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Fonds P47a. Bisley Parish, 1837 - 1839

Correspondence, financial papers and agreements concerning emigration to Australia and Canada, 1837 - 1839 (File OV 8/1)

They include letters from the Poor Law Commission and the Colonial Office referring to a loan for emigration purposes, the purchase of outfits, and conditional free passages to N.S.W...

Fonds P124. Dursley Parish, 1840

Records, 1840 (File CW 4/4)

List of persons desirous of emigrating to Canada or Australia from Dursley, 1840 (Item)
Emigration circular issued by Poor Law Commission. (Item)
O. Chadwick (Poor Law Commission) to A. Jackson (Dursley), 5 August 1840 (Item)

Resolution of vestry meeting to raise £25 to enable poor persons to emigrate; sends forms.

Fonds P125. Dymock Parish

Records (File IN 4/15)

Includes correspondence J. Nicholas (Toronto N.S.W. to Rev. S. Marston (Dymock) seeking information about graves in Dymock churchyard; recollections of Dymock; family; religious views; Toronto and Lake Macquarie; World War I. (3 letters)...

Fonds D 326. Papers of Guise Family of Elmore, 1854

H. Edwards (Merri Merri Creek, Victoria) to J. Jones (Gloucester), June 1854 (File F62)

Voyage to Australia on Ganges in 1853; impressions of Melbourne; 'selfishness and avarice ruling passions of higher orders and drunkenness and riot of lower classes'; farming; family news; Indigenous Australians; detailed descriptions of flora and fauna of Melbourne district. (78pp.)...

Fonds D 540. Records of Hatherop Estate deposited by Sir Thomas Bazley, 1866

Records, December 1866 (File T/63)

Indenture between (i) T. Atkinson and T.S. Bazley (ii) Elizabeth Bazley (iii) Donald Cameron of Evandale, Tasmania, concerning mortgage on lands in Devon and Westmoreland, 10 December 1866 (Item)
Memorial of indenture of release and mortgage between (i) T. Atkinson and T.S. Bazley (ii) Elizabeth Bazley (iii) Donald Cameron, 10 December 1866 (Item)

Fonds D 543. Records received from Yearsley and Wadeson, solicitors, of Mitcheldean, 1836 - 1838

Journal of George E. Stranger, 24 September 1836 - 17 October 1838 (File)

The detailed journal describes his medical activities, religious services, the character of settlers, whaling, voyages around the South Australian coast, life on Kangaroo Island, the wreck of the Solway in Encounter Bay, voyage to Hobart, and the return voyage to England via New Zealand and Cape Horn on the Seppings...

Fonds D 654/II. Records deposited by Goldingham and Jotcham, solicitors, of Wotton under Edge, 1883

Client: Pope, May 1883 (File 21)

Will of Joseph Wheeler of Castlemaine, Victoria, extracted, 31 May 1883 (Item F9)

Fonds D 866. Papers of Thurston Family of Thornbury, 1886 - 1897

Papers relating to Sir John Thurston, Governor of Fiji, January 1886 - 1897 (File X4)

J.B. Thurston (Fiji) to Arabella Thurston, 24 January 1886 (Item)

Despatch of photographs; family news; history of Thurston Family; possibility of succeeding Sir Peter Scratchley in New Guinea. (copy).

Sir John Thurston (Fiji) to O. Thurston, 24 January 1895 (Item)

Attacks of W.F. Parr; general satisfaction with Thurston's work in Pacific; plans for returning to England.

12 cuttings concerning allegations of slavery in Fiji, visit of Sir John Thurston to Sydney, and death of Thurston, 1897 (Item)

Fonds D 1022. Family papers of Mansfeldt de Cardonnel Lawson, surgeon and antiquary of Edinburgh, 1771

Capt. J. Cook (London) to Capt. J. Walker (Whitby), 17 August 1771 (File 21)

Success of voyage; no great discoveries but has explored more of South Seas than ever before; summarizes voyage; observation of transit of Venus; failure to find southern continent. (3pp.)

Fonds D 1086. Papers of Hale Family of Alderley, 1864 - 1867

Letters of Anne Sherwood, 1864 - 1867 (File F 193)

Letters of Anne Sherwood, written from Richmond River and Casino, N.S.W., to her sister, Theodosia Hale, 1864-67. They refer to family news, English news, farming, landscape, difficulties of travel, progress of Queensland, Australian fauna, Indigenous Australians...

Fonds D 1436. Letters of W. George, 1879 - 1881

W. George (Grantville, Victoria) to J. George (Stroud), 1 September 1879 (File)

Unemployment and poverty; seeks assistance. (copy)

W. George to Mullings & Co. (Cirencester), January 1880 - September 1881 (File)

Thanks for presents; lists jobs; wages; family news; economic conditions in Victoria. (3 letters)

W. George to Jane Sylvester, 9 May 1881 (File)

Economic conditions in Victoria; financial difficulties.

Fonds D 1770. Papers of Austin Family, 1852 - 1867

Bundle of genealogical papers, 1852 - November 1867 (File)

Account of voyage to Australia on Castle Eden, (13pp.), 1852 (Item)
J.L.S.A. (Mt. Alexander) to [unknown], 22 December 1852 (Item)

Seeks post in Governor's office.

Deeds of land in Elphinstone, Victoria, 19 July 1854 (Item)

Granted to D. Collins, 19 July 1854, B. Rigbye, 12 May 1859, W. Bell, 22 November 1861.

Conditional bill of sale of land in Elphinstone from G. Gibson to J. Potter, 19 November 1867 (Item)

Fonds D 1799. Dyrham Park Archives, 1934

Papers of Blathwayt Family, April 1934 (File)

Inez M. Blathwayt (Temuka, New Zealand) to R. Blathwayt (Chippenham), 21 April 1934 (Item C. 158)

Thanks for postcards of Dyrham; family history; father abandoned sheep farming on account of Depression.

Fonds D 1889. Papers of Graham Clarke Family of Frocester, 1844 - 1879

Papers of Eagles Family in Australia (3 bundles), 1844 - 1879 (File)

The correspondence, which is in no discernible order, is predominantly concerned with the estate of Rev. J. Eagles, the relations between W.G. Eagles in Melbourne and his family in England, the schooling in England of Charles E.B. Eagles in 1862-64, and his affairs after his return to Australia. Correspondents include W.G. Eagles (Bathurst, Melbourne), Anne Eagles (Orange), Charles H.B. Eagles (West Maitland, Brisbane), J.A. Graham Clarke (Stonehouse), Rev. Charles Eagles, George Luckie, Harriet Bridges (East Maitland), A. Graham, W. Coupland (West Maitland), A. Spey (Sydney), Cecilia Beddoes. There are also powers of attorney, money orders, school bills, and copies of baptismal and marriage certificates.

Fonds D 2025. Documents deposited by Ticehurst and Wyatt, solicitors, of Cheltenham, 1845 - 1860

Series Box 113. Papers of Col. C. Bridge, 1845 - 1860

Papers concerning Maori War, 1845 - 1846 (File)

Includes copy of Maori statement about flag.

Issues of New Zealand Government Gazette (1845) and New Zealander(1846, 1848), 1845 - 1848 (File)
Correspondence with Lt. Col. Wynyard concerning medal for New Zealand service. (1 bundle). (File)
Copies of correspondence with Colonial Secretary concerning Bridge's resignation as Resident Magistrate at Bay of Islands, 1849 (File)
Memorial and testimonials concerning service in New Zealand (1 bundle), 24 July 1850 (File)
Copies of letters from Bridge to Military Secretary offering services for New Zealand, 17 July 1860 (File)

Fonds D 2424. Records deposited by Shortwood Baptist Church, Nailsworth, 1848

Abstract of Shortwood Church Book, December 1848 (File 4)

List of members of Church who since 1823 had emigrated, mainly to N.S.W. (1p.), December 1848 (Item)

Fonds D 2455. Papers of Sir Michael Hicks Beach, 1878

Letters to Queen Victoria, May 1878 - December 1878 (File PCC/11)

Hicks Beach to Queen Victoria, 4 May 1878 (Item)

Recommends award of G.C.M.G. to Sir William Jervois; value of his work on defences of Australian colonies.

Hicks Beach to Queen Victoria, 9 November 1878 (Item)

Lord Dufferin declines Governorship of Victoria. (extract).

Hicks Beach to Queen Victoria, 7 December 1878 (Item)

Recommends appointment of Lord Normanby as Governor of Victoria and Sir Hercules Robinson as Governor of New Zealand.

Letters to Lord Beaconsfield, September 1878 - January 1879 (File PCC/13)

Hicks Beach to Lord Beaconsfield, 4 September 1878 (Item 29)

Australian Governorships; hopes to send Lord Dufferin to Victoria to deal with political crisis.

Hicks Beach to Lord Beaconsfield, 4 January 1879 (Item 37)

Australian Governorships; reluctant to send Lord Hardwicke to N.S.W.

Letters to Lord Beaconsfield, January 1879 (File PCC/13)

Hicks Beach to Lord Beaconsfield, 13 January 1879 (Item 38)

Invitation by N.S.W. Government to Prince of Wales to visit Sydney for International Exhibition; Bourke declines Governorship of N.S.W.

Papers relating to Australia and New Zealand, February 1878 - August 1887 (File PCC/62)

Lord Elrington (Melbourne) to Hicks Beach, 4 February 1878 (Item)

Victorian constitutional crisis; G. Berry; payment of M.P.s; criticisms of Sir George Bowen.

Lord Belmore to Hicks Beach, 22 March 1878 (Item)

Background to despatch from Lord Granville to Belmore in 1870 on warrants signed by Governor for issue of money in emergencies.

Sir George Bowen (Melbourne) to Hicks Beach, 11 June 1878 (Item)

Bowen's role in constitutional crisis; great need for Federation; hopes of being appointed Governor of N.S.W.

Lord Normanby (Wellington) to Hicks Beach, 20 June 1878 (Item)

Believes Sir George Grey is seeking to undermine loyalty in New Zealand; his call for elected Governors; disorganized Opposition; criticisms of Grey by his own colleagues.

Hicks Beach to R. Herbert, 25 September 1878 (Item)

Premature action of Berry Government in seeking reform of Constitution by Imperial Parliament; proposed reponse.

R. Herbert to Hicks Beach, 27 September 1878 (Item)

Draft despatch to Victoria; power of Legislative Council concerning money bills.

Lord Normanby (Melbourne) to Hicks Beach, 4 August 1879 (Item)

Criticizes proposed reform by G. Berry of Constitution and Budget; increase in duties; unnatural proportion of population in larger towns; Bill introduced by Reid for reform of Constitution.

Lord Normanby to Hicks Beach, 30 March 1880 (Item)

Fall of Berry Ministry; moderation of new Government; Catholic party and education question; Sir John O'Shannassy; waste of money on colonial navy.

Sir George Bowen (Mauritius) to Hicks Beach, 22 April 1880 (Item)

Criticisms by Hicks Beach of Bowen's actions in Victoria in 1878; quotes letter from R. Herbert; differences in attitudes of Hicks Beach and Lord Carnarvon; allegation that Bowen was responsible for removal of officials.

Sir George Bowen to Hicks Beach, 20 October 1880 (Item)

Further comments on his actions in Victorian crisis; pain of leaving Australia in disgrace after 20 years.

Notes of conversation between J. Fortescue and Capt. Bosanquet on French ownership of land in New Hebrides; islands of no value, August 1887 (Item)

Fonds D 2794. Records of Newman Family of Nailsworth, wool brokers, 1895 - 1950

The wool buying books record sale, date, lot, number of bales, producer (including station), price, and mill or clothier which purchased. Includes some cuttings on colonial wool sales. Most of wool was produced in Australia. Includes explanatory notes by R.M. Newman (1972)...

Memorandum and articles of association of T.M. Newman & Sons Pty. Ltd., wool merchants. Sydney (roneoed, 25pp.), 25 September 1950 (File 2)

T.M. Newman and Son. Wool buying book, January 1895 - July 1897 (File 9)

T.M. Newman and Son. Wool buying book, August 1920 - February 1924 (File 10)

Fonds D 4190. Documents donated by Miss V. Smith of Stone, 1911 - 1918

Trewen Smith (Bristol, Perth, Barton) to his family, 1911 - 1916 (File 20)

Decision to emigrate to Australia in 1911; voyage; illness; farming at Barton in Western Australia; family news; enlistment in A.I.F. (6 letters)

W. Croome (Perth) to Mrs Smith, 14 April 1918 (File)

Death of Trewen Smith; his effects; few repercussions of War in Australia.

Fonds D 4290. Records of St. Gregory's Catholic Parish, Cheltenham

Diary, June-July [unknown] (File PP 4/6)

Kept by Catholic priest of a journey from Sydney to New Guinea, via Brisbane, Townsville and Port Moresby, visiting missions at Yule Island and Mekeo...

Fonds D 4314. Documents deposited by Bailey, Shaw and Gillett, of London, 1883

Deed of conveyance from James A. Bevan (Bristol) and Mary S. Bevan (Grosmont) to Thomas D. Sibly (Bristol) of property in parish of Jika Jika, County of Bourke, Victoria, 12 April 1883 (File 2)

Deed of conveyance from Mary S. Bevan to William L. Hodgson (Tutshill) and James A. Bevan (Bristol) of property in parish of Jika Jika, Victoria, 13 April 1883 (File)

Fonds D 4432. Documents deposited by C.M. Rutter of Gillingham, Kent, 1876

Transcript of marriage certificate of John C. Rutter and Elizabeth A. Hughes at Bowen, Queensland, 21 June 1873, and birth certificate of Agnes L.K. Rutter at Bowen, 16 December 1876 (File 7/5)

Fonds D 4453. Documents deposited by Taynton and Son, solicitors, of Gloucester, 1878

Bundle 2, August 1878 (File Box 6)

H. Herbert (Liverpool Plains) to J. Raven, 25 August 1878 (Item)

Execution of deed; thanks for money; purchase of sheep.

Fonds D 4647. Documents deposited by Bridges, Sawtell and Adams, solicitors of London, 1863 - 1890

Vigor v. Salmon, 1863 - 1890 (File 5/3)

Estimated expenses of voyage to New Zealand by Capt. J. Parry. (Item)

Fonds D 4644. Records of William Playne & Co., woollen manufacturers of Minchinhampton, 1908 - 1911

Correspondence concerning orders between W. Playne & Co. and J.M. Cavanagh & Co., tailors, of Sydney, 1908 - 1911 (File 4/4)

Fonds PA 193. Papers relating to Joseph Mercer, 1839 - 1840

John Mercer (Kingswood) to Joseph Mercer (Adelaide), 8 May 1840 (File 2)

Joseph's arrival in Adelaide; woollen manufacturing business; new postal system. (photocopy).

John Mercer to Joseph Mercer, 30 July 1840 (File)

business affairs; schools. (photocopy).

Extracts from diary of Joseph Mercer on voyage from Liverpool to Adelaide on Lady Lilford (photocopy), June 1839 - September 1839 (File)