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Fonds. Papers of H. Dundas, 1793 - 1799

Series. Papers and correspondence of Sir Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, 1793 - 1799

Correspondents include: H. Dundas, Colonel Doyle, Prince of Wales, Duke of Buccleuch, James Stirling, Gilbert Innes, R. Burke, General Abercromby, E. Vidal, Marquis of Buckingham, Duke of York, M. Donegall, Lord Camden, Sir John Sinclair, Lieutenant G. Mitchell...

Fonds. Papers of Rochefort Maguire, 3 January 1852 - 3 April 1855

Series MSS 267-268. Journal of Rochefort Maguire, 3 January 1852 - 3 April 1855

Covers a voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu on the Emily, from Honolulu to Pt.Clarence on H.M.S. Amphitrite, and thence to Point Barrow and the Behring Straits in H.M.S. Plover, 3 January 1852-1853 April 1855. Rochefort stayed at Honolulu from 21 April to 30 May 1852. He returned to San Francisco in Oct. 1854. (c. 270 ff.)

Fonds MSS 532-566. Papers of Thomas Spring-Rice, 1828 - 1849

Series. Correspondence of Thomas Spring Rice, 1828 - 1849

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, 1837 (File MS 532)

Correspondents include: P. Mahoney, R.B. Adderley, S. Crawley, Lord Palmerston, H. Headly, Captain Dundas, Colonel Fox, Colonel Fitzgibbon, T.A. Curtis, William Ashley, E. Eyre, Viscount Canterbury, Sir Henry Wheatley, G.A. Hamilton, Captain Townley, Baron Stockman, Sir Thomas Evans, Earl of Mulgrave, E.J. Stanley, Lord Melbourne, Reverend Musgrave and T.A. Curtis...

Correspondence, 1838 - 1839 (File MS 533)

Correspondents include: Attorney General for Ireland, Francis Baring, Matthew Barrington, S.E. Collis, T.A. Curtis, the Lord Chancellor, Archbishop of Dublin, Thomas Drummond, Archdeacon Goddard, Viscount Howick, T.F. Kennedy, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, J.W. Lubock, Duke of Leinster, Lord Melbourne, G.R. Philips, Lord Palmerston, Viscount Morpeth, R. Stuart and J. Wood...

Correspondence, 1838 (File MS 534)

Correspondents include: Francis Baring, Matthew Barrington, Dr Berbeck, John Wilson Croker, the Duke of Devonshire, Thomas Drummond, E. Foster, Lord Glenelg, Archdeacon Goddard, Sir J. C. Hobhouse, Viscount Howick, the Duke of Leinster, Lord Melbourne, Lord Melville, Major Miller (Irish Constabulary), Viscount Morpeth (several), Sir John Newport, Lord Palmerston, Lord John Russell, R. Stuart, Sir Aubrey de Vere and the Duke of Wellington...

Correspondence, 1838 (File MS 535)

Correspondents include: Royal Astronomer, Lord Anglesey, Matthew Barrington, T.A. Curtis, the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Devonshire, Thomas Drummond, Lord Duncannon, William Empson, Lord Falmouth, Governor of the Bank of England, Sir J.C. Hobhouse, Viscount Howick, Joseph Hume, Governor of Bank of Ireland, Sir Robert Inglis, the Knight of Kerry, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Melbourne, Lord Morpeth Lord Normanby, Daniel O'Connell, Lord Palmerston, Duke of Richmond and Lord John Russell...

Correspondence, 1839 (File MS 536)

Correspondents include: Matthew Barrington, Francis Baring, William Howley, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Edwin Chadwick, Lord Conyngham, Earl of Devon, Lord Duncannon, Viscount Ebbington, Hugh Fortescue, 2nd Earl Fortescue, Hon. Richard Fitzgibbon, Sir James Graham, H. Headley, John Cam Hobhouse, Viscount Howick, Sir Horton, Joseph Hume, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Limerick, Lord Melbourne, Gilbert Elliott Murray Kynynmound, 2nd Earl of Minto, Lord Morpeth, Lord Normanby, Professor Peacock, Lord John Russell, Sir H. Vivian, the Duke of Wellington and Edward Harcourt, the Archbishop of York...

Correspondence, 1837 - 1839 (File MS 538)

Correspondents include: Lord Fitzwilliam, Viscount Howick, the Bishop of Hereford, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Melbourne, Earl of Minto, Lord Normanby, Lord Palmerston, Lord John Russell, Earl Spencer and Lady deVere, Queen Victoria and the Duchess of Kent...

Correspondence, 1839 (File MS 539)

Correspondents include: Sir Richard Bourke, Sir Burgayne, Sir Francis Baring, the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Wilson Croker, Thomas Drummond, Earl Ebrington, Sir James Graham, Arthur Guinness, Viscount Howick, Joseph Hume, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lord Melbourne, Lord Morpeth, Lord Normanby, Daniel O'Connell, Maurice O'Connell, Lord Palmerston, Sir Robert Peel, the Duke of Richmond, Governors and the Deputy-Governors of the Bank of England and the Bank of Ireland and Lord John Russell...

Correspondence, 1837 - 1839 (File MS 543)

Correspondents include: Francis Baring, Matthew Barrington, Sir Francis Burdett, the Archbishops of Canterbury and Dublin, Thomas Drummond, Lord Duncannon, Maria Edgeworth, William Empson, Hon. Richard Fitzgibbon, Lord Holland, Joseph Hume, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Melbourne, Lord Morpeth, Lord Normanby, Sir John Newport, William Smith O'Brien, Lord Palmerston, Sir Henry Parnell, Sir Robert Peel, Lord John Russell, Lord Shaftesbury, Lord Sligo and Sir Aubrey deVere...

Correspondence, 1837 (File MS 545)

Correspondents include: King William IV, Lord Melbourne, Lord John Russell, Lord Normanby, Lord Palmerston, Viscount Howick, Lord Lansdowne, R. Torrens, G. Arthur the Knight of Kerry and John O'Connell...

Correspondence, 1834 - 1835 (File MS 546)

Correspondents include: Duke of Wellington, Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey), Lord Stanley, Lord Lansdowne, Lord John Russell, Lord Melbourne, Lord Limerick, Lord Aberdeen, Lord Sligo and Lord Duncannon...

Correspondence, 1839 (File MS 547)

Correspondents include: Lord Brougham, Lord Holland, Lord Palmerston, William Empson, Lord Lansdowne, Lord John Russell, the Knight of Kerry, Sir John Newport, Sir Richard Bourke and Francis Baring...

Correspondence, 1834 (File MS 550)

Correspondents include: King William IV, Sir Herbert Taylor (the King's private secretary), Lord Stanley, Lord Grey, Lord Northampton, Lord Lansdowne, Marquess Wellesley, Lord Henry Brougham, Charles Grant, Sir James Graham, the Duke of Richmond, Lord Camden, Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston, the Duke of Gloucester, Viscount Howick, Lord Sligo, General Bourke and various colonial soldiers and officials...

Correspondence, 1835 (File MS 551)

Correspondents include: Lord Brougham, King William IV, Sir Herbert Taylor, Joseph Hume, Samuel Egerton Brydges (13th Baron Chandos), Sir Robert Peel, Lord Stanley, Lord Northampton, Viscount Morpeth, the Duke of Richmond, Viscount Duncannon, Sir John Newport, the Knight of Kerry, Thomas Drummond, Lord Glengall, Lord John Russell, Rt. Hon. R. Fitzgibbon, Francis Baring, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Melbourne, Lord Palmerston and Arthur Guinness...

Correspondence, 1828; 1841-1843; 1845-1849 (File MS 552)

Correspondents include: His father, Archbishop Murray, William Empson, Lord Anglesey, Lord Francis Leveson-Gower, John O'Connell, Lord Killeen, the Shannon Commissioners, Sir Matthew Barrington and S. Collis...

Correspondence, 1835 - 1836 (File MS 553)

Correspondents include: Lord Brougham, King William IV, Sir Herbert Taylor, Joseph Hume, Samuel Egerton Brydges (13th Baron Chandos), Sir Robert Peel, Lord Stanley, Lord Northampton, Viscount Morpeth, the Duke of Richmond, Viscount Duncannon, Sir John Newport, the Knight of Kerry, Thomas Drummond, Lord Glengall, Lord John Russell, Rt. Hon. R. Fitzgibbon, Francis Baring, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Melbourne, Lord Palmerston and Arthur Guinness...

Fonds. Papers of William Smith O'Brien, 1892 - 1918

Series MS 913 - MS 914. Correspondence, 1892 - 1918

The main correspondent is Michael Davitt. The other correspondents include: W.F. Bailey, Barry More, Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman, Mr Burrell, James Bryce, Lord Castletown, Lord Carnarvon, and Mr Talbot-Crosbie...

Fonds. Papers of Charles Gavan Duffy, c. 1842-1891

Commonplace book, c. 1842-1891 (File MS 1627)

Most of the cuttings and notes refer to European events and statesmen, but there is also an obituary in the Melbourne Argus of Edward Whitby written by Duffy, a cutting on Sir George Bowen, and an article in the Melbourne Punch on Victorian politics, 18 June 1863...

Three letters from T.F. Meagher to Mrs. Sergeant, 1848 - 1851 (File MS 2071)

Two were written in Richmond Gaol and refer to Meagher's poem 'A prison lay' and his imminent departure for Australia. The other, written at Ross on 27 August 1851, refers to friends in Waterford, the fine Tasmanian climate, and Meagher's belief he was 'doomed for life in this hateful land'.

Letters from William Smith O'Brien to C. Gavan Duffy, 1845 - 1855 (File MS 2642/3435-3493)

Three of the letters were written from New Norfolk and refer to Irish affairs, Duffy's election to Parliament, the House of Commons motion on the Irish political exiles, Sir William Denison, O'Brien's work as a teacher, his dislike of Tasmania and his refusal to bring out his family, a plan of tenant compensation, and T.F. Meagher's marriage...

Fonds MS 3016. Convict Records, April 1849 - October 1850

Convict register at an Irish gaol, April 1849 - October 1850 (File)

Register of prisoners at an Irish gaol, possibly Spike Island Government Prison. Many of the prisoners were transported to Tasmania, some to Western Australia. The register gives name, description, age, marital status, education, trade, place and date of conviction, crime, sentence, date received, behaviour, date removed...

Fonds. Papers of Connell Family, 1851 - 1858

Correspondence from J. Martin, T.F. Meagher, H. Meagher and W.S. O'Brien to Connell Family (Tasmania), 1851 - 1858 (File MS 3224)

The letters refer to the life of the Young Irelanders in Tasmania, the release of W.S. O'Brien and K. O'Doherty in 1854 and their return to Europe. There are also some poems by T.F. Meagher and a cutting from the Irish Press about the provenance of the letters, 3 September 1948.

Fonds MSS 3225 - MSS 3227. Papers of Father W. Hickey, c. 1848-1910

Series MS 3226. Letters of the Young Irelanders, c. 1848-1864

Includes J. Mitchel, J. Martin, W.S. O'Brien, T.F. Meagher and R.D. Williams, many of them written to K. O'Doherty and Eva Kelly. The letters refer to their trials in 1848 and their activities in Tasmania, arrangements for meetings, Tasmanian friends, Irish news, the escape of T. McManus in 1851, the activities of T.F. Meagher and J. Mitchel in the United States, the departure of W.S. O'Brien from Australia in 1854, donations from Irish in Australia, and the death of W.S. O'Brien in 1864. (203 ff., typescript copies of )

Series MS 3227. Miscellaneous papers, c.1855 - 1910

Notes about correspondence concerning experiences of civil war, Canadian colleagues and time spent in Quebec, marriage and emigration to Australia plans, poems. The correspondents include Thomas F. Meagher, Eva Kelly, C. Gavan Duffy, K. O'Doherty, John O'Reilly, Lady Wilde.

Fonds. Papers of Robert C. Levinge, 23 November 1870 - 12 August 1875

Pocket diary of Robert C. Levinge, 23 November 1870 - 12 August 1875 (File MS 3753)

Describing voyage from Gravesend to Brisbane, 23 November 1870-29 February 1871 and also his work on a cattle station near Yandilla, Queensland, 1 January-12 August. 1875.

Fonds MS 3900. Letters of T.F. Meagher, 27 August 1851 - 28 October 1851

Filmed selectively.

T.F. Meagher (Ross) to Sir Colman O'Loghlen, 27 August 1851 (File ff.2-8)

Life of Irish political exiles, W.S. O'Brien, J. Mitchel, J. Martin, K. O'Doherty; escape of T. McManus; description of Lake Sorell.

T.F. Meagher (Ross) to S. Curtis, 28 October 1851 (File f.9)

Marriages of Curtis and Meagher; Waterford friends.

Fonds MS 4911. Letters of Denis O'Kelly, 9 March 1714 - 4 September 1769

Miscellaneous correspondence, 9 March 1714 - 4 September 1769 (File)


Fonds. Papers of General G. Morrison, February 1797 - November 1798

Papers concerning Francis Arthur and Thomas Frost, February 1797 - November 1798 (File MS 5006)

Concerning sentence of transportation to Australia. Includes petitions, affidavits and correspondence of General Morrison, Lord Castlereagh, F. Arthur and H. Taylor, including directions by Castlereagh on the evidence needed to secure convictions against the United Irishmen.

Fonds. Papers of Maurice Lenihan, 1845 - 1855

Correspondence and papers relating to Thomas Francis Meagher, 1845 - 1855 (File MS 5159)

Correspondences, a biographical notice of Thomas Francis Meagher and autograph notes of the speech delivered by Meagher at his trial. Also includes ballads and newscuttings relating to the time and the Young Irelanders.

Fonds MS 7324. Letter of E. de Valera to T. Woulfe, 14 January 1955

E. de Valera to T. Woulfe, 14 January 1955 (File)

Sends lecture written by unknown Australian. 'The men of '98; the tracks of Irish exiles in Australia.' (23 pp.)

Fonds MSS 7477-7795. Papers of General Sir Thomas Larcom, 1859 - 1871

Cuttings and notes on Irish emigration to Australia and the United States due to the condition of Ireland, 1859 - 1860 (File MS 7602)

Agriculture and emigration, including notes on the Royal Agricultural Society and agricultural shows, the butter trade, cottages for the poor, dockyards, and the industrial movement in Ireland. Correspondents include William Clements (3rd Earl Leitrim) and George Howard (7th Earl Carlisle).

Memoranda and news cuttings on the condition of Ireland, 1859 - 1860 (File MS 7603)

Discusses agriculture, education, the Poor Law, public works, crime, emigration to Australia as a solution to Irish land question, population, marriages, land valuation, newspapers, and the railways. Correspondents include Edward Cardwell (Chief Secretary for Ireland).

Memoranda and news cuttings on the condition of Ireland and Irish emigration to Australia and United States, 1863 (File MS 7606)

Correspondents include: George Howard (Lord Lieutenant of Ireland), Joseph Colthurst, Dr. W. Neilson Hancock (Dublin University), and Mr Donnelly and Mr Griffith...

News cuttings relative to Fenianism in Ireland, England and America, 1867 (File MS 7695)

Includes the embarkation of Fenian convicts for Australia, an entertainment for Father Patrick Lavelle, and funeral processions for the 'Manchester Martyrs'.

News cuttings relative to Fenianism, 1868 (File MS 7696)

Subjects include: The raid on the Martello tower at Duncannon, the position of the Roman Catholic clergy on Fenianism, loyal addresses, the Habeas Corpus Suspension Act, a plot to assassinate Queen Victoria at Lucerne, Fenian convicts in western Australia, disturbances in New Zealand, and the activities of John O'Mahony, and Generals Fariola, Cluseret and Millen.

Letters, memoranda and pamphlets relative to the Young Irelanders and Fenianism, 1861 - 1867 (File MS 7698)

Subjects include: death and funeral of William Smith O'Brien, recollections of the Insurrection of 1848 by T.F. Meagher, and reminiscences of the author by John Mitchel, photographs of Fenians, booklets of popular poetry, with an account of the Insurrection at Ballingarry by Reverend P. Fitzgerald.

News cuttings and letters relating to the Irish nationalist movement and Australia, 1862 (File MS 7723)

Subjects include: Australian sympathy, the O'Donoghue, the death of Michael Doheny, the Brotherhood of St. Patrick, distress in the west of Ireland, and Dr. Cullen's pronouncements on secret societies.

News cuttings relating to the Irish national question, 1867 (File MS 7728)

Subjects include: John Martin and the National Association, Samuel Haughton on repeal, the taxation of Ireland, and the death of Thomas F. Meagher.

News cuttings relating to the Irish Home Rule movement, 1870 - 1871 (File MS 7731)

Subjects include: The Home Rule Association, Gavan Duffy's premiership of Victoria, and a pamphlet entitled Irish Federalism by Isaac Butt.

Fonds MS 8216. Papers of P.J. Smyth, 1837 - 1910

Correspondence, 1882 - 1884 (File 8216/1)

Correspondents include: P.J. Smyth, H.T. Evans, Earl of Spencer, John Norwood, J. Erskine May, Dr Pigott...

Note by P.J. Smyth on escape of T.F. Meagher from Tasmania, 8 March 1884 (File 8216/2)

Memorial of James Patrick Smyth (File 8216/3)

Agreement of J. Glover to arrange music for the "Spirit of the Nation", 20 January 1882 (File 8216/4)

Tribute of the Catholic Union of Great Britain to the O'Connell centenary, 1875 (File 8216/5)

Correspondence, 1837 - 1886 (File 8216/6)

Correspondents include: C.S. Beck, T.C. Caldwell, J. Martin, L. Davey, Lord De Verci, M. Dwyer, M. Arnott, H. Jephron, John Marley, Rt. Hon. T. Spring-Rice...

Letters to Lady Florence Dixie, 1882 (File 8216/7)


Correspondence between Richard Pigott and Lady Florence Dixie, 1882 (File 8216/8)

Local news, Irish politics, social news.

Correspondence between Richard Pigott and Caroline, Marchioness of Queensberry, 1875 - 1876 (File 8216/9)

Political views.

Bill to Marchioness of Queensberry by John P. McCormick, 13 September 1882 (File 8216/10)

Correspondence of Caroline Marchioness of Queensberry (File 8216/11)

Irish politics, tension in Ireland, current education system.

Note on Caroline Queensbury (File 8216/12)

Positive support of the Marchioness of Queensberry and her influential work for Ireland.

Miscellaneous letters, 1864 - 1884 (File 8216/13)

Correspondents include: Lewis [unknown], P.J. Smyth, Stewart [Kucaid?], William Bruton...

Receipt paid by P.J. Smyth to an insolvent, 5 December 1852 (File 8216/14)

Letters relating to P.J. Smyth's rent, 1876 - 1883 (File 8216/15)

Papers of P.J. Smyth, 1874 - 1875 (File 8216/16)


Correspondence about P.J. Smyth's shares in Factage Parisien, 1864 - 1865 (File 8216/17)

P.J. Smyth correspondence regarding property, 1869 - 1880 (File 8216/18)

Organising meeting with architect, renting of property.

Correspondence regarding the Dublin Trunk Connecting Railway, 17 October 1865 - 25 November 1865 (File 8216/19)

Requests payment for shares.

Letters regarding P.J. Smyth's payment to Edinburgh Life Assurance, 16 September 1865 - 21 December 1868 (File 8216/20)

H. Hunter to P.J. Smyth, n.d. (File 8216/21)

Property in Tasmania; colony in state of utter stagnation. (incomplete).

Letters from M. Hope regarding Deed of Trust, 15 November 1868 - 7 December 1868 (File 8216/22)

Papers and letters mainly relating to P.J. Smyth's property, 1865 - 1887 (File 8216/23-26)

Correspondents include: Edward Reilly, Dr Gillian, Thomas Golden and P.J. Smyth...

Correspondence of James de Lacy Smyth, 1885 - 1910 (File 8216/27-28)

Correspondents include: Mr Kavanagh, Lady Dixie, Mr Brooks, C. Russell, H. Caddell, M. Brooks...

Correspondence of Mrs. P.J. Smyth, 1878 - 1887 (File 8216/29-30)

Correspondents include: T. Bury, Lady Dixie, Gertrude Douglas, Henry T. Evans, P. O'Brien, Lord Spencer...

Correspondence of L. Connell, 1877 - 1885 (File 8216/31-2)

Correspondents include: Mrs P.J. Smyth and H. Gladstone...

Fonds. Correspondence of Mary Mulvany, Sir Richard Bourke and G. Vernon Smith (Colonial Office), May 1840 - June 1840

Series MS 8221. Letters concerning application of Mary Mulvany to join her husband, a convict in N.S.W., May 1840 - June 1840

Also concerning the conduct of a convict, Edward Harding, June 1840. The correspondents are Mary Mulvany, Sir Richard Bourke and G. Vernon Smith (Colonial Office).

Fonds. Papers of Thomas Locke, 26 October 1863 - 9 February 1864

Series MS 8352. Extracts from the journal of Thomas Locke on a voyage from London to Dunedin on the Cecilia, 26 October 1863 - 9 February 1864

It includes a description of Dunedin, 'a vile dirty place', and the surrounding countryside. (12 ff.)

Fonds. Papers of R.R. Madden, 14 November 1848

Series MS 8404. Minute by R.R. Madden, Colonial Secretary of Western Australia, 14 November 1848

Recording his opposition to an ordinance giving magistrates summary jurisdiction over Indigenous Australians, including punishment by flogging irrespective of age or sex (7 pp).

Fonds MSS 8473-8478. Papers of Sir Richard Bourke, 1725 - 1857

Series MS 8473. Miscellaneous documents relating to the Bourke family of Dromsally, Co. Limerick, 1725 - 1855

Miscellaneous financial papers that mostly relate to bonds, 1725 - 1749 (File 8473/1)


Miscellaneous financial papers that mostly relate to bonds, 1750 - 1769 (File 8473/2)


Miscellaneous papers, 1770 - 1807 (File 8473/3)

Miscellaneous bonds to the Bourke family...

Miscellaneous papers, 1807 - 1831 (File 8473/4)

Miscellaneous bonds to the Bourke family...

Miscellaneous papers, 1831 - 1838 (File 8473/5)


Miscellaneous papers, 1839 - 1854 (File 8473/6)


Petitions to Sir Richard Bourke, 1855 (File 8473/7)

Correspondents include: William Ryan, [W. Beau?], Cannon R. Nuge, Richard Hill, M. Hogan, Mrs Gorman, Mrs McDermott.

Series MS 8477. Correspondence of Sir Richard Bourke, 1820 - 1854

Correspondence from Matthew Aylmer (5th Lord Aylmer) to Sir Richard Bourke, 1829-05-20-1830-11-29; 1850-01-15 (File 8477/1)

Subjects include: length of time between letters, Bourke's decline of the position of Governor of the Bahamas, interest in Bourke's view on the Catholic situation - Aylmer doesn't believe it will bring the miraculous change others hope it will, yet it may still have a positive impact. Also discusses travel plans for Europe, life in retirement, politics, social and family news.

Correspondence from Sir Matthew Barrington to Sir Richard Bourke, 1824-01-29; 1839-01-22 - 1839-01-24; 1854-12-14 (File 8477/2)

Subjects include: social news, poltics, reforms, Bourke's appointment as Sheriff and required oath, execution of deputation.

Correspondence from Richard Bourke, the younger, to Sir Richard Bourke, 1838 - 1841 (File 8477/3)

Subjects include: social news, family news, plans for arrival, sheriffs office, health, welcome on return to England, Australian mail, coronation of Queen Victoria, weather.

Correspondence from Sir and Lady Aubrey De Vere to Sir Richard Bourke, 1829 - 1842 (File 8477/4)

Subjects include: thanks for gift, Limerick city, commemoration ceremony, social news.

Correspondence from John FitzGibbon, 2nd Earl of Clare to Sir Richard Bourke, 1829 - 1846 (File 8477/5)

Subjects include: St Michael's Parish, City of Limerick, religion, uniting the old town of Limerick with the Parish of St Michael for taxation purposes, politics.

Correspondence from Charles Forster to Sir Richard Bourke and Lady Bourke, 1824 - 1843 (File 8477/6)

Subjects include: well wishes for journey, importance of mission, recovery from injury and ill health, social news and religion.

Correspondence from D.G. Hallyburton to Sir Richard Bourke, 1820 - 1831 (File 8477/7)

Subjects include: delay in mail, social news, politics, thanks to Bourke for allowing him to stay at his property in Marseille, health.

Correspondence from Reverend John Jebb and Mrs F. Jebb to Sir Richard Bourke, 1829 - 1842 (File 8477/8)

Subjects include: Sir H. Halford has left their residence, social news, church and his duty within the community, attendance on the Bishop after the Bishop's illness, family circumstances, invitation to Bourke to stay at their home.

Correspondence from John Jebb, Bishop of Limerick to Sir Richard Bourke, 1831 - 1836 (File 8477/9)

Subjects include: Debate over the Diocesan school plan and its impact especially in the Irish context, sends thanks for kindness shown to the Bishops nephew, John Jebb, who he hopes may 'form an attachment to one of your daughters'.

Correspondence from William Smith O'Brien to Sir Richard Bourke, 1842 - 1843 (File 8477/10)

Subjects include: Presentation of Bourke's petition, law of settlement, suggestion that poor relief in each locality should be administered by a board and committee, politics.

Correspondence from D.M. Perceval and Mrs M.J. Perceval to Sir Richard Bourke, 1829 - 1846 (File 8477/11)

Subjects include: Foreign affairs, Reform Bill, T. Spring-Rice, welcome on return to England, Lord Glenelg and the Australian Constitution, politics, social news.

Correspondence from William Smyth to Sir Richard Bourke, 1839 (File 8477/12)

Subjects include: Organsing a meeting, politics, working men.

Correspondence from Thomas Spring-Rice to Sir Richard Bourke, 1826 - 1854 (File 8477/13)

Subjects include: Decision of committee on election petition, social news, politics, sends thanks for suggestion but regrets that they were too late to be submitted, the Poor Law, invitation to dinner to celebrate Queen Victoria's coronation.

Correspondence from R. Therry to Sir Richard Bourke, 1837 - 1838 (File 8477/14)

Subjects include: Bourke's undertaking to recommend Therry as a future Solicitor-General of N.S.W.; the desirability of a court between the Supreme Court and the Court of Quarter Sessions, Therry's desire to have his children educated in Britain, a petition of a convict J. Williams, correspondence with Reverend J.J. Therry concerning the trial of convicts employed by Mudie, MacArthur's book, and the erection of a statue of Bourke in Sydney...

Series MS 8478. Correspondence of Sir Richard Bourke, 1808 - 1857

Correspondence, 1808 - 1820 (File 8478/1)

Correspondents include: J.G. Palmer, S. Dickson, J. Bromhead, W. Edwin, and the Editor of a newspaper...

Correspondence, 1821 - 1822 (File 8478/2)

Correspondents include: A. Harley, W. Mason, J. Magrath, Chairman of the Society for improving the Condition of the Peasantry in Ireland...

Correspondence, 1822 - 1824 (File 8478/3)

Correspondents include: Chairman of the London Committee for the Relief of the Displaced Irish, Sergeant Torrens...

Correspondence, 1824 - 1825 (File 8478/4)

Correspondents include: J. Boyce, Committee of the County Limerick Gaol, [W. Gregory?], M. McMahon, H. Goulbury, W. Perceval...

Correspondence, 1829 (File 8478/5)

Correspondents include: Henry [Anslow?], H. [Barrervale?], William Parker Carrol, J. Carrol, W. Courtenay, Lord Lansdowne...

Correspondence, 1830 (File 8478/6)

Correspondents include: D. Barrington, Sexton Braylee, J. Bill, Timothy Hayden, William Roche and religious representatives of Limerick...

Correspondence, 1831 (File 8478/7)

Correspondents include: T. Brenan, G. Droughts, John Green, William Roche...

Correspondence, 1836 - 1839 (File 8478/8)

Correspondents include: G. Holden, A. Gibson, J. Marshall...

Correspondence, 1839 (File 8478/9)

Correspondents include: G. Napier, B. Dunbar, Lord Duncannon, Colonel FitzGibbon, J. Butler May and Lord Morphett...

Correspondence, 1840 (File 8478/10)

Correspondents include: John Bourke, J. Harvey, Catherine Hill, P. Lynch, Lord Morphett, John Wickham and Duke of Leinster...

Correspondence, 1841 - 1842 (File 8478/11)

Correspondents include: R. Williams, Reverend A. Horsley, Dr. Michael Brodie, Charles Dawson, William Roche and Sir E. Ryan...

Correspondence, 1843 - 1857 (File 8478/12)

Correspondents include: S. Shelton, C. Herbert, J. Reddington, S. Barrington and R. Jebb...

Fonds. Papers of William Smith O'Brien, 1894 - 1929

Series MS 8506. Copies of correspondence by William O'Brien, 25 March 1914 - 1927

Correspondence, 1916 (File 8506/1)


Correspondence, 1917 (File 8506/2)


Correspondence, 1918 (File 8506/3)


Correspondence, 1917 (File 8506/4)


Correspondence, 1921 (File 8506/5)


Correspondence, 1922 (File 8506/6)


Correspondence, 1923 (File 8506/7)


Correspondence, 1924 (File 8506/8)

W. O'brien to Archbishop Mannix, 18 February 1924, Distortions of Irish press, partition of Ireland, degraded position of Catholics in Ulster, censorship.

Correspondence, 1927 (File 8506/9)


W. O'Brien to Moreton Frewen, 25 March 1914 (File 8506/10)

Home Rule Bill, partition of Ireland no longer unthinkable, Irish national soldarity has been wounded.

Correspondence, 1917 (File 8506/11)

Discusses Franchise Bill, politicial situation in Ireland, small conference as the only chance to find a solution.

Note by William O'Brien on points of Republican deputies in Dáil Éireann, 1923 (File 8506/12)

Also includes an added note by Mrs O'Brien.

Series MS 8557. Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1894 - 1929

Archbishop M. Kelly (Sydney) to W. O'Brien, 19 April 1918 (File 8557/1)

Catholic hierarchy in Australia call for Dominion home rule for all Ireland and protest against any attempt to introduce conscription in Ireland. (cable)

Memorial from the Catholics of Cork to the Cardinal Secretary of State (File 8557/2)

Re Board of Erin, Branch of Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1895 - 1913 (File 8557/3)

Correspondents include: Cork Free Press, Michael Davitt, Thomas Dawson, Joseph Devlin, Edward Donnelly, M. Donnelly (Lord Mayor of Limerick), Arthur Draper, John Dunne, John Dillon...

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1904 - 1910 (File 8557/4)

Correspondents include: Sir Godfrey Featherstonhaugh, J.G. Fitzgerald, J.C. Forde, Patrick Forde...

Correspondence between William O'Brien and Moreton Frewen, 1905 - 1917 (File 8557/5)

Nationalists and Unionists, Irish political situation, actions of Sinn Fein, events of the Easter Rising, criticism of John Dillon, condemnation of press, financial difficulties of Free Press newspaper, collapse of Home Rule, disapproval of the Irish Convention, Irish financial and land purchase policies, Australian demands for Imperial Consultation.

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1905 - 1925 (File 8557/6)

Correspondents include: T.M. Herrington, Frederic Harrison, John Healy, Maurice Healy, Irish Times newspaper...

Correspondence between William O'Brien and Lord Hythe, 1914 - 1918 (File 8557/7)

Political situation in Ireland and England, Lord Hythe's desire to visit various parts of Ireland to see the situation first hand, Home Rule, work that was done in South Africa could be applied to Ireland, horrible treatment of Ireland by England in the past decade...

Correspondence between William O'Brien and Robert Kelly, 1917 (File 8557/8)

Suggestions of qualified men for new position of Provincial Sub Director, work of the Department of Recruiting for Ireland, impact of First World War on ability to finance Free Press newspaper.

Correspondence between William O'Brien and William Murphy, 1916 - 1917 (File 8557/9)

The Empire Conference and pressure placed on counties to change attitudes, public opinion in the United States and importance of favourably affecting this opinion, proposal of partitioning Ireland, opinions of Irish rebels, Home Rule.

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1894 - 1929 (File 8557/10)

Correspondents include: Mrs O'Brien, Charles McHugh (Bishop of Derry), Father Madden, Patrick Mathews, Maurice Moore, Alex Murray, Reverend O'Donnell, Father O'Flynn and T.P. O'Connor...

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1911 - 1920 (File 8557/11)

Correspondents include: Sir Horace Plunkett, Lord Rosmore, Lord Powerscount...

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1903 - 1915 (File 8557/12)

Correspondents include: Lord Shaftesbury, T.D. Sullivan, G.T. Thompson and W. Trench...

Correspondence between William O'Brien and Canon P. Sheehan, 1898 (File 8557/13)

Compliments on O'Brien's 'Recollections', O'Brien's new novel, discusses various books, Sheehan's new article and ballad, success of 1903 conferences, barriers between nationalists and unionists, book reviews.

William O'Brien to Secretary of the Canon Sheehan Memorial Committee, Doneraile, 5 October 1925 (File 8557/14)

Sends a letter detailing the importance of Canon Sheehan as a friend but also to Ireland and the community.

Correspondence of William O'Brien, 1903 - 1908 (File 8557/15)

Correspondents include: George Wyndham, The Times, Michael Walsh...

Memoranda for the 1907 Limerick trial (File 8557/16)

O'Brien Libel action versus Freemans Journal.

Miscellaneous drafts and notes of O'Brien's book Recollections (File 8557/17)
Newspaper cuttings of William O'Brien's letters to newspapers, 1914 - 1926 (File 8557/18)

Newspapers include: Cork Free Press, Irish Independent and The Observer.

Fonds MSS 8562-8575. Papers of Lalor Family, 1855 - 1893

Series MS 8564. Letters of Peter Lalor to Richard Lalor and Anne Cannon, 1855 - 1887

They refer to the Eureka Rebellion in 1854, Lalor's loss of an arm, his purchase of a farm near Ballarat and family and financial matters. There is also a bill of sale of goods, Melbourne, 19 December 1853, and a cutting from the Argus of Lalor's appeal to the colonists of Victoria, 10 April 1855.

Series MS 8566. Correspondence of Richard Lalor, 1882 - 1893

Correspondence, 1882 (File 8566/1)

Correspondents include: King W. Smith, Thomas Sexton, T. Hynsey, William O'Brien...

Correspondence, 1848 - 1859 (File 8566/2)

Correspondents include: John O'Dwyer Ryan, Sister Mary Dillon, William Maffett, William Senior and Mary Maher...

Correspondence, 1861 - 1864 (File 8566/3)

Correspondents include: P. Doran, Thomas Synnott, James Trench, William Moffatt and Russell Thomas...

Correspondence, 1865 - 1867 (File 8566/4)

Correspondents include: A. Cannon, M.J. Kelly, Thomas Wakefield, Michael Dunne and A.M. Sullivan...

Correspondence, 1868 - 1870 (File 8566/5)

Correspondents include: Reverend J.B. Anderson, Michael Dwyer, John Gray, Mary Lalor and Edward Ferris...

Correspondence, 1871 - 1874 (File 8566/6)

Correspondents include: Joseph Lalor, Ellen Lalor, William J. Fitzpatrick, P. Cahill, D. Dillon, G. Lowe and T. Digby...

Correspondence, 1875 - 1877 (File 8566/7)

Correspondents include: Mrs E. Maher, P. Cahill, Mary Maher, James Trench, D. Dillon and John Donoghue...

Correspondence, 1878 (File 8566/8)

Correspondents include: P. Cahill, Edmund Dease, John McGee and James Trench...

Correspondence, 1878 (File 8566/9)

Correspondents include: T.D. Sullivan, K. Digby and P. Cahill...

Correspondence, 1879 - 1881 (File 8566/10)

Correspondents include: Charles Parnell, Reverend James Cosgrove, T. Brennan, James Redpath, Martin Delaney, J.W. Dunne, Ann Parnell and William Whelan...

Correspondence, 1882 - 1883 (File 8566/11)

Correspondents include: John Reddington, M. Keefe, P.A. Meehan, William Whelan, James Trench, P. Cahill, Dennis Kilbride, Mark Walsh, John Clancy and Michael Whittaker...

Correspondence, 1884 (File 8566/12)

Correspondents include: Mark Walsh, Joseph Lalor, T.D. Sullivan, T.M. Healy, James Finnegan, George Delaney, Thomas O'Shea, Michael Davitt and William Moffett...

Correspondence, 1885 - 1887 (File 8566/13)

Correspondents include: William Moffett, P. Doran, James Finnegan, Charles Parnell, M. Whelan, James Trench, Joseph Bigger and H. Mathews...

Correspondence, 1888 - 1893 (File 8566/14)

Correspondents include: Bridget Muleahy, D. Sullivan, William Moffett, Mary Maher and G. Trench...

Fonds. Papers of Joe Clarke, 1925

Draft of address, in English and Gaelic, presented to Archbishop D. Mannix by Dublin Corporation, June 1925 (File MS 9149)

Fonds MS 9728. Frederick Kearney Memoir of Major-General Thomas Francis Meagher, 1869

Transcript of Memoir of Major General Thomas Francis Meagher, 1869 (File)

Part 1 - Ireland...

Fonds. P.J. Smyth Papers, 10 August 1853 - 1884

Series MS 10500. Correspondence, papers and newspaper cuttings of P.J. Smyth, 10 August 1853 - 1884

Speeches of P.J. Smyth, October 1853 - February 1882 (File 10500/1)

Includes: Speech of P.J. Smyth delivered at grand banquet given to J. Mitchel in San Francisco, October 1853...

Newspaper cuttings of letters and speeches of P.J. Smyth (File 10500/2)

Letters mostly by P.J.Smyth to various newspapers including Weekly Irish Times and the Evening Mail. Topics include the Home Rule debate, Mr Parnell as a landlord, proposed National Conference, death of P.J. Smyth...

Correspondence, 10 August 1853 - 28 October 1884 (File 10500/3)
[Unknown] (Hobart) to P.J. Smyth, 23 March 1861 (Item)

Mercantile business in Tasmania; advice on investment. (incomplete)

P.J. Smyth (Sydney) to Dean [unknown], 10 August 1853 (Item)

Refers to escape of J. Mitchel; W.S. O'Brien. (copy)

P.J. Smyth to H.T. Evans, 28 October 1884 (Item)

Suggested autobiography; recollections of Tasmania. (copy)

P.J. Smyth to Mrs Maria [Dease?] (Melbourne): Re social news, 23 January 1879 (Item)
[Unknown] to P.J. Smyth (Item)

Currently Irishmen do not appreciate Smyth's contribution to the country or acknowledge his warnings (incomplete).

[Unknown] to P.J. Smyth, 28 October 1869 (Item)

Political discussion (incomplete).

Two letters: P.J. Smyth to Martin, 1859-11-20; 1859-02-05 (Item)

Explaining he doesn't own the newspaper but it is operated by a committee, reasons for not printing a letter. Also sends New Years wishes and social news.

P.J. Smyth to Reverend O'Malley, 13 November 1873 (Item)

Political discussion, Ireland's legal, historical and constitutional position is impregnable, with its two core acts catering to the rich and the English parliament.

Correspondence from P.J. Smyth to Mrs Mary Marshall, 1883 (File 10501/4)

Subjects include: Recollections of friendship of Connell family in Tasmania, misrepresentation of Smyth's position on the land system in Ireland, political situation, suggests 'The Party' protects its men no matter what sins they commit, sending Irish papers to America, social news.

The Priest in Politics by P. J. Smyth, [c. 1884] (File 10500/5)

Series MS 10501. Correspondence of P.J. Smyth, 1859 - 1884

Letters to P.J. Smyth, 1872 - 1878 (File 10501/1)

Correspondents include: C. Dease (Sydney; Melbourne), Lena Daly, John Armstrong and Charles Gavan Duffy...

Letters to P.J. Smyth from Florence Dixie, 1882 (File 10501/2)

Publications of letters, Irish relief work, social and political news, discussion about newspapers and their content, writing of articles and pamphlets, Home Rule, political situation in Ireland.

Letters to P.J. Smyth from Florence Dixie (File 10501/3)

Settlement with Mr Pigott, printing and distribution of pamphlets, Irish situation, proposed trip to Egypt, social and polticial news, newspapers and their content.

Letters to P.J. Smyth, 1873 - 1884 (File 10501/4)

Correspondents include: John R. Garstin, Richard Grosvenor, Thomas Hansan, J. Pope Hennessy, Joseph Johnston, Irish Land Commission and P.J. Kennedy...

Letters to P.J. Smyth, 1862 - 1882 (File 10501/5)

Correspondents include: John Martin, J.A. Mitchel, D.F. McCarthy, John MacHale and B.J. McQuaid (Bishop of Rochester)...

Letters to P.J. Smyth, 1874 - 1883 (File 10501/6)

Correspondents include: Patrick O'Brien and R. Pigott...

Letters to P.J. Smyth, 1859 - 1880 (File 10501/7)

Correspondents include: J. Regan, E. Regan, Caroline Queensbury, N.G. Seymour, Cardinal Vaughan, R.D. Williams...

Fonds. Papers of William Smith O'Brien, 1839 - 1913

Series MS 10510. Patriotic poems and verses by D.F. McCarthy, William Smith O'Brien, T.F. Meagher and Joseph Brennan, 1839 - 1913


Series MS 10515. Letters of William Smith O'Brien, 1844 - 1858

Letters from W.S. O'Brien (New Norfolk) to Reverend W. Dunne of Richmond (Tasmania), 1850 - 1855 (File 10515/1)

They refer to his writings, his attempt to escape, financial matters, C. Gavan Duffy, and the Australian gold discoveries.

Correspondence, 1852 - 1858 (File 10515/2)

Farm near New Nofolk offered to J. Mitchel, receipt of New Nation, reception of T.F. Meagher in U.S.A., books, suggests Martin moves to New Norfolk, politics, social and family news.

Letters from W.S. O'Brien (New Norfolk) to K. O'Doherty, 1851 - 1853 (File 10515/3)

They refer to O'Doherty's medical career, the petition to Lord Eglinton, financial matters, Nation, J. Mitchel, the escape of T.F. Meagher and the departure of Mrs. Meagher, books, and arrangements for meetings.

Letters from William Smith O'Brien, 1844 - 1850 (File 10515/4)

Correspondents include: Reverend W. Dunne and M. Dillon...

Fonds. Papers of Eva O'Doherty, 1848 - 1865

Correspondence, 1848 - 1865 (File MS 10520)

Correspondents include: C. Gavan Duffy, J. Martin, J. Stephens, Silvester Downey and R.D. Williams...

'Biographical sketch of "Eva" of Nation (Mary Eva Kelly)' by D.F. McCarthy (File MS 10521)

Fonds. Papers of Kevin O'Doherty, 1849 - 1854

Letters of J. Martin, T. McManus and Bishop R. Wilson (Tasmania) to K. O'Doherty, 1849 - 1854 (File MS 10522)

They refer to their activities in Tasmania, the granting of tickets of leave, W.S. O'Brien, the escape of T.F. Meagher, walks in the New Norfolk hill, and O'Doherty's hospital appointment.

Fonds MSS 11017-11257. Papers of Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo, 1852

Memorandum on appointment of Roman Catholic priests on Australian convict ships, 1852 (File MS 11183)

Including an extract from P.B. Geoghegan's report on the system and a list of instructors appointed in 1848-1852 to convict ships from Ireland.

Fonds. Papers of Alan Queale, 1957 - 1964

Correspondence, biographical notes and cuttings concerning the Irish in Australia compiled and collected by Alan Queale of Queensland and E. MacLysaght of Dublin (File MS 11705)

The correspondence consists mainly of Queale's letters to MacLysaght and Queale's letters to and from the State libraries (especially the Mitchell Library), the Registrar-General's Offices, and a few individuals in Australia, including Dame Enid Lyons. Most of the biographical notes are taken from the Australian Encyclopaedia and T.J. Kiernan The Irish exiles in Australia(1954).

Fonds MS 13345-13417. Papers of Thomas Spring Rice, 1833 - 1861

Series MS 13376. Documents concerning colonial and foreign affairs, 1833 - 1835

'Memorandum upon the establishment and present state of the Royal Artillery' by Sir James Kempton, 1834 (File 13376/1)

Also includes a letter from Sir James Kempton to Edward Stanley enclosing the report.

Documents relating to various colonial issues, 1834 (File 13376/2)

Focuses mostly on Lower Canada but also India and various West Indian islands...

Material relating to the case of the Drummond family and their claims to indemnity under the convention with France, 1833 - 1835 (File 13376/3)

Mainly consists of letters to Lord Monteagle re 'french claims', 1834.

Memorandum re the Constitution of the Canadian Legislative, 1834 (File 13376/4)

Letter from Sir James Kempton to Thomas Spring Rice enclosing and returning confidential papers (notes/ memoranda) relating to the legislature of lower Canada.

Series MS 13377. Correspondence and papers of Thomas Spring Rice, 1833 - 1834

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from George Eden, Earl of Auckland (Admiralty), 1834 (File 13377/1)

Mainly focussing on the state of politics and the approaching general election following the dismissal of Lord Melbourne's Government.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: A - B, 1834 (File 13377/2)

Correspondents include: J.L. Bulwer, Richard Whately (Archbishop of Dublin), Duke of Argyle, Sir W. Barker, J.H. Barrow, J. Bowstead, J.F. Buxton and Colonel Burgoyne...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Brougham (Lord Chancellor), 1834 (File 13377/3)

Politics, social news and financial affairs.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: C, 1834 (File 13377/4)

Correspondents include: Miss Campbell, T. Casey, William Clark, T. Cooper, Henry Welbore Ellis (2nd Viscount Clifden of Gowran), Thomas Cooper and John Wilson Croker...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: D - E, 1834 (File 13377/5)

Correspondents include: Lord Denman, Sir Aubrey deVere, John Hely-Hutchinson (3rd Earl of Donoughmore), Lord Duncannon, Richard Earle, Captain Elliott and Francis Egerton...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from William Empson, 1834 (File 13377/6)

Mainly relating to politics (including the dismissal of Lord Melbourne's government) and personal affairs.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: F - K, 1834 (File 13377/7)

Correspondents include: Reverend Fleming, E. Foster, Duke of Gloucester, Lord Grey, Andrew Halliday, J.J. Henslow, Viscount Howick, Robert Inglis, A. Jacob, John Kemble and Sir James Kempt...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: K - N, 1834 (File 13377/8)

Correspondents include: T.F. Kennedy, T. Lamb, Lord Lyndhurst, R.M. Martin, T. B. Macaulay, Lord Melbourne, Sir John Newport and Constantine Henry Phipps (Earl Mulgrave, 1st Marquess of Normanby)...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: O - R, 1834 (File 13377/9)

Correspondents include: O'Conor Don, Lord Palmerston, George Philips, William Pleydell Bouverie (3rd Earl of Radnor) and the Duke of Richmond...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from George Peacock, 1834 (File 13377/10)

Regarding Cambridge University affairs, politics (particularly dissenters' rights and the dismissal of the Melbourne government) and personal matters.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: R - S, 1834 (File 13377/11)

Correspondents include: Lord Rippon, A.M. Rolfe, J.A. Roebuck, G.H. Rose, Lord Russell, Prof. Sedgwick, Samuel Smith and Lord Fitzroy Somerset...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Sligo, 1834 (File 13377/12)

Regarding the state of Jamaica and the use of stipendiary magistrates.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: S - W, 1833 - 1834 (File 13377/13)

Correspondents include: Lord Spencer, James Stephen, Henry Fox Talbot, J. Usher, Alex Watford and the Duke of Wellington...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Sir Herbert Taylor (King William IV's private secretary), 1834 (File 13377/14)

Acknowledging the receipt of letters regarding colonial affairs/Government business and stating the opinion of the King on these issues...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from King William IV, 1834 (File 13377/15)

Acknowledging the receipt of letters regarding colonial affairs and Government business and offering further opinions on these issues, the dismissal of Lord Melbourne's Government and the King's approval of Spring Rice's conduct and abilities.

Miscellaneous notes on letters to and from people associated with Thomas Spring Rice, 1834 (File 13377/16)

The people associated with Thomas Spring Rice include King William IV, Lord Sligo, Lord Holland and Mr [Daniel?] O'Connell...

Four miscellaneous letters to Thomas Spring Rice, 1834 (File 13377/17)

Originally marked 'incomplete or signatures illegible'.

Letters by Thomas Spring Rice, 1834 (File 13377/18)

Correspondents include: [William Smith?] O'Brien, Thomas Wyse, Sir Herbert Taylor, Marquess Wellesley and Lord Palmerston...

Letters and addresses from Cambridge constituents to Thomas Spring Rice, 1834 (File 13377/19)

Subjects include: Patronage, financial assistance, local politics and University affairs...

Letters between Lord Brougham and Thomas Spring Rice, [1834] (File 13377/20)

Regarding the dissolution of the Whig Government.

Miscellaneous memoranda and notes, 1834 (File 13377/21)

Relating to dissenters' rights, Cambridge University and Government business. Also includes an address to Spring Rice from various constituents in Cambridge expressing their objection to his vote on the pensions list.

Series MS 13381. Correspondence and Papers of Thomas Spring Rice, 1835

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: A - D, 1835 (File 13381/1)

Correspondents include: Lord Aberdeen, Lord Althorpe, Archibishop of Dublin, G. Arthur, Lord Ashburton, Lord Brougham, Major Campbell, E.D. Davenport and G.R. Dawson...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: D - H, 1835 (File 13381/2)

Correspondents include: Lord Duncannon, T. Fitzgerald, James Flanney, Lord Glenely, Reverend William Hickey, Sir J. Hobhouse, Lord Howick, Lord Holland and R.W. Horton...

Letters to Stephen Spring Rice from W. Empson, 1835 (File 13381/3)

Concerning personal matters with his usual allusions to literary and political affairs...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Melbourne, 1835 (File 13381/4)

The Poor Law, education, Cambridge election & patronage, the war in Spain, accounts and parliamentary business.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: I - O, 1835 (File 13381/5)

Correspondents include: Sir R.K. Inglis, Duchess of Kent, Lord Kerry, Thomas Lack, J. Malcolmson, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Northampton, D. O'Connell and Robert Owen...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Palmerston, 1835 (File 13381/6)

Payment for arms sent to Spain, patronage, slave trade papers, parliamentary affairs and Poland.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord John Russell, 1835 (File 13381/7)

Stroud election, parliamentary affairs, patronage, salaries, county rates and the municipal corporations bill.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Spencer, 1835 (File 13381/8)

Mainly in relation to patronage, the municipal reform bill and the state of the Government.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: P - T, 1835 (File 13381/9)

Correspondents include: Robert Peel, G.R. Philips, T.C. Sands, Lord Sligo, Professor Smyth, James Stephen, Henry Fox Talbot and W. Tennant...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: T - W, 1835 (File 13381/10)

Correspondents include: C.P. Thomson, Duke of Wellington and W. Whewell...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from H.L. Wickham, 1835 (File 13381/11)

Financial matters including the excise enquiry commission, making suggestions for the budget (regarding land tax), duty on soap and Flint glass.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from King William IV and Sir Herbert Taylor, 1835 (File 13381/12)

Regarding House of Commons business, completion of Windsor Castle library, discusses Spring Rice's relationship with Daniel O'Connell and the Government's financial affairs, including in relation to the relief of the Church of Ireland clergy in Ireland.

Letters and other papers from people associated with Thomas Spring Rice to various correspondents, 1835 (File 13381/13)


Series MS 13382. Correspondence and papers of Thomas Spring Rice, 1836

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: A - D, 1836 (File 13382/1)

Correspondents include: Earl of Aberdeen, Archbishop of Dublin, Lord Auckland, Baron Barlow, Captain Beaufort, Alfred Dawson and Sir F.H. Doyle...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Francis Baring, 1836 (File 13382/2)

Providing regular reports on the state of the money market, bank returns and letters relating to the exchequer bill.

Letters and associated papers sent to Thomas Spring Rice from Colonel J.F. Burgoyne, 1836 (File 13382/3)

The Office of Public Works in Ireland, grants and loans made to public works in Ireland, proposed public works bill, the failed Dublin Steam Company bill, Shannon navigation, Dublin docks, Kingstown harbour and railroads.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: F - H, 1836 (File 13382/4)

Correspondents include: M. Faraday, Lord Fitzwilliam, E. Fry, Lord Granville, H. Hallam and B. Hayden...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Viscount Howick, Secretary for War, 1836 (File 13382/5)

Relating to the commission of enquiry into the civil administration of the army, army estimates and to Durham University.

Letters and notes to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Melbourne, 1836 (File 13382/6)

The King's Speech, Henry Grattan Jnr., the Irish privy council, exchequer bills, the financial markets, loans frpm the Board of Public Works to the Knight of Kerry to establish slate works in County Kerry are due for repayment but requests more time.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Reverend Eugene Mulholland (Temple parish, London), 1836 (File 13382/7)

Enclosing copies of his correspondence with Dr. Crotty (Catholic Primate) and Dr. Murray (Catholic Archbishop of Dublin), regarding his previous disputes with Dr. Crolly, his apparent submission to Crolly's authority, and then his decision to bring the matter relating to his church before parliament.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: H - N, 1836 (File 13382/8)

Correspondents include: P. Horner, J.S. Kennedy, H. Labouchere, Lord Landsdowne, Lord Lylleton, Lord Lyndhurst, Lord Melville, Lord Morphett, John Murray and Lord Northampton...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from James Pattison, governor of the Bank of England, 1836 (File 13382/9)

The Bank, the affairs of the city of London, the state of the Bank of Ireland and the economy in general.

Letter to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Palmerston at the Foreign Office, 1836 (File 13382/10)

The embassy in Constantinople, timber duties, Franco-Swiss relations, the extent of the Bank of England's privilege in England, loans to Greece and the Spanish war.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord John Russell, 1836 (File 13382/11)

London University, Irish poor laws, church incomes, and the candidates for the vacant office of registrar general.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: O - T, 1836 (File 13382/12)

Correspondents include: Daniel O'Connell, Reverend Peacock, Sir Robert Peel, Thomas Phillips, R. Rolfe, A. Sedgwick, N. Senior, Lord Sligo, Princess Matilda Sophia, Lord Spencer, Lord Stanley, James Stephens and Robert Tennent...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Sir Herbert Taylor (King William IV's private secretary), 1836 (File 13382/13)

Acknowledging the receipt of letters and giving the King's opinion on various topics, including Irish banks, related to Spring Rice's role as Chancellor of the Exchequer and other Government affairs.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: W, 1836 (File 13382/14)

Correspondents include: Duke of Wellington, M. Wickham, W. Wilkins, S. Woodbury and Sir J. Wyatville...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from King William IV, 1836 (File 13382/15)

Acknowledging the receipt of letters and giving some general opinions on the state of financial affairs of the United Kingdom.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice, 1836 (File 13382/16)

Miscellaneous unsigned letters, letters with illegible signatures or from unidentified persons.

Series MS 13386. Correspondence and papers of Thomas Spring Rice, 1837

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: A - E, 1837 (File 13386/1)

Correspondents include: Lord Aberdeen, William Allen, Archbishop of Dublin, Sir John Barrow, M. Barrington, J.F. Burgogne, Lord Carew, James Carlisle, Robert Day, T. Drummond and W. Empson...

Letters to Thomas Spring from Lord Melbourne, 1837 (File 13386/2)

Relating to the exchequer, the state of country's revenues, the civil list, the state of Ireland, education and the Duchess of Kent and Queen Victoria.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: F - M, 1837 (File 13386/3)

Correspondents include: John Finlaison, Lord Fitzwilliam, Sir J. Graham, Rowland Hill, Lord Hollard, Lord Howick, Duke of Kent, Lord Lansdowne, Lord Minto and, Lord Morpeth...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Palmerston, 1837 (File 13386/4)

Regarding loans to Spain and Greece, the church rate bill, a possible commercial treaty with the United States, miscellaneous items and the relief of duties placed on gifts received by Lord Londonderry from the Russian government.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: M - S, 1837 (File 13386/5)

Correspondents include: J. Musgrave, Lord Northampton, Daniel O'Connell, Reverend Peacock, Sir Robert Peel, Sir R. Rolfe and Professor Sedgwick...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord John Russell, 1837 (File 13386/6)

Regarding parliamentary business, the possibility of the position of speaker in the House of Commons becoming vacant, finding William Empson a judicial appointment.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Sir Herbert Taylor (private secretary to King William IV), 1837 (File 13386/7)

Mostly relating to financial affairs (with reference to the United States), banking and to the state of Ireland. There is also a letter from Taylor expressing thanks for Spring Rice's condolences on the death of the King.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from his son Stephen Edmund, 1837 (File 13386/8)

Regarding Limerick politics and his possible candidacy at the next election, Cambridge affairs, poor law, the health of Lady Theodosia Spring Rice and family matters.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: S - W, 1837 (File 13386/9)

Correspondents include: Duke of Sutherland, Queen Victoria, George Villiers, Duke of Wellington and Sir Henry Wheatley...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from King William IV, 1837 (File 13386/10)

Relating to the Treasury, the commercial affairs of the country, church rates and the state of Ireland.

Miscellaneous drafts and notes by Thomas Spring Rice and others, 1837 (File 13386/11)

Principally relating to the death of William IV and the accession of Queen Victoria.

Letters to and from people associated with Thomas Spring Rice, 1837 (File 13386/12)

Correspondents include: M. Barrington, Charles William Vane, Lord Melbourne, Lord Morpeth and Lord Palmerston.

Series MS 13387. Papers on various financial aspects of British Government including the slave trade, 1835 - 1838

'Report to the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury relative to the Pell Records of the Exchequer' by Frederick Devon, 1838 (File 13387/1)
'An account of the gross income arisen from H.M. Woods and Forests, and of the ''Charges of Collection'' and other payments thereon and for ten years between 1827 and 1836', 1837 - 1838 (File 13387/2)
Extract of a letter from the Astronomer Royal to J.E.W. Bethune, 1838 (File 13387/3)

Regarding standards for measurement and a memorandum on standard weights and measures.

Letters and memorandum to Thomas Spring Rice, 1838 (File 13387/4)


Miscellaneous documents relating to former slaves within British colonies, c. 1836-1838 (File 13387/5)


Miscellaneous letters, notes and memoranda relating to the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, c. 1835-1838 (File 13387/6)

The material has a particular emphasis on the proposed changes to the duties on tin from Cornwall. It also contains correspondence relating to personal matters with some discussion of politics and Cambridge affairs. There is also an unsigned memorandum, probably written by Thomas Spring Rice, previewing the forthcoming parliamentary session and discussing the possible issues that might arise in the course of that session.

'A plan for the conversion of stock into note annuities from the manuscripts of the late Jeremy Bentham', 1838 (File 13387/7)


Miscellaneous memoranda / notes by Thomas Spring Rice in preparation for the budget speech, May 1838, 1838 (File 13387/8)

Series MS 13390. Correspondence of Thomas Spring Rice, 1837-1838; 1861

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: A - C, 1838 (File 13390/1)

Correspondents include: Sir G. Airy, Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Arnold, Francis Baring, J.F. Burgoyne, Sir A. Culcott, Duke of Cambridge, T.A. Curtis...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: D - H, 1838 (File 13390/2)

Correspondents include: Thomas Drummonsd, Lord Duncannon, William Empson, C. Foster, Richard Griffith, Henry Hallam, Sir William Hamilton, Bishop of Hereford, Lord Howick, John Howley...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: I - P, 1838 (File 13390/3)

Correspondents include: Sir Robert Inglis, Sir A.H. Kennedy, J.W. Lubbock, Lord Morpeth, Lord Normanby, Lord Northampton, Daniel O'Connell and Professor Peacock...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice: P - S, 1838 (File 13390/4)

Correspondents include: Sir Robert Peel, Charles Purcell, Sir R. Rolfe, Reverend Sedgwick, Lord Spencer, E. Stanley, Lord Stanley, R. Stewart, Duke and Duchess of Sutherland and Duke of Sussex...

Letters to Thomas Spring: T - W, 1837-1838; 1861 (File 13390/5)

Correspondents include: Reverend Tattam, Duke of Wellington, R. Westmacott, Professor Whewell...

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord John Russell, 1838 (File 13390/6)

Ireland, education (including London University), need for change in system of convict transportation but all schemes involve more expense, Molesworth report, expenditure, parliamentary business and government publications/records.

Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Palmerston (File 13390/7)

Foreign affairs, with several in relation to the financial aspects of the government's foreign policy. These include some letters in relation to loans and grants to Poland, Spain and Portugal or to the purchase of a house for the British embassy in Constantinople.

Copies and drafts of letters and memorandum written by Thomas Spring Rice, 1838 (File 13390/8)

The letters are to various correspondents including Francis Baring, J. C. Herries, Viscount Howick, Lord Melbourne, Lord John Russell, Prof. William Whewell and Sir Matthew Wood...

Miscellaneous letters and documents by people associated with Thomas Spring Rice, 1838 (File 13390/9)


Letters to Thomas Spring Rice from Lord Melbourne, 1838 (File 13390/10)

Relating to a wide-range of governmental and political issues including expenditure, the coronation, the Duchess of Kent's debts, Francis Baring, the Irish tithe bill, patronage and the work on the Royal Exchange.

Fonds. Tasmanian Police, 1849 - 1854

Series MS 13610. Photocopies of Tasmanian police reports on W.S. O'Brien, T.F. Meagher, P. O'Donoghue, T.B. McManus, J. Martin, K. O'Doherty and J. Mitchel, 1849 - 1854

Copies of reports by Tasmanian Police give name, offence, date of arrival, trade, detailed physical description, crime and sentence.

Fonds. Papers of Lieutenant I. Rolleston, 1862 - 1866

Account-book (17pp), 1862 - 1866 (File MS 13798)

Correspondence, December 1864 (File MS 13798)

Correspondence concerning allegation by Colonel H. Ware that due to neglect by Lieutenant Rolleston of 50th Regiment some of transport carts broke down in operations north of Waitara River, New Zealand. (9 ff)

Fonds. Papers of Earls of Inchiquin, August 1806 - October 1810

Journal of Lieutenant I. Farqueson on voyage round the world, August 1806 - October 1810 (File MS 14498)

The early pages refer to Morocco. In May-July 1808 Farqueson accompanied Colonel J. Foveaux on a voyage on Sinclair from Europe to Sydney via Rio de Janeiro and Bass Strait. He remained in N.S.W. for over 18 months, and the journal refers to the overthrow of Governor W. Bligh, Colonel W. Paterson, J. Macarthur, R. Campbell, Sir Henry Hayes, visits to Parramatta and the Hawkesbury District, court martials, pardons granted to Irish convicts, reports of war in Tahiti, the massacre of the Boyd, and the arrival of Governor L. Macquarie. Farqueson left Sydney with Foveaux on the Recovery on 18 March 1810. They sailed to New Zealand where they investigated the Boyd massacre, before returning to England via Cape Horn and Rio de Janeiro...

Fonds MSS 15164-15280. Papers of John Redmond, 1882 - 1909

Series MS 15181. Correspondence between Joseph Devlin and John Redmond, 1905 - 1909

Letters from J. Devlin to J. Redmond and one letter from Redmond to Devlin, April 1905 - February 1907 (File 15181/2)

Written from Kalgoorlie, Bendigo, Melbourne, Cootamundra, Dalby, Timaru and Rotorua they give an account of the fund-raising tour of Australia and New Zealand by Devlin and J.T. Donovan, with references to Irish affairs, the death of M. Davitt, the Philadelphia Convention and W. O'Brien.

Series MS 15186. Letters to John Redmond, 2 December 1882 - 1917

Correspondence with Charles Gavan Duffy, 2 December 1882 (File 15186/3)

Two letters from Sir Charles Gavan Duffy to F. Longmore and R. Byrne: Commending J. Redmond's book on Australia.

Correspondence with William Duffy, 1905 - 1906 (File 15186/4)

Regarding the 'critical situation' in Loughrea in respect of Martin Ward's case, reporting on efforts to enlist the sympathy of the country on behalf of Martin Ward...

Correspondence with Henry Edward Duke, Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1916 - 1917 (File 15186/5)

Regarding the scheme for state control of railways in Ireland, the position of various Irish coalmines, Home Rule Act, appointment to the secretaryship at the Irish Convention.

Correspondence with Lord Dudley, 1903 - 1907 (File 15186/6)

Debate in the House of Commons, Congested Districts' Commission, the deplorable condition of the inhabitants of Bundorragha, a village north of Killary Harbour, County Galway...

Series MS 15206. Letters from to John Redmond concerning political matters, 1900 - 1918

Correspondence with General Sir John Maxwell, May 1916 - June 1916 (File 15206/2)

Redmond's efforts to secure the release of prisoners detained after the Rising, the cases of Bernard O'Rourke, Coleman Walsh, Kathleen Lynn, Peter O'Hara, Michael Harkin, Hugh Hehir, Daniel C. Buckley and John Kennedy.

Correspondence with Lord Meath, 1904 - 1914 (File 15206/3)

Attempts by the Philanthropic Reform Association to obtain the passage of the Irish Day Industrial Schools' Bill 1904-1905, the vital importance of education, and providing for neglected children in the large cities of Ireland, his effort to raise an Irish Army Corps.

Correspondence with Lord Midleton, 1918 (File 15206/4)

Trouble with the Franchise Bill in the House of Lords.

Correspondence with Gerald Molloy, 1903 (File 15206/5)

Forthcoming visit of the Queen.

Correspondence with John J. Mooney, 1900 - 1909 (File 15206/6)

Redmond's approval of his candidature for South County Dublin, disagreeing with the feeling in the constituency that the whole financial burden of re-organising the County ought to be borne by him.

Correspondence with Colonel Maurice Moore, Inspector-General of the Irish National Volunteers, 1914 - 1916 (File 15206/7)

Home Rule Bill, sending Redmond his congratulations on his speech in parliament, complications for the Volunteers arising from the mobilisation of the army in Ireland, discusses the possible introduction of a territorial system in Ireland.

Correspondence with Cardinal Francis Patrick Moran, Archbishop of Sydney, 1902 - 1909 (File 15206/8)

They refer to the visit of the Australian Premiers to Britain in 1902, a plan to persuade Sir Edmund Barton and W. Laurier to make statements in support of Home Rule, Moran's visit to Ireland in 1902, fund-raising for Irish causes in Australia, the visit of the Irish Parliamentary party delegates to Australia in 1906, and W. Redmond's book on Australia.

Series MS 15237. Correspondence of John Redmond, 1882 - 1889

Correspondence, 1882 - 1885 (File 15237/1)

Correspondents include: C. Parnell, H. Mahon, Revernd P. Furlong, Philip Sayle, J.A. Blake and T.M. Healy...

Correspondence, 1886 - 1889 (File 15237/2)

Correspondents include: Patrick Byrne, Joseph Murphy, P. Doyle, George W. Warren and M.J. Horgan...

Fonds. Papers of William Smith O'Brien, 1848 - 1892

Copy of a poem attributed to Thomas Francis Meagher, Never despair (1 f.), 12 October 1848 (File MS 15398)

Correspondence of William Smith O'Brien, 1848 - 1863 (File MS 15742)

Correspondents include: Charles G. Duffy, Sir Colman O'Loghlen, Augustine Barton and Dr. Griffin...

Correspondence of C. Gavan Duffy, 1849 - 1892 (File MS 15745)

Correspondents include: Michael Staunton, Julia Kavanagh, W. F. Vesey-Fitzgerald, George Smyth, and [unknown] Foley...

Fonds. Papers of M. Davitt, July 1895 - September 1895

Two letters from M. Davitt (Sydney) to Mrs. Daly, July 1895 - September 1895 (File MS 15791)

Concerning her husband's injury and the death of Davitt's daughter.

Fonds MSS 15800-15978. Papers of Thomas Orde, 30 January 1786 - 31 March 1787

Account by John Jenkinson, of Military fees received on behalf of Thomas Orde on Commissions transmitted to Ireland by John Jenkinson and Robert Weston Esquires, 30 January 1786 - 15 January 1787 (File MS 15905 (a))

General W.A. Pitt to T. Orde, 31 March 1787 (File MS 15905 (b))

Orders issued for guards to escort convicts from Cork, Limerick and Tipperary; need for peace officers to march with detachment as otherwise soldiers will be insulted and stoned.

Fonds. Papers of Jenico Preston, 1893 - 1900

Correspondence, 1893 - 1900 (File MS 15998)

Correspondents include: Lord Gormanston, Lady Gormanston, Bishop [J. Peacock?], J. Preston, E. Preston and J. Chamberlain...

Fonds MS 17421-17662. Papers of Joseph McGarrity, 1916 - 11 January 1923

Series MS 17626. Report of reception to Archbishop D. Mannix under auspices of New York Archdiocesan Reception Committee, 1920 - 11 January 1923

Speeches by Monsignor Joseph F. Mooney, Archbishop P. Hayes, E. de Valera and Archbishop Mannix. Also a copy of a letter to Archbishop P. Hayes concerning the reception for Mannix in Chicago, 21 June 1920, and a speech by Mannix, 'Complete and absolute freedom; what Ireland is entitled to ', 11 January 1923. (42 ff)

Series MS 17650. Letters to and from Joseph McGarrity, 1916 - 1918

Correspondence, 1918 (File 17650/1)

Correspondents include: American Catholic Historical Society, Patrick Ford, D. Lynch, J.T. Nicholson, K. O'Doherty, Mary O'Hagan, Kate Reilly and John Thomas...

Correspondence, 1918 (File 17650/2)

Correspondents include: Margaret Kain, Cardinal Harley, D. Mullogh, J. O'Leary and J. O'Mara...

Correspondence relating to the self determination of Ireland, 1918 (File 17650/3)

Correspondents include: M.F. Doyle, William Sproul and Judge E.C. Bonniwell...

Correspondence regarding the recruitment for British and Canadian armies, 1918 (File 17650/4)

Correspondents include: "M. Lacey", Peter MacSwiney, Patrick McGurk, Dennis A. McCarthy, John T. MacSwiney and James McDevitt...

Irish Race Convention documents, 1918 (File 17650/5)


List of subscriptions in Australia and New Zealand, possibly to Irish Relief Fund, 1916 - 1918 (File 17650/6)
Miscellaneous documents, 1916 - 1918 (File 17650/7)


Fonds. Correspondence of John and Mary Birmingham, 1870 - 1884

Ten letters, mostly fragmentary, from John and Mary Birmingham to their family, 1870 - 1884 (File MS 17801)

They refer to land selections in the Clarence and Richmond River district of N,S.W., timber cutting, cane cutting, wages, plans to return to Ireland. One letter mentions farming in Otago, New Zealand.

Fonds. Correspondence of John S. Casey, December 1866 - September 1869

Seven letters from John S. Casey to his family, December 1866 - September 1869 (File MS 17829)

Written from Western Australia, they refer to funds raised in Australia to enable the Fenian exiles to return to Ireland, weather, prices, farming, bushfires, the treatment of aborigines, Casey's preference for Portland Jail to transportation, his injury and medical treatment, newspapers, and his hopes of release. (Photocopies)

Fonds MSS 17863-17874. Papers of Sir William Teeling, 1869 - 1883

Series MS 17869. Letters to Thomas, 1st Lord, O'Hagan, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, from John Cashel Hoey, one time editor of The Nation, 1869 - 1883

Correspondence between J.C. Hoey and Lord O'Hagan, 1869 - 1871 (File 17869/1)

Subjects include: Formation of Government in Victoria by C. Gavan Duffy, appointment to 'London Board of Victoria', W.E. Gladstone, Dublin riots, work of Victorian Commissioners, general election, Irish affairs.

Correspondence between J.C. Hoey and Lord O'Hagan, 1871 - 1874 (File 17869/2)

Subjects include: Appointment of Victorian Agent-General, N.S.W. criticisms of W.E. Gladstone, conferral of knighthood on C. Gavan Duffy, Hoey's resignation from Victorian Commissionership, social news, politics, Irish affairs.

Correspondence between J.C. Hoey and Lord O'Hagan, 1875 - 1883 (File 17869/3)

Subjects include: Relating to political and literary affairs, with references to political affairs in Victoria, social news, Irish affairs and family news.

Fonds. Papers of William Smith O'Brien, 1819 - 1853

Series MS 18310. Correspondence of William Smith O'Brien, 1819 - 1853

Twelve letters from William Smith O'Brien to Anne Martineau, 1819 - 1829 (File 18310/1)

Subjects include: Health, social news, Irish affairs, low spirits, Clare election, repeal of coal duty.

Sixteen letters from William Smith O'Brien, mostly written from Tasmania, to Anne Martineau, 1843 - 1853 (File 18310/2)

Subjects include: The voyage to Australia, solitary confinement, O'Brien's reasons for not accepting a ticket of leave, the possibility of his family emigrating, a platypus, the Victorian goldrushes, books and Irish affairs.

Fonds MSS 18332-18392. Papers of Frank Gallagher, 1941 - 1953

Series. Correspondence, 1941 - 1953

Correspondence between T.J. Kiernan and F. Gallagher, 1941 - 1953 (File MS 18337)

Subjects include: Reception in Australia, Archbishop D. Mannix, H.V. Evatt, Sir Keith Murdoch, lack of office or accommodation in Canberra, Irish election results, unity league in Australia, Irish hard currency, Gallagher's book and Irish radio.

Fonds MSS 18815-18831. Papers of Mrs. Sidney Czira, c. 1930-1965

Series MS 18819. Drafts of articles by Mrs. Czira (pseud. John Brennan) relating to Fenianism, c. 1930-1965

Biographical articles on John S. Casey ('the Galtee Boy') (File 18819/1)

Also includes typescript of copies of:...

Biographical articles on Captain William Mackay (File 18819/2)

Includes typescript copies of:...

Biographical articles on Fenian Women (File 18819/3)


Biographical articles on Fenians: Canada and United States (File 18819/4)

Typescript copies of article drafts relating to Fenians in the United States and Canada.

Fonds MSS 18848-18883. Papers of FitzGerald Family, Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster, 11 December 1828

Series. Correspondence, 11 December 1828

W.E.E. Conwell (Prince of Wales Island) to Duke of Leinster, 11 December 1828 (File MS 18873)

Pair of marine fungus and curiosities for Trinity College despatched with Capt. Carroll of Java.

Fonds. Smyth Papers, 1875 - 1878

Series MS 18936. Letters to Thomas James Smyth from Thomas F. Smyth, 1875 - 1878

Subjects include: sending thanks for help, discussing failure to achieve success in Australia, desire to edit a newspaper, seeks aid to acquire printing press, financial problems, intends to study medicine in order to take charge of Australian emigrant ship, emigration to Mauritius, financial crisis in Victoria.

Fonds. Papers of Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy, n.d.

Letters to Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy, n.d. (File MS 18968)

Includes: Letter to Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy from Sir John Gray re letter from the Duke of Abercorn...

Fonds MSS 20674-20698. Monsell of Tervoe Papers, 1850 - 1877

Series. Papers, 1871 - 1877

Letters to William Monsell (aft. 1st Baron Emly) from Louis Mallet, 1871 - 1877 (File MS 20688)

Re telegraphy to Australia and India as well as growth of Anglo-Australian trade, 1857-1868. (In poor condition)

Series. Papers, 1850

Minute concerning W.S. O'Brien's refusal to accept conditions for ticket of leave and details of his confinement in Tasmania (2 ff.), 1850 (File MS 20692)

Fonds MSS 20944-20969. Papers of John D'Alton, 1855 - 1864

Series. Correspondence, c. 1855-1864

Letters to John D'Alton from his niece, Ellen Phillips (Sister Marie Gonzague) of St. Mary's Benedictine Priory, Princethorpe, Warwickshire, c. 1855-1864 (File MS 20957)

Subjects include: Arrival of parents in Australia, news of relatives, photographs of family in Australia, Sydney cathedral.

Anna Phillips to J. D'Alton, n.d. (File MS 20963)

Life in Australian bush; dance and riding party; no priest in Edenhope district; family news. (incomplete)

Fonds. Miscellaneous Collections, 1834 - 1929

Letters from O. O'Neill, written in Victoria, to his brother and one letter of J. Cannan of Sydney, 1907 - November 1919 (File MS 20970)

Includes one letter of J. Cannan of Sydney, Nov. 1919, referring to family news, goldmining, Australian schools, churches and priests.

Letters from Patrick Dunne, written in Queensland, to Edward Dunne, 1928 - 1929 (File MS 20971)

Referring to high unemployment, the building of Brisbane Cathedral, B. Hinkler and other aviators, 1928 waterside workers' strike, prices, rents, Irish friends.

J.W. Goff (Horetown) to W. and I. McArthur, 1 February 1844 (File MS 20984)

Requests application to N.S.W. Governor for free passage for family of Thomas Moran transported for sheep stealing.

Journal of C.E.D. Goff, kept on Mirage on voyage from London to Canterbury, 6 May 1864 - 5 September 1864 (File MS 20989)

(Typescript copy, 18 ff.)

Letters from Daniel O'Connell to J.H. Plunkett, 1834 - 1838 (File MS 21199)

Supports applications by Mrs. Gibbons and family for employment, introduces emigrants Murphy, Pinnock and T. Purdon, refers to Plunkett's high standing with Colonial Office, need for Legislative Assembly in N.S.W., Chief Justice F. Forbes, innocence of convict James Daly, Irish affairs. (5 photocopies)

Fonds MSS 21208-21274. Papers of F. Gallagher, 1929

Christmas card from Archbishop D. Mannix to F. Gallagher, 1929 (File MS 21212)

Fonds. Papers of Mrs. Sidney Czira, 5 December 1868 - 18 January 1871

Typescript copies of letters to the Irishman by John S. Casey ('the Galtee Boy') transported to Western Australia on the Hougoumont (File MS 21527)

Pentonville and Portland gaols, (8 pp.), 5 December 1868 (File MS 21527)

Australian prisoners; letter from Galtee Boy, (13 pp), 10 April 1869 (File MS 21527)

Galtee Boy; released prisoners' visit to Australian colonies, (5 pp), 19 March 1870 (File MS 21527)

Australian emigrants; letter from Galtee Boy, (6 pp), 4 June 1870 (File MS 21527)

Reception of prisoners in Australia, 26 February 1870 (File MS 21527)

Addresses to Brian Dillon, 18 January 1871 (File MS 21527)

Fonds MSS 21600-21614. Hodson Papers, 4 May 1840

Series. Correspondence, 4 May 1840

[Mrs. Henrietta Arnauld] to Lord Normanby, n.d. (File MS 21604)

Petition on behalf of Charles Dolphus, sentenced to transportation for life for returning from N.S.W. prior to allotted time.

S. Phillips (Home Office) to Mrs. H. Arnauld, 4 May 1840 (File MS 21604)

C. Dolphus to be sent to general penitentiary instead of transportation.

Fonds. Miscellaneous Collections, n.d.

Lord Dufferin to [unknown], n.d. (File MS 21708)

Sends particulars of Misses Tapner who plan to emigrate to Australia under auspices of 'our Society'.

Fonds. Papers of Sister M Columba, 13 November 1945

Sister M. Columba (Bamale Camp) to family, 13 November 1945 (File MS 22454)

Account of Japanese attack on Rabaul in February 1942; internment of nuns; air raids; liberation in August 1945 (copy)

Fonds. Papers of J. Ward, c. 1896-1911

Letters to John Ward, of Belfast, from relatives, c. 1896-1911 (File MS 22486)

Subjects include: Unemployment in Western Australia, dislike of bush life, wages, rents, housing, social and economic conditions . (photocopy)

Fonds. Papers relating to Thomas Cullianane, 24 February 1869

Royal pardon granted to Thomas Cullinane and other Irish convicts under sentence of penal servitude in Western Australia, 24 February 1869 (File MS 22536)

Fonds. Papers of Alfred Coyle, c. 1921-1929

Letters to Alfred B. Coyle, c. 1921-1929 (File MS 22727)

Correspondents include: A. Motion, Lord Fingall and Lady Russell...

Fonds. Papers of Sean O' Luing, c. 1860-1968

Letters to Séan Ó Lúing, Alan Queale and others, c. 1860-1968 (File MS 22926)

Correspondence and papers collected by Alan Queale of Queensland concerning the newspaper Wild Goose, produced on the convict ship Hougoumont in 1867, and Fenian convicts transported to Western Australia, 1967-1968. The correspondence is between S. O'Luing, A. Queale, Reverend J.S. Moynihan (Perth), Sheila Johnson (Sydney), the Mitchell Library and others, 1967-1968, and discuss the Wild Goose, its editor John Flood, John B. O'Reilly, O'Luing's book Fremantle Mission, and Irish in Australia. There are also photocopies of Wild Goose and of the death certificates of J. Flood and C. Keane, cuttings from the Melbourne Advocate of articles by J.S. Moynihan on Fenian prisoners in Western Australia (1968) and other cuttings and notes.

Fonds. Miscellaneous Collections, 1862-05-07; 1922-05-09

R. Herbert (Brisbane) to Bishop J. Quinn, 7 May 1862 (File MS 22942)

Views of Queensland Government on formation and work of Quinn's Immigration Society; Quinn's allegation of neglect of Irish emigration by Jordan. (photocopy)

Michael Collins to Michael O'Dea (Perth), 9 May 1922 (File MS 22972)

Gratitude to Australians for aid in struggle for Irish independence. (photocopy)

Fonds MSS 24320-24392. Records of Irish National Aid Association and Volunteer Dependants Fund, 1916 - 1920

Series. Correspondence, 1916 - 1920

Correspondence and cables, mostly received by Reverend R. Bowden of Dublin, concerning funds raised in Australia and New Zealand for Irish relief, 1916 - 1920 (File MS 24322)

The correspondents include Archbishop D. Mannix (Melbourne), Archbishop J. Duhig (Brisbane), Bishop J. Norton (Pt. Augusta), J. McArdle (Brisbane), J. Coffey (Dunedin), the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the National Bank of Australasia...

Series MS 24385. Summaries of foreign contributions for Irish relief fund, 23 May 1916 - 28 February 1917