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Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George Earle, Sir, 1st Baron Lytton
Papers of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1836 - 1876
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M1177 - M1178
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Scope and Contents

Official papers 1858-59, including letters from Sir Henry Barkly, Sir George Bowen, Sir William Denison, Lord Derby, William Howitt and Charles Sturt. They deal with: political and economic position in the colonies; appointments; emigration; exploration; the separation of Moreton Bay from New South Wales; the appointment of Bowen as first Governor of Queensland; the controversy surrounding the visit to Britain of the Mayor of Melbourne; the proposed annexation of Fiji; and activities of Sir James Brooke in Sarawak.

Personal correspondence 1836-76, including papers about Lytton's work on the life of the convict Thomas Wainewright; letters from the poet R. H. Horne; correspondence concerning copyright and the performance of Lytton's plays in Australia in 1866-70; and letters from Sir George Bowen in Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Australia; Barkly, Sir Henry; Bowen, Sir George F.; Britain; Brooke, Sir James; Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward, 1st Baron Lytton; Denison, Sir William T.; Emigration and immigration; Exploration: land; Great Britain. Colonial Office; Horne, Richard H.; Howitt, William; Melbourne, Victoria; Novelists; Poets; Stanley, Edward S., Lord Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby; Sturt, Charles, Capt.; Theatre; Wainewright, Thomas


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 296, p111.

Biographical / Historical

Sir Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873), 1st Baron Lytton (created 1866). Son of General William Bulwer, assumed name of Lytton in 1843 on death of his mother when he succeeded to the Knebworth Estate in Hertfordshire. Educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Wrote extensively for periodicals and was a prolific author of novels, plays, poetry and histories, including (1828), (1833), (1834), (1837-1838), (1838), (1843), (1847), (1849), (1862). Radical M.P. 1831-1841. Joined Conservative Party in 1851, was M.P. for Hertfordshire 1852-1866, and Secretary of State for Colonies in the Derby Government, June 1858-June 1859.

His only son Edward, 1st Earl Lytton, was Viceroy of India in 1876-1880.

Item Descriptions

Series 001-010. General Files, 1857 - 1864

3 items

General, May 1857 - 1859 (File 01)

20 items
Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 28 April 1859 (Item 1)

Appointment of Sir George Bowen to Queensland; visit of Fitzgerald, N.Z. colonist; appointment of colonists to governorships.

Sir William Denison to Lytton, 4 February 1858 (Item 2)

N.S.W. election; resignation of Plunkett as President of Legislative Council; separation of Moreton Bay; Queensland Indigenous Australians.

Sir William Denison to Lytton, 6 September 1858 (Item)

Mail service; treatment of natives in New Hebrides; separation of Moreton Bay; Queensland Constitution.

Sir William Denison to Lytton, 20 January 1859 (Item)

Compilation of Natural history of British colonies; Norfolk Island; mail service; separation of Moreton Bay.

Sir Henry Barkly (Melbourne) to Sir John Pakington, 14 January 1858 (Item)

Visit to goldfield; pastoral industry; Victorian politics; Land Act. (extracts)

Sir Henry Barkly to Lord Stanley, 15 July 1858 (Item)

Defences of Victoria; visit of Smith, Mayor of Melbourne, to England; gold diggings.

Sir Henry Barkly to Sir Charles Yorke, 10 August 1858 (Item)

Return to England of Capt. A. Clarke, Surveyor-General of Victoria. (copy)

Sir Henry Barkly to Lytton, 11 February 1859 (Item)

Visit of Smith to England; dissolution of Parliament; resignation of Major-General McArthur.

Sir William Denison to Lytton, 11 March 1859 (Item 4)

Roles of Governor and Upper House in system of responsible government; Norfolk Island.

H. Merivale to Lytton, 17 August (Item)

Denison's views on universal suffrage.

Sir William Denison to Lytton, 10 June 1859 (Item)

N.S.W. election; Queensland Constitution and electoral system.

Manuscript on Sarawak (Item)
Memorial to Lord Derby on claims of Sir James Brooke (Item)
H. Merivale to Lytton, 9 October 1858 (Item)

Suggests Sarawak be made Crown colony; failure of Labuan.

J. Crawfurd to Lytton, 22 October 1858 (Item)

Encloses article from Examiner on Rajah Brooke and his claims.

R. Cobden to Lytton, 25 October 1858 (Item)

Encloses article by Crawfurd; geography and productions of Borneo.

Petition of R.M. Martin suggesting that colonies be permitted to send representatives to Imperial Parliament, 15 May 1857 (Item)
Draft circular to governors on official dress of governors and awards, 1859 (Item)
Sir John Trelawny to Lytton, 24 February 1859 (Item)

New Zealand Loan Guarantee.

S. Joseph to Lytton, 19 April 1859 (Item)

Delay in producing Colonial Office papers, including separation of Moreton Bay and New Zealand Waste Lands Acts.

Australia, April 1859 - October 1864 (File 09)

10 items
M.N. Marsh to Sir George Bowen, 3 May 1859 (Item)

Congratulations on appointment to Queensland; requests meeting.

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 29 April 1859 (Item)

Instructions as Governor of Queensland. (draft)

Sir George Bowen (Brisbane) to Lytton, 6 March 1860 (Item)

Voyage to Australia; prosperity of Queensland; loyalty of people; quality of squatters; description of Brisbane; land question; climate.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 6 June 1860 (Item)

Commencement of parliamentary government in Queensland; R. Herbert.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 10 September 1861 (Item)

D. Radcliffe; Queensland legislation struggle with ultra-squatters and demagogues; political appointments to judiciary in Australia; economic progress of Queensland; popularity of Lytton's books.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 19 August 1862 (Item)

Places in Queensland named after Lytton; progress of colony; influence of Governor; cruize to Cape York.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 16 September 1863 (Item)

Attraction of Queensland for younger sons of peers and gentry; political and economic progress of Queensland; expedition to Cape York; extension of pastoral frontier; international relations; government pensions; erection of Government House.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 16 October 1864 (Item)

Political stability of Queensland; success of parliamentary government; advantages of extended period in office; governors' pensions; New Zealand fern seeds.

Draft of Waste Lands (Australia) Acts Repeal Bill (Item)
Manuscript on naval defence of Australia (21pp.) (Item)

New Zealand, February 1859 (File 010)

1 item
Sir John Trelawny to Lytton, 15 February 1859 - 16 February 1859 (Item)

Encloses press articles and correspondence with H. Sewell, Colonial Treasurer of New Zealand, and W. Fox on evidence given by Sewell to Select Committee of House of Commons on New Zealand finances, 1857.

Series 024-027. Letters Received, 1855 - 1859

4 items

Volume 024, 10 July 1858 - 14 May 1859 (File)

49 items
E. Ackroyd to Lytton, 19 March 1859 (Item 2)

Seeks promotion for H. Brook, officer of Treasury in Melbourne.

G. Adlerd (London) to H.D. Wolff, 13 January 1859 (Item 7)

Invites Lytton to Australian Anniversary Dinner.

H. Archdale to Lytton, 21 May (Item 22)

Seeks appointment for J. Atthill as judge at Moreton Bay.

J. Baker to H.D. Wolff, 2 February 1859 (Item 44)

Address from Legislative Council of South Australia.

H.D. Wolff to J. Baker, 28 February 1859 (Item)

Address; honours conferred on subjects in colonies.

J. Baker to H.D. Wolff, 1 April 1859 (Item)

Seeks interview with Lytton.

W.G. Balls to Lytton, 5 October 1858 (Item 49)

Seeks assistance for emigrant travelling to Melbourne.

F. Rogers to Higgins, 7 October 1858 (Item)

Assistance would be breach of colonial rules.

G.S. Beecroft to Lytton, 4 December 1858 (Item 76)

Encloses letter from B. Crosthwaite seeking introduction to Government authorities in Melbourne.

G.S. Beecroft to Lytton, 11 December 1858 (Item)

Acknowledges letter of introduction to Sir Henry Barkly.

J. Beeson to Lytton, 21 September 1858 (Item 77)

Seeks introduction to Governor of Victoria.

A. Blackwood to Lytton, n.d. (Item 98)

Abandonment of Labuan.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 25 November 1858 (Item 112)

Accepts Colonial Secretaryship at Mauritius.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 20 December 1858 (Item)

Readiness to remain at Corfu for few months.

Sir George Bowen to H.D. Wolff, 20 April 1859 (Item)

Seeks appointment as Governor of Queensland.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 3 May 1859 (Item)

Queensland appointment; formation of volunteer rifle corps; appointment of Surveyor-General; squatter question.

Sir George Bowen to Lytton, 14 May 1859 (Item)

Appointment of private secretary; discussions with Australian representatives.

Sir J. Burgoyne to H.D. Wolff, 18 April 1859 (Item 153)

Recommends Captain Clarke for Governorship of Moreton Bay.

W.A. Nunes to H.D. Wolff, 22 November (Item 155)

Encloses testimonial for J. Burke, applicant for position of N.S.W. Government Engineer.

Sir Charles Burrell to Lytton, 26 March 1859 (Item 158)

Recommendation for Australian Mounted Police Force.

R.J. Callander to H.D. Wolff, January 1859 (Item 171)

Appointment of constituent to police in Australia.

Sir Robert Carden to H.D. Wolff, 17 December 1858 (Item 180)

Thanks for letter of introduction to Victorian Government.

Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 4 November 1858 (Item 181)

McKinnon ready to substantiate charges concerning Mayor of Melbourne.

F. Catty to H.D. Wolff, 4 December 1858 (Item 183)

Encloses letter to Sir Robert Carden seeking employment in Australia for F. Mansell.

F. Cavendish to Lytton, 1 August 1858 (Item 186)

Seeks recommendation to Victorian Government for B. Beckham.

Lord Robert Cecil to Lytton, 30 March 1859 (Item 188)

Declines post of Governor of Queensland.

Lord Robert Cecil to Lytton, 3 April 1859 (Item)

Declines post of Governor of Queensland.

E. Chapman to Lytton, 21 July 1858 (Item 190)

Concerning W. Kelly, writing book on Australian goldfields.

Sir J. Chatterton to H.D. Wolff, 5 May 1859 (Item 195)

Encloses letter from J. McDonnell seeking position in Queensland for his son.

H. Childers to H. Bidwell, 10 September 1858 (Item 199)

Returned from Victoria, seeks interview with Lytton.

Lord Alfred Churchill to Lytton, 22 July 1858 (Item 200)

Wishes to introduce J. Youl, Secretary of Australian Association.

Capt. R. Clark to Lytton, 31 January 1859 (Item 206)

Seeks post of Governor of Queensland.

J.W. Clifton (Perth) to H.D. Wolff, 15 April 1859 (Item 212)

Seeks position in W.A. Convict Department.

R. Cobden to Lytton, 8 September 1858 (Item 213)

Suggests Lytton see Mayor of Melbourne.

W.R. Collett (Singleton, New South Wales) to Lytton, 9 September 1858 (Item 228)

Congratulations on appointment, offers to supply local information.

Sir Ashley Cooper to Lytton, 8 March 1859 (Item 238)

Encloses letter from M. Beale planning to tour Australia to demonstrate agricultural machinery.

W.S. Copeland to Lytton, 10 July 1858 (Item 241)

Power of attorney to be sent to merchant in Auckland.

J. Crawford to Lytton, 8 October 1858 (Item 257)

Sir James Brooke.

J. Crawford to Lytton, 4 December 1858 (Item)

Encloses article on Lord Derby and Sir James Brooke.

J. Crawford to Lytton, 16 December 1858 (Item)

Encloses newspaper articles on warlike operations in Sarawak.

W. Cubitt to Lytton, 7 May 1859 (Item 268)

Encloses letter from H. Ghinn seeking appointment in Queensland.

J.E. Denison to Lytton, 12 August 1858 (Item 299)

Encloses letter from A. Denison in Sydney recommending C. Rolleston as Governor of Queensland.

Lord Derby to Lytton, 13 September 1858 (Item 301)

Honours, Mayor of Melbourne convict background of his wife.

Lord Derby to Lytton, 23 October 1858 (Item)

Encloses anonymous letter concerning Mayor of Melbourne.

Lytton to Lord Derby, 5 February (Item)

Sarawak papers, status of Labuan.

B. Disraeli to Lytton, 9 December 1858 (Item 318)

Dundas would accept viceregal post in Australia.

S. Donaldson to —, 14 May 1859 (Item 324)

Seeks deputation to Lytton on apportionment of public debt between N.S.W. and Queensland.

E. Dutton to Lytton, 2 February 1859 (Item 339)

Seeks introduction to Governor of New Zealand.

D. Dyson to Lytton, 18 January 1859 (Item 340)

Recommends J. Cocker as Consul of Tonga.

Volume 025, 3 January 1855 - 12 May 1859 (File)

28 items
Sir J. Elphinstone to —, n.d. (Item 16)

Seeks interview with Lytton on Labuan coal mines.

Lord Enniskillen to Lytton, 23 March (Item 18)

Recommends J. Atthill as judge in Queensland.

J.J.L. Foster to —, 29 March 1859 (Item 67)

Former Treasurer of Victoria: wishes to be presented to Queen.

F. Fowler to Lytton, 4 January 1859 (Item 70)

Presents book on Australian colonies.

J.B. Godfrey to Lytton, 17 June 1858 (Item 104)

Seeks interview on mail service and other aspects of Australian merchant shipping.

J.M. Green to Higgins, 12 August 1858 (Item 125)

Requests return of draft Act for establishment of Supreme Court of Western Australia.

E.S. Hitchins (Sydney) to Lytton, 9 October 1858 (Item 193)

Views on emigration.

E.S. Hitchins to Lytton, 31 January 1859 (Item)

Income as articled clerk, necessity to transfer to position with larger salary.

Hogg to Lytton, 26 January 1859 (Item 197)

Thanks for letter of introduction to Governor of Victoria.

Rev. E. Hoole to Lytton, 24 February 1859 (Item 201)

Deputation of Weslyan Missionary Society on proposed annexation of Fiji.

E. Horsman to Lytton, 30 August 1858 (Item 204)

Seeks letter of introduction to N.S.W. Government for R. Thompson.

W. Howitt to Lytton, 3 December 1858 (Item 208)

Refers to past ministerial ignorance of Australian conditions.

W.F. Hume to Lytton, 30 October 1858 (Item 211)

Seeks letter of introduction to Australian authorities for M. Potter.

C. Idle to Lytton, December 1858 (Item 220/1)

Seeks letters of introduction for son migrating to N.S.W.

C. Idle to Lytton, 12 December 1858 (Item 220/2)

Testimonials for son.

C. Idle to Lytton, 21 December 1858 (Item 220/3)

Acknowledges letters from Lytton to Sir William Denison.

A. Charlotte Jones to H.D. Wolff, 18 May (Item 241)

Wolff's Australian appointment.

W. Jones to H.D. Wolff, 9 February 1859 (Item 246/1)

Recommends T. Barrister, former High Sheriff of Tasmania, as agent in Fiji.

W. Jones to H.D. Wolff, 22 February 1859 (Item 246/2)

T. Barrister.

T. Kelly to Lytton, 12 May 1859 (Item 254)

Seeks position in Queensland Government for stepson J.B. Burne.

Testimonial by H. Childers, Customs House, Melbourne, concerning A.M.R. Kinahan, 3 January 1855 (Item 270/1)
A.M.R. Kinahan to Lytton, 21 June 1858 (Item 270/2)

Seeks appointment.

A.M.R. Kinahan to Lytton, 28 August 1858 (Item 270/3)

Dedicates book The New El Dorado to Lytton.

A.M.R. Kinahan to Lytton, 6 September 1858 (Item 270/4)

Thanks for allowing dedication.

G. Nichols to Lytton, 6 October 1858 (Item 270/5)

Allegations concerning A.M.R. Kinahan when in Australia.

H.H. Lindsay to Lytton, 26 November 1858 (Item 319/1)

Deputation of New Eastern Archipelago Company; Sir James Brooke.

H. H. Lindsay to Lytton, 19 November 1858 (Item 319/2)

Directors of New Eastern Archipelago Company.

V. Linley to Lytton, 14 April 1859 (Item 322)

Refers to father and Balmain estate, Sydney.

Volume 026, 8 June 1858 - 8 May 1859 (File)

44 items
J. McClintock to Lytton, 14 February 1859 (Item 4)

Recommends H.M. Lefroy for post of Collector of Customs at Western Australia.

J.G. Mackenzie to Lytton, 15 January 1859 (Item 13)

Sends item on Labuan from Sir James Elphinstone.

Lord Malmesbury to Lytton, 18 March 1859 (Item 28)

Pritchard's account of Fiji and proposal that it be purchased by Britain.

B. Marlay to H.D. Wolff, 11 December 1858 (Item 36)

Enquiry by Lord John Manners concerning patronage in New Zealand.

M. Marsh to Lytton, 3 May 1859 (Item 38/1)

Appointment of Sir George Bowen as Governor of Queensland.

M. Marsh to Lytton, 8 May 1859 (Item 38/2)

Meetings with Sir George Bowen; name of Queensland; appointment of Surveyor-General.

J. Hora to H.D. Wolff, November 1858 (Item 50/1)

Encloses letter from Sir Charles Hotham on work of Mayor of Melbourne in promoting law and order during Ballarat riots.

Smith (Mayor of Melbourne) to H.D. Wolff, 10 November 1858 (Item 50/2)

Seeks letter of introduction to Public Works Department in France.

H. Merivale. Memorandum on appointment of colonial bishops, n.d. (Item 51)
Capt. Milne to Lytton, 14 March 1859 (Item 59)

Leaving for Australia, seeks interview.

R. Moore & Co. to Lords of Treasury, 21 September 1858 (Item 67)

Proposal for conveyance of Australasian and Pacific mails.

G.C. Morgan to Lytton, 6 April 1859 (Item 69/1)

Seeks letter of introduction to Governor of Victoria for J. Frater.

G.C. Morgan to Lytton, n.d. (Item 69/2)

Seeks position in Victorian Government for J. Frater.

J.R. Mowbray to Lytton, 16 February 1859 (Item 76)

Recommends H.M. Lefroy for post of Collector of Customs at Western Australia.

Sir Roderick Murchison to Lytton, 10 July 1858 (Item 78/1)

Naming of British Columbia, with reference to New Caledonia.

Sir Roderick Murchison to Lytton, 29 December 1858 (Item 78/2)

Deputation on establishment of port in northern Australia.

J. Murray to H.D. Wolff, 17 December 1858 (Item 82)

Request by J.S. Farrer (?) for introduction to Attorney-General and Chief Secretary of Victoria.

Sir Charles Nicholson to A. Birch, 25 November 1858 (Item 95)

Seeks interview with Lytton.

Col. North to Lytton, 14 March 1859 (Item 101)

Recommends C.F.D. Parkinson for position at Queensland.

Mrs. L. Peacocke to Lytton, 25 November 1858 (Item 137/1)

Requests appointment for son in New Zealand.

Mrs. L. Peacocke to Lytton, 2 December 1858 (Item 137/2)

Requests grant of land for son in New Zealand.

Mrs. L. Peacocke to Lytton, 6 December 1858 (Item 137/3)

Thanks for letter of introduction to Governor of New Zealand.

Mrs. G. Peck to Lytton, 2 December 1858 (Item 140)

Seeks position in New Zealand for W. Lithgow.

S. Ponsonby to H.D. Wolff, 24 February 1859 (Item 161)

Requests information on deputation from South Australia.

Major H.L. Powys to Lytton, 11 September 1858 (Item 168)

Encloses article on J. Smith, Mayor of Melbourne; attitudes to mail service.

Major H.L. Powys to Lytton, 3 November 1858 (Item)

Defends character of Smith.

J. Pym to H.D. Wolff, 14 March 1859 (Item 177)

Memorial concerning lease of mineral land granted in Western Australia in 1845.

R. Rennie to Lytton, 27 January 1859 (Item 191)

Requests interview to discuss son's work on system of convict diet at Fremantle.

G. Roberts to Lytton, 29 December 1858 (Item 205/1)

Seeks introduction to Australian colonies.

G. Roberts to Lytton, 6 January 1859 (Item 205/2)

Thanks for letter.

A. Rucker to H.D. Wolff, 17 January 1859 (Item 226)

Seeks letters of introduction to Governors of N.S.W. and N.Z. for C. Godefroy.

Sir H. Seale to Lytton, 12 June 1858 (Item 244)

Introduces J. Martyr, Victorian lawyer.

F. Searanke to Lytton, 2 April 1859 (Item 253)

Seeks letter of introduction for Governor Brown to son, Chief Commissioner at Wellington.

H.P. Smith to Lytton, 25 January 1859 (Item 280)

Death of Thomas Wainewright in Hobart.

E. Stanford to Lytton, 16 November 1858 (Item 299)

Map of Australasia ready in early 1859.

J.B. Stanhope to Lytton, 8 June 1858 (Item 301)

Testimonials of Wilson, emigrant to New Zealand.

Lord Stanley to Lytton, 16 October 1858 (Item 302)

Suggests Labuan be abandoned and Sarawak purchased from Brooke.

P. Storry to Lytton, 25 January 1859 (Item 310)

Seeks recommendation for son to Governor of New Zealand.

W. Stirling to H.D. Wolff, 5 April 1859 (Item 312)

Case of J. Stirling of Sydney.

C. Sturt to H.D. Wolff, 10 March 1859 (Item 323)

Sends narrative of Central Australian Expedition.

E. Sturt to Lytton, 7 September 1858 (Item 324/1)

Resident Magistrate at Melbourne, wishes to visit penal establishments in Britain.

A. Joseph (Home Office) to H. Bidwell, 20 September 1858 (Item 324/2)

Sturt's request.

E. Sturt to (?), 12 October 1858 (Item 324/3)

Specifies prisons.

A. Joseph to W. Higgins, 16 October 1858 (Item 324/4)

Sends prison orders.

Volume 027, 24 April 1858 - 15 May 1859 (File)

23 items
G. Talbot to J. Bidwell, 24 April 1858 (Item 1/1)

Request for letters of introduction to Governors of Victoria and Tasmania for C. Taylor.

G. Talbot to H.D. Wolff, 11 November 1858 (Item 1/2)

Despatch from Sir George Grey on enlistment of New Zealand natives for service in India.

W.P. Talbot to Lytton, 9 November (Item 3)

Request by Duke of Buccleuch for Government position in Australia for A. McDonald.

Rev. A.C. Thomson to H.D. Wolff, 10 November 1858 - 11 November 1858 (Item 19)

Defends character of J. Smith, Mayor of Melbourne.

G. Townsend to H.D. Wolff, 10 March 1859 (Item 30/1)

Requests letter of introduction for E. Holroyd, emigrating to Melbourne.

G. Townsend to H.D. Wolff, 15 March 1859 (Item 30/2)

Thanks for assistance for Holroyd.

Sir John Trelawny to H.D. Wolff, 26 February 1859 (Item 34)

Requests return of papers on case of Sewell and guaranteed New Zealand loan.

Lytton to Queen Victoria, 23 July 1858 (Item 55/1)

French objections to naming new colony in Canada New Caledonia.

Lytton to Queen Victoria, 9 February 1859 (Item 55/2)

Recommends Rev. E. Tufnell as Bishop of Brisbane.

Queen Victoria to Lytton, 28 April 1859 (Item 55/3)

Naming of Queensland.

S. Walpole to H.D. Wolff, 5 May 1859 (Item 75)

Request by Dean of Westminster to send box to old parishioner at Adelaide.

S.H. Walpole to Lytton, 10 September 1858 (Item 76/1)

Presentation of address by Mayor of Melbourne to Queen at Balmoral.

S.H. Walpole to Lytton, 11 September 1858 (Item 76/2)

Address of Mayor of Melbourne.

S.H. Walpole to Lytton, 22 September 1858 (Item 76/3)

Address of Mayor to be presented in London; conferral of knighthood.

S.H. Walpole to Lytton, 24 September 1858 (Item 76/4)

Address of Mayor.

S.H. Walpole to Lytton, 19 October 1858 (Item 76/5)

Address of Mayor; knighthood.

J. Washington to T. Elliot, 14 July 1858 (Item 83)

Naming of British Columbia with reference to New Caledonia.

Lord Westmeath to Lytton, 22 October (Item 90)

Col. Broughton; appointment of second Officer of Engineers to Tasmania.

J. Whiteside to Lytton, 3 March 1859 (Item 96)

Recommends J.N. Molyneaux of Melbourne for appointment.

R. Wilson (Treasury) to H.D. Wolff, 15 November (Item 118)

Sends letter from Hamilton for Victoria.

R. Wingfield to H.D. Wolff, 17 November 1858 (Item 120)

Seeks appointment as New Zealand emigration agent at Coleraine, Ireland.

H.D. Wolff to Lytton, 28 September 1858 (Item 123)

Recommends promotion of W. Clifton of Colonial Office in Western Australia.

Capt. R. Young to Lytton, 15 May 1859 (Item 144)

Seeks appointment in Queensland.

Series 028. Letterbooks, 1858 - 1859

2 items

Letterbook, 15 October 1858 - 3 January 1859 (File 1)

9 items
Lytton to Lord Derby, 15 October 1858 (Item 40-41)

Conferral of knighthood on J. Smith, Mayor of Melbourne.

Lytton to Lord Stanley, 19 October 1858 (Item 52)

Purchase of Sarawak from Sir James Brooke.

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 8 November 1858 (Item)

Provisional offer of post of Colonial Secretary of Mauritius.

Lytton to W.E. Gladstone, 8 November 1858 (Item)

Offer of post in Mauritius for Sir George Bowen; interest of Sir John Young in Australian governorship.

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 8 December 1858 (Item)

Mauritius offer.

Lytton to Sir Henry Barkly, 22 November 1858 (Item)

Charges against J. Smith; question of knighthoods for colonial mayors.

Lytton to Dundas, 14 December 1858 (Item)

Interest in governorship of Moreton Bay.

Lytton to Prince Albert, 30 December 1858 (Item)

Distinctions conferred on colonists.

Lytton to Lord Derby, 3 January 1859 (Item)

Colonial governorships; possibility of moving Sir William Denison to Canada and Sir George Grey to N.S.W.

Letterbook, 5 February 1859 - 18 June 1859 (File 2)

11 items
Lytton to Lord Derby and Lytton to W. E. Gladstone, 5 February 1859 (Item 77-78)

The letter to Lord Derby refers to the receipt of box about Sarawak; Labuan must be continued as at present.

The letter to W. E. Gladstone states that the Mauritius post not available; Sir George Bowen to stay at Corfu for present.

H.D. Wolff to Hutt, 14 March 1859 (Item 107)

Parliamentary motion on emigration to Western Australia.

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 18 March 1859 (Item [113a.])

Withdrawal from Ionian Islands; offers Lieutenant Governorship of St. Christophers.

Lytton to Sir John Young, 26 March 1859 (Item 114)

Offer of governorship of Moreton Bay.

Lytton to Queen Victoria, 7 April 1859 (Item 117-118)

Naming of new colony at Moreton Bay.

Lytton to Queen Victoria, 24 April 1859 (Item 122)

Recommends Sir George Bowen as Governor of Moreton Bay.

Lytton to Queen Victoria, 24 April 1859 (Item 123-124)

Naming of new colony at Moreton Bay.

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 29 April 1859 (Item 125-130)

Appointment as Governor at Moreton Bay; instructions; communications with Colonial Office.

Lytton to Queen Victoria, 3 May 1859 (Item 131-132)

Naming of Queensland.

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 11 May 1859 (Item 133-135)

Appointment of private secretary and Surveyor-General.

Lytton to H. Merivale, 18 June 1859 (Item 143-150)

Departure from Colonial Office.

Series C1-C21. Personal Letters Received, 1836 - 1870

12 items

Volume C1-C2, 19 May 1846 - 21 March 1851 (File)

7 items
G.B. Wilkinson to Lytton, 15 January 1849 (Item 33)

Advantages of emigrating to South Australia; cost of land and livestock.

H.P. Smith to Lytton, 2 May 1849? (Item 41)

Death of T.G. Wainewright at Hobart.

H.P. Smith to Lytton, 26 May 1846 (Item 42)

Wainewright's papers, books, drawings.

H.P. Smith to Lytton, 19 May 1846 (Item 43)

Wainewright's forgeries and writings.

R.H. Horne to Lytton (Item 63)

Thanks for accepting dedication book; plans to visit Hertfordshire.

R.H. Horne to Lytton, 15 March 1851 (Item)

Suggestions for Lytton's comedy.

R.H. Horne to Lytton, 21 March 1851 (Item)

Suggestions for Lytton's comedy.

Volume C3, 9 June 1859 - 3 February 1862 (File)

2 items
Mary Provost (Sydney) to Lytton, 9 June 1859 (Item 145)

Appreciation of 'Gentleman Waife'.

A. Brood to Lytton, 3 February 1862 (Item 150)

Belief of Indigenous Australians in after-life.

Volume C4, 14 February 1859 - 14 March 1859 (File)

2 items
R.H. Horne (Melbourne) to Lytton, 14 February 1859 (Item 108-109)

Impecunious state; plans to leave Victoria; publication of poem. (incomplete)

R.H. Horne to Lytton, 14 March 1859 (Item 110)

Charges made against J. Smith, Mayor of Melbourne.

Volume C5, 28 September 1860 - 19 September 1865 (File)

3 items
Sir George Bowen (Brisbane) to Lytton, 19 September 1865 (Item 116)

Success of parliamentary government in Queensland; visit of Marsh.

Sir George Bowen (Brisbane) to Lytton, 28 September 1860 (Item 117)

Difficulties in making appointments in Queensland; land question in Australia; R. Herbert; limitations of military governors; naming of township of Knebworth.

Sir George Bowen (Rockhampton) to Lytton, 1 November 1860 (Item 118)

Tour of central Queensland; founding of Pt. Denison; occupation of northern districts by squatters and retreat of Indigenous Australians. (incomplete)

Volume C8, 17 November 1868 - 2 February 1869 (File)

6 items
E.T. Smith to Lytton, 2 February 1869 (Item 144)

Encloses letters from L.L. Smith.

L.L. Smith (Melbourne) to E.T. Smith, 5 December 1868 (Item 148)

Difficulties concerning performing rights in Melbourne; theatre in Australia.

L.L. Smith to G. Roberts, 17 November 1868 (Item 149/1)

Payment required for performances of 'The Lady of Lyons'.

T. Pavey to L.L. Smith, 17 November 1868 (Item 149/2)

Lytton's power of attorney; application of Copyright Act to colonies.

T. Pavey to L.L. Smith, 18 November 1868 (Item 149/3)

Agrees to pay £1 per performance.

Further papers enclosed by L.L. Smith (Item 150-151)

Volume C9, 26 March 1859 (File)

Sir John Young to Lytton, 26 March 1859 (Item 144)

Declines governorship of Moreton Bay; difficulties of governors in Australian colonial.

Volume C10, 8 February 1836 - 12 October 1863 (File)

3 items
Anna Maria Hall to Lytton, n.d. (Item 8)

Refers to T.G. Wainewright.

A. Cockburn to Lytton, 8 February 1836 (Item 61)

Appointment to Penang. (incomplete)

Sir Hercules Robinson to Lytton, 12 October 1863 (Item 99)

Return to Hong Hong; visit to Singapore to organise transfer of Straits Settlements from India Office to Colonial Office.

Volume C11, 11 November 1869 (File)

R. Herbert to Lytton, 11 November 1869 (Item 44)

Presentation of Colonial Exhibition Medal by Queensland Commissioners at 1867 Paris Exhibition.

Volume C13, 22 February 1859 (File)

Lord Derby to Lytton, 22 February 1859 (Item 25)

Opposes aquiring Sarawak except to prevent its occupation by Netherlands.

Volume C17, 4 January 1866 - 8 January 1869 (File)

11 items
I.P. Simpson (Dramatic Authors' Society) to Lytton, 4 January 1866 (Item 1-2)

Performing rights in Australia; G. Coppin to be agent in Australian colonies.

I.P. Simpson to Lytton, 26 December 1868 (Item 3)

Request by Coppin for copy of registration of 'The Lady of Lyons'.

I.P. Simpson to Lytton, 28 December 1868 (Item 4)

Lytton's agency in Australia.

I.P. Simpson to Lytton, 30 December 1868 (Item 5)

Remittance to Lytton of fees sent by Coppin.

I.P. Simpson to Lytton, 1 January 1869 (Item 6-7)

Protection of 'The Rightful Heir' in Australia; conflicting positions of G. Coppin and L.L. Smith.

I.P. Simpson to Lytton, 7 January 1869 (Item 8)

Resolution of agencies in Australia.

I.P. Simpson to Lytton, 8 January 1869 (Item 9)

Revocation of power of attorney sent to L.L. Smith.

E. Smith to Lytton, 23 [?] (Item 13)

Registration of plays; power of attorney to L.L. Smith.

L.L. Smith (Melbourne) to E. Smith, 16 November 1868 (Item 36-38)

Difficulties in obtaining performing rights in Australia; G. Coppin; legal costs.

Lytton to L.L. Smith, 4 January 1869 (Item 39)

Revokes power of attorney in favour of G. Coppin.

P. Rose to Lytton, n.d. (Item 123)

Requests letter of introduction for son to Sir George Bowen. (incomplete)

Volume C18, 20 December 1859 - 30 November 1869 (File)

6 items
F. von Mueller (Melbourne) to Lytton, 24 November 1864 (Item 17)

Lytton's translation of Schiller; tree named after Lytton.

M.N. Marsh to Lytton, 22 April 1863 (Item 46)

Presents medal from Colony of Queensland; progress of Queensland; Sir George Bowen.

R.H. Horne (Melbourne) to Messrs. Blackwood, 23 February 1863 (Item 59)

Requests name of author of article in Blackwood's Magazine.

R.H. Horne (London) to Lytton, 20 November 1869 (Item 60)

Lytton's translation of Horace; Horne's modernization of Chaucer; sends publications.

R.H. Horne to Lytton, 30 November 1869 (Item 61)

Comments on Horace translation.

H. Merivale to Lytton, 20 December 1859 (Item 68)

Sends paper-knife made of New Zealand wood.

Volume C19, 1 June 1859 - 16 February 1870 (File)

5 items
Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 1 June 1859 (Item 13)

Recall of Sir George Grey from South Africa.

Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 15 January 1870 (Item 18)

Proposed debate in House of Lords on colonial relations.

Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 17 January 1870 (Item 19)

Article in Edinburgh Review on colonial subjects.

Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 16 February 1870 (Item 20)

Withdrawal of troops from colonies.

Lord Carnarvon to Lytton, 28 January 1870 (Item 21)

Debate on colonial relations; Sir George Grey.

Series C22-C25. Unbound Letters received, 1859 - 1871

3 items

Volume C22, 2 August 1870 - 2 October 1870 (File)

3 items
D. Bandmann (Adelaide) to Lytton, 11 September 1870 (Item 22)

Litigation with G. Coppin concerning performances of 'The Lady of Lyons'.

I.P. Simpson (Dramatic Authors' Society) to Lytton, 2 October 1870 (Item 157/1)

Complaints against the litigious behaviour of G. Coppin.

Copy of declaration in case of Lytton v. D. Bandmann in Supreme Court of N.S.W., 2 August 1870 (Item 157/2)

Volume C23, 3 February 1871 (File)

R.H. Horne to Lytton, 3 February 1871 (Item 82)

Error in article in Gentleman's Magazine on Guild of Literature and Art.

Volume C25, 4 January 1859 - 5 December 1872 (File)

6 items
L.L. Smith (Melbourne) to Lytton, 2 March 1869 (Item 83)

Transfer of agency to G. Coppin.

L.L. Smith to Lytton, 16 July 1870 (Item 83/2)

Thanks for letter; reputation of Lytton in Victoria.

J. Hicks to (?), 27 January 1871 (Item 83/3)

Details of Victorian Copyright Act.

L.L. Smith to Lytton, 18 June 1872 (Item 83/4)

Sends pamphlet on criminal classes; horse named after Lytton.

L.L. Smith to Lytton, 5 December 1872 (Item 83/5)

Publication of manuscript. (cable)

Lord Derby to Lytton, 4 January 1859 (Item 96)

Recall of Sir John Young from Ionian Islands; possibility of appointing him to Moreton Bay.

Series C26. Letters Sent, 1860

1 item

Lytton to Sir George Bowen, 12 August 1860 (File 7)

Acknowledges letter; Bowen's success in Queensland; British politics; W.E. Gladstone; requests appointment for D. Ratcliffe.

Series C36. Unbound Letters Received by Edward R. Lytton, 1874 - 1876

2 items

Sir George Bowen (Melbourne) to Lord Lytton, 20 March 1874 (File 31)

Bulwer Lytton's instructions to Bowen as Governor of Queensland; sends letter he received in 1860; loss of other letters in New Zealand; requests copy of Memoirs; popularity of Lytton's works in Australia.

Sir George Bowen (Melbourne) to Lord Lytton, 10 July 1876 (File)

Congratulations on appointment as Viceroy of India; Australian reactions to new title of Empress; leave taken by Indian officers and civilians in Australia; invites Lytton to Melbourne; possibility of Prince of Wales visiting Australia in 1878.