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Collections held by the Hackney Archives Department (as filmed by the AJCP)
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1827 - 1986
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Scope and Contents

Records 1886-1962 of Berger Jenson and Nicholson printmakers, concerning their Australian and New Zealand operations. They include extracts from minute-books, reports, agreements and correspondence.

Records 1931-43 of British Xylonite (Australia) Pty Ltd referring to the Australian tariff and the company's factory in Melbourne.

Records 1827-58 of Refuge for the Destitute at Hackney relating to male and female emigration to Australia.

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Material selectively filmed at the Hackney Archives Department as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP Reels: M2534-2535). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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Hackney Archives Department, London, England. For further information see Hackney Archives Department (

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The archives of Bryant and May (M2476-M2491) [] have been filmed separately.

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Australia: emigration; Australia: visits to; Berger Jenson and Nicholson; British Xylonite Ltd.; Business records; C.E. Casella & Co Ltd.; Refuge for the destitute; Trade:Australia; Trade: New Zealand; Tarrifs;


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 202, p76.

Item Descriptions

Fonds D/B. Business Records, 1882 - 1986

28 items

Series D/B/BER. Berger Jenson and Nicholson, 1911 - 1938

3 items

Paint makers. Records, 1783-1986.

Lewis Steingenberger said to come to London from Frankfurt, Germany in 1760 as a 19 year old colourchemist to manufacture Prussian Blue, changing his name to Lewis Berger.The business expanded and in 1780 he moved from Shadwell, East London, to Homerton. He was then offering 12 dry pigment colours and within 7 years another seven. Three of his four sons also entered the business.

In 1879 the firm was turned into a limited company as Lewis Berger and Sons Ltd. But the company was badly managed and shareholders continually complained about the company's financial affairs. Trade however expanded - to India, Australia and America. Eventually, in 1905, the company was sold to Cottingham of Sherwin Williams Co. of America, Paint Manufacturers, and a new American board was appointed.

A small trading depot had been established in Sydney by the early 20th century, then in 1911 a separate company was established and a new factory built in 1910 at Rhodes, N.S.W. The company later also established subsidiaries in Victoria, 1929 and New Zealand in 1923.

In 1960 the company merged with Jenson and Nicholson Ltd. to form Berger, Jenson and Nicholson. Jenson and Nicholson had been established in 1821 as coach paint manufacturers, and they had several overseas subsidiaries. Operations at Homerton were run down and the works closed in 1960.

In 1970 Berger, Jensen and Nicholson were taken over by Hoechst AG of Frankfurt, Lewis Steingenberger's home town. They became the holding company of the whole Berger group which now manufactured and distributed paint, resins, wood preservatives, industrial sealants, household chemicals and wallcoverings. In 1977 there were 35 companies and divisions running 46 factories in 25 countries, employing 10,000 people.

In 1988 Berger, Jenson and Nicholson was sold by Hoechst AG to Williams holdings and Jenson and Nicholson was re-established as a private company at Dagenham.

Subseries D/B/BER/3. Subsidiary Companies, October 1911 - January 1938
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Lewis Berger and Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd, October 1911 - January 1938 (File D/B/BER/3/5)
3 items
Board of Directors Minute book and AGM Minutes. (London) (26p.), 13 October 1911 - 3 March 1916 (Item D/B/BER/3/5/1)
Board of Directors Minute book (Sydney) (90p, indexed), 10 August 1931 - 14 January 1938 (Item D/B/BER/3/5/2)
Annual General Meetings Minute book (Sydney) (28p, indexed), 17th -23rd., 10 September 1931 - 8 September 1937 (Item D/B/BER/3/5/3)
Lewis Berger and Sons (New Zealand) Ltd, August 1931 - October 1937 (File D/B/BER/3/7)
2 items
Board of Directors Minute book (39p, indexed), 20 August 1931 - 6 October 1937 (Item D/B/BER/3/7/1)
Annual General Meeting Minute book (13p, indexed), 21 September 1931 - 23 October 1937 (Item D/B/BER/3/7/2)
Sherwin - Williams Co.(New Zealand) Ltd, May 1935 - October 1937 (File D/B/BER/3/10)
1 item
Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting Minute book (12p, indexed), 23 May 1935 - 22 October 1937 (Item D/B/BER/3/10/1)

Series D/B/CAS. C.E. Casella & Co Ltd, 1910 - 1912

1 item

Biographical / Historical

Louis Paschal Casella came to London in 1810 from Italy, a skilled optical glass worker, barometer and thermometer maker. Tagliabues were already an established firm of instrument makers, and in 1838 Louis Casella joined Caesar Tagliabue at 23 Hatton Garden Louis Casella & Co. superceded Tagliabue & Casella in 1848 and expanded, becoming instrument makers to the Admiralty, and the government of Noth America in 1856, and to the East India Company and the Board of Trade in 1860. The company continues to manufacture at Britannia Walk, Shoreditch.

Subseries D/B/CAS/58. Licence Agreements, November 1910 - April 1912
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Sharland & Co., London, re agency in Australia and New Zealand, 8 November 1910 - 30 April 1912 (File D/B/CAS/58/20)

4 letters.

Series D/B/PUC. Puckeridge and Nephew Ltd, 1897

1 item

Biographical / Historical

Puckridge and Nephew Ltd. of the Mount, (later 96 Upper Clapton Road).

Makers of gold beaters' skins and moulds. Changed name in 1950 to Mount Works Ltd. and went into voluntary liquidation in 1951.

Out letterbook, February 1897 - July 1897 (File D/B/PUC 2)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

To Mr. Hann, wholesale butcher Melbourne, asking to receive inside membrane of Ox bung, 9 February 1897 (Item f.213)
To Mr. Robb, Berwick, Victoria, asking to receive inside membrane of Ox bung, 9 February 1897 (Item f.214)
To Wm Evett, Melbourne, quoting prices for aluminium leaf, imitation gold, bronze powder and aluminium powder, 3 July 1897 (Item f.857)
To Evett, Melbourne, details of gold rollers, 31 July 1897 (Item f.939)

Series D/B/XYL. British Xylonite Ltd, 1930 - 1950

4 items

Biographical / Historical

Xylonite is the trade name for the celluloid (early type of plastic) manufactured first by Daniel Spill and Co. and then by British Xylonite Co. Daniel Spill had been an assistant to Alexander Parkes, inventor of celluloid (in 1864). Later Spill set up his own factory in Homerton, East London, manufacturing celluloid under names of Xylonite and Ivoride. In 1877 Spill's business was taken over by British Xylonite Co. Ltd. This company merged in 1879 with L.P. Merriam Homerton Manufacturing Co. which occupied adjacent premises and made articles out of xylonite. In 1887 a new factory opened at Brantham, on Suffolk/Essex border for manufacture of Xylonite. Manufacture of goods continued at Homerton until 1897 when a new factory at Hale End, Walthamstow, London, was opened. The Homerton works were then sold.

In 1931 the British Xylonite (Australia) Proprietory Ltd. was set up to 'manufacture, buy, sell or otherwise deal in xylonite' in Melbourne.

Subseries D/B/XYL/10. British Xylonite (Australia) Proprietory Ltd, June 1930 - June 1950
4 items
Memorandum and articles of Association Melbourne (9p.), 1 October 1931 (File D/B/XYL/10/1)
Annual accounts, October 1931/June 1932, - July 1942/June 1943, July 1949/June 1950 (File D/B/XYL/10/2)

c. 280p. and sales analysis 1932-1941 4p. Some years also have general report and comments on trading.

Minutes of Annual General Meetings; Minutes of Directors meetings; some correspondence with BX Co, London (60p.), 1931-1942; 1931-1942, 1945 (File D/B/XYL/10/3)
Articles from The Xylonite Magazine, June 1930 - September 1936 (File)

Subjects include: Australian tariff; visits to Australia; establishment of Melbourne factory; photographs of staff and factory at Melbourne.


Series D/B/BER/2. Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd./Berger Jenson & Nicholson, 1882 - 1986

21 items

Filmed selectively.

Minute book 2, May 1886 - August 1892 (File D/B/BER/2/1/2)
10 items
Consideration of doing business in Australia, 14 May 1886 (Item ff.137-138)
Purchase of gum from New Zealand, 22 April 1887 (Item ff.163-164)
Purchase of gum from New Zealand, and John Watkin to be sent to New Zealand, 27 April 1887 - 6 May 1887 (Item ff.165-166)


Purchase of gum from New Zealand (27/04/1887)

John Watkin to be sent to New Zealand (06/05/1887)

Letter of credit for John Watkin, 8 July 1887 (Item f.168)
Letter received from John Watkin, 13 January 1888 (Item ff.177-78)
John Watkin authorised to purchase gum in New Zealand, 22 February 1889 (Item ff.207-08)
Discussion and agreement with Gavin Scott of R. Morrison Stewart & Co. of Sydney N.S.W that his firm is appointed Australian agents, 10 June 1889 - 1 August 1889 (Item ff.247-251)

Discussion and agreement with Gavin Scott of R. Morrison Stewart and Co. of Sydney N.S.W that his firm is appointed Australian agents (10/06/1889, 02/07/1889, 25/07/1889, 01/08/1889)

Signing of agreement with R. Morrison Stewart & Co, 9 December 1889 (Item f.258)
Death of Watkin in New Zealand and appointment of G.W. Patterson as buyer of gum, 19 July 1892 (Item f.321)
Termination of agreement with R. Morrison Stewart & Co. due to poor business, 24 August 1892 (Item ff.323-5)
Minute book 3, December 1892 - June 1896 (File D/B/BER/2/1/3)
23 items
Reporting Mr. Dodd had gone to Australia, 21 December 1892 (Item f.7)
Shipment of gum on its way from N.Z, 11 January 1893 (Item f.9)
Consideration of setting up business in Melbourne, 19 April 1893 (Item ff.25-26)
Mr. Dodd recalled from Melbourne, 2 May 1893 (Item ff.30-31)
Mr. Houston appointed agent in Sydney, 25 July 1893 (Item f.40)
Letters from Mr. Dodd, 28 December 1893 (Item f.62)
Arrangements for buying gum from New Zealand, 5 April 1894, 11 April 1894, 25 April 1894 (Item ff.81-83)
Arrangements for buying gum from New Zealand, 27 April 1894 - 10 May 1894 (Item ff.86-87)
Arrangements with Patterson in New Zealand for shipping gum via New York, 30 May 1894, 6 June 1894, 13 June 1894, 28 June 1894 (Item ff.96-103)
Delivery of gum expected, 27 July 1894 (Item f.108)
Arrangements with Patterson for gum, 15 August 1894 - 16 August 1894 (Item ff.109-111)
Arrangements with Patterson for gum, 26 October 1894 (Item ff.123-5)
Withdrawal of credit from Patterson, 2 November 1894 - 9 November 1984 (Item ff.127-137)
Arrangement with Mr. Dodd for New Zealand and Tasmania agency, 4 January 1895 (Item ff.167-8)
Agreement with Mr. Dodd signed, 13 February 1895 (Item ff.181-2)
Legal steps against Patterson, 1 March 1895 - 4 March 1895 (Item ff.184-6)
Patterson admits liability, 27 March 1895 (Item f.195)
Re Patterson, 3 April 1895 - 10 April 1895 (Item ff.199-201)
Re Patterson, 1 May 1895 (Item ff.205-6)
Payment by Patterson, 30 August 1895 (Item ff.224-6)
Lack of Australian business, 2 October 1895 (Item ff.234-6)
Finalisation of Patterson business, 16 October 1895 (Item ff.241-2)
Bad debts in New Zealand, 16 June 1896 (Item ff.313-4)
Minute book 4, May 1897 - November 1897 (File D/B/BER/2/1/4)
3 items
Letter to New Zealand Mercantile Agency re sheep marketing compound, 13 May 1897 (Item f.61)
Letter from Commercial Bank of Sydney re signing of drafts, 26 October 1897 (Item ff.87-88)
Report on Australian and New Zealand accounts, 1 November 1897 (Item ff.89-91)
Minute book 5, August 1901 - September 1904 (File D/B/BER/2/1/5)
10 items
Umfreville and Dodd (Wellington) dishonour bill, 14 August 1901 (Item ff.50-51)
Meetings, 14 August, 28 August, 3 September, 20 September, 25 September (Item ff.50-69)
2 October, 9 October, 16 October, 24 October, 31 October, 6 November (Item ff.73-97)
28 November, 4 December, 11 December, 18 December, 1901, 2 January (Item ff.101-103)
Discussion of claim against Umfreville and Dodd, New Zealand agents, 8 January, 15 January, 21 January, 29 January, 6 February, 12 February, 20 February, 26 February, 5 March, 18 March, 4 April, 8 April, 15 May, 28 May, 1902 (Item ff.124-126)
Hammond, Redstone and Price appointed New Zealand agents, 11 June 1902 (Item f.135)
Payment received from Umfreville and Dodd, 19 May 1903 (Item ff.216-7)
That Mr. W. H. Davy obtained appointment as representative in Australia by means of forged references. George Shankland to go to Australia, 2 March 1904 (Item f.285)
Agreement signed with J.M. Rooke of Sydney, 27 July 1904 (Item f.327)
Shankland report - read, 14 September 1904 (Item f.337)
Minute book 6, October 1904 - December 1904 (File D/B/BER/2/1/6)
3 items
Shankland's expenses, 24 October 1904 (Item ff.7-8)
Analysis of trading with Australasia presented, 14 December 1904 (Item ff.22-24)
Australian agency, 30 December 1904 (Item ff.26-27)
Minute book 7, May 1911 - September 1925 (File D/B/BER/2/1/7)
10 items
Lease of store in Sydney, 16 June 1911 (Item ff.54-55)
Establishment of Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia), 13 October 1911 (Item f.70)
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia), 26 May 1911 (Item ff.119-20)
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia), 8 October 1919 (Item f.193)
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia), 13 November 1919 (Item f.196)
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia), 8 September 1920 (Item ff.208-9)
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) and negotiations for guarantee, 11 January 1922 (Item ff.248-9)
Purchase of H.J. Corder Pty Ltd. of Melbourne by L.B. & Sons (Aust), 4 April 1923 (Item ff.268-9)
Advancement of money to L.B. & Sons (Aust), 14 August 1924, 4 September 1924, 3 October 1924 (Item ff.293-7)
Debt of L.B. & Sons (Aust), 16 September 1925 (Item f.317)
Minute book 8, January 1931 - September 1935 (File D/B/BER/2/1/8)
15 items
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust), 21 January 1931 (Item f.127)
Re Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust), 31 March 1931 (Item f.135)
Deposit with Bank of N.S.W, 20 October 1931 (Item ff.151-3)
Purchase of shares in Lewis Berger & Sons(NZ), 13 January 1932 (Item ff.162-3)
Income Tax on Australian dividends, 21 March 1932 (Item f.171)
Re Bank of New South Wales, 18 April 1932 (Item ff.176-7)
Purchase of shares in L. Berger & Sons (N.Z.), 27 July 1932 (Item f.189)
Australian dividend and guarantee to Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust), 8 November 1932 (Item ff.193-4)
Financial position of Australasian companies, 11 January 1933 (Item ff.201-2)
Financial position of Australasian companies, 29 June 1933 (Item ff.220-21)
Financial position of Australian companies, 20 June 1934 (Item f.257)
Financial position of Australian companies, and business in Australasia, 28 December 1934 (Item ff.277-9)
Financial position of Australasian companies, 20 March 1935 (Item ff.286-8)
Financial position of Australian company, 10 April 1935 (Item f.291)
Purchase of shares in Lewis Berger & Sons (N.Z.) by the Australian company, 17 September 1935 (Item ff.305-10)
Minute book 9, April 1936 - October 1945 (File D/B/BER/2/1/9)
19 items
Purchase of Messrs Courlay & Co. Western Australia, 20 April 1936 (Item ff.1-3)
Finances of Australian company, 12 April 1937 (Item f.45)
Service agreements with Australasian companies, 12 January 1939 (Item ff.93-94)
Alteration of articles of Association by Lewis Berger & Sons (N.Z.), 27 March 1939 (Item ff.100-101)
Appointment of F. Allen to board of Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust), 25 April 1939 (Item ff.103-5)
Appointment of Allen to board of Lewis Berger & Sons ( Aust), 18 May 1939 (Item ff.107-8)
Lewis Berger & Sons (N.Z.) dividend, 14 November 1939 (Item ff.126-7)
Tax position of Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust), 1 October 1941 (Item ff.194-8)
Deed of covenant with Bank of N.S.W, 19 February 1942 (Item ff.211-2)
Share in Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 31 March 1942 (Item ff.215-7)
Patents in Australia, 1 September 1942 (Item ff.233-4)
Financial position of Lewis Berger & Sons (N.Z.), 30 November 1942 (Item ff.238-41)
Financial position of Australasian companies, 29 January 1943 (Item ff.244-6)
Patents in N.Z, 1 June 1943 (Item ff.257-9)
Patents in Australia and New Zealand, 11 January 1944 (Item ff.272-5)
Financial position of Australian company, 2 June 1944 (Item ff.287-88)
Financial position of Australian company, 20 July 1944 (Item f.291)
Shares in Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 9 March 1945 (Item ff.314-5)
Dismissal of Gordon Rogers at Rhodes Factory Australia, 3 October 1945 (Item ff.330-1)
Minute book 10, January 1946 - June 1949 (File D/B/BER/2/1/10)
12 items
Visit of W.J. Darby to Australia, and purchase of site for new warehouse in Auckland, 2 January 1946 (Item ff.2-3)
Shares in Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 25 February 1946 (Item f.5)
Visit by C. Fry to Australia, 18 September 1946 (Item ff.18-22)
Visit of W.J. Darby to Australia and New Zealand, 9 April 1947 (Item ff.39-40)
Report on Darby's visit to Australia and reorganization of Australian company, 11 June 1947 (Item ff.48-49)
Retirement of F. Allen; capital expenditure by Australasian companies, 3 September 1947 (Item ff.60-61)
Capital expenditure by Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 9 October 1947 (Item ff.65-66)
Capital expenditure by Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 15 July 1948 (Item ff.99-103)
Death of Managing Director of N.Z. company, J.T. Spears, 11 October 1948 (Item ff.112-3)
L.S. Dawson appointed General Manager of New Zealand company, 27 January 1949 (Item ff.124-7)
Australia and New Zealand patent applications, 10 March 1949 (Item ff.132-3)
Purchase of residences for Australian and New Zealand managing directors, 30 June 1949 (Item ff.141-2)
Minute book 11, August 1949 - June 1960 (File D/B/BER/2/1/11)
37 items
New factory at Auckland, 26 August 1949 (Item f.3)
Plans for house for managing director of Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.) L.J. Pearson, 12 October 1950 (Item f.63)
Visit to Australia by C.G. Fry, 12 October 1950 (Item f.68)
Plans for factories at Auckland and Melbourne, 14 November 1950 (Item ff.74-5)
Report by Fry on trip to Australia, 29 December 1950 (Item f.77)
Details of group reorganisation, 5 February 1951 (Item ff.81-2)
Purchase of house for Melbourne Chief Executive, 27 June 1951 (Item f.100)
Affairs of Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 24 July 1951 (Item f.105)
Capital expenditure by Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.). W. J. Darby's trip to Australia, 8 January 1952 (Item ff.121-2)
Capital expenditure by Lewis Berger & Sons (N.Z.) and affairs of Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust.), 13 February 1952 (Item ff.128-31)
Re Australian Group of Companies, 28 October 1952 (Item f.169)
Darby trip to Australia and factory site at Wellington, 12 November 1952 (Item ff.173-4)
Darby's report on Australian trip, 12 January 1953 (Item f.180)
Capital expenditure of Australian group, 17 April 1953 (Item ff.187-9)
Factory site at Auckland and financial affairs of Australian group, 12 May 1953 (Item ff.194-5)
Expenditure by Australian company, 30 June 1953 (Item f.200)
Expenditure by Australian and New Zealand companies, 22 October 1953 (Item ff.214-5)
Expenditure by Australian company, 8 July 1954 (Item f.235)
Re Australian and New Zealand companies, 20 July 1954 (Item f.241)
Expenditure by Australian company, 11 November 1954 (Item f.254)
Re Australian company, 5 April 1955 (Item ff.280-1)
Formation of L.B. Berger & Sons (Queensland) Pty. Ltd, 8 July 1955 (Item f.286)
Capital expenditure by Australian and New Zealand companies, 30 September 1955 (Item f.298)
Board changes, 2 November 1955 (Item ff.305-6)
Group companies' board changes, 19 April 1956 (Item f.324)
Visit to Australia and New Zealand by W.J. Vines, 22 January 1957 (Item f.352)
Re factory at Sydney, 3 July 1957 (Item f.368)
Financial troubles with Australian subsidiary, 20 November 1957 (Item f.387)
Vine's report on visit, 26 March 1958 (Item f.399)
Group board appointments and trading conditions in Australia, 16 July 1958 (Item ff.407-8)
Discussion of problems with trading prospects in Australia, 22 July 1958 (Item ff.412-3)
Changes in Australian board, 4 December 1958 (Item f.424)
That Managing Director spent some months in Australia, 23 December 1958 (Item f.428)
Report of Mr. Vine's Australian assignment, 15 January 1959 (Item ff.429-30)
Capital expenditure of Australian company, 25 September 1959 (Item f.446)
Managing Director's report on visit to Australia and New Zealand, 29 March 1960 (Item f.466)
Managing Director's report on visit to Australia and New Zealand, 2 June 1960 (Item f.473)
Annual Reports, December 1954 (File D/B/BER/2/1/24)
1 item
Prime Minister of Australia Rt. Hon. R.G. Menzies opens the New Berger plant in Coburg, Victoria, 6 December 1954 (Item)

Includes plan of factory site, speech by W.J. Vines, Managing Director Lewis Berger & Sons (Victoria) Pty. Ltd. and replies by W.J. Darby World Group Managing Director, and Menzies.

(16p. (printed).

Copy order confirming alterations of memorandum of association, 18 October 1921 (File D/B/BER 2/1/40)

Durrant Cooper Hambling. (5p.)

Correspondence between Lewis Berger and Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Ltd, January 1921 - December 1921 (File D/B/BER 2/1/41)
13 items
Bank of New South Wales, (London) to Lewis Berger & Sons (Homerton) re advance limit to Berger & Sons (Australia) Ltd, 25 January 1921 (Item)
Berger to Bank of New South Wales, acknowledgement, 26 January 1921 (Item)
Managing Director, Bergers, to Bank of N.S.W. postponing reply, 27 January 1921 (Item)
Managing Director, Bergers to Walter Cottingham (Cap D'ail, France) re guaranteeing overdraft of Lewis Berger and Sons (Australia) Ltd, 27 January 1921 (Item)
Bank of New South Wales to Bergers acknowledgement, 28 January 1921 (Item)
H. Sevier, Managing Director, Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Ltd. (Sydney) to James Garson (Homerton) re bank guarantee, 4 February 1921 (Item)
Director, Bergers (Sydney) to Bergers (Homerton) re the transfer of Montreal's guarantee to Bergers. Also copy of Telegram 13 October 1921, 19 October 1921 (Item)
Walter Cottingham to James Garson re securing powers to secure guarantee (internal memo), 19 October 1921 (Item)
Durrant Cooper & Hambling (London) to F.J. Kemp, Bergers, (Homerton) re alteration of memorandum of Association, 3 November 1921 (Item)
Bergers to Durrant, Cooper & Hambling ack, 4 November 1921 (Item)
Bergers to W. Cottingham, (Cleveland, Ohio) that alterations have been made, 11 November 1921 (Item)
Bank of New South Wales to Bergers that Bergers Australia is endevouring to find local guarantors, 16 December 1921 (Item)
Bergers to Bank of New South Wales acknowledgement, 19 December 1921 (Item)
Copy of memorandum of agreement between Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Ltd. and Lewis Berger & Sons (New Zealand) Ltd. establishing the latter. (6p, typescript), 1 March 1929 (File D/B/BER 2/1/44)
Sales and Marketing Records: Agreements with Agents, December 1882 - June 1883 (File D/B/BER/2/5/3)
3 items

From Bundle 1. Filmed selectively.

Agreement between Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd. with Hugh Dugan Fisher. Exporting products to Asia, Australia, Africa and South America (4p.), 8 December 1882 (Item)
H.D. Fisher envelope, May 1883 (Item)

Comprises correspondence from H.D. Fisher to Arthur Berger re his proposed tour of Far East and Australia. (11p.)

Draft, memorandum of agreement between Lewis Berger & Sons Ltd. and Hugh Dugan Fisher (re journey to India, Australia etc.) (9p.), 1883 (Item)
Advertising and Public Relations, 1930 - 1956 (File D/B/BER/2/7)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Chairman's speeches at AGM and Miscellaneous, December 1945 (Item D/B/BER/2/7/7)
1 item

Issue to Australia of Mr. L.J. Pearson: prospectus Invitation to executive luncheon at Dorchester Hotel (4p.)

Way Back in 1760, 1930 (Item D/B/BER/2/7/46)

A brief history of the 170 years trading of the House of Berger makers of fine dry colours, paints, varnishes, lacquers, corroders of white lead. Rhodes, Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Ltd, 1930. 24p.

General history of the company with special emphasis on trading in Australia, includes pictures of Australian directors, the Australian factory at Rhodes; and Australian buildings which have been painted with Berger products. (including Sydney Harbour Bridge.)

Berger expansion in Victoria, 1938 (Item D/B/BER/2/7/47)

Melbourne, Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd, 1938. (16p, printed)

General history of the company with pictures of the Victorian shop, offices and warehouse; includes picture of the Adelaide and Wellington offices.

The House of Berger, 1956 (Item D/B/BER/2/7/50)

Forty years of colour service in Australia. A brief history of Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Sydney, Lewis Berger & Sons, 1956. (64p, printed).

General history of the firm with special emphasis on the development of the company in Australia and biographies and photographs of Australian personnel.

Includes photographs of Berger premises at Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney.

File of Correspondence on the History of Berger, April 1958 - March 1960 (File D/B/BER/2/7/52)
6 items
F. Armitage (London) to Charles Berger (Wellington) re the History of Berger that Armitage is writing, 14 March 1960 (Item)
History of Berger in New Zealand by Cass ? (3p, typescript), 1960? (Item)
F. Armitage to C. Berger (Wellington) requesting he sends a brief history of the company in New Zealand, 11 January 1960 (Item)
L.J. Pearson, Managing Director, Berger (Australia) to Armitage re history of Berger in Australia, 5 August 1958 (Item)

('enclosed effort' not in file).

L.J. Pearson (Sydney) to Armitage re history of Berger in Australia, 19 June 1958 (Item)
Armitage to Pearson (Burwood) requesting details of Berger in Australia, 28 April 1958 (Item)
Draft History of Bergers by F. Armitage, July 1958 (File D/B/BER/2/7/53)
1 item
Lewis Berger & Sons (New Zealand) Ltd. N.D. (2p, typescript). Berger Australia (21p, typescript), July 1958 (Item)
Material concerning Charles Berger, January 1935 - September 1952 (File D/B/BER/2/7/56)
3 items

Biographical / Historical

Charles Berger (1908-), Managing Director of Bergers New Zealand.

H.M. Norris, Personnel Officer, Bergers, to Charles Berger, London, re discovery of following documents, 2 September 1952 (Item)
Birth certificate for John Bois Berger, son of Charles, 24 December 1935 (Item)
Marriage certificate Charles Berger and Pamela Bois, 26 January 1935 (Item)
Collected Publications on History of Company, 1944 (File D/B/BER/2/7/67)
3 items
Marilyn Herbert, (BJN Australian holdings Ltd., Rhodes) to R. Tamplin (Berger Jenson and Nicholson Ltd., Dagenham), with details of Jenson and Nicholson in Australia., 21 May 1986 (Item)
The Voice: House magazine for Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd and Associated Companies (50p.), 1944? and Spring 1946. (Item)
Brochure produced for opening of Berger Group new plant at Coburg, Victoria by R.G. Menzies, 6 December 1954 (Item)

Gives history of Berger in Australia, details of the site, programme of the opening ceremony.

Includes press cuttings of the ceremony.

(24p, printed).

Out Letterbook Corporate and Financial, August 1898 - March 1904 (File D/B/BER/2/8/3)
3 items
P. McNicol, acting secretary, Berger to Manager of Commercial Bank of Sydney sending signature of J. Garson, 10 August 1898 (Item f.62)
Chairman to Manager of Bank of Australasia (London) sending signatures of J. Garson, P. McNicol and Z. Banson, 2 August 1899 (Item f.155)
J. Garson to Bank of New South Wales, (London) re T. Banson, cashier, 3 March 1904 (Item f.366)

Fonds D/E. Religious Records, 1880 - 1941

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Series D/E/233/CLA. Clapton Park. Congregational Church Lower Clapton Road, 1880 - 1941

2 items
Minute Book of Church Meetings, June 1880 - November 1881 (File D/E/233/CLA/8)
3 items
Rev. Hebditch announces for the sake of the health of his son he is going to Australia for 16 months, 3 June 1880 (Item ff.5-7)
Letters from Rev. Samuel Hebditch, South Yarra, re voyage to Australia, ship wreck, and visits to Adelaide and Melbourne, 18 October 1880 - 1 August 1881 (Item ff.16-17; 20-23; 27-30, 36)
Address to Rev. Hebditch on safe return, 24 November 1881 (Item ff.37-40)
Minute Book of Church Meeting, February 1941 (File D/E/233/CLA/9)
1 item
Letter received from Rev. W. McMillan, Suva, Fiji, 23 February 1941 (Item ff. 397)

Copy of letter attached. 13 December 1940. re Fiji's war effort and his missionary work.


Fonds D/F. Family Records, n.d.

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Series D/F/MUD. Mudie and Stewart Families, n.d.

1 item
Part letter from [Alexander Mudie] to 'friends' in Australia?, n.d. (after 1851) (File D/F/MUD/4)

Hoping they arrived safely; news of his daughter Helen's marriage to Francis Stewart a baker who made a fortune in South Australian gold fields in 1851.

Fonds D/S. Society Records, 1827 - 1858

10 items

Filmed selectively.

Series D/S/4. Refuge for the Destitute, 1827 - 1858

10 items

Biographical / Historical

The Female Refuge (founded in 1805) moved in 1811 to Hackney Road and the Male Refuge in Hoxon, slightly later. Both institutions were intended for the relief of destitute young people on release from prison. In November 1848 the government reduced its grant to the Refuge and the Male Refuge closed, all resources being concentrated in the new Female Refuge at Dalton.

General Court of Governors Minute Book, January 1827 - January 1836 (File D/S/4/1)
8 items
Female discharged to go to NSW with her mother, January 1827 (Item f.152)
Female discharged to go as servant with family to NSW, 29 January 1829 (Item f.169)
Man discharged to apprenticeship with gentleman in Australia, 30 January 1830 (Item f.175)
Female discharged to a family going to Australia, 30 January 1830 (Item f.176)
Male discharged to service in Sydney. Females discharged to emigrate to Australia. Details of arrangements with H.M. Government to send large numbers of females to Australia as servants under care of a matron, 30 January 1833 (Item ff.3-4,7-8)
Man discharged to Hobart, 33 females discharged to Sydney as emigrants, details of sailing on 13 April 1833, 29 January 1834 (Item ff.3-7)
Females emigrating to Van Diemen's Land. Report from NSW on last years' emigrants, 29 January 1835 (Item ff.5,10)
Report on 7 females sent last year to Van Diemen's Land, 28 January 1836 (Item f.10)
General Court of Governors Minute Book, January 1849 - February 1858 (File D/S/4/2)
5 items
14 Men and 5 women sent to Australia in 1848, 31 January 1849 (Item ff.9-10)
15 Men and 2 women sent to Australia, good accounts of those sent last year, 29 January 1850 (Item ff. 6,7,8)
Emigration to Australia as a means of providing for the female inmates, 29 January 1852 (Item f.4)
Emigration of one female to Australia, 27 January 1853 (Item f.3)
Communication from Sir C. Nicholson on benefits of emigration; problems of cost, 18 February 1858 (Item f.5)
General Committee Female Refuge 25 January 1828 - 23 October 1830 Minute Book, July 1829 - August 1829 (File D/S/4/8)
3 items
Report that 2 girls be allowed to go to new settlement Swan River on Wanstead and be given suitable clothing, 4 July 1829 (Item f.2)
Jane Barnes, or Byrne, or Byrce and Anne Preddy take leave of committee before embarking on Wanstead for Swan River, 1 August 1829 (Item f.2)
Discharge of the two girls on 1 August, 8 August 1829 (Item f.1)
General Committee Female Refuge 30 October 1830 - 3 May 1834 Minute Book, June 1831 - May 1834 (File D/S/4/9)
68 items
Admission of Fanny Pellitt (later goes to Van Diemen's Land), 25 June 1831 (Item f.64)
Report of meeting between Treasurer and Mr. Elliott of Colonial Office re emigration of 16 females to Australia, 11 February 1832 (Item f.119)
Project postponed, 18 February 1832 (Item f.120)
Project postponed after interview with Mr. Elliott, 25 February 1832 (Item ff.122-3)
Mr. Fry offers 2 places for females to go to Australia, 24 March 1832 (Item f.138)
The two are to sail on Thursday, 31 March 1832 (Item f.140)
3 females discharged to go to Australia on 12 April, 14 April 1832 (Item f.144)
Meeting with C. Bracebridge re cooperation with a society to be formed to facilitate emigration of females to Australia, 28 April 1832 (Item ff.149-50)
The committee agreed to house girls destined for Australia until ships were ready, 5 May 1832 (Item ff.152-53)
Letter to Lord Goderich re need for female emigration to NSW and Van Diemen's Land; desire of Mr. and Miss Hoskins, the Superintendents, to emigrate, 26 May 1832 (Item ff.158-161)
Draft paper had been circulated, 9 June 1832 (Item ff.163-4)
Receipt of letter, 28 May 1832, from Colonial Office that they approve of the project, 9 June 1832 (Item ff.166-7)
Agreement with Colonial Office; Jacobs told no ship for Van Diemen's Land needed for some time, 7 July 1832 (Item f.186)
Further conversation with Elliott of Colonial Office, 14 July 1832 (Item f.187)
C. Ward to emigrate to Australia; enquiry from Parish of St. Mary Bowne wanting to send females to Van Diemen's Land and Parents of C. Ward to be contacted, 4 August 1832 - 11 August 1832 (Item f.193 -f.194)
Daughter of Luke Richardson wants to go to Van Diemen's Land; Anne Grey wants to to to Van Diemen's Land, 11 August 1832 (Item ff.195-6)
Further details of females wishing to emigrate, 18 August 1832 (Item ff.198-9)
Females wishing to emigrate, 25 August 1832 (Item ff.202-4)
Several letters received from Parishes re females wishing to emigrate, 8 September 1832 (Item f.206)
Case of Mrs Wright of Hatten Gardens, obtain money by making false claims re emigration, 6 October 1832 (Item f.219)
Letter re case of convict wife and child wishing to go to Van Diemen's Land, 3 November 1832 (Item f.228)
Letter that 2 women from Carlisle sailing from Liverpool, 10 November 1832 (Item f.229)
Applications to emigrate, 17 November 1832 (Item ff.232-3)
Cost of sending females to Van Diemen's Land, 24 November 1832 (Item f.234)
Letter from Thornton re female emigration, and Letter from Elliott re female emigration. formation of subcommittee, 15 December 1832 - 22 December 1832 (Item f.239 & ff.240-1)


Letter from Thornton re female emigration (15/12/1832)

Letter from Elliott re female emigration. formation of subcommittee (22/12/1832)

Details of female wanting to emigrate; Emma Wellington, her criminal career (later goes to Van Diemen's Land), details of Mary Hickey (later goes to Van Diemen's Land), 29 December 1832 (Item ff.242-4)
Letter of 4 January 1833 from Colonial Office that H.M.G. will contribute to expense of female emigration; circulation of handbills, 5 January 1833 (Item ff.246-8)
Offer by Mr. Price to carry 200 females at £15 each, 12 January 1833 (Item f.249)
Admission of Ester Hollingshead, details of her crimes (later goes to Van Diemen's Land), 12 January 1833 (Item f.252)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 16 January 1833 (Item ff.253-5)
Reportof subcommittee on emigration, 21 January 1833 (Item ff.258-9)
Letters on emigration, 26 January 1833 (Item f.262)
Females wanting to go to Australia, 2 February 1833 (Item f.264)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 8 February 1833 (Item ff.267-8)
Females wanting to go to Australia; appointment of surgeon for voyage, 9 February 1833 (Item ff.270-71)
Appointment of surgeon; females wanting to emigrate, 15 February 1833 (Item ff.272-3)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 22 February 1833 (Item ff.277-8)
List of women recommended to emigrate, 20 February 1833 (Item f.280)
Report of subcommittee on emigration; to sail on 13 April; copy of agreement for charter of ship, 1 March 1833 (Item ff.281-4)
Females considered for emigration, 2 March 1833 (Item ff.286-8)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 8 March 1833 (Item ff.289-90)
6 March Mr and Miss Hoskins left with females that are to emigrate, 9 March 1833 (Item ff.291-3)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 15 March 1833 (Item ff.294-5)
Names of more females emigrating, 16 March 1833 (Item f.296)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 22 March 1833 (Item ff.298-300)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 30 March 1833 (Item ff.307-8)
Report of subcommittee on emigration, 3 April 1833 (Item f.313)
Report of subcommittee on emigration including instructions to Mr. Hoskins, 10 April 1833 (Item ff.318-25)
Report of subcommitte on emigration, 12 April 1833 (Item ff.326-7)
Report on sailing of 217 emigrants from Gravesend in Bussovah Merchant; and report that Elizabeth Clarke admitted (later goes to Van Diemen's Land), 27 April 1833 (Item ff.332-3)
Report of subcommittee on emigration re sending of another ship to Sydney, and Report of subcommittee on emigration, 1 May 1833 - 3 May 1833 (Item f.335 & f.336)


Report of subcommittee on emigration re sending of another ship to Sydney (01/05/1833)

Report of subcommittee on emigration (03/05/1833)

Report of subcommittee on emigration, 10 May 1833 (Item f.338)
Admission of Hickey (later goes to Van Diemen's Land). Admission of Ellen Welsh, details of the criminal career, (later goes to Van Diemen's Land), 18 May 1833 (Item ff.342-3)
Report of subcommittee on emigration; sending of another ship to Sydney on 15th August, 29 May 1833 (Item ff.346-53)
Report of subcommittee of emigration; support of Colonial Office, 12 June 1833 (Item ff.360-2)
Nonadmission of Mary Ann Austin (later to go to Van Diemen's Land), 15 June 1833 (Item f.364)
List of females desirous to emigrate, and donation from Religious Tract Society for Emigrants, 13 July 1833 - 20 July 1833 (Item f.375 & f.377)


List of females desirous to emigrate (13/07/1833)

Donation from Religious tract Society for Emmigrants (20/07/1833)

Emigrants ready to repay money advanced to them, 27 July 1833 (Item f.379)
Maria Killing wishes to join her sister in Sydney; approval for Pettalt and Austin to go, 3 August 1833 (Item ff.381-2)
7 girls selected for emigration, 10 August 1833 (Item ff.383-4)
Those emigrating, discharged on 15th, 17 August 1833 (Item f.385)
Report on the emigration of 7 girls on Leyton on 15 August for Sydney, 17 August 1833 (Item ff.388-90)
Names of 7 females going out to Van Diemen's Land in Strathfield Saye on 1 May, 26 April 1834 (Item f.542)
List of those discharged for emigration, 3 May 1834 (Item ff.543-4)
General Committee Female Refuge 10 May 1834- 20 May 1837 Minutes, February 1835 (File D/S/4/10)
1 item
Favourable report received of 7 women who went to Van Diemen's Land last year, 28 February 1835 (Item f.128)
General Committee Female Refuge Minutes, June 1847 - June 1850 (File D/S/4/14)
29 items
Admission of Mary Keely, details of crime (later goes to Adelaide), 12 June 1847 (Item f.6)
Admission of Margaret Sullivan, details of crime (later goes to Adelaide), 6 November 1847 (Item f.73)
Mary Ann Williams admitted (later goes to Adelaide.), 4 December 1847 (Item f.86)
Read letter from Secretary of State recommending admission of Charlotte Cole, aged 13, under sentence of 7 years transportation, 11 December 1847 (Item f.95)
Read letter from secretary of State recommending admission of Mary Ann Sims, under sentence of transportation, 22 January 1848 (Item f.107)
Readletter from Secretary of State recommending admission of Elizabeth Pheby, under sentence of transportation, 29 April 1848 (Item f.156)
Copy of letter of 1 May 1848 Denis Le Marchant, Home Office, to Secretary of the Refuge seeking admission for Mary Ann Cutliffe aged 10, under sentence of transportation, but pardoned on condition admitted to the Refuge, 6 May 1848 (Item f.158)
Admission of Frances Cranston, after transportation of her parents, 13 May 1848 (Item ff.160-1)
Secretary states desirous to persuade some of the inmates to emigrate to Australia-instructed to find out more about the Society for Promoting Colonization, 7 October 1848 (Item f.220)
Report on Society for Promoting Colonization, 14 October 1848 (Item f.223)
Report on procedure for sending women out to Australia under assistance of the Society. Six inmates to be selected, 21 October 1848 (Item ff.227-8)
Emigration Board report that the inmates are not eligible for assistance, 28 October 1848 (Item f.231)
Visit by Rev. Lang of Port Phillip, preparing to take to Australia boys from the Male Refuge; British Ladies Society preparing to send out 3 women to Adelaide on William Watson, 11 November 1848 (Item ff.235-6)
Mary Keely selected to go to Australia, 18 November 1848 (Item f.243)
Mary Keely discharged to go to Adelaide on William Watson; Chaplain wishes to send out further emigrants to Australia, the Institution paying for an outfit and passage money of £13, 25 November 1848 (Item ff.246-7)
Mary Ann Williams discharged on William Watson to Adelaide, 9 December 1848 (Item f.255)
Discharged Margaret Sullivan, Margaret Flynn and Frances Ann Streeter to Adelaide on Spartan, 23 December 1848 (Item f.260)
Margaret Sheen to emigrate, 30 December 1848 (Item ff.264-5)
Discharged Margaret Sheen to Adelaide on William Hyde, 13 January 1849 (Item f.269)
British Ladies to pay for Ann Warburton to emigrate, 10 February 1849 (Item f.297)
Sailing of emigrants from Plymouth in Cromwell for Australia, four deserters, 14 April 1849 (Item f.328)
Ann Warburton's outfit for Australia, 21 April 1849 (Item f.330)
Mary Champress to go to Australia, 12 May 1849 (Item f.338)
Ann Warburton goes to Emigration Depot at Deptford, 7 July 1849 (Item f.365)
Report of safe arrival at Adelaide of the emigrants on Spartan and Cromwell, 3 November 1849 (Item f.421)
Sarah Hawkins applied for assistance for passage to Australia, 9 February 1850 (Item f.473)
Read letter from Secretary of State seeking admission for Mary Jane Turner, aged 13, under sentence of transportation, 6 April 1850 (Item f.498)
Read letter from Secretary of State that Mary Ann Todner (sic) to undergo original sentence, 11 May 1850 (Item f.516)
Emma Jardine asks for assistance on going to Australia, 22 June 1850 (Item f.533)
General Committee of Male Refuge 19 January 1848-27 June 1849 Minutes and General Committee of Female Refuge 29 June 1850- 4 December 1852 Minutes, January 1848 - December 1852 (File D/S/4/15)
12 items
Admission of Charles Walters details of crime (later Walters goes to Australia), 26 January 1848 (Item f.5)
Further details of Charles Walters, 26 April 1848 (Item f.46)
Application for money by James Hornsby to enable him to go to Australia, 20 September 1848 (Item f.96)
Markwell to emigrate to Australia his business having failed, 8 November 1848 (Item f.106)
Visit by Rev Lang of Legislative Council of NSW advocating emigration of boys to Australia. Committee decides to send a dozen, 22 November 1848 (Item f.114)
12 to be chosen to sail on Spartan, 29 November 1848 (Item f.117)
List of boys to go to Australia, they are given letters of introduction to Bishop of Melbourne and others, 13 December 1848 (Item f.123)
Boys boarded Spartan on 18 December, 20 December 1848 (Item f.124)
14 boys embarked on Cromwell for Australia on 26 March, 28 March 1849 (Item f.168)
Read letter from Secretary of State seeking admission of Ann Pitkin aged 15, under sentence of transportation, 9 August 1851 (Item f.393)
£2 to be given to Ann Stephens and Harriet Kidwell who are emigrating to Geelong, 25 September 1852 (Item f.571)
£2 10s to be allowed to Mr Melvine's daughters towards emigration, 11 December 1852 (Item f.597)
General Committee Female Refuge 1 January 1853 - 20 August 1857 Minutes, January 1853 - June 1857 (File D/S/4/16)
7 items
Miss Melvins to be allowed £5 on going to Australia, 1 January 1853 (Item f.1)
Marian Duncan admitted (later goes to Australia), 8 January 1853 (Item f.5)
Read letter from Secretary of State seeking admission for Harriet Spiller, aged 10, under sentence of transportation, 21 May 1853 (Item f.65)
Interview with Harriet Spiller, details of crime, 9 July 1853 (Item f.85)
Marian Duncan left for Australia, 6 May 1854 (Item f.194)
Mr. and Mrs. Brown going to Melbourne at expense of Australian Commissioners, 5 May 1855 (Item f.322)
Sir Charles Nicholson invited to inspect the Refuge, 20 June 1857 (Item f.592)
General Committee Female Refuge 5 September 1857 - 15 March 1862 Minutes, March 1858 (File D/S/4/17)
1 item
Letter from 12 inmates wishing to emigrate, 20 March 1858 (Item ff.70-1)

Later emigration from the Refuge was to Canada.

Report from Ipswich Journal (File D/S/4/31)

That the Refuge is sending out 500 women to New South Wales (1834?). (photocopy)