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Fonds 92 GOD. General Sir Alexander Godley, 12 April 1915 - 8 December 1918

Series A. Letters of General and Louisa Godley to each other, from Mafeking and Gallipoli, 12 April 1915 - 24 December 1915

4 Volumes (typescript copies, with notes)...

Gallipoli (140 p), 12 April 1915 - 1 August 1915 (File Vol 3)

Subjects include: social events in Egypt; shore visits on Greek Islands; ANZAC landings; deaths; visit to trenches; truces to bury dead; severe fighting (50% casualties in his division)...

Gallipoli, (282p), 3 August 1915 - 24 December 1915 (File Vol 4)

Subjects include: attack on Koja Chemen Tepe - Chunuk Bair - comparison of NZ, Indian and Australian troops; winter quarters at Wellington Terrace, Otago Gully; visit to Sir Ian Hamilton ('more forthcoming than usual'), news of his recall; sending back four Maori officers ('Maori politicians are trying to make political capital out of it'); embarkation ('the men are furious' - opinion of commanders...

Series B. Letters to his wife from France, Belgium, 27 June 1916 - 8 December 1918

2 Volumes (Typescript copies with notes)...

Letters (213p), 27 June 1916 - 11 September 1917 (File Vol 1)

Subjects include: visit to Ypres, moving headquarters, comments on performance of NZ soldiers; visits to battle fields; attacks; casualties; visit to battle field by Holman (Premier, NSW), death of his escort General Holmes hit by shell ('unfortunately it killed General Holmes and didn't touch the politician').

Letters (499p), 14 September 1917 - 8 December 1918 (File Vol 2)

Subjects include: news of friends; description of new camp ('different from the chateaux'); reorganisation of Australian and New Zealand troops; comments on Australian troops ('terrorised the neighbourhood'); intrigue by Keith Murdoch to oust [Lord Birdwood] and have White and Monash commanding all Australians in France; service in Amiens Cathedral; receiving Freedom of City of Valenciennes.

Australian Military Forces: list showing AIF units with with military district and formation (where available) (15p), n.d. (File AC)

Fonds Sb 170. James Cook A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 1784

3 vols...

James Cook A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 1784 (File Vol 1)

Pages selectively filmed include: frontispiece and notes by DB Smith (1935), A David (1974), R Schreiber (1983) on the ownership and annotations; Title page and opposite page; 147; 182; 206; 225 left hand page; 230; 237; 261; 270; 272; 277 left hand side; 290; 300...

James Cook A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 1784 (File Vol 2)

Pages selectively filmed include: Title and opposite page; pp. 5 left hand side; 79 left hand side; 130; 179; 220; 279 left hand side (?, cut off by binder, faint); 337 (very faint); 353 left hand side (?, very faint); 426 (?); 467 and left hand side; 482.

James Cook A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 1784 (File Vol 3)

Pages selectively filmed include: 1; 30; 44-45; 49; 52; 53; 54; 59; 69; 70; 74; 75; 77; 78; 79; 83; 93; 129; 420 right hand side.

Fonds Mss 18. Captain George Shelvocke, 13 February 1718 - 19 December 1721

Series. Voyage to South Sea to cruise on ye Spaniards under his Maje Commission with two ships viz.

The Success commanded by Captain J Clipperton, and Speedwell commanded by Captain George Shelvocke, with 18 months provision at short allowance...

Fonds Mss 72. Journals/logs of Mermaid and Shaw Hormuzcar, 28 May 1793 - 24 January 1821

Journal of HM Cutter Mermaid., 9 February 1818 - 29 July 1818 (File A)

Commander Lt PP King employed to survey the unexplored parts of the coast of Australia.

Journal (104p), 9 February 1818 - 3 May 1818 (Item No. 2)
Journal (82p), 4 May 1818 - 29 July 1818 (Item No. 3)

Log of HM Cutter Mermaid, 4 September 1817 - 24 January 1821 (File B)

Filmed selectively.

Journal (40p), 4 September 1817 - 17 January 1818 (Item No. 1)
Journal (80p), 18 January 1818 - 22 April 1818 (Item No. 2)
Journal (62p), 23 April 1818 - 27 June 1818 (Item No. 3)
Journal (72p), 28 June 1818 - 13 October 1818 (Item No. 4)
Journal (72p), 19 September 1819 - 24 November 1819 (Item No. 9)
Journal (86p), 25 November 1819 - 23 March 1820 (Item No. 10)
Journal (78p), 6 July 1820 - 22 September 1820 (Item No. 12)
Journal (44p), 23 September 1820 - 4 November 1820 (Item No. 13)
Journal (60p), 5 November 1820 - 24 January 1821 (Item No. 14)

Journal of Captain William Bampton, of Shaw Hormuzcar from Norfolk Island towards Batavia, in company with Chesterfield whaler. (76p), 28 May 1793 - 11 September 1793 (File C)

Discovery of Chesterfield and Bampton reefs, passage through Torres Straits; observations on Tates, Nepean and Chesterfield Islands.

Three photographs of incisions in trees at Careening Bay, NW Australia, by Mermaid crew, 1820 (File D)

Fonds Mss 73. Material re Hocla and Bathurst, 25 January 1821 - 27 November 1822

Filmed selectively.

Log of the proceedings of HM Surveying Vessel Bathurst, Lt Phillip Parker King commanding, 25 January 1821 - 27 November 1822 (File 73/2)

Port Jackson (60p), 25 January 1821 - 24 May 1821 (Item No. 1)
East Coast, Northumberland Islands, Cape Flinders, Torres Strait (40p), 25 May 1821 - 4 July 1821 (Item No. 2)
NW Coast to Port Jackson (42p), 20 March 1822 - 5 May 1822 (Item No. 8)
Port Jackson, Mount Dromedary, Van Diemen's land (48p), 25 July 1822 - 8 October 1822 (Item No. 10)
Port Jackson to Cape Leeuwin, to King George's Sound (48p), 9 October 1822 - 27 November 1822 (Item No. 11)

John MacGillivray. Rough vocabulary of San Christoval, Solomon Islands. (30p), n.d. (File 73/4)

Includes: natural objects, mammals, fishes, shells, articles of foreign origin, utensils, parts of body, numerals, adverbs, verbs.

Fonds Mss 74. Miscellaneous logs etc, 14 February 1779 - November 1853

Filmed selectively.

John MacGillivray, Vocabularies of various Pacific Islands., c. November 1853 (File 74/3)

All vocabularies include: natural objects; numerals; verbs, utensils, man etc.

Rough Aneiteum vocabulary, (16p), November 1853 (Item (a))
Erronan vocabulary, (5p), n.d. (Item (b))
Rough Guadalcanal vocabulary, (8p), n.d. (Item (c))
Tana vocabulary, (7p), n.d. (Item (d))
Rough notes (39p), n.d. (Item (e))

Includes: Tana, San Christoval, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Isle of Pines...

Extract from Journal of Captain Charles Clerke, RM from when he succeeded Captain Cook in command of Resolution (20p), 14 February 1779 - 13 March 1779 (File 74/8)

Return to Resolution; account of death of Cook by Lt Phillips; Car' na'cave brings on board piece of human flesh, said to be part of Capt Cook's thigh, rest of body had been burnt; other problems from natives while getting water; weighing anchor; setting sail.

Log of HM Surveying Vessel Herald in Pacific, Captain Sir Henry Kellett, 1 January 1849 - 22 May 1851 (File 74/9)

Ship's Log (332p), 1 January 1849 - 21 February 1850 (Item (a))

Mazarlan/Panama/Points Mala and Buriea/Sandwich Islands/Honolulu/Petropaulski/Katzebue Sound/Mazarlan/Guaymas/Gulf of California.

Ship's Log (234p), 22 February 1850 - 1 December 1850 (Item (b))

Gulf of California/Mazarlan/Sandwich Islands/Morels Island/Bherings Island/Kotzebue Sound/Cape Lisburne/Port Clarence/Honolulu/Formosa/Hong Kong.

Ship's Log (48p), 3 February 1851 - 1 April 1851 (Item (c))

Simons Bay/St Helena

Ship's Log (48p), 2 April 1851 - 22 May 1851 (Item (d))

St Helena/Ascension Island/England

Fonds Mss 77. Log and proceedings of HMS Terror for 1840, Commander Francis Crozier., 1 January 1840 - 31 December 1840

On voyage to locate South magnetic pole (775p) (faint in parts).

Fonds Mss 79. Logs of Mermaid and Bathurst, 30 July 1818 - 21 June 1821

Log HM Cutter Mermaid commander Lt PP King, surveying coast of Australia. (268p), 30 July 1818 - 4 October 1819 (File (a))

Sydney Cove/Van Diemen's Land/Derwent River/Port Jackson/Port Macquarie/Point Danger/East Coast/Repulse Bay/Halifax Bay/Cape Grafton/Fitzroy Island Torres Straits/Gulf of Carpentaria/North Coast/Point Pearce/Vansittart Bay...

Log of HM Cutter Mermaid and Brig Bathurst (3rd voyage) surveying coast of Australia, Commander Phillip P King. (264p), 15 June 1820 - 11 June 1821 (File (b))

Port Bowen/Cumberland Islands/Frankland Islands/Endeavour River/Cape Flinders/Goulburn Island/Hunters River/Careening Bay/Brunswick Bay...

Fonds Mss 86. William Dawson. Logs of HMS Amazon and Cambrian (176p), 20 October 1849 - 12 October 1850

Details of voyage to Singapore, Ceylon, India, Singapore, Ceylon, England...

Fonds Mss 89. William Dawson. Logs of HMS Victory and Reynard (110p), 31 March 1849 - 19 October 1849

Details of voyage Sierra Leone, Rio De Janeiro, Cape of Good Hope, Singapore...

Fonds Mss 125. Admiralty Court Book, c1840-1900

Lists of officials of Admiralty Courts overseas (2 volumes)...

Volume 1, c. 1840-1900. (File)

Vice Admirals Abroad: Queensland, c.1840-1900 (Item f.29)
Vice Admirals Abroad: South Australia, c.1840-1900 (Item f.48)
Vice Admirals Abroad: Wales, New South. Van Diemen's Land, c.1840-1900 (Item f.50)
Vice Admirals Abroad: Victoria, c.1840-1900 (Item f.52)
Vice Admiralty Courts: Wales, New South, c.1840-1900 (Item ff.159 - 161)
Vice Admiralty Courts: Victoria, c.1840-1900 (Item f.170)
Vice Admiralty Courts: Van Diemen's Land, c.1840-1900 (Item f.171)
Vice Admiralty Courts: Western Australia, c.1840-1900 (Item f.173)
Vice Admiralty Courts: South Australia, c.1840-1900 (Item f.177)
Vice Admiralty Courts: New Zealand, c.1840-1900 (Item f.178)
Vice Admiralty Courts: Singapore, c.1840-1900 (Item f.179)
Vice Admiralty Courts: Queensland, c.1840-1900 (Item f.183)

Volume 2, c.1840-1900 (File)

List of colonial courts authorised to act as prize courts under Prize Courts Act 1894 (Item)
Court Officials: Australia, South (Item ff.18-20)
Court Officials: Australia, West (Item ff.21-24)
Court Officials: Labuan (Item ff.93-96)
Court Officials: New South Wales (Item ff.125-128)
Court Officials: New Zealand (Item ff.129-132)
Court Officials: Queensland (Item ff.137-140)
Court Officials: Van Diemen's Land (Item ff.173 - 176)
Court Officials: Victoria (Item ff.177 - 180)
Court Officials: Straits Settlements (Item ff.201 - 204)
Court Officials: Fiji (Item ff.205 - 206)
Court Officials: Advocates and proctors of Vice Admiralty Courts (Item ff.387 - 389)

Fonds Mss 145. Logs of HM Ships Victory, Hector, Virago, Challenger by Henry Crawford, Midshipman, 8 March 1867 - 15 November 1868

Filmed selectively.

Log of Virago, 8 March 1867 - 13 October 1867 (File)

5 maps...

Log of Challenger (96p), 14 October 1867 - 15 November 1868 (File)

17 maps...

Fonds Mss 168. Admiral Sir Robert Smart Papers

Filmed selectively.

Notes on Island of Disappointment discovered by Commander John Byron in 1765, also on Islands of King George and Prince of Wales (10p) (File 2)

Fonds Mss 180. Admiral Edward Edwards, 28 April 1789 - 23 August 1842

Series. Papers re Pandora, 28 April 1789 - 23 August 1842

Index and biographical information (File)
Extract from Peter Heywood's Journal (5p), 28 April 1789 - 23 March 1791 (File 1)

Account of mutiny, prevented from accompanying Bligh, return to Tahiti, fighting, list of those who left in the ship; events on Tahiti.

Extract from Stewart's Journal (1p), 30 April 1789 - 21 July 1789 (File 2)

Clearing cabin of plants, return to Tahiti, sailing of the ship.

Part of log book of one of crew of tender. (1p) (File 3)

'We lost the ship in a gale off Navigators Islands..'

Part of log kept by mutineer (3p), n.d. (File 4)
Instructions from Lords of Admiralty to Captain Edwards to go in pursuit of mutineers (original) (3p), 25 October 1790 (File 5)
List of officers of Pandora (1p) (File 6)
Memo by Captain Edwards whilst on Otohoite Island. (2p) (File 7)

Includes: notes on surrender of mutineers; prisoners not allowed to talk to natives.

Daily log (3p), 8 November 1790 - 28 August 1791 (File 9)
Lists of islands discovered by Pandora (3p) (File 10)
Part of letter from Edwards to Admiralty giving account of voyage (23p), n.d. (File 11)
Court martial sentence on Capt Edwards and surviving officers of Pandora for loss of ship. (3p) (2 copies) (File 12)
Letter to Christian about Peter Heywood, 17 July 1792 (File 13)
Estimate of value of property lost in Pandora (1p) (File 14)
Extract from Capt Edwards log. (12p), 10 August 1790 - 19 November 1791 (File 15)
Statement by Capt Edwards as to loss of Pandora (6p) (File 16)
Miscellaneous sheets (File 17)

Probably part of draft for a book written by Capt Edwards and Surgeon G Hamilton re voyage (30p)

GE Renouard (Dartford) to Mrs Boom (niece of Admiral Edwards) re account of Pandora by Sir J Barrow., 23 August 1842 (File 18)
Comments on Otewei [title on reverse: press warrant for the Hornet] (1p) (File 19)
Personal log books of Capt Edwards, 10 August 1790 - 4 November 1791 (File [20 A and B])
Log Book (176p), 10 August 1790 - 4 June 1791 (Item A)
Log Book (96p), 6 June 1791 - 8 November 1791 (Item B)

(Faint in parts)

Fonds C. Maps, Charts Collection, 1760 - 22 June 1914

Series. Maps, charts as filmed by the AJCP, 1760 - 22 June 1914

Filmed selectively.

W Brereton. Sailing directions and charts of East Indies (68p), 1760 - 1763 (File Ve 85)

Covers: Road of Mallacca; passage Madras to Manilha in 1762; Bay of Manilha; instructions for passage through Phillipine Islands; passage to Batavia.

Atlas of Track Charts, 1767 - 1901 (File Vo 42)
Chart of track of Constance, 2 May 1848 - 15 November 1848 (Item 55)

To Sandwich Islands...

Chart of track of Constance, 2 January 1849 - 15 August 1849 (Item 56)

Galapagos Isands...

Track chart of Juno, 25 January 1848 - 26 September 1848 (Item 57)

Easter Island...

Chart of Inconstant, 1849 (Item 58)

Pacific Islands/South America...

Tracks of Champion, August 1848 - September 1851 (Item 81)

South America/Galapagos Island...

Track of Serpent between Hong Kong and Sydney, 9 November 1852 - 20 June 1853 (Item 101)

24' × 29'

Track chart of Reynard between Lama Island and Pratas shoals, n.d. (Item 111)

24' × 18'

Chart of Western part of Pacific Ocean (Item Vz 8/50)

Exhibiting track of Walpole with track of Athenian drawn in 1804...

Plan of Banda Islands [Dutch East Indies], showing port Hollandia, n.d. (Item Vz 8/51)


Chart of Palliser Islands by PB Henry, n.d. (Item Vz 8/55)

Ms; descriptive note by Henry who was two years in islands collecting pearl...

Spanish chart of Solomon Islands, 1781 (Item Vz 8/57)

Track of Princesa Ms...

Sketch by Sam Wallis of Bishop of Oznaburg Island, 1767 (Item Vz 8/61)

14' × 17'

Chart of Hawaii, annotated to show sites associated with Captain Cook. (1p) (Item Vz 8/67)

24' × 33'...

Sketches and plans drawn in Cook's second voyage, by Peter Fannin, Master of HMS Adventure (8 folios), 1772 - 1774 (Item Vz 11/55)

Includes: Survey of VDL or South Coast of New Holland, 1773; Adventure Bay, VDL; Cooks Strait, NZ; animals and birds...

Fonds D. Pamphlet Collection, 1800 - 1891

Captain FB Chilcott. Observations on the inner passage of Torres Straits made on a voyage from Sydney to Calcutta, (16p), 1846 (File p 38/6)

Calcutta Bishop's College Press, 1846.

Phillip Parker King. Sailing directions for the inner route to Torres Strait from Break-sea Spit to Booby Island, Port Stephens, the Author, (14p), 1843 (File p 140/15)

Inscribed to 'Mr Evans RN from the Author'

PP King. Sailing directions for the navigation of the inner route through Torres Straits with a description of the North Eastern Coast of NSW [Sydney, 1833] (52p) (File p 146/18)

Major James England [journal of ship John, John Whyte Master from Sydney through Torres Strait by the inner route]. [16p] (File p 146/19)

Madras, Vepery Mission P, 1837.

Admiralty. Hydrographic Dept, 1800 - 1891 (File p 562)

List of HM ships lost from all causes other than the enemy,...

PP King. Sailing directions for the inner route to Torres Strait from Break Sea Spit to Booby Island. Port Stephens, the author, (14p), 1843 (File p 563)

Annotated copy altering title page to read 'Directions for the inner route from Sydney to Torres Strait, surveyed by Captain PP King. London, Hydrographic Office, 1847.

Admiralty. Report by AM Field (Sydney) on visit to Banks Island by Dart, (7p) (printed), 1887 (File p 765)

[Admiralty]. [Report on Navy efforts to halt] South Sea Island Labour traffic, (8p) (Ms), 1873 (File p 765)

James Snead. Journal on board Neptune and Standard, 10 March 1804 - 10 September 1805 (File p 949)

Filmed selectively.

Introduction by WB Rowbotham and transcription of journal kept by Snead on Neptune, 10 March 1804 - 10 September 1805 (Item p 1 - 5)

Voyage to Canton and back, including 'sentiments of an officer on board the Neptune with regard to Bass Strait'. (faint typescript)

Fonds E. Portfolio Photographic Collection, 3 May 1702 - 11 March 1914

View of wreck of HMS Buffalo at Mercury Bay, NZ., 28 July 1840 (File Pfo A25)

Ms plan...

Plans of ships, 1702 (File Pfo D)

Endeavour. Photograph of working drawings, n.d. (Item D45)

Originals in possession of Australasian Pioneers Club

Photograph of memorial of Capt Cook's observation stone, Point Venus, Tahiti, 11 March 1914 (File Pfo G11)

12' × 9'...

Discovery convict ship at Deptford. Etching by Edward Cooke, 1828 (File Pfo G32)

8' × 6'...

Engineer commander SI Bird RN. Photographs taken whilst serving in HMS Myrmidon Pacific Station (36p), 1872 - 1876 (File Pfo G43)

Includes: Photographs of Myrmidon and crew; Honolulu natives; Hilo scenery; Hawaiian ferns.

Capt J Cook. Original sketch of Capt Cook's interview with natives on landing at VDL, 29 January 1777 (File Pfo I6)

Unfinished, probably by J Webber...

Commander F Brooker. Photographs of Pitcairn Island, 1913 (File Pfo I8)

Commander Francis Brooker (Algerine, Esquimalt) to Admiralty, 2 June 1913 (Item)

Re photographs taken at Pitcairn Island.

Robert Buffett, 1913 (Item)

10' × 12'

Group of inhabitants, including Mr Christian, 1913 (Item)

12' × 9'

Loading boat with fungus and coffee, 1913 (Item)

13' × 9'

Grave of John Adams, 1913 (Item)

12' × 9'

Children marching, 1913 (Item)

12' × 9'

Bounty Bay, 1913 (Item)

20' × 14'

Court House built by John Adams, 1913 (Item)

C 12' × 9'

Boat coming into Bounty Bay, 1913 (Item)

19' × 15'