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Created: 2018

Collection Summary

Hertfordshire Record Office
Collections held by the Hertfordshire Record Office (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1797 - 1922
Collection Number
40 items
Language of Materials
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Scope and Contents

Quarter Sessions records 1797-1841 including lists of convicts transported from Hertfordshire.

Digswell Parish records 1917-21 comprising admission and discharge book and photograph album of Numbers 4 and 5 Australian Auxiliary Hospitals, Welwyn, and minute-book of Digswell Australian War Memorial Committee.

Correspondence 1846-58 of Hertford Meeting of Society of Friends concerning work of Society in Australia.

Papers 1893 concerning world tour of Mrs F.C. Hanbury.

Minutes 1852-54 of Board of New South Wales Gold Mines.

Papers 1823-1922 of Leake Family, including letters 1831-36 of H.M. Leake in Sydney, and letters 1900 of Vice-Admiral Francis Leake of HMS Bramble in Singapore, Borneo and Sarawak.

Letters 1874 of Arthur Giles-Puller describing travels in Australia, including meetings with Bishop A. Short and Charles Pearson, and visit to Queensland sugar plantation.

Correspondence 1839-53 of Edenborough Family concerning business activities of Horatio Edenborough of Goulburn and Sydney, and economic conditions in the colony.

Letters 1866-68 of W. Rasche in Melbourne.

Letters 1860-64 of C.D.R. Ward and Anne Ward of Wellington referring to Maori War and property and financial matters.

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Available for Access.

Conditions Governing Use

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Archival History

Filmed as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1981. (AJCP reel M1176). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies. Formerly Hertfordshire Record Office, County Hall, Hertford, England.

For more information see Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies [].

Existence and Location of Copies

The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

The papers of Sir Lionel Halsey (D/EH1) [] and of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton [] have been listed separately.

Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2018. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.

The identifiers used in this finding aid were accurate at the time of filming. They have been kept to preserve the historical context of the collection.


Australia; England; New Zealand Wars; Short, Augustus, Bishop.


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 217, p81.

Item Descriptions

Fonds Q.S.. Quarter Sessions Records, 1797 - 1841

2 items


Convicts; Hertfordshire Quarter Sessions; Quarter Sessions.

Two receipts issued by Deputy Clerk of Assizes to Treasurer of Country of Hertford for removal of convicts sentenced to transportation, 1797 - 1798 (File Q.S. Misc. 66B)

Lists of convicts transported from Hertfordshire and returns of expenses of conveying them to depots and prisons, 1 January 1838 - 1 July 1841 (File Q.S. Misc. 109B)

5 items
List, 1 January 1838 - 1 July 1838 (Item 2)
List, 30 June 1838 - 1 January 1839 (Item 3)
List, 1 January 1840 - 1 July 1840 (Item 4)
List, 30 June 1840 - 1 January 1841 (Item 5)
List, 31 December 1840 - 1 July 1841 (Item 6)

Fonds D/P34. Digswell Parish Records, 1917 - 1921

4 items


Digswell Australian War Memorial Committee; Digswell Parish, England; Hospitals; Photographs; Welwyn, England.

Admission and discharge book, No. 5 Australian Auxiliary Hospital at Digswell House, Welwyn, 1 May 1918 - 16 February 1919 (File 29/1)

No. 4 Australian Auxiliary Hospital at Digswell Place, Welwyn, 1 May 1918 - 11 December 1918 (File 29/1)

Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Welwyn, Herts (London, Arden Press, 1917) (File 29/2)

Album of photographs of Nos.4 and 5 Australian Auxilliary Hospitals.

Minute book of Digswell Australian War Memorial Committee (10pp), 16 February 1920 - 23 October 1921 (File 29/10)

Fonds Q. Nonconformist Records: Records of Hertford Meeting of the Society of Friends, 1846 - 1858

1 item


Society of Friends.

Correspondence concerning Friends in South Australia and Tasmania, 1846 - 1858 (File 124)

16 letters concerning the work of the Society in South Australia, members of the Hertford Meeting living in Australia, difficulties in communications between Hertford and Australia, travelling Friends in New Zealand and Tasmania, marriages, and the departure of Friends for Hobart. The correspondents include Joseph May (Mt. Baker), Margaret Phillips (Adelaide), E. May (Adelaide), J. Ellis, W. Pollard, E. Gupper (Nottingham) and G.W. Walker (Hobart).

Fonds F. Documents deposited by F.D.E. Fremantle, 1893

3 items


Hanbury, F.C., Mrs; Melbourne, Victoria.

List of expenses of Mrs F.C. Hanbury on a world tour, including Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Ballarat and Adelaide, July 1893 - October 1893 (File 842)

Letters from Shaw, Savill and Albion Ltd. to D.D. Malpas, concerning accommodation on S.S. Tainui, June 1893 - July 1893 (File 878-882)

Cables from D.D. Malpas to Canon Fremantle and Lushington on travel details in Australia, September 1893 (File 904-906)

Fonds Acc. 166. Title deeds of High Cannons, 1841 - 1844

3 items

Bond of indemnity granted by Rev. John Winter of London, Mary Winter of Stanley Hill, Herts, Thomas Winter formerly of Hobart, James Winter of Hobart, and others, to John Roberts, 24 July 1841 (File 27507)

James Winter (Hobart) to John Roberts, 21 February 1844 (File 27510)

Confirms execution of indentures of release concerning property at Stanley Hill and bond of indemnity.

Declaration of Charlotte Newcome verifying handwriting of brother, James Winter of Hobart, 21 February 1844 (File)

Fonds Acc. 536. Passingham and Hill Papers, 1852 - 1854

1 item


New South Wales Gold Mines.

New South Wales Gold Mines. Rough minutes of Board, 7 May 1852 - 11 May 1854 (File 82964)

Fonds Acc. 599. Leake Family Papers, 1823 - 1922

13 items


Borneo; Bramble, HMS (Ship); Leake Family; Leake, Francis, Vice-Admiral; Leake, H.M.; Sarawak; Singapore.

Biographical / Historical

Henry Martin Leake was appointed a lieutenant in the Royal Navy in 1814. Retired on half-pay, he sailed to Sydney with his three sons in 1832.

Correspondence of Lieut. Col. W. Leake of Ware, Herts, with Admirality, General Registry Office, London, and the Registrar-General, Sydney, seeking information on the death of H.M. Leake, 1912 - 1922 (File 85011-21)

Miscellaneous financial documents, 1823 - 1831 (File 85023-30)

Bills of exchange drawn by H.M. Leake (85023-26) and notes by George M. Leake of sums paid out to his son Henry M. Leake and his wife Clara (85027-30).

Bill incurred by H.M. Leake for board and lodging at Morden Hall, 16 December 1829 (File 85031)

School, tailor and shoemakers' bills incurred by four children of H.M. Leake; receipt of £40 for passage money for four children to Sydney, 1831 - 1832 (File 8532-39)

Draft of letter concerning payment of promissory note, 22 December 1834 (File 85040)

Power of attorney granted by H.M. Leake to his father, G.M. Leake, Portsmouth, 1 January 1830 (File 85041)

Correspondence concerning bills of exchange of H.M. Leake, finally refused by G.M. Leake, 1831 - 1834 (File 85042-53)

Details of half-pay payments of H.M. Leake and correspondence of G.M. Leake with Admiralty concerning payments, 1831 - 1832 (File 85054-59)

H.M. Leake (Sydney) to G.M. Leake, 20 March 1832 (File 85060)

Financial difficulties; farming in Australia; future plans.

Correspondence between Stephen M. Leake and H.M. Leake concerning death of G.M. Leake, legacy due to Henry, and farming in N.S.W., 1834 - 1836 (File 85061-63)

Correspondence of W. Plunkett, C. Crespigny and C. Calvert (Christchurch), 1859 - 1860 (File 85947-50)

Concerning emigration of W. Plunkett to New Zealand on the Clontarf and his death on the voyage.

Lieut. Col. A.M. Leake to Mrs M. Leake, 23 June 1916 (File 87116)

Acknowledges letter; speech of W.M. Hughes: he should be at head of Imperial Parliament; progress of War.

Letters of Vice-Admiral Francis M. Leake of H.M.S. Bramble to Mrs Isabel M. Leake, 8 July 1900 - 17 December 1900 (File 87375-86)

Concerning voyage to Singapore, ship routine, refuelling, descriptions of Borneo and Sarawak, and negotiations with Sultan of Brunei.

Fonds D/EBb. Records of Broxbournebury Estate, 1811

1 item

Lord Minto to J. Bosanquet, 5 October 1811 (File 01)

Capture of Java; negotiations with local rajahs; self-appointment of Capt. Harris as Governor of Madura.

Fonds D/EGp. Papers of Giles and Puller families of Youngsbury, 1874

1 item


Giles-Puller, Arthur; Melbourne, Victoria; Pearson, Charles H.; Sugar Industry and Trade: Australia; Sydney, New South Wales.

Six letters of Arthur Giles-Puller to his family, April 1874 - July 1874 (File C17)

The letters describe his voyage to Australia on the Pera, his visit to Adelaide and meeting with Bishop Short, the prosperity of Adelaide and Melbourne, the activities of his cousin Charles Pearson, the journey overland from Melbourne to Sydney, N.S.W. - Victorian rivalry, the land question in Queensland, a visit to a sugar plantation, Pacific labourers, impressions of Queenslanders, plans to return to England.

Fonds D/EJg. Records of Jessopp and Gough, solicitors, of Waltham Abbey, 1839 - 1853

1 item


Sydney, New South Wales; Edenborough Family; Edenborough, Horatio; Goulburn, New South Wales; New South Wales: economic conditions.

Biographical / Historical

Henry Edenborough (1812-1855), the son of Samuel and Sarah Edenborough, was employed by the East India Company before migrating with his wife to New South Wales in 1840. They settled at Wollogorang near Goulburn, returning to England in 1854. Henry's younger brother Horatio also spent a few years in New South Wales.

Correspondence, 1839 - 1853 (File B43)

Correspondence of Henry Edenborough (Sydney), Horatio Edenborough (Jerry's Plains, Goulburn, Sydney), Samuel Edenborough, E. Kitson (Goulburn), G. Griffiths (Sydney), D. McLeod (Gundaroo), C. Jackson (Gundaroo) and J. Ogle (Sydney) concerning Horatio's financial transactions, debts, legal expenses, the loan of a horse, prices, the depression in N.S.W., his descision to return to England in 1845, family matters and disputes, wool sales, and the lack of material comforts in N.S.W.

Fonds D/EL. Records of Messrs Longmore, solicitors, of Hertford, 1854 - 1868

4 items


Sydney, NSW.

Marriage certificate of Alexander Cooper and Marian Calder at Scots Church, Sydney, 5 January 1854 (File 638-41)

Papers concerning personal estate of Private James Pepper of Auckland and his share of the prize money for the capture of Banda and Kirwee, 1865 - 1868 (File B271)

Will of Alexander Cooper of Sydney, 8 June 1860 (File 638-41)

Two promissory notes by A.W. Murray concerning his elopement with Marian Cooper and arrival in England, 1861 - 1862 (File 638-41)

Fonds D/ELs. Records of Lovel Smeatham & Co. Solicitors, of Hemel Hempstead, 1867

1 item


Melbourne, Victoria.

Extract of death certificate of Frederick Thomas Smith of Melbourne, 26 December 1867 (File B968)

(Extract dated 12 June 1875).

Fonds D/ELt. Records of Henry Lomas, 1886

2 items


Melbourne, Victoria; Sydney, New South Wales.

Administration of effects of William Lang of Adelaide (died 1871) granted in High Court of Justice, 21 December 1886 (File B53)

Administration of effects of Dorothy Lang of Adelaide (died 1869) granted in High Court of Justice, 21 December 1886 (File B53)

Fonds D/ESe. Papers of Wheeler, Tuke and Seebohm families, 1866 - 1868

2 items


Rasche, W..

W. Rasche (Melbourne) to Frederick ?, 22 May 1868 (File C49/3)

Acknowledges money; completion of invention; mutual friends in Sydney and Hobart.

W. Rasche to Frederick ?, 26 June 1866 (File)

Financial matters, loneliness in Victoria; shifting population; beauty of Melbourne.

Fonds D/Z17. Papers of Ward Family of Gilston Park, 1860 - 1864

1 item


Land: New Zealand; Ward, Anne; Ward, C.D.R.; Wellington, New Zealand.

Biographical / Historical

Charles Dudley Robert Ward (1827-1913), the son of Sir George Ward, was educated at Rugby and Wadham College, Oxford. He was called to the Bar in 1853 and he migrated to New Zealand in 1855. In the following year he was elected to Parliament, but resigned in 1858. In 1864 he was appointed resident magistrate at Wellington and for the next forty years held a series of judicial posts in various provinces of New Zealand.

Seven letters of C.D.R. Ward and Anne Ward of Wellington and S. Ward of London to W.T. Longbourne, 1860 - 1864 (File F4)

Concerning notarial seal, growth of Dudley Ward's law practice, the likely effects of the Torrens Conveyancing Act, the Maori War, the Loan Act passed by the Province of Nelson, financial matters, and the decision to make Wellington the Capital of New Zealand.