25 June 1855 (Item f.118r-v)

Introduces J. White, agent for Horsman; allowance for W. Taylor.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company, 9 October 1855 (Item f.197r-v)

Rum and sugar prices; guano; claims of W. Taylor on E. Horsman.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company, 9 November 1855 (Item f.216v)

Increase in price of sugar; need for Horsman's estates to produce as much sugar as possible.

Baring Brothers to J. White (Penang), 8 December 1855 (Item f.247)

Advance of $13,000; need to produce as much sugar and rum as possible.

Correspondence, January 1856 - July 1856 (File LB.28)

7 items
T. Baring to Sir Charles Hotham (Melbourne), 5 January 1856 (Item ff.19-20)

Disposal of Colonial Bonds; relations with Glyn & Company.

Baring Brothers to Revesby & Company (Penang), 9 February 1856 (Item f.65)

Increased sugar production on Horsman's estates; sugar, coffee and indigo prices.

Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 9 February 1856 (Item ff.66-67)

Bills drawn against cargo; Crimean War.

Baring Brothers to W. Taylor (Penang), 9 February 1856 (Item f.72)

Debts of E. Horsman.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 11 April 1856 (Item ff.167-68)

Financial affairs; sugar consignments.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 9 June 1856 (Item ff.233-35)

Declines to make further advances; uncertainty about exact cost of production on Penang estates.

Baring Brothers to J. White (Penang), 10 July 1856 (Item f.284)

Management of Horsman's estates; his debts to Baring.

Correspondence, January 1857 - November 1857 (File LB.29)

6 items
Baring Brothers to E. Horsman (Dublin), 8 January 1857 (Item ff.8-9)

Declines to advance £14,000 against profits of sugar estates.

Baring Brothers to Paine, Stricker & Company (Batavia), 10 February 1857 (Item f.54)

Societe Maritime.

Baring Brothers to Goodman and Umphelby (Melbourne), 11 August 1857 (Item ff.344-46)

Bond to be issued by Victorian Government; conditions under which Barings would accept it.

Baring Brothers to E. Horsman, 13 August 1857 (Item f.350)

Transfer of agency to Finlay Hodgson and Company; settlement of accounts.

Baring Brothers to Goodman and Umphelby, 10 September 1857 (Item f.381)

Acknowledges printed evidence concerning Victorian loan; money market.

Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), November 1857 (Item ff.507-8)

Unsettled situation in London and America; need for caution in execution of orders under credit.

Correspondence, February 1858 - September 1858 (File LB.30)

8 items
Baring Brothers to H. Ebden (Melbourne), 16 February 1858 (Item ff.84-85)

Loan to Victorian Government for railway purposes; intends to send representative to Melbourne.

T. Baring to Sir Henry Barkly (Melbourne), 16 February 1858 (Item f.86)

Thanks for letter. (incomplete)

Baring Brothers to H.C.E. Childers, 8 March 1858 (Item f.125)

Confirms arrangements for mission to Victoria.

T. Baring to Sir Henry Barkly, 11 March 1858 (Item f.137)

Visit of H.C.E. Childers.

Baring Brothers to H.C.E. Childers (Melbourne), 17 June 1858 (Item f.264)

Financial and trading situation.

Baring Brothers to J. Goodman (Melbourne), August 1858 (Item f.333)

Mission of H.C.E. Childers to Victoria; Barings did not intend to interfere with business of local banks. (incomplete)

T. Baring to Sir Henry Barkly, 14 August 1858 (Item ff.339-40)

Assumption of Barings that Victorian Government had sought an agency entirely distinct from local banks; doubts if Victorian connections of H.C.E. Childers prejudiced negotiations.

Baring Brothers to H.C.E. Childers, 15 September 1858 (Item f.374)

Payment of expenses for mission to Victoria.

Correspondence, November 1862 (File LB. 34)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 26 November 1862 (Item ff.258-59)

Grants credit of £50,000 for consignment of produce; proposals concerning exchange account.

Correspondence, April 1864 - November 1864 (File LB. 36)

2 items
Baring Brothers to Netherlands Trading Society (Amsterdam), 2 April 1864 (Item ff.90-91)

Details about Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China; opening of tenders for Indian Bills.

Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 10 November 1864 (Item ff.345-46)

Renewal of exchange credit; in view of unsettled situation, urges it to be used only when essential.

Correspondence, November 1865 (File LB. 37)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 10 November 1865 (Item ff.296-97)

Exchange credit; profit on sale of hemp.

Correspondence, May 1866 (File LB. 38)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 9 May 1866 (Item ff.104-5)

Difficulties of Oberend Guerney & Company; advises extreme caution with bills on banks.

Correspondence, March 1868 (File LB. 40)

2 items
Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 27 March 1868 (Item ff.96-97)

Standing of Bayo, Moon & Company and Drake, Kleinwort & Company.

T. Baring to T. Brown (Penang), 27 March 1868 (Item ff.98-99)

Petition to House of Commons from merchants and planters of Penang on postal communications and arrangements between Government and P & O Company.

Correspondence, November 1870 (File LB. 42)

1 item
Baring Brothers to Russell and Sturgis (Manila), 12 November 1870 (Item ff.160-62)

Modification of credit on account of fall in sugar prices.

Series MS. 18324. Accounts, 1862

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M1975.

Transactions and accounts of Laurence, Cazenove and Pearce, brokers, February 1862 (File AC. 17)

1 item
Laurence, Son and Pearce to Baring Brothers, 20 February 1862 (Item AC. 17.4)

Details of capital and shares of Australian Agricultural Company and Peel River Company; large holding of W.S. Davidson in both companies.