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Genealogical Office (Office of Arms) of Ireland. Office of Ulster King of Arms
Collections of the Genealogical Office (Office of Arms), Dublin (as filmed by the AJCP)
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1854 - 1940
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20 items
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Scope and Contents

Grants and confirmations of arms 1854-1940, with illustrations of coats of arms, to the following Australians and New Zealanders: Sylvester J. Browne, David H.R. Burtchael, James J. Casey, Austin F. Coghlan, Charles V. Creagh, Sylverius M. Crumpe, Norman L. D'Arcy, Rev. Harry Darling, Seymour G.P. Davies, Richard Day, Frederick J. Eyre, Frederick P.B. Fitzgerald, Lieut. Gen. John Fulton, Patrick J. Garvey, William P.C. Greene, John Winthrop Hackett, Hans Hamilton, Joshua A. Hargrave, George Higinbotham, Sir John Kirwan, Sir Linden M.S.K.L. Macassey, Sir John Madden, Arthur W.C. Martin, Joseph Meek, Charles Moore, Henry P. Moore, John F.L. Mullins, Osborne E. Norris, John B. Payne, Thomas L. Murray Prior, Frederic W.C. Roche, James S. Rowan, Lieut. Frederick P. Rowley, Ralph S. Smith, David Storey, Frederick P. Toler-Rowley, Robert A.B. Vance, William A.W. West.

Registered pedigrees compiled 1842-1955 for the following: Agnew (Tasmania); Bagot (Melbourne); Barnewell (Upper Thornton, Australia); Barton (Havelock, Victoria); Browne (New Zealand and Ballarat, Victoria); Carleton (New Zealand); Coghlan (Sydney); Davey (Rockingham, Queensland); Davies (Australia); Deacon (Australia); Denham (Gippsland, Victoria); Dillon (Townsville, Queensland); Dobbin (Sydney); Dowse (Australia); Exshaw (Australia); Eyre (North Adelaide); French (Victoria); Foster (Victoria); Garvey (Wellington and Sydney); Glascott (Richmond River, New South Wales); Goff (Renwicktown, New Zealand); Haly (Tuabinga, Queensland); Hamilton (Melbourne); Hutton (New Zealand); Macgillysacht (Sydney); Mecham (New South Wales); Minnitt (Van Diemen's Land); Molony (Australia); Mulligan (Australia); Newton (Auckland); Nicholson (New Zealand and Australia); Prior (Queensland); Rathborne (Ngeruawahia, New Zealand); Richardson, later Richardson Bunbury (Australia); Rooke (Sydney and Wellington); Sadlier (Tasmania); St George (Australia); Seaver (New South Wales); Twohig (Sydney); Vance (Balmerino, Victoria); Warburton (Palmerston North, New Zealand); Wentworth, (Sydney); Westropp (New Zealand).

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Filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1976 (AJCP Reel: M984). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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Genealogical Office (Office of Arms). Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland. For further information see Genealogical Office at Dublin Castle (

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The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

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Adelaide, South Australia; Agnew Family; Arms, Grants of; Bagot Family; Ballarat, Victoria; Balmerino, Victoria; Barnewell Family; Barton Family (Havelock, Victoria); Browne Family; Browne, Sylvester J.; Burtchael, David H.R.; Carleton Family; Casey, James J.; Coats of arms; Coghlan Family; Coghlan, Austin F.; Creagh, Charles V.; Crumpe, Sylverius M.; D'Arcy, Norman L.; Darling, Harry, Rev.; Davey Family; Davies Family; Davies, Seymour G.P.; Day, Richard; Deacon Family; Denham Family; Dillon Family; Dobbin Family; Dowse Family; Exshaw Family; Eyre Family; Eyre, Frederick J.; Ffrench Family; Fitzgerald, Frederick P.B.; Foster Family (Victoria); Fulton, John, Lieut. Gen.; Garvey Family; Garvey, Patrick J.; Genealogy and genealogies; Gippsland, Victoria; Glascott Family; Goff Family; Greene, William P.C.; Hackett, Sir John W.; Haly Family; Hamilton Family (Melbourne); Hamilton, Hans; Hargrave, Joshua A.; Havelock, Victoria; Heraldry; Higinbotham, George; Hutton Family; Kirwan, Sir John; Macassey, Percy S.; Macassey, Sir Linden; Macgillysacht Family; Madden, Sir John; Martin, Arthur W.C.; Mecham Family; Meek, Joseph; Melbourne, Victoria; Minnitt Family; Molony Family; Moore, Charles; Moore, Henry P.; Mulligan Family; Mullins, John F.L.; New South Wales; New Zealand; Newton Family; Ngeruawahia, New Zealand; Nicholson Family; Norris, Osborne E.; Palmerston North, New Zealand; Payne, John B.; Prior Family; Prior, Thomas L.M.; Queensland; Rathborne Family; Renwicktown, New Zealand; Richardson Family; Roche, Frederic W.C.; Rockingham, Queensland; Rooke Family; Rowan, James S.; Sadlier Family; Seaver Family; Smith, Ralph S.; St George Family; Storey, David; Sydney, New South Wales ; Tasmania; Toler-Rowley, Frederick P., Lieut.; Townsville, Queensland; Tuabinga, Queensland; Twohig Family; Vance Family; Vance, Robert A.B.; Victoria; Warburton Family; Wellington, New Zealand; Wentworth Family; West, William A.W.; Westropp Family


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 182, pp66-67.

Biographical / Historical

The office of Ulster King of Arms, the heraldic authority for the Kingdom of Ireland, was created in 1552. The holder of the office, which was not part of the College of Arms, was responsible for granting arms to individuals and corporate bodies who had substantial historical, cultural, educational, financial or ancestral connections with Ireland. As a result of the Irish diaspora, there was a long tradition of Irish individuals and families who were living abroad seeking grants of arms from Ireland. For many years, arms and attested pedigrees were necessary as proofs of gentility for anyone seeking commissions in European armies. Some sought new grants of arms, while others requested confirmation of the arms that had been used by their families in earlier times.

The Office of Arms, which was located in Dublin Castle, was not abolished when Ireland became a self-governing dominion in 1922. However, following the death of Sir Nevile Wilkinson in 1940, the position of Ulster King of Arms was left vacant. In 1943 the British and Irish governments agreed that the Office of Arms and its records should be retained in Ireland, while the post of Ulster King of Arms would be transferred to the College of Arms in London.

The name of the Office of Arms, which remained in Dublin Castle until 1987, was changed to the Genealogical Office in 1943. The title of the Genealogical Officer was changed to Chief Herald of Ireland in 1946. Like his predecessor, the Chief Herald authorises the granting of arms to Irish bodies and individuals, including the descendants of Irish emigrants. The office of the Chief Herald is now part of the Genealogy and Heraldry Division of the National Library of Ireland.

In 1943 title of the Ulster King of Arms was changed to the Norroy and Ulster King of Arms. The Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, who is responsible to the Earl Marshal, is the heraldic authority for Northern Ireland.

Ulster Kings of Arms, 1820-1940

1820-53 Sir William Betham

1853-92Sir Bernard Burke (editor of Burke's Peerage)

1893-1908 Sir Arthur Vicars

1908-40 Sir Neville Wilkinson

Item Descriptions

Fonds. Grants and confirmations of arms, 1854 - 1940

9 items

The volumes contain copies of grants of arms, with coloured illustrations of the coats of arms. They were copied at the time when the grants were made.

Filmed selectively.

Grant of Arms, December 1854 (File MS 108)

1 item
Robert Balbirnie, 8 December 1854 (Item f.6)

Grant of arms being Vance quartering Balbirnie to Robert Anstruther Balbirnie of Balmerino, Victoria, on his assuming under Royal Licence and as representative of his uncle, the late George Washington Vance of Coagh in Co. Tyrone, the name and arms of Balbirnie Vance.

Grant of Arms, November 1870 - September 1875 (File MS 109)

3 items
Charles Moore, 7 November 1870 (Item ff. 211-12)

Grant of arms to the descendants of James Moore of Ballymacarne in Co. Cavan, son of Charles Moore, and to his son, Charles Moore of Coogee in New South Wales, Mayor of Sydney 1867-69, with mention of the heraldic monument erected to John Moore who died 30 Aug. 1765 at Annagh in Co. Cavan.

William West, 2 May 1872 (Item ff. 245-46)

Grant of arms to William Alexander Erskine West of Delgany in Co. Wicklow, and later of South Australia, eldest son of Rev. William James West, Rector of Delgany, by Elmena Erskine, co-heir of Alexander Erskine, on his assuming under Royal Licence the name and arms of West Erskine.

Richard Day, 8 September 1875 (Item ff.333-34)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Thomas May of Youghal by Susanna Roviere and to their grandchildren, Richard Day of Auckland in New Zealand, Robert Day of Cork, and Rev. William Tottenham Day, Rector of Rathclarin, Diocese of Ross, the three sons of Richard Day by Mary Anne Collins.

Grant of Arms, September 1881 - November 1897 (File MS 110)

14 items
Sylverius Moriarty, 28 September 1881 (Item ff.19-20)

Grant of arms to Sylverius Moriarty of Hobart in Tasmania, eldest son of the late Commander William Moriarty R.N. by Alphra Crumpe, sister of Dr Francis Crumpe of Tralee on his assuming under Royal Licence the name and arms of Crumpe.

Thomas Murray Prior, 25 October 1888 (Item ff.106-7)

Grant of arms to Thomas Lodge Murray Prior of Queensland, late Postmaster General, son of Col. Thomas Murray Prior and grandson of Thomas Murray Prior of Rathdowney in Queens Co.

Sarah Beck, 7 December 1888 (Item f. 107)

Grant of arms to Sarah Beck of Cork, relict of Richard Edward Beck, being awarded the Hyde patent of arms via her mother Sarah Hyde and Grandfather John Hyde.

James Casey, 2 January 1892 (Item ff.146-47)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of James Casey of Tromroe, Barony of Ibrickane in Co. Clare, and to his son James Joseph Casey of St Kilda and Port Phillip Bay in Victoria.

John Payne, 18 February 1892 (Item ff.147-48)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of John Payne of Giltown Lodge in Co. Kildare, and to his son John Budds Payne of Maretimo, South Yarra in Victoria.

Elizabeth Carroll, 18 July 1892 (Item f. 148)

Grant of arms to Elizabeth Catherine Carroll of Kensington Gate, London, daughter and co-heir of Theophilus De La Cour Carroll of Mayo, and Catherine Irwin, his wife, daughter and co-heir of Arthur Irwin of Willowbrook, Sligo.

Thomas Cregan, 11 November 1892 (Item f. 153)

Confirmation of arms to Thomas MacMahon Cregan of Ardcregan in Co. Clare, and of Limerick, and his descendents.

Frederick Rowley, 30 March 1895 (Item ff. 178-79)

Confirmation of arms to Lieut. Frederick Pelham Rowley of Adelaide and formerly of Carriganough in Co. Tipperary, son of Capt. Thomas Toler Rowley, son of Thomas Taylour Rowley of Maperath in Co. Meath, by Eliza, daughter of Daniel Toler of Beechwood in Co. Tipperary, and grandson of Harvey Rowley by Sarah, daughter of James Johnston of Cordoolough in Co. Monaghan.

Frederick Eyre, 21 May 1895 (Item ff.179-81)

Confirmation of arms to Frederick James Eyre of North Adelaide, South Australia, son of Thomas Eyre of St Helen's in Jersey, by his second wife, Elizabeth Mary Jarvis of St Helen's, which Thomas was the natural son of Thomas Eyre of Eyrecourt in Co. Galway, Brigadier General in the South American Patriot Forces.

Sylvester Browne, 5 March 1897 (Item ff.216-17)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Sylvester John Browne of Victoria, natural son of William O'Flaherty of the island of Garumna in Co. Galway, son of John O'Flaherty of Parke in Co. Galway.

William Watson, 20 March 1897 (Item f. 217)

Confirmation of arms to William Watson of Dublin, son of William Watson, of Dublin, son of William Watson, of Dublin, son of Thomas Watson, of Dublin.

John Fulton, 7 October 1897 (Item ff.225-26)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of John Fulton of Belsize, Derriaghy in Co. Antrim, and to his great-great grandson Lt. General John Fulton of Outram, Dunedin in New Zealand, son of Major Robert Bell Fulton, Bengal Artillery, son of James Fulton of Lisburn in Co. Antrim.

Sir John Madden, 20 October 1897 (Item ff.226-27)

Confirmation of arms to Sir John Madden of St Kilda and Frankston in Victoria, Chief Justice of Victoria, son of John Madden of Melbourne, son of David Madden of Fountainville, Cohorduggan in Co. Cork.

John Campbell, 1 November 1897 (Item f. 227)

Confirmation of arms to John Campbell of Rathfern, White Abbey in Co. Antrim, son of James Campbell of Ballyalton in Co. Down, son of William Campbell, son of Michael Campbell, both of Ballyalton, Co. Down

Grant of Arms, November 1902 - September 1908 (File MS 111)

5 items
William Greene, 7 September 1908 (Item Z)

Confirmation of arms to William Pomeroy Crawford Greene of Mount Oriel, Iandra, Greenethorpe in New South Wales, son of George Henry Greene, MLC of Mount Oriel, son of William Pomeroy Greene of Collon House in Co. Louth, and of Victoria.

George Higinbotham, 26 November 1902 (Item f.126)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of George Higinbotham, Chief Justice of Victoria, youngest son of Henry Higinbotham of Tullymaglowny in Co. Cavan, who was great-grandson of Thomas Higinbotham of the same place and to the son of George Edward Higinbotham of Croydon, Surrey.

Ralph Smith, 8 August 1904 (Item f.153)

Confirmation of arms, later cancelled, to the descendants of Ralph Smith of Milford in Co. Tipperary, and Kilmore in Co. Dublin, descendant of Ralph Smith of Ballymacash in Co. Antrim, High Sheriff of Antrim 1679-80, and to the grandson of the first mentioned Ralph, being Ralph Sneyd Smith, son of William Sydney Smith, both of Milford, Christchurch in New Zealand.

John Winthrop Hackett, 30 July 1907 (Item f.200)

Confirmation of arms to the Hon. John Winthrop Hackett of Western Australia, eldest son of Rev. John Winthrop Hackett, son of Capt. John Hackett with mention of descent from Edmund Hackett of Fethard.

Frederick Rowley, 5 August 1908 (Item f.222)

Grant of arms to Frederick Pelham Rowley of Curriganough in Co. Tipperary, and of Adelaide, son of Capt. Toler Rowley of Maperath in Co. Meath, by Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Daniel Toler of Beechwood in Co. Tipperary, on his assuming under Royal Licence the name and arms of Toler-Rowley.

Grant of Arms, September 1909 - February 1914 (File MS 111a)

6 items
John Lane Mullins, 23 September 1909 (Item f.19)

Confirmation of arms being Mullins quartering Lane to the descendants of James Mullins of Sydney and Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of John Lane of Bandon, and to their eldest son John Francis Lane Mullins of Sydney.

Seymour Davies, 17 September 1910 (Item f.42)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Thomas Davies of Rossleven in Co. Clare, and Moate in Co. Galway, eldest son of Walter Davies of Lahinch in Co. Clare, and Moate, second son of Thomas Davies of Newcastle in Co. Galway, of the Davies family of Cloonshanvoyle in Co. Roscommon, and to the grandson of Thomas Davies of Rossleven being Seymour George Pilkington Davies of Victoria, second son of Thomas Pilkington Davies of Rossleven in Victoria.

David Storey, 28 March 1911 (Item f.57)

Grant of arms to the Hon. David Storey of Randwick in New South Wales, only surviving son of Robert Storey, eldest son of Edward Storey, both of Aughagaw in Co. Monaghan.

Frederick Roche, 2 May 1913 (Item f.106)

Confirmation of arms to Frederic William Castle Roche of Cavan, Yass in New South Wales, eldest son of Frederic William Roche of Dalby in Queensland, youngest son of Stephen Benjamin Roche of Abbeyside, Dungarvon in Co. Waterford, son of James Roche of the City of Cork.

Arthur Martin, 5 November 1913 (Item f.116)

Grant of arms to Arthur William Cecil Martin of Whatcombe House in Dorset, only child of William Martin of Viewbrook, Malvern in Victoria, and of Knowhead in Co. Antrim, son of Arthur Martin of Ronghan in Co. Antrim.

Ralph Smith, 3 February 1914 (Item f.120)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Ralph Smith of Milford (or Lismacrory) in Co. Tipperary, and to his grandson Ralph Sneyd Smith of Christchurch in New Zealand, third son of William Sydney Smith.

Grant of Arms, May 1914 - June 1917 (File MS 111b)

5 items
Charles Creagh, 1 May 1914 (Item f.4)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Major James Creagh and to his grandson, Charles Vandeleur Creagh, CMG, late Governor and Commander in Chief of British North Borneo, son of Capt. James Creagh, RN, all of Caherbone in Co. Clare.

Frederick Butler, 14 October 1914 (Item f.6)

Grant of arms to Frederick Paget Butler of Garryhundon, Brookstead, Darling Downs in Queensland, on his assuming under Royal Licence and in compliance with the will of Frederick Louis Fitzgerald of the Manor of Graney in Co. Kildare, the name and arms of Butler Fitzgerald.

Thomas Greer, 24 April 1915 (Item f. 8)

Certificate of arms being Greer quartering Owden, to Thomas MacGregor Greer of Tullylagen in Co. Tyrone, son of Thomas Greer, of Sea Park in Co. Antrim, and Margaret, daughter of John Owden of Sea Park, Co. Tyrone.

James Rowan, 20 March 1917 (Item f.35)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of James Rowan of Ballymacreny in Co. Down, and to his grandson, James Stephen Rowan of Longreach in Queensland, son of Andrew Rowan, formerly of Newry in Co. Down, and later of St Kilda and Yering in Victoria, with mention of descent from Rev. Andrew Rowan, Rectory of Dunaghy in Co. Antrim, c. 1661.

David Rothe, 25 June 1917 (Item f.39)

Certificate of arms, being Burtchaele quartering Rothe, Waving and Chamberlayne to (David Henry) Rothe, only son of David Burtchaele, both of Port Fairy in Victoria, with descent from Thomas Rothe, Sovereign of Kilkenny, 1403.

Grant of Arms, March 1921 - July 1926 (File MS 111c)

5 items
Ralph Smith, 14 March 1921 (Item f.4)

Confirmation of amended arms to Ralph Sneyd Smith of Milford Street, Christchurch in New Zealand, mentioning the confirmation of arms 29 Oct. 1844 and 3 Feb. 1914, made in error.

Henry Moore, 7 February 1922 (Item f.18)

Grant of arms to the descendants of Robert Moore of the City of Cork and to his grandson, Henry Percival Moore, son of Robert Walter Moore, both of the City of Adelaide, South Australia.

Joseph Meek, 18 March 1922 (Item f.23)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Thomas Meek of Tullyish House in Co. Down, and Meek's Place, Belfast, and to his grandson, Joseph Meek, of Tanderagee in Co. Down, and Woollahra in New South Wales, third son of Charles Meek of Belfast and Longhans in Co. Down.

Patrick Garvey, 10 November 1924 (Item f.54)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Joseph Garvey of Ballingtogher in Co. Sligo, eldest son of Patrick Garvey of Toolulane, near Dunsandle in Co. Galway, and to the grandson of the said Joseph, being Patrick Joseph Garvey, MD, son of Patrick Samuel Garvey of Wellington in New Zealand.

Joshua Hargrave, 12 July 1926 (Item f.79)

Confirmation of arms to Joshua Addison Hargrave of Yarrawonga in Victoria, fourth son of Charles Townsend Hargrave of Norwood in South Australia, son of Abram Hargrave of Ballynoe in Co. Cork.

Grant of Arms, November 1929 - January 1932 (File MS 111d)

4 items
Osborne Norris, 30 November 1929 (Item ff.15-16)

Grant of arms to the descendants of Richard Augustus Norris of Co. Cork and to his son, Osborne Edward Norris of Sydney in New South Wales.

Percy Macassey, 21 May 1930 (Item ff.29-30)

Grant of arms to the descendants of the Rev. John Livingston Macassey of Carrickfergus and to the grandsons of the said Rev. John, being Percy Seaborn Kettle Livingston Macassey, Crown Solicitor, New Zealand, and Sir Linden Livingston Macassey, son of Luke Livingston Macassey of Carriffergus.

Sir John Kirwan, 10 August 1931 (Item ff.53-54)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Nicholas John Kirwan of Sandymount House, son of Martin Kerwen of Woodfield, son of Richard Moy Kirwan of Woodfield, son of Patrick Kirwan of Cregg, all in Co. Galway, and to the second son of the said Nicholas, being Sir John Waters Kirwan of Perth, Australia.

Harry Darling, 21 January 1932 (Item ff.71-72)

Grant of arms to the descendants of Richard Darling of Belmont, Roebuck in Co. Dublin, and to his grandson, the Rev. Harry Darling, Canon of Bunbury in Western Australia, and of Bective Rectory in Co. Meath, son of Richard Sisson Darling, MLC, of Trinidad.

Grant of Arms, April 1938 - December 1940 (File MS 111f)

5 items
Norman D'Arcy, 5 April 1938 (Item f.93)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of William Charles D'Arcy who settled in Victoria in 1854, grandson of Rev. Joshua D'Arcy, second son of James D'Arcy of Hyde Park in Co. Westmeath, and to the second son of the said William Charles, being Norman Lavallin D'Arcy of Pastoral House in Perth, Western Australia.


Lionel Somerville-Large, 19 January 1938 (Item f. 95)

Confirmation of arms to Lionel Becher Somerville-Large, son of Rev. William Somerville Large, and Elizabeth Townshend, daughter of Becher Lionel Fleming of Newcourt in Co. Cork, grandson of Richard Large of the City of Cork and Elizabeth Somerville.

Austin Coghlan, 21 December 1940 (Item ff.195-96)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Timothy Coghlan of Co. Cork and to his great-grandson, Austin Francis Coghlan, only son of Hon. Sir Timothy Augustine Coghlan, Agent-General in London for New South Wales, son of Thomas Coghlan of Sydney.

Augustus Chaine-Nichson, 21 December 1940 (Item f. 197)

Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Augustus Chaine-Nichson, son of Augustus Nichson, son of Graham Nichson.

Hans Hamilton, 21 December 1940 (Item f.271)

Hans Hamilton, 21 Dec. 1940. Confirmation of arms to the descendants of Lieut. James Wilson Hamilton, RN, who settled in Australia, who was descended from Hans Hamilton of Carlow, brother of James Hamilton of Sheephill in Co. Dublin (ancestor of Lord Holmpatrick) and to the son of the said Lieut. Hamilton, being Hans Hamilton of Melbourne in Victoria.

Fonds. Registered pedigrees

11 items

Pedigrees in the form of family trees, compiled by personal request.

Filmed selectively.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 114)

3 items
Barnewell Family (Item ff.36-41)

Pedigree of Barnewell Family, Baronets, of Crickstown in Co. Meath, of Athroneen and Ballybritten in Kings Co., Roskeen in Queens Co., of Ballyard, Killarow and Ballyhost in Co. Westmeath, of Moyrath, Grenanstown and Boyne Lodge in Co. Meath, and of Upper Thornton in Australia c. 1560-1892.

Goff Family (Item ff.86-88)

Pedigree of Goff Family, Baronets, of Horetown House in Co. Wexford, of Glenville in Co. Waterford, and of Renwicktown in New Zealand, 1762-1906.

Richardson Family (Item ff.101-3)

Pedigree of the Richardson Family, later Richardson Bunbury, Baronets, of Augher Castle in Co. Tyrone, of Paddington in London, and of Australia, c. 1720-1910.

Royal Licenses, December 1854 (File MS 152)

1 item
Royal License to Robert Anstruther Balbirnie, 2 December 1854 (Item ff.206-8)

Royal License to Robert Anstruther Balbirnie of Balmerino in Victoria, to take the name Vance in addition to and after Balbirnie and to quarter Vance

Registered pedigrees (File MS 168)

1 item
Meecham Family (Item f.196)

Pedigree of the Meecham Family of Athlone, of Garry Castle in Co. Westmeath, and of Australia, c. 1725 - 1909.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 172)

2 items
Dillon Family (Item ff.52-54)

Pedigree of the Dillon Family of Dillon's Grove in Co. Roscommon, of Drumranny in Co. Westmeath, of Quarterstown and Ballydaniel in Co. Cork, and of Dublin, 1180-1800.

Continued on MS 182a, ff.67-68.

Warburton Family (Item ff.187-94)

Pedigree of the Warburton Family of Garryhinch in Queens Co. and of Palmerston North in New Zealand, ascendants of Spencer Churchill, 1635-1929.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 175)

4 items
Garvey Family (Item ff.475-76)

Pedigree of the Garvey Family of Toolubin and Athenry in Co. Galway, of New Zealand, of Tunstall in Co. Stafford, and of Sydney in Australia, c. 1790-1948.

Hutton Family (Item ff.477-80)

Pedigree of the Hutton Family of Dundrum and Baldoyle in Co. Dublin, of Scart in Co. Limerick, of Toronto in Canada, and of New Zealand, c. 1662-1925

Macgillysacht, Lysaght and McLysaght Families (Item ff.517-22)

Pedigree of the Macgillysacht Family, also Lysaght and McLysaght, of Tallybrack and Camus in Co. Limerick, of Shandangan and Ballymarkshan in Co. Clare, of Mount North in Co. Cork, Baron Lysaght of Clogheen, Kilmacoon, Hazelwood and Carrigmore, all in Co. Cork, of Raheen, Tuamgraney in Co. Clare, of Kansas City in the United States, and of Sydney in Australia, c. 1595-1943.

Barton Family (Item ff.526-30)

Pedigree of the Barton Family of Goslingstown, Ballyline and Castleinch in Co. Kilkenny, of Curriheen in Co. Tipperary, of Kilmeethomas in Co. Waterford, and of Havelock in Victoria, c. 1640-c. 1940.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 177)

4 items
Glascott Family (Item ff.196-207)

Pedigree of the Glascott Family of Aldertown, Polemaloe (now Piltown), Ballymore and Killorvin, all in Co. Wexford, and of Australia, c. 1642-1842.

Garvey Family (Item ff.386-87)

Pedigree of the Garvey Family of Toolubin, Dunsandle in Co. Galway, of Ballymullany in Co. Sligo, of Tunstall in Staffordshire, of Wellington in New Zealand, of Murrisk in Co. Mayo, and of Sydney in Australia, c. 1790-1948.

Deacon Family (Item ff.510-13)

Pedigree of the Deacon Family of Altaturk, Temascrobe, the Hall, Kildarton and Rich Hill, all in Co. Armagh, of New York City, and of Australia, 1698-1942.

Dobbin Family (Item ff.524-31)

Pedigree of the Dobbin Family of Ternascobe in Co. Armagh, of Tullamore in Kings Co., of Sydney in Australia, of Kilwarlin and Cappagh in Co. Down, and Annaghlone, of Montreal and Canalicum Beach, Vancouver Island in Canada, c. 1655-1931.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 178)

6 items
Minnitt Family (Item ff.145-51)

Pedigree of Minnitt Family of Mount Minnitt in Co. Limerick, Knigh Castle, Annabeg and Blackfort in Co. Tipperry, and of Van Diemen's Land, c. 1680-1855.

Newton Family (Item ff.191-94)

Pedigree of Newton Family of Carrickfergus, Galgorm in Co. Antrim, of Coagh in Co. Tyrone, and of Auckland in New Zealand.

Foster Family (Item ff.225-27)

Pedigree of Foster Family of Dunleer and Collon, both in Co. Louth, of Moyvane in Co. Kerry, of Mount Bernard in Co. Galway, and of Victoria, Australia, with descent from Sir Diarmud O'Shaughnessy.

Haly Family (Item ff.428-32)

Pedigree of Haly Family of Ballhaly in Co. Cork, of Ballyhaly in St Johns, Newfoundland, and of Tuabinge in Queensland, 1733-1961.

Bagot Family (Item ff.445-54)

Pedigree of Bagot Family of Murney in Co. Kildare, of Ballymore, Ballyturin and Aughrane Castle in Co. Galway, of Curranure in Co. Roscommon, and of Melbourne, Victoria, c. 1575-1862.

Devenish Family (Item f. 455)

Pedigree of Devenish Family of Mearescourt, Charleville and Portlick Castle in Co. Westmeath and of Kilumney in Co. Cork, 1720-1862.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 179)

3 items
Browne Family (Item ff.24-26)

Pedigree of Browne Family of The Neale, Knockmore House and Manulla, all in Co. Mayo, of Shankhill in Ireland, of New Zealand, and of Ballarat, Victoria, c. 1680-1858.

Carleton Family (Item ff.221-30)

Pedigree of Carleton Family of Knockananama, of Darlinghill near Clonmel, and of Clare, all in Co. Tipperary, Viscount Carleton of Cork City and Greenfield in Co. Cork, of Green Park in Co. Down, of the City of Dublin, and of New Zealand, c. 1640-1866.

Glascott Family (Item ff.447-60)

Pedigree of Glascott Family of Aldertown and Killish, of New Ross and Ballynamona later Fruit Hill, of Killowen and Banna Lodge, Seafield and Clonation House, of Camolin Park and Portobello, all in Co. Wexford, of the City of Dublin, and of Emigrant Creek on the Richmond River, Australia, c. 1641-1872.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 180)

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Wentworth Family (Item ff.310-19)

Pedigree of Wentworth Family of Argreagh, Trim and Fyanstown in Co. Mayo, Mollartini in Co. Amagh, of Vaucluse in Sydney, New South Wales, originally of South Kirby, Yorkshire.

Westropp Family (Item ff.320-44)

Pedigree of Westropp Family of Comborough and Brompton in Co. York, of Limerick City, of Attyflin and Ballysteen in Co. Limerick, of Carduggan, Shanballymore, Peafield, Ballyvolane, Ballintra and Ravenswood in Co. Cork, of Clonmones, Lismehan, Fortanne and Ruanard in Co. Clare, of the City of Cork, and of New Zealand, 1572-1884.

Leslie Family (Item ff.364-67)

Pedigree of Beers Family afterward Leslie Family of Rathfriland, Ballygorian and Ballyward in Co. Down, of Manorcunningham in Co. Donegal, and of Wellington in New Zealand, c. 1740-1859.

Prior Family (Item ff.368-77)

Pedigree of Prior Family of Leverington and Parson Drove in the Isle of Ely, of Rathdowney in Queens Co. and pedigree of Murray Prior of Rathdowney, aforesaid, of Southsea in Hampshire, of Brighton in Sussex, and of Queensland, c. 1600-1889.

Agnew Family (Item ff.398-401)

Pedigree of Agnew Family of Donegore and Ballyclare in Co. Antrim and of Tasmania, 1708-1890.

Darcy Family (Item ff.424-29)

Pedigree of Darcy Family of Ballybocock, Gorteen and Kiltolla, all in Co. Mayo, of Baymore in Co. Meath, of Loftus Hill in Co. Dublin, of Rockhampton in Queensland, of Newton Abbot in Devonshire and of Stanmore in Middlesex, c. 1560-1892.

Barry Family (Item ff.462-67)

Pedigree of Barry Family of Ballyguybeg, Bohergar, Farnane, Rockstown, Fryarstown near Sandville, all in Co. Limerick, and of Sandhurst in Victoria, c. 1570-1892.

Ffrench Family (Item ff.472-75)

Pedigree of Ffrench Family of Monwea Castle in Co. Galway and of Victoria, later Ffrench de Freyne-Ffrench, c. 1700-1890.

Molony Family (Item ff.496-503)

Pedigree of Molony Family of Ballynahiney, Kiltannon, Clonmore, Craganascreene or Cragg and Ennis, all in Co. Clare, of Dublin City, and of Australia, c. 1680-1919.

Eyre Family (Item ff.525-28)

Pedigree of Eyre Family of Eyre Court in Co. Galway, of St Helens in Jersey, and of North Adelaide, Australia, c. 1740-1895.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 182)

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Davies Family (Item ff.20-22)

Pedigree of Davies Family of Newcastle near Aughrim, of Bunrea later Hampstead, of Coltragh, Moate, all in Co. Galway, of Cahinch and Rossleven in Co. Clare, and of Australia, c. 1620-1902.

Rathborne Family (Item ff.46-55)

Pedigree of Rathborne Family of Masefen and Chester, and Drogheda in Co. Louth, of Scripplestown and Dunsinea in Co. Dublin, of Ngeruawahia in New Zealand, and of New Jersey in the United States, 1265-1911.

Nicholson Family (Item ff.64-74)

Pedigree of Nicholson Family of Cranagill, Derrycan, Drummannon, Kineary, Stramore, Greenagh, all in Ireland, and of New Zealand, Australia, the United States and India, c. 1560-1907.

Saclier Family (Item ff.193-212)

Pedigree of Saclier Family of Hackney in Middlesex, of Standon in Hertfordshire, of Sea Park in Co. Dublin, of Mullagh in Kings Co., of Sopwell Hall, Castletown, Brookefield, Ballinderry, Hollymount and Clonmel in Co. Tipperary, and of Tasmania, Canada and San Francisco in the United States, c. 1480-1909.

Dowse Family (Item ff.222-26)

Pedigree of Dowse family of Collingborne Ducis in Wiltshire, of Craan, Ballingate, Barnedown and Tinahely in Co. Wexford, of Springfield in Co. Wicklow, of Quebec in Canada, and of Australia, 1620-1916.

Mulligan Family (Item ff.447-58)

Pedigree of Mulligan Family of Bellievey, Lisanasliggan, Brague, Tullyconnaught, Ballynagarrick, Kascum, Ballinafoy, Cappagh, Kilkeel, Fort Charles and Newcastle, all in Co. Down, of Gilford (sic) in Australia, of Rockford in Canterbury, New Zealand, of France, and of New York and Detroit in the United States, c. 1610-1929.

Denham Family (Item ff.479-90)

Pedigree of Denham Family of Westshields in Lanarkshire, of Dromore in Co. Down, of Ballinasloe and Aughrim in Co. Galway, of Killeshandra and Rathfreland in Co. Antrim, of St Clairsville in Ohio, of Rhode Island, New Jersey, Iowa and Kentucky in the United States, and of Gippsland in Victoria, 1597-1943.

Seaver Family (Item ff.491-98)

Pedigree of Seaver Family of Ballaghy, Trea, Killeavy, Navan and Heath Hall, all in Co. Armagh, of Bellaghy in Co. Monaghan, of Greencastle in Co. Down, of Mexico, New South Wales, and Buffalo, New Jersey and Boston in the United States, c. 1620-1937.

St George Family (Item ff.557-58)

Pedigree of St George Family of Kilrush House and Australia, 1775-1914.

Registered pedigrees (File MS 182a)

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Hamilton Family (Item ff.9-10)

Pedigree of Hamilton Family of Carlow, of City of Dublin, of Kilgobbin in Co. Dublin, and of Melbourne in Australia, c. 1730-1947.

Dillon Family (Item ff.67-68)

Pedigree of Dillon Family of Mount Dillon and Townsville in Australia, c. 1700-1951.

Continued from File MS 172, ff52-54.

Rooke Family (Item ff.107-17)

Pedigree of Rooke Family of City of Dublin, of Sydney in Australia, and of Wellington in New Zealand, c. 1670-1946.

Exshaw Family (Item ff.133-46)

Pedigree of Exshaw Family of City of Dublin, of Bray in Co. Wicklow, of Hybla House in Co. Kildare, of Bordeaux in France, of Malahide in Co. Dublin, of Farbane in Kings Co., and of Australia, the United States and India, c. 1700-1952.

Twohig and O'Brien Families (Item ff.155-56)

Pedigree of Twohig and O'Brien Twohig Families of Little Island, Ardfield, Clonekilty and City of Dublin, and of Sydney, Australia, c. 1790-1955.