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Created: 2018

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Series BRS. Blake Family papers, 1879 - 1880

Filmed selectively.

Letters from Leonard Blake, 1879 - 1880 (File BRS 411)

Leonard Blake, on board Forfarshire to Ruffin Blake, 8 July 1879 - 6 October 1879 (Item BRS 411/1)

Describes the voyage to New Zealand - bad weather, the other passengers and crew, death of children in steerage class, food, rescue of man overboard, ceremonies of crossing the line, catching albatrosses, in quarantine at Port Chalmer's Harbour due to death of child from diptheria. (16p, last page crossed).

Leonard Blake, Christchurch, to Ruffin Blake, 20 March 1880 (Item BRS 411/2)

Details good yield of crops, prices of cereals and his job prospects. (4p.)

Series JER. Jerome & Co. Solicitors of Steephill Chambers, Shanklin, 4 June 1863 - 13 September 1864

Power of attorney re household estates in England and the Isle of Wight, 4 June 1863 (File JER 942)

1) Ignatius Geary, formerly of Chelsea, London, late of Melbourne, Victoria and now of Arrow River District, Otago, New Zealand, gold miner...

Inland Revenues (Succession Duty on Real Property) 1/18th share in property in Arreton Sharers on death of Frances Geary, 13 September 1864 (File JER 1025)

1) M D'Alton (nee Geary) wife of D'Alton of War Office (and draft)...

F. A. Jolliffe, Padmore, to Mr. Estcourt that Ignatius Geary does not intend to return home, and his money should be sent to him, he is known as Henry Geary, Post Office, Sydney (2p.), 14 Jan (1860s) (File JER 1179)

Series CRO/M. County Record Office. Miscellaneous Collections, 1865

Conveyance Vectis Lodge, Bembridge by Edward Wise, Judge, Sydney, New South Wales to Edward Dickinson Featon of Bembridge (2p.), 15 July 1865 (File CRO/M/67/1)

Series ML. W. B. Mew Langton & Co. Ltd. Papers, 1901 - 1923

File of documents re reversionary interest of late John Stark in New Zealand Stock, 1901 - 1923 (File ML/58/4)

Documents include: schedule of documents; copy of will of John Stark, 16 May 1890; assignment of reversionary interest under the will of John Stark, by Joseph Richard Stark to W. B. Mew Langton & Co. Ltd., 18 Dec 1901; correspondence between Roach Pitts & Co., solicitors, Newport and W. J. Lake & Son, solicitors, London re Stark, 1902-1923...

Series WhP. White - Popham Family Papers, 1836

R. G. Wakefield, South Australian Commission, London, to Sir Richard Simeon, 15 July 1836 (File Whp 116)

States that they propose to offer 600 free emigrant passages to the colony and suggesting there might be suitable candidates on the Isle of Wight, gives details of type of emigrant required (4p.)

Sir Richard Simeon to Rev. White enclosing the letter and enquiring if he knows of any likely candidates (3p.), 22 July 1836 (File [WhP 116])