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Bonar Law, Andrew
Davidson, John Colin Campbell
Papers of Andrew Bonar Law (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1905 - 1923
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61 items
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Scope and Contents

Correspondence with politicians and others on matters including: tariff reform; Imperial defence; representation of the Dominions in London; Irish Home Rule; and the 1915 Dardanelles Campaign. Correspondents include A. Deakin, Sir George Reid, W.M. Hughes, H.H. Asquith, Lord Milner and Sir Walter Long.

Papers 1915-16 of J.C.C. Davidson, private secretary to Law, mostly comprising letters of Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson dealing with: political situation in Australia; Dardanelles Campaign; federal-State relations; former German colonies in the Pacific; public finance; and the 1916 conscription referendum.

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Parliamentary Archives. Formerly House of Lords Record Office, Houses of Parliament, London, England. For more information see the Parliamentary Archives catalogue (

Bonar Law's papers are held in two collections in the House of Lords Record Office: the Bonar Law Papers (Reference No: BL) and the Davidson Papers (Reference No: DAV). Both collections were formerly in the Beaverbrook Library and were transferred to the House of Lords Record Office in 1975.

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Asquith, Herbert H., 1st Earl of Oxford; Australia: economic conditions; Australia: federal–State relations; Australia: politics and government; Conscription in Australia (1916–17); Davidson, J.C.C.; Deakin, Alfred; Gallipoli, Turkey; Germans in the Pacific; Great Briatain: relations with colonies; Great Britain; Great Britain: Colonial Office; Hughes, William M.; Irish Home Rule; Law, Andrew Bonar; Long, Walter, 1st Viscount; Milner, Sir Alfred. 1st Viscount; Munro-Ferguson, Sir Ronald, 1st Viscount Novar; Politicians: Britain; Reid, Sir George H.; Tariffs; World War I


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 270, p101.

Biographical / Historical

Andrew Bonar Law (1858-1923) Born in Kingston, New Brunswick, Canada, migrated to Britain in 1870, educated at Glasgow High School. Businessman. Conservative M.P. 1900-1923. Parliamentary Secretary to Board of Trade 1902-1905. Leader of Conservative-Unionist Party in House of Commons 1911-1921. Secretary of State for the Colonies 1915-1916, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1916-1919, Lord Privy Seal 1919-1921. Resigned from the Lloyd George Coalition Government in March 1921 on account of ill-health. Appointed Prime Minister and elected Leader of the Conservative Party in October 1922. Resigned in May 1923 due to ill-health and died five months later.

Reference: R. Blake. The unknown Prime Minister; the life and times of Andrew Bonar Law, 1858-1923. (London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1955)

John Colin Campbell Davidson (1889-1970) 1st Viscount Davidson (created 1937). Born in Aberdeen, educated at Westminster School and Cambridge. Barrister. Private Secretary to Lord Crewe 1910, Private Secretary to Louis Harcourt 1910-15, Private Secretary to A. Bonar Law 1915-20. Conservative M.P. 1920-23, 1924-37. Parliamentary Private Secretary to A. Bonar Law 1920-21, 1922-23, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Stanley Baldwin 1921-22. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1923, 1931-37, Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty, 1924-27. Chairman of the Conservative Party 1927-30.

Reference: Robert Rhodes James, ed. Memoirs of a Conservative; J.C.C. Davidsons memoirs and papers, 1910-1937. (London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1969)

Item Descriptions

Series. Bonar Law Papers, 27 February 1905 - 22 May 1923

57 items

Subseries. Correspondence

Folder 1 (Box 4), 26 April 1917 - 9 June 1917 (File)
2 items
Andrew Fisher to Law, 26 April 1917 (Item 9)

Sympathy on death of Charles Law.

W.M. Hughes to Law, 9 June 1917 (Item 81)

Sympathy on death of Charles Law.

Folder 2 (Box 4), 8 June 1917 (File)
1 item
T. McKenzie to Law, 8 June 1917 (Item 36)

Sympathy on death of Charles Law.

Folder 2 (Box 12), 6 June 1914 - 7 July 1914 (File)
2 items
James M. Bonn to Law, 6 June 1914 (Item 29)

Conditions in Fiji; precedence at official functions.

James M. Bonn to Law, 7 July 1914 (Item 32)

Bonn's status vis a vis Members of Fijian Legislative Council.

Folder 1 (Box 18), 27 February 1905 (File)
1 item
W.J. Ashley to Law, 27 February 1905 (Item 6)

Introduces Bernard Wise; Wise's Labour sympathies.

Folder 3 (Box 18), 20 November 1907 (File)
2 items
Alfred Deakin to Law, n.d. (Item 45)

Acknowledges reprint of Law's speeches; growth of protection in Australia.

Alfred Deakin to Law, 20 November 1907 (Item 46)

Appreciation of Law's compliment in Tariff Reform speech.

Folder 8 (Box 18), 17 January 1908 (File)
1 item
Law to Alfred Deakin, 17 January 1908 (Item 6)

Australian tariff and British politics.

Folder 3 (Box 24), 12 November 1911 (File)
1 item
B.R. Wise to Law, 12 November 1911 (Item 15)

Congratulations on Law's election to leadership; Canadian elections and tariff reform; suggests federal solution to Irish question.

Folder 5 (Box 24), 30 December 1911 (File)
1 item
Sir George Reid to Law, 30 December 1911 (Item 165)

New Year greetings.

Folder 2 (Box 25), 4 February 1912 (File)
1 item
A. Steel-Maitland to Law, 4 February 1912 (Item 4)

Wishes to talk about Imperial politics; is willing to get in touch with Kelly and Deakin in Australia.

Folder 5 (Box 26), 5 July 1912 (File)
2 items
Lord Selborne to Law, 5 July 1912 (Item 10)

Suggests representatives of Dominions be permanent members of Committee of Imperial Defence; conference should be held at Ottawa to discuss cooperation of Australian, Canadian and Imperial Fleets and Squadrons.

Lord St. Audries to Law, 16 July [1912] (Item 30)

Encloses letter from cousin introducing Dr. J.M. Creed, Australian Senator.

Folder 1 (Box 28), 8 December 1912 - 10 December 1912 (File)
2 items
Geoffrey Robinson to Law, 8 December 1912 (Item 8)

Hopes Law will endorse Times' suggestion Dominions representatives be added to Committee of Imperial Defence.

Geoffrey Robinson to Law, 10 December 1912 (Item 13)

Acknowledges letter; doubts if Canadians realize both parties have approved principle of Dominion representation on C.I.D.

Folder 4 (Box 29), 30 May 1913 (File)
1 item
H.A. Gwynne to Law, 30 May 1913 (Item 30)

Wishes to introduce W.A. Watt, Victorian Premier.

Folder 5 (Box 29), 6 June 1913 (File)
1 item
H.A. Gwynne to Law, 6 June 1913 (Item 10)

Suggests round of golf with W.A. Watt; considers he may be future Prime Minister.

Folder 1 (Box 30), 6 August 1913 (File)
1 item
Sir George Reid to Law, 6 August 1913 (Item 11)

Invitation to dinner to meet U.S. Senator Root.

Folder 2 (Box 30), 1 September 1913 (File)
1 item
L.S. Amery to Law, 1 September 1913 (Item 2)

Promises to send memo on compulsory military service; Australian wireless system; Australian constitutional difficulties; South Africa and Imperial Preference.

Folder 1 (Box 31), 27 December 1913 (File)
1 item
L.S. Amery to Law, 27 December 1913 (Item 57)

Australian and New Zealand opinion on Home Rule; his own views on Home Rule.

Folder 3 (Box 31), 17 February 1914 (File)
1 item
T.B. Robinson to Law, 17 February 1914 (Item 30)

Wishes to introduce Denham, Queenslan Premier.

Folder 1 (Box 32), 30 March 1914 (File)
1 item
F. Knowles Miller, Melbourne, to Law, 30 March 1914 (Item 88)

Offers to join Ulster volunteers.

Folder 3 (Box 32), 14 May 1914 (File)
1 item
Lord Tullibardine to Law, 14 May 1914 (Item 27)

Will give Law some papers sent by J.G. Wilson of New Zealand.

Folder 6 (Box 36), 8 March 1915 (File)
1 item
H.H. Asquith to Law, 8 March 1915 (Item 23)

Wishes to consult Opposition leaders about political and diplomatic consequences of operations in Dardanelles.

Folder 1 (Box 37), 21 April 1915 (File)
1 item
H.A. Gwynne to Law, 21 April 1915 (Item 50)

Encloses copy of letter to Asquith stating objections to Dardanelles campaign, pressing for immediate withdrawal.

Folder 1 (Box 50), 1 June 1915 - 19 December 1916 (File)
10 items
Sir Arthur Stanley to A. Steel-Maitland, 1 June 1915 (Item 3)

Personalities and politics in Australia.

A. Steel-Maitland to Law, 17 June 1915 (Item 4)

Problem of shipment of rifles to Australia.

Margaret, Ranee of Sarawak, to Law, 18 August 1915 (Item 17)

Her visit to Colonial Office, Rajah's anxiety about future of Sarawak.

Margaret, Ranee of Sarawak, to Law, 18 August 1915 (Item 18)

Encloses papers on Sarawak.

Lord Milner to Law, 10 December 1915 (Item 21)

Importance of question of land-settlement in Dominions after War.

C. Lambert to Law, 22 October 1915 (Item 23)

Admiralty agrees to surrender 14 Australian transports, Australia to bear expense of removing troopship fittings.

Sir George Perley to Law, 20 January 1916 (Item 26)

Need to ensure Military Service Bill (No. 2) does not apply to Dominions Nationals temporarily in England.

Sir George Perley to Law, 21 January 1916 (Item 27)

Suggested amendment to Military Service Bill.

G. Fiddes to J.C.C. Davidson, 12 December 1916 (Item 42)

Encloses draft message from Prime Minister to Dominions.

Sir Brickham Escott to Law, 15 December 1916 (Item 43)

Regrets Law leaving Colonial Office.

G. Fiddes to J.C.C. Davidson, 19 December 1916 (Item 45)

Need to send telegram from Prime Minister to Dominions.

Folder 2 (Box 50), 8 April 1916 - 31 January 1917 (File)
5 items
Law to Sir Robert Borden, 8 April 1916 (Item 3)

Explanation about W.M. Hughes' attendance at Paris Economic Conference.

J.C.C. Davidson to Sir George Perley, 11 December 1916 (Item 9)

Enclosing letter from Law to Lloyd George about position in Dominions.

Law to D. Lloyd George, 12 December 1916 (Item 10)

Enclosing draft of message to Dominions.

Law to Sir Brickham Escott, 31 January 1917 (Item 12)

Acknowledges letter.

Law to Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson, Lord Buxton, Lord Liverpool, n.d. (Item 13)

Thanks for assistance while at Colonial Office.

Folder 3 (Box 50), 25 May 1915 (File)
1 item
T. Muirhead Collins to Law, 25 May 1915 (Item 79)

Congratulates Law on becoming Secretary of State to Colonies.

Folder 1 (Box 51), 7 July 1915 - 30 July 1915 (File)
4 items
Lord Selborne to Law, 7 July 1915 (Item 10)

Views on Dardanelles campaign.

Sir Henry Wilson to Law, 12 July 1915 (Item 18)

Need to resist any demands for further troops for Dardanelles.

Sir Henry Wilson to Law, 24 July 1915 (Item 34)

Dardanelles venture is crippling Allies on Western Front.

Lord Rochdale to Law, 30 July 1915 (Item 46)

Encloses statement given to Asquith about gravity of situation at Dardanelles.

Folder 2 (Box 51), 18 August 1915 - 31 August 1915 (File)
2 items
J.A. Grant to Law, 18 August 1915 (Item 17)

Quotes from letters about mismanagement of Dardanelles campaign.

D. Henderson to Law, 31 August 1915 (Item 25)

Encloses cheering report on Dardanelles

Folder 3 (Box 51), 5 September 1915 - 25 September 1915 (File)
4 items
Sir Edward Carson to Law, 5 September 1915 (Item 5)

Fears new move is to be made in Dardanelles without proper information.

Col. L. Wilson to Law, 5 September 1915 (Item 6)

Seriousness of position at Dardanelles.

Sir Edward Carson to Law, 7 September 1915 (Item 7)

Doubts about Dardanelles campaign; lack of policy.

D. Lloyd George to Law, 25 September 1915 (Item 21)

Law should see Keith Murdoch; encloses copy of letter to Carson describing interview with Murdoch about Dardanelles.

Folder 4 (Box 51), 12 October 1915 - 23 October 1915 (File)
5 items
Walter Long to Law, 12 October 1915 (Item 7)

Comments on Law's memo on Dardanelles.

L.T. Maxse to Law, 15 October 1915 (Item 12)

Urges evacuation of Dardanelles.

Sir Edward Grey to Law, 20 October 1915 (Item 23)

Hopes Carson's statement will not prejudice position of troops at Gallipoli.

Sir Edward Carson to Law, 23 October 1915 (Item 26)

All up with Serbia; hopes it is not too late at Gallipoli.

F.C. Gardiner to Law, 23 October 1915 (Item 27)

Shipping freight rates; Australian shipping.

Folder 5 (Box 51), 1 November 1915 - 27 November 1915 (File)
12 items
Lionel Curtis to Law, 1 November 1915 (Item 1)

Round Table's book The problem of the Commonwealth.

H.H. Asquith to Law, 5 November 1915 (Item 7)

Cannot agree to Law's request Cabinet reverse its decision on Dardanelles.

Lord Crewe to Law, 5 November 1915 (Item 8)

Law's letter to Asquith; position at Dardanelles.

J. Gilmour to Lord Edmund Talbot, 5 November 1915 (Item 12)

Conditions at Gallipoli.

Maurice Hankey to Law, 6 November 1915 (Item 14)

Encloses note on Dardanelles question.

A.J. Balfour to Law, 7 November 1915 (Item 15)

Thinks Law takes too pessimistic view on Dardanelles.

L.T. Maxse to Law, 9 November 1915 (Item 19)

Encloses copy of letter to Balfour about possibility of evacuating Dardanelles.

R.A. Sanders to Lord Edmund Talbot, 14 November 1915 (Item 25)

Conditions at Dardanelles.

Sir Henry Wilson to Law, 20 November 1915 (Item 38)

Advocates evacuation of Gallipoli and Salonika.

Henry Bentinck to Law, 23 Nov. [1915] (Item 42)

Encloses note opposing Dardanelles campaign.

F. Hopwood to Law, 24 November 1915 (Item 43)

Hopes Australian and New Zealand troops will not be sacrificed in withdrawal from Dardanelles.

H.H. Asquith to Law, 27 November 1915 (Item 54)

Agrees it would be disastrous if information was to leak out to Antipodes.

Folder 1 (Box 52), 2 December 1915 - 22 December 1915 (File)
3 items
F.C. Gardiner to Law, 2 December 1915 (Item 7)

Comments on enclosed lists of steamers trading to India, China, Australia.

C.E. Calwell to Law, 4 December 1915 (Item 11)

Monro advises against reinforcing Suvla position.

Lord Edmund Talbot to Law, 22 December 1915 (Item 51)

Asks how to propose toast at National Liberal Club luncheon for Sir George Reid.

Folder 3 (Box 52), 8 February 1916 (File)
1 item
G. Collins to Law, 8 February 1916 (Item 10)

Appreciation of Law's policy in insisting on evacuation of Gallipoli.

Folder 1 (Box 53), 8 April 1916 (File)
1 item
Lord Stamfordham to Law, 8 April 1916 (Item 8)

King wishes to know if it is true W.M. Hughes will attend Economic Conference.

Folder 4 (Box 53), 6 November 1916 (File)
1 item
W.M. Hughes to Law, 6 November 1916 (Item 15)

Political situation in Australia; his future.

Folder 5 (Box 53) (File)
1 item
Sir George Reid to Law, n.d. (Item 20)


Folder 6 (Box 53), 7 July 1915 - 8 April 1916 (File)
7 items
Law to Lord Selborne, 7 July 1915 (Item 31)

Fears there is not an even chance of success at Dardanelles. (Draft)

Law to Sir Henry Wilson, 15 July 1915 (Item 33)

Is a little more hopeful about Dardanelles.

Law to H.H. Asquith, 15 October 1915 (Item 44)

Reasons for Carson's resignation; Serbia continuance of Gallipoli campaign; General Monro's mission to Gallipoli.

Law to H.H. Asquith, 8 November 1915 (Item 47)

Reasons for resignation over Dardanelles question.

Law to A.J. Balfour, 10 November 1915 (Item 48)

Is convinced withdrawal from Dardanelles is necessary.

Law to H.H. Asquith, 23 March 1916 (Item 65)

Dominions' concern with representation at Paris Conference; encloses cable from New Zealand asking for British representative to be sent to discuss matters with New Zealand Government.

Law to Lord Stamfordham, 8 April 1916 (Item 72)

Confirms W.M. Hughes will go to Paris Conference.

Reconstruction Committee, 1 September 1916 (File Box 64.F)
2 items
V. Nash to J.C.C. Davidson, 1 September 1916 (Item 10)

Thinks Fisher of New Zealand could be secretary of a committee on emigration.

J.C.C. Davidson to V. Nash, 1 September 1916 (Item 11)

Law still wishes Nash to keep Fisher in mind for work with Reconstruction Committee.

Folder 1 (Box 65), 11 December 1916 (File)
1 item
T. Mackenzie to Law, 11 December 1916 (Item 1(35))

Regrets Law's departure from Colonial Office.

Folder 2 (Box 65), 1 March 1917 - 23 August 1918 (File)
3 items
Walter Long to Law, 1 March 1917 (Item 20)

Anxiety about Australian borrowing in U.S.A.

Walter Long to Law, 3 March 1917 (Item 21)

Thanks Law for his reply about Australian borrowing.

H.F. Batterbee to J.C.C. Davidson, 23 August 1918 (Item 53)

Extract from Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson on requisition of British capital for Australian industries.

Folder 3 (Box 65), 2 March 1917 (File)
1 item
Law to Walter Long, 2 March 1917 (Item 16)

Agrees with Munro-Ferguson about Australian extravagance but alternative to U.S. borrowing was to give them money from England.

Folder 1 (Box 81), 8 December 1916 - 25 December 1916 (File)
2 items
C.V. Stanford to Law, 8 December 1916 (Item 21)

Death of Lady Tennyson; urges position of responsibility be found for Lord Tennyson.

Walter Long to Law, 25 December 1916 (Item 69)

Cabinet decision about Dominion representation; criticism of secretariat.

Folder 6 (Box 83), 16 August 1918 - 23 August 1918 (File)
4 items
Sir Albert Stanley to Law, 16 August 1918 (Item 27)

Encloses proposed letters to W.M. Hughes and W. Long about buying of American nickel through Mertons.

E.R. Edison to R.P.M. Gower, 20 August 1918 (Item 32)

Encloses letter finally sent by Stanley to Hughes.

Sir Maurice Hankey to Law, 21 August 1918 (Item 36)

Conversation with W. Massey about Imperial War Cabinet.

H.F. Batterbee to J.C.C. Davidson, 23 August 1918 (Item 42)

W. Long sends extract from private letter about influence of Northcliffe press in Dominions.

Folder 5 (Box 97), 2 July 1919 - 23 July 1919 (File)
3 items
Andrew Fisher to Law, 2 July 1919 (Item 2)

Australian Government wants copy of report of Dardanelles Commission.

Sir Robert Garran to Law, 7 July 1919, and attached file of letters, July-Aug. 1919 (Item 9)

Requests permission for W.M. Hughes' solicitors to inspect papers on Admiralty agreement with American Metal Co. in connection with Merton's prosecution of Hughes.

Sir Maurice Hankey to Law, 23 July 1919 (Item 21)

Milner agrees Australia and New Zealand may have copies of report of Dardanelles Commission.

Folder 1 (Box 99 ), 15 May 1920 (File)
2 items
Lord Milner to Law, 15 May 1920 (Item 8)

Appointment of Governors-General for Australia and South Africa.

Lord Milner to Law, n.d. (Item 9)

Encloses note for Lloyd George on South Africa's views on Governor-General.

Folder 2 (Box 99), 15 June 1920 (File)
1 item
F.L. Lowther, Sydney, to Law, 15 June 1920 (Item 7)

Encloses copies of letters to Sir E. Carson and criticism of Archbishop Mannix.

Folder 3 (Box 99), 8 July 1920 (File)
1 item
H.C. Thornton to J.C.C. Davidson, 8 July 1920 (Item 9)

Encloses extract from private letter of Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson about Governor-Generalship of Australia.

Folder 8 (Box 99), 15 December 1920 (File)
1 item
F.L. Lowther to Law, 15 December 1920 (Item 12)

Requests autographed photograph for his book.

Folder 1 (Box 100), 29 January 1921 (File)
1 item
A.C. Parkinson to Miss Watson, 29 January 1921 (Item 50)

F.L. Lowther's reputation in Australia.

Folder 4 (Box 101), 9 July 1920 (File)
1 item
Law to H.C. Thornton, 9 July 1920 (Item 62)

Acknowledges letter concerning Governor-Generalship of Australia.

Folder 5 (Box 102), July 1920 (File)
1 item
Copies of Foreign Office cables with Count de Salis concerning Archbishop Mannix and his possible appointment as Archbishop of Dublin, July 1920 (Item 39)
Folder 8 (Box 108), 22 May 1923 (File)
1 item
J. Allen to Law, 22 May 1923 (Item 11(4))

Sympathy on Law's resignation as Prime Minister.

Folder 12 (Box 111), 29 November 1922 (File)
1 item
Law to Lord Curzon, 29 November 1922 (Item 36)

Encloses memorandum from F. Ware about graves at Gallipoli.

Folder 20 (Box 111), 10 January 1923 - 13 March 1923 (File)
3 items
L. Greame to Law, 10 January 1923 (Item 95)

Encloses note on Western Australian railway.

Law to L. Greame, 8 March 1923 (Item 97)

Encloses letter from Devonshire suggesting Department of Overseas Trade should take over overseas settlement in view of pressure on Colonial Office.

L. Greame to Law, 13 March 1923 (Item 98)

Agrees with Devonshire's suggestion.

Folder 5 (Box 112), 10 January 1923 - 9 March 1923 (File)
2 items
Sir Robert Borden to Law, 10 January 1923 (Item 1)

Views on Imperial relations; appointment of Dominions Governors-General.

Law to Sir Robert Borden, 9 March 1923 (Item 2)

Is trying to arrange Imperial Conference for autumn.

Folder 4 (Box 115), 28 November 1922 (File)
1 item
J.E. Stephenson to A.J. Sylvester, 28 November 1922 (Item 10)

Encloses cable from W.M. Hughes congratulating Law on his appointment as Prime Minister and his electoral victory.

Folder 4 (Box 115), 2 November 1922 - 30 November 1922 (File)
2 items
E. Marsh to R. Waterhouse, 30 November 1922 (Item 173)

Encloses copy of reply to W.M. Hughes cable of congratulations.

Arthur Robinson to Law, 2 November 1922 (Item 188)

Congratulations on Law's appointment as Prime Minister.

Folder 1 (Box 117), 14 October 1915 - 30 November 1915 (File)
3 items
Walter Long to Law, 14 October 1915 (Item 21)

Britain must evacuate Gallipoli.

Austen Chamberlain to Law, 7 November 1915 (Item 23)

Views on Dardanelles campaign.

Austen Chamberlain to Law, 30 November 1915 (Item 26)

Is impressed by M. Hankey's paper on withdrawal from Dardanelles.

Folder 4 (Box 117), 9 April 1923 (File)
1 item
E. Marsh to R. Waterhouse, 9 April 1923 (Item 9)

Encloses cable from Lord Jellicoe on New Zealand views on date of Imperial and Economic Conference, and draft reply.

Series. Davidson Papers, 28 May 1915 - 7 December 1916

4 items

Subseries. Correspondence

Correspondence between Bonar Law and Lord Selborne, June, September 1915 (File 1)

Concerns Dardanelles Campaign, and includes a copy of a memorandum by Davidson, Sept. 1915, urging that a message be sent to the Australian Government if there was any change of policy in regard to the Dardanelles.

Private and personal correspondence between Bonar Law and Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson, 28 May 1915 - 14 January 1916 (File Volume 1)
65 items
From Munro-Ferguson, 28 May 1915 (Item 1)

Includes criticisms of Defence Department, Rabaul charges, Col. Burns. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 8 June 1915 (Item 2)

Broken Hill steel works, railway system, political situation, Federal powers v. State powers, Dardanelles casualties, supply of rifles.

From Munro-Ferguson, 11 June 1915 (Item 3)

Includes administration of Pacific Islands, Labor Caucus, delays in answering telegrams. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 30 June 1915 (Item 4)

Recruiting, munitions, military organization, High Commissionership, referendum, State activities, tariff, Dorman Commission. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 13 July 1915 (Item 5)

Base metals, Defence Department, State activities, Caucus, Dardanelles, finance, imperial or informal conference. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 28 July 1915 (Item 6)

Royal Commission on Pacific Islands, including New Hebrides. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 4 August 1915 (Item 7)

Metal industries, wheat, loans, precis of correspondence concerning Pacific Islands.

From Munro-Ferguson, 11 August 1915 (Item 8)

Thanks for personal and secret cables. (handwritten)

From Bonar Law, 13 August 1915 (Item 9)

Acknowledges 1-4, Broken Hill steel works, Dormant Commission, base metals, war news.

From Munro-Ferguson, 21 August 1915 (Item 10)

Loans to Australia. (handwritten)

From Bonar Law, 24 August 1915 (Item 11)

Extract from Sir Ian Hamilton's report in praise of Australian and New Zealand troops. (handwritten)

From Bonar Law, 9 September 1915 (Item 12)

Acknowledges 5-6, declaration of cotton as contraband, New Hebrides Commission.

From Bonar Law, 17 September 1915 (Item 13)

Acknowledges 7-8, loans, Conference, Dardanelles.

From Munro-Ferguson, 2 September 1915 (Item 14)

Finance, construction of Canberra.

From Munro-Ferguson, 22 September 1915 (Item 15)

Espionage, gunrunning, Commonwealth-State relations, Lady Bridges' finances. (handwritten)

From Bonar Law, 9 November 1915 (Item 16)

German intrigues, Lady Bridges, Dardanelles.

From Munro-Ferguson, 4 October 1915 (Item 17)

Conscription, launching of Brisbane, Dardanelles, State Governors and channels of communication, Australian Red Cross Society, finance. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 14 October 1915 (Item 18)

Consultation with Dominions Prime Ministers, referendums, Acting Governor-General, base metals, finance, freight difficulties. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 29 October 1915 (Item 19)

Imperial politics, exclusion of Germany after War from commerce of Empire.

From Bonar Law, 23 December 1915 (Item 20)

Acknowledges 17-19, appreciation of W.M. Hughes, evacuation of Suvla and Anzac Cove, visit of Ashmead Bartlett to Australia, interview with Keith Murdoch.

From Munro-Ferguson, 21 December 1915 (Item 21)

Possibility of invasion of Egypt, likelihood of change in situation on Western Front.

From Bonar Law, 21 December 1915 (Item 22)

Answers Item 21.

From Munro-Ferguson, 8 November 1915 (Item 23)

German prisoners, W.M. Hughes' visit, Sir Gerald Strickland, referendum, Andrew Fisher.

From Munro-Ferguson, 22 November 1915 (Item 24)

Balkans, W.M. Hughes, anti-Federal attitude of N.S.W., borrowing policy, Federal-State difficulties, German prisoners.

From Munro-Ferguson, 30 November 1915 (Item 25)

N.S.W., loan policy, subjects to be discussed with W.M. Hughes, Sir William Birdwood.

From Bonar Law, 14 January 1916 (Item 26)

Answers 23-25, interned Germans, W.M. Hughes' visit, British Empire League, Sir Rider Haggard's visits to Dominions, Gallipoli.

Copies of despatches from Munro-Ferguson to L. Harcourt dated 21 Oct. 1914, 26 Oct. 1914, 29 Oct. 1914, 28 Dec. 1914, 17 March 1915, 13 May 1915.

Private and personal correspondence between Bonar Law and Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson, 13 December 1915 - 1 November 1916 (File Volume 2)
From Munro-Ferguson, 13 December 1915 (Item 27)

Tour of forest and wheat areas of southern N.S.W., attitude on prosecution of War.

From Munro-Ferguson, 22 December 1915 (Item 28)

Evacuation of Anzac Cove and Suva, Japan and Australia, British trade policy, recruiting, Sir John Forrest as Governor of W.A.

From Munro-Ferguson, 11 January 1916 (Item 29)

N.S.W. loan, closer cooperation of science and industry, Federal and State powers, Japanese question, White Australia policy, recruiting.

From Munro-Ferguson, 19 January 1916 (Item 30)

Route of W.M. Hughes.

From Munro-Ferguson, 20 January 1916 (Item 31)

Financial situation, loss of circular on counter espionage.

From Bonar Law, 25 February 1916 (Item 32)

Acknowledges 27-31, Australian reaction to evacuation of Gallipoli, Japanese relations with Australia, Andrew Fisher, Sir John Forrest, memo on finance, war news.

From Munro-Ferguson, 7 February 1916 (Item 33)


From Munro-Ferguson, 6 March 1916 (Item 34)

Administration of British possessions in Pacific.

From Munro-Ferguson, 7 March 1916 (Item 35)

Ashmead Bartlett, Sir Rider Haggard.

From Munro Ferguson, 1 April 1916 (Item 36)

Australian Field Forces.

From Bonar Law, 3 June 1916 (Item 37)

Acknowledges 33-36, W.M. Hughes.

From Munro-Ferguson, 25 April 1916 (Item 38)

Andrew Fisher, W.M. Hughes, trouble with Sir Gerald Strickland, channels of communication.

From Munro-Ferguson, 2 May 1916 (Item 39)

Spelter and G.D. Delprat, Sir John Forrest and a Governorship.

From Munro-Ferguson, 24 May 1916 (Item 40)

Sir Rider Haggard's visit. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 5 July 1916 - 7 July 1916 (Item 41)

Surgeon-General Williams' honour, naval battle, new loan.

From Bonar Law, 17 August 1916 (Item 42)

Acknowledges 38-41, W.M. Hughes, Sir Gerald Strickland, spelter, emigration after War, Surgeon-General Williams' honour.

From Munro-Ferguson, 25 July 1916 (Item 43)

Conscription, honours, State rights.

From Munro-Ferguson, 3 August 1916 (Item 44)

British interests in Pacific, War loan, G.F. Pearce.

From Munro-Ferguson, 26 August 1916 (Item 45)

Visit to Queensland, conscription, referendum or dissolution, W.M. Hughes and military situation.

From Munro-Ferguson, 11 September 1916 (Item 46)

Suggested Pacific Commission, conscription.

From Munro-Ferguson, 20 September 1916 (Item 47)

W.M. Hughes and conscription, attitude of Labor Party.

From Munro-Ferguson, 26 September 1916 (Item 48)

Practice of forwarding to Governor-General copies of despatches to State Governors, conscription.

From Munro-Ferguson, 4 October 1916 (Item 49)

Sir Gerald Strickland, cyphers and Official Secretary, Governor-General's staff, suggested transfer of Eliot to Colonial Office.

From Munro-Ferguson, 29 October 1916 (Item 50)

Resignation of 3 Ministers, interview with W.M. Hughes, reconstruction of Government, probability of election, feeling on referendum. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 30 October 1916 (Item 51)

Recalcitrants at referendum booths, advice to W.M. Hughes on referendum.

From Munro-Ferguson, 12 November 1916 (Item 52)

W.M. Hughes and referendum, Brisbane to proceed to Singapore, Beckett's report from Batavia. (handwritten)

From Munro-Ferguson, 15 October 1916 (Item 52a)

Suggests Lord Carmichael as Governor of New Zealand.

From Munro-Ferguson, 7 December 1916 (Item 53)

Pacific, Eliot, internal situation.

Keith Murdoch to Bonar Law, 25 October 1916 (Item)

Visit to France, assistance of Briand, Joffre and Haig to W.M. Hughes, 'no' vote of Australian soldiers.

Bonar Law to Keith Murdoch, 27 October 1916 (Item)


From Munro-Ferguson, 25 November 1916 (Item 54)

Political and financial situation.

From Munro-Ferguson, 29 October 1916 (Item 55)

Result of referendum. (handwritten)

Munro-Ferguson to the King, 29 October 1916 (Item 56)

Result of referendum. (handwritten)

Lord Stamfordham to Davidson, 30 October 1916 (Item)

Acknowledges Munro-Ferguson's cable, King's disappointment at result of referendum and surprise at 'no' vote of troops.

Davidson to Lord Stamfordham, 31 October 1916 (Item 57)

Encloses cable sent in King's name to Munro-Ferguson.

From Bonar Law, 30 October 1916 (Item 58)

Financing wheat crop.

From Munro-Ferguson, 1 November 1916 (Item 59)

Financing wheat crop.

From Bonar Law, n.d. (Item 60)


Private and personal correspondence between Bonar Law and Lord Buxton, Governor-General of South Africa, 11 December 1915 - August 1916 (File Volume 2)
2 items
Dossier of correspondence concerning the visit of W.M. Hughes to South Africa, May 1916 - July 1916 (Item 103)
Bonar Law to Buxton, 17 August 1916 (Item 105)

Refers to W.M. Hughes' visit to England and South Africa.