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Fonds. George Jacob Holyoake Collection, 1852 - 1905

Filmed selectively.

William Hornblower (Birmingham) to Holyoake, 3 February 1852 (File 462)

Family news; John Hornblower now doing well in Australia.

W.J. Birch to Holyoake, 2 June 1852 (File 502)

Disgusted with article in Leader on Patagonian missionaries; Dr Birch is going to Australia; possibility of a branch in Australia.

W. MacCall (Woolwich) to Holyoake, 28 June 1853 (File 576)

Thanks for £5 advance on his 'Spinoza'; [Ebenezer] Syme's ship had a good voyage; suggests Reasoner and Holyoake's works should be advertised in Inquirer.

Pencil drawings of 147 Fleet Street. On the verso of the smaller drawing are details of shipping to Australia and New Zealand (File 627)

Horatio Holyoake to his mother Catherine Holyoake, November 1854 (File 713)

Has been in Australia for twelve months and has not struck rich; Mr Nicholls has dysentery; Henry has opened a store at Ballarat.

Henry, Horatio and Eliza Holyoake (Ballarat) to Catherine Holyoake, November 1854 (File 758)

Betsy's marriage to William Bottomley; he is a digger; his fight with the troops; life on the goldfields.

J. Watson (London) to Holyoake, 18 February 1857 (File 890)

Introduces John Frost who wants a publisher for his pamphlet on Van Diemen's Land and transportation.

Robert Parkes (Beeston, Notts.) to Holyoake, 5 March 1857 (File 892)

Queries Holyoake's statements in The Times about emigration and Thomas Malthus on mothers.

Henry Holyoake (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 25 March 1863 (File 1477)

Has been married 14 days to Jane Phiddian of Woolwich; asks if their mother is alive; family news; is now a master saddler.

Horatio Holyoake (Blackwood, Victoria) to Holyoake, 26 November 1867 (File 1748)

Hopes they can keep in touch; description of Victorian parliamentarians; family news.

W. Morrison (Malham Tarn) to Holyoake, 10 August 1868 (File 1806)

Working of ballot in America and Australia; ballot is needed to simplify, not purify, voting.

Holyoake to John Bright, [1869?] (File 1863)

His plan to obtain details of working class conditions in foreign countries to aid emigration and supply knowledge so as to avoid strikes such as the one at Preston.

Gerald Supple (Dublin) to Holyoake (File 1918)

Thanks for introduction to people in Melbourne.

Newspaper cutting from Melbourne Argus on Gerald Supple case, 21 May 1870 (File 1956)

Newspaper cutting from Argus on Gerald Supple case (File 1957)

E.J. Williams (London) to Holyoake (File 1958)

Sends news from Melbourne on Supple's case and seeking support.

E.J. Williams to Holyoake (File 1959)

Account of Gerald Supple in Australia; believes he was mad.

Holyoake to Lord Clarendon, 25 May 1870 (File 1960)

Suggestions for improving information in and layout of Blue Books on conditions abroad.

A.J. Otway (Foreign Office) to Holyoake, 2 June 1870 (File 1963)

Thanks for suggestions about Blue Books.

W. Morrison (London) to Holyoake, 6 July 1870 (File 1968)

Holyoake's wire-pulling to have additional information included in Blue Books.

Holyoake to A.J. Otway, 9 July 1870 (File 1969)

Further references to Blue Books, including a resolution of the Co-operative Congress at Manchester.

Affidavit by Holyoake on mental health of G.J. Supple, (copy), 28 July 1870 (File 1970)

Colonial Office to Holyoake, 3 August 1870 (File 1974)

Acknowledges Holyoake's affidavit on Supple's mental health.

Lord Canterbury (Melbourne) to Lord Kimberley, 7 September 1870 (File 1979)

Mental health of G.H. Supple.

Gerald Supple (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 4 October 1870 (File 1982)

His emigration to Victoria; Ebenezer Syme; Australia and its gold; its lawlessness; his reprieve on a charge of murder; London days.

H.T. Holland (Colonial Office) to Holyoake, 17 November 1870 (File 1985)

Sends a despatch from Governor of Victoria.

Holyoake to H.T. Holland, 11 January 1871 (File 1988)

Gratitude of Gerald Supple.

H.T. Holland to Holyoake, 2 February 1871 (File 1999)

Lord Kimberley has read extract sent by Holyoake from Birmingham Evening Post.

A.J. Otway to Holyoake, 6 February 1871 (File 1992)

Acknowledges letter of 9 July; Spring Rice has spoken of Holyoake in generous terms.

H.T. Holland (Colonial Office) to Holyoake, 20 June 1871 (File 2011)

As no steps have been taken on Semple's appeal to Queen against Supreme Court of Victoria, appeal is dismissed.

G.H. Semple (Melbourne Gaol) to Holyoake, 11 August 1871 (File 2025)

Gratitude for reprieve on capital murder charge; forthcoming second trial; imprisonment.

Horatio Holyoake (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 4 October 1871 (File 2027)

News of their brother Henry; Horatio and his family; inquires after family at home.

G.H. Supple (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 21 March 1872 (File 2058)

Introduces Mr and Mrs Easton; refers to Blue Book which Holyoake secured.

Newspaper cutting of a letter to the Argus from Henry Holyoake defending the character of his brother, 27 February 1873 (File 2152)

Henry Holyoake (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 18 May 1873 (File 2162)

His defence of George Holyoake in the Argus; high esteem of Holyoake in Australia; details of his children; queries about home.

Newspaper cutting from the Argus on release of Gerald Supple, 2 October 1878 (File 2464)

H. Clinton (Royston) to Holyoake, 10 October 1878 (File 2465)

Thanks reference in Brighton Guardian to Clinton's collection of letters; 'Peace with Honour'; William Cobbett and the Tichborne Case.

Gerald Supple (Auckland) to Holyoake, 3 February 1879 (File 2479)

Release from prison; thanks Holyoake for his kindnesses; description of Auckland and the Maoris.

Holyoake to J.E. Thorold Rogers, 6 March 1882 (File 2695)

History of the idea of an Emigrant's Guide; costs involved; seeks a government grant from Foreign Office.

Newspaper cutting on Sir Charles Gavan Duffy and G.H. Supple, 18 April 1884 (File 2932)

Annotated by Holyoake 'This shows my Affidavit was nearer the truth than I was aware'.

Notes on Whalley Case of 1884 and the Tichborne Case (File 2968)

Sir Henry Parkes (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 4 May 1885 (File 2993)

News of J.C. Hornblower in Australia; his own reception; life in Parliament; the Egyptian affair.

Sir Henry Parkes (Sydney) to Holyoake, 20 August 1886 (File 3051)

Sends Australian publications; free trade debate in Australia and rejection of Customs Bill; he reads Holyoake's journal Present Day.

Report and balance sheet of half yearly meeting of Mutual Store Ltd., Melbourne, 16 March 1888 (File 3126)

Sir Henry Parkes (Sydney) to Holyoake, 19 August 1889 (File 3187)

Need for a change in attitude of Imperial Parliament towards Australia, especially over Western Australia Bill.

Sir Henry Parkes (Sydney) to Holyoake, 12 November 1889 (File 3194)

Prospects of creating a Federal Australia.

Sir Henry Parkes (Sydney) to Holyoake, 27-May (File 3413)

Emma Hornblower (Melbourne) to Holyoake, 5 August 1895 (File 3518)

Deaths of J.G. Hornblower and Lady Parkes.

Holyoake (Brighton) to Joseph Chamberlain, 26 July 1896 (File 3570)

Appeal on behalf of Gerald Supple and his two sisters, who are starving in Auckland.

H.F. Wilson (Colonial Office) to Holyoake, 8 August 1896 (File 3575)

Application on behalf of Misses Supple sent to Prime Minister.

Gerald Supple (Auckland) to Holyoake, 6 March 1897 (File 3598)


John Plummer (Sydney) to Holyoake, 21 May 1897 (File 3623)

Congratulations on Holyoake's 80th birthday, referred to in Co-operative News.

Cutting from Westminster Gazette on action sought by Holyoake to relieve Gerald Supple and his sisters, 4 December 1897 (File 3635)

Notes by Holyoake on the death of Gerald Semple and on his two sisters in Auckland, 17 December 1900 (File 3636)

Goldwin Smith (Toronto) to Holyoake (File 3841)

Boer and Philippine wars, both supported by Christians; dismal result of British election.

Lord Grey (Ottawa) to Holyoake, 18 March 1905 (File 4119)

Has requested a copy of Bygones worth remembering; Holyoake's letter in Co-operative News; regrets that cooperative movement cannot raise money for the quarries.

Fonds. Robert Owen Collection, 1830 - 1855

Filmed selectively.

Resolution of a meeting in London to consider formation of a society for affording relief to pauper labouring classes by means of systematic colonisation, 13 March 1830 (File 207)

Robert Gouger (London) to Owen, 4 April 1830 (File 223)

Proposal for cooperative rent.

Robert Gouger to Owen, 21 June 1830 (File 270)

Notice of a meeting of Committee of National Colonisation Society.

Robert Gouger to Owen, 12 July 1830 (File 284)

Hopes Owen will be present at next meeting.

Robert Gouger. Notice of meeting, 29 June 1830 (File 274)

Robert Gouger to Owen, 19 July 1830 (File 288)

Notice of committee meeting.

Lord Melville to Owen, 20 September 1830 (File 314)

Declines to serve on committee.

William Panton (Montpellier NSW) to Owen, (4pp), 2 January 1834 (File 673)

A convert to Owen's views.

Sir Robert Peel to Owen, 17 February 1835 (File 723)

A convert to Owen's views.

Henry Goulburn to Owen, 20 February 1835 (File 724)

Requests that Owen communicate in writing.

Samuel Phillips (Home Office) to Owen, 27 February 1835 (File 725)

Owen's appeal on behalf of six prisoners convicted at Dorset Assizes of administering false oaths [Tolpuddle Martyrs]. With memorandum of Owen's reply.

Samuel Phillips (Home Office) to Owen, 6 March 1835 (File 726)

Refuses Owen's appeal for pardons.

Memorial of the Working Classes to King William IV for remission of penalties imposed on six Dorsetshire convicts, 23 June 1835 (File 740)

James Lindsay (Edinburgh) to Owen, 11 August 1839 (File 1140)

Suggests cooperation with for better colonisation of New Zealand.

Ernest Haug (London) to Owen, 27 February 1853 (File 2123)

Praises Owen; wishes to see him before Haug goes to Australia.

R.P. Hall (Sydney) to Owen, 25 January 1855 (File 2330)

Has written a reply to an article about Owen in Sydney Morning Herald.

Thomas Cauldery (London) to Owen, 14 April 1855 (File 2382)

Forwards communication from a friend in Australia.

Thomas Cauldery to Owen, 24 April 1855 (File 2387)

Will send Owen's present to R.P. Hall in Australia.