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Lincolnshire Archives Office
Collections held by the Lincolnshire Archives Office (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1667 - 1929
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M842 - M843
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Australian Joint Copying Project
The Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) online portal was created with the assistance of the Australian Public Service Modernisation Fund, 2017-2020. The National Library of Australia gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the other foundation AJCP partners, the State Library of New South Wales and The National Archives of the UK, and all other organisations which supported the work of the AJCP, the world's most extensive collaborative copying project, operating from 1948 to 1997.


Scope and Contents

Selected items filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project include:

Documents 1854-55 relating to the petition of Rev. Michel H. Becker to be sent on a mission to Australia for the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Ancaster Papers: two letters 1707-1710 relating to the executorship of Thomas Freeman dying in Batavia, from William Proby, Surat, to John Heathcote, London, acting as agent for the executor, and from Elizabeth Freeman to Capt. Thomas Hugben, the executor; papers sent to Governor Macrae of Madras 1726 concerning debt of Colin Campbell; translation of the King of Spain's grant for erecting a South Sea Co at Cadiz to trade with the Philippine Islands.

Elwes Papers: letters 1854-1855 from Valentine D.H.C. Elwes to his mother, Elinor Elwes, written mainly from Western Australia, with photographs labelled: Sam Burgess 1854, W. Sholl 1854 and D. Ferguson, Colonial Surgeon, 1854; papers 1849-1888 of his sister Eleanora, wife of Charles Fitzgerald, Governor of Western Australia; journal 1854-1855 of V.C. Elwes describing a journey to Egypt and Australia.

Letters 1866-1880 from Henry E. Michel and his family to W.D. Fane referring to New Zealand, Arthur Orton and the Tichborne trial, and family matters.

Flinders Papers: selections 1791-1797 from the diaries of Matthew Flinders, father of Matthew Flinders the explorer, referring to his son's voyage and promotion; correspondence 1800-1807 of Matthew Flinders to his family referring to family matters, his circumnavigation of New Holland and his imprisonment on the Ile de France.

Jarvis Papers: personal correspondence 1809-1817, 1847 of Capt. G.R.P. Jarvis including letters from Lachlan Macquarie, his brother-in-law.

Monson Papers: account of customs payable on goods brought from the East Indies; maps 1806-1812, being nautical surveys of the China Sea and the Straits of Malacca; certificate 1777 of Military Commission of James Stuart as Major General in the East Indies; printed list 1806 of the directors of the East India Co; letters 1804-1805 to Edmund Larken, Canton, from George Sparks, Robert Welbank, David Ross and E.S. Ellis on voyages in the East Indies.

Turnor Papers 1917-1925 relating to emigration, land and soldier settlement.

Selections from various deposits, including: letters 1899-1929 to Richard and Gertrude Goulding from Rosa Ramsden of Queensland; George and John Marshall, Lena E. Playll commenting on teaching in Australian schools; and description of a voyage to New Zealand by William Newman 1899-1900; two assignments of mortgage 1902 and 1914 naming Dr William S. Cortes and Jane M. Parker of Manly and Alice Weddell Hobbs of Jondalee, New South Wales; a plan 1853 of the Louth Park Estate, Hunter River, New South Wales; financial documents 1667-1681 of Capt. William Williams, merchant involved in trade with the East Indies.

Business papers 1877-1894 of Matthew, Tom and John Moss of South Australia; correspondence 1847 to Charles D'Eynecourt from James M. Conilly of Portland Bay, New South Wales; letter 1867 from C.W. Powell, Secretary P & O Co, to F. Hill, on mail service contracts; Bill 1884 to extend the powers of the Bank of South Australia; paper 1854 regarding the death of John Thompson transported on the Pestonjee Bomanjee; declarations 1854 by John and Elizabeth Clay relating to the Tomlinson Family; power of attorney 1875 from John Twigg of Taranaki, New Zealand, and power of attorney 1875 from Charles Twigg of Warwick, Queensland; note from M.E. Dixon to Mary Anne Morris referring to Kaiapoi, New Zealand

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Archival History

Filmed at the Lincolnshire Archives Office, Lincoln, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1971. (AJCP reel M842-843). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

Lincolnshire Archives Office. St Rumbold Street, Lincoln LN2 5AB, England

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Existence and Location of Copies

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Finding-aid Notes

This finding aid is a revised online version of the original finding aid prepared by the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), published by the National Library of Australia in 2019. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or photocopies available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm.

Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files.

The identifiers used in this finding aid were accurate at the time of filming. They have been kept to preserve the historical context of the collection.


Australia; Exploration: maritime; Jakarta, Indonesia; Java; New South Wales; New Zealand; Surat, Thailand; Thailand


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 279, p104.

Item Descriptions

Fonds. DIOC Administrative records of the Diocese of Lincoln, 1854 - 1855

5 items

Series DIOC/NRL. Non-residence licences, 1854 - 1855

5 items

Filmed selectively.


Australia; Becker, Michel H., Rev.; British and Foreign Bible Society; Missions and missionaries: Australia

Rev. Michael Becker (Barnoldby le Beck) to William Moss, 25 July 1854 (File)

Sends petition seeking to be sent on a mission by the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Rev. Michael Becker to William Moss to William Moss, 14 September 1854 (File)

Thanks for advising him on procedure.

Petition of Rev. Michael Moss seeking a mission to Australia for two years, 4 January 1855 (File)

Though this material was listed it was not filmed by the AJCP

Licence issued by Bishop John Jackson (Lincoln), 4 January 1855 (File)
John Becker to William Moss, 17 January 1855 (File)

Receipt of his brother's licence.

Fonds. Manuscripts of the Earl of Ancaster, 1707 - 1726

4 items


Campbell, Colin; Freeman, Elizabeth; Freeman, Thomas (Batavia); Heathcote, John; Hugben, Thomas, Capt.; Macrae, James; Madras, India; Philippines; Trade: Philippines; Proby, William; Spaniards in Asia and the Pacific

Commercial activities/trusteeships, 1707 - 1710 (File 1/Anc 9/A)

1 item
Papers relating to the executorship of Thomas Freeman who died in Batavia, John Heathcote acting as agent for the executor Thomas Hugben, 1707 - 1710 (Item 15)

Commercial activities/miscellaneous papers: Colin Campbell, 1726 (File 1/Anc 9/E/6)

Papers on debt of Colin Campbell, sent to James Macrae, Governor of Madras (Item h)
Note to Governor Macrae sending a financial statement, 24 December 1726 (Item k)

South Sea Company miscellaneous (File 9)

1 items
Translation of the King of Spain's grant for erecting a company at Cadiz to trade to the Philippine Islands, n.d. (Item)

Fonds. Papers of Elwes Family of Great Billing, 1849 - 1888

35 items


Australia; Burgess, Sam; Egypt; Elwes, Elinor R.; Elwes, Valentine D.H.C.; Ferguson, D.; Fitzgerald, Charles; Fitzgerald, Eleanora; Mauritius; Photographs: Western Australia; Sholl, W.; Surgeons; Western Australia

Biographical / Historical

Valentine Dudley Henry Carey Elwes (1832-1908), the son of Cary and Elinor Elwes of Billing Hall, inherited the Billing estate in 1866. His sister Eleanora married Charles Fitzgerald, who was Governor of Western Australia from 1848 to 1855.

Series 2 Elwes 1/1. Letters of Valentine Elwes to his mother, 1854 - 1855

18 items
Elwes (Cairo) to Elinor Elwes, 19 January 1854 (File)

Financial arrangements when he reaches Australia; general gossip.

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 2 March 1854 (File)

Arrival in Australia; relatives in Perth.

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 18 May 1854 (File)

His religious life.

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 18 May 1854 (File)

Receipt of letter; disagreements with his father over money; his sketching.

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 14 July 1854 (File)

Receipt of letter from his father about his bills; he will remain in Western Australia until he has saved enough to return home; his expenses. (crossed)

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 17 September 1854 (File)

Wishes he were home; no letters from his friends; lacks money and realises he has wasted it in the past.

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 18 September 1854 (File)

Cannot trace missing £100; wishes to come home; is considering joining the Army.

Elwes (Perth) to his mother, 13 November 1854 (File)

General gossip; money matters; possibility of enlisting in the Army.

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 16 January 1855 (File)

Money worries; general gossip. (crossed)

Elwes (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 17 January 1855 (File)

Situation with the family in Western Australia. (crossed)

Ewles (Perth) to Elinor Elwes, 26 January 1855 (File)

Will return home in March or April; sick of perpetual rows; difficulty over a bill.

Ewles (Perth) to Elinor Ewles, 2 March 1855 (File)

Death of Rev. John Wittenoom, Colonial Chaplain.

Ewles (Perth) to Elinor Ewles, n.d. (File)

Last letter before leaving Perth; news from the colony. (crossed)

Ewles (Mauritius) to Elinor Ewles, 21 May 1855 (File)

Voyage home.

Ewles (Mauritius) to Elinor Ewles, 20 July 1855 (File)
Ewles (Zurich) to Elinor Ewles, 6 October 1855 (File)
List of luggage, n.d. (File)
Envelope inscribed 'W. Australian celebrities when I was there in 1854-55' (File)

Series 2/Elwes 1/8. Papers of Eleanora Fitzgerald, sister of Valentine Elwes, 1849 - 1888

16 items
Address to the Governor of Western Australia from a minister of religion on the bad influence of some women arrivals on the Merope, 2 May 1849 (File)
Dycett ? (Fremantle) to Eleanor Fitzgerald, 30 Jan. (File)

Friends; property and money matters.

Archbishop J.B. Polding (Perth) to Capt. Charles Fitzgerald, 12 July 1852 (File)

His religion is unfavourable to the local government; territorial title.

Edward Sanford, 4 May 1853 (File)

Despatch to the Commandant concerning money for the Sisters of Mercy.

Edward Sanford, 13 May 1853 (File)

Despatch to the Commandant on claims that he has voted money for Protestant children but not for Catholic groups.

Valentine Elwes (Mauritius) to Eleanora Fitzgerald, 7 May 1855 (File)

Life on board ship.

Valentine Elwes (Mauritius) to Eleanora Fitzgerald, 14 June 1855 (File)

News from Mauritius. (crossed)

Valentine Elwes (Mauritius) to Eleanora Fitzgerald, 27 June 1855 (File)

Voyage home. (crossed)

Certificate of insurance for baggage of A. Anderson from Australia to Britain, 19 October 1855 (File)
L. Burgess (Champion Bay) to Eleanora Fitzgerald, 25 November 1863 (File)

Has been in the colony for twelve months; not as good as it used to be; mutual acquaintances in Perth.

Mary Stretch (Melbourne) to Miss Zimmermann (Dublin), 20 January 1887 (File)

Miss Fitzgerald will leave Australia on 27 January on the Sutlej. (copy)

Mary Lefroy (Perth) to Eleanora Fitzgerald, February 1888 (File)

Death of Charles Fitzgerald; mutual friends.

Note of thanks to Governor Fitzgerald for 'kindness to all little native girls in the care of the Sisters of Mercy', n.d. (File)
Valentine Elwes to his sister Ellen, n.d. (File)

His arrival in Australia.

Charles Fitzgerald to Ellen, n.d. (File)

Debt left to his successor.

Series 2/Elwes 2/1. Journal of Valentine Elwes, December 1853 - October 1855

1 items
Journal of Valentine Elwes on a visit to Egypt followed by a voyage to Australia and back and a prolonged stay at Government House, Perth. (2 vols), December 1853 - October 1855 (File)

Fonds. Papers of the Fane Family of Fulbeck Hall, 1866 - 1874

8 items

Series 1/Fane 6/10. Papers of William Dashwood Fane, 1866 - 1874

8 items


Australia; Fane, W.D.; India; Michel, Henry E.; New Zealand; Orton, Arthur; Tichborne case

Michel Family letters, 1866 - 1874 (File 8F)
8 items
H.E. Michel to Fane, 28 August 1866 (Item 1)

His recent visit to the west coast of New Zealand; family in Melbourne; possibility of going to India; friends.

H.E. Michel to Fane, 2 February 1869 (Item 2)

Melbourne society; his children.

H.E. Michel to Fane, 25 March 1870 (Item 3)

His daughter's wedding.

Caroline Coombes to Fane, 25 March 1870 (Item 4)

Thanks for wedding present.

H.E. Michel to Fane, 26 February 1873 (Item 5)

Tichborne Trial; Arthur Orton; has offered to produce evidence for £1000 worth of Tichborne bonds and expenses.

H.E. Michel to Fane, 23 April 1873 (Item 6)

Arthur Orton; his information.

H.E. Michel to Fane, 5 November 1874 (Item 7)

Thanks for introduction to Sir George Bowen; his low fortunes; Caroline Coombes

H.E. Michel to Fane, n.d. (Item 8)

His family. (incomplete)

J. Michael, Dublin to W. Fane, 13 May 1867 (Item)

J. Michael, Dublin to W. Fane, Coming to England for a month and hopes they can meet in London. Notes on search for records of H. Michel in Ireland

Receipt signed by Jane Michel, July 1876 (Item)

Receipt for £470 signed by Jane Michel on an assurance policy on the life of her late husband Henry edward Michel. Witnessed by Caroline Coombs.

J. Coombs, Kew, Victoria to W.D. Fane., 3 October 1878 (Item)

J. Coombs, Kew, Victoria to W.D. Fane. Approaching marriage of Charlotte Michel and Charles Goldspink.

Charlotte Goldspink, Charing cross hotel (London) to W. Fane. Pleasure in knowing they will soon meet., 24 April 1879 (Item)

Charlotte Goldspink, Charing cross hotel (London) to W. Fane. Pleasure in knowing they will soon meet.

Charlotte Goldspink to W. Fane., 18 January 1880 (Item)

Charlotte Goldspink to W. Fane. About to return to Australia with her husband and Baby; thanks for kindness while in England.

Charlotte Goldspink, Melbourne to W. Fane., 21 July 1880 (Item)

Charlotte Goldspink, Melbourne to W. Fane. Charlottes death from measles in February on board the Bangalore, and burial at sea; the baby was ill too but recovered.

Fonds. Papers of Matthew Flinders of Donington and his son Capt. Matthew Flinders, 1791 - 1807

19 items


Australia: exploration; Exploration: maritime; Flinders, Matthew, Capt.; Surgeons

Biographical / Historical

Matthew Flinders (1751-1802) was a surgeon and apothecary in Dodington, Lincolnshire. His son Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1789. In 1791 he sailed with Captain William Bligh to the Pacific on HMS Providence and in 1795 he arrived in New South Wales as a midshipman on HMS Reliance. With George Bass, he made a number of exploring voyages. In 1801-1803, as commander of HMS Investigator, he circumnavigated Australia. Imprisoned at Mauritius, he finally returned to England in 1810.

Series Flinders 2. Diary and account book of Matthew Flinders, surgeon, 1791 - 1797

Includes references to his son's visit and promotions.

Series Flinders 3. Letters of Capt. Matthew Finders, 1800 - 1807

15 items
Lieut. Matthew Flinders (London) to his father Matthew Flinders, 9 November 1800 (File)

His brother Samuel Flinders and sister Susan; publication of his charts; promotion

Matthew Flinders (Donington) to his son, 23 November 1800 (File)

Wishes he had an appointment that would keep him near home; no objection to Susan visiting them.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (London) to his father, 28 February 1801 (File)

Will be appointed to HMS Investigator if he passes his coming exams.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Nore) to his father, 3 April 1801 (File)

His will; does not intend to marry Miss Chappell or anyone else.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (London) to his father, 14 April 1801 (File)

Intends to marry Miss Chappell before leaving England and taking her with him.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Nore) to his father, 9 May 1801 (File)

With his wife waiting to sail. A short letter from Ann Flinders at end.

Capt. Matthew Flinders to his father, 10 July 1801 (File)

Delay in sailing; their relationship as father and son; sorry that his father does not approve of his marriage.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Madeira) to his father, 4 August 1801 (File)

His future program; Samuel Flinders.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Cape of Good Hope) to his father, 22 October 1801 (File)

Hopes to be at Port Jackson in December; George Bass.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Port Jackson) to his stepmother Elizabeth Flinders, 10 July 1803 (File)

Has circumnavigated New Holland; death of his father. Appended by a letter of 25 Aug. 1804 from Isle de France on his imprisonment.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Isle de France) to Elizabeth Flinders, 18 May 1805 (File)

No prospect of release.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Isle de France) to Elizabeth Flinders, 23 November 1805 (File)

Has moved out of prison; hopeful of release.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Isle de France) to Elizabeth Flinders, 13 April 1806 (File)

Has written to many people seeking help for his release; possibility of his wife joining him. (photocopy)

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Isle de France) to Elizabeth Flinders, 9 December 1806 (File)

No hope of release at present.

Capt. Matthew Flinders (Isle de France) to Elizabeth Flinders, 18 August 1807 (File)

Is to be released; hopes to see her in March or April.

Fonds 1890. Papers of the Goulding Family of Louth, 1890 - 1929


Australia Education; Hunter River, New South Wales; Marshall, George; Marshall, John; Newman, William; New South Wales; New Zealand; Ramsden, Rosa

Correspondence of R.W. Goulding, 1912 - 1928 (File 3/B)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

George Marshall (Lower Burdekin, Qld.) to Richard Goulding, 2 November 1912 (Item 37[a])

Life as a farmer; horses; impending marriage; death of his nephew.

Rosa Ramsden (Bowen, Qld.) to Richard and Gertrude Goulding, 1928-29 (Item 37[b])

Death of her brother George Marshall; family news; no wish to live in the bush again; sugar farms in Bowen district; dust storms; weather; recollections of Lincolnshire. (4 letters)

Correspondence from friends, 1899 - 1914 (File 3/C)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

George Marshall (Brisbane) to Richard Goulding, 9 August 1914 (Item 59)

Farming work; enjoyment of Australia.

John Marshall (Charters Towers) to Richard Goulding, 26 January 1899 (Item 60)

Weather in north Queensland; George Marshall preparing to come out; mining.

William Newman. Extracts from his journal on a voyage to Australia and New Zealand, 17 December 1899 - 1 March 1900 (Item 75)
Lena Ellen Playll (Melbourne, Queensland) to Gertrude Goulding, 1912-19 (Item 89)

Impressions of Melbourne; wildlife; news from England; mutual friends; teaching; Australian politics; travels; central Queensland. (4 letters)

Fonds. Papers collected by Sir Francis Hill, 1893

1 item

Filmed selectively.


New South Wales

Conveyance from Edgar Gadsby to Walter Gadsby of properties in Lincoln, witnessed by Joseph Hammond of New Angledool, New South Wales, 31 December 1893 (File 7/48)

Fonds. Papers of Jarvis Family of Doddington

9 items

Series Jarvis V/A. Personal correspondence of G.R.P. Jarvis


Jarvis, G.R.P., Capt.; Macquarie, Lachlan, Col.; New South Wales

Biographical / Historical

George R.P. Jarvis (1774-1851) enlisted in the Army in 1792 and was promoted to captain in 1805, lieutenant-colonel in 1812 and colonel in 1830. He inherited Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire, in 1829.

Jarvis V/A/2, 1809 (File Jarvis V/A/2)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Col. Lachlan Macquarie (London) to Capt. Jarvis (Winchester), 17 February 1809 (Item Jarvis V/A/2/51)

Death of his daughter; preparations for New South Wales.

Col. Lachlan Macquarie (London) to Capt. Jarvis, 28 February 1809 (Item Jarvis V/A/2/54)

Birth of Henry Jarvis; prospects for promotion.

Jarvis V/A/3, 1810 - 1815 (File Jarvis V/A/3)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

Lachlan Macquarie (Sydney) to G.R.P. Jarvis (Dover), 10 May 1810 (Item Jarvis V/A/3/1)

Voyage to Australia; state of the colony.

Henrietta Morley (Bath) to G.R.P. Jarvis, 20 December 1811 (Item Jarvis V/A/3/16)

Refers to Lachlan Macquarie and New South Wales.

Lachlan Macquarie (Sydney) to G.R.P. Jarvis, 1 June 1814 (Item Jarvis V/A/3/26)

Birth of his son.

Lachlan Macquarie (Sydney) to G.R.P. Jarvis, 2 July 1815 (Item Jarvis V/A/3/32)

Family news.

Jarvis V/A/4, 1816 - 1817 (File Jarvis V/A/4)
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Lachlan Macquarie (Sydney) to G.R.P. Jarvis, 9 June 1816 (Item Jarvis V/A/4/1)

Macquarie's young son.

Lachlan Macquarie (Sydney) to G.R.P. Jarvis, 18 December 1817 (Item Jarvis V/A/4/22)

Death of Jarvis's wife; Macquarie's intention of returning to England on account of letters from Lord Bathurst and his inadequate income.

Jarvis V/A/12, 1847 (File Jarvis V/A/12)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Dorothea Morley (Wichester) to her brother G.R.P. Davis, 29 March 1847 (Item Jarvis V/A/12/72)

Forwards seeds from Van Diemen's Land sent by the son of Lord Ogilvy.

Fonds. Papers of Monson Family, Barons Monson, 1777 - 1812

12 items

Filmed selectively.


Dutch East Indies: trade; Dutch East Indies: visits to; East India Company; Ellis, E.S.; Exploration: maritime; Larken, Edmund; Malacca, Malaysia; Maps, plans and charts; Ross, David; Sparks, George; Stuart, James, Maj. Gen.; Welbank, Robert

Biographical / Historical

William Monson (1796-1862), 6th Baron Monson, married Eliza Larken, the daughter of Edmund Larken (1766-1833). Larken was an employee of the East India Company.

Series Monson 13. Papers relating to trade and plantations

1 item
An account of customs payable on goods brought from the East Indies, n.d. (File 3/12)

Series Monson 17. Maps, 1806 - 1812

5 items
China Sea sheet 1, 1812 (File 53)
Chart intended as an accompaniment to the book of directions for navigating to, from, and in the East Indies, 1811 (File 54)
Strait of Malacca sheet, 1806 (File 55)
China Sea sheet 2, 1812 (File 57)
A plan of soundings from Pulo Aor to the southward and outside of the reef off Point Romania towards the entrance of Sincepour Strait, 1806 (File 58)

Series Monson 21. Personal documents relating to public life and office, 1777 - 1806

2 items
Navy and militia, 1777 (File 1)
Certificate of Military Commission of James Stuart as Major General in the East Indies, May 1777 (Item 3)
East India, 1806 (File 7)
List of directors of the United Company of Merchants trading to the East Indies for the year 1806 (Item 1)

Series Monson 25. Monson Family correspondence, 1804 - 1805

4 items
Subseries. Letters to Edmund Larken at Canton and other documents, 1804 - 1805
4 items
George Sparks (HMS Winchelsea) to Edmund Larken, 12 February 1805 (File)

Has passed through Malacca and Penang.

Robert Welbank (Pulo Penang) to Edmund Larken, 6 June 1804 (File)

Ships in the Penang and Malacca areas, with extract from a general letter from Commander Dawe.

David Ross (Pulo Penang) to Edmund Larken, 5 June 1804 (File)

Voyage from China.

E.S. Ellis (Macao Roads) to Edmund Larken, 15 December 1805 (File)

Voyage from England to Canton.

Fonds 1851. Papers of Mossop and Bowser, solicitors of Holbeach, 1902 - 1914

2 items

Filmed selectively.


Australia; Cortes, William S., Dr; Hobbs, Alice W.; New South Wales; Parker, Jane M.

Assignment of mortgage in an estate at Grainthorpe from Herbert Whitlam-Smith of Great Grimsby and John Holtby of Leamington to William Cortes of Sydney and Jane Parker of Sydney, 4 June 1902 (File H.D. 65/35/41)

Transfer of mortgage in an estate in Grainthorpe from Alice Hobbs of Cootamundra and Henry Brewer of Sydney to Annie Dunn of Louth, Lincolnshire, 28 July 1914 (File H.D. 65/35/42)

Fonds 1774. Papers of J.S. and J.B. Padley, surveyors of Lincoln, 1853

1 item

Filmed selectively.


Australia; Hunter River, New South Wales; Maps, plans and charts: New South Wales; New South Wales

Plan of the Louth Park Estate, Hunter River, New South Wales, 1853 (File Pad. 3/234)

It contains a general plan, an enlarged plan of the homestead, a local sketch and key. Approx. 24" x 16'.

Fonds 1535. Papers of Pearson-Gregory Family of Harlaxton Manor, 1667 - 1682

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Series 2PG 12. Letters and papers, personal, business, estate, 1667 - 1682

5 items


Dutch East Indies: trade; East India Company; Exploration: maritime; Williams, William, Capt.

William Williams of Rampstone, 1667 - 1682 (File)
Receipt from John Privett of London, mariner, for £30 received from Capt. William Williams, merchant, for an adventure in Bantam in the ship London of the East India Company, 23 January 1667 (Item)
Bond of John Privett to William Williams, 15 Feb. 1670/1 (Item)
Bond of Edward Say and Ephraim Bendall, London merchants, to William Williams, ship Merchants Delight to proceed and return from its voyage from London to the East Indies, 8 March 1670/1 (Item)
Receipt of William Williams, 18 March 1681/2 (Item)

Fonds. Papers of K.T. Stubbs, solicitor, of Brigg, 1873 - 1894

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Series Stubbs 1/399. Akes Trust, 1873 - 1894

3 items

Disposal of the properties of Matthew and Amelia Akes on behalf of brothers Matthew, Tom and John Moss of South Australia.


Australia; Conilly, James M.; D'Eynecourt, Charles; New South Wales; Portland, Victoria

Account book of executor of will of Matthew Akes showing payments to the Moss brothers, 1873 - 1892 (File 1)
Financial correspondence of Moss brothers, and Legal documents, 1879 - 1894 (File 2)

Separated Materials


Correspondence on the dispersal of moneys to the Moss brothers; (1879- 1894)

Legal documents

Fonds. Papers of Tennyson D'Eyncourt Family of Bayons Manor

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Series 2 T. de E.. Papers of Charles Tennyson D'Eyncourt, 1847

1 item


Australia; Conilly, James M.; D'Eynecourt, Charles; New South Wales; Portland, Victoria

Biographical / Historical

Charles Tennyson (1784-1861), a cousin of the poet Alfred Tennyson, assumed the name Tennyson D'Eyncourt in 1835. He was a member of the House of Commons from 1818 to 1852.

James Conolly (Portland Bay, Port Phillip) to Charles d'Eyncourt, 31 March 1847 (File H41/45)

Request by his wife that he use his influence to procure a colonial appointment for Conolly; death of Eustace D'Eyncourt; intends to send a sketch on the colony for publication in England.

Fonds. Papers of Turnor Family of Wragby and Panton, 18 June 1918 - 31 May 1925

23 items

Filmed selectively.

Series 4 Turnor. Papers concerning the literary and public life of Christopher Hatton Turnor, 18 June 1918 - 31 May 1925

23 items


Australia; Emigration and immigration

Biographical / Historical

Christopher Hatton Turnor (1873-1940), the son of Christopher and Alice Turnor of Grantham, was an architect and social reformer. He wrote a number of works on land settlement.

Papers on imperial migration and land settlement, 18 June 1918 - 31 May 1925 (File 2/9)
22 items
Resolution of the Joint Council of Women's Emigration Societies deprecating the limiting of their authority, 18 June 1918 (Item)
C. Turnor. 'Settlement in organised colonies and groups', January 1920 (Item)
C. Turnor and E. Jowett. 'British Empire Land Settlement for service men', January 1920 (Item)
E. Jowett to W.M. Hughes, 7 February 1920 (Item)

Work of the Royal Colonial Institute in settling soldiers on the land.

E. Jowett to C. Turnor (Melbourne), 10 February 1920 (Item)

Sends reports and letters on land settlement.

'Migration and settlement' (typescript), 1922 (Item)
'The Royal Colonial Institute and imperial migration' (typescript), August 1922 (Item)
'Migration and settlement on the land' (typescript), 5 August 1922 (Item)
'The great problem, an imperial migration and settlement policy, the preamble of the Californian Settlement Act', September 1922 (Item)
M. Clark (Department of Overseas Trade) to C. Turnor, 14 June 1923 (Item)

Returns a copy of his notes of the Oversea Settlement Committee, area and population, outline of display.

J. Sanderson. 'For the information of members of the London Board, Australian Farms Ltd.', February 1925 (Item)

Also copies of cables on the subject of settlement of Tresco West.

D. Algar Barley. 'Peopling the Empire', Spectator (reprint) (Item)
C. Turnor to Fane, 14 April 1925 (Item)

Emigration to Australia.

Statement regarding the progress of schemes under the Empire Settlement Act, 31 May 1925 (Item)
Royal Colonial Institute. Empire Land Settlement Scheme. Comments on the Emigration Bill (typescript), n.d. (Item)
Royal Colonial Institute. Circular on new Subcommittee on Migration (typescript), n.d. (Item)
'The Churches and the problem of migration, for the use of religious bodies interested in Empire directed migration and settlement' (typescript), n.d. (Item)
An incomplete article on overseas settlement, n.d. (Item)
Sheet of paper on recruits for the land, n.d. (Item)
'Educational aspects of the Californian Land Settlement Act', n.d. (Item)
Elwood Mead. 'Memorandum on restoring returned soldiers to rural life' (typescript), n.d. (Item)
T.C. Macnaughton. Memorandum on soldier settlement, 26 Feb, 1917, with a supplementary memorandum of 19 March 1917., 26 February 1917 - 19 March 1917 (Item)
Diary and memorandum book of Christopher Turner, 24 May 1919 - 23 January 1920 (File 4/3)

Covers a visit to Canada, New Zealand and Australia, with many entries on agriculture and farming and meetings with officials. (175pp)

Fonds. Papers of Welby Family of Allington, 1867 - 1884

3 items

Filmed selectively.


Australia; Bank of South Australia; Howell, C.W.; Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company

Lind Deposit 24, 1867 - 1884 (File)

3 items
C.W. Howell (P. & O. Company) to F. Hill, 14 August 1867 (Item LD 24/3/2/8)

Service contracts; modifications particularly with regard to Penang; table of weights of mails including services to Australia.

Statement on Australian contracts and Australian mail service, n.d. (Item)

Though this material was listed it was not filmed by the AJCP

Bill to continue and extend the powers of the Bank of South Australia (printed), 1884 (Item 11)

Fonds. Miscellaneous Deposits, 30 March 1854 - 20 December 1875

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Series Misc. Dep. 28. Tomlinson Family, 30 March 1854 - 1 April 1854

3 items


Clay, Elizabeth; Clay, John; Pestonjee Bomanjee, convict ship; Thompson, John

Minute by G. Everest (Home Office), 1 April 1854 (File 7)

John Thompson, convicted at Worcester Assizes and transported to Van Diemen's Land on the Pestonjee Bomanjee in 1846, died on the voyage.

Declaration of John Clay of Nottingham concerning Thomas and Maria Tomlinson of Grantham, 30 March 1854 (File 8)

It refers to their daughter Sarah Tomlinson, married to William Green, alias John Thompson, who in 1846 was sentenced to transportation for burglary.

Declaration of Elizabeth Clay, wife of John Clay of Nottingham, concerning Thomas and Maria Tomlinson of Grantham, 30 March 1854 (File 9)

Series Misc. Dep. 55. Deposit of John Twigg, 13 November 1875 - 20 December 1875

2 items


New Zealand; Taranaki, New Zealand; Twigg, Charles; Twigg, John; Warwick, Queensland

Power of attorney from John Twigg of Taranaki, New Zealand, to Joseph Hardy of Goxhill, Lincolnshire, 13 November 1875 (File 22)
Power of attorney from Charles Twigg of Warwick, Queensland, to Joseph Hardy of Goxhill, Lincolnshire, 20 December 1875 (File 23)

Series Misc. Dep. 188. Deposit of Mrs Lamb

1 items


Dixon, M.E.; Kaiapoi, New Zealand; Morris, Mary Anne; New Zealand

Note from M.E. Dixon to Mary Anne Morris giving the address of Marmaduke at Kaiapoi, New Zealand, n.d. (File 21)