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Series 1/2. Donald Munro Log of the Ship Superb, Melbourne to London, 14 September 1882 - 27 December 1882

Diary kept by passenger; details of leaving Sandridge; weather; sails set; entertainment on board; course and daily run; catching birds; gales and heavy seas; crossing date line; learning Latin and algebra from fellow passenger; playing quoits and cricket; sighting islands of Diego Ramirez: rounding the Horn; storm 'snows and hail fell heavily for a long time and we had a snowballing match'; sighting whales; birds; sighting other ships; transit of Venus; passing Lizard lighthouse...

Series 1/3. Captain's Abstract Logbook, 1872 - 1876

Includes Abstract logs of voyages made by Halloween Captain James Watt, London to Sydney, 1872-1876 and The Tweed, Captain W.Stuart, London to Melbourne, 1873...

Series 1/4. Captain's Abstract Logbook, 1870 - 1884

Logs of Patriarch, Captain Henry Plater on voyages London to Sydney, 1877, 1883; Thermopylae, Captain John Henderson, London to Sydney, 1881, Sydney to Shanghai 1881, to London 1882, London to Sydney 1882, Sydney to London, 1882; London to Sydney 1883, Sydney to London 1883-1884; Cutty Sark, Captain Moodie, London to Shanghai, 1870-1872...

Series 2. Torrens, 1876 - October 1923

Comprises: correspondence, notes, photographs and articles re Torrens, passenger ship to Adelaide, 1876-1903...

Series 3. Pacific Traders, c.1927-1929

Comprises: correspondence, press cuttings, and notes re Bully Hayes, trading in the Pacific and 'blackbirding'...

Series 5. Letters re Sundry Ships, 1911 - 1923


Claude Woollard (Hargicourt-Aisne) to Lubbock, 13 April 1911 (Item)

Re Penrhyn Castle's voyage in 1902, Tacoma to Port Natal to Newcastle New South Wales.

W. St. R. Dale (Christchurch) to Lubbock, 15 January 1923 (Item)

Re his voyage on Egmont to New Zealand.

F.W. Coombes (Chatswood) to Lubbock, 26 November 1923 (Item)

Re Mount Stewart and other sailing ships.

Series 6. Hawaiian Sugar Fleet, c.1929

Comprises: Correspondence with Alfred Moore (Penzance), draft articles and notes on ships engaged in carrying sugar from Hawaii to US ports c. 1929...

Series 9. Titania, c.1911-1928

Comprises: Correspondence, voyages book, notes and press cuttings re Titania and other China tea clippers, including Halloween and Sir Lancelot. Includes references to voyages to Australia...

Series 12-13. Cutty Sark, c.1882-1922

Filmed selectively.

Folder: Cutty Sark Papers, c.1882-1922 (File)

Comprises: Bills of lading, correspondence, draft articles, press cuttings, abstract log London/Sydney/London 8 May-27 December 1885, invoices, re Cutty Sark c1882-1922...

Series 16. Abstract log of Cutty Sark, 1889 - 1895

Includes voyages: Sydney/London, 1889/90; London/Sydney, 1890; Sydney/London 1890/91; Sydney/London 1891/92; London/Newcastle, 1892; Brisbane/London, 1894/95...

Series 18/3. Correspondence, 1928 - 1929

All letters to Lubbock, unless noted. Includes carbons of Lubbock's replies.

C File, April 1928 - September 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Sydney R Cox (South Australia), 28 July 1929; 3 September 1929 (Item)

Re Torrens.

Arthur Crane (Wyndham, Western Australia), 17 July 1929; 3 September 1929 (Item)

Re voyage on Benares. (5p.)

H.S. Copland (Natal), 10 April 1928; 4 May 1928 (Item)

Re voyage of Cedric the Saxon to Port Pirie and Newcasle in 1892.

D File, February 1928 - April 1928 (File)

Filmed selectively.

A.S. Diamond (Adelaide) re various sailing vessels at Port Adelaide. (9p.), 16 February 1928 - 3 April 1928 (Item)

F File, February 1928 - September 1928 (File)

Filmed selectively.

K.L. Fitzgerald (Bondi), 1 February 1928; 7 March 1928 (Item)

Re voyage on Pinmore in 1909.

M.H.O. Forbes (Adelaide), 8 August 1928; 19 September 1928 (Item)

Re service on Inverneill, his later career as Assistant modern language master at St Peter's College.

H File, April 1928 - March 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Charles Hopkins (Brisbane) re his interest in Aberdeen line. (5p.), 26 April 1928 - 12 March 1929 (Item)
Walter Bell (Legana, Tasmania) re German interest in Peter Denniston and Co, 1 August 1928 (Item)
James Hardie (Glasgow) re Peter Denniston and Co, October 1928 (Item)

L File, January 1928 - September 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Captain W.F. Lee (Largs Bay, South Australia), 26 June [n.y.] - 23 August 1929 (Item)

Re exchanging photographs of sailing ships. (65p.)

David Little (Moonee Ponds) sending cuttings and photographs of ships. (11 p.), 7 December 1928; n.d.; 5 March 1928; 24 January 1928; 17 September 1929 (Item)

M File, April 1928 - July 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

T.D. Mackie (Claremont), 20 April 1928; 31 May 1928 (Item)

Re end of Thornliebank, with press cutting.

Captain Lucas (Kempston), 28 February 1929 - 26 July 1929 (Item)

Re voyages of Middlesex to Australia, 1885. (20p.)

O File, April 1929 - October 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Bedford Osborne (Gundaroo) re photographs of Thermopylae, other sailing ships 'we've had a fair cow of a year'. (8p.), 3 April 1929; 3 February 1929; 1 October 1929 (Item)

S File, March 1929 - July 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

George Schutze (Sydney) introducing George Beachcroft, 29 March 1929 - 31 March 1929 (Item)
P.H.Shepherd (East London), 18 May 1929 - 7 July 1929 (Item)

Re remarks made about him while mate on Torrens on voyage to Port Adelaide in 1899. (18p.)...

T File, January 1929 - July 1929 (File)

Filmed selectively.

C.E.Tempest (Ipswich) re voyages on Duntroone to New Zealand in 1873, 15 January 1929 (Item)
E.H.Preston Thomas (Auckland) re his remarks about a mate on Torrens, 19 July 1929 (Item)

W File, August 1928 - October 1928 (File)

Filmed selectively.

H. Watson (Williamstown) re 'Blackbirding', 28 August 1928; 8 October 1928 (Item)

Series 20. Correspondence, 1880 - 1936

All letters to Lubbock, unless noted...

A File, April 1931 - April 1933 (File)

Press cutting from Advertiser (Adelaide) re deaths of Captains Armstrong and Thomson, April 1931 (Item)
Captain R.Hamilton (Bluff Harbour), 12 April 1933 (Item)

Enclosing press cutting from Southland Daily News re Auckland Islands and Campbell Island.

B File, July 1932 - September 1932 (File)

Major General J.H. Bruche (Melbourne), 12 July 1932 - 15 July 1932; 27 September 1932 (Item)

Re relative merits of Cutty Sark and Thermopylae, annual dinner of ship lovers' society.

E File, October 1883 - February 1933 (File)

Henry E. Earp (Hull), 25 October 1929 (Item)

Enclosing paper by Captain David Thomson on voyages of Euphrosyne c.1887 - 1907 on Australia trade. (17p.)

J.C.B. Jarvis (Tayport), 13 February 1933 (Item)

Enclosing paper on Earl Dalhousie, taking emigrants to AustraliaIncludes: photograph of ship. (6p.)

Copy of extract from Sydney Morning Herald re Ellora and her new ventilating system. (2p.), 15 October 1883 (Item)
R. Ridge (Melbourne), 7 February 1931 (Item)

Re Ellora and Garfield.

Douglas Hay (Batlow), 14 August 1930 (Item)

Re Earl of Dunmore and the firing of her cargo in Rose Bay.

G File, November 1930 - March 1936 (File)

Filmed selectively.

C. Ross Mackenzie (Cooee, Tasmania), 8 November 1930 (Item)

Re wreck of G.W.Wolft on Prime Seal Island, Bass Strait (photograph lacking).

Claude Gray (Feilding, New Zealand), 13 March 1936 (Item)

Re sailing ships (incomplete).

I - J File, 1880 - November 1930 (File)

W.F. Lee (Largs Bay), 27 November 1930 (Item)

Re new ship being built at Copenhagen.

Lieutenant Lovegrove (HMS Dunedin, Noumea), 27 July 1930 (Item)

Re old sailing ships now on reef.

Copy of press cutting from a Melbourne paper, 1880 (Item)

Re arrival of Loch Maree from Glasgow.

N File, June 1930 - December 1930 (File)

Eino Myllymaki (Viking, Geelong), 1 June 1930 (Item)

Re voyage to Australia on Olivebank, encloses 5 photographs.

Douglas Hay (Batlow), 14 December 1930 (Item)

Re rivalry between British and German ships engaged in nitrate trade.

Henry De Denne (Hastings), 4 November 1930 (Item)

Re his father's diary of voyage to Australia in Norfolk in 1869, his voyage to New Zealand in Invercargill, 1899 - 1901.

S File, July 1931 - April 1934 (File)

A.B. Gerrard (Newcastle, New South Wales), former master of Shandon, 28 September 1931 (Item)

Re her voyage to Australia; his other ships. (13p.)

James Whealen (Brighton), 9 July 1931 (Item)

Re his writings for Bulletin and other journals using pen name 'Sierra'.

H. Hutchings (London), April 1934 (Item)

Memories of voyage on Selkirkshire to Australia, 1893-1894. (10p.)

U - V File, 19 October 1930 (File)

R.Ridge (Melbourne) re run of Vanduara to Melbourne in 1888, 19 October 1930 (Item)

Series 30/5. Log and journal kept on HMS Beagle and HMS Nelson, [June] 1881 - May 1884

On Australian station...

Series 33/2. Captain Pattman's Voyages, 1883 - 1907

Notes on Captain Pattman's and others' voyages in sailing ships, many to Australia. Ships include: Loch Katrine, Loch Long, Heather Bell, Young Australia, Queen of Colonies, Dundee, City of Adelaide, Mermerus, Loch Torridon, Loch Etive, Loch Shiel. Index at back.(150p.)

Series 35/3. Log of Samuel Plimsoll on a voyage London to Sydney. (74p.), 5 March 1897 - 31 October 1897

Details of course, wind, weather, some remarks on weather, duties of crew, 'Mr Guigold passenger expired very quietly without a struggle', 18 May...

Series 38/6. Register of London Whalers

Includes notes on Southsea Whalers owned by Samuel Enderby and Sons and Green Wigram and Green...

Series 38/7. A Journal of a voyage from London to the coast of Peru by the whale ship Georgiana, 1802 - 1803

by William Mott...

Series 38/8. Log of the William Southsea whaling ship by William Mott, 1796 - 1803

Details of leaving London in company of other ships, 12 April 1796; duties of crew; rounding Cape Horn; Isle of Masafuro; killing whales; Chatham Island; watching for turtles; other whaling ships; scurvy; catching turpins on James Island; Narborough Island...

Series 38/10. Voyage of Comet to Southsea Fishery, 1812 - 1815 and notes from voyage of the Rattler by Captain James Colnett, 24 December 1792 - 1815


Extracts from log of Hull Whaler Comet to Southsea fishery, 3 September 1812 - 3 December 1815 (Item [A])

Details of ship, Captain Abel Scurr; other Southsea whalers; course; rounding Cape Horn; rendezvous at Mocha Island; catching sperm whales; duties of crew; rebel action in Telquana Roads, Comet boarded and crew taken prisoner; Comet liberated; order finally restored by Spanish and Comet allowed to sail after being detained 12 months; killing blackfish; killing seals on Hood, Charles and Gardener Islands to make shoes for crew; death of Captain Scurr at Callao; voyage home.

Notes from a voyage to the South Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean, 1798 (Item [B])

For the purpose of extending the Spermaceli Whale Fisheries and other objects of commerce by ascertaining the Ports, Bays, Harbours and anchoring births in certain islands and coasts in those seas at which the ships of the British merchants might be refitted undertaken and performed by Captain James Colnett of the Royal Navy in the ship Rattler.

Details of Colnett's previous service; fitting out of Rattler, voyage, 24 December 1792 - 1 November 1794 (Item)

Series 39/4. Log of and notes on Normancourt by Frank Logan, 17 March 1879 - 13 July 1879

Copy of journal kept by passenger Frank Logan on voyage of Normancourt, London to Sydney...

Series 39/5. Thermopylae Notebook, 1868 - 1895

Notes, correspondence and press cuttings on the voyages of Thermopylae to Australia. Correspondents include Charles Hopkins (Brisbane).

Series 39/8. Cutty Sark: Notebook, 1870 - 1894

Notes and press cuttings on Cutty Sark....

Series 39/13. Captain D.Williams Logs of Medway and Bellands, 12 September 1916 - 12 May 1927


D.Williams (St Dogmaels) to Lubbock re sailing round world on Medway and news of his brother, Deputy Director of Navigation for New South Wales, 12 and 25 May 1927 (Item)

Copy of log of Medway on voyage round the world, 12 September 1916 - 22 October 1917 (Item)

Kept by R.O.Harris, chief mate.

Copy of log of Bellands, St Nazaire to Port Lincoln, Sydney and Belfast, 29 August 1921 - 27 August 1922 (Item)

Kept by Captain Williams. Details of course, wind, weather.

Series 39/25. Captain Edward John Molony's Abstracts, 1874 - 1897

Voyages book for British Statesman, 1874, 1877-1880; British Commodore, 1875-1876; British Merchant, 1880-1893 and British Isles, 1893-1897 on voyages to and from Australia...

Series 39/27. Log of Commonwealth, 30 January 1895 - June 1899

Copy of log of Commonwealth...

Series 39/31. South Sea Islands. Cuttings and notes

Subjects include: William Henry 'Bully' Hayes; Tahitian customs; fauna; vocabularies; sandalwood trade; Pitcairn Island; Hawaii; New Zealand dependencies; canoes...

Series 41. Miscellaneous Logs, 6 January 1855 - 31 May 1912

Filmed selectively.

Abstract log of Loch Broom of Glasgow, London to Melbourne, 31 August - 16 December 1911 and Melbourne to London, 23 February 1912 - 31 May 1912 (File [A])

Details of weather, course, position, remarks - weather, winds, sails set, anchorage at Port Adelaide; anchorage at Williamstown...

Abstract log of Harbinger, 8 July 1884 - 25 March 1887 (File [B])

London to Melbourne, 8 July - 2 October 1884, Melbourne to London, 24 December 1884 - 3 April 1885, London to Melbourne, 30 May - 22 August 1885, London to Melbourne 5 June - 1 September 1886, Melbourne to London...

Lightning Gazette and Black Ball Line Advertiser, 6 January 1855 - 1 August 1857 (File 42)

Copies of the Lightning Gazette and Black Ball Line Advertiser covering 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th voyages of Lightning to Australia 6 January 1855 - 1 August 1857...