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Fonds 347 QUA. Borough of Liverpool. Court of Quarter Sessions, 1837 - 1839

Sessions book, 1837 - 1839 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Transported convicts, 2 November 1837 (Item f. 1-9)
Reply by Lord John Russell to resolutions on Liverpool as a place of embarkation for transported convicts and other matters, 19 February 1838 (Item ff. 44-47)
Transported convicts, 27 April 1839 (Item ff. 10-101, 111-112)

Fonds 380 BOW. C. T. Bowring & Co. Ltd., 1879

Account book, 1879 (File 2/5)

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Purchase of £700 New Zealand Consolidated 5 per cent bonds, May 1879 (Item f. 133)

Fonds 380 COM. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, 1889 - 1923

Series 1/2. Minutes of Council, 6 February 1889 - 15 November 1889

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'Colonies and trade', an address by Baron de Worms, 6 February 1889 (Item)
Minute on Australian mail arrangements as affecting East Indian mail arrangements, 15 November 1889 (Item)

Series 2/11/3. Minutes of the Australian and New Zealand Committee, 1923

Filmed selectively.

Col. Hawkins on his visit to Australia and New Zealand; ignorance of colonists of the port facilities at Liverpool, 16 July 1923 (Item)

Fonds 380 MD. Henry Eld Symonds papers, 1854 - 1860

H.E. Symonds to Trustees under will of John Eld: assignment of share in moneys for securing £2000 and interest, 1 July 1854 (File 1)

Journal of accounts, 1856 - 1860 (File)

Selected pages filmed.

Journal of accounts, 1 November 1856 - 31 December 1860 (Item ff. 1-54)

Cash book, 1856 - 1859 (File)

Ledger, 1856 - 1859 (File)

Selected pages filmed.

Ledger (Item f. 1)
Ledger (Item ff. 3-5)
Ledger (Item f. 10)
Ledger (Item ff. 14-21)
Ledger (Item ff. 23-26)
Ledger (Item ff. 34-37)
Ledger (Item ff. 48-49)
Ledger (Item ff. 56-57)
Ledger (Item f. 60)

Invoices, 1857 - 1858 (File)

Selected pages filmed.

Invoices (Item ff. 1-9)
Invoices (Item f. 11)
Invoices (Item ff. 43-46)

Letterbook, 1857 - 1859 (File)

Letters from H.E. Symonds to Creeth, Hicks & Creeth (Melbourne), Gibbs, Ronald & Co. (Geelong), T. Asinwall & Co. (London), R.D. Atkinson, W.J. Creeth (Melbourne) and Richard Gibbs (London)...

Letterbook (Item ff. 1-7)
Letterbook (Item ff. 9-10)
Letterbook (Item ff. 34-35)
Letterbook (Item f. 38)
Letterbook (Item ff. 40-41)
Letterbook (Item f. 47)
Letterbook (Item ff. 49-50)
Letterbook (Item f. 55)
Letterbook (Item ff. 67-68)
Letterbook (Item ff. 70, 79)
Letterbook (Item ff. 88-89)
Letterbook (Item f. 102)
Letterbook (Item ff. 109-11)
Letterbook (Item f. 120)

Documents on trade, 1857 (File)

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Kirk Montgomery & Co. (Liverpool) to H. Symonds: shipment of vinegar, 14 April 1857 (Item)

Includes: Kirk Montgomery & Co. to A. E. Symonds. Order to buyers and Learmonth of Sydney for purchase of 50 bales of wool. (15 September 1857).

21 letters from Gilfillan & Co. (Auckland), Creeth, Hicks & Creeth, (Melbourne) and Gibbs, Ronald & Co, (Geelong), 1857 - 1858 (File)

Miscellaneous letters of trade, 1857 (File)

Items of interest include:...

Miscellaneous items, 1856 - 1860 (File)

Items of interest include:...

Fonds 920 GRE. Gregson Collection, 1773 - 1780

Series. Correspondence, 1773 - 1780

Filmed selectively.

David Samwell to M. Gregson, 24 June 1773 (Item 17/3)

Refers to recently published account of three voyages round the world by the Dolphin, Swallow and Endeavour.

D. Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 9 December 1775 (Item 17/10)

Considers sailing round the world as surgeon's mate on HMS Resolution.

D. Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 23 February 1776 (Item 17/11)

Gregson's appointment as surgeon's mate on HMS Resolution.

D. Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 25 March 1776 (Item 17/12)

Waiting for Resolution to sail; expects to be made a surgeon on his return.

D. Samwell (Deptford) to M. Gregson: waiting to sail, 16 May 1776 (Item 17/13)
D. Samwell (Plymouth) to M. Gregson, 29 June 1776 (Item 17/14)

Lord Sandwich and others had dined on board with J. Banks and D. Solander before leaving the Thames.

D. Samwell (Plymouth) to M. Gregson: thanks for good wishes, 12 July 1776 (Item 17/15)
D. Samwell (Cape of Good Hope) to M. Gregson, 22 October 1776 (Item 17/16)

Plans of Capt. Cook to proceed to Tahiti and then search for North West Passage. [Also a newspaper cutting of Jan. 1777 quoting this letter]

J. Crosier (London) to M. Gregson, 2 February 1780 (Item 17/17)

No news of D. Samwell but thinks he is well; surgeon had died on voyage...

John White (London) to Madam [?], 18 October 1780 (Item 17/19)

Visited the ship on her return to find what specimens of animals and birds had been brought home. Mr. Samwells has not produced any for him yet despite his promises.

David Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 23 October 1780 (Item 17/20)

Has been very rushed. Does not have as many specimens as had hoped. Was made Surgeon by Cook in August 1778.

David Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 1 November 1780 (Item 17/21)

The small number of specimens brought back.

David Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 16 December 1780 (Item 17/22)

Reference to two New Zealand boys, carried on the ship; Non existence of the North West passage; death of the Captain; lack of scurvy.

David Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 17 December 1780 (Item 17/23)

Reference to the visit to the Otaheite.

David Samwell (London) to M. Gregson, 7 April 1781 (Item 17/26)

Reference to Sandwich Islands.

David Samwell (Sheerness) to M. Gregson, 16 May 1782 (Item 17/30)

Ellis's account of the Cook voyage.

Fonds 920 MD 283-6. Henry Threlfall Wilson papers, 1850 - 1869

Personal accounts of H. T. Wilson, 1850 - 1869 (File 283)

Most of the entries relate to financial transactions, but there are a few diary entries recording personal and family activities. The diaries have been filmed in total, including the almanacs. (5 vols.)

Mansfield's commercial diary and almanac for 1850 (Item 1)
Letts's diary, or bills due book, and almanac for 1866 (Item 2)
Letts's diary, or bills due book, and almanac for 1867 (Item 3)
Letts's diary, or bills due book, and almanac for 1868 (Item 4)
Letts's diary, or bills due book, and almanac for 1869 (Item 5)

Ledger of H. T. Wilson (51pp.), 1853 - 1855 (File 284)

Contract between the Postmaster General and J. Pilkington and H. T. Wilson relating to the conveyance of mail from Liverpool to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, 9 May 1855 (File 285)

Poster advertising Liverpool White Star vessels for Melbourne, n.d. (File 286)

Poor condition.

Fonds 920 MD 403-4. Journals of Sir William B. Forwood, 1857 - 1858

Journal of William Forwood kept on a voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne on the Red Jacket. (pp. 92-254), 20 November 1857 - 28 January 1858 (File 403)

The journal refers inter alia to the embarkation at Liverpool, sighting of Ireland and Wales, stowaways, origin of the name 'Red jacket', the weather and seas, sighting of ships, saloon passengers, games, church services, sighting of the Canary Islands, musical performances, conversations with Capt. O'Halloran and the crew, sighting of flying fish, porpoises and nautiluses, astronomical observations, Christmas celebrations, sail changes, arguments between passengers, gales in the Indian Ocean, climbing the mizzen mast, albatrosses, sighting of Cape Otway and Queenscliff, and the arrival in Melbourne.

Journal of William Forwood kept on a voyage from Sydney to Valparaiso on the barque Queen of the Avon. (pp. 258-299), 30 March 1858 - 15 May 1858 (File)

Abstract of the two logs (pp. 326-335) (File)

Duplicate journal of the first part of the voyage from Liverpool on the Red Jacket (pp. 1-13), 20 November 1857 - 30 November 1857 (File 404)

The volume also contains astronomical observations and calculations, notes on clouds and winds, copies of letters (1858), poems and a diary kept on a voyage from Lisbon to Liverpool on SS Liverpool, 10-15 Nov. [1858?].

Fonds 920 ROS. Roscoe letters and papers, 1814 - 1825

Series 1-5390. Correspondence and papers, 1814 - 1825

Filmed selectively.

Thomas Rushton (Sydney) to W. Roscoe, 8 October 1814 (Item 4261)

Sends money to his three daughters in Liverpool.

Thomas Rushton to W. Roscoe, 31 October 1815 (Item 4269)

His daughters had already embarked for New South Wales before the money arrived.

Sir James E. Smith (Norwich) to W. Roscoe, 28 January 1825 (Item 4499)

News of A. Macleay, leaving to take up post of Colonial Secretary in NSW 'to colonize the country with eleven unmarried daughters and many sons'.