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Fonds Eng. Ms. 53. Lt. James Colnett Journal, 1793 - 1794

A voyage for whaling and discovery around Cape Horn into the Pacific Oceans under protection of Rt. Hon. Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty performed in merchant ship Rattler by Lt. James Colnett. (538p.)...

Fonds Eng. Ms. 340-399. Thomas Raffles Collection, 1813 - 1880

Series. Thomas Raffles Autograph Collection, February 1816 - June 1880

Eng. Ms. 342, n.d., June 1880 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Signatures of D a'Beckett of Sydney and Sir William a'Beckett, Chief Justice of Victoria, [n.d.] (Item f.2)
Signature of Sir William Denison, note re his career, n.d. (Item f.23)
Signature of Sir William Fox, Premier of New Zealand, 16 June 1880 (Item f.30)
Eng. Ms. 348, n.d. (File)

Filmed selectively.

Engraving of head of a Chief of New Zealand, n.d. (Item 348/288 (a))
Portrait of Tappai, a New Zealand Chief, by himself, n.d. (Item 348/288 (b))
The thighs, n.d. (Item 348/288 (c))
Engraving of specimens of the ingenuity of the New Zealanders, displayed in carving their chests without the use of iron instruments, n.d. (Item 348/288 (d))
Eng. Ms. 349, February 1816 - January 1858 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Signatures of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma. (1p.), 11 January 1858 (Item 349/308)
King Pomare (Tahiti) to missionaries at Uaeva in Moorea, 9 February 1816 (Item 349/309)

Re his conversion to Christianity, he is encouraging other Chiefs to convert, he has ordered a house for the Missionaries to be built at Uaeva. Translated by William Ellis.

Queen Pomare. Letter in Tahitian, 30 [Unknown] 1844 (Item 349/309)
Governor Lavaud (Papeete) to W. Howe re Tahitian bible, 28 April 1848 (Item 349/309)
Governor Bonard (Papeete) to W. Howe re a ceremony, 12 March 1852 (Item 349/309)
Letters by Queen Pomare in Tahitian, translated by Howe in his letter of 2 November 1852, 9 June 1851; 28 April, 9 March 1852 (Item 349/309)
Mahaena [], native Pastor to Howe re Howe's trial, 26 May 1851 (Item 349/309)

Translated in Howe's of 2 November 1852.

William Howe (Papeete) to [Dr Raffles?], 2 November 1852 (Item 349/309)

Re French influence in Tahiti, restrictions on Protestant worship at instigation of Catholic priests, his institution for training native priests has been broken up; encloses translations of Queen Pomare's letters to him which show her sympathy for Protestant religion; have hopes that religious liberty may be re-established. (Very faint, on blue paper.) (25p.)

Eng. Ms. 373, 30 June 1834 - 23 May 1839 (File)

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George Bennet (Hackney) to Raffles sending him autographed transcription of part of Samuel I by King Pomare (see Eng. Ms. 401). (1p.), 23 May 1839 (Item 373/147)
Thomas Binney (London) to Raffles re meeting and that Mr Wilkes is going to Montreal. (9p.), 30 June 1834, 18 May 1836 (Item 373/172)
Engraved portrait, [n.d.] (Item 373/172)
Eng. Ms. 376, June 1827 - August 1853 (File)

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William Ellis (London) to Raffles re portraits, 28 April 1836 (Item 376/612)
Engraved portrait, Rev. William. Ellis, Missionary from Society and Sandwich Islands, [n.d.] (Item 376/612)
Rev. Richard Fletcher (Manchester) to Raffles re Henry Royle also is going as Missionary to South Seas, 6 November 1837 (Item 376/679)
Fletcher (Manchester) to Raffles that he and Mr Poore are going to Australia, 26 August 1853 (Item 376/679)
Fletcher to Church Assembly in Grosvner St. Chapel, Manchester re his decision to lead work of Colonial Missionary Society in Victoria (Printed), 10 August 1853 (Item 376/679)
Charles Fraser (Botanic Garden, Sydney) to Mr Shepherd sending seeds from Swan River and bulbs from Melville Island. (2p.), 12 June 1827 (Item 376/701)
Eng. Ms. 378, n.d.; November 1865 (File)

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Hooker (London) to Dawson refers to Victoria Land in Southern continent 'which no one else has seen but our expedition'. (2p.), 18 November 1865 (Item 378/982)
William Howe (Liverpool) to Raffles announcing arrived from Tahiti; death of Rev. McKean, shot at Point Venus, Tahiti (Item 378/1004)
Engraved portrait, [n.d.] (Item 378/1004)
Eng. Ms. 379, December 1819 (File)

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Ivimey (London) to Raffles, 19 December 1819 (Item 379/1056)

seeking introduction to Governor for Richard Buxton, Charles Evans who are going as Missionaries to Java. (1p.)

Eng. Ms. 382, n.d.; October 1841 (File)

Filmed selectively.

George Pritchard with text from Phil. 4.19 in English and a South Seas language, 26 October 1841 (Item 382/1647)
Engraved portrait, [n.d.] (Item 382/1647)
Eng. Ms. 383, January 1871 (File)

Filmed selectively.

George A. Selwyn (Bishop of Lichfield, later Primate of New Zealand) to Unknown, 1 January 1871 (Item 383/1807)

re the question of Athanasian Creed. (3p.)

Eng. Ms. 384, June; October-December 1874 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Allan M. Skinner (London) to Thomas Raffles, 24 June [n.y.] (Item 384/1844)

requesting details of arms of Sir Stamford Raffles for stamp for the Raffles School, Singapore. (4p.)

Allan M. Skinner (London) to Raffles, 5 December 1874 (Item 384/1844)

re good opinion of Sir Andrew Clarke, Governor of Malay States

Thomas Braddell (Singapore) to A.M. Skinner (Acting Assistant Colonial Secretary), 20 October 1874 (Item 384/1844)

Re recent delicate negotiation and his good work...

Eng. Ms. 386, n.d.; January 1837 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Rev. John Williams (London) to Raffles, 6 January 1837 (Item 386/3075)

requesting him to allow his Sunday School teachers to distribute literature, announcing he is leaving again in August. (2p.)

Engraved portrait by Reg. Easton, n.d. (Item 386/3075)
Eng. Ms. 386An, December 1835 (File)

Filmed selectively.

George Young (Whitby) to Raffles, 19 December 1835 (Item 386/4042)

re his work Life and voyages of Captain James Cook 1836.. Encloses printed notice re publication. (3p.)

Series Eng. Ms. 387. Missionaries, January 1813 - March 1860

Filmed selectively.

Prayer written by Apalaamo of Tutuila. (2p.), 27 September 1843 (File 4)
George Bennet (Hackney) to Raffles with details of his life in Hackney, n.d.; November 1830 (File 8)


E Leta iti no Biritane mai. Printed at Mission Press, Tahiti, 4 November 1830 (Item)
List of curios etc., including a tattooing instrument used in Tahiti and a grammar of Polynesian language., [n.d.] (Item)
Engraved portrait of Rev. A. Buzacott, Missionary at Rarotonga. (1p.), [n.d.] (File 14)
William Ellis (Manchester) to Raffles that a box of ironware has been forwarded from Preston for the South Seas, 30 August 1826 (File 35)


William Gill (Kent) to [Raffles?] enclosing prospectus for 2nd volume of Gems from the Coral Islands. (9p.), 15 March 1860 (File 41)
Requirements and rules for persons engaging themselves as teachers in the Parramatta Sunday School.. (Printed) (1p.), August 1816 (File 48)
William Howe (Eimeo, Hindley, London) to Raffles sending shells and sandalwood; re letter from Queen Pomare; Mr Baxter needs a specimen of her hand, 21 February 1843; 4 March 1834; 14 February 1845; 17 May 1845 (File 54)

Also includes: Engraved picture of missionary preaching to natives at Kairua...

J. Hughes (Singapore) to Raffles sending him a Chinese man from Macoa who would make a good table servant. (4p.), 23 July 1839 (File 55)
George Platt (Raiatoa) to R. Milne that consignment of writing paper and hymn books has been ruined by water. (4p.), 25 August 1848 (File 59)
Henry Nott (Hoxton) to Rev. Goulty that he does not want manuscript published, 8 December 1826 (File 61)

Includes: Engraved portrait of Nott...

Rev. W. Milne (Malacca) to George Crookshank re Malay language; Chinese in Malaya. (4p.), 30 December 1815 (File 64)
London Missionary Society. Appeal for purchase of missionary ship for use in South Seas. (Printed) (4p.), 27 December 1837 (File 79)
John Rogerson (Borabora) to R. Milne re activities of French to establish a Protectorate in opposition to wishes of majority of people, hostilities, activities on the island. (4p.), 24 December 1846 (File 82)
James Skinner (Gosport) to Mrs Milne re their son who is on his way to Prince of Wales Island. (4p.), 2 January 1813 (File 89)
Engraved portrait of Rev. T.Q. Stowe, Colonial Missionary to South Australia. (1p.), [n.d.] (File 104)
Engraved portrait of Rev. Robert Ross, Sydney, New South Wales. (1p.), [n.d.] (File 110)
Samuel Marsden, (New South Wales) to Field that visited New Zealand in April, Wesleyan Missionaries had left, natives were at war. (P.S. only of a letter). (2p.), [7 June 1827] (File 124)
Engraved portrait of Mamoe, Chief of Samoan Islands and printed account of Samoan Printing Office, Upolu. (3p.), [n.d.] (File 125)
Engraved portrait of Rev. T.S. McKean, Missionary at Tahiti. (1 p.), [n.d.] (File 126)
Alexander MacDonald (Sapapalii) to [unknown] re deaths of co-workers, Buller and Heath, problem of Missionarys' children. (6p.), 5 November 1849 (File 127)

Series. Raffles Autograph Collection, July 1841 - January 1868

Subseries. Uncatalogued Material, July 1841 - January 1868

Filmed selectively.

Rev. Barker, Bishop of Sydney (Shrewsbury) to Nicholas W. re meetings at Shrewsbury. With photograph, 7 July 1863 (File 2/7)
George Pritchard (Birmingham) to Unknown, requesting he send a pair of shoes to America with engraved portrait, 16 July 1841 (File 4/4)
Fred Miller (Hobart) reference on behalf of James Deakes who is returned to England. With engraved portrait, 28 January 1857 (File 9/3)
W. Cuthbertson of Sydney (Bishop Stortford) to Maples acknowledging his note, 1 January 1868 (File 11/4)

Series Eng. Ms. 401. Holy Bible, 1819

Translation of part of Samuel I, transcribed by King Pomare of Tahiti, from Rev. John Nott's translation into Tahiti. Former owner George Bennet. (70p., p.49/50 missing)

Fonds Eng. Ms. 469. East India Company Papers, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Plan of the ground at the Point of Sumatra opposite Surman's Gardens. (Coloured), [n.d.] (File (n))

534 × 769 mm. Scale 100 ft. = 1 inch...

Fonds Eng. Ms. 527. Logs of HMS Sutlej and Tribune kept by C.H. Leycester, 1863 - 1864

Filmed selectively.

Log of Sutlej from Vancouver's Island to San Francisco, Panama, Valparaiso, Callao, Pitcairn Island, Tahiti, Honolulu, Esquimalt, 26 June 1863 - 3 June 1864 (File ff.1-60)

Includes chart of Pitcairn Island, showing Adam's Grave; visit to ship by King of Hawaii.

Fonds Eng. Ms. 726-734. The Gaskell Collection, 1842 - 1847

Collection of autograph letters formed by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell...

Francis Russell Nixon, Bishop of Tasmania (Vassall Road) to 'Friends' re his campaign in England to obtain one Chaplain for every 300-400 convicts. (3p.), 18 November 1842 (File 733/117)

Envelope addressed to Rev. Edward Coleridge, (Eton College, Windsor) from George Selwyn, Bishop of New Zealand. (1p.), 13 April 1846 (File 734/151)

Thomas V. Short, Bishop of St Asaph (London) to A.J. Stephens re which law books his cousin should take to Adelaide, 12 March 1847 (File 734/152)

Fonds Eng. Ms. 843. Letters of Bishops and Deans, 1852 - 1878

Filmed selectively.

Charles Perry, Bishop of Melbourne (London) to F. Petrie that unable to attend Prof. Challis' lecture at Victorian Institute, 1 May 1876 (File 311)

George Stanton (London) to Petrie re appointment as Bishop of North Queensland, 29 January 1878 (File 314)

Bishop of Tasmania (Bishopstone, V.D.L.) to J. Hogarth, 8 July 1852 (File 320)

Re his portrait; no demand for art in Tasmania; 'let no one tempt you to be a colonist'; wishes to purchase a Turner.

Fonds Eng. Ms. 867. A.H. Gibson, J.P., Autobiography, 31 March 1931; 4 August 1935; [n.d.]

Autobiography of A.H. Gibson, J.P. of Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand (50p.)...

Fonds Eng. Ms. 963-4. Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe. Letters Etc, 1888 - 1914

All letters to Roscoe unless noted...

A. Mica Smith (School of Mines, Ballarat) re the School of Mines; students from the School in every mining district in Australia. (1p.), 11 September 1901 (File 963/29)

Notice of his [premature] death in Australasian Journal of Pharmacy. (1p.), 21 May 1888 (File 963/38)

Peter Paterson (Parramatta), ack. Roscoe's 80th birthday; Roscoe's advice that Paterson should go to Australia to obtain Albuminade Sang in 1879. (4p.), 22 March 1913 (File 964/49)

Press cuttings from Manchester Guardian re conferment of honourary degree on Baldwin Spencer by Manchester University; Baldwin Spencer being presented by Sir Ernest Rutherford. (2p.), 31 January 1914 (File 964/66-67)

Fonds. Samuel Alexander Papers, 1877 - 1939

Samuel Alexander (1859-1938) was a philosopher who was born in Sydney, studied at Wesley College, Melbourne and Melbourne University. In 1878 he went to Balliol College, Oxford and on graduating was made a fellow of Lincoln College, where he was Philosophy Tutor, 1881-1893. Alexander was Professor of Philosophy, Manchester University 1893-1924 and awarded the OM in 1930 - the first Australian born appointee. His OM is now held by the National Library.

Series I. Correspondence, 16 August 1887 - 11 September 1934

All letters are to Alexander...

David J. Flockart (Canterbury E.) re their attendance at Wesley College, he has been a Methodist Minister for 55 years, 11 September 1934 (File)
J.W. Springthorpe (Melbourne) re his philosophical conclusions, 22 October 1931 (File)

[Filed under Hope].

J. Maguire (St. Kilda) re Wesley College, 16 July 1934 (File)
F. Meyer (Melbourne) re Professor Boyce Gibson, 10 September 1930 (File)
W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne) re money lent him by Alexander; impressions of the University, living amicably with McCoy. (8p.), 16 August 1887 (File)
W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne) difficult to find time to do original work; squabbles at the University - McCoy altering exam results. (7p.), 27 January 1888 - 3 February 1888 (File)

Series II. Recollections of Alexander, 1938

Filmed selectively.

J.A. Gunn (University of Melbourne), 21 October 1938 - 13 January 1939 (File)

J.A. Gunn (University of Melbourne) to Professor Laird re early life of Alexander in Australia eEnclosing copies of following items:...

M.F. Meyer, 1938 (File)


Series III. Letters of Congratulation, 16 May 1930 - 17 June 1930

Letters to Alexander on Award of O.M. (File)

Filmed selectively.

Tom M. Cherry (Melbourne) re notice in Argus., 10 June 1930 (Item)
T. Dunbabin (Australian Newspapers Cable Service, London) re 1st award of O.M. to an Australian, 3 June 1930 (Item)
Felix Meyer (Melbourne), Australian economic problems, 17 June 1930 (Item)
Milli Meyer (St. Kilda) re knowing him in Australia, 16 May 1930 (Item)

Series IV. Alexander's Application for Chair at Manchester [and other papers], April 1928

Filmed selectively.

Memoir, 18 April 1928 (File)

Select pages only: pp 1-3 relating to Re birth and early life in Australia, attendance at Wesley College, memories of M.H. Irving

Series V. Letters from Alexander, April 1877 - January 1939

Filmed selectively.

Theodore Fink (Toorak) to J.A. Gunn, 11 January 1939 (File Co - G File)

with memories of Alexander's early life and enclosing copy of: Sam Alexander (Oxford) to Fink re arrival in Oxford and future plans. (2p.)

J.A. Gunn (Melbourne) to Prof. Laird, 12 September 1937 - 14 November 1938 (File Ma - Mi File)

Enclosing copies of:...

J.A. Gunn (Melbourne) to Prof. Laird, 28 April 1877 - 30 November 1938 (File)

Enclosing copies of:...

Fonds. Auchinleck Papers, 1940 - 1945

Claude John Eyre Auchinleck, born 21 June 1884, received a military education and joined 62nd Punjab Regiment in 1904. In World War I he served in the Middle East, and during 1920 held a number of staff appointments. On outbreak of World War II he was recalled to England from India to train 4th Corps. In May 1940 he was appointed Commander of Anglo-French force in Norway. In January 1941 he was sent to India, with rank of General and a Knighthood as C.I.C. Indian Army. After 6 months he was transferred as C.I.C. Middle East. Churchill replaced him with Montgomery in August 1942. In June 1943 he was reappointed C.I.C. India, and was later involved in the transfer of power. After brief periods in Italy, London and Beccles, he settled in Marrakesh in 1967 where he died on 23 March 1981...

Auchinleck to Col. Claude Erskine, India Office, 27 November 1940 (File 107)

Re career of T. Grimshaw, Australian Air Force Observer, formerly in 1/1 Punjab Battalion.

Sir John Dill to A.P. Wavell and Auchinleck (Cipher message 85190), 20 August 1941 (File 297)

That New Zealand Prime Minister is uncertain if Freyberg is right man to command New Zealand Division; asks their opinion of Freyberg.

A.P. Wavell to Sir John Dill (Cipher message 11519/M), 21 August 1941 (File 298)

Commending Freyberg's appointment; 'unpopular with staff because wanted to do all work himself'.

Gen. A.P. Wavell to Sir John Dill (Cipher message 11931/M), 27 August 1941 (File 301)

Whether decision yet been made re Freyberg's command of New Zealand Division; proposes to recommend him for K.B.E. for work in Greece and Crete.

Sir John Dill (War Office) to Auchinleck, 28 August 1941 (File 302)

Doubts as to Freyberg's efficiency; 'I cannot believe that his conduct of affairs in Crete was good'. (6p.)

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill (Cipher message CS/28), 2 September 1941 (File 306)

Recommending Freyberg, 'in action he is a first class Commander'.

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 085), 7 September 1941 (File 312)

Re wishes of Australians concerning reconcentration of AIF as a single force in one Corp.

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 086), 7 September 1941 (File 313)

Conveying text of message from A.W. Fadden (no. 584 of 5 September) re urgency of reconcentration and withdrawal of Australian forces.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS 1558), 10 September 1941 (File 320)

Decided not to relieve Australians at Tobruk. (4p.)

Oliver Lyttelton to Winston Churchill (Cipher telegram 2834), 11 September 1941 (File 322)

Supporting Auchinleck's views on the relief of Australians at Tobruk. 'If the troops were English no Commander would consider relief'.

Sir John Dill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 089), 14 September 1941 (File 330)

Conveying contents of telegram from Prime Minister to Prime Minister Australia (T571) re difficulties of relieving Australians at Tobruk.

Chiefs of Staff to C.I.Cs (Cipher message 091), 15 September 1941 (File 331)

Conveying statement from Prime Minister Australia insisting on withdrawal of 9th Australian Division from Tobruk.

Chiefs of Staff to Auchinleck (Cipher message 092), 15 September 1941 (File 332)

Conveying text of telegram from Prime Minister Fadden insisting on concentration of Australian troops in one corp. under own commander who has direct responsibility to Commonwealth Government. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill, 16 September 1941 (File 337)

Re current situation in Middle East; should not attempt to relieve Australians at Tobruk; has great confidence in Morshead and Col. Lloyd; morale is high. (6p.)

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill, 16 September 1941 (File 338)

Re troop movements. A. postscript expresses his dismay at the decision of Australian Government. (5p.)

Sec. of State to Auchinleck (Cipher message 093), 17 September 1941 (File 339)

Conveying message from Prime Minister expressing concern at Australian attitude but also about world opinions which might gain the impression the British were fighting all their battles in the Middle East only with Dominion troops. (2p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 094), 18 September 1941 (File 343)

Sympathising with Auchinleck's dismay at Australian attitude, but affirming necessity of preventing an open dispute with Australian Government.

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 099), 29 September 1941 (File 354)

He intends to persuade Australians not to pull out last two brigades from Tobruk in the October moonless period.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill, 29 September 1941 (File 357)

Re general situation; not counting on Australian Government being persuaded to cancel orders re relief of Australian garrison in Tobruk. (5p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/96, 1572), 30 September 1941 (File 359)

Re reopening question of Tobruk with Australian Government.

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill (Cipher message CS/97), 30 September 1941 (File 360)

Re Evetts or Martin replacing Morshead as Commandant Tobruk Garrison.

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill, 30 September 1941 (File 361)

Re successful relief of Australians at Tobruk; hopes to concentrate three Australian Divisions and New Zealand Division in Syria; the question of forming an ANZAC Corp. (5p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 101), 6 October 1941 (File 371)

That did not receive a helpful response from last Australian Government re Tobruk, not yet made contact with new one.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/118), 10 October 1941 (File 372)

Reply to above; will not delay proposed offensive.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill, 11 October 1941 (File 374)

Re general situation; change of Government in Australia. (5p.)

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill, 13 October 1941 (File 377)

Re general situation; saw Australian troops during tour of Syria; anxious that Australians do not draw away is matters of principle and doctrine as policy of segregation of Australian troops is implemented. (5p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 105), 14 October 1941 (File 378)

Repeating telegram to Australian Government, requesting they allow last two Australian Brigades to remain in Tobruk.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/132), 15 October 1941 (File 379)

That Operation to relieve Australians at Tobruk has begun.

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 106), 15 October 1941 (File 380)

Repeating telegram from New Zealand Prime Minister demanding air support for New Zealand Division. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/138, 1579), 17 October 1941 (File 387)

That he can reassure New Zealand Government that if their forces are committed to battle adequate support will be given.

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 107), 17 October 1941 (File 388)

That Australians are 'obdurate', and relief of their forces must proceed.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill, 23 October 1941 (File 403)

That relief of Australian troops in Tobruk carried out without casualties; will be recommending Morshead for an appropriate award. (3p.)

Winston Churchill (London) to Auchinleck, 30 October 1941 (File 415)

Re general situation, 'you need not worry about the last 1,000 Australians in Tobruk'. (4p.)

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill, 8 November 1941 (File 427)

Re general situation; railway being built by New Zealand construction companies now South of Sidi Barrani; during tour of Western Dessert impressed by Freyberg and New Zealand Troops. (5p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill, 8 November 1941 (File 428)

Re general situation; award of Victoria Cross ribbon to New Zealand Officer. (5p.)

Auchinleck to L.S. Amery (India Office), 10 November 1941 (File 429)

Re general situation; progress of railway being built by New Zealand engineers; impressed by New Zealand Troops. (4p.)

Gen. A.P. Wavell to Sir John Dill (Cipher message 17867/C), 14 November 1941 (File 435)

Denying Gen. Blamey's assertion that Wavell's setback in Cyrenaica was due to misinformation from Intelligence Staff in Cairo...

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill (Cipher message CS/205), 20 November 1941 (File 440)

Re 435; Blamey, as Deputy C.I.C. had no right to criticise the Staff.

Auchinleck to Sir John Dill (Cipher message CS/221), 23 November 1941 (File 451)

That he has asked Gen. Blamey to desist from public comment on operations.

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/272), 30 November 1941 (File 502)

Re unsuccessful attempts by the enemy to encircle and destroy New Zealand Division.

Lt. Gen. N.M. Ritchie, situation report at 0700 hrs, 30 November 1941 (File 503)

Re battle of Tobruk and need to reinforce New Zealand Division; attack on New Zealand at El Duda. (2p.)

Auchinleck (at Advanced H.Q.) to Lt. Gen. Arthur Smith, 3 December 1941 (File 509)

Re withdrawal from Sidi Rezegh; New Zealand casualties. (3p.)

Lt. Gen. A. Smith (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 3 December 1941 (File 510)

Delighted to hear New Zealand fought so well. (2p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 141), 4 December 1941 (File 514)

If necessary will ask Australia to send a division forward.

Auchinleck to Arthur Smith, 4 December 1941 (File 516)

Re general situation; Freyberg is 'full of fight … his losses are heavy'. (3p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/304), 6 December 1941 (File 522)

Re possibility of Australian troops going to Cyprus to relieve Indian Division. (3p.)

Lt. Gen. A. Smith (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 6 December 1941 (File 525)

Re general situation; Freyberg will allow surplus New Zealand Troops to be deployed on guard duties on the Canal. (3p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 142), 7 December 1941 (File 527)

Requesting casualty figures for New Zealand Troops; stating U.S.A. will declare war on Japan if Japanese invade Siam, Malaya, Burma or East Indies. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Lt. Gen. Arthur Smith, 7 December 1941 (File 529)

Re recovery of New Zealand wounded form Sidi Rezegh. (2p.)

Lt. Gen. A. Smith (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 7 December 1941 (File 530)

Re general situation; New Zealand casualties, Freyberg to attend meeting. (3p.)

Lt. Gen. Arthur Smith to Auchinleck, 8 December 1941 (File 533)

Re cutting of Singapore cable; talks with Freyberg. (2p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 144), 9 December 1941 (File 536)

That Australian press have announced Cunningham's supersession.

Auchinleck to Lt. Gen. N.M. Ritchie, 21 December 1941 (File 568 a-b)

Re general situation; if he is ready to release New Zealand Division A. wants to send them to Egypt. (6p.)

[Ritchie] to Auchinleck, 24 December 1941 (File 575)

Re general situation; can now release New Zealand Division. (3p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 151), 27 December 1941 (File 591)

Requesting American tanks and four squadrons of Hurricanes for Malaya and Singapore.

Auchinleck (Cairo) to Sir Alan Brooke, 4 January 1942 (File 613)

Nominating Gen. Wilson as his successor rather than Gen. Blamey.

Auchinleck to Sir Alan Brooke, 7 January 1942 (File 617)

Re general situation; no place for Blamey when Australian troops have gone; does not want to make Freyberg a Corp. Commander. (8p.)

Ritchie to Auchinleck, 8 January 1942 (File 619)

Re general situation; delighted that Freyberg is to command operation 'Acrobat minimus'. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Sir Alan Brooke, 12 January 1942 (File 629)

Re general situation; proposes reorganisation of troops - Blamey has been present at discussions. (5p.)

[Ritchie] to Auchinleck, 12 January 1942 (File 630)

That discussed 'Acrobat minimus' with Freyberg (2p., incomplete).

Auchinleck to Gen. Sir Alan Brooke, 15 January 1942 (File 640)

Why he believes Blarney's position as Deputy C.I.C. needs to be reviewed. (3p.)

Ritchie to Auchinleck, 17 January 1942 (File 641)

Re making Freyberg Commander of Division Headquarters.

Lt. Gen. Arthur Smith (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 27 January 1942 (File 658)

Re readiness of 1st New Zealand Division. (2p.)

Lt. Gen. A. Smith (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 28 January 1942 (File 666)

That 'Stepsister' is code name for the move of Australian Divisions to Malaya.

Lord Ismay (Chequers) to Auchinleck, 1 February 1942 (File 679)

Re War news, including light casualties in Malaya. (4p.)

Lt. Gen. Alan Hartley (New Dehli) to Auchinleck, 1 February 1942 (File 680)

Re War in Far East, precarious state of Singapore. (4p.)

Gen. Sir Alan Brooke to Auchinleck, 6 February 1942 (File 688)

Appreciates problems caused by withdrawal of Australian Divisions; agrees with A's opinion of Freyberg; presumes Blamey will vanish with the bulk of the Australians. (5p.)

Auchinleck to Gen. Sir Alan Brooke accompanying a report (wanting) by Maj. Gen. Freyberg, 9 February 1942 (File 693)

On part played by New Zealand Division in 1st phase of the Cyrenaican Campaign.

Ritchie to Auchinleck, 11 February 1942 (File 699)

Re general situation; refers to 5th New Zealand Brigade. (3p.)

Auchinleck to Gen. Sir Alan Brooke, 14 February 1942 (File 706)

Reasons for sending 50th Division rather than New Zealand Division to reinforce 8th Army. (3p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/737), 16 February 1942 (File 712)

Re fall of Singapore.

Gen. Sir. Alan Brooke to Auchinleck (Cipher message 71381), 17 February 1942 (File 719)

That growing threat to India and Ceylon will involve diversion of 9th Australian Division to a destination not yet fixed.

Lt. Gen. N.M. Ritchie to Auchinleck, 5 March 1942 (File 738)

Re 'difficult' position of 5th New Zealand Brigade. (3p.)

Auchinleck to Sir Alan Brooke, 7 March 1942 (File 744)

Forwarding review of situation in Libya [forces include 5th New Zealand Brigade]. (6p.)

Auchinleck to Sir Alan Brooke, 7 March 1942 (File 745)

That Blamey has left 'he is a tough old boy with plenty of commonsense'. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Lt. Gen. N.M. Ritchie, 7 March 1942 (File 746)

That anxious to get Poles and New Zealanders out of Libya and back to Egypt and Syria respectively. (2p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 167), 12 March 1942 (File 751 a-b)

That has proposed to President Roosevelt that he should send extra divisions to Australia and New Zealand on condition that the New Zealand Division and 9th Australian Division remain in Middle East. (2p.)

Auchinleck to L.S. Amery, 15 March 1942 (File 754)

Re fall of Singapore and situation in M.E. a-b (6p.)

L.S. Amery (India Office) to Auchinleck, 26 March 1942 (File 768)

Expressing approval at appointment of Richard Casey as new Minister of State in the Middle East. (3p.)

Auchinleck to Chiefs of Staff. (message SD/83480), 9 April 1942 (File 786)

That decision should be made re 9th Australian Division - uncertainty is affecting its work.

Sir Walter Monckton (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 11 April 1942 (File 798)

Reporting message from King of Greece expressing objections to the attachment of Greek forces to New Zealanders. With A's reply that New Zealanders are to be responsible for their training; typescript copy dated 13 April; and 16 April from Sir Walter Monckton requesting A. doesn't show his original letter to Gen. Freyberg. (4p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 186), 12 April 1942 (File 799)

Re 786 - that unwise to press for clear cut decision now.

Auchinleck to Gen. Sir Alan Brooke, 3 May 1942 (File 835)

Requesting he reconsider his decision not to promote Freyberg and Morshead to be Lt. Generals. (3p.)

R.G. Casey to Auchinleck, 4 May 1942 (File 836)

Enclosing copies of three telegrams re Malta from R.G.C. to Prime Minister. (6p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 149), 5 May 1942 (File 837)

Re future Japanese intentions; Australians think they will be invaded in great force. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Sir Alan Brooke, 7 May 1942 (File 839)

Re arrival of [Casey] 'I like him very much'. (2p.)

R.G. Casey (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 8 May 1942 (File 840)

Re question of responsibilities in Syria for decision on security of troops.Enclosing copy of telegram 834 of 29 April F.O. to Casey. (2p.)

R.G. Casey (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 12 May 1942 (File 846)

Agreeing with A.'s unease about Prime Minister's decision to place A.O.C., Middle East (Tedder) under A.'s general direction.

Winston Churchill and Chiefs of Staff to R.G. Casey (Cipher message no. OZ/209), 13 May 1942 (File 847)

That decided that American heavy bomber units should be concentrated in United Kingdom.

Gen. Sir Alan Brooke to Auchinleck, 16 May 1942 (File 852)

That if rewards are required for Freyberg and Morshead it would be better to give them medals; it now seems unlikely Japan will attempt direct invasion of India or Australia; hopes will like Casey. (5p.)

Comments on Brooke's letter by Tom Corbett. (2p.), 16 May [1942] (File 853)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message 02148), 22 May 1942 (File 865)

Reasons for not bringing New Zealand Division out of Syria into Egypt. (2p.)

Sir John Dill (Washington) to Auchinleck, 23 May 1942 (File 869)

Re relations with the Americans; appointment of Casey as Minister of State, Middle East; 'I found him 1st class'. (5p.)

Copy of report from Field Marshall Smuts to Winston Churchill, 26 May 1942 (File 879)

that it is a strategical mistake for United States of America to send forces to Australia on assumption Japanese will attack. Indian Ocean, not Pacific needs all available defences. (4p.)

R.G. Casey to Winston Churchill (Cipher message MS/5), 27 May 1942 (File 880)

Requesting heavy bombers to ensure safety of next convoy to Malta.

Winston Churchill to R.G. Casey (Cipher message OZ/318), 31 May 1942 (File 887)

No heavy bombers can be made available with covering note to Auchinleck, 1 June.

R.G. Casey to Winston Churchill (Cipher message MS/10), 3 June 1942 (File 895)

Expressing disappointment that not to receive air cover considered essential to protect convoys.

From Office of Minister of State, Middle East, 4 June 1942 (File 899)

Defining his duties as representative of War Cabinet, giving political guidance, giving information.

R.G. Casey to Winston Churchill (Cipher message MS/12), 7 June 1942 (File 907)

Re his impression of situation concerning equipment and indicating main areas where steady flow necessary. (5p.)

R.G. Casey to Winston Churchill (Cipher message MS/14), 9 June 1942 (File 909)

Re need for coordination of plans with Russians. (3p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message OZ/420), 9 June 1942 (File 910 a-b)

That 8th Armoured Division and the 44th Division to be sent to Middle East unless Australia is threatened with serious invasion. (2p.)

Auchinleck to R.G. Casey (Cairo), 11 June 1942 (File 917)

Re telegram sent by F.O. to Tehran - that troops in Persia are part of Middle East forces under his command.

Auchinleck to Sir Alan Brooke, 13 June 1942 (File 922 a-b)

Re general situation - refers to movements of Australian and New Zealand troops; Australian Government has made Morshead a Lt. General, New Zealand to follow suit re Freyberg; opinion of Casey. (8p.)

Auchinleck to Winston Churchill (Cipher message CS/1259), 15 June 1942 (File 925)

Re movement of New Zealand Division.

R.G. Casey to Winston Churchill (Cipher message MS/18), 16 June 1942 (File 931)

Re-iterating case for heavy bombers to ensure safety of supplies to Malta.

Middle East Defence Committee to Minister of Defence and Defence Committee, (Cipher message CC/68), 21 June 1942 (File 943)

Provisions for fall of Tobruk; New Zealand Division to occupy Matruh as rallying point for 8th Army.

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message 13), 22 June 1942 (File 946)

Reaction to message CC68; deployment of New Zealand troops.

Deputy Prime Minister to Casey (Cipher message OZ/544), 22 June 1942 (File 947 a-b)

Worried that Matruh position will be quickly overrun. (2p.)

Rough penciled notes in Auchinleck's hand entitled 'My Draft Counter-Offensive' includes use of New Zealand Division. (Faint). (2p.), c. 1 July 1942 (File 963)

Major General W.H.E. Gott, Commander 13th Corps., to Auchinleck, 3 July 1942 (File 966)

Re thinning out of New Zealand Division from Bab El Qattara box, on capture by New Zealand of a sector of Italian Ariete Division; New Zealand Division to be available for move North and North-West. (Pencil). (5p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message OZ/633), 3 July 1942 (File 967)

Requesting present state and position of 9th Australian Division.

Lt. Gen. T.W. Corbett to Winston Churchill (on behalf of Auchinleck) (Cipher message CS/1377), 3 July 1942 (File 968)

That 9th Australian Division will have arrived in Alexandria area by July 4th. (2p.)

Winston Churchill to Auchinleck (Cipher message OZ/710), 12 July 1942 (File 976)

That if Auchinleck can defeat Rommel before mid September Australian and New Zealand Divisions could return to their stations in Palestine and Syria.

Sir Alan Brooke to Auchinleck, 17 July 1942 (File 984)

Re current situation; glad Australian and New Zealand governments promoted [Morshead] and Freyberg. (3p.)

Auchinleck to Gen. Sir Alan Brooke, 25 July 1942 (File 988)

Re lack of flexibility of Dominion troops due to their insistence to fight only under own commanders; their resistance to training: 'some of them say quite openly that we are incompetent ourselves and so unfit to teach them...their intensely democratic feelings make it most difficult for their officers to insist on real hard work being done when they are out of the battle zone'. (5p.)

Winston Churchill (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 10 August 1942 (File 992)

Convening a conference at Baghdad, to be attended by Casey. (2p.)

Major Gen. L.J. Morshead to Auchinleck, 13 August 1942 (File 993)

Expressing his sorrow and surprise that Auchinleck is leaving Middle East, declaring it would be a great privilege to serve under him again.

Lord Birdwood (Cirencester) to Auchinleck, 6 September [1942] (File 1003)

Regrets that he is leaving Middle East; compares position in Middle East to that at Gallipoli - 'we only wanted just a bit more in hand to obtain victory'. (2p.)

R.G. Casey (Cairo) to Auchinleck, 11 September 1942 (File 1005)

Reporting on battle of Alam Haifa; his health; his difficulties with De Gaulle in Syria; visit of Wendell Wilkie to Cairo. (2p.)

Auchinleck (Nathia Gali, NWFP, India) to R.G. Casey (draft), 28 September 1942 (File 1009)

Acknowledgment and comments on 1005, his uncertain future. (5p.)

Sir Alan Brooke (London) to Auchinleck, 25 December 1942 (File 1016)

Re problems coordinating British and American policy and Pacific and European outlook. (2p.)

Sir John Dill (Washington) to Auchinleck, 5 January 1943 (File 1018)

Seen Casey who is returning to Cairo; understands why Auchinleck did not accept Iran-Iraq command. (5p.)

Auchinleck to Lord Mountbatten, 14 October 1945 (File 1104)

Re gratitude of recovered P.O.W.'s for treatment in Malaya; problems of shipping French and Dutch forces to deal with post war French Indo China and Netherlands East Indies; awareness of strong feeling in India at use of Indian troops to restore French and Dutch regimes in face of nationalist opposition; told by Chiefs of Staff that the Commander sent to Japan as head of Commonwealth Forces would be an Australian - he himself agrees with Mountbatten that Commander should be appointed from SEAC. (2p.)

Auchinleck to Sir Evan Jenkins (Private Secretary to Viceroy, New Delhi), 17 October 1945 (File 1106)

Re dispatch of second Indian division to Java; no more Indian troops should be sent to French Indo-China or Netherlands East Indies.

Auchinleck to Lord Wavell (New Delhi), 13 November 1945 (File 1112)

Re use of Indian troops in Java. (4p.)

Fonds. William E.A. Axon Collection, 1888

Filmed selectively.

Douglas Sladen [n.p1.] to ? sending him a copy of In Cornwall, 16 July 1888 (File 2761)

Refers to Australian Lyrics. (2p.)

Douglas Sladen (Richmond) to Editor Manchester Guardian, 26 July 1888 (File 2782)

That the Queen has accepted a copy of Spanish Armada. (1p.)

Fonds M 2977. John Gray Papers, 1896 - 1907

Series. Box GR/E, October 1896 - January 1907

Filmed selectively.

R.H. Codrington (Chichester) to Gray, 3 October 1896 - 16 August 1897 (File 2-5)

Re weapons from St. Cruz, Torres Strait, and Banks' Island; the Mota Dictionary 'not very satisfactory to me'. (9p.)

A.C. Haddon (Cambridge) to Gray, 19 February 1903 - 13 January 1907 (File 8-11)

Re string figures; the toys from New Guinea he gave to the Museum cannot be lent out. (9p.)

Fonds. The Guardian Archive, 1916 - 1972

Series 149. A.P. Wadsworth Correspondence, August 1943 - October 1956

Filmed selectively.

L. Stewart (Australia House) enclosing An Australian experiment in journalistic ethics : a self imposed ethics code by N.S.W. District of Australian Journalists' Association. (3p.), 5 August 1943 (File 149/A16/1-2)
John Lienhop (Agent General for Victoria), 26 July 1954 (File 149/B26/1-3)

Re application by Charles E. Timaeus for fellowship in journalism sponsored by British Memorial Fund. Encloses leaflet re B.M.F. established by State of Victoria. 29 July 1954, Ack. (3p.)

Ricard, (French Delegation, Information Service, Sydney), 20 April 1944 (File 149/F15/1-2)

Requesting permission to reprint articles in Digest he plans to issue to instruct Australian public on French affairs. 11 May 1944, Ack.

George B. Lynch (Auckland) re becoming Guardian correspondent, 10 October 1954 (File 149/L34/1)
Correspondence with Rohan Rivett (News Ltd., Adelaide), 30 September 1954 - 8 October 1954 (File 149/N6/1-6)

Re rights to articles by Lord Lindsay of Birker on China. (6p.)

S.K. Ratcliffe (London) enclosing cutting from Die Frau, 12 January 1955, 21 January 1955 (File 149/R8/1-2)

Re emigration to Australia and New Zealand. 'Both countries need them' [German girls]. (2p.)

Notes re expediting Denys Rowbotham Cables from Australia on the Test Matches, January 1951 - March 1955 (File 149/R26/1-10)

Includes some reports. (10p.)

Cables and press cuttings re objections of Singapore Government to press reports. (14p.), 1951 (File 149/S17/1-6d)
R.H. Tawney (Melbourne University), February 1955? (File 149/T1/2)

Re impressions of Australia; 'main excitement has been the Test Match… I have still to meet my first kangaroo'. (Very thin paper, illegible in parts). (2p.)

Douglas Wilkie (Sun, Melbourne) enclosing article Australian Migration Policy: Labor Party at Loggerheads and press cuttings. (7p.), 6 November 1954 (File 149/W13/1-4)
Douglas Wilkie (Sun, Melbourne) re academic freedom in Tasmania, encloses press cuttings. (3p.), 16 October 1956 (File 149/W13/5-7)
Guy Wint encloses 'press statement?' on effects of radioactive fall out on crew of Fukurvu maru Japanese fishing boat. (3p.), [n.d.] (File 149/W16/4)

Series 223/1/1-360. Hostile Correspondence [mainly British) on Low's Coronation Cartoon of 3 June 1953, June 1953

Filmed selectively.

The cartoon which caused the trouble (File 223/1/1)
H.K. Anderson (Auckland) repudiating the paper's defence, 8 June 1953 (File 223/1/304)

That Low came from a young country.

H.T. Anderson (Auckland). Covering letter and letter for publication deploring Low's cartoon, 8 June 1953 (File 223/1/305-6)

He is son of former Prime Minister.

Bruce Barnett (Napier) deploring timing of cartoon, 8 June 1953 (File 223/1/309)
Miss A. Garforth (Christchurch), 9 June 1953 (File 223/1/319)

[Low] 'evidently has deteriorated sadly since leaving his native land'.

Nancie Williams (Maston) re New Zealanders' loyalty to the crown. (4p.), 9 June 1953 (File 223/1/320)
K.W. Elliott (Havelock North) re respectful attitude of New Zealanders. (2p.), 10 June 1953 (File 223/1/327)
D.R. Goodfellow (Auckland) re loyalty of New Zealand to the crown. (2p.), 10 June 1953 (File 223/1/328)
C.B. Whitmore (Lower Hutt) re loyalty of New Zealand to the Queen, 10 June 1953 (File 223/1/341)
'An ordinary New Zealand woman' (Otane) 'New Zealand is ashamed of' [Mr Low], 10 June 1953 (File 223/1/343)
List of 'pros' and 'anti' divided by area (File 223/1/360)

[Shows one letter from Australia - pro]

Series 223/2/1-170. Favourable Correspondence [mainly British] on Low's Cartoon, June 1953

Filmed selectively.

M.A. Mabbutt (Melbourne), 8 June 1953 (File 223/2/146)

She is 83, emigrated in 1892, life story, problems re British income tax. (4p.)...

E.M. Lawler (Taumarunui) requesting a copy of the cartoon, will not be reproduced in New Zealand, 8 June 1953 (File 223/2/147)
A.P. Young (Auckland) cable requesting copies of the cartoon, 9 June 1953 (File 223/2/153)

Series 332-336. C.P. Scott Correspondence, October 1916

Filmed selectively.

John McCall (Agent General for Tasmania, London), 18 October 1916 (File 334/122)

Re Anglo-American relations.

Series Series B. From Editorship of Crozier and A.P. Wadsworth, 1932-1944, 1944-1956

Filmed selectively.

Australia and New Zealand Bank Ltd. (London), 10 January 1951 (File B/A136/1)

Re financial arrangements for reporter covering Royal Tour.

Therese Denny (A.B.C., London) enclosing list of questions (wanting) for broadcast interviews, 24 October 1952 (File B/A137/1)
E.H. Clark (A.N.U., London) re article by Sir Douglas Copland on the A.N.U, 4 October 1951 (File B/A138/1)
Anthony Brooke (Singapore and London), July 1947 - September 1951 (File B/B338/1-6)

Re anticession associations in Sarawak. (6p.)

R.E. Dyne (Bureau of Industry, Brisbane), 30 June 1952 (File B/B380/1)

Re publication of Review of Economic Progress.

M.R.K. Burge (Horsham) enclosing article on Sarawak, 8 February [1947] (File B/B381/73-74a)
Prof. Allan Fisher (New Zealand Legation, Washington and London), July 1944 - October 1952 (File B/F112/1-16)

Re contributing articles to Guardian. (16p.)

A.W. Flack (Christchurch), 12 November 1949 (File B/F131/1-2)

Re theory of Douglas Reed re Hitler. (4p.)

Gerald Flehinger (London), 26 August 1952 (File B/F135/1-3)

Re trains built in Germany for Royal visit to Australia. (4p.)

Correspondence with Allan Fleming (Sun, Melbourne), September 1946 - May 1947 (File B/F138/1-6)

Re contributions.

Capt. John Frost (Sydney) re strength of RSSALA, 28 August 1946 (File B/F267/1-2)
John Hetherington (Melbourne), 26 February 1950 (File B/H307/1)

Re writing for the Guardian during the war as 'An Australian Correspondent in the Middle East'.

Correspondence with Frederick Howard (Melbourne), February 1949 - March 1949 (File B/H519/1-4)

Re contributions to the Guardian.

Correspondence with M.R. Lamsheds (Adelaide), May 1948 - April 1951 (File B/L24/1-5)

Re Australian dried fruit; prices of Australian foods in Britain; uranium. (5p.)

Cables to and from Keith Murdoch (Melbourne), August 1946 - September 1946 (File B/M479/1-3)

Re suggestions for suitable occasional correspondent. (3p.)

Correspondence with A.W. Mitchell (New Zealand Press Association, (London), August 1940 - 7 December 1942 (File B/N114/1-3)

Re reproduction of Guardian maps. (3p.)

New Zealand Government Offices (London), 10 October 1952 (File B/N115/1)

Re publication of Forefront. Draft reply on back.

Douglas Sunderland (Hobart), 4 May 1949 (File B/S411/1-3)

Re article on Lancashire textile industry in Mercury. (3p.)

Managing Director, Sydney Morning Herald, 1 November 1951 (File B/S432/1)

Acknowledgment note from Wadsworth of 25 October (not in file).

Correspondence with Douglas Wilkie (Melbourne) re contributing articles on Australia for Guardian, May 1947 - October 1955 (File B/W240/1-120)

Subjects include: D.W.'s background; Australia's Pacific policy; sending dried fruit; financial situation; D.W.'s European trip; Australian labour situation; 1949 election 'Evatt and Calwell are anxious to stab Chifley in the back'; impressions of Indonesia (1950); tour of S.E. Asia with R.G. Casey (1951); Pringle 'transformed Sydney Morning Herald'; interview with John McEwen (1955) - his views and opinions of British politicians; Bankstown scandal...

Series Series C. Correspondence from Editorship. H. Alastair Hetherington, December 1952 - February 1972

Subseries C1. Correspondence. Staff, December 1952 - 1968
Correspondence with Sir David Low (London) (63p.), December 1952 - 1968 (File C1/L8/1-50)

Subjects include: His contract; format of cartoons; policy re reproduction; reducing his space leading to his resignation in 1963.

For a more detailed list see the available supplementary material.

Subseries C3. Correspondence. General, February 1972

Filmed selectively.

Tony Frewin (Australian Opera, Sydney), c. 14 February 1972 (File C3/A52/1)

Requesting permission to reprint interview with Edward Downes. (1p.)

Series Series D. P.J. Monkhouse Correspondence, November 1946 - 1956

Filmed selectively.

Hugh Jenkins (Wanganui Chronicle) requesting message for centennial edition, 22 August 1956 (File D/1664/1-2.(a))
P.J. Monkhouse (Acting Editor) sending message and details of family members in New Zealand. (3p.), 28 August 1956 (File D/1664/1-2.(a))
Applications from Foreign Correspondents, November 1946 - January 1948 (File D/2174-2340)

Filmed selectively.

Leslie Brodie (Potts Point) re his experience for Kemsley Group, 11 June 1947 (Item D/2195/1-2)
M.R. Lamshed (Adelaide) giving permission to use his article on Guided Missiles Range, 29 December 1947 (Item D/2257/1-2)
To Lamshed requesting articles on military matters or Australian aboriginals, 7 January 1948 (Item D/2257/1-2/1)
F.A. Simpson (Wellington) re his experience as leader writer on Dominion., 26 November 1946 (Item D/2313/1-2)
Acknowledgment (3p.), 8 January 1947 (Item D/2313/1-2/1)
Obituaries, March 1953 - June 1956 (File D/2445-2685)

Filmed selectively.

List of suggested Australian obituaries, [n.d.] (File D/2452/8)

Statesmen, jurists, churchmen, sportsmen, etc. (1p.)

Correspondence with Gordon Stephenson (Claremont), December 1954 - February 1955 (File D/2618/8-12)

Re his impressions of Western Australia, migration and decentralisation. (5p.)

Correspondence with Douglas Wilkie (Melbourne), February 1953 - June 1956 (File D/2665/1-9)

Re obituaries of Australians. Includes personal comments on some of the subjects.

Expeditions, 1956 (File D/2784-2844)

Filmed selectively.

Transantarctic Expedition, 1956 (File D/2796/1-11)

Includes: Correspondence from Sir John Slessor (London) and G.S. Tuck (London) re fund raising (12p.) and Press release describing plans of Fuchs and Hillary.

Cambridge North Borneo Expedition, 1956 (File D/2798/1-5)

Includes: Correspondence from B.J. Moser (London, Cambridge) re plans for expedition to describe economic life of Dusuns and collect fauna and possibility of contributing articles. (7p.)

Fonds. Hugh Hunt Theatrical Collection, 1954 - 1975

Correspondence, 1954 - 1958 (File D)

Correspondence re Australian appointment (c. 139p.), 1954 - 1958 (Item D2)

Correspondents include: T.W. Bearup (ABC, London); H. Hunt (New York and Brockenhurst); H.C. Coombs (Sydney); Elsie Beyer (Sydney)...

Miscellaneous Articles and Publications, May 1954 (File E)

Filmed selectively.

Programmes from Drama Festivals, 10 May 1954 - 15 May 1954 (Item E4)

Dominion Drama Festival, Hamilton. (36p.)...

Series. Material Deposited, c.1960-1975

Lectures, n.d. (File File 2)

Third Sir Thomas White lecture on the Australian arts: Theatre in Australia by Hugh Hunt. 23p. [Annotated typescript]

Australian Press Cuttings, c.1960-1975 (File File 5)

Includes: Cuttings on Adelaide Festival production of Murder in the Cathedral (1960); Peer Gynt (1975) and reviews of The Making of the Australian Theatre (1960), with covering letter from F.W. Cheshire Pty. Ltd., Melbourne (14 May 1960)...

Fonds. Industrial Mission Association Archive, 1970 - 1977

Series. Urban Industrial Mission in other Continents, December 1970 - September 1977

Filmed selectively.

Australia Folder, December 1970 - September 1977 (File)

Comprises: Reports, pamphlets, leaflets, c. 1970s. (114p.)

Report of Meeting of State Directors, September 1977 (Item)
Report to Industry, 1971 (Item)
Changing shapes and industrial mission by Lawrie Styles. Melbourne Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission, 1975 (Item)
ITM News, Dec 1970, Feb 1971, April 1971 (Item)

Fonds UAM. Arthur Milnes Marshall, 1893; n.d.

Correspondence, December 1893 (File UAM 2-4)

Filmed selectively.

W. Baldwin Spencer (Ulverston) to Marshall, 8 December 1893 (Item UAM 2/3)

Hoping to be elected to Royal Society, hopes to see him in Melbourne.

Miscellaneous Ms, n.d. (File UAM 5)

W. Baldwin Spencer's C.V. and list of papers, n.d. (Item UAM 5/8 a-c)

[Originally enclosed in UAM 2/3]

Fonds AM. Allan Monkhouse Collection, 1930

Filmed selectively.

Samuel Alexander (Witherington) to Monkhouse on receipt of O.M. 'The King has made me masquerade as a great man'. (1p.), 8 June 1930 (File AM Box 1)

Fonds. Major General Dorman O'Gowan. Military Papers, 1940 - 1967

Eric Dorman O'Gowan (1895-1969), eldest son of Major E.P. Dorman-Smith, was educated at Sandhurst and commissioned into Northumberland Fusiliers in February 1914. He served with 1st BEF and in Italy during WW1 and became an instructor after the War, in 1940-1941 he was Commandant, Middle East Staff College. In 1942 he was attached to G.H.Q. Middle East, becoming Chief of Staff to Auchinleck 25 June - 6 August 1942. He was removed from the Middle East by Winston Churchill in August 1942. In 1954 he challenged statements made by Churchill on the war in the Middle East.

Series. Military Papers (Box 1), 1940 - November 1967

Filmed selectively.

Personal Account - Sundry Drafts, 1940 - 1942 (File Folder 1)

Comprises: Personal memories of the Campaign in Middle East 1940-1942 including Campaigns in Western Cyrenaica, April 1941 and January 1942; Operations Battleaxe, June 1942 and Crusader, 1942; and Battle of El Alamein, July 1942. (217p.; pagination erratic)...

Divers Enquiries on Military Matters, November 1967 (File Folder 3)
R.G. Bidwell (Taunton) to Dorman O'Gowan, 7 November 1967 (Item)

Re events in Western Desert.

Dorman O'Gowan to Bidwell, 11 November 1967 (Item)

Re events in Western Desert, refers to Australian and New Zealand troops:...

Alamein, 29 June 1942 - 9 August 1942 (File Folder 7)

Photographs of pages from a diary 29 June - 9 August 1942. (6p.)...

Series. Military papers (Box 2), December 1940 - February 1941

Correspondence with Larry Solon and Other Papers (File Folder 2)

Filmed selectively.

The Australians in the Middle East (Item)

Dorman O'Gowan views that had they not been held in check the Australian troops would have defeated the Afrika Korps; details of engagement by Australian troops in Western Desert, meeting Morshead. 'I suspect more than any other Divisions, the 9th Australian contributed to Rommel's stomach ulcer… there were no troops more formidable.'...

Crete - Cyprus (File Notebook 1)

Reference to Freyberg; Freyberg's casualties; visit by Prime Minister of New Zealand 'General F. anxious to see him '....

Land operations in Cyrenaica, December 1940 - February 1941 (File Notebook 2)

Front part of book. (48p.)...

Bardia (File Notebook 3)

References to Australian troops...

Tobruk (File Notebook 4)

References to Australian troops...

Series. Military papers (Box 6), 25 June 1942 - 15 August 1942

Four copies of an account of the period, 25 June 1942 - 15 August 1942 (File Folder 1)

Comprises papers entitled 'Operation Aida': 'Aida' rampart; 'Operation Aida'; Check to 'Aida'; 'Auchinleck hits back'; 'Operation Splendour'; 'Preparations for next round'; 'Man on the spot: the PM intervenes'. (129p.)...

Historical account Operations, 25 June 1942 - 15 August 1942 (File Folder 2)

Comprises papers on Operation 'Aida'; 'Prelude to battle'; 'Persian Gulf or Nile Delta'; 'Taking stock 27 July 1942'; 'Roosevelt intervenes'; 'Auchinleck's last battle'. (218p.)...

Fonds. John Owens Papers, 1841 - 1844

John Owens (1790-1846) was born in Manchester. He joined his father's business in 1808 and became a partner in 1815. By that time Owen Owens was producing a variety of cotton goods and umbrellas and exporting them to America. John Owens took over the business in 1830 and widened the range of export markets. In his last years he turned away from trade to finance, speculating in railway shares and moneylending. In his will he left a substantial sum of money to set up a men's college in Manchester. Owens College was opened in 1851.

Series B. Incoming Letters, March 1841 - November 1844

Filmed selectively.

Letters from Macao and Singapore, March 1841 - November 1844 (File 6(a))

All letters dirty and damaged.

Messrs Strachan & Co. (Manila) to Owen Owens & Sons., 20 March 1841 (Item)

Re sale of shirtings. (4p.)

Ker Rawson & Sons. (Singapore) to Owen Owens, 24 December 1842 - 23 August 1843 (Item)

Re sale of cotton goods, shirting, etc.; tea trade. (24p.)

Richard Melbourne (Liverpool) to Owen Owens, 30 November 1844 (Item)

Re trade with Batavia...

Fonds AH. Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, 1968 - 1978

Founded in Manchester in 1956.

Series 2. Correspondence, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Change of address notice from Blackwells (Oxford) on behalf of Architecture Library, University of Singapore, [n.d.] (File 2/S16/1)

Series 3. Membership, January 1968 - August 1978

Filmed selectively.

P.J. Smith (R. Hill & Sons Ltd., Crows Nest) to Society of Architectural Historians, 18 May 1972 (File 3/F29/1)

Requesting Architectural History be sent to Librarian, Flinders University.

The Society to P.J. Smith sending subscription details for Architectural History., 21 June 1972 (File 3/F29/2)
Ms Herbert (Society of A.H.) to Serials Librarian, NSW University, 29 July 1977 (File 3/N16/1)

They have been removed from the Society's mailing list since Dawson's ceased to pay the subscription on their behalf.

Pam Glock (University of NSW) to Ms Herbert, 10 August 1977 (File 3/N16/2)

Wishes to continue to receive the Society's publications.

Ms Herbert to Ms Glock, 8 October 1977 (File 3/N16/3)

Has been in Queensland, sends details of missing publications.

Secretary of A.H. to Agent General for Queensland, 21 January 1968 - 22 January 1968 (File 3/Q1/1-2)

Re subscription on behalf of Queensland Institute of Technology. (2p.)

Architecture Librarian (Queensland University) to the Society of A.H., 16 September 1970 (File 3/Q2/1)

Requesting to be placed on mailing list.

The Society to Architecture Librarian (Queensland University) forwarding details of publications (wanting), 11 October 1970 (File 3/Q2/2)
The Society to Paddison Library Services Pty Ltd. (Adelaide), 24 February 1974 (File 3/S73/1-2)

Re subscription on behalf of South Australian Institute of Technology. (2p.)

Blackwells (Oxford) to the Society, 22 July 1968 (File 3/S109/1)

Re subscription on behalf of Fisher Library, University of Sydney.

The Society to Blackwells acknowledgment, 28 July 1968 (File 3/S109/2)
The Society to Librarian, Resource Materials Centre, Tasmanian College of Advanced Education (Hobart), 4 March 1978 (File 3/T4/1)

Re membership.

The Society to Blackwells (Oxford), 1 August 1978 (File 3/T4/2)

Cancelling subscription on behalf of Tasmanian College of Advanced Education.

Blackwells Subscription Office on behalf of Western Australian Institute of Technology, 7 January 1974 (File 3/W43/1)

Fonds. Professor James Tait Papers, 1912 - 1940

Series Boxes A-Z. Correspondence, March 1929 - December 1940

Filmed selectively.

Fred L. Wood (Derby) to Tait, 24 March 1929 (File)

Has not heard from Sydney. (2p.)

F.L. Wood (Wellington) to Tait, 2 May 1936 - 2 December 1940 (File)

Re working on History of Australia, move from Sydney, impressions of Wellington; difference in University conditions to Australia; writing on New Zealand affairs; established Australian and New Zealand Historical Journal; war news; New Zealand historians involved in Centennial. (18p.)

George Arnold Wood (Sydney University) to Tait, 19 February 1923 (incomplete); 6 September 1925 (File)

Re their books; plans to publish The Foundation of NSW; his son to go to Balliol. (5p.)

Series. Miscellaneous Box, 5 May 1912

Filmed selectively.

Stanley W. Jones (Pahang) to Tait, 5 May 1912 (File)

Re life in Pekan as Collector of Land Revenues and other civil service jobs. (3p.)

Fonds. Thomas F. Tout, 1889 - 1929

Series. Catalogued Material, October 1889 - January 1929

Subseries 1. Correspondence, October 1889 - January 1929

All correspondence to Tout unless noted...

Herbert Beaumont (SS Kaikoura), 22 October [n.y.] (File 1/79/2)

Re journey to New Zealand to stay with cousin Richard Beaumont at Blenheim.

A.A. Finch (Dunedin), 1901 - 1927 (File 1/364/1-10)

Re visit of Duke and Dutchess of York; visit of Lord Ranfurly; family rows; son Hugh's enlistment in 17th New Zealand Field Artillery; sending him to Dorothy Ellis in New South Wales to recover; effect of war news in New Zealand; coal miners' strike; sending New Zealand lamb; election; visit of Ernest Rutherford...

James Finch (Dunedin) family news, his bankruptcy in 1885, 24 October 1893 - 31 October 1895 (File 1/364A/1-4)

[Nos. 1-7 in box of extra correspondence]

Finch (Otago) family news, death of son Lance at Somme, 15 April 1925 (File 1/365A/1a-b)
A.J. Grant (Canterbury College), 7 July 1927 (File 1/432/10)

Likes New Zealand; famine of books; students are cleaner than Leeds students.

Sidney McDougall (Sydney), 21 May 1901 (File 1/746/1)

First impressions of Australia, 'the politicians are a wretched lot'.

E.J. Newell (Carlisle), 10 October 1889 - 6 February 1890 (File 1/868/25-31)

Re job prospects as clergyman in Australia 'clergy are said to be rather looked down upon'.

H. Eve (University of New Zealand, London Office), 4 June 1894 (File 1/871/1)

Requesting Tout becomes Examiner in History.

William Rees (Cardiff), 23 January 1929 (File 1/1003/1)

Re application for Challis Chair of History at Sydney University. Encloses testimonial by Herbert Bruce.

W. Scott (Sydney and Oxford), [n.d.]; 25 April [1890?] (File 1/1086/2-3)

Re new Chair of History, lack of suitable candidates, hopes Tout will apply.

James Tait (Llantairfechan), 29 July 1890 (File 2/1155/3)

Re Arnold Wood's appointment [at Sydney].

Testimonials in support of Tout's application for Professorship of Modern Literature and History at Otago University, 21 May 1888, B. Jowett; 26 May 1880, T.H. Green (File 1/1168/3)
Agent General for Victoria, 13 November 1912 (File 1/1223/1)

Thanking Tout for promise to act on Selections Committee for Chair of History at Melbourne University.

A.W. Ward (Manchester), 15 August 1890 (File 1/1242/15)

Re Tait's failure to get chair at Sydney.

Series. Uncatalogued Material - Red Boxes, August 1905 - 1915

Subseries Box F.H.J. Letters, August 1905 - 1915


Letters from Francis Herbert Johnstone to his sister Mary Tout, 6 August 1905, 9 February 1914 - 27 November [1915?] (File A)

Subjects include: Problems re future of the High School on withdrawal of government subsidy; Easter campout; plans to apply for post at Manchester Grammar School; heatwave in Perth; willy willy; publication of his verses in Ulula; war news from Dardanelles; plans to travel to England; news of old boys killed in war; changes at the School on lines of Melbourne Grammar School; voyage home via Red Sea - other passengers include New Zealand nurses and wives and mothers of Australian wounded...

Correspondence concerning Mary Tout's endeavours to obtain a post for Frank Johnstone at Manchester Grammar School and the publication of his verses (17 letters), 1914 - 1915 (File B)

Correspondents include: Frank Tylecote; Darwin Wilmot; F.G. Faulkner (High School, Perth); Bishop of Perth (copy); J.L. Paten (Manchester Grammar School).

Miscellaneous material including verses by F.H. Johnstone and his C.V. and press cuttings (File C)

Fonds. Mabel Tylecote Papers, 1935 - 1936

Series. Box 9, May 1935 - September 1936

Subseries M270. Folder 21. Correspondence, May 1935 - September 1936

Filmed selectively.

Thomas Hewitt (Toowong, Qld.) to Mrs Tylecote, 4 May 1935 (File)

Re death of her father whom he had known when both were members of Ruskin Society of Manchester.

Thomas Hewitt (Toowong, Qld.) to Mrs Tylecote, 27 September 1936 (File)

Re his interest in Ruskin and source of parody on 'Little Tom Tucker'...