Guide to the Papers of Thomas Spring Rice, 1st Baron Monteagle of Brandon (as filmed by AJCP)



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Created: 2019

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Series 1. Correspondence on emigration, 1831 - 1851

Correspondence of Monteagle relating to emigration from Ireland and England, 1831 - 1851 (File)

Correspondence of Monteagle relating to emigration from Ireland and England, economic conditions in Ireland, the potato famine, the Irish Colonisation Fund, J.R. Godley's pamphlet Observations on the Irish poor law (1847), and government assistance for emigration to Australia and Canada. There are also references to economic conditions in Australia, the need for labourers in Australia, female emigration to Australia, and moves to abolish convict transportation to Van Diemen's Land. Most of the correspondence dates from 1846-48.The collection contains copies or drafts of many letters written by Monteagle. His correspondents include C.B. Adderley, Lord Bessbororugh, Sir Richard Bourke, Charles Buller, Caroline Chisholm, Lord Clare, Lord Clarendon, Sir Stephen De Vere, T.F. Elliot, Lord Fitzwilliam, J.R. Godley, Lord Grey, L.A. Jackson, Edward Macarthur, D. McPherson (Sydney), William Smith O'Brien, Sir Robert Peel, Lord John Russell, Stephen Spring-Rice, Sir Charles Trevelyan, W.W. Whitmore and Sir Charles Wood.

Series 2. Memoranda on emigration, 1835 - 1848

T.F. Elliot (Colonial Office). The Department of the Agent-General for Emigration (14pp), 29 January 1835 (File)

Richard M. Muggeridge (Poor Law Commission), 1837 (File)

Emigration considered as a source of relief to Ireland in connection with the proposed Poor Law Act for that country, 1837. (64pp)...

Lord Monteagle. Memorandum on emigration, sent to Lord Clarendon (30pp), 21 October 1848 (File)

Remarks on the memorial respecting colonisation presented to Lord John Russell, unsigned (23pp), n.d. (File)

Series 3. Irish immigrants in Australia, 1848 - 1857

Correspondence and financial papers concerning individuals and families who emigrated from County Limerick to Victoria and other Australian colonies (File)

Some of the letters were addressed to Lord Monteagle, many to Lady Monteagle, and some jointly to Lord and Lady Monteagle. A few were addressed to relatives in Ireland and were evidently passed on to the Monteagles. The letters usually deal with financial matters, such as the repayment of deposits and the remittance of money to assist other family members or friends to come out to Australia. Some letters contain requests for specific articles and others describe conditions in the colonies and news of other Irish emigrants...

Series 4. Miscellaneous papers, 1845 - 1853

These papers include letters, circulars and tables on Emigration; containing information from 1848 showing emigrant voyages to Sydney, Port Phillip, Adelaide and the Cape of Good Hope, numbers of emigrants to Australia, and an abstract of emigration returns from Ireland...