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Series Series B. General correspondence, 1928 - 1964

J. Langdon Bonython (Adelaide), July 1928 - September 1928 (File 26)

Publication of Beaverbrook's Political history of the War in the Advertiser.

Sir William Sowden (Adelaide), January 1928 - February 1928 (File 32)

Manuscript on position of State Governors in Australia.

J. Cosgrove (Ashton-under-Lyne), May 1912 (File 49)

Scheme for emigration of ex-soldiers to Dominions where they would form a Reserve Force.

F.G. Adamson (Sydney), October 1929 - December 1929 (File 88)

Empire Free Trade Crusade.

E. Belfour, December 1929 (File 91)

Australian tariff.

A. Carnham, November 1929 (File 93)

Visit of Empire Farmers to Australia and New Zealand.

Sir W. Burton, December 1929 (File)

Australian objections to free trade.

B. Byron, September 1929 (File)

Air routes to Australia.

D'A. Gilligan (Sydney), December 1929 (File 96)

Australian views on Empire Free Trade.

A.E. Davis, November 1929 (File 97)

Problems of transportation in Australia and South Africa.

W. Finch (Sydney), November 1929 - December 1929 (File 101)

Empire Free Trade.

E. Foss, November 1929 (File)

Transportation of meat from Australia to Britain.

Sir Frank Fox, November 1929 (File)

Distinction between food taxes and duties.

L. St. C. Grondona, September 1929 - October 1929 (File 102)

Empire Free Trade.

D. Groves (Sydney), July 1929 - September 1929 (File)

The journal Austral-Briton.

W. Leitch, November 1929 (File 107)

Reports of Australian Tariff Board.

A.C.V. Melbourne, December 1929 (File)

Requesting meeting to discuss intra-imperial trade.

Sir James Parr, November 1929 - December 1929 (File 112)

His role in Empire Free Trade Crusade.

F.A. Quinton (Australian), October 1929 - November 1929 (File)

Dumping of American goods.

Sir Granville Ryrie, October 1929 (File 114)

Export of frozen beef from Australia.

W.H. Simmonds (Hobart), December 1929 (File 115)

British trade; Australian tariff.

L.W. Shepheard (Melbourne), November 1929 - December 1929 (File)

Agreement between Britain and Dominions.

F.W. Strack (Australian), October 1929 (File 117)

Offer of help with campaign.

Mrs. C. Strutt (Australian), November 1929 (File)

Imperial relations.

B W. Tredwen (Australian & New Zealand Merchants Association, London), October 1929 - December 1929 (File 119)

Australian tariff.

W. Hardy Wilson, November 1929 (File 121)

Requesting interview.

'Sydney manufacturer', May 1930 (File 123)

Supporting Empire Free Trade.

'Aussie', May 1930 (File)

Defends Australian tariff and Australian support for Empire trade.

T. Dunbabin, February 1930 - March 1930 (File 125)

Australia's role in Empire free trade.

Australian Country Party, May 1930 - November 1930 (File)

Its trade policies.

Amslow, November 1930 (File)

Support in Australia for Empire Free Trade.

J.W. Bamford, April 1930 (File 127)

Support of Australian Country Party.

R.L. Barnes (Australia House, London), January 1930 (File)

Duties on food.

J.L. Bastian, August 1930 (File 128)

His son's experiences in Australia and views on Empire Free Trade.

A.D. Beveridge (Sydney), March 1930 - April 1930 (File 131)

Australian support for Empire Free Trade.

I. Bird (Adelaide), February 1930 - April 1930 (File)

Empire Free Trade.

British Manufacturers' Association of New Zealand, September 1930 - October 1930 (File 133)

Encloses booklet.

Herbert Brookes, March 1930 - April 1930 (File 134)

Introducing Lt. Col. H. James.

C.F. Browne (Adelaide), February 1930 - April 1930 (File)

Australian protectionism.

S.M. Bruce, June 1930 - October 1930 (File)

His visit to England.

W.C. Castle, May 1930 - June 1930 (File 136)

His son's views on Dominions and Free Trade.

W.K. Davies, July 1930 (File 141)

Export of Australian meat.

Sir Hugh Denison, June 1930 (File 142)

Speeches at dinner.

S. Darking (Australian), March 1930 (File 143)

Cultivation of wheat in England.

G. Douglas (Melbourne), April 1930 - May 1930 (File)

An Empire poem.

T. Duffield (Adelaide), September 1930 - October 1930 (File)

Enclosing paper on Australia's financial plight.

T.H. Dunsford (Australian), July 1930 (File 144)

Supporting Empire Free Trade; requesting interview.

A.J.C. Ewen, November 1930 (File 145)

Son, living in Western Australia, seeking to publish book.

T.L. Mills (Feilding Star, N.Z.), January 1930 (File 147)

Thanks for sending issue of newspaper.

W.J. Flanagan (W. Aust.), March 1930 (File 148)

Seeking funds for Nationalist Party in Western Australia.

J.W. Fletcher (Mitchell Qld.), February 1930 - April 1930 (File)

Suggests capital levy to wipe out national debt in Britain and Australia.

Sir Frank Fox, January 1930 - April 1930 (File)

Views on Crusade; journal Empire Fellowship.

N.R. Freehill (Australian), April 1930 (File 149)

Trade relations between Britain and Australia.

F. Goodman, May 1930 (File 151)

Australian criticisms of British financial interests.

A. Hacking, May 1930 (File 153)

Talks with Senator Elliott, J.H. Scullin, Earle Page.

J. Hamlet (Sydney), June 1930 - July 1930 (File)

Free trade.

A. Hore (New Zealander), March 1930 - April 1930 (File 156)

Miltonic vision of United Empire.

A.W. Ivens (Australian), June 1930 (File 158)

Danger of trade unions creating artificial rate of wages.

A.J. Kirton (Mornington), June 1930 (File 161)

Empire Free Trade.

G.V. Lansell (Australian), May 1930 (File)

Offer to assist Crusade.

W. Leitch, January 1930 (File 162)

Australian manufacturing industries.

G.E. Littlejohn (Wellington), January 1930 (File 163)

Economic depression; reorganization of British industry.

A.G. Lush, January 1930 - November 1930 (File 164)

French ambitions in New Hebrides.

Mrs. J. McCord (Melbourne), October 1930 - November 1930 (File 165)

Country Party support for Empire Free Trade; Senator Elliott.

F.L. McDougall, January 1930 - December 1930 (File)

Imperial trade; protectionism.

Incorporated Society of Planters (Malaya), May 1930 (File 167)

Annual dinner.

J.P. Mitchell, November 1930 (File)

Formerly on staff of Mt. Morgan Mines, wishes to work for Beaverbrook.

Sir Ben Morgan, January 1930 - September 1930 (File 168)

S.M. Bruce's visit to England; 'Australia the greatest obstacle'.

Keith Murdoch, April 1930 - May 1930 (File)

Support for British marketing scheme; Empire Press Union Conference.

A. Richardson (Sydney), September 1930 (File 172)

Requesting statement for journal Scientific Management.

J.H. Scullin, February 1930 - March 1930 (File 173)

Australia and Empire Free Trade.

J.H. Scullin, October 1930 (File 174)

Arranging interview.

W.H. Simmonds (Hobart), January 1930 (File)

Thanks for support.

M. Tew (Sydney), June 1930 - July 1930 (File 178)

Empire Free Trade.

W.A. Walker (Australian), January 1930 (File 181)

Empire Free Trade; protection against foreign competition.

R.H. Webster (N.S.W.), March 1930 - May 1930 (File 182)

Encloses essay on Australia's problems.

C.H. Williams (Gisborne N.Z.), November 1930 - December 1930 (File 184)

Extension of free trade to foreign countries.

T. Dunbabin (Australian Newspapers Cables Service), January 1931 - February 1931 (File 186)

Requesting interview.

H.C. Smart (Australia House, London), December 1931 (File)

Seeks message from Beaverbrook on occasion of 8000 Australian lambs being landed in Britain.

J. Bayley (Suva), January 1931 (File 187)

Questions advantages of Empire Free Trade over Empire Preferential Trading.

Lord Bledisloe, April 1931 - August 1931 (File 188)

Beaverbrook's concordat with N. Chamberlain; New Zealand butter.

H.S.V. Busst (Bendigo), April 1931 - June 1931 (File)

Empire Free Trade; presents piece of Australian quartz.

H.A.C. Griffith (Perth), June 1931 (File 198)

Empire Free Trade.

E.M. Greene (Sydney), October 1931 - December 1931 (File)

Protectionism in Australia.

Robert Knox, October 1931 (File 200)

Australian economic conditions; British elections.

Jack Lindsay, December 1931 (File)

Sends verses dealing with Empire Free Trade.

Sir James Parr, November 1931 - December 1931 (File 203)

Airmail postage; Parr's appointment as Leader of New Zealand Legislative Council.

J.C. Waters (Melbourne Herald), February 1930 (File 244)

Article on Australia and Empire Free Trade.

A.W. King (Sydney Morning Herald), February 1930 (File)

Requesting interview.

Sir James Parr, February 1930 - July 1930 (File 245)

Empire Free Trade Crusade.

F.W. Doidge, November 1929 (File 248)

Suggests Beaverbrook talks to Keith Murdoch.

Citizens' League of South Australia, April 1932 (File 251)

Praises Senator Elliott; congratulates Beaverbrook.

Australian High Commission, September 1932 (File)

Problems of clearing Australian produce with H.M. Customs.

Lord Bledisloe, November 1932 - December 1932 (File)

His work as Governor-General of New Zealand.

C.H. Chomley (British Australian and New Zealander), October 1932 (File)

Requests interview.

Sir Frank Fox, May 1932 (File 252)

Fellowship of the British Empire Exhibition.

Howard Ferguson, January 1932 (File)

Earle Page; Senator Elliott; Australian political situation.

E.D. Bagot (Adelaide), April 1932 - December 1932 (File)

Support of Citizens' League.

W.C. Cambridge (Farmers and Settlers Association of N.S.W.), March 1932 - May 1932 (File)

Problems of primary producers; Senator Elliott.

J.B. Merrett (Australian Egg and Export Co. London), April 1932 (File 253)

Empire Free Trade.

Sir Granville Ryrie, May 1932 (File)

Ryrie's letter in Times; Vesteys.

Lord Bledisloe, May 1933 - July 1933 (File 255)

Universities; economic plight of New Zealand.

Foster (Brisbane Courier Mail), December 1933 (File)

Meat restrictions.

Editor, Farming First (Auckland), October 1933 (File)

Empire Free Trade.

Theodore Fink, September 1933 - October 1933 (File)

Melbourne Centenary Celebrations and representation of English newspapers.

Lord Bledisloe, July 1934 - December 1934 (File 256)

Bledisloe's work in New Zealand; economic cooperation in Empire.

Theodore Fink, May 1934 - November 1934 (File)

Keith Murdoch; Senator Elliott; J.T. Lang; Federal elections; disunity in Country Party.

A.P. Laurie, March 1934 - April 1934 (File)

New Zealand's offer to export butter free of duty to Britain.

F.L. McDougall, May 1934 (File)

Handbook on Empire trade.

C. Moyle (Truth and Sportsman, Sydney), June 1934 - July 1934 (File)

Empire Free Trade; suggests weekly cable service.

C. Blackburn (N.Z. Farmers Union Gisborne), September 1934 - November 1934 (File)

Export of New Zealand beef.

Theodore Fink, September 1935 (File 258)

S. Deamer; European affairs.

W.M. Hughes, October 1935 - November 1935 (File)

His book Australia and war today; sanctions.

Mrs. L. MacDonald (Sydney), October 1935 - November 1935 (File)

Beaverbrook's radio broadcast.

C. Blackburn (N.Z. Farmers Union), July 1935 (File)

Export of New Zealand meat.

A.E. Robinson (N.Z. Farmers Union), April 1935 (File)

J.M. Keynes; British trade with New Zealand.

Eric Baume, February 1936 (File 260)

Alliance of Empire and U.S.A.

Eric Baume, February 1940 (File 263)

Campaign for peace by negotiation.

S.M. Bruce, May 1940 (File)

Australian order of 49 Hudsons from U.S.A.

E.W. MacAlpine (Australian Consolidated Press), August 1941 (File 264)

Fighter planes required by Australia.

C.J. Burchell (Canadian High Commissioner, Canberra), July 1941 - October 1941 (File)

Reminiscences; present position.

F.W. Doidge, February 1942 (File 265)

Wishes Beaverbrook quick recovery.

E. Doidge (Sydney), May 1942 (File)

Australian support for Britain in all its wars.

H.V. Evatt, September 1942 (File)

Evatt's biography of Holman; Aneurin Bevan; S. Cripps.

R.G. Casey, January 1943 (File 268)

Introduces Beaverbrook's son.

F.W. Doidge, October 1943 - December 1943 (File)

Reminiscences; good wishes.

H.V. Evatt, October 1943 (File)

Australian elections; British politics.

F.W. Doidge, December 1943 (File 270)

New Zealand politics; visit to Australia; lend lease.

Sir Keith Murdoch, November 1944 (File)

Introduces Roy Macartney.

F.W. Doidge, November 1945 (File 271)

New Zealand politics; economic conditions.

H.V. Evatt, April 1945 (File)

Beaverbrook's help in 1942 in obtaining spitfires for Australia.

Roy Macartney, May 1945 (File)

Requests interview.

Sir Keith Murdoch, May 1945 (File)

Beaverbrook's interview with Roy Macartney.

W. Nash, January 1945 - March 1945 (File)

Letter from Beaverbrook and Nash's response.

W.S. Robinson, December 1945 (File)

Introduces J.A. Beasley.

T.G. Glasheen, December 1946 (File 273)

Presents copy of H.V. Evatt's Australia in world affairs.

Peter Fraser, January 1946 (File)

Congratulations on Fraser receiving C.H.

Sidney Holland, July 1946 (File)

New Zealand politics; F.W. Doidge.

W.J. Jordan, January 1946 (File)

Congratulations on Jordan being made Privy Councillor.

R.G. Menzies, April 1946 - June 1946 (File 274)

Introduces Gordon Rolph; British politics.

Walter Nash, January 1946 - May 1946 (File)

Congratulations on Nash being made Privy Councillor; his visit to England.

Gordon Rolph, June 1946 - November 1946 (File 275)

Visit to England; European affairs.

David Adams, February 1947 - May 1947 (File 276)

Introduced by Earle Page.

Sidney Holland, February 1947 (File 277)

New Zealand politics; W. Nash.

P. Masefield, August 1947 (File 278)

His visit to Australia; Daniel McVey.

Sir Keith Murdoch, November 1947 (File)

25th birthday of Sun-News Pictorial; Australian politics.

R.G. Casey, April 1948 - May 1948 (File 280)

Speeches and articles on Empire subjects.

H.V. Evatt, September 1948 - October 1948 (File 281)

Evatt's election as President of U.N. General Assembly; book on war years.

T.T. Hollway, October 1948 (File 282)

Work of British Council in Australia.

Sidney Holland, April 1948 - November 1948 (File)

Introduces E. Beaven; New Zealand politics; imperial ties; U.S. Presidential elections.

Sir Keith Murdoch, June 1948 - September 1948 (File)

Visit to London.

Sir Gordon Rolph (Launceston), February 1948 - July 1948 (File 283)

Introduces daughter; international situation; Rolph's knighthood.

K.W. Bilston (Live Stock Bulletin), February 1949 (File 285)

Need for Britain to import food from Dominions; pig industry.

F.W. Doidge, October 1949 (File 286)

Sends cuttings; abolition of New Zealand Legislative Council.

Sidney Holland, November 1949 (File 287)

Congratulations on Holland's victory in New Zealand elections.

T.T. Hollway, November 1948 (File)

Threats to Empire; Communism; Government support for cultural activities.

R.G. Menzies, December 1949 (File 288)

Congratulations on Menzies' election victory.

Sir Keith Murdoch, September 1949 - December 1949 (File)

Malcolm Forsyth; Rupert Murdoch; Bartholomew.

J.R. Poole (Sydney), October 1949 (File)

Need for English migrants in Australia to assist England.

Sir David Smith (Wellington), December 1948 - January 1949 (File)

Invitation to visit Fredericton.

Geoffrey Webster (Auckland Star), June 1949 (File 289)

Congratulations on Beaverbrook's 70th birthday.

Chester Wilmot, September 1949 (File)

Wilmot's book on Second Front.

Sir Ernest Fisk, November 1950 - December 1950 (File 291)

Imperial ties.

Douglas Glass (New Zealander), June 1950 (File)

Request to photograph Beaverbrook.

Eric Harrison, May 1950 (File)

Harrison's speech at Canada Club Dinner.

G. Lansell, March 1950 (File 292)

Death of R.D. Elliott; Lansell's newspaper and radio interests in Victoria; B. Mundy.

R.G. Menzies, February 1950 - June 1950 (File)

Election victory; visit of Evelyn Baring to Australia; Schuman Plan.

Sir Keith Murdoch, February 1950 - August 1950 (File)

Murdoch's retirement; British politics; visit to London; Evelyn Baring.

W.J. Jordan, November 1950 (File)

Centenary of foundation of Province of Canterbury, New Zealand.

H.C. Smart, August 1950 - September 1950 (File 293)

Smart's work for Australian High Commission and Empire propaganda.

Sir Bertram Stevens, October 1950 (File)

Requests interview.

N.B. Theodore, April 1950 - May 1950 (File 294)

Interview; E.G. Theodore

Chester Wilmot, March 1950 (File)

Requests interview.

F.I. Doyle (Sydney), May 1951 (File 295)

Seeks support for Australian British War Memorial Appeal.

Monica Carbines (Australian), September 1951 - October 1951 (File)

Seeks journalistic work on musical subjects.

Hilda Elliott (Melbourne), October 1951 (File 296)

Conservative Party election victory.

Sidney Holland, June 1951 (File 297)

Jordan's illness.

W.J. Jordan, July 1951 (File)

Jordan's illness.

R.G. Casey, December 1952 (File 300)

Anzus Treaty; British-American relations; attacks on Casey by Express.

Hilda Elliott (Melbourne), March 1952 - November 1952 (File 301)

Empire campaign in Australia; R.D. Elliott.

Sydney Elliott, January 1952 - March 1952 (File)

Return from Australia; Australia and Commonwealth; R.D. Elliott.

Sir William Jordan, June 1952 (File 302)

Congratulations on Jordan's knighthood.

D.J. Killen (Brisbane), November 1952 (File)

Anzus Treaty; Britain's inclusion in Anzus.

Lady Murdoch, October 1952 - November 1952 (File)

Death of Sir Keith Murdoch.

Bernard Myers (New Zealander), May 1952 - June 1952 (File)

Beaverbrook's broadcasts; F. Doidge; Myers' autobiography.

Sir William Slim, September 1952 (File 303)

Slim's appointment as Governor-General of Australia.

Sir Frederick Doidge, January 1953 (File 306)

Congratulations on Doidge's knighthood.

Hilda Elliott, July 1953 - August 1953 (File)

R.D. Elliott; P. Mallock's visit to England.

Lady Murdoch, August 1953 - October 1953 (File 307)

Rupert Murdoch's work on Express.

Rupert Murdoch, April 1953 (File)

Arranging interview; Sir Keith Murdoch.

Walter Nash, June 1953 (File)

Thanks for hospitality.

W.S. Robinson, July 1953 (File 308)

Plans to visit Russia; arranging meeting.

Sir Frederick Doidge, March 1954 (File 310)

Illness; resignation as New Zealand High Commissioner.

Hilda Elliott, July 1954 (File)

R.D. Elliott; Elliott newspapers in Victoria; Sydney Elliott.

George Hawkes (Truth Newspapers), June 1954 (File 311)

Thanks for lunch.

Trevor Smith (Melbourne Herald Cable Service), July 1954 (File 312)

Thanks for lunch.

Alan W. Mitchell (N.Z. Press Association), July 1954 (File)

Thanks for lunch.

Alan Moorehead, August 1954 (File)

Requests interview on Gallipoli campaign.

Douglass Brass (Argus), May 1955 (File 315)

Dinner; tearsheet from Argus.

Arthur D. Gorfain (Arthur Denny), May 1955 (File 316)

Suggests column for Sunday Express called 'An Australian in London'.

N. Kelly (News Ltd.), June 1955 (File)

Rupert Murdoch's visit to London.

Lord Kirkwood, July 1955 - August 1955 (File)

Article by Beaverbrook on W.S. Robinson for Consolidated Zinc Journal Discus.

Bernard Myers, December 1955 (File 317)

Reminiscences of newspapermen.

W.C. Wentworth, February 1955 - March 1955 (File 318)

Requests interview to discuss atomic energy development.

Marion Paterson (Melbourne), September 1956 - November 1956 (File 322)

Presents print of Fredericton to University of New Brunswick Library.

Lord Bruce, May 1957 - July 1957 (File 324)

Empire trade; Bruce's retirement from Finance Corporation for Industry.

H.V. Evatt, June 1957 (File 325)

Beaverbrook requests meeting.

Lord Bruce, May 1958 (File 329)

Dinner for Canadian Premiers.

Sir David Eccles, July 1958 (File)

Anglo-New Zealand and Australian trade.

F.B.M. Fisher (Rotorua), February 1958 - March 1958 (File 330)

Anglo-New Zealand trade; dumping of foreign food on New Zealand.

Ann Mozley (Canberra), May 1959 - December 1959 (File 336)

Canberra; Australian dictionary of biography; Peter Phillips.

Vernon Bartlett (Singapore), February 1960 - August 1960 (File 338)

Bartlett's autobiography; transfer of power in Singapore and Malaya.

Mrs. Patrica Hawker (Adelaide), October 1960 - December 1960 (File 339)

Purchase of Wright's painting 'The Synnot children'.; Capt. Walter Synnot.

Ann Mozley, January 1960 - December 1960 (File 340)

W.K. Hancock's biography of Smuts; Earle Page's autobiography.

Alan Mitchell (Commonwealth Correspondents Association, London), January 1960 - March 1960 (File)

Invites Beaverbrook to address meeting.

A.R. Frethey (New Zealand Society), December 1960 (File)

Invites Beaverbrook to dinner.

Ann Mozley, April 1961 - July 1961 (File 344)

Sir Earle Page; foreward to Page's autogiography; Beaverbrook's books; Mozley's paper on her Work with Beaverbrook and Page.

Jeffrey Reid (New Zealander), June 1961 (File 345)

Admires Beaverbrook's work for Empire.

W.S. Robinson, July 1961 - August 1961 (File)

Death of L.B. Robinson.

R.P. Gladwin (News Ltd.), February 1962 (File 347)

Seeks interview on Common Market and Commonwealth relationships.

A.M. Deamer (Melbourne Herald Cable Service), February 1962 (File)

Requests interview on Common Market.

Ann Mozley, March 1962 (File)

Beaverbrook's book Courage; death of Sir Earle Page; her work on history of Australian science.

Sir Clifford Heathcote-Smith, June 1962 (File 349)

Menzies' speech; anti-Common Market campaign.

Eric Baume, July 1962 (File 350)

Visit to England; Common Market.

Jean M. Yates (Sydney), [August 1962] (File 351)

Beaverbrook's campaign to strengthen Empire.

Ann Moyal (Mozley), October 1962 (File)

W.K. Hancock's biography of Smuts.

Pat Wood (Wellington), November 1962 (File)

Views of Express on Empire and communism.

Patricia Hawker (Adelaide), December 1962 (File)

Her visit to Fredericton; book on Australian art; painting by Norman Lindsay.

D.J. Killen, [1962] (File)

His meeting with Beaverbrook.

R.J. Morgan (Sydney), January 1963 (File 352)

Need for Britain and Dominions to unite.

V.G. Corfe (Auckland), January 1963 (File)

Need to appeal for friendship with Communist countries.

Eric Baume, February 1963 (File)

Anti-Common Market crusade.

Eric Butler (Australian League of Rights), February 1963 (File)

Need for Conservative Party to produce new leaders dedicated to Commonwealth cause.

L.K.S. Hogg (Melbourne Herald Cable Service), March 1963 (File)

Requests interview.

Ann Moyal, March 1963 (File 353)

Beaverbrook's Decline and fall of Lloyd George; Earle Page's Truant surgeon; Lady Page.

Patricia Hawker, March 1963 (File)

Visit to London; Hans Heysen painting.

Ann Moyal, May 1963 (File 354)

L.F. Fitzhardinge's biography of W.M. Hughes.

T.O. Maddison (Upper Hutt N.Z.), May 1963 (File)

Scheme for British Common Market.

Gerald O'Brien (Wellington), June 1963 (File)

Threats to Commonwealth; Labour Party support for Commonwealth.

Russell Braddon, June 1963 - July 1963 (File)

Seeks assistance with biography of Roy Thomson.

Lord Casey, October 1963 (File 355)

Thanks Casey for book.

Patricia Hawker, [1963] (File 356)

Hans Heysen substituted for Norman Lindsay painting.

Henry Drummond-Wolf (Canberra), March 1964 (File 357)

Commonwealth economic problems.

Norah Field, May 1964 (File 359)

Seeks aircraft for Diocese of Carpentaria

Ann Moyal: death of Beaverbrook, June 1964 (File)

Series Series C. Special Correspondence, 1915 - 1963

Correspondence with L.S. Amery, July 1930 (File 5)

Amery to Beaverbrook, 8 July 1930 (Item)

Praises book Empire stock taking by Australian Grondona.

Correspondence with L.S. Amery, July 1948 - January 1954 (File 8)

Amery to Beaverbrook, 2 July 1948 (Item)

Empire Economic Unity campaign; R.G. Menzies.

Beaverbrook to Amery, 5 July 1948 (Item)

Predicts Menzies will mostly be interested in emigration and Western Union; Western Union and Empire Policy are incompatible.

Amery to Beaverbrook, 1 January 1954 (Item)

Cannot imagine R.A. Butler will achieve anything in Canberra.

Correspondence with Lord Avon, March 1957 (File 17)

A. Eden to B. Bracken, Otehei Bay, N.Z., 26 March 1957 (Item)

Illness; cancellation of visit to Australia.

Correspondence with Sir Robert Borden, June 1915 - November 1915 (File 50)

Beaverbrook to Borden, 6 October 1915 (Item)

Australia will protest about conduct of military operation in Dardanelles.

Borden to Beaverbrook, 30 November 1915 (Item)

Hopes there will be no serious disruption in British Cabinet; requests copy of Australian memo on Dardanelles.

Correspondence with Sir Robert Borden, March 1934 (File 52)

Beaverbrook to Borden, 28 March 1934 (Item)

Political events in U.S.A.; British politics; New Zealand and Australian support for Empire Free trade.

Correspondence with Neville Chamberlain, June 1934 (File 80)

Beaverbrook to Chamberlain, 2 June 1934 (Item)

Encloses memo on Customs Union with Crown Colonies.

N. Chamberlain to Beaverbrook, 5 June 1934 (Item)

Memo is too optimistic about what can be expected from encouragement of the colonial market.

Beaverbrook to N. Chamberlain, 7 June 1934 (Item)

Need to consider Dominions; Australian purchase of tea from Ceylon instead of Dutch East Indies.

Correspondence with Sir Winston Churchill, January 1930 (File 86)

J.C. Farrington to W.S. Churchill, 24 January 1930 (Item)

Beaverbrook sends pamphlet by McDougall.

J. Cummins to J.C. Farrington, 29 January 1930 (Item)

Acknowledges pamphlet.

Correspondence with Sir Winston Churchill, April 1946 - November 1946 (File 88)

Beaverbrook to W.S. Churchill, 23 April 1946 (Item)

Sends Diary notes from Evening Standard about J.B. Chifley.

W.S. Churchill to Beaverbrook, 11 November 1946 (Item)

Protests at statements by Alan Moorehead in Sunday Express about Churchill and Montgomery.

Correspondence with Sir Frederick Doidge, 1935 - 1961 (File 117-118)

Correspondence, 1935 - 1954 (Item)

Concerning Empire Free Trade, British and New Zealand politics, the New Zealand elections of 1935, 1938, 1946 and 1949, W. Nash, S. Holland, R.D. Elliott, imperial relations, Bretton Woods Agreement, Havana Trade Charter, 1950 Colombo Commonwealth Conference, Eden's visit to New Zealand in 1949, Doidge's appointment as Minister for External Affairs in 1949 and High Commissioner in London in 1951.

Correspondence with Lady Doidge, 1954 - 1961 (Item)

Concerning the death of Sir Frederick Doidge in 1954 and business matters.

Correspondence with Senator R.D. Elliott, 1930 - 1950 (File 19-31)

Correspondence, 1930 - 1950 (Item)

Concerning the Empire Free Trade Crusade, Country Party and public support in Australia for Empire Free Trade, conflict between Elliott and the Lyons Government, S.M. Bruce's tariff policies, Beaverbrook's financial contribution to the Country Party, negotiations between the Country Party and United Australia Party in 1934, policies of Australian press on free trade and protectionism, Abdication, events following the death of Lyons in 1939, divisions within the Opposition parties, 1942-45, Earle Page, R.G. Menzies, Keith Murdoch, T. Fink, Elliott's visits to England in 1930, 1932, 1935 and 1947.

Correspondence with Hilda Elliott on the death of R.D. Elliott in 1950 (Item)

Correspondence with Sir David Low, May 1958 - October 1963 (File 226)

Sir David Low to Beaverbrook, 19 May 1958 (Item)

Visit to Fredericton; Low's boyhood in New Zealand.

Sir David Low to Beaverbrook, 10 December 1959 (Item)

Beaverbrook's book; reminiscences of Low's youth.

Beaverbrook to Sir David Low, 28 November 1960 (Item)

Low's book; New Zealand elections.

Beaverbrook to Lady Low, 23 October 1963 (Item)

Low's The Billy book.

Correspondence with Sir Earle Page, 1930 - 1961 (File 266)

Correspondence, 1930 - 1961 (Item)

Concerning Empire Free Trade, water conservation, Page's retirement from the Australian Government in 1955, his autobiography.

Correspondence with Lord Templewood, June 1941 (File 308)

Sir Samuel Hoare (Madrid) to Beaverbrook, 7 June 1941 (Item)

Introduces Arthur Yencken, an Australian.

Sir Samuel Hoare to Beaverbrook, 14 June 1941 (Item)

Difficulties of forming Empire War Cabinet; France; Yencken; R.G. Casey; Menzies visit to England.

Beaverbrook to Sir Samuel Hoare, 20 June 1941 (Item)

Menzies; Yencken.

Series Series D. World War II, May 1940 - December 1945

Papers on munitions production in Australia and the provision of tanks for Australia, January 1942 (File 70)

Memoranda and correspondence relating to Cable and Wireless Ltd. and the proposed Anzac scheme of telecommunications within Commonwealth (File 176)

Papers on the formation of a State-owned authority Commonwealth Airways, the survey of air routes across the Pacific via Clipperton Island, the establishment of the Commonwealth Air Transport Council, and imperial air services, January 1944 - March 1945 (File 208)

Australian civil aviation, July 1943 - December 1945 (File 214)

Papers on the Australian Government's plan to set up a statutory authority to take over interstate airlines, A.N.A.'s order for American aircraft, Australian plans for post-War civil aviation, including proposals by Hudson Fysh, W.S. Robinson and Daniel McVey.

Pacific air bases, November 1943 - July 1944 (File 221)

Papers on the construction of airfields at Nandi, Fiji, and the involvement of the U.S.A. and New Zealand in the construction.

Papers on Commonwealth Conferences on Radio for Civil Aviation, October 1943 - July 1945 (File 232)

Empire discussions on post-War civil aviation, October 1943 - December 1944 (File 233)

Papers on Civil Aviation Conference, Montreal, October 1944 (File 234)

Empire discussions on post-War civil aviation, June 1943 - January 1945 (File 235-36)

Memoranda and minutes of meetings of Dominion Prime Ministers on post-War arrangements for civil aviation, May 1944 (File 254)

Memorandum and cables from the New Zealand Government on civil aviation, April 1944 (File 269)

Papers on the construction by the U.S.A. of airfields on British or Dominion territories in the Western Pacific and on the potential value of Henderson Island for aviation, September 1943 - May 1944 (File 274)

Miscellaneous correspondence between Beaverbrook and the Dominions Office, May 1940 - March 1941 (File 333)

Subjects including the work of the Ministry of Aircraft Production, the release of American aircraft for the Dominions, an Australian Government order for an aluminium extrusion press, and the supply of aircraft to New Zealand.

Memoranda, minutes and report on Commonwealth conversations on civil aviation, October 1943 (File 377)

Series Series F. Campaigns, propaganda and speeches, June 1962 - March 1963

Letters from Australians and New Zealanders supporting Beaverbrook's anti-European Common Market campaign, June 1962 - March 1963 (File)