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12 August 1815 - 12 July 1972
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Scope and Contents

Autograph letter series, comprising letters of Sir Joseph Banks, William Cobbett and William Wilberforce.

Scrapbook of social reformer Robert Owen containing an account by William Pare of a visit to female convicts at Newgate Prison in 1834.

Papers 1900-1937 of philanthropists Charles and Mary Booth describing tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1906 and colonial tour of Holman Hunt's painting The Light of the World.

Papers 1946-1972 of physicist Samuel Toltansky relating to his research and writings. Correspondents include E. Hills, N. Fisher and C.F. Bruce.

Business records 1899-1952 of John Pollitt and Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co Ltd relating to Australian motor car industry.

Papers 1895-1900 concerning various candidates for examinations in Australia.

Papers 1891-1896 of Frederick R. Simms referring to establishment of Simms Motor Units Ltd branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington.

Correspondence 1909-1927 between Thomas S. Moore and Alfred H. Fisher concerning Fisher's visit to Australia and plans for Moore's son Daniel to leave for Australia at the end of May 1927.

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Artists; Australia; Banks, Sir Joseph; Booth, Mary; Bruce, C.F.; Business records; Cobbett, William; Convict: women; Fisher, Alfred H.; Fisher, N.; Great Britain; Hills, E.S.; Hunt, Holman; Manufacturers; Melbourne, Victoria; Moore, Daniel S.; Moore, Thomas S.; Motor industry; New Zealand; Newgate Gaol, London; Owen, Robert; Pare, William; Physicists; Poets; Pollitt, John; Prisons: England; Simms Motor Units Ltd; Simms, Frederick R.; Sydney, New South Wales ; Toltansky, Samuel; Wellington, New Zealand; Wilberforce, William; Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 291, p109.

Item Descriptions

Fonds AL. Autograph Letters Series, 1815 - 1830

Sir Joseph Banks (Soho Square) to unknown ('My Dear Sir'), 12 August 1815 (File 3)

The letter concerns the exploration of 'Zaira' and the Bite of Benin. Banks refers to his involvement in the Bounty expedition to take breadfruit from the South Seas to the West Indies which resulted in the mutiny and 'the peopling of Pitcairn's Island' and his early experience on the Endeavour. (4p)

William Cobbett (Norwich) to John Akerman, Fleet Street, London, 15 March 1830 (File 31)

Cobbett instructs Akerman to copy an enclosed petition (wanting) which his son James will get signed for submission to Parliament. The Petition is probably that printed in Cobbett's Political Register vol. 69 no. 16 17 April 1830 against 'imposing taxes...for...sending part of the working people out of the country' presented to House of Lords on 18 March and House of Commons on 23 March 1830. (2p.)

Biographical / Historical

William Cobbett (1762-1835).

William Wilberforce (Iver, Bricks) to Sir Robert Peel, Home Secretary, 2 August 1823 (File 218)

Wilberforce petitions on behalf of George Fish, convicted at Hull, that instead of being transported for 7 years he should be placed in a penitentiary. (2p)

Fonds MS. 578. Robert Owen Scrapbook, 1834

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Robert Owen, (1771 - 1858) was a socialist and philanthropist who set up an ideal society at New Lanark. One of his disciples was William Pare (1805-1873). Pare was vice president of Owen's society, The Association of All Classes of All Nations, and founder of the first Birmingham Cooperative Society in 1828. On Owen's death he became his literary executor and compiled this scrapbook about Owen.

MS. account by William Pare of a visit by himself, Owen and others to female convicts at Newgate Prison who were awaiting transportation, 21 March 1834 (File p 48)

Owen addressed the convicts at the request of one of the ladies of the party - he advised them to consider each other and become 'sisters in affliction'. This reduced a number to tears and he was forbidden to revisit the prison. (some damage)

Fonds MS. 667. John Warrow, c.1834-1838

John Warrow, convict no. 2039: details on parchment of his criminal record from court martial in Trinidad 30th July 1834 for desertion, arrival in Van Diemen's Land 10 December 1835, and further misdemeanors until he was sent to Sydney on 4 April 1838. The document also contains a physical description of Warrow which shows him to be an African. 1p.

Numbered Manuscript Series

Convict record, c. 1834-1838 (File)

Fonds MS. 687. Dr. Richard Flatter, 1957

1 item

Dr. Richard Flatter, from Vienna, has translated many of Shakespeare's plays into German.

Filmed selectively.

R. Flatter (Vienna) to J.H. Pafford, Goldsmith's Librarian, 18 April 1957 (File MS 687/2 (1))

Describing his deportation to Australia in Dunera and conditions in the internment camp Tatura.

Fonds MS. 791. Herbert Spencer Papers, 1882 - 1884

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Herbert Spencer (1820 - 1903) was a philosopher and writer.

Series Section 3. Letters to Herbert Spencer, December 1882 - January 1884

2 items
Sir George Grey, Kawau, Christchurch N.Z. re the arrival of James Collier in Dunedin, 3 December 1882 (File no 167)
Sir G. Grey, Auckland re publishing his articles in New Zealand papers, 26 January 1884 (File no 172)

Fonds MS. 797. Charles and Mary C. Booth Papers, 1900 - 1937

36 items

Biographical / Historical

Charles Booth the philanthropist was born in 1840. He was a partner in Alfred Booth and Co., ship owners in Liverpool, but became interested in the social problems of his day. He wrote Life and Labour of the People of London, 1891-1903 which gives a comprehensive account of the conditions in London at that time. He died in 1916.

Series I. Correspondence, January 1900 - October 1937

5 items

Filmed selectively.

George Macaulay Booth to his sister Margaret P. Booth, 25 January 1900 (File 1/2349)

Description of trip into the Blue Mountains with visits to Katoomba, the Jenolan Caves and other places and lunch with Sir Frederick Darley, Lord Chief Justice N.S.W. where he met the Governor of N.S.W. Lord Beauchamps.

Biographical / Historical

George Macaulay Booth (1877-1921), son of C.B. Sydney.

George M.Booth, Sydney, to his sister Margaret, 2 February 1900 (File 1/2350)

Describing walks and trips in Mosman and his future travel plans, including a visit to the Tennysons.

Pattie Crompton (cousin of Mary Booth), Stoneyfell, Adelaide, to Mary Booth, 21 October 1937 (File 1/4820)

Congratulating her on her 90th birthday and giving family news

Mrs. S.M. Crompton (cousin of M.C. Booth) Stoneyfell, Adelaide to Mary Booth, 27 November 1916 (File 1/4827)

Re death of Charles Booth and news of her sons in the Australian army in France.

Katie Crompton, Heathpool Marryatville, (S.A.) to Mary Booth with condolences on the death of Charles Booth, 13 December 1916 (File 1/6188)

Series II.91. Tour of Light of the World, 1905 - 1906

31 items

Biographical / Historical

Holman Hunt's painting Light of the World was bought by Charles Booth in 1903/04 and sent on a tour of the colonies. He presented it to the British nation in 1908.

Subseries II. 91/1. Scrapbook, 1905
1 item
Press cuttings from London newspapers re. the proposed colonial tour, 1905 (Item ff.47-49)
Subseries II.91/2. Scrapbook and letter book, 1906
30 items
Newspaper cuttings and photographs of the tour in Australia (File Folios 2-14)

Cuttings from local papers in Broken Hill, Perth, Brisbane and Rockhampton; four photographs of houses built from hessian, tins, packing cases etc. in Broken Hill.

Letters to Charles Booth thanking him for organising the tour, 19 February 1906 - 15 October 1906 (File Folios 38-65,73(1-6))
29 items
J.R.G. Adams Public Libraries Museum and Art Gallery of S.A., 19 February [1906], 19 June [1906], 25 July 1906 (Item)
Eleanor A. Allen, Malvern S.A., 9 February 1906 (Item)
E.A. Archibald, Town Clerk, B Hi [illeg], 24 July 1906 (Item)
E.LA T Armstrong, Public Library National Gallery of Victoria, 27 February 1906 (Item)
A.G. Bignell, Mayor of Wanganui, 27 April 1906 (Item)
J. Bower, Napier, 3 May 1906 (Item)
J.H.M. Carruthers, Sydney, 5 May 1906 (Item)
M. Cohen, Mayor, Palmerston Nth, 30 April 1906 (Item)
J. Craigie, Mayor of Timoru, 21 May 1906 (Item)
A. Crisp, Mayor of Hobart, 2 June 1906 (Item)
A. Deakin, Prime Minister, Melb, 24 April 1906 (Item)
E. Du Faur, Nat.Art Gall.NSW, 9 April [1906], 25 July [1906],11 September [1906], 8 October [1906], 15 October 1906 (Item)
Catherine Elliott, Brisbane, 16 August 1906 (Item)

and note, unsigned from St. Mary's Church

Fanny A.Fenton, Brisbane, 13 February 1906 (Item)
J.W. Hackett, WA Museum and Art Gallery, 25 July 1906 (Item)
Sir J. Hall, Mayor, Christchurch, 18 May 1906 (Item)
A.H. James, Mayor, Newcastle, NSW., 25 August 1906 (Item)
W.Kidston, PM Queensland, 17 August 1906 (Item)
Nina Maclean, Wanganui, n.d. (Item)
M.R. Milne, Broken Hill, 3 July 1906 (Item)
A. Marton, Tas, Museum, 7 June 1906 (Item)
R.W. Richards, Town Clerk, Duned, 25 May 1906 (Item)
J.H. Roy, Dunedin, 27 July 1906 (Item)
M. Seanrett, Mayor Invereargill, 28 May 1906 (Item)
I. Spiceman, Art Director British Section of NZ Int. Exhibition, 21 May 1906 (Item)
A.M. Stirling, Mt.Lofty, SA., n.d. (Item)
A.L.Walker, Town Clerk, Geelong, 18 June 1906 (Item)
W.Welch, Palmerston Nth, 4 April 1906 (Item)
B.H.Woodward, Mus. Art Gall, Per [illeg], 23 July 1906 (Item)
Subseries II.91/3. Scrapbook of Jeremy Maas, February 1906 - June 1906

Contains newspaper cuttings, photographs and pamphlets describing the picture's tour of Australia and New Zealand, (86p). Includes pamphlet by K.E. Andrews. The Light of the World; the Painter and the Picture. Melbourne. 1906. (15p).

Fonds MS. 804. Lord Overstone Papers, 1851 - 1854

2 items

Biographical / Historical

Samuel Jones-Loyd (1796-1883) was a distinguished banker and economist. He was created Baron Overstone in 1850.

Series. General Correspondence Files, July 1851 - January 1854

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Caroline Chisholm, London, to Overstone, 23 July 1851 (File 804/1046)

Enlisting his support for the Family Colonization Loan Society which has sent 501 emigrants to the Australian colonies.

Count Paul Edward de Strzelecki, London, to Overstone, 12 January 1854 (File 804/1083/1-2)

With a cutting from the Sydney Herald [wanting] re the discovery of gold in Australia, and how he had allowed himself to be 'gagged by the government in point of a scientific discovery'.

Fonds MS. 827. Samuel Tolansky FRS: Papers, 1947 - 1972

5 items

Biographical / Historical

Samuel Tolansky (1907 -1973), the noted physicist was born in Newcastle of Lithuanian Jewish parents. He attended Rutherford College and Durham University, obtaining a first class degree in 1928. After appointments at Manchester University, he became Professor of Physics at Royal Holloway College, London University, from 1947 until his death.

His researches concentrated on spectroscopy and diamond physics. His work on moon dust made him widely known to the general public and he published over 250 papers and 16 books, including History and use of diamond (1962), and An introduction to interferometry 2nd ed. (1973)

Series C. Notebooks and working papers, n.d.

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Notes on mica, n.d. (File C 17)

This file comprises a lecture notebook containing the results of tests on mica samples; a draft paper: The Topography of Mica and Selenite Cleavage Surfaces, and rough notes and calculations. (c. 106p.)

Miscellaneous working papers on mica, n.d. (File C 18)

This file comprises notes, drafts, diagrams and galley proofs for his work on multiple-beam interferometry mica. (73p.)

Series D. Publications, n.d.

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Draft paper on cleavage planes of mica. (5p), n.d. (File D 77)

Series H. Scientific Correspondence, December 1947 - July 1972

2 items
Correspondence on mica, 5 December 1947 - 12 July 1972 (File H 15)

Comprises over 70 letters dated between 5 December 1947 and 12 July 1972. Australian Correspondents include:

P.J. Scanlan, Commonwealth Mica Pool, Melbourne; M.A. Brooke, Dept. of National Development Representative Australia House, London; V.F. Letcher, Dept of Defence Production Representative, Australia House; A.C. Clarke, Commonwealth Mica Pool, Melbourne Prof. E. Hills, Univ. of Melbourne; Dr W. Turnbull, Commonwealth Mica Pool, Melbourne; Dr C.F. Bruce, National Standards Laboratory, N.S.W.; Dr N. Fisher, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Mel P.E. Rees, Trade Commissionor's Office, Australia House, London. The letters deal with Tolánsky's testing of various mica samples, and especially those from the Rex Mine, Hart's Range which Tolánsky proclaims is superior to any other. In several letters he cives details of those properties of Australian mica which make it so special.

Correspondence on natural and synthetic mica, 25 September 1950 - 26 April 1951 (File H 23)
6 items

Filmed selectively.

S. Tolansky to Prof. G.I. Finch, Imperial College, London, sending a sample of Australian mica, 26 April 1951 (Item)
S. Tolansky to J.H.G. Mitchell, Ministry of Supply, London re Tolansky's views of the superiority of Australian mica, 2 March 1951 (Item)
J. Mitchell to S. Tolansky re the remarkable characteristics of Australian mica, 1 March 1951 (Item)
S. Tolansky to J. Mitchell sending reports on Australian mica and synthetic mica, 20 February 1951 (Item)
S. Tolansky to Dr R. Hatch, U.S. Bureau of Mines, asking if he is able to obtain supplies of Australian mica, 29 September 1950 (Item)
S. Tolansky to Dr. R. Hatch that he has sent Dr Golay some Australian mica, 25 September 1950 (Item)

Fonds MS. 868. Charles Bennett of Kilfinane, Coroner, 1834

2 items

Charles Bennett to Daniel Barrington of Limerick, 23 May 1834 (File 868/1)

Enclosing following document with - plea for John Callaghan to be brought home. (4p)

Sworn statement by Charles Bennett, 23 May 1834 (File 868/2)

Concerning new evidence in the case of John Callaghan, who had been convicted at the summer assizes (of Limerick?) of 1829 of the manslaughter of John Quinlan and transported for life. (3p)

Fonds MS 872. Singapore, 1908 - 1910

2 items

Plans of property in Singapore drawn up for John Crawford.

Four printed plans of parts of Central Singapore, 1908 - 1910 (File 872/i-iv)

Showing Raffles Place, Collyer Quay, North Canal Road. 1:66 inch

Plan of two shops/houses to be built at 74-75 Market Street, n.d. (File 872/v)

Scale: 1 inch=8 feet.

Fonds. John Pollitt Papers, 1899 - 1952

29 items

Biographical / Historical

John Pollitt died in 1958 aged 66. All his life he had been involved in the motor industry, being employed firstly by the Rover factory at Coventry and also by Humber Co., Lockheed Brake Co. and lastly as a garage manager at Birmingham by Joseph Lucas Ltd. He retired in 1940 and devoted the rest of his life to his interest in the early history of the motor industry.

Series 3. Reynold Jackson and Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd, June 1899 - September 1899

5 items

Filmed selectively.

J.W. Burstall (High Street, Hull) to Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 27 June 1899 (File 3/86)

Requesting a catalogue and asking if the company had an agent in Melbourne.

J.W. Burstall (Hull) to Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 29 June 1899 (File 3/100)

Asking if his brother's firm, Burstall and Smith, 387 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, might be made agents in Australia, and saying that the business was likely to be in complete cars rather than chassis for bodying.

B.C. Burstall, (Burstall and Smith, Melbourne) to Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 9 August 1899 (File 3/145)

Stating his interest in the development of motor cars and saying that his firm would prefer to import chassis only.

Burstall and Smith (Melbourne) to Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 16 August 1899 (File 3/149 and 3/150)

Enclosing a copy of 3/145 concerning motor car industry, and that they are interested in supplying delivery vans to tradesmen.

Although listed, 3/150 was not filmed by the AJCP.

J.W. Burstall (Hull) to Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 12 September 1899 (File 3/160)

Saying that Burstall and Smith, Melbourne, had received the company's catalogue and were confident they could secure a good business if they were made agents.

Series 5. Miscellaneous Correspondence Africa, Asia, Australia, July 1948 - September 1952

8 items

Filmed selectively.

To John Pollett (sic) from [unknown] White (Skeates and White Ltd., Auckland), 1 July 1948 (File 5/2)

Re the history of his firm which handled one of the first cars that landed in Auckland in 1900.

To J.P. from John Andrew, Auckland, 11 July 1948 (File 5/3)

Re the early motor car industry in N.Z. and his firm - John W. Andrew and Sons, the largest Ford dealers in N.Z.

To J.P. from G.H. Brooks, Port Lincoln, S.A., 16 April 1949 (File 5/4)

Re history of Straker Squires in Australia and some Australian made cars - eg. Tarrant made in Melbourne in 1905. (5p)

To J.P. from G.H. Brooks, 15 August 1949 (File 5/5)

Re his research on the history of the motor car industry in Australia.

To J.P. from R.G. Shepherd, Sydney, 9 December 1949 (File 5/6)

Giving details of Australian made cars not in Dayle's book.

J.P. to G.H. Brooks S.A. re J.P.'s interest in Straker Squire cars and Australian motor history. (6p), 4 April 1949 (File 5/14)
J.P. to Mr Shepherd, Sydney asking for information on Australian motor car industry, 6 October 1949 (File 5/15)
Details of a New Zealand car from George E. Gilltrap of Rotorua, c.1 September 1952 (File 5/18)

Series P2/3. Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co.Ltd. R R Reynold Jackson, August 1899

2 items

Filmed selectively.

To Yorkshire Motor Car Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Bradford, from Vivian Lewis, 2 August 1899 (File P2/3/1/1)

Lewis Cycle Works, Adelaide asking for their prices and particulars of motor vehicles to be forwarded.

To Y.M.C.M Co. Ltd. Bradford from Edward L. Holmes, Thomson Motor Patents Company, Melbourne Vic. re demand for motor cars in Australia and asking for their catalogue, 22 August 1899 (File P2/3/1/2)

Series P2/5. Miscellaneous Correspondence, Australia, February 1950

1 item
To J.P. from C.W. Lewis, Lewis Cycle Works Ltd. Adelaide, 3 February 1950 (File P2/5/1)

Re the history of Lewis Cycle Works and building of the Lewis Car in 1901; details motor cycles built and imported into Australia.

Fonds. Registrars Collection, 1895 - 1900

4 items

This collection forms part of the archives of the University of London, covering its foundation and up to the early 20th Century. The material was sorted by Mrs DG Matthews between 1950 and 1954, and the surviving papers represent a selection of those received in the Registrar's Office.

Series ACO/RC 7. Miscellaneous, October 1899

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Israel Gollancz, Examiner of Cambridge University, to Dr. Heath, Assistant Registrar University of London, 23 October 1899 (File ACO/RC 7/57)

Concerning Arnold Wall, Professor of English at Canterbury College, Christchurch, New Zealand, who had been awarded a Cambridge degree in 1897 for his thesis 'A contribution towards the Study of the Scandinavian Elements in English Dialects'

Series RC 16. Colonial Examinations, June 1895 - October 1900

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Letters concerning various candidates for examinations in Australia and Tasmania, 24 June 1895 - 8 October 1900 (File ACO/ RC 16/8)
8 items
Reginald Smee and Joseph Wilson, Clergymen from Cobar and Canowindra, to the Lord Bishop of Bathurst, 24 June 1895 (Item (a))

Re applying for a BA degree of London University.

Copy of F.M. Darley, Lt. Gov. NSW to Secretary of State for Colonies forwarding above. (a), 1 July 1895 (Item (b))
Copy of James Cruckshank, Registrar University of Tasmania to Premier of Tasmania, forwarding the examination scripts of Arthur A. Stephens to London University, 8 August 1895 (Item (c))
Secretary of State for the Colonies to Registrar London University re Revs. Smee and Wilson, 10 August 183(5?) (Item (d))
Premier of Tasmania. Gormanston to Secretary of State for the Colonies forwarding (c), 14 August 1895 (Item (e))
Secretary of State for the Colonies to the Registrar London University, 31 December 1898 (Item (f))

Concerning the remittance of fees for Mr Sykes who did not sit the examinations.

Secretary of State for the Colonies to Registrar University of London re Mr Sykes fees, 14 April 1899 - 11 May 1899 (Item (g))
Ernest Wilkinson, Colonial Office, to Alfred Milnes that there were no Western Australian candidates for matriculation in June, 8 October 1900 (Item (h))
Sheets showing statistics for colonial examinations, 1886-1895. 4p, February 1897 (File ACO/ RC 16/9)

These sheets give figures for total entrees, passes and classes by discipline for Australia and New Zealand, and by State.

Letters re possible examination centres in Australia, 10 March 1897 - 28 April 1897 (File ACO/ RC 16/10)
2 items
Governor Hampden, NSW, to Secretary of State for the Colonies, 10 March 1897 (Item (a))

That East Maitland might be a possible examination centre for Rev. G. Stephenson.

Secretary of State for the Colonies to the Registrar, University of London enclosing (a), 28 April 1897 (Item (b))

Fonds. Frederick Simms Papers, 1891 - 1936

5 items

Biographical / Historical

Frederick Simms (1863-1944) was an engineer and inventor. He was a personal friend of Gottlieb Daimler and introduced Daimler cars and engines into Great Britain, founding the Daimler Motor Syndicate Ltd. in 1983. This was voluntarily wound up in 1896 and on its foundations Harry J. Lawson built up the Daimler Motor Co. Ltd. and other companies, including British Motor Syndicate Ltd.

Daimler Motor Syndicate Ltd, 15 September 1893 (File 47)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Agreement. Swinburne and Co. Ltd Western Australia, 15 September 1893 (Item 47/9)

Provisional agreement between Daimler Motor Syndicate Ltd and Swinburne and Co. giving them sole agency for Daimler cars in Western Australia.

Motor Car Club Syndicate Ltd, 26 May 1896 - 28 July 1896 (File 7)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir J. Somers Vine, London, to Simms, 26 May 1896 (Item 25)

Re letter received from his son in Australia.

Sir J. Somers Vine, London, to Simms reproposal from George Gray, Mining Engineer of Western Australia, 13 July 1896 (Item 33)

That he should run a car hire service in Perth W.A., which could result in a monopoly over the whole Australian continent for the suppliers.

Sir J. Somers Vine, London, to Simms, 28 July 1896 (Item 36)

Re a cable he is sending to Mr Gray that a small syndicate is to be formed.

Daimler Motor Syndicate Ltd, 16 March 1894 (File 41)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Secretary, Victorian Railways to Daimler Motor Syndicate Ltd, 16 March 1894 (Item 5)

Re payment for automatic ticket selling machine.

Simms Literary, [c.] 7 September 1936 (File 31)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Frederick R. Simms: principal events and work. (6p) (Item 8/iv)

Includes the establishment of Simms Motor Units Ltd branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington.

Two cuttings from Melbourne Herald (one dated 7 September 1936) re the arrival of R. Schwartz in Melbourne and birthday of Robert Bosch (Item xiv xv)

Simms and Co, 7 May 1891 - 15 August 1892 (File Folder 18)

7 items
F. Simms, Cologne, to A. Hendriks, London, 7 May 1891 (Item No. 33)

Re appointing Heinrich Stecher of Henry Moon and Co. of Sydney NSW sole representative of the British Daimler Motor Co. to be formed in Australia and New Zealand.

Stecher to Hendriks, London, asking for an appointment to discuss the motor business, 23 June 1891 (Item No. 34)
Hendriks to Stecher, London making an appointment. [faint], 26 June 1891 (Item No. 35)
Stecher to Hendriks, London, that both motors already sent to Australia, 27 June 1891 (Item No. 42)
Hendriks, London to Simms, Germany that Stecher has taken up the patent for Australia, 6 August 1891 (Item No. 56)

[page 3 missing]

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft Cannstatt to Simms, London enclosing following letter, 15 August 1892 (Item No. 65)
Jules Renard and Co. Sydney, Melbourne to Daimler Motoren Gesell, 11 July 1892 (Item No. 66)

Asking to be their agents for the sale of their motor boats in Australia.

Fonds. Thomas Sturge Moore Papers, 1909 - 1927

8 items

Filmed selectively.

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Sturge Moore (1870 - 1944) was a poet and wood engraver. A.H. Fisher (1867 - 1945) was an artist and writer. He was artist to the Visual Instruction Committee of the Colonial Office, and travelled around the British Empire, 1907 - 1910.

Lullaby: poem by TSM set to music by Kenneth Stuart, Marrickville, Sydney. (5p), n.d. (File 15/13)

Alfred Hugh Fisher, London to TSM that he is going to Australia and New Zealand, 17 July 1909 (File 23/126)

Announcement that AHF is leaving for Australia (File 23/127)

AHF, Amberley, Surrey, to TSM, 1 Jan 1923 (i.e. 1924) (File 23/226)

Describing a private collection of birds and animals owned by Mrs Roberts which AHF saw in Tasmania, including Tasmanian Devils and Tasmanian Tigers. (8p)

AHF, London to TSM, 9 May 1927 (File 23/280)

Glad to hear Daniel Sturge Moore leaves for Australia on 31st and hopes he will make his way. (3p)

TSM to AHF that his son Daniel is awaiting nomination to go to Australia or New Zealand, 13 October 1926 (File 24/217)

TSM to AHF that Daniel is leaving for Australia on Thursday, 26 May 1927 (File 24/232)

Percy N. Barnett, Australian Ex Libris Society, Sydney to TSM, 18 August 1926 (File 27/19)

Re work by TSM to be included in his book on woodcut book plates.