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Created: 2019

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Extracts from Sir James Neville. Records of my family (printed) (File)

Filmed selectively.

Andrew Henderson (1717-1776) (Item ff. 16-26)

John Henderson (1759-1849) (Item ff. 27-35)

Admiral George Henderson (1785-1864) (Item ff. 37-43)

Sir Edmund Yeomans Walcott Henderson (1821-1896) (Item ff. 57-75)

John Edward Henderson (1826-1882) (Incomplete) (Item ff. 80-81)

Letters from Edmund Henderson to Maria Henderson, 1860 - 1862 (File)

Letters from Henderson to his wife while he was away from Fremantle on official duties. They were written from Bunbury, Mandurah, Pinjarra, The Vasse, Guildford, Northam, York and Perth. Most of them are not dated. They describe his journeys on horseback, the countryside that he passed through, his accommodation, meals, meetings with local families, kangaroo hunting, race meetings, agricultural shows, and a stay at Government House in Perth. There are references to family and domestic matters and the arrival of a new governor, John Hampton, in 1862. There are frequent references to Sir Arthur Kennedy, Sir Thomas Peel, and the Clifton, Brockman and Molloy families. (19 letters)

Letters from Admiral George Henderson to Edmund, Maria and Douglas Henderson, 1860 - 1863 (File)

Letters from Henderson, written from St Heliers, Jersey, and Deal, Kent, to his son, daughter-in-law and grandson. They refer to family news, naval and military affairs, and Edmund Henderson's work in Western Australia. There are also two letters from A.H. Wilson and J.S. Douglas (January 1864) to Edmund Henderson expressing sympathy on the death of his father. (9 letters)

Letters from Maria Henderson to Edmund Henderson, c. 1858-1862 (File)

All but two of the letters are undated. They were written from Fremantle and Rottnest Island and deal with family matters, meetings with friends including Lady Kennedy and her daughter, books, birds, and Henderson's garden. (11 letters)

Letter from P. Hurrie to Edmund Henderson, 22 January 1862 (File)

Written at Busselton, the letter seeks a conditional pardon for Hurrie. It states that his imprisonment commenced in 1851.

Letters from Maria Henderson to Admiral George Henderson, 1860 - 1862 (File)

The letters were written at Fremantle and refer to family news, their house and garden, Edmund Henderson's paintings, his future career, and the poor health of George Henderson. There are references to Edmund Henderson's long service in 'this desolated country' and his 'long banishment from the society of civilised men'. (7 letters)

Letters from Admiral George Henderson to Edmund Henderson, Maria Henderson and others, 1854 - 1859 (File)

The letters comment on family news, George Henderson's health and his life in Jersey, naval matters and European affairs, Edmund Henderson's 'Egyptian bondage', his valuable experiences in Western Australia and his hopes of promotion. There is also a letter (10 November 1855) to Colonel J. Jebb referring to Governor Kennedy's testimonial on behalf of his son. In addition to the originals, there are typed transcripts of most of the letters. (8 letters)

Miscellaneous manuscript and printed items, [c. 1852-09 - 1897-02-01] (File)

The newspapers and newspaper cuttings include issues of the Inquirer and Commercial News (10 March 1858, 28 January 1863), an article from an English newspaper entitled 'Celebrities at home: Colonel Henderson at Scotland Yard', an article by Henderson entitled 'Lost in the backwoods', Murray's Magazine, March 1887, pp 354-362, and his obituary in the Royal Engineers Journal, 1 February 1897 (10pp). There is also a booklet containing addresses presented to Henderson on his departure from Western Australia in January 1863...