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Series. Admiral Sir Henry Keppel, 1847 - 1888

Subseries 5. Abstract Log of Meander, 18 November 1847 - 7 February 1850; 18 March 1850 - 31 July 1851

Details of: course; wind; weather; remarks - commissioning of ship; observed Prince Edward Islands; sailing in East Indies; grounding on uncharted shoal...

Subseries 14. Diaries, 1848 - 1849

Filmed selectively.

Diary, 1848 (File 14 B)

Details of: boarding Meander; sailing for East Indies; passengers - Mrs and Miss Napier; death of Napier's son; Madeira - social events; ceremonies of crossing the line; 'women dangerous things on board ship'; provisioning at Rio; Crew's duties; Singapore - social events; movements of other ships on station; wedding of Miss Napier to Hugh Low - 'as melancholy an event as a funeral'; instalment of Brooke with KCB; sailing with Brooke to Sarawak; attended feast given by natives for Brooke; his wife's health...

Diary, 1849 (File 14 C)

Details of; voyages in East Indies; Labuan; Singapore; shooting snipe; visit to Brooke at Sarawak; collecting shells; Hong Kong; Manila...

Subseries 48. Letters received, 1879

Filmed selectively.

Letters from J. Wilson (Wolverine, Sydney, Fiji), 1879 (File 48 G. 1879)

News of Keppel's son, Colin, on the Australian Station; arrival of French Rear Admiral; visits to Friendly Islands and Navigator group; New Hebrides; Solomon Islands; activities of pirates off New Guinea. (6 letters)

Subseries 49. Letters received, August 1880 - June 1888

Filmed selectively.

Letters, August 1880 (File 49 A. 1880)
J. Wilson (Sydney), 31 August 1880 (Item)

Re grounding on reef off Fiji; news of Colin - his debts. (8p.)

Letters, June 1888 (File 49 J. 1888)
Thomas Keppel (Sydney) claiming relationship with Keppel; his father jumped ship in Sydney in 1850. (4p.), 2 June 1888 (Item)

Subseries 63. Personal notebooks, July 1850

Filmed selectively.

Miscellaneous letters, July 1850 (File [A])
Notes on Tahiti. (5p.), July 1850 (Item)

Subseries 69. Log of Meander, 1 November 1847 - 31 July 1851

Abstract log and remarks...

Series. Captain Henry George Hamilton, 1839 - 1843

Subseries 93A. Letters to family from Australia, 2 October 1839 - 10 August 1843

40 Letters to his parents and family from Portsmouth, Union, Sydney, Colleroy, Clarence River...

Subseries 93B. Copies of letters written to his father from Australia, 6 July 1840; 15 November 1841; 9 July 1842; 6 March 1843


Subseries 94. Letter by Edward Hamilton, October 1843

Edward Hamilton (Steamboat) to George Clive (Croydon), 5 October 1843 (File)

Re return of Henry Hamilton to England 'a severe blow to me'; Henry Denison to go with him; his attendance on council. (4p.)

Series. Sir Louis Henry Keppel Hamilton, 1945 - 1955

Subseries 217. Account of Mission to Australia, and other trips, 3 December 1945 - 26 March 1948

Australian mission. (159p.)...

Subseries 226. Papers re Australian mission, 1945 - 1955

Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, proofs of articles (243p.). Includes:...

Subseries 251A. Letters written by Hamilton, June 1945 - January 1948

Folder 3, June 1945 - January 1948 (File)
L. Hamilton (Melbourne, Canberra, HMS Diamantina at sea, Hobart, HMAS Australia at sea) to his mother., 21 June 1945 - 31 January 1948 (Item)

Subjects include: air journey to Perth; the Melbourne Club; 'the local politicians are already beginning to monkey with the local navy so my job is not going to be a bed of roses' ; his health; Australian politics; Curtin; hospitalisation; stay at Government House, Melbourne 'both the Governor Sir Winston Dugan and his wife are delightful'; visit to Adams family in Western Victoria; Government House, Canberra, 'this is a bigger house then I expected and really not at all bad for Australia, where everything is inclined to be shoddy'; the Duke of Gloucester; social events in Melbourne; tour of inspection of northern ports; talks with Chifley on defence; Dr Evatt 'ruined UNO'; scandle of Schreiber and sacked valet; fishing trip to Buffalo Mountains; Mountbattens in Melbourne 'Melbourne went quite mad over them'; yachting trip on Diamantina - Townsville; American base at Manus, native village 'the natives were very primitive after the Yanks'; Dreger; trip to Adelaide, Norrie's opinion of Australians 'Lazy, slipshod and inefficient'; Christmas at Government House, Hobart and fishing trip; Paul Maguire; discussions on post war forces; American fleet visits Australia; lunch at Parliament House, Canberra; 'I won a famous victory at Canberra a couple of days ago in getting enough money out of the Government to put the Australian Navy on its feet'; maning of carriers by RAAF; conditions on Australia; visit to Samarai and Kivato; Christmas at Government House, Hobart...

Subseries 251B. Letters received by Hamilton, March 1945 - December 1950

Folder 1: Bundle, 8 March 1945 - 29 November 1945 (File)


Folder 2: Bundle, 10 January 1946 - 19 December 1946 (File)


Folder 2: Bundle, 24 January 1947 - 5 December 1950 (File)