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Series AU. Australia, 1948 - 1974

Subseries AU1. Adelaide, 31 December 1961 - 6 July 1962

R.W. Gray. Notes on new university at Bedford Park, 31 December 1961 - 6 July 1962 (File 1)

Includes notes by Holford of a meeting in Adelaide, 6 July 1962. (4pp + 2 plans).

Subseries AU2. Australia - 1950s, 1948 - 3 July 1957

Filmed selectively.

Subseries. 1951 Visit, 1948 - 3 July 1957
Itinerary and program (4pp), 2 August 1951 - 4 September 1951 (File 1)
Notes made by Holford during tour, August 1951 (File 2)
Diary of flight from London to Calcutta (3pp), 2 August 1951 - 4 August 1951 (Item (1))
Notes on town planning and regional development in Australia (5pp), August 1951 (Item (2))
Federal Congress on Regional and Town Planning, 10 August 1951 (Item (3))

Synopsis of paper by Holford, A critical analysis of planning policy and administration in Great Britain. (5pp) and discussion on paper (2pp)

Notes on talk by C.S. Daley on Canberra (3pp), 10 August 1951 (Item (4))
Notes and outline of address at Albury (2pp), 14 August 1951 (Item (5))
Notes on planning of Melbourne metropolitan area, 16 August 1951 (Item (6))
Notes of discussion at Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (2pp), 17 August 1951 (Item (7))
Notes for address at meeting in Hobart (1p), 20 August 1951 (Item (8))
Notes for address on metropolitan planning problems to Western Australian Branch of Planning Institute of Australia and on discussion with Town Planning Board (6pp), 24 August 1951 (Item (9))
Notes for address on planning problems of an expanding city to Town Planning Institute at Adelaide (2pp), 28 August 1951 (Item (10))
Discussion at first meeting of Federal Planning Institutes of Australia (1p), 30 August 1951 (Item (11))
Notes for A.B.C. broadcast, The land of Australia (1p), 31 August 1951 (Item (12))
Other notes (2pp), August 1951 (Item (13))
Press cuttings on visit (9 cuttings), 2 August 1951 - 4 September 1951 (File 3)
Photograph of Holford (File 4)
Correspondence, telegrams, notes, programs, itineraries relating to the visit, January 1951 - November 1951 (File 5)

They refer to the tour arrangements, social events, town planning in Australia, teaching of planning at Australian universities, criticisms of Melbourne public transport, and Federal Congress of Town and Country Planning Institutes. Correspondents include R.G. Menzies, A. Fadden, C.L. Hewitt, C.J. Farrington, P.F. Harrison, C.F. Trathan, Sir Patrick Abercrombie, A. Ashton, T.S. Weir, C.S. Daley, W. Prest, R.J.H. Risson, W.R. Laurie, J.J. Sheils and G. Walkley. (66 items)

Miscellaneous correspondence on establishment of Town Planning Institute of South Australia and Torrens Island development, Adelaide (4 letters), 1948 - 1952 (File 9)
Notes by Holford, 26 October 1951 - 3 July 1957 (File 10)
Discussion with Luker on Barlow Committee and regional councils (1p), 26 October 1951 (Item (1))
Discussion with Sir Leslie Melville on planning of Australian National University (1p), 13 June 1957 (Item (2))
Notes for talk on capital cities at dinner at Australian National University (2pp), 19 June 1957 (Item (3))
Notes for A.B.C. Guest of Honour program, 23 June 1957 (Item (4))
Notes for slide-lecture at Lower Art Gallery, Perth (2pp), 3 July 1957 (Item (5))

Subseries AU3. Canberra - Accounts and Fees, 1958 - 1968

Accounts and correspondence concerning Holford's fees as consultant to the National Capital Development Commission, 1958 - 1968 (File 1)

Correspondents include Sir John Overall, R. B. Lansdown, N.R. Griffin, R.W. Gray, and L.W. Engledow. (176 items)

Agreement between National Capital Development Commission and William Holford and Partners, 16 August 1963 (File 2)

With Capital Hill Design Brief No. 17/62.

Subseries AU4. Canberra - General Correspondence, 1957 - 1974

Correspondence and invitations, 1957-1974, dealing with the following subjects: Holford's report on the future of Canberra (1957), appointment of J. Overall as National Capital Development Commissioner (1958), Holford's consultancy agreement with N.C.D.C. (1958) and later agreements, gift of clarillon from British Government, memorial to G. Rudduck (1965), planning within Australian National University, appointments at Australian universities, visits by Holford and R. Gray to Australia, work of Australian Planning Institute, articles by Holford, political situation in Canberra, siting of new Parliament House, visits by Australian architects and planners to England, establishment of National Urban and Regional Development Authority (1972), and such construction projects as Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, Kings Avenue Bridge, Russell Offices, Bureau of Mineral Resources building, Commonwealth Gardens, Australian National Gallery, and Tuggeranong Town Centre...

Subseries AU5. Canberra - Grenfell Rudduck, 15 December 1956 - 1967

Holford. Notes for a memoir of Grenfell Rudduck, Associate Commissioner of National Capital Development Commission (19pp), 1958 - 1964 (File 1)
G. Rudduck (Karachi) to Holford, 2 January 1957 (File 2)

Work with Pakistan Central Planning Board; establishment of architectural and town planning schools.

Correspondence, obituaries and memoirs of Rudduck, 15 December 1956 - 1967 (File 3)

Including notes by Loma Rudduck, memoirs of Rudduck's early life (15pp), letters concerning proposals to publish his papers and to erect a memorial in Canberra, and a paper by Rudduck, Housing and town planning in Pakistan, 15 December 1956. (9pp)

Subseries AU6. Canberra - Plans, Press cuttings and Photographs, 1951 - 1968

Filmed selectively.

Australian press cuttings, 1957 - 1968 (File 2)

They deal with Holford's report on the future of Canberra (1957), siting of Parliament House, Holford's visits to Australia in 1959 and 1965, lectures by Holford, and his 1966 report on Canberra.

Photographs, 1951 - 1964 (File 3)

They include photographs of Holford and A. Fairhall, model of Parliamentary Triangle, Lake Burley Griffin, Kings Avenue Bridge, and designs for a Carillon.

Subseries AU7. Canberra-Reports (General), October 1958 - June 1965

Filmed selectively.

National Capital Development Commission. Brief summary of civic survey of Canberra City District (26pp, typescript), October 1958 (File 4)
Papers of Department of the Interior and National Capital Development Commission, February 1964 - June 1965 (File 9)

Papers on joint accounting studies, recording of assets, acceptability of neighbourhood design for municipal purposes, housing policy in Canberra, release of undeveloped land, urban economics and urban government for Canberra (1 file, photocopies)

Subseries AU8. Canberra - Reports by Holford, June 1957 - 1965

Filmed selectively.

Miscellaneous notes, including notes of interviews in Canberra and notes on Burley Griffin's plan (12pp), 11 June 1957 - 24 June 1957 (File 1)
Details of plans and reports seen by Holford during visit, June 1957 (File 2)
Observations on the future development of Canberra (30pp, typescript), 28 December 1957 (File 3)
Notes on Parliamentary Triangle, Lakes and Central Area (6pp, typescript), September 1961 - October 1961 (File 6)
Notes on Parliamentary Triangle, Lakes and Central Area (5pp, manuscript), September 1961 - October 1961 (File 7)
Note of matters discussed at meeting between Commissioner and William Holford and Partners in London (7pp, manuscript), 25 September 1962 - 1 October 1962 (File 8)
Drawing with notes by Holford of National Art Gallery Centre, 15 November 1962 (File 9)
Proposed National Gallery-introductory note (3pp, typescript), n.d. (File 10)
Proposed National Gallery-introductory note (5pp, manuscript), n.d. (File 11)
Capital Hill; design considerations (3pp, typescript), July 1963 (File 12)
Drawings of proposals for Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and Kings Avenue Bridge, 14 August 1963 (File 13)
Summary note on Capital Hill (3pp, typescript), 5 August 1963 (File 14)
Draft versions of The growth of Canberra (manuscript and typescript), 1958 - 1965 (File 15)

Subseries AU9. Canberra - Reports by William Holford and Partners and R.W. Gray, September 1957 - November 1967

Filmed selectively.

Notes on Canberra (15pp typescript with amendments), September 1957 (File 1)
R.W. Gray. Diary kept on visit to Canberra, Sydney and Perth (20pp, manuscript), 3 December 1958 - 19 December 1958 (File 2)
Queries raised by Commissioner and staff concerning preliminary sketches of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge (5pp, typescript), 12 October 1959 (File 4)
Central Basin landscape; summary of proposals (3pp, typescript), 13 November 1959 (File 5)
Report on the landscape of the Central Basin and its surroundings (18pp, typescript), February 1960 (File 6)
R.W. Gray. Notes on Parliamentary Triangle (12pp, manuscript), 22 May 1960 (File 7)
Advisory report on the landscape of the Lakes Scheme with special reference to the Central Basin and its surroundings (38pp, typescript), September 1960 (File 8)
R.W. Gray. Aspects of the task of designing the new Parliament House (14pp, typescript), November 1961 (File 9)
R.W. Gray. Notes on Capital Hill (3pp, typescript), January 1962 (File 10)
R.W. Gray. Notes on the proper use of Capital Hill (2pp, typescript), January 1962 (File 11)
Capital Hill-preliminary notes on the use of land and form of building within State Circle (8pp, typescript), 2 March 1962 (File 12)
Design Brief No. 17/62. Preliminary report (12pp, roneoed), February 1963 (File 14)
R.W. Gray. Report on visit to galleries and museums in the United State of America, Holland and France 1962/63 (42pp, roneoed), March 1963 (File 15)
R.W. Gray. Canberra, index and information (42pp, typescript), June 1963 (File 16)
R.W. Gray. Capital Hill; memorandum on the landscape characteristics of the ground within State Circle; on vehicles and pedestrian movements; and on the conception of the National Centre (7pp, roneoed), June 1963 (File 17)
Capital Hill Design Brief No. 17/62, second report (23pp, roneoed), July 1963 (File 18)
Preliminary estimate No. 1 for Australian National Gallery (3pp, roneoed), July 1963 (File 19)
Putting Parliament on Capital Hill (14pp, typescript), December 1963 (File 22)
R.W. Gray. Canberra: Central Lakes report (2pp, manuscript), n.d. (File 23)
Capital Hill-notes on the model (5pp, roneoed), March 1964 (File 24)
Statement of policy and preliminary landscape report (12pp, roneoed), October 1964 (File 25)
R.W. Gray. Index and guide to current jobs (11pp, roneoed), July 1965 (File 27)
R.W. Gray. Capital cities exhibition (3pp, typescript), 15 November 1965 (File 28)
R.W. Gray. Accommodation for the Executive and the Press in the Legislature buildings at Westminster, Ottawa and Washington D.C. (13pp, photocopy), November 1967 (File 29)
R.W. Gray. Central Basin landscape report; synopsis of plans, drawings and photographs which might be reproduced as illustrations (3pp, typescript), n.d. (File 30)
R.W. Gray. Central Basin landscape; panorama of north shore of Central Basin from an imaginary viewpoint over the Government triangle (3pp, typescript), n.d. (File 31)
R.W. Gray. Note on Australian National Gallery of Art external form (1p, manuscript), n.d. (File 32)

Subseries AU10. Canberra - United Kingdom Gift (Canberra Carillon), December 1962 - 1968

Filmed selectively.

Notes and correspondence concerning Canberra Carillon competition, design of Carillon tower, Holford's 1966 report, and visits of R.W. Gray to Australia, December 1962 - September 1968 (File 1)

Correspondents include R.W. Gray, Sir John Overall, R.B. Lansdown, Sir Robert Menzies, W.A.B. Hamilton, E. Bedford and D. Gibson.

Drawings by Holford of (1) proposed carillon and clock tower, January 1963 (2) proposed carillon, peal and lantern tower, January 1963 - November 1963 (File 2)
G. Maunsell and Partners. Note on Canberra bell tower, 30 January 1964 - February 1964 (File 3)

(3pp), with note by William Holford and Partners on architectural considerations, February 1964. (2pp)

R.W. Gray. Confidential memorandum on the United Kingdom Gift to the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia (8pp, manuscript), October 1965 (File 4)
Draft on limited architectural competition for a structure to house a carillon, annotated by Holford (11pp, photocopy) (File 6)
Competition conditions (18pp, typescript), 28 October 1966 (File 7)
Notes and correspondence concerning carillon competition, September 1966 - March 1968 (File 8)

Correspondents include Sir John Overall, E. Bedford and Rev. G. Thurlow. (20 items)

Competition questions and answers (7pp, typescript) (File 9)
Commonwealth Office. Questions and answers (10pp, typescript), November 1967 (File 10)
Letters and papers concerning competition questions and answers ( photocopies), 1967 - 1968 (File 11)
Assessors' report (4pp, typescript), March 1968 (File 12)

Subseries AU11. Canberra - Visit by Holford and R.W. Gray, June 1959 - July 1959

Itineraries of visits to Snowy Mountains and Perth and letter from H.H. Long to R.W. Gray concerning Holford's visit to Perth, 15 June 1959 (File 1)
Notes by Holford for talk at Commencement Dinner, Australian National University (2pp, manuscript), 16 June 1959 (File 2)
Notes of discussion between National Capital Development Commission and William Holford and Partners (6pp, manuscript), 23 June 1959 (File 3)

Subseries AU12. Canberra - Visit by Holford, July 1963 - August 1963

National Capital Development Commission. Itinerary, papers and minutes on Capital Hill, proposed National Centre, U.K. gift to Australia, central area traffic and other subjects. (1 vol) (File 1)
Notes by Holford for A.B.C. Guest of Honour broadcast (5pp, typescript), 8 August 1963 (File 2)
Notes by Holford for speech at luncheon given by G. Freeth, Minister for the Interior (1p, manuscript), 14 August 1963 (File 3)

Subseries AU13. Canberra - Visits by Holford and R.W. Gray, May 1965 - October 1966

Correspondence concerning the visits, landscape problems in Canberra, the U.K. gift to Australia, Holford's 1966 Report, and the response of the National Capital Development Commission to the Report, May 1965 - October 1966 (File 1)

Correspondents include Sir John Overall, R.W. Gray, H. Oakman, R.B. Lansdown, L.W. Engledow, A.H. Higgins and W.C. Andrews.

Address by Holford, 'Universities and cities in a rapidly changing world', given at the Academy of Science, Canberra (12pp, roneoed), 16 August 1965 (File 2)
Invitation list to Holford's lecture (5pp, typescript), August 1965 (File 3)
Minutes of discussions between Holford and National Capital Development Commission (8pp, roneoed), 3 August 1965 - 6 August 1965 (File 4)
Notes by Holford and agendas for meetings on Acton Peninsula Study (1 bundle), August 1965 (File 5)

Subseries AU14. Canberra - Miscellaneous, June 1957 - July 1967

Notes by Holford of discussions with Sir Robert Menzies on Canberra planning and architecture and site of new Parliament House (manuscript and typescript), July 1957 - August 1963 (File 1)
Message from Holford to Australian Planning Institute Jubilee Conference, Adelaide (typescript), July 1967 (File 2)
National Capital Development Commission statement on Canberra (2pp), n.d. (File 3)
Cross-Section (Melbourne), no. 56 (4pp), June 1957 (File 4)
Miscellaneous notes and addresses by Holford. (6pp) (File 5)

Subseries AU15. Hobart Bridge, November 1956 - May 1957

Correspondence between Holford and G. Maunsell and Partners (London) concerning new Hobart Bridge (6 letters), November 1956 - May 1957 (File 1)
William Holford and Partners. Details of pier, Hobart Bridge (1 plan), 4 December 1956 (File 2)

Subseries AU16. Melbourne - Civic Centre, June 1970 - December 1970

Correspondence concerning possible appointment of Holford as consultant for Melbourne Civic Square Project and possible establishment by William Holford and Partners of an office in Melbourne, June 1970 - December 1970 (File 1)

Correspondents include D.M. Cato, R.W. Gray, P.B. Marber and E.H. Doubleday.

Subseries AU17. Perth, May 1952 - June 1952

Correspondence between Holford and H.M. Wright and R.J. Dumas (Perth) on planning scheme for Perth Metropolitan Area (2 letters), May 1952 - June 1952 (File 1)

Subseries AU18. Sydney, March 1969

Note by Holford on Sydney University and its Faculty of Architecture (manuscript), n.d. (File 1)
Notes by Holford on paper on Sydney Opera House by O. Arup and G.J. Zuwz (2pp, manuscript), 27 March 1969 (File 2)
Notes by Holford on contribution to discussion on Sydney Opera House (2pp, manuscript), 27 March 1969 (File 3)
Notes by Holford on contribution to discussion on Sydney Opera House (2pp, typescript), 27 March 1969 (File 4)

Series LA. Lectures and Articles, 1958 - 1972

Filmed selectively.

Subseries LA3. Lectures and Articles - C, July 1969

Canberra, July 1969 (File 3)
A place for Parliament (31pp, 2 typescripts), July 1969 (Item 1)

Subseries LA28. Miscellaneous, 1958 - 1972

Town Planning Review (University of Liverpool) (File 7)
Book review by Holford of National Capital Development Commission. Tomorrow's Canberra.(16pp, manuscript and photocopy), 1970 (Item 3)
Revised introduction by Holford to The growth of Canberra (2pp, typescript), 1958 - 1972 (Item 4)