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Scope and Contents

Records 1882-1919 of British Women's Emigration Association.

Records 1919-51 of Women's Migration and Overseas Appointment Society.

Papers 1942-53 of feminist Teresa Billington-Greig. Subjects include: internment of Adela Pankhurst Walsh; federalism in Australia; and growth of Queensland Women's Electoral League.

Papers 1885-1902 of Josephine Butler. Subjects include Contagious Diseases Acts, Women and Girls' Protection Ordinance, and Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Papers 1937-54 of Dame Kathleen Courtney, founder of Women's International League. Subjects include: Young Women's Christian Association; Australian League of Nations Union; Courtney's visit to Australia and New Zealand in 1938; and Pan-Pacific Women's Association.

Papers 1902-19 of Australian feminist Vida Goldstein. Includes: manuscript of a lecture by Goldstein on her visit to United States in 1902; cutting book 1903 relating to Goldstein's campaign in Victoria and women candidates in general; Australian representation at the International Women's Suffrage Conference at Amsterdam; Women's Suffrage Bill in Victoria; 1919 Peace Treaty; and British and European politics.

Papers 1872-1951 of Edith How-Martyn, Chairman of Suffrage Fellowship. Subjects include: Australian women at war; women candidates in 1943 Australian federal election; Women for Canberra Movement; and women's issues in New Zealand.

Research papers 1958-60 of Norman Mackenzie, assembled while writing his book Women in Australia.

Papers 1928-53 of writer and preacher Agnes Maude Royden, including letters of Catherine King.

Autograph collection 1906-58 relating to female suffrage, emancipation and women's movement in Australia and New Zealand.

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Material selectively filmed at the Fawcett Library, City of London Polytechnic, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1987-1989 (AJCP Reels: M2291-M2314). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

The Women's Library. (Formerly the Fawcett Library), London School of Economics and Political Science, London. For further information see The Women's Library at the London School of Economics (

Records of the Female Middle Class Emigration Society and some of the records of the United British Women's Emigration Association, 1862-1901, have been copied by the AJCP on M468.

Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2018. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

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Australia: politics and government; Australia: visits to; Australian League of Nations Union; Billington-Greig, Teresa; British Women's Emigration Association; Butler, Josephine; Courtney, Dame Kathleen; Emigration and immigration: women; Feminists; Goldstein, Vida; Governorships; Great Britain: laws; How-Martyn, Edith; International Women's Suffrage Conference, Amsterdam; King, Catherine; Mackenzie, Norman; New Zealand: visits to; Pan-Pacific Women's Association; Peace Treaty (1919); Queensland Women's Electoral League; Royden, Agnes M.; Suffrage Fellowship; United States of America; Victoria: laws; Victoria: politics and government; Walsh, Adela Pankhurst; Women and Girls' Protection Ordinance; Women for Canberra Movement; Women's Christian Temperance Union; Women's International League; Women's Migration and Overseas Appointment Society; Women's movements; Womens Suffrage; Young Women's Christian Association


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 164, p60.

Biographical / Historical

Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett (1847-1929) joined the London Suffrage Committee in 1867 and began to write articles on politics, economics and women's issues. From 1890-1919 she was President of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. In 1919 the London Society for Women's Suffrage changed its name to the London and National Society for Women's Service. In 1926 the Society established the Women's Service Library which gradually built up a collection of books, periodicals, ephemera, manuscripts, photographs, posters and cartoons relating to most aspects of women's place in society. In 1953 the Society changed its name to the Fawcett Society in honour of Millicent Fawcett. By 1977 it could no longer support the Library and it was transferred to the City of London Polytechnic.

Item Descriptions

Fonds FL2. British Women's Emigration Association, 1882 - 1919

8 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

The United Englishwomen's Emigration Association was founded in 1884 to help the emigration of women of good character and capacity, to secure protection on the voyage and on arrival, and to keep in touch with emigrants after their arrival. In 1888, with the formation of branches in Scotland and Ireland, the name was changed to the United British Women's Emigration Association. By 1900 it had assisted over 7,000 women to emigrate to the colonies. Its voluntary workers helped prospective migrants apply, obtained references, assisted with travel arrangements and supplied information about life in the Dominions. The Association, together with the South African Colonisation Society and the Central Bureau for the Employment of Women, was represented on the Colonial Intelligence League, formed in 1910 to assist educated applicants to emigrate. It specialised on collecting information in the Dominions about employment possibilities.

Series FL2B. United British Women's Emigration Association, 1888 - 1915

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2291-M2292

Annual reports (1 vol., 352pp), 1888 - 1898 (File 2/1)
Cutting book of Adelaide Ross, including cuttings, leaflets, circulars, letters on emigration. (c. 150pp), 1882 - 1915 (File 3/1 [Box 22])
Cutting book on women's emigration (c. 150pp), 1893 - 1901 (File 3/2 [Box 22])

Series FL2C. British Women's Emigration Association, 1899 - 1919

5 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2291-M2293

Minutes of Council (1 vol., 236pp), January 1915 - July 1919 (File 1/1 [Box 2])
Minutes of Sub-Committee for Diffusing Information (1 vol., 52pp), March 1903 - July 1905 (File 1/2 [Box 2])
Minutes of Hostel Committee (1 vol., 123pp), April 1909 - January 1912 (File 1/4 [Box 3])
Minutes and correspondence of Advisory Committee. (1 vol., 15pp), March 1914 - September 1914 (File 1/5 [Box 3])
Annual reports (2 vols., 855pp), 1899 - 1918 (File 2/1-2)

Fonds FL2E. Colonial Intelligence League, 1910 - 1919

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2293-M2295

Minutes of Council (1 vol., 37pp), June 1912 - June 1919 (File 1/1 [Box 37])

6 items

Minutes of Executive Committee (3 vols., 750pp), February 1910 - June 1919 (File 1/2-4 [Boxes 37-38])

Minutes of Finance and Settlement Sub-Committee (2 vols., 315pp), November 1913 - June 1919 (File 1/5-6 [Box 37])

Minutes of Country Organisation Committee (1 vol. 168pp), March 1912 - July 1914 (File 1/7 [Box 37])

Minutes of Literature Sub-Committee (1 vol., 33pp), November 1913 - July 1915 (File 1/8 [Box 37])

Annual reports (1 vol., 291pp), 1910 - 1919 (File 2/1 [Box 37])

Fonds FL2G. Women's Migration and Oversea Appointment Society, 1919 - 1963

21 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2295-M2308

Biographical / Historical

In 1919, at the suggestion of the Oversea Settlement Office, the British Women's Emigration Association, South African Colonisation Society and Colonial Intelligence League amalgamated to form the Society for the Oversea Settlement of British Women. It received an annual grant from the Government. As well as selecting suitable women settlers and making arrangements for their journeys, protection and employment, it advised the Oversea Settlement Office on all matters concerning the migration of women. The name was changed to the Women's Migration and Oversea Appointment Society in 1962. In 1964 the Society received its last Government grant and it was disbanded in 1965.

Minutes of Council, July 1919 - July 1938 (File 1/1-7 [Boxes 3-7])

Pages 1-79 of Vol. 1 comprise minutes of the Joint Council of Women's Emigration Societies, April 1917-July 1919.

Most of the volumes contain reports of the Executive Committee.

(7 vols., 1868pp)

Minutes of Executive Committee (7 vols., 2189pp), January 1920 - June 1967 (File 1/8-14 [Boxes 8-13])

Minutes of Finance Committee (5 vols., 1092pp), December 1919 - December 1964 (File 1/15-19 [Boxes 13-16])

Minutes of miscellaneous committees (1 vol., 254pp), 1920 - 1927 (File 1/20 [Box 16])

Includes Australian Subcommittee, 1922-1923.

Minutes of miscellaneous subcommittees (1 vol., 44pp), 1929 - 1939 (File 1/21 [Box 16])

Minutes of Junior Branch Subcommittee (1 vol., 37pp), July 1925 - September 1930 (File 1/22 [Box 16])

Minutes of Training Centre Committee (1 vol., 93pp), March 1929 - May 1930 (File 1/23 [Box 17])

Minutes of Training Hostel Subcommittee (1 vol., 75pp), May 1930 - March 1931 (File 1/24 [Box 17])

Minutes of Australia and New Zealand Committee (1 vol., 126pp), June 1928 - December 1938 (File 1/32 [Box 20])

Minutes of Schoolgirls Oversea Tour Subcommittee (1 vol., 35pp), June 1927 - May 1930 (File 1/33 [Box 20])

Minutes of Schoolgirls Oversea Tour Committee (1 vol., 47pp), January 1934 - November 1938 (File 1/34 [Box 20])

Minutes and correspondence concerning conference between Executive Committee and New Zealand and Australian Panel (27pp), June 1920 (File 1/35 [Box 19] File 126)

File of correspondence and minutes concerning Oversea Settlement Office Women's Advisory Committee, 1919 - 1922 (File 1/36-38 [Box 19])

Comprises correspondence of A.C. Franklin and Gladys Pott of Society for Oversea Settlement of British Women with G.F. Plant, T.C. Macughten, L. Davy, T. Pughe, E. Royden, E. Thompson, M. Glyn, Oversea Settlement Office, Women's Legion, Service Women's Association, Church Army and Women's Royal Naval Service. There are also minutes of War Services Advisory Committee, Oversea Settlement Office Women's Advisory Committee, and Joint Council of Women's Emigration Societies.


Annual reports (4 vols., 925pp), 1920 - 1935 (File 2/1-4)

Annual reports (680pp), 1936 - 1963 (File 2/5 [Box 21])

Notebook of Lady Knox (File 11/1 [Box 22])

Contains notes on emigrants and people in overseas countries willing to help immigrants, including Australia and New Zealand.


Pamphlets: Society for Oversea Settlement of British Women. Aims, organisation and work. London (4pp), 1924 (File 12/ [Box 21])

Pamphlets: Society for Oversea Settlement of British Women. Opportunities overseas for women . London (7pp), 1934 (File 12/ [Box 21])

Pamphlets: Society for Oversea Settlement of British Women. Australia, the land of hope and sunshine; how women can get there and what they say of it . London (12pp), 1938 (File 12/9 [Box 21])

Pamphlets: Ellen Cumber. Report to Society for Oversea Settlement of British Women on the Australian tour of the General Secretary (31pp), February 1951 - May 1951 (File 12/16 [Box 21])

Pamphlets: Ellen Cumber. Report to Society for Oversea Settlement of British Women on the New Zealand tour of the General Secretary (15pp), May 1951 - June 1951 (File 12/17 [Box 21])

Fonds [Box 90]. Billinghurst Papers, 1891

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Biographical / Historical

May Billinghurst (d. 1953), militant suffragette.

B. Goddard (Kyabram, Victoria) to H. Billinghurst, 22 April 1891 (File)

Excessive borrowing and expenditure by Victorian Government; Trades Hall rules supreme.

Three cuttings from Argus and other Melbourne newspapers concerning loan expenditure and criticisms of H. Billinghurst of London and Westminster Bank. (File)

M. Macfie (Melbourne) to H. Billinghurst, 18 May 1891 (File)

Failure of Victorian loan; believes English banks should refuse further loans until railways can pay interest; poor calibre of past and present Ministers, including A. Deakin; real wealth of country neglected.

Fonds [Boxes 397-419]. Billington-Greig Papers, 1942 - 1954

7 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Biographical / Historical

Teresa Billington-Greig (1877-1964), organizer of Women's Social and Political Union 1903-1907, Secretary of Women's Freedom League 1907-1911.

Correspondence, May 1942 - October 1953 (File 1)

5 items
Edith How-Martyn (Sydney) to Billington-Greig, 18 May 1942 (Item)

Former suffragette prisoners living in Australia; internment of Adela Pankhurst Walsh; federalism in Australia.

Edith How-Martyn to Billington-Greig, 1 October 1948 (Item)

Christmas greetings; suggestion of G.B. Shaw of man-woman representation in Parliament; little prospect of returning to England.

Edith How-Martyn to Billington-Greig, 27 February 1952 (Item)

History of suffragette movement; regrets that Suffragette Museum taken over by London Museum.

Florence Low (Wellington) to Billington-Greig, 2 October 1953 (Item)

Thanks for Country Life; impending visit of Queen Elizabeth II to New Zealand; earthquakes.

Helen Hope (Brisbane) to Billington-Greig, 25 October 1953 (Item)

Recollections of Toynbee Debating Society days; seeks history of suffrage campaign for Queensland Women's Electoral League.

Correspondence, 1954 (File 2)

2 items
Helen Hope (Brisbane) to Billington-Greig, 12 February 1954 (File)

Enjoyment of life in Australia; European immigration; housing shortage; Royal Visit; growth of Queensland Women's Electoral League; encloses letter from E. Drury on Liberal Party fund-raising.

Helen Hope to Billington-Greig, 27 April 1954 (File)

Receipt of book by Mary Richardson; recalls imprisonment of sister Mary Hope; Petrov Case.

Fonds [Box 395]. Bowerman Papers, 1948

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Elsie Bowerman (1889-1973) Barrister, organizer for Women's Social and Political Union, founder of Women's Guild of Empire.

Series 9. Correspondence, September 1948

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Constance Branch (Melbourne) to Bowerman, 13 September 1948 (File 15)

Emigration to Australia; death of husband; house at Dandenong; music and theatre; Hepzibah Menuhin; high cost of living.

Fonds. Butler Papers, 1885 - 1902

25 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Josephine Grey (1828-1906), married Rev. George Butler (1820-1890), Principal of Liverpool College for Boys 1866-1882, founded Ladies' National Association to campaign against Contagious Diseases Acts 1869-1886, founded International Society against State Regulated Vice 1875, collaborated with W. Stead in campaign against child prostitution 1885, edited The Dawn 1888-1896 and The Storm Bell 1898-1900.

Series. Correspondence of Josephine Butler, December 1885 - June 1902

25 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Butler to Mary Priestman, 30 December 1885 (File)

Need to keep in touch with repeal friends; refers to letter from New Zealand on progress made by enemies; need to supply information to supporters in colonies.

Butler to Mary Priestman, 15 November 1888 (File)

Sends letter from Mrs Aldis requesting literature be sent to New Zealand; requests money for postage of literature to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Butler to Mary Priestman, 15 July 1889 (File)

Report of Ladies National Association; suggests reference to colonial activities, including work of Mrs Aldis in New Zealand.

Butler to New Zealand Press, May 1895 (File)

Urges women of New Zealand to make use of their votes by rising up against Contagious Diseases laws.

Butler to Mary Priestman, 26 July 1895 (File)

British elections; defection of women to side of regulationists; women in New Zealand obtained vote and immediately passed resolutions in favour of Contagious Diseases Acts.

Butler to Mary Priestman, 10 August 1895 (File)

Letter of Appeal to be sent to women's societies in Australia and New Zealand.

F. Forsaith to Edmondson, 20 August 1895 (File)

Printing of Butler's 'Second Letter of Appeal and Warning'; Colmar Conference; resolution of New Zealand Liberal Women; sends letter from Mrs Aldis on passing of Repeal Bill and introduction of Suppression of Immorality Bill.

Butler to Editor, Auckland Star, 30 August 1895 (File)

Welcomes passing of Repeal Bill; Contagious Diseases Act based on evil principle; error of making police guardians of morality; objections to Suppression of Morality Bill; bribery of police by male seducers; women should form brigades of true saviours of society.

Letters from Butler to J. Stuart and to F. Forsaith, 5 January 1896 (File)

Urges literature be sent to Australia.

Committee should meet to discuss Australian business; Stuart's letter to Auckland Star and Army Sanitary Report should be sent to Australia.

Butler (Neuchatel) to 'friends', 27 April 1896 (File)

Meeting of Ladies National Association; will send congratulations to New Zealand.

W.G. Shellabeer (Singapore) to F. Forsaith, 17 July 1896 (File)

Women and Girls' Protection Ordinance; association of Singapore Colonial Surgeon and Protector of Chinese with brothel-keepers; sends article from Free Press.

Jessie Brooke (Burnie, Tasmania) to Butler, 26 August 1897 (File)

Support for Butler's work; dismay at possible resurgence of Contagious Diseases Acts.

Emily Kelsey (Auckland) to Butler, 16 September 1897 (File)

Departure of Mrs Aldis from New Zealand; thanks for support in opposing State regulated vice.

Emily Kelsey and 15 other New Zealand women to Butler, 7 September 1897 (File)

Support in campaign against Contagious Diseases Acts.

S. Thirk (Wellington) to Butler, 11 October 1897 (File)

Support of Women's Christian Temperance Union in present crisis.

Annie Tucker (Wanganui) to Butler, 12 October 1897 (File)

Support of Women's Christian Temperance Union

B. Soulby (Kaiapoi) to Butler, 14 October 1897 (File)

Support of Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Mary McCarthy (Noseby) to Butler, 21 October 1897 (File)

Support of Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Amy Delany (Auckland) to Butler, 14 October 1897 (File)

Support of Auckland Women's Political League in opposition to Contagious Diseases Acts.

F. Forsaith to Emily Kelsey, 3 December 1897 (File)

Thanks of Butler for letter from New Zealand women; wishes New Zealand would repeal Contagious Diseases Act.

Butler to 'friends', 16 January 1898 (File)

Large number of people in India, Australia and New Zealand seeking literature.

Emily Kelsey to F. Forsaith, 10 February 1898 (File)

Sympathy for Butler; attempts to repeal Contagious Diseases Act in New Zealand; proposed Young People's Protection Bill; New Zealand subscribers to The Shield .

M.E. Kirk (Melbourne) to Butler, 2 August 1898 (File)

Cable sent from Women's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria to Federation Congress.

Butler (Berne) to F. Forsaith, 9 November 1898 (File)

Letter to H. Spencer; letter from New Zealand Premier on good effects of women's suffrage.

R. Seddon to Butler, 20 June 1902 (File)

Thanks for appreciation of action taken by colonies in Boer War. (photocopy)

Fonds. Courtney Papers, 1937 - 1953

20 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Dame Kathleen Courtney (1878-1974). Secretary, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies 1911-1914, founder of Women's International League, member of Executive Committee of League of Nations Union 1928-1939, Chairman of United Nations Association 1949-1951.

Series D. International Cooperation. New Zealand and Australia, 1937 - 1938

8 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Letters of Courtney to her family, January 1938 - July 1938 (File 1-48)

The letters describe the voyage from England to New Zealand on S.S. Rangitiki via Jamaica, Panama and Pitcairn Island, organization of tour, meetings, speeches, weather, European news, meetings with C. Duguid, Constance Duncan, Bessie Rischbieth, visits to Auckland, Rotorua, Hamilton, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin, Queenstown, Invercargill, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Bendigo, Mt. Gambier, Adelaide, Perth, and return voyage on T.S.S. Ulysses via Durban, Capetown and Madeira.

Circulars, itineraries and letters on organisation of tour from Ethel Law (Wellington) and Constance Duncan (Melbourne) (File 49-64)
Report of conference, Sydney (15pp), 23 April 1938 (File 65-70)

At which Courtney met delegates of League of Nations Union, Young Women's Christian Association, Mothers' Union, Workers Educational Association, International Peace Campaign, Democratic Federation of Youth, New Education Fellowship.

Precis of speech by Courtney, Melbourne (9pp), 3 May 1938 (File)
Draft of speech. (10pp) (File)
Broadcast by Courtney, 'The present international situation' Melbourne (6pp), 4 May 1938 (File)
List of titles for addresses and speeches. (File)
Cuttings concerning tour, December 1937 - June 1938 (File 71-105)

Series H. Maude Royden (1876-1956), 1953

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Catherine King (Perth) to Courtney, 23 November 1953 (File)

A.B.C. broadcast on Maude Royden.

Catherine King to Courtney, 18 February 1953 (File)

Thanks for broadcast: meeting with Maude Royden.

Broadcast: 'A.M. Royden'. (6pp) (File)

Series I. Correspondence, 1940 - 1945

9 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2308

Dorothy Willis (Melbourne) to Courtney, 4 July 1944 (File 17)

Activities of Victorian branch of League of Nations Union and Discussion Group Movement.

Ann Douglas (Brisbane) to Courtney, 7th April (File 48)

War situation; children's clothes sent to England.

Correspondence between Constance Duncan (Melbourne) and Courtney, 1941 - 1945 (File 49-54)

Case of internee P. Jacobsohn; war situation; R.G. Menzies; internment camps; Japan's entry into War; Duncan's work in Department of Labour and National Service and Department of Health; mutual friends; Australian politics; J. Curtin; Dumbarton Oaks proposals; United Nations; Australian League of Nations Union. (6 letters)

Correspondence between P. Jacobsohn (Tatura), Emmy Sax, Dorothy Gollance and Courtney, 1940 - 1942 (File 65-73)

Case of P. Jacobsohn; conditions in Tatura internment Camp; financial assistance. (9 letters)

Mildred Muscio (Sydney) to Courtney, 1941 - 1944 (File 115-17)

Visit of American naval squadron; Australian policy in Pacific; child endowment; Australian League of Nations Union; women M.P.s; visit of Edith Summerskill; international situation; books. (3 letters)

V.W. Odlum (Canberra, Melbourne, Bombay) to Courtney, 1942 - 1943 (File 119-23)

Appointment as Canadian High Commissioner in Australia; Georgina Sweet; war situation; impressions of Australia; anti-intellectualism; Irish influence; Anglo-Australian relations; J. Curtin. (4 letters)

Georgina Sweet (Melbourne) to Courtney, 1941 - 1945 (File 155-63)

War situation; R.G. Menzies; Constance Duncan; Australian Liaison Committee; Pan-Pacific Women's Association; K. Officer; V. Odlum; Eleanor Hinder.

Fanny Taylor (Auckland) to Courtney, 11 May 1941 (File 164)

War situation; Pan-Pacific Women's Conference.

Fanny Taylor to Courtney, 13 April 1942 (File 165)

Japan's entry into War; likelihood of air raids in New Zealand; retirement from teaching; Young Women's Christian Association.

Fonds. Goldstein Papers, 1902 - 1919

8 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2309

Biographical / Historical

Vida Goldstein (1869-1949), Australian feminist, President of Women's Political Association, owner-editor of Women's Sphere (1900-5) and Woman Voter (1909-1919), candidate for Australian Senate in 1903, 1910 and 1917 and House of Representatives in 1913 and 1914, Secretary of 1902 International Woman Suffrage Conference, founder of Women's Peace Army in 1915.

Notebook 'To America and Back' (76pp), 1902 (File 1)

Manuscript of a lecture by Goldstein on her visit to United States, January-June 1902, referring to the voyage via New Zealand, Samoa and Hawaii, the journey from San Francisco to Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston, photographs taken during the journey, and general impressions of American society, customs, politics and attitudes. The lecture does not deal with the International Women's Suffrage Conference at Washington.

Autograph Album (82pp), 1902 (File 2)

Volume of autographs and a few photographs of American women and delegates to International Women's Suffrage Conference at Washington.

Cutting Book on Senate Election Campaign (86pp), August 1903 - January 1904 (File 3)

Volume of newspaper cuttings and also leaflets and circulars, mostly concerning Goldstein's campaign in Victoria and women candidates generally. The cuttings are from the Argus, Age, Truth, Worker, Weekly Times, Punch, Herald, Tocsin, Bulletin, Advertiser (Adelaide), Daily Telegraph (Sydney), Review of Reviews (London) and country newspapers, August 1903-January 1904.

Diary (175pp), 1908 (File 4)

Large diary and commonplace book, kept intermittently throughout 1908. The entries refer to letters received and sent, meetings and deputations, Australian representation at the International Women's Suffrage Conference at Amsterdam and agitation to extend the franchise to women in Victoria. There are also cuttings from the Age, Argus, Herald, Women's Journal and Daily Telegraph on women's suffrage, women in the professions, the Amsterdam Conference, design of a Melbourne watchhouse, Australian electoral laws, English suffrage movement, wages for women, Women's Suffrage Bill passed by Victorian Parliament (November 1908), divorce law, domestic service. They include several articles written by Goldstein.

Album of letters, autographs and photographs (115pp), 1911 (File 5)

Goldstein was invited to England in 1911 by the Women's Social and Political Union. The album contains photographs of Ceylon, Port Said and many places and individuals in England, cuttings, letters of Harriet Newcomb (Australian and New Zealand Women Voters' Committee), Alice Henry and a few other correspondents, and autographs, including those of J. Galsworthy, J. Mansfield, H.M. Hyndman, J. Keir Hardie, H. Strangways, Emmeline Pankhurst, Christabel Pankhurst, Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, Annie Kenney, Laurence Housman, H. Granville Barker, G. Bernard Shaw, Lady Selborne.

Manifold Book of letters written home, London (98pp), March 1919 (File 6)

The letters, which are not addressed to anyone, describe the voyage from Melbourne to London via Fremantle, Cocos Islands, Colombo, Bombay and Suez; the journey to Zurich; the Women's International Congress; the return journey to London via Paris; divisions in Britain and France over the Peace Terms; the continuance of the blockade of Central Europe; fears about Bolshevism.

Manifold Book of letters written home, London (101pp), July 1919 - November 1919 (File 7)

The letters differ from those in the earlier volume in being more impersonal, concentrating on events in Europe. Some of the letters were evidently intended for publication in Australia. Subjects discussed include the Peace Treaty; political situation in Russia and Hungary; League of Nations; Peace Day in London; effects of blockade on women and children in Europe and Middle East; British politics; British ignorance about Australia; industrial unrest; railway strike; democracy and capitalism; blockade of Russia; demobilisation of women; economic conditions in Britain.

Manuscript article on juvenile delinquents (21pp) (File 8)

Manuscript entitled 'The George Junior republic, or how to deal with the seemingly hopeless delinquent'. It describes the methods used by the George Junior republic in the United States in dealing with delinquent children.

Fonds [Box 385]. How-Martyn Papers, 1872 - 1951

15 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2310-M2312

Biographical / Historical

Edith How-Martyn (d. 1954), Secretary of Women's Social and Political Union, 1906-7, first Secretary of Women's Freedom League 1907, first woman elected to Middlesex County Council 1919-1922, Director of Birth Control International Information Centre, Chairman of Suffragette Fellowship. Emigrated to Australia in 1941.

Cutting book, 1872 - 1899 (File HM-1)

Cutting book (33pp), 1908 (File HM-2)

Commonplace book and cutting book (40pp), 1940 - 1948 (File HM-3)

New Zealand correspondence (128pp), 1940 - 1950 (File HM-4)

Correspondents include Gertrude Barnett (Napier), Kathleen Moore (Wellington), A. Helen Wake (Hastings), Muriel Lovell-Smith (Hastings), Jean Dawson (Wellington). They refer to mutual friends; activities of National Council of Women; appointment of women jurors in New Zealand; New Zealand politics; books; equal pay; wartime conditions in New Zealand. There are also some cuttings and two Newsletters of Family Planning Association of New Zealand (1948).

First women of Britain, Commonwealth and Empire (54pp), 1943 - 1948 (File HM-5)

Cutting book containing reports, many from Australian newspapers, of women who achieved 'firsts'. Examples are first woman mayor in London, first woman in Canadian diplomatic service, first woman trustee of Art Gallery of New South Wales, first woman professor at Oxford University, first woman coroner in England, first woman barrister in Sydney, first Maori woman doctor.

Australian women at war (118pp), 1942 - 1943 (File HM-6)

Volume of correspondence, leaflets, bulletins, constitution, agendas and cuttings of Council for Women in War Work. Correspondents include Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Marjorie Coppel, Helen Palmer. There is a copy of Mollie Bayne, ed. Australian women at war . (Melbourne, 1943)

Australian Federal election (50pp), 1943 (File HM-7)

Volume of cuttings and notes on women candidates in 1943 Federal election, especially Helen Maxwell (Progressive) in Balaclava electorate.

Australian notes and press cuttings (37pp), 1942 - 1944 (File HM-8)

Volume of notes, cuttings and leaflets on equal pay, careers for women, Council for Women in War Work, State elections, artist Stephanie Taylor, visit of Edith Summerskill to New Zealand. Includes diary notes, Oct.-December 1943.

Australian Women in Parliament and Councils (110pp), 1941 - 1943 (File HM-9)

Volume of notes, cuttings, leaflets, agendas, mainly concerning formation in 1942 of Women for Canberra Movement. The cuttings refer to Mabel Brookes, Elizabeth Couchman, Lavinia Weber, Helen Maxwell, Jessie Street, Enid Lyons, Dorothy Tangney, Constance Duncan.

Fight for Freedom (100pp), 1947 - 1950 (File HM-10)

Volume of notes, cuttings, leaflets and correspondence concerning celebrations by Suffragette Fellowship in Sydney of anniversaries of birth of Emmeline Pankhurst and achievement of women's suffrage in Britain. Correspondents include Adela Pankhurst Walsh, Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, Edith Summerskill. There are also newsletters of Suffragette Fellowship and Women's Freedom League and obituaries of Helen Archdale, Flora Drummond, Ada Bach and other suffragettes.

Miscellaneous press cuttings (52pp), 1948 - 1950 (File HM-11)

Volume of cuttings on women who achieved 'firsts' and obituaries of Vida Goldstein, Louisa Macdonald, Eleanor Glencross, Dame Constance D'Arcy, Ruby Davy. There is also a letter of Helen Wake (Hastings, N.Z.)

Journal, Australia (50pp), 1947 - 1948 (File HM-12/1)

Very brief entries, recording letters received and sent, visitors and special events, kept while How-Martyn was living in Sydney.

Personal correspondence (114pp), 1949 - 1950 (File HM-12/2)

Volume recording letters received and sent and containing cuttings and some loose letters. Correspondents include Marie Stopes, Elspeth Huxley, Sir John Russell, Elisabeth Hobbs, Prof. W.E. Gye (who visited Australia in 1949).

New Zealand notes, cuttings, correspondence, photographs (170pp), 1940 - 1941 (File HM-NZ/1)

How-Martyn arrived in Wellington in October 1940 and visited Wanganui, Palmerston North, Timaru, Dunedin, Christchurch, Havelock North, Hastings and Auckland. She left for Australia in October 1941. The volume contains letters, notes on meetings and functions, articles by or about How-Martyn, and general articles on women's issues and New Zealand. Correspondents include Mary Dreaver (Wellington), W.J. Rogers (Wanganui), Edith Riggis (Havelock North). There are also leaflets of the New Zealand Women Teachers' Association, Pan-Pacific Women's Association, and Workers Educational Association.

New Zealand notes, cuttings, correspondence, photographs (200pp), 1940 - 1951 (File HM-NZ/2)

The volume contains letters (mostly dated 1940-1941), notes of meetings and interviews, and cuttings and articles on New Zealand, sexual equality, family planning, women in politics, National Council of Women, and Wokers Educational Association, Correspondents include W.E. Barnard (Wellington), Helen Wake (Hastings), Marie Griffin (Auckland), Muriel Lovell-Smith (Hastings), Kathleen Moore (Wellington), Gertrude Barnett (Napier), Jeannie Dawson (Wellington), A. Barrington (Wellington). There are also leaflets of the Sex Hygiene and Birth Regulation Society, Family Planning Association of New Zealand, and New Zealand Federation of University Women.

Other letters received by How-Martyn, especially from suffragettes and women in politics may be sound in the Autograph Collection.

Fonds. Mackenzie Papers, 1937 - 1960

5 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2312

Biographical / Historical

Norman Mackenzie, a lecturer at the London School of Economics, was commissioned by the Social Science Research Council of Australia to undertake a research project on the role of women, especially in professional and public life, in Australia. The research was carried out in 1959-1960 and the findings published under the title Women in Australia (Melbourne, 1962).

Legal status of women, 1937 - 1960 (File File 1 [Box 86])

Papers sent to Mackenzie on legal status of women in N.S.W. (24pp), South Australia (9pp), Tasmania (7pp), Western Australia (15pp), Queensland (3pp) and Victoria (12pp), together with covering letters of Z. Cowen (Melbourne), R. Anderson (Canberra), I. McCall (Perth), Gwenda Sargeant (Adelaide), 1959-1960. There are also earlier papers prepared by the Australian Federation of Women Voters for the League of Nations in 1937 and the British Commonwealth League Conference in 1951.

Equal pay for equal work, 1953 - 1960 (File File 2 [Box 86])

Miscellaneous papers collected by Mackenzie including resume of Australian Council of Trade Unions activities on equal pay (1953-1959), issues of Equality (1956-1959), report of N.S.W. Teachers Federation on A.C.T.U. Conference on Equal Pay (1958), notes of A.C.T.U. deputation to Minister of Labour and National Service (1957), N.S.W. Labor Council resolutions on equal pay (1958, 1960), extracts from Hansards (1958-1959), statement by National Council of Women of Victoria, judgment of N.S.W. Industrial Commission in Clerks (State) award (1959), and minutes of A.C.T.U. Equal Pay Committee (1959).

Women's Organisations, 1954 - 1960 (File File 3 [Box 87])

Includes constitution of Australian Federation of Women Voters (1954), annual reports of League of Women Voters of N.S.W. (1956-1957) and League of Women Voters of South Australia (1954-1955), a paper on history and organization of National Council of Women (1958), Newsletter of National Council of Women (1958-1959) and a note on Australian Women's Guild of Empire. The file also contains a scheme for equal opportunity in the teaching service, notes on employment of women in Public Service, paper on women in the legal profession, and notes on position of women under Commonwealth legislation (1960).

Local Government Papers, 1944 - 1960 (File File 4 [Box 87])

Very miscellaneous papers including 1944/45 report of the Council for Women in War Work, essay by Bernice Collins on expansion of voluntary work by women, paper on 1956 survey of professional social workers in N.S.W., paper on part-time work, issues of Emergency Housekeeper (1958-1959), newsletters of N.S.W. branch of Australian Local Government Women's Association (1960), and notes taken from various publications and censuses.

Newspaper cuttings, 1956 - 1960 (File File 5 [Box 87])

Miscellaneous cuttings from Australian newspapers, 1956-1960, mainly concerning conferences of women's organizations, working women, equal pay, women in important and unusual occupations, and related subjects.

Fonds [Box 86]. Nutting Papers, 1947 - 1959

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

Biographical / Historical

Lady Helen Nutting (1890-1973) was Chairman of the Married Women's Association in 1947 and was one of the founders of the Council of Married Women in 1952.

Margaret Jennings (Sydney) to Nutting, 2 January 1947 (File)

Sends copy of new edition of Australian Woman's Charter; proposed amendment to N.S.W. Married Women's Property Act to allow women to have money saved from housekeeping allowance.

Article on married women's property rights in Western Australia, November 1959 (File)

From International Women's News , vol. 54 (November 1959) (ff. 924-25.)

Fonds. Royden Papers, 1928 - 1953

25 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Agnes Maude Royden (1876-1956), writer, preacher at City Temple, founder of Fellowship Guild based at Eccleston Guildhouse, London. In 1944 married Rev. W. Hudson Shaw.

Series [Box 219]. Folder entitled 'Broadcasts', June 1928 - May 1953

5 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

Two newspaper cuttings on lectures by Royden, Dubbo Liberal, June 1928 (File)
Catherine King (Perth) to Royden Shaw, 14 June 1948 (File)

Thanks for Sex and commonsense; lack of Marriage Guidance Council in Western Australia; broadcasts.

Catherine King to Boyden Shaw, 5 March 1953 (File)

'Favourite Books' program; proposed series on great women; family news.

Catherine King to Royden Shaw Broadcasts, 5 May 1953 (File)
Australian broadcast on plain Christianity. (typescript, 3pp) (File)

Series [Box 221]. Letters of congratulation, 1930

7 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

L. Christine Robinson (Perth) to Royden, 31 March 1930 (File)

Congratulations of Perth Women's Service Guild on award of Companion of Honour.

Dorothea Cass (Perth) to Royden, 31 January 1930 (File)

Congratulations of Women's Service Guilds of Western Australia on Companion of Honour.

Blanche Stephens (Adelaide) to Royden, 26 March 1930 (File)

Congratulations of Women's Non-Party Association of South Australia on Companion of Honour; sympathy on illness.

Julia Rapke (Melbourne) to Royden, 2 January 1930 (File)

Congratulations on award of Companion of Honour.

Elizabeth Goldsmith (Brisbane) to Royden, 28 January 1930 (File)

Congratulations of Queensland Women's Electoral League on Companion of Honour; Royden's visit to Australia.

Florence Emily Ham (Brisbane) to Royden, 4 February 1930 (File)
Constance Davey (Adelaide) to Royden, 21 January 1930 (File)

Congratulations on award of Companion of Honour.

Series [Box 221]. Letters on marriage to Hudson Shaw, 1944

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

Gladys Shaw (Sydney) to Royden Shaw, 16 October 1944 (File)

Congratulations on marriage; family news.

Linda Tilden (Sydney) to Royden Shaw, 8 October 1944 (File)

Congratulations on marriage; plans to remain in Australia until after War.

Elizabeth Mann (Adelaide) to Royden Shaw, 29 October 1944 (File)

Congratulations on marriage.

Series [Box 221]. Letters on death of Hudson Shaw, 1944

2 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

Gladys Shaw (Sydney) to Royden Shaw, 5 December 1944 (File)

Death of uncle Hudson Shaw.

Lilian Wood (Sydney) to Royden Shaw, 23 December 1944 (File)

Sympathy on death of Hudson Shaw.

Series [Box 221]. Letters concerning book, January 1948 - April 1948

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

Violet Hancocks (Melbourne) to Royden Shaw, 4 March 1948 (File)

Inspiration of book The threefold cord; need to discourage emigration to Australia; housing shortage.

Lilian Wood (Sydney) to Royden Shaw, 29 January 1948 (File)

Thanks for book; recollections of first meeting with Rev. W. Hudson Shaw.

Gladys Shaw (Sydney) to Royden Shaw, 20 April 1948 (File)

Thanks for book The threefold cord; Rev. W. Hudson Shaw.

Series [Box 222]. Correspondence, 1928 - 1953

5 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

M. Wood (Sydney) to Miss Gunter, 26 June 1928 (File)

Sends photograph; visit of Maude Royden to Sydney; enthusiastic response to her lectures at Town Hall.

M. Wood to Miss Gunter, 13 July 1928 (File)

Sends sermon and cuttings about Royden's visit; difficulties with her agent.

[unknown] (Melbourne) to Royden, 4 March 1930 (File)

Supports Royden's idea of a peace army. (incomplete)

Anne Elder (Havelock North, N.Z.) to Daisy Dobson, 12 June 1938 (File)

Death of husband; help received from reading Guildhouse Monthly and Royden's books.

Catherine King (Perth) to Royden Shaw, 3 January 1953 (File)

Royden's meeting with Australian broadcaster K. Henderson; invites Royden to take part in series 'My favourite book'; King's father Walter Murdoch; family news.

Series [Box 378]. Cutting Book of World Tour, 1928

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2313

Cuttings on Royden's tour of New Zealand and Australia, May 1928 - September 1928 (File)


Further papers concerning Agnes Maude Royden are in the Kathleen Courtney Papers.

Fonds [Box 87]. Shaw Papers, 1940 - 1948

5 items

Biographical / Historical

Dr Patricia Shaw carried out research on the conditions of shop workers.

Series. File on Dominion legislation, 1940 - 1948

5 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

Notes on law relating to factories and shops in Victoria. (2pp) (File)
Notes on law relating to factories and shops in New Zealand. (4pp) (File)
Agent-General for Tasmania (London) to Shaw, 2 September 1948 (File)

Tasmanian Shops Act and regulations.

Notes from New South Wales Official Year Book . (6pp), 1940 (File)
A.W. Sutton (N.S.W. Government Offices, London) to Shaw, July 1948 (File)

Data on factories and shops legislation in Official Year Book .

Fonds. Twining Papers, 1858 - 1861

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Louisa Twining (1820-1911), writer of many works on social subjects, especially the poor law and workhouses, Secretary of the Workhouse Visiting Society (1858) and held office in other societies concerned with workhouses and local government.

Series. Album of letters, January 1858 - June 1861

6 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

C. Buxton to [unknown], 19 January 1858 (File)

Discussion on workhouses; Sir Charles Nicholson wishes to bring workhouse children to N.S.W.

Bishop M.B. Hale (Wootton under Edge) to Twining, 13 August 1859 (File)

Negotiations with Government on convict management in Western Australia; inquiries about women from workhouses willing to emigrate.

Although described individually, this letter was originally microfilmed with a page from another letter. The last page of the letter described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-806790302

Bishop M.B. Hale (Perth) to Twining, 16 July 1860 (File)

Undesirable female emigrants on ship Emma Eugenie ; need for care and religious training during voyage.

Mary Sutcliffe (Melbourne) to Twining, 25 October 1860 (File)

Article by Twining on workhouse visiting; wishes her success.

Mary Sutcliffe to Twining, 25 February 1861 (File)

Increase in poverty; willingness to help old widow; articles in British Workman .

Mary Sutcliffe to Twining, 25 June 1861 (File)

Assistance to widow and children; visits to paupers; plans for Sunday School teaching.

Fonds. Autograph Collection, 1862 - 1972

11 items

Filmed selectively.

Series Vol. 1. Suffrage, 1906 - 1956

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

Suffrage, December 1906 - October 1907 (File 1B)
7 items
F. Davenport Hill to Millicent Fawcett, 20 December 1906 (Item)

Sends extract from letter of Emily Clarke on appalling results of adult suffrage in South Australia; triumph of Labor Party and trade union agitators due to women's vote.

Edith Clarence to [Miss Palliser], 11 Jan; 15 Jan 1907 (Item)

Need to rebut arguments of Mrs Low; requests copies of pamphlet on women's suffrage legislation in New Zealand and Australia.

Lena Hamilton to Julia Strachey, 27 Oct. (Item)

Seeks information on effect of women's vote in New Zealand.

B. Ingram (Illustrated London News) to Palliser, 15 February 1907 (Item)

Seeks statistics on working of women's suffrage.

Frances Sterling to B. Ingram, 15 February 1907 (Item)

Performance of women voters in Australia and New Zealand.

Maud Reeves to Frances Sterling, 23 February 1907 (Item)

Invitations to Sir Joseph Ward and A. Deakin.

Maud Reeves to Julia Strachey, 30 October 1907 (Item)

Decline in birth-rate in New Zealand.

Suffrage, June 1944 - October 1949 (File 1N)
4 items
Edith Summerskill (Sydney) to Edith How-Martyn, 9 June 1944 (Item)

Visit to Australia.

Edith Summerskill to Edith How-Martyn, 13 July 1944 (Item)

Regrets they have not met.

Lady Pethick-Lawrence to Edith How-Martyn (Sydney), 3 March 1947 (Item)

History of suffrage movement; dissatisfaction with treatment of women by Government; International Women's Day.

Lady Pethick-Lawrence to Edith How-Martyn, 19 October 1949 (Item)

Thanks for birthday greetings; comradeship of suffragettes.

Suffrage, November 1956 (File 10)
1 item
C.L. Gentle (N.S.W. Police Dept.) to Teresa Billington-Greig, 8 November 1956 (Item)

Letter to Adela Pankhurst Walsh forwarded to Brisbane.

Series Vol. 2. General Women's Movement, 1862 - 1949

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

General Women's Movement, July 1862 - May 1865 (File 2A)
4 items
Barbara Bodichon to [Unknown] (Item)

Seeks introductions to clergy in Australia for Maria Rye, visiting Australia to establish immigrant societies.

Lord Shaftesbury to Barbara Bodichon, 25 July 1862 (Item)

Sends £25 for Maria Rye.

Barbara Bodichon to Lord Shaftesbury, 26 July 1862 (Item)

Acknowledges donation; so far £200 raised for Australian visit.

Maria Rye (Sydney) to Barbara Bodichon, 20 May 1865 (Item)

Advantages of Australia for women emigrants, but only women of certain stamp; majority of people poorly educated; horror of asylums and prisons; Rye's crusade against Auckland Hospital; finances; visit to Bathurst; Chinese at Sofala.

General Women's Movement, February 1907 (File 2C)
1 item
Emily Crawford to Miss Palliser, 22 February 1907 (Item)

Sends circular on prayer service; passage money to Australia reduced to £6; young emigrants to be met by Government official.

General Women's Movement, November 1943 - December 1949 (File 2E)
3 items
R.G. Ibbott (Melbourne) to Edith How-Martyn (Sydney), 14 November 1943 (Item)

Thanks for congratulations on becoming Mayor of Heidelberg, first woman mayor in Victoria.

Elspeth Huxley to Edith How-Martyn, 8 September 1949 (Item)

Problem of population in Africa; family planning.

Marie Stopes to Edith How-Martyn, 20 December 1949 (Item)

Republication of British Freewoman ; clinics; lack of progress in Australia.

Series Vol. 3. Emancipation, 1898 - 1951

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

Emancipation, 1898 - 1951 (File 3A)
27 items

Concerning adult suffrage, feminist movement, and the election and appointment of women to positions in public life.

F.D. North (Perth) to Miss Throssell, 1898 (Item)

Views of J. Forrest on women's suffrage in Western Australia. (copy)

Ethel Hulbett to the Secretary of the W. C. S. S., 27 October 1908 (Item)

Askes for any publications of the Society helping to make the Suffrage question better understood there.

Maud Reeves to Philippa Strachey, 19 March 1909 (Item)

Sends statistics on female wages in New Zealand; other benefits of women's suffrage.

Anne Mudie to Philippa Strachey, 30 July 1910 (Item)

Reports on the suffrage campaign in South Africa; hopes some Bill may be presented to their 1st Union Parliament.

Cecilia John (Melbourne) to Alice Park (California), 10 April 1917 (Item)

Activities of Australian Women's Peace Army; sends election manifesto of Vida Goldstein.

Millicent Fawcett to Edith Cowan, 26 September 1921 (Item)

Congratulations on election to Western Australian Parliament; election of Mrs Wintringham in Britain. (copy)

Cornelia Sorabji to Miss Collins, 27 November 1927 (Item)

Regarding an appointment to meet.

Emily Bennett (Sydney) to Alice Park, 12 February 1934 (Item)

Invitation to meet Sydney feminists.

Jean Williamson (Sydney) to Alice Park, 7 December 1935 (Item)

Feminist movement in Australia moribund; progress of paper.

Sir Stafford Cripps to Mrs Corbett Ashby, 15 May 1942 (Item)

Regarding a decision to not include women for voting purposes in a plebiscite scheme to be carried out in India.

Doris Blackman (Canberra), 22 December 1946 (Item)
Florence Cardell-Oliver (Perth), 18 April 1947 (Item)
Vida Goldstein (Melbourne), January 1944 - February 1944 (Item)
Edith How-Martyn, 30 July 1947, 20-25 June 1949 (Item)

Letters to Miss Mabel Howard and Alderman Mrs Petronel White.

Mabel Howard (Wellington), 12 June 1947 (Item)
Dame Enid Lyons (Canberra), 1943 - 1950 (Item)
Margaret McIntyre (Launceston), 20 June 1948 (Item)
M. Matheson-Lines (Sydney), 17 June 1942 (Item)
Harriet Newcomb, n.d. (Item)

Autograph of Miss Harriet Newcomb.

Alice Paul (New York), 23 April 1951 (Item)
Eileen Powell, 7 November 1948 (Item)

Thanking How-Martyn for providing her with material on her paper on Women in Politics.

Annabelle Rankin (Brisbane), 10 December 1946 (Item)
Agnes Robertson (Canberra), 8 March 1950 (Item)
Hilda Ross (Wellington), 3 February 1950 (Item)
Dorothy Tangney (Perth), 1943 - 1946 (Item)
Ivy Wedgwood (Canberra), 15 March 1950 (Item)
Petronel White (Brisbane), 28 May 1949 (Item)

Series Vol. 8. General/Personal, 1862 - 1972

3 items

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

General/Personal, April 1862 (File 8A)
1 item
Caroline Chisholm (Sydney) to Florence Nightingale, 18 April 1862 (Item)

Congratulations on her work; hopes for social transformation; deaths of Lord Herbert and Prince Albert; respectful sympathy in Sydney; N.S.W. properties of Sir Daniel Cooper; opposes attempts to create a colonial aristocracy.

General/Personal, May 1917 - June 1917 (File 8E)
1 item
Will Dyson (London) to Mrs Cavendish Bentinck, May 1917 - June 1917 (Item)

Sale of drawings; exhibition of 'Society of Fifteen'. (5 letters)

General/Personal, September 1942 - August 1972 (File 8G)
5 items
Dorothy Backer (New York) to Edith How-Martyn (Sydney), 28 September 1942 (Item)

Thanks for congratulations on appointment as President of New York Post.

Louise Cullen (Sydney) to Edith How-Martyn, 9 October 1952 (Item)

Sympathy on illness; personal news.

Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Freda Boult (Sydney), 13 February 1954 (Item)

Sympathy on death of Edith How-Martyn; illness of wife; visit of Queen Elizabeth to Australia.

Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Freda Boult, 15 April 1954 (Item)

Thanks for sympathy on death of Lady Pethick-Lawrence.

J.M. Abaijah (Port Moresby) to Dame Margery Ashby, 9 August 1972 (Item)

Requests copy of her article if published.

Series Vol. 9. Industry, December 1957 - August 1958

1 item

Archival history

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2314

Industry, December 1957 - August 1958 (File 9C)
4 items
Muriel Cayley (Como, W.A.) to Vera Douie, 21 December 1957 (Item)

Offers Fawcett Society photographs of Armstrong, Whitworths in 1915.

Vera Douie to Muriel Cayley, 31 December 1957 (Item)

Thanks for offer.

Muriel Cayley to Vera Douie, 29 May 1958 (Item)

Sends photographs of women trade unionists; hours and wages in 1915.

Vera Douie to Muriel Cayley, 13 August 1958 (Item)

Thanks for photographs.