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Created: 2019

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Attempt to murder Rev. A Nixon, 1858 - 1859 (File 1)

Newspaper cuttings on the attempted murder of Rev. Alexander Nixon of Heathfield by Ribbonmen and on agrarian outrages and the state of Donegal generally.

Ribbonism and agrarian outrage, Donegal, 1861 - 1862 (File 2)

Correspondence and newspaper cuttings concerning outrages in Donegal, the trials of Ribbonmen, the examination of informers and witnesses, an attack on Clonmany Church, threats to murder the agents of landlords, reports on individuals believed to be sympathetic to Ribbonism, and the departure of Ribbonmen for America and elsewhere. The correspondents include J.C. Considine, George Fitzmaurice and J. Doherty.

Mr Adair, Derryvaugh, evictions, 1861 - 1862 (File 3)

Correspondence, memoranda, notes and newspaper cuttings mainly concerning the eviction of 45 tenant families by John G. Adair of Derryvaugh, Donegal. They include reports of court proceedings, lists of families evicted in Donegal, papers concerning the murder of Adair's steward in November 1860, and correspondence on the possible removal of Adair from the Commission of Peace. There are also papers concerning debates in the House of Commons on a motion by Vincent Scully and a copy of Derryveagh evictions: return to an order of the House of Commons, 14 May 1861 (printed, 18pp). The correspondence includes letters and minutes to Larcom from Edward Cardwell, the Chief Secretary for Ireland.

Murder of Adam Grierson, former steward of Adair, at Derryvaugh, 1863 - 1864 (File 4)

Correspondence and newspaper cuttings relating to the murder of Adam Grierson, the former steward of John Adair, the trial of Francis Bradley on a charge of murder, and on the state of Donegal generally. The correspondents include J.S. Macleod.

Lord Leitrim's doings in Donegal, 1858 - 1864 (File 5)

Correspondence and newspaper cuttings about complaints by Lord Leitrim about the security of his life and property, the management of his estates in Donegal, debates in the House of Lords, Leitrim's behaviour as a magistrate, litigation involving charges of Ribbonism, and an assault made on one of Leitrim's stewards in 1864. The correspondents include J.C. Considine, J.M. Studdart, J.S. Macleod and R.M. Bland. There is also a map of the county of Donegal.