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Scope and Contents

Correspondence 1861-1902 of physicist Sir William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin. Subjects include India-Australia cable connection.

Papers 1928-61 of James Laver of Albert Museum. Includes Laver's letters to Horace Brodzky and letters of Daryl Lindsay, Lionel Lindsay, A.W. Wheen and David Low.

Correspondence 1894-1946 of art critic Dugald MacColl, including correspondence with Charles and Stella Conder; draft of MacColl's article 'Two Summers with Conder'; history of the MacColl Family including Senator James MacColl; and letters of John Rothenstein and William Rothenstein concerning Conder.

Correspondence 1885-1903 of James McNeill Whistler, including correspondence with Mortimer Menpes about his book on Whistler, letters of Anna Whistler concerning Harry Haden of Queensland, and copies of Whistler's letters concerning Peter Arthur Studd's visit to the South Seas.

Papers 1927-45 of art historian Harold Wright, including an article on Lionel Lindsay's etchings and exhibitions of watercolours in Sydney.

Account of Archibald Campbell's voyages to Japan, Aleutian Islands and Sandwich Islands 1806-12, edited by James Smith.

Correspondence 1911-13 of Alexander MacCallum Scott referring to racial discrimination in the civil services of Singapore, Federated Malay States and Hong Kong.

William Hunter's Museum Ethnographical Collection 1886-1941. Correspondence dealing with dispatch of birds of paradise and Maori mat from Waimate; Aboriginal weapons from North West Australia and Queensland; Aboriginal skulls; Tasmanian Aboriginal artefacts; and the Cook Collection in the Bernice P. Bishop Museum.

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Aleutian Islands, Alaska; Art critics; Artists; Australia; Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Hawaii; Brodzky, Horace; Campbell, Archibald; Conder, Charles; Conder, Stella; Haden, Harry; Hawaii; Historians; Hong Kong; Indgenous Australians: Queensland; Indigneous Australians: artefacts; Indigneous Australians: Tasmania; Indigneous Australians: Western Australia; Japan; Laver, James; Lindsay, Sir Daryl; Lindsay, Sir Lionel; Low, Sir David; MacColl, Dugald; MacColl, James; Malaya; Maori; Menpes, Mortimer; Museums; Queensland; Rothenstein, Sir John; Rothenstein, Sir William; Scott, Alexander McC.; Singapore; Smith, James; Studd, Peter A.; Sydney, New South Wales ; Telegraphic communication; Thomson, William, 1st Baron Kelvin; Waimate, New Zealand; Wheen, A.W.; Whistler, Anna; Whistler, James McN.; William Hunter's Museum, Glasgow; Wright, Harold


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 189, p70.

Item Descriptions

Fonds. Lord Kelvin Papers, 1861 - 1902

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

William Thomson (1824-1907), 1st Baron Kelvin (created 1892, the son of a professor of mathematics, was born in Belfast. He was educated by his father before proceeding to Peterhouse College, Cambridge. While still an undergraduate, he published several papers on mathematics and physics, developing a mathematical theory of electricity. In 1846 he was elected to the chair of natural philosophy at Glasgow University. He retired in 1899 and was chancellor of the university from 1904 until his death. He was the first scientist to be elevated to the peerage.

Series. Correspondence of William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, September 1861 - February 1902

5 items
Thomson (London) to George Darwin re Fitzroy's tidal observations of Keeling Islands. (4p.), 15 June 1879 (File D10)
Thomson (London) to David Reid, 10 February 1902 (File R13)

Re order of instruments for the Pacific Cable Board. [Reid has pencilled in the replies to Thomson's questions] (4p.)

R. Slater (London) to Thomson., 19 March 1869 (File S50)

Asks Thomson for explanation of his differing views on the merits of two cables, one for English Indian and Australian Submarine Telegraph Co. and other for Societe du Cable Transatlantique Francais Ltd. (1p.)

Robert Thomson (Hobart) to his brother William Thomson, 21 September 1861 (File T139)

Due to ill health has leave from job in Sydney to travel round Australia; description of Melbourne and Tasmania 'Melbourne is a wonderful city … Hobart is beautifully situated'; 'legislation in these colonies degenerates into a miserable farce'. (4p.,blue paper, faint)

Cromwell Fleetwood Varley (London) to Thomson, 28 January 1869 (File V31)

Telegram asking Thomson if he is willing to become the Consulting Electrician to a telegraph company for connecting India and Australia by telegraph. Terms similar to those made by French Atlantic Telegraph. Reply by T. on back that not willing at present, due to agreement with Anderson. (2p.)

Series. Letterbook 1, August 1883

1 item
Andrew Gray to Ferranti Thomson and Inc. Ltd., 14 August 1883 (File f.6)

That Thomson had directed that the New Zealand patent should be gone on with but that the patent agents have not yet proceeded with the matter. (1p., faint)

Fonds. James Laver Papers, 1928 - 1961

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

James Laver (1899-1975) was born in Liverpool and educated at the Liverpool Institute and New College, Oxford. In 1922 he joined the staff of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and was keeper of prints, drawings and paintings from 1938 until his retirement in 1959. In his spare time he wrote novels, studies of nineteenth century painters, books on costume and fashion, and reviews. He also took part in many radio and television programs.

Laver to Horace Brodzky (London), 24 September 1934 (File B57)

Re purchasing some of his drawings.

Horace Brodzky (London) to Laver, 26 March 1935 - 23 May 1942 (File B58-75)

Subjects include: Publication of a book of reproductions of his drawings - suggests Laver writes text; meetings; agreement on advances; alterations to the text; wants a model who will 'out Rubens Rubens'; possible sale of water-colour to V and A.

Includes: Prospectus for 40 Drawings by Horace Brodzky, Heinemann.


Daryl Lindsay (Baxter) to Laver, 28 June 1961 (File L6)

Memories of visit to Laver; has been helping Peter sort out the papers and collection of his brother Lionel. (6p.)

A.W. Wheen (V and A) to Laver, 10 July 1961 (File L7)

Re Crawhall books in Lionel Lindsay's collection. (2p.)

Lionel Lindsay (Paris) to Laver, 15 January 1928 (File L8)

Delighted he is to reproduce 'The Little Square Segovia' in his history of etching; has dug out some great material in Spain. (2p.)

David Low (London), 15 February 1938 - 3 November 1955 (File L22-25)

Cannot accept invitation; exhibition of his work is being prepared for United States of America and Canada; has forwarded paper on Will Owen to Miss Macpherson. (4p.)

Fonds. Dugald MacColl Papers, 1893 - 1946

31 items

All letters are to MacColl unless noted.

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Dugald Sutherland MacColl (1859-1948) was born in Glasgow and educated at University College School and University College, London, and Lincoln College, Oxford. He took lessons at the Westminster School of Art and was art critic for the Spectator and Saturday Review. In 1906 he was appointed keeper of the National Gallery of British Art (later the Tate Gallery) and he was the keeper of the Wallace Collection in London from 1911 to 1924. His books included Nineteenth century art (1902) and Confessions of a keeper (1921).

Sir Reginald Blomfield, 26 May 1902 (File B258)

That his neighbour at dinner had erratic ideas on John Thorpe [Australian painter]. (3p.)

Kate H. Bourne (Jamaica), 19 August 1940 - 23 August 1940 (File B493)

That she is sorry his grandchildren will grow up with 'Yankee and Australian accents and (worse) outlook'. (2p.)

Colin MacColl Brookes (Southsea), 1911 (File B606-607)

Re his researches into the MacColl family history; his grandfather, Colin MacColl, and great uncle, Hugh MacColl, went to Australia; his cousin James MacColl was a Member of Parliament in Victoria and Minister of Mines, now a Senator in Federal Senate. (6p.)

Sidney Colvin (London), 31 October 1918 (File C269)

Recommending Laurence Binyon for post of Advisor to Melbourne Gallery vacated by death of Ross; his experience of the post held jointly with Gibson. (4p.)

Charles Condor (Paris; Giverny; Vetheuil; London; Venice), 15 Sept. - 7 March 1903 (File C287-303)

Subjects include: His financial problems 'one doesn't sell anything'; acknowledges money sent by MacColl; his bad reputation is not warranted; selling fans; beauties of Venice; bad relations with Ross 'I had the rudest letter from him'. (32p., some incomplete, some with sketches)

MacColl [] to Condor (File C304)

How he admires his work. (2p., incomplete)

Notes on Condor's work. (4p., typescript and manuscript) (File C305)

Stella Condor (Chelsea), 22 February 1909 - 4 March 1909 (File C306-307)

Re illness, death and burial of Charles Condor. (4p.)

E. Wake Cook (London) to Editor, Saturday Review re article in last issue 'The Rape of Painting' [by D.S.M. on Sargent], 20 May 1901 (File C340)

Covering letter from Cook to D.S.M. (3p.) (File)

Letitia Elton (Oxford) with her memories of meeting Condor. (2p.), 18 January 1939 (File E117)

D.S.M. (London) to Oliver Elton that he is writing an article 'Two Summers with Condor' for London Mercury 'egged on by imperfect tales in John Rothenstein's book'. (2p.), 11 November 1938 (File E305)

Daryl Lindsay (London) re meeting; purchases made in Scotland; purchase for Brisbane Gallery. (5p.), 9 May 1945 - 22 July 1945 (File L126-129)

Memorandum from South Australia Agent General re purchase of water-colour 'Roses and Marguerites' by Daryl Lindsay. (1p.), 26 July 1946 (File L130)

Lionel Lindsay (Sydney) sending him a copy of Lindsay's book on modernism, had to cut chapters attacking the press and Contemporary Art Society; admires D.S.M.'s writings; opinion of Steer. (5p.), 4 December 1943 - 11 May 1944 (File L131-132)

David Low (London) re meetings; his non election to Athenaeum. (7p.), 16 February 1940 - 30 July 1940 (File L187-193)

Andre Dugald MacColl [son] (Brisbane) with family news and comment; religious controversy in State Elections (1938); dislikes his job (clerk) but does not favour his father's plan of returning to farm in the Highlands. (18p., some incomplete), 15 May 1936 - 17 March 1940 (File M41-45)

Dugald Donald MacColl [grandson] (Brisbane), family news; stopped by an American from climbing up One Tree Hill, Mt. Coother. (6p.), 24 October 1943 - 14 October 1945 (File M59-61)

D.S.M. (St. Marguerite) to Elizabeth [sister] re arrival of Condor. (4p.), 9 July 1893 (File M119)

D.S.M. (St. Marguerite) to Elizabeth that Condor anxious to illustrate Omar Khayyam. (2p.), 25 September 1893 (File M124)

D.S.M. (Giverny, Paris) re meetings with Condor. (7p.), 30 March 1894 - 21 September 1895 (File M126-8,130)

Mary MacColl [daughter in law] (Brisbane) to D.S.M. re family life in Brisbane. (2p.) (File M266)

Frank Rinder (London) that purchased D.S.M.'s 'Rose and Gold' and 'Pont de la Tournelle' for Melbourne; conflict of interests. (1p., enclosure wanting), 6 April 1921 (File R101)

John Rothenstein (Sheffield) his work on Condor progresses slowly. (2p.), 23 November 1937 (File R171)

William Rothenstein (Stroud) putting Low up for the Athenaeum. (2p.), 1 March 1938 (File R241)

William Rothenstein (Stroud) re W.R.'s letters to Condor. (3p.), 18 April 1938 (File R242)

William Rothenstein (London) thanks for two heads of Condor. (1p.), 15 December 1939 (File R252)

William Rothenstein (Sheffield) re D.S.M.'s opinion of Condor. (2p.), 28 February 1944 (File R274)

H. Philp (Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours) re sale of D.S.M.'s 'Notre Dame des Flots, Cote de Grace, Harfleur' to National Gallery of Melbourne. (2p.), 31 July 1945 (File R342.)

St. Barbe Sladen and Wing (London) re purchase of two watercolours by Felton Bequest. (1p.), 9 June 1921 (File SI1)

W. Baldwin Spencer (London) re appointment of Robert Ross to act as 'Adviser' to National Gallery of Melbourne. (2p.), 12 January 1917 (File S272)

Fonds. James McNeill Whistler Papers, 1876 - 1903

26 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

James Abbott MacNeill Whistler (1834-1903) was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. He learnt etching as a cartographer in the United States Navy and later studied painting in Paris, where he became a devotee of Japanese prints and other forms of Oriental art. In 1859 he settled in London where he lived for most of his life. He achieved immediate success as both a painter and an etcher. He had many artistic friends, especially French artists such as Manet and Degas. He worked, however, in artistic isolation, turning from realism and of impressionism in his early work to a kind of symbolism in his later years.

J.M.W. (Paris) to J.J. Cowan, 2 January 1894 (File C207)

Hoping that long voyage to Australia will restore Cowan's son's health. (2p.)

[Wm. Heinemann] (London) to Mortimer Menpes, 2 August 1903 (File H201)

Appeals to Menpes not to write a book about Whistler. (2p., copy)

Mortimer Menpes (Fulham) to [Whistler], [n.d. 1887?] (File M303)

That has delivered Whistler's letter, surprised at oil sketches.'I am proud at having had the chance of knowing you as I do, and grateful too'. (3p.)

Menpes (Fulham) to Whistler, [n.d. 1885] (File M304)

That enjoyed Whistler's lecture, he is willing to help Whistler in any way, 'your devoted friend'. (3p.)

Whistler to Menpes, [n.d. March 1889] (File M305-7)

'you will blow your brains out - of course - Piggott has shown you what to do, under the circumstances, and you know your way to Spain - Goodbye'

(3p., original, draft and copy in Hanson's hand)

Related Materials

See: J.A.M. Whistler, Gentle Art of making enemies, 1890. p. 235 (letter to Truth, 28 March 1889) and E. Pennell Life, 6th ed., p. 298.

Menpes (Paris) to Whistler that resigned from Royal Painter Etchers. (2p.) (File M308)

Whistler (London) to Menpes (Paris) (File M309)

Re painting he saw at Haden's, 'No O! Careless Kangaroo'.(1p.)

Menpes (Fulham) to Christian Symons re attending dinner in honour of Whistler in company of Justin McCarthy and his son. (2p. and envelope), 17 April 1889 (File M310)

Menpes (London) to J.J. Cowan, 25 July 1903 (File M311)

Re book on Whistler he is writing. (1p. and envelope)

Menpes (London) to [J.J. Cowan] thanking him for lending four Whistlers for his book. (2p.), [n.d. 1903] (File M312)

Menpes (London) to Cowan, [n.d. 1903] (File M313)

Re reproducing pictures in his book about Whistler,'my exhibition of Whistler etchings is now open and I am sad to say more than half sold - I could not afford to keep them'. (3p.)

Related Materials

See: Whistler as I Knew Him by Menpes (London, 1904) which reproduced eleven works by Whistler from Cowan's collection.

Menpes (London) to Cowan, [n.d. 1903] (File M314)

Requesting a further two of Whistler's paintings. (2p.)

Arthur Studd (Papeete) to J.M.W., 22 June 1897 (File S258)

Urges him to come to Tahiti 'there are amazing things to paint, women who walk like goddesses', intends to stay two months and travel to Samoa via Auckland. (4p.)

Anna Whistler [J.M.W.'s mother] (Hastings) to Mr Gamble, that Harry [Haden] is to try sheep farming in Queensland. (4p.), 8 September 1876 (File W553)

Anna Whistler (Hastings) to Mr Gamble that Harry died while his friend Mr Lyttleton was visiting him in Australia. (5p.), 8 June 1879 (File W558)

Whistler (Lyme Regis) to Mrs Whistler, 28 November 1895 (File W643)

Re Menpes 'seems to have had rather a cold time of it'(4p. and envelope)

[For related material see press cuttings re Menpes' exhibition.]

J.M.W. to Edmund Yates, Editor The World, December 1888 (File W1111)

Letterbook of copies of letters made by J.M.W. Executrix R. Birnie-Philip, 1897 (File LB4)

J.M.W. (Paris) to Peter [Arthur Studd], 2 February 1897 (Item f.208)

Re Studd's trip to the South Seas

J.M.W. (Paris) to Peter [Arthur Studd] (Item f.209)

That 'Lafage … said those islands are simply charming'.

Beatrix Whistler [J.M.W.'s wife] (Paris) to Peter [Arthur Studd] (Item f.222)

That Miss Kinsella is engaged to artist son of Sir Hercules Robinson, Governor of Melbourne.

Copies by R. Birnie Philip of her own correspondence, August 1903 (File LB6)

Ledger of lithographs, 1903-1920; Copies of extracts relating to J.M.W. from diary of Alan Cole, 1872-1894.

Wm. Heinemann to Menpes, and R. Birnie Philip to Heinemann re his letter to Menpes, 2 August 1903 (Item ff.11-13)


Wm. Heinemann to Menpes hoping that Menpes will not write a book about Whistler

R. Birnie Philip to Heinemann re his letter to Menpes

Press cuttings, November 1895 (File PC)

Press cuttings from Telegraph and Times re exhibition of works by Menpes from Mexico. (1p.), November 1895 (Item [f.63])

Fonds. Harold Wright Papers, December 1927 - February 1946

10 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Harold James Lean Wright (1885-1961) was born in London and educated at the City of London School. He joined the gallery of Obach & Company in 1903. In 1911 the gallery was taken over by P. & D. Colnaghi, which had originally been established in Paris in 1760. Wright remained with Colnaghi for many years, becoming a director in 1939. He was recognised as an expert on early and modern prints, editing many catalogues and regularly contributing to art journals. He was also a collector and donated about 3700 Old Master prints and 15,000 rare books to the Baillieu Library at Melbourne University.

H.W. to Editor, 15 December 1927 (File L2203)

Art in Australia (Sydney) enclosing article on Lionel Lindsay's etchings. (1p., copy)

H.W. to Lionel Lindsay (Sydney), 15 December 1927 (File L2204)

Forwarding copy of article on his etchings; they continue to receive orders for certain of his plates. (1p., copy)

Lionel Lindsay's Prints: an Appreciation by H.W. (9p., carbon typescript) (File L2205)

Insurance renewal receipt for works by Lindsay. (3p.), 26 February 1946 (File L2206)

Reproductions of etchings by Lionel Lindsay. (4p.) (File L2207-2210)

Typed press cutting from Daily Telegraph re Lionel Lindsay's 'Night in Auila'. (1 p.), 31 August 1943 (File L2211)

Correspondence and papers re exhibitions of watercolours held at David Jones Art Gallery, Sydney (1945) to promote interest in British art and artists in Australia, 28 April 1944 - 19 December 1945 (File W40-102)

Correspondents include: William Ashton (David Jones Ltd.); Louis McCubbin (National Gallery of South Australia) to Ashton.

Subjects include: Establishment of the Gallery; acceptance by artists to exhibit work in Sydney; prices to be charged; provision of frames; purchase of works by National Gallery of South Australia; payment for works sold.

Includes: Catalogue, annotated re sales; and press cuttings from Australian newspapers, August 1945.


Invoice for pair of bronzes by Antoine Louis Barye of lion and tiger sold to National Gallery of Victoria by Fine Arts Society Ltd. (1p.), 1 October 1943 (File W139)

Four forms assigning copyright to Art Gallery Board of South Australia. One filled in for a pencil and black chalk drawing called 'Huguenot Church, Paris, 1925' but unsigned (File W143-146)

Fonds Ms Euing 24. Archibald Campbell (1787-1821) Voyage round the World, 1806 - 1812

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Archibald Campbell (b. 1787) sailed from England to the Far East on the Thames in 1806. In Japan he joined the American ship Eclipse and spent long periods in the Pacific, especially at the Sandwich Islands. He returned to Glasgow in 1812. His book A voyage round the world from 1806 to 1812 was published by Constable in Edinburgh in 1816.

Account of Archibald Campbell's voyages to Japan, Aleution Islands and Sandwich Islands, 1806 - 1812 (File)

Edited by James Smith. (263p.)

May 1806 on Thames Indianman to China; Pulo Penang on Prince of Wales Island

In China joined American ship Eclipse to Japan - not allowed to trade (June 1807); to Kamschatka, 'miserable' Russian settlement; left in August for Aleution Islands and wrecked during gale ('there were about 15 of us on the mast'); long boat also washed up on Halibut Island with other debris; visited by natives; sailed in repaired long boat to Alexandria, Kodiak (Nov. 1807); after provisioning voyage back to Halibut Island; wrecked - rescued by Russians - return to Alexandria; Campbell has both feet amputated due to frost bite; when recovered employed teaching English to Indian children; description of Kodiak and native customs; Neva ordered to Sandwich Islands in preparation for Russian settlement there; Campbell employed as interpreter (December 1808); Sandwich Islands January 1809; met Joseph Wynnan/Angus McCallum; King Tamaahmaak comes on board at Wahoo and invites Campbell to reside in his house; impressions of the country and of the court; ceremonial of carrying of King's food; Campbell removes to house of Isaac Davis (May 1809) - his house and family; Campbell repairs the King's sails; ceremonial of death of King's brother; breaking of water spout in harbour; granted land by King; neighbour William Stevenson, an escaped convict from New South Wales, who had introduced method of distilling spirit from tea root; Duke of Wellington arrives at Hanaroosa (Feb. 1810); Campbell needing more medical attention for his feet sails in her for England; King sends presents for King George; further description of Wahoo, its people, methods of cultivation of taro, potatoes and yams; inducements made to sailors to stay; native customs and government; ceremonies of Macohiite; houses; taboo; dress; catching fish by poison; games; ceremonial of war; King's desire for European contact; description of voyage home - arrived on Clyde 21 April 1812; Appendix 1: vocabulary of Sandwich Islands; Appendix 2: account of Campbell's injuries by Dr Mondgoorst; other notes.

(Notes and beginning and end have been bound in random order.)

(Published by Constable, 1816, 288p.)

Fonds Ms Gen 502. Miscellaneous Collections, December 1879

1 item

Filmed selectively.

John Caird (Glasgow University) to Mr Crawford, 27 December 1879 (File 502/21)

Regrets that cannot offer Melbourne appointment to his son. (2p.)

Fonds Ms Gen 1465. MacCallum Scott Papers, 1911 - 1913

13 items

Filmed Selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Alexander MacCallum Scott (1874-1928) was born in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, and educated at Falkirk High School and Glasgow University. He practised sporadically as a barrister. He was active in Liberal politics and was secretary of the League of Liberals against Aggression and Militarism (1900-3) and the New Reform Club. He was elected to the House of Commons in 1910 and was parliamentary secretary to Winston Churchill in 1917-19. He lost his seat in 1922 and joined the Labour party in 1924.

Correspondence, December 1911 - March 1913 (File E)

12 items
A.M.S. (House of Commons) to Unknown [an editor?] (Item f.114)

Re exclusion of persons of non European descent from Civil Service and Police in Hong Kong, Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States. (3p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to Unknown (Item f.115)

Attacking Harcourt's position on colour bar issue in Civil Service in Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States. (2p.)

A.M.S. to Bhupendranath Basu, 4 March 1912 (Item f.131)

Enlisting his help to change new Colonial Office regulations on employment of non Europeans in Civil Service in Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States. (4p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to Corbet, 13 December 1911 - 29 March 1912 (Item ff.174-175)

Re despotic powers of Colonial Secretary, especially with regard to admission of non Europeans to Colonial Service. (2p.)

A.M.S. (London) to A.W. Gooneratne (Singapore), 6 February 1912 - 24 June 1913 (Item ff.239-254)

Re new regulations excluding non Europeans from Civil and Police Services in Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States; asks Gooneratne to let him know the opinions of Chinese and Malays to appointments of non Europeans and abolition of Queen's Scholarships; the offer of a battleship to Imperial Government from Council of Federated Malay States. (16 letters)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to L. Harcourt, Colonial Secretary, 28 March 1913 (Item 274)

Forwarding articles fromSingapore Free Press on Federated Malay States (articles wanting). (1p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to Lin Boon Keng, 1 July 1912 (Item f.352)

Urges use of constitutional lobbying on colour bar issue in Straits Settlements Civil Service. (1p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to Tan Giak Kim, 20 May 1912 (Item f.353)

Re colour bar issue in Straits Settlements Civil Service; asks for guidance on public opinion among Chinese community. (2p.)

A.M.S. (London) to Sabba Rau Pantulu, 13 February 1913 (Item f.417)

Re public meeting in Singapore being held to protest at new regulations for Civil Service. (2p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to T. Wright (Editor, Straits Times), 6 June 1912 (Item f.481)

Re A.M.S.'s campaign against new regulations for Civil Service. (1p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to H. Zacharias (Kuala Lumpur), 8 May 1912 (Item f.494)

Re new colour bar regulations for Civil Service and abolition of Queen's Scholarships. (1p.)

A.M.S. (House of Commons) to Mr Zehnder, 29 February 1912 (Item f.495)

That Tan Jiak Kim, the Chinese Member of Singapore Legislative Council, should protest at new Civil Service regulations. (2p.)

Fonds Ms Gen 1520. Tivadar Nachez (1859-1930) Papers, December 1916

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Tivadar Nachez (1859-1930) was born in Budapest and began learning the violin at an early age. He later studied with Joseph Joachim in Berlin and Hubert Leonard in Paris. He made his debut in Hamburg and London in 1881. From then onwards he made frequent tours of Europe and Britain. He was also a composer and arranger. He lived mostly in England in his later years.

Percy Grainger [San Francisco?] to Nachez, 9 December 1916 (File 1520/44)

Re luncheon with Sir Henry [-]; on verso Sir Henry [-] to Nachez regrets Nachez could not attend luncheon in 'honor' of Percy Grainger. (2p.)

Fonds MR. Museum Records, 1808 - 1941

Papers re deposits in William Hunter's Museum (Hunterian Museum).

Series MR 50. Donation Letters, 1808 - 1839

2 items

Filmed selectively.

List of South Sea curiosities presented by Alexander Angus, Surgeon Dentist of Glasgow, c. 1808 (File 1)

Includes: Pieces of cloth made by natives of Owhyhee and stick from Otaheite.


John Gilkison [] to William Couper re birds from Sumatra, Malacca and Borneo purchased in Singapore. (2p.), 10 April 1839 (File 18)

Series MR 56. Ethnographical Collection, 1886 - 1941

21 items

Filmed Selectively.

S. Sinclair (Australian Museum) to J. Young, 1 April 1886 (File f.1)

Sending Birds of Paradise. (1p.)

Alexander Martin (Neilston) to Curator, 19 December 1905 (File f.2)

Sending Maori mat from Plains of Waimate. (1p.)

The Underkeeper to Crosbie Turner, 2 September 1910 (File f.4)

Re New Guinea curios presented by Rev. R. Lister Turner. (1p.)

B.H. White (Launceston) to Curator, 21 June 1922 (File f.9)

Re his collection of Tasmanian Aboriginal artifacts

E. Clement (Hove) to Curator, 23 July 1923 - 10 September 1923 (File ff.10-13)

Offering Aboriginal weapons from North West Australia and Queensland and Aboriginal skulls

The Museum to unnamed seller requesting 68 objects, 20 September 1923 (File f.14)

Includes list of South Sea Island curios. (2p., faint)

E. Clement (Hove) to Curator, 21 September 1923 - 15 October 1923 (File ff.15-20)

Re arrival of Australian artifacts; other material he has for sale including photographs showing tribal marks.

E. Clement (Hove), 27 January 1925 - 18 September 1925 (File ff.22-30)

Re artifacts from North West Australia made from mother of pearl; other artifacts including red hair necklace.

E. Clement (Hove), 24 November 1925 - 11 May 1926 (File ff.33-39)

Re Aboriginal artifacts from North West Australia obtained from a squatter; also can supply a model of a native boat made from bark.

T. Storrie Dixson (Aberdeen) to Curator, 29 July 1926 (File f.41)

Requesting to see Cook Collection.

T. Storrie Dixson (off Newfoundland) to Professor Bryce, 10 August 1926 (File f.42)

Thanking him for being allowed to see Cook material.

E. Clement (Hove) to Curator, 7 August 1926 - 18 June 1928 (File ff.43-62)

Re Aboriginal artifacts from North West Australia, including death shoes, skulls and carved mother of pearl shells; restrictions placed on export of native curios by Australian Government; curios from Arunta Tribe; clubs from New Zealand; purchase from Mrs Hawker, Missionary, of curios from Samoa and Papua; purchase of curios from Reverend J.W. Hills, Missionary in Papua and Samoa.

Helen Roberts (London) to W. Kinghorn, 6 October 1928 (File f.63)

That 'New Zealand' stringed instrument in Museum is from India; identification of other objects from Pacific Islands.

List and sketches of Aboriginal curios supplied by E. Clement, 1928 (File 64)

Includes water carrier of paper bark; female churinga, stone axes, spears, boomerangs; four photographs of Aboriginal groups, including one of group of men in neck chains. (61p.)

Gilbert Archey (Auckland Institute and Museum) to Curator, 30 April 1934 - 7 August 1934 (File 68-69)

Re Maori scarifying knife in the collection.

Elizabeth Gresen (Bernice P. Bishop Museum) to Curator, 5 January 1938 (File f.71)

Re information on South Sea Island specimens.

Joyce Gillett (Chislehurst) to Curator, 9 June 1938 (File ff.72-73)

Re bowls from Manihiki.

Correspondence with Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 6 July 1938 - 22 January 1939 (File ff.74-77)

Re identification of items from Cook Collection.

W. Oliver (Dominion Museum, Wellington) to Curator, 15 June 1939 (File f.78)

Acknowledging receipt of photographs.

Peter Buck (Bernice P. Bishop Museum) to Curator, 3 February 1941 - 5 July 1941 (File ff.79-80)

Re identification of items in Cook Collection.

List of objects in box (File f.86)

(unidentified - part of Clement Collection?)