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Aborigines Protection Society
British and Foreign Anti-Slavery and Aborigines' Protection Society (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
2 May 1837 - 1895
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M2426 - M2435
66 items
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Scope and Contents

Letters received by Secretaries of the Aborigines Protection Society: Thomas Hodgkin (1837-1866), F.W. Chesson (1866-1888) and H.R. Fox-Bourne (1888-1909). They deal in particular with: the treatment of Aborigines in Queensland and Western Australia and of Maoris in New Zealand; charges made by Reverend J. Gribble in Western Australia; the visit of Maori chiefs to England in 1882 and 1884; the Pacific labour trade and the treatment of Pacific Islanders in Queensland; the 1875 Pacific Islanders Protection Bill; cases involving Jason, Carl and other labour vessels; the annexation of New Guinea in 1884; and land rights and race relations in Fiji and Tonga.

Letters received by Secretaries of the Anti-Slavery Society: L.A. Chamerouzow (1852-1870), Thomas Phillips (1870-1874), Benjamin Millard (1871-1875), Charles Allen (1879-1898), Joseph Cooper (1871-1879) and Edmund Sturge (1871-1879).

Correspondents include W. Brookes, J. Sunderland, F. Chesson, Bishop C. Abraham, Sir Thomas Buxton, J. Cooper, Agnes Craig, Admiral J. Erskine, G.W. Rusden, J.B. Thurston, W.F. Parr, Sir George Grey, Reverend J.G. Paton, Te Wheoro, A. Davidson, R. Short and J. Douglas.

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Archival History

Filmed at the Rhodes House Library, Oxford, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1988 (AJCP Reel:M2426-M2435). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

These records were formerly held at Rhodes House Library, South Parks Road, Oxford, England. The collections of the Rhodes House Library were re-located to the Weston Library at the University of Oxford in 2014.

Existence and Location of Originals

Special collections, Weston Library, University of Oxford, Broad Street, Oxford, England.

Collection Reference: MSS. Brit Emp. S18, MSS. Brit Emp. S22. For more information see Aborigines Protection Society at the University of Oxford []

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Australian Aboriginal, Maori and Pacific Islander people are advised that this Finding Aid contains material and descriptive information which may be considered culturally sensitive and may cause distress, including names and images of Aboriginal and Pacific Islander people now deceased. This Finding Aid contains terms that reflect authors' views or those of the historical period, but which may not be considered appropriate today. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.


Aborigines Protection Society. ; Abraham, Charles J., Bishop; Allen, Charles; Anti-Slavery Society; Asia; Australia; Australian Aboriginals; Australian Aboriginals: Queensland; Australian Aboriginals: Western Australia; Brookes, W. ; Buxton, Sir Thomas F. ; Carl (Ship) ; Chamerouzow, L.A. ; Chesson, F.W. ; Cooper, Joseph; Craig, Agnes; Davidson, A. ; Douglas, John; Erskine, J., Admiral; Fiji; Fox-Boume, H.R. ; Great Britain; Great Britain: laws; Grey, Sir George, Governor; Gribble, J., Rev. ; Hodgkin, Thomas; Jason (Ship) ; Maori; Millard, Benjamin; New Zealand; New Zealand Wars; Pacific labour trade; Papua New Guinea: annexation; Parr, W.F. ; Paton, J.G., Rev. ; Phillips, Thomas; Queensland; Rusden, George W. ; Short, R. ; Sturge, Edmund; Sunderland, J. ; Te Wheoro; Thurston, Sir John B. ; Tonga; Western Australia


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 3, pp1-2.

Biographical / Historical

The Aborigines Protection Society was founded in 1837, mainly to carry out the recommendations of the 1835-1837 House of Commons Select Committee on Aboriginal Tribes (Chairman: Sir Thomas F. Buxton). Buxton was the first President and Dr Thomas Hodgkin was the first Secretary. The aim of the Society was 'to assist in protecting the defenceless and promoting the advancement of uncivilised tribes'. An auxiliary Society for the Protection of Aborigines of New South Wales was founded in 1838. The Society took a particularly strong interest in native affairs in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific in the period 1866-1888, when F.W. Chesson was Secretary and Sir Robert Fowler was Treasurer. It maintained close relations with the Anti-Slavery Society (founded by Buxton in 1825) and the two societies amalgamated in 1909.

Item Descriptions

Series MSS Brit Emp. S 18. Committee on Slavery and the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, 2 May 1837 - 13 June 1892

56 items

Subseries C1-121. Nineteenth Century Correspondence, 1842 - 13 June 1892

17 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2426.

L.A. Chamerouzow, 7 September 1853 - 8 November 1872 (File C27-C37)
2 items

Biographical / Historical

L.A. Chamerouzow, Secretary of Anti-Slavery Society 1852-1870

H. Johnson (Adelaide) to Chamerouzow, 7 September 1853 (Item C33/4)

Arrival in Adelaide; wages of labourers; recommends Australia as best place for escaped slaves.

Filmed selectively by the AJCP.

T. Powell (Samoa), 8 November 1872 (Item C35/47-48)

Sends account of slavery in South Seas (5pp); escape of Captain. W. Hayes.

Selectively filmed by AJCP.

T. Phillips, 29 September 1870 - 26 December 1871 (File C38-40)
3 items

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Phillips, Assistant Secretary of Anti-Slavery Society 1870-1871

W. Brooks (Brisbane), 2 October 1871 (Item C38/144)

Pacific labour trade; report of Government Immigration Agent; cases of Jason and Daphne; Polynesian labour favoured by Queensland Government.

W. Brooks, 26 December 1871 (Item C38/145)

Sends cuttings; memorial to Queen Victoria opposing coloured labour; Lord Normanby.

W. Brooks to Phillips: (Summary), 2 October 1871 (Item C38/146)
J.H. Davies (Samoa) to Secretaries, 8 August 1871 (Item C38/96)

Reply to circular on kidnapping in South Seas.

J. Douglas (Brisbane) to Phillips, 3 September 1871 (Item C39/102)

Arrival in Queensland; Polynesian question.

J. Douglas (Brisbane) to Phillips, 26 December 1871 (Item C39/103)

Case of master of Jason; sends copy of petition to Queen Victoria; creation of territorial democracy.

W.W. Gill (Mangaia) to Secretaries, 12 August 1871 (Item C39/123)

Acknowledges report of Anti-Slavery Conference; Mangaia free of slave trade.

E. Hoole (Wesleyan Missionary Society) to Phillips, 29 September 1870 (Item C40/6)

No information on Pacific kidnapping.

J. Sleigh (Lifu) to Phillips, 18 December 1871 (Item C40/89)

Reply to circular on labour trade in Lifu.

J. Sunderland (Sydney) to Phillips, 29 November 1870 (Item C40/95)

Pacific labour trade; Royal Commission; criticizes statements of Maryborough Sugar Company; overriding desire for cheap labour.

J. Sunderland to Phillips, 6 September 1871 (Item C40/96)

Charges against New Hebrides missionary; paper by Reverend R. Steel on Pacific labour trade.

J Sunderland to Phillips, 29 September 1871 (Item C40/97)

Pacific labour trade.

(S. Whitmore?) to [Phillips], [1871] (Item C40/112)

Reply to circular on labour trade in Gilbert Islands.

B. Millard, 1842 - 24 February 1875 (File C41-46)
4 items

Biographical / Historical

Benjamin Millard, Secretary of Anti-Slavery Society 1871-1875.

D. Henderson (Melbourne) to Millard, 1842 - 1873 (Item C43/146-50)

Polynesian slave trade; distribution of pamphlet in Victoria; sends correspondence with Governor and Chief Secretary of Victoria on Carl case. (2 letters)

W. Brookes (Brisbane) to J. Cooper, 28 December 1872 (Item C43/151)

Reply to Governor's despatch; no need for coloured labour in Queensland.

Cuttings on Carl prosecution and Pacific labour trade, December 1872 (Item C43/152)
D. Henderson to Millard, 24 February 1875 (Item C43/153)

Introduces R. Tweedie.

Correspondence, 11 May 1874 (File C44)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

F. Langham (Fiji) to Millard, 11 May 1874 (Item 63)

Pacific labour trade; large number of overtime foreign labourers in Fiji.

Correspondence, 1 January 1872 (File C45)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Reverend J.G. Paton (Anewa) to Reverend J. Kay, 1 January 1872 (Item 79)

Activities of labour vessel Daphne in New Hebrides; lives of missionaries endangered by slaves; revenge murder of planter at Tanna.

Correspondence, 31 July 1872 - 1 October 1873 (File C46)
3 items

Filmed selectively.

J. Sunderland (Sydney) to Millard, 31 July 1872 (Item 54)

Acknowledges pamphlet on Polynesian slave trade; trial of crew of Carl; public opinion turning against labour trade.

J. Sunderland to Millard, 2 December 1872 (Item 55)

Agitation to return Polynesians at Fiji to their homes; Carl case.

J. Sunderland to Millard, 1 October 1873 (Item 56)

Introduces Dr. Michell, Acting Consul at Fiji; visits of warships to islands.

C. Allen, 27 July 1877 - 13 June 1892 (File C48-71)
3 items

Biographical / Historical

Charles Allen, Secretary of Anti-Slavery Society 1879-1898.

F. Chesson to Allen, 31 March 1886 (Item C54/79)

Seeks more information from Bellows on treatment of natives in Queensland.

Reverend P.H. Cornford to [Allen], 27 July 1877 (Item C54/140)

Move from Auckland to Sydney.

Reverend J. Fawcett (Rockhampton) to G. Chalkley, 3 December 1882 (Item C56/144)

Attempts of sugar planters to introduce slavery to Queensland; abuse authority by magistrates at Bundaberg.

P. Nicolson (Bundaberg) to G.H. Wills, 13 June 1892 (Item C64/6)

Good health of Pacific islanders in Queensland compared to slum dwellers in England expense of white labour.

W.P. Parr (Levuka) to Allen, 20 May 1885 (Item C64/95)

Deputation to J.B. Thurston on treatment of natives by Fijian Government; natives unable procure redress against chiefs; public folggings for refusal to do Government work.

Reverend J.G. Paton (Glasgow) to Allen, 30 July 1885 (Item C64/96)

Urges Society to bring end to Pacific labour trade.

Includes: letter from John Payne [26 September]

J. Cooper, 1870 - 21 June 1876 (File C92-96)
1 items

Biographical / Historical

Joseph Cooper, Hon. Secretary of Anti-Slavery Society 1871-1879.

W. Brookes (Brisbane) to Cooper, 10 July 1872 (Item C92/11)

Sends cuttings on Pacific labour trade.

W. Brookes to Cooper, 22 February 1873 (Item C92/12)

Sends cuttings on Pacific labour trade.

Sir Arthur Gordon to Cooper, 18 December 1874 (Item C92/45)

Willing to accept address from Society.

J. Cooper to [unknown], February 1875 (Item C92/46)

Deputation to Sir Arthur Gordon. (draft)

Sir Arthur Gordon to Cooper, 18 March 1875 (Item C92/47)


R. Short (Melbourne) to Cooper, 1870 - 1874 (Item C92/79-88)

Pacific labour trade, visit to New Zealand; Challenge case; Carl massacre; Sir George Bowen; distribution of pamphlets. (9 letters)

G. Stephen (Melbourne) to Cooper, 21 June 1876 (Item C92/92)

Trial of George Stevenson and Sons in Melbourne; crime in Victoria.

E. Sturge, 25 July 1870 - 10 May 1873 (File C97-101)
1 items

Biographical / Historical

Edmund Sturge, Hon. Secretary, Anti-Slavery Society 1871-1879

F. Chesson to Sturge, 25 July 1870 (Item C97/46)

Deputation to Lord Kimberley on Pacific labour trade, settlement of northern Australia and other matters.

F. Chesson to Sturge, 15 March 1872 (Item C97/52)

Pacific Islanders Protection Bill.

F. Chesson to Sturge, 10 May 1873 (Item C97/53)

Deputation to Lord Kimberley Fiji.

J. Gordon (Eromanga) to Sturge, February 1871 (Item C97/94-102)

Reply to circular on kidnapping in Pacific; sends cuttings on labour trade and Daphne case.

Reverend A. Murray (Lifu, Loyalty Island) to Secretaries, 20 January 1871 (Item 148)

Reply to circular on kidnapping in Pacific.

Editor of Anti-Slavery Reporter, 13 August 1870 (File C103)
1 item
E. March (Ovalau) to Editor, 13 August 1870 (Item 100)

Wishes to receive Reporter regularly.

Sir Thomas F. Buxton, junior, 22 August 1873 - 20 May 1885 (File C109)
1 item
W.F. Parr (Levuka) to Buxton, 20 May 1885 (Item 95)

Deputation to J.B. Thurston on treatment of natives by Fijian Government.

Sir Thomas Buxton to B. Millard, [1874]-01-23 (Item 129)

Sends papers received from J. Bramston.

B. Tower (Melbourne) to J. Bramston, 22 August 1873 (Item 130)

Visit to Pacific Islands; believes labourers left voluntarily although in past they were kidnapped.

J. Bramston (Brisbane) to Lord Normanby, 1 September 1873 (Item 131)

Evidence in case of Captain. Coath and kidnapping of Polynesians. (copy)

Pease Family, 30 January 1882 (File C116)
1 item
W.F. Parr (Levuka) to A. Pease, 30 January 1882 (Item 12)

Recruitment of lab in Pacific; Bishop J.R. Selwyn; pleased that Sir Arthur Gordon no longer High Commissioner.

Subseries C122-67. Aborigines Protection Society, 2 May 1837 - 1888

33 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reels M2426-M2430.

T. Hodgkin, 2 May 1837 - 2 March 1861 (File C122)
1 items

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Hodgkin, Secretary of Aborigines Protection Society 1837-1866

N. Embling (Melbourne) to Hodgkin, 4 January 1859 (Item 36)

Proposed settlement in north-west Australia; suggestion that settlers be given free grants; Indigenous Australians.

J.B. Hack (Adelaide) to Hodgkin, 26 June 1840 (Item 39)

Wreck of Maria at Encounter Bay; survivors murdered by Indigenous Australians; defends action of Governor G. Gawler in issuing commission for summary trial of murderer [text illegible]

J.B. Hack to Hodgkin, [1839]-06-15 (Item 40)

Arrival of cousin J. Godle difficulty of educating Indigenous Australian children in South Australia; damage to stock caused by Indigenous Australians' dogs; encounters with Indigenous Australians visit of J. Backhouse and G. Walker to Australia.

P. Hervey (Port Macquarie) to Hodgkin, 2 May 1837 (Item 42)

Ill-health; English news; visit of J. Backhouse and G. Walker.

Hodgkin to [unknown], 13 February 1861 (Item 82)

New Zealand war; opposition in press to Maoris.

Hodgkin to [unknown], 2 March 1861 (Item 83)

Parliamentary motion on New Zealand War; need to help Members of Parliament in defending Maoris.

F.W. Chesson, 1861 - 1888 (File C123-49)
25 items

Biographical / Historical

F.W. Chesson, Secretary of Aborigines Protection Society 1866-1888

Bishop C. Abraham (Lichfield) to Chesson, 10 August 1877 (Item 22)

Medical help for Fijian natives; New Zealand experience suggests European medical system too drastic for Polynesians.

Bishop C. Abraham to Chesson, 4 November 1880 (Item 25)

Belief in Home Rule in colonies; mismanagement of Maoris by Crown; advantages of Maori representation in New Zealand Parliament.

Bishop C. Abraham to Chesson, [1882]-07-16 (Item 28)

Disasters caused by neglect of natives in 1852 New Zealand Constitution.

Bishop C. Abraham to Chesson, 8 June 1884 (Item 30)

Visit of Bishop O. Hadfield to England; Maori petition.

Bishop C. Abraham to Chesson, 12 July 1884 (Item 31)

Amendment to Maori petition.

Bishop C. Abraham to Chesson, 22 July 1884 (Item 32)

Maori petition; Crown should be prevented from making treaty with natives and subsequently handing them over to colonial government.

J.E. Alexander to Chesson, 17 March 1873 (Item 126)

Seeks information on Maoris for book on bush fighting.

J.E. Alexander to [Chesson], 14 November 1875 (Item 128)

Sends cutting on treatment of Maoris at Shortland goldfield.

C. Allan (Brighton) to Chesson, 6 February 1883 (Item 14)

Deputation on New Hebrides.

C. Allan to Chesson, 31 March 1886 (Item 25)

Sends letter from J. Bellows; atrocious acts of black troopers towards fellow Indigenous Australians in Queensland

J. Bellows to Marshall, 27 March 1886 (Item 26)

Accounts of treatment of natives in Queensland.

Anderson, Anderson and Co. to Chesson, 5 August 1882 (Item 72)

Passage of Maori chiefs back to New Zealand.

Anderson, Anderson and Co. to Chesson, 9 August 1882 (Item 73)

Passage of Maori chiefs.

Anderson, Anderson and Co. to Chesson, May 1884 - August 1884 (Item 76-80)

Visit of Maori King and party to England. (5 letters).

J.D. Appleton to Chesson, 24 July 1875 (Item 99)

Openings for mission work in Fiji.

J. Ashbury (Brighton) to Chesson, November 1884 (Item 21-26)

Visit of New Zealand chief to England. (6 letters)

W. Ashby to Chesson, July 1882 - September 1882 (Item 27-30)

Arrangements for return Maori chiefs. (4 letters)

Bishop W.G. Cowie (Auckland) to Chesson, 5 December 1882 (Item 50)

Acknowledges donation for Maori clergy; Chesson's kindness to Maori chiefs in England

Charlotte Austen to Chesson, 9 July 1884 (Item 51)

Sends donation for fund for Maori chiefs.

G.B. Austen to Chesson, 6 October 1887 (Item 52)

Continuance of Pacific labour trade.

Reverend H. Bailey to Chesson, 31 July 1882 (Item 57)

Donation for expenses of Maori chiefs.

E. Beales to Chesson, 29 June 1880 (Item 126)

Introduces Johnstone from Fiji.

W. Beck to Chesson, 9 September 1881 (Item 129-30)

Sends cutting on massacres in Solomon Islands.

W.W. Bedford to Chesson, 29 July 1882 (Item 132)

Sends donation for expenses of Maoris.

Sir Francis Bell to Chesson, 1882 - 1885 (Item 145-56)

Visit of Maori chiefs to England; memorial to Lord Derby; sends letter (in Maori) of Te Wheoro. (10 letters)

J. Beresford to Chesson, n.d. (Item 183)

Convict prison at Rottnest Island murder of natives.

G. Bethell to Chesson, [1886]-04-06 (Item 187)

Deputation to Sir Will Des Voeux.

J. Bellows to [unknown], 2 April 1886 (Item 204)

Letter on treatment of natives in Queensland.

F. Blunt to Chesson, 29 July [n.y.] (Item 26)

Donation for Maori chiefs fund.

J. Bonwick to Chesson, 1870 - 1887 (Item 41-48)

Bonwick's publications; lecture on Tasmanian Indigenous Australians; scheme for new edition of The last of the Tasmanians.(8 letters)

G.G. Bradley to Chesson, 26 June 1884 (Item 91)

Visit of Maoris to Westminster Abbey

T. Brocklehurst (Leeds) to Chesson, March 1887 - October 1887 (Item 120-26)

Treatment of Christians at Tonga; E. Crosby; J.B. Thurston. (7 letters)

W. Brodie to Chesson, 25 April 1886 (Item 127)

Introduces W. Surplice from Fiji.

Reverend C. Brooke to Chesson, August 1884 - December 1884 (Item 130-33)

Publication of book on South Sea Islands. (4 letters)

Sir Thomas Buxton to Chesson, [1871]-07-21 (Item 118)

Complaint of Queensland Agent-General about letter from Society to Lord Kimberley allegations of W. Brookes.

Sir Thomas Buxton to Chesson, [1882-08-18] (Item 169)

Sends donations for Maoris.

Sir Thomas Buxton to Chesson, [1882]-09-16 (Item 171)

Thanks for photograph of Maoris; Bishop of Nelson.

Sir Thomas Buxton to Chesson, [1882]-09-20 (Item 172)

Scheme for purchase of land for Maori settlement.

Sir Thomas Buxton to Chesson, [1884]-09-11 (Item 186)

Te Wheora.

Sir Thomas Buxton to Chesson, [1885]-12-09 (Item 190)

Bryce v. Rusden libe[illegible] case.

A. Buzacott to Chesson, 22 November 1875 (Item 239)

Proposal of Sir Arthur Gord[text cut off] to introduce coolies to Fiji.

F. Calvert to Chesson, 1 August 1882 (Item 3)

Donation for Maoris.

J. Calvert to Chesson, 9 May 1887 (Item 6)

Tongan troubles.

J. Calvert to Chesson, 1 June 1887 (Item 7)

Report of Sir Charles Mitchell on Tongan affairs.

J. Calvert to Chesson, 7 October 1887 (Item 8-10)

Tongan affairs; health of King George.

C. Cameron to Chesson, 19 March 1886 (Item 11)

Instructions to naval officers in Pacific.

C. Cameron to Chesson, 3 September 1886 (Item 12)

Proceedings in Pacific.

Sir George Campbell to Chesson, 19 August 1887 (Item 44)

Society should oppose surrender of New Guinea to Queensland.

Sir George Campbell to Chesson, 22 August 1887 (Item 45)

New Guinea situation

Sir George Campbell to Chesson, 8 September 1887 (Item 47)

W. McArthur and Australian territorial ambitions.

D. Carly (Perth) to Chesson, 1884 - 1886 (Item 79-93)

Atrocities committed again natives in north-western Australia; kidnapping, rape and murder; trial Sir Frederick Broome; Reverend. J. Gribble; sends cuttings.

Cuttings concerning influx of Chinese and care of natives in Western Australia (Item 98-100)
D. Carly. Statement on atrocities involving police, n.d. (Item 101)
C. Carter to Chesson, [1886-10-14] (Item 124)

Seeks publications for collection for library in New Zealand.

C. Carter to Chesson, 19 October 1886 (Item 125)

Acknowledges books.

Reverend J. Chalmers. Account of murders of Captain Craig and companions on Emily at Joannet Island, n.d. (Item 139)
Reverend J. Chalmers to Chesson, February 1887 - April 1887 (Item 140-45)

Craig case; oppo transfer of New Guinea to Queensland; cost of administering New Guinea Reverend W. Lawes. (4 letters)

E. Champtaloup (Auckland) to Chesson, 5 January 1886 (Item 156)

Seeks financial aid for Maori Press Association.

S. Chant to Chesson, 9 June 1884 (Item 157)

Wishes to meet New Zealand chiefs; service on H.M.S. Calliope in 1846.

J. Chapman to Chesson, 26 December 1887 (Item 158)

Requests article on New Guinea by G.S. Fort for Westminster Review.

Reverend J. Cheese (Rugby) to Chesson, 20 July 1882 (Item 164)

Donation for Maoris.

H. Chesson to Chesson, [1884-09-09] (Item 166)

Te Wheora.

C. Collet to Chesson, 1881 - 1887 (Item 8-20)

Allegations of cannibalism in Fiji attacks on Sir Arthur Gordon and native taxation policy; appointment of son as secretary to Western Pacific High Commissioner; colonial defence lecture on New Britain; German colonial policy. (12 letters) (no. 11 incomplete)

J. Cooper to Chesson, 1869-01-04 [ie 1870] (Item 40)

Letter to Daily News on Brisbane slave trade.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 13 January 1870 (Item 41)

Sends letter from R. Short of Brisbane; memorial of Fijians for protectorate.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 2 June 1870 (Item 47)

Sends letter from R. Short.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 3 March 1876 (Item 71)

Relations between Anti-Slavery Society and Aborigines Protection Society; agitation for annexation of New Guinea.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 27 April 1877 (Item 84)

Refers to import of coolies into Fiji.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 5 May 1877 (Item 91)

Returns withheld by Queensland Government.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 16 July 1877 (Item 92)

Fijian ordinances; Sir Arthur Gordon and import of compulsory labour.

J. Cooper to Chesson, 1 September 1877 (Item 93)

Fijian ordinance.

W. Coote to Chesson, 2 September 1883 (Item 104)

Seeks material for book on Western Pacific.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, [1861] (Item 142)

Fears all Maoris capable of resistance will be massacred.

Agnes Craig (Edinburgh) to Chesson, 23 May 1870 (Item 149)

Sends cuttings on employment of Maoris on public works.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, 17 November 1875 (Item 158)

Notice in Christian on New Guinea expedition.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, 12 May 1876 (Item 160)

Report that Queensland colonists distributed poisoned flour among natives.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, 29 August 1878 (Item 165)

Pamphlet on ill-treatment of Queensland Indigenous Australians; Reverend G. Butler.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, 3 September 1878 (Item 166)

Acknowledges papers on Queensland.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, 22 October 1879 (Item 168)

Requests pamphlets on Australian Aboriginals for G. Hogg of Leith.

Agnes Craig to Chesson, 22 December 1880 (Item 179)

Requests that Aborigines Friend be sent to W. Terrot of Melbourne.

J. Cropper to Chesson, [1884]-07-17 (Item 209)

Sends donation for Maoris

E. Crosby (Sydney) to Captain Howitt, 19 January 1887 (Item 218)

Tongan affairs J.B. Thurston; Reverend S. Baker.

R. Cust to Chesson, 25 June 1886 (Item 232)

Seeks publications on missions to Aboriginal Australians.

R. Cust to Chesson, 9 July 1886 (Item 233)

Treatment of Australian Aboriginals.

A. Davidson (Brisbane) to Chesson, 1869 - 1879 (Item 85-130)

Pacific labour trade; Daphne trial; 1870 Royal Commission; legislation against kidnapping; procurement of New Guinea natives; annexation of Fiji; trials of trader deaths of Islanders on ships; atrocities committed towards Indigenous Australians; Sir Arthur Kennedy; Chinese immigrants in Queensland; Queensland annexation of Torres Strait Islands; need for legislation concerning Indigenous Australians. (45 letters).

J. Davidson (Brisbane) to Chesson, 1881 - 1882 (Item 132-39)

Illness of father A. Davidson; treatment of Indigenous Australians; Pacific labour trade; death of father; sends cuttings. (5 letters) (no. 132 incomplete).

J. Dawson (Glasgow, Camperdown) to Chesson, 1882 - 1887 (Item 150-56)

Treatment of Indigenous Australians in Queensland; return to Australia; erection of obelisk as memorial to extinct tribes of Camperdown; Reverend J. Gribble; criticisms by E.M. Curr of Dawson's Australian Aborigines. (7 letters).

J. Douglas (Brisbane, London) to Chesson, 1871 - 1884 (Item 15-20)

Pacific labour trade; J. Brookes; article on Australia in Fraser's Magazine; Fijian Government; intercolonial reciprocity question; treatment of Indigenous Australians in Queensland; A. Davidson; allegations of poisoned flour given to Indigenous Australians. (6 letters)

J. Dunn to Chesson, 10 June 1884 (Item 56)

Visit of Maori King to England

C. Eddy to Chesson, [1870-04] (Item 80-81)

Sends letter from F. Weld on country near Port Grey, Western Australia; imperial relations.

C. Eddy to Chesson, 13 May 1873 (Item 82)

Deputation of Royal Colonial Institute to Lord Kimberley on annexation of Fiji.

F. Edward to Chesson, 24 January 1881 (Item 87)

Requests papers on Pacific labour trade.

G. Estel (Hong Kong) to Chesson, 17 November 1876 (Item 110-14)

Sends cuttings and correspondence with W. O'Hara (Admiralty Islands) and Russian Cons[illegible] on barbarities in South Sea Islands.

Admiral J. Erskine to Chesson, 22 March 1875 (Item 139)

Pacific Islander Protection Bill.

Admiral J. Erskine (Stirling) to Chesson, 10 June 1875 (Item 140)

Pacific Islanders Protection Bill.

Admiral J. Erskine to Chesson, 23 October 1876 (Item 144-45)

Letter from Sir James Hope on Pacific kidnapping vessel.

Admiral J. Erskine to Chesson, 24 April 1883 (Item 151)

Relations with Pacific Islanders; powers of Western Pacific High Commissioner.

Admiral J. Erskine to Chesson, 17 March 1886 (Item 152)

Relations with Pacific Islanders.

H. Finlayson to Chesson, 13 September 1876 (Item 244)

South Australian newspapers.

H. Finlayson to Chesson, 21 May 1883 (Item 245)

Denunciation of Sir Arthur Gordon and Sir John Gorrie by 'Vagabond'.

F. Fisher (Sydney) to Chesson, 18 August 1886 (Item 248)

Petition of [Tauhi?] Potatau of Waikato for local self government.

R.C. Fletcher (Tarleton) to Chesson, 1885 - 1886 (Item 1-4)

Proposal to establish schools in New Zealand to teach handicrafts to Maoris.

W. Floyd (Preston) to Chesson, 17 March 1885 (Item 7)

Cutting on Polynesian club.

T. Forsaith to Chesson, September 1883 - December 1883 (Item 18-20)

Paper by Sir William Fox on New Zealand history; violations of Treaty of Waitangi. (3 letters)

G.S. Fort to Chesson, 12 June 1887 (Item 48)

Application for colonial appointment; report on British New Guinea; imminent return to Australia.

G.S. Fort to Chesson, 23 June 1887 (Item 49)

Publication of article on New Guinea.

R. Fowler to Chesson, 29 May 1873 (Item 68)

Hopes to speak to B. Disraeli about Fiji.

R. Fowler to Chesson, 18 March 1875 (Item 69)

Deputation; Admiral J. Erski

Sir Robert Fowler to Chesson, 30 July 1886 (Item 144)

Refers to New Zealand.

Sir Robert Fowler to Chesson, 8 August 1886 (Item 145)

Departure for Canada and New Zealand.

Sir Robert Fowler (Wellington) to Chesson, 1 November 1886 (Item 149)

Meetings with Maoris.

Sir Robert Fowler to Chesson, 25 August 1887 (Item 158)

Transfer of New Guinea to Queensland.

Sir Robert Fowler to Chesson, 28 November 1887 (Item 160)

Refers to visit to Australia in 1886.

'A friend of A.P.S.' (Sydney) to Chesson, 26 November 1883 (Item 226)

Annexation of New Guinea; Imperial Government should retain sole control.

H.W. Fry to Chesson, 6 March 1878 (Item 239)

Visit to Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

H.W. Fry (Melbourne) to Chesson, 30 September 1878 (Item 241-42)

Aboriginal mission stations in Victoria; sends annual report of Church of England Mission.

Sophia Fry to Chesson, 15 August 1884 (Item 246)

Visit of Maoris.

T. Fry (Darlington) to Chesson, 23 August 1882 (Item 249)

Donation for Maoris.

T. Fry to Chesson, 20 July 1884 (Item 252)

Maori chiefs.

T. Fry to Chesson, 22 November 1884 (Item 254)

Te Wheoro.

T. Fry to Chesson, 10 December 1884 (Item 255)

Acknowledges translation of letter of New Zealand King.

A.B. Gordon to Chesson, 30 July 1885 (Item 76)

Statements by J.B. Thurston on indentures.

A.B. Gordon to Chesson, 31 August 1886 (Item 77-78)

Sends cutting on minute of J.B. Thurston on petition of Levuka Chamber of Commerce.

Sir Arthur Gordon (London, Nasova, Wellington, Christchurch, Colombo) to Chesson, 1875 - 1886 (Item 79-114)

Deputation of Society; Pacific labour trade; native taxation; civil war in Fiji; labour question; advanced state of Fijian agriculture; need for industrial schools; A.P. Maudslay; W.F. Parr; High Commission for Western Pacific; petition of people of Rotumah; native trials at New Plymouth; Te Whiti; race relations in Queensland; Baron N. de Miklouho-Maclay; Queensland annexation of New Guinea; J.B. Thurston; Bryce v. Rusden libel case. (35 letters)

Sir John Gorrie (Levuka, Suva) to Chesson, 1876 - 1882 (Item 129-46)

Arrival in Fiji; Sir Arthur Gordon; labour question; Lands Commission; establishment of High Commission for Western Pacific; visit to Samoa; E. Liarde import of Indian coolies in Fiji; murder of missionaries in New Britain; annexation of Rotumah; foreign influences in Samoa; establishment of consular government at Apia; sugar mills in Fiji; W. Des Voeux; atrocities in Solomon Islands; 'Vagabond'; Land Claims Court; transfer of Supreme Court to Suva. (15 letters)

Sir John Gorrie (Antigua) to Chesson, January 1885 - April 1885 (Item 150-52)

Administration of Pacific islands; German claims in Fiji; J.B. Thursto (3 letters)

Agnes Grace to Chesson, 1884 - 1885 (Item 188-97)

Visit of Maoris; Te Wheoro; translation of Maori papers. (10 letters)

T. Grace to Chesson, July 1882 - August 1882 (Item 198-202)

Visit of Maoris; Mrs. Selwyn. (5 letters).

G. Graham to Chesson, 1870 - 1888 (Item 203-17)

Publication of Maori letters; Maori War; Sir George Grey; visit of Maori chiefs to England; violation of Treaty of Waitangi; Te Wheoro; Reverend. S. Marsden. (15 letters)

Gregory to Chesson, 31 July 1882 (Item 12)

Donation for Maori chiefs.

Reverend J.B. Gribble (Perth) to Chesson, March 1886 - December 1886 (Item 17-22)

Oppression of natives north-western Australia; murders of natives; weakness of ecclesiastical superiors; sends copies of letters to Sir Frederick Broome (3 pages).

W.H. Grove (U.S.P.G.) to Chesson, August 1884 - September 1884 (Item 26-28)

Visit of Maori chiefs; presentation of prayerbooks.

H. Gurney to Chesson, 13 November 1886 (Item 54)

German colonists in New Britain.

C. Hadfield to Chesson, 1861 - 1879 (Item 93-108)

Suggests pamphlet on New Zealand situation; Maori War; distribution of letters of Reverend O. Hadfield; Duke of Newcastle; pamphlet by Sir William Martin; Manowetu case; withdrawal of British troops from New Zealand; grants of land to Indigenous Australians in South Australia. (16 letters)

R. Haliburton to Chesson, 28 January 1884 (Item 126)

Interest in Fijian and Tongan festivals; proposes to visit Australia and Pacific.

E. Hamilton (Dublin) to Chesson, 2 October 1877 (Item 144)

Sends report of Parliamentary debate on proposal to make land grants to Indigenous Australians in South Australia.

C. Hardy (Auckland) to Chesson, 5 January 1886 (Item 171)

Visit to King Country; difficulty of translating Maori.

C. Hardy to Chesson, 22 May 1886 (Item 172)

Urges Society to uphold Treaty of Waitangi; King Movement and casus belli in 1863. (incomplete)

E. Hawkins to Chesson, [1884]-07-28 (Item 212)

Offer of Duffield in Queensland to write reports for Society on Pacific labour question.

M. Hawtrey to Chesson, 26 March 1861 (Item 215)

Growing support for Maoris; sends letter from Bishop C. Abraham.

Sister Mary Hilda to Chesson, 1882 - 1884 (Item 2-4)

Visit of Maori chiefs to Feltham Convent. (3 letters)

Rosamond Hill to Chesson, 2 April 1875 (Item 6)

Inquiries about Indigenous Australian missions in Australia.

Rosamond Hill to Chesson, [1875]-04-05 (Item 7)


J. Hilton to Chesson, 1882 - 1884 (Item 11-22)

Visits of Maori chiefs; photographs. (12 letters)

J.B. Hodgkin to Chesson, 4 September 1882 (Item 39)

Maori land scheme.

T. Hodgkin to Chesson, 25 July 1882 (Item 47)

Donation to Maoris.

F. Holder (Adelaide) to Chesson, 4 January 1879 (Item 53)

Sends photograph of Port Macleay Aboriginal Mission.

Chesson to Sir Michael Hicks Beach, 12 June 1879 (Item 93)

German treaty with Samoa; danger of alienation of native lands. (draft)

G. Houston (Apia) to Chesson, 15 February 1879 (Item 94)

German treaty with Samoa.

T. Howitt (Reading) to Chesson, February 1887 - July 1887 (Item 108-15)

Treatment of natives at Tonga; J.B. Thurston; Reverend S. Marsden; Sir Charles Mitchell letter from E. Crosby. (8 letters)

F. Hughes to Chesson, 7 July 1880 (Item 132)

Account of treatment of Queensland Indigenous Australians in J. Inglis, Our Australian cousins.

J. Inglis (Kirkcowan) to Chesson, 1883 - 1887 (Item 176-83)

Introduces M. Robertson from New Hebrides; Admiral J. Erskine; Pacific labour trade; book on New Hebrides Mission; Anglo-French agreement on New Hebrides. (8 letters)

W. James (Sandwich) to Chesson, 16 November 1887 (Item 33)

Situation in Tonga; Reverend S. Baker.

W. James to Chesson, May 1887 - July 1887 (Item 45-52)

Tongan affairs; report of Charles Mitchell; Reverend S. Baker; suggests deputation to Sir Henry Holland. (8 letters)

J. Jeffery to Chesson, 31 August 1875 (Item 63)

Sends Queensland newspaper on Polynesian labourers; offers to send further information.

Reverend M. Kapa (Bay of Islands) to Miss C. Weale, 27 December 1882 (Item 137)

Maori visitors to England; character of S. Taiwhanga.

Sir Walter Kennaway to Chesson, [1884] (Item 152-58)

Passage to New Zealand for Te Whereo; supply of Society's publications to New Zealand Parliamentary Library. (6 letters)

J. Kilner to Chesson, 16 April 1885 (Item 187)

Reverend J. Calvert.

J. Kilner to Chesson, 7 June 1886 (Item 189)

Reverend J. Calvert and Tonga.

H. Kynnersley to Miss C. Weale, July 1882 (Item 278-82)

Visit of Maori chief arrangements for meetings. (5 letters)

H. Labouchere to Chesson, [1882]-04-12 (Item 4)

Parliamentary quest on treatment of Maoris.

J.S. Ladds to Chesson, 1 August 1882 (Item 9)

Donation to Maori fund.

Miss Larcom to Chesson, [1882]-07-27 (Item 20)

Donation to Maori fund.

F. Larkworthy to Chesson, August 1882 - September 1882 (Item 21-23)

Maori land scheme. (3 letters)

J. Liddon (Oxford) to Chesson, 18 August 1884 (Item 83)

Visit of Maoris.

J. Ludlow to Chesson, 5 February 1883 (Item 203)

Deputation to Lord Derby; Pacific labour trade.

J. Ludlow to Chesson, 9 February 1883 (Item 204)

International control of Pacific labour trade.

A. Macarthur to Chesson, 31 July 1882 (Item 10)

Maori land scheme.

J. Macarthur to Chesson, 17 May 1887 (Item 37a.)

Situation in Tonga; need to remove Reverend S. Baker.

J. Macarthur to Chesson, May 1887 (Item 37b.)

Religious persecution in [Tonga]

W. Macarthur to Chesson, 12 May 1873 (Item 46)

Deputation to Lord Kimberley.

W. Macarthur to W. James, 28 February 1887 (Item 92)

Disgraceful proceeding of Reverend S. Baker at Tonga.

W. Macarthur to Chesson, 28 June 1887 (Item 93)

Suggests deputation to Sir Henry Holland on Tonga.

J. Macaulay to Chesson, 1883 - 1887 (Item 101-6)

Commission of Inquiry on Polynesian labour trade; transfer of New Guinea to Queensland; suggests appointment of Reverend J. Chalmers as Consul; letter to Sir Henry Holland. (6 letters)

J. McBeth (Wellington, Auckland) to Chesson, 1882 - 1884 (Item 107-18)

West Coast Maori question; arrest of chiefs; opening of King Country; construction of railway through Maori territory; visit of chiefs to England; book by G. Rusden; local self-government for Maoris; Sir Georg Grey (12 letters)

R. MacFie (Edinburgh) to Chesson, 23 March 1881 (Item 163)

Atrocities in Queensland.

H. Mackay (Exeter) to Chesson, 30 July 1878 (Item 170)

Treatment of Indigenous Australians in Queensland.

H. Mackay (Toowoomba) to Chesson, 7 March 1886 (Item 175)

Emigration to Queensland; treatment of Indigenous Australians; failure of missions.

Helen Mackenzie to Chesson, 28 May 1884 (Item 179)

Suggests meeting with J. Douglas, former Queensland Premier.

Baron N. de Maclay (Sydney) to Chesson, 1883 - 1886 (Item 272-82)

New Guinea protectorate; Reverend. J. Chalmers; Pacific labour trade; return to Europe. (11 letters)

J. McMillan (Otago) to Chesson, 1 January 1885 (Item 294)

Bravery of Maoris.

E. March to Chesson, 1878 - 1886 (Item 29-33)

Execution of New Hebrides native on H.M.S. Beagle without trial; atrocities in Pacific; services in Pacific. (5 letters)

L. March to Chesson, 21 July 1875 (Item 45)

Services of son E. March at Fiji.

L. March to Chesson, 1 August 1875 (Item 46)

Position of E. March as Cons[illegible] at Fiji.

L. March to Chesson, 2 December 1881 (Item 65)

Letter from E. March on Tanna natives.

G. Marwick (New Zealand Herald) to Chesson, [1884-06] (Item 95)

Interview of Maori chiefs with Lord Derby.

R. Martin to Chesson, 19 June 1884 (Item 104)

Visit of Maori party to Christchurch.

Lady Martin (Lichfield) to Chesson, [1882]-08-10 (Item 106)

Request of Maori chiefs to present gifts to Queen Victoria.

Lieutenant T. Maxwell (Portsmouth) to Chesson, [1883]-05-21 (Item 181)

Queensland annexation of New Guinea; treatment of Indigenous Australians in Queensland.

F. May to Chesson, [1886-02] (Item 182)

Opposition of settlers to miss[text cut off] of Reverend J. Gribble to Western Australian Aborigines.

F. May to Chesson, 29 April 1886 (Item 183)

Treatment of Indigenous Australians in Western Australia.

J. Metford (Birmingham) to Chesson, [1882]-09-11 (Item 206-7)

Treatment Maoris.

Reverend J.M. Mitchell (Edinburgh) to Chesson, January 1878 - February 1878 (Item 262-64)

Trial of New Hebrides native on H.M.S. Beagle. (3 letters)

W. Moorsom (Crewe) to Chesson, 18 December 1875 (Item 44)

Sends papers on cruelty suffered by Pacific Islanders in Queensland.

Captain J Moresby to Chesson, [1875]-05-10 (Item 46)

Possible occupation of New Guinea; relations with natives.

W. Morrison (Leeds) to Chesson, 10 March 1882 (Item 83)

Sends letter fr[om?] Sir William Des Voeux in Fiji; native tax.

W. Morrison to Chesson, 28 March 1883 (Item 84)

Acknowledges article on Fiji; Sir William Des Voeux.

Reverend W. Moulton to W. Macarthur, 23 February 1887 (Item 92)

Persecution of natives of Tonga, sends pamphlets.

Reverend F. Mozley (Banbury) to Chesson, 24 July 1882 (Item 94)

Sends donat[ion?] to Maori fund.

J. Mullens (London Missionary Society) to Chesson, 187[?]-01-29 (Item 122)

Execution of New Hebrides native.

H.T. Munday to Chesson, 3 August 1882 (Item 132)

Inquiries about grievance of Maori delegation.

Mrs. G. Murray to Chesson, [1882]-07-29 (Item 137)

Donation to Maori f[illegible]

G. Musgrave to Chesson, 23 June 1881 (Item 149)

Sends letters from Baron N. de Maclay on New Guinea.

L. Nathan to Chesson, July 1882 (Item 158-60)

Passage of Maori chiefs to New Zealand. ( 3 letters)

W. Nayna (Port Louis) to Chesson, 10 May 1887 (Item 165)

Landing of French marines in New Hebrides; treatment of kanakas in Queensland.

W. Nayna to E. Layard (Noumea), 4 January 1887 (Item 166)

Landing of French marines in New Hebrides.

Bishop A. Suter to Chesson, 8 July 1882 (Item 171)

Visit of Maori chief

J. Nettleton (Manchester) to Chesson, 24 November 1880 (Item 172)

Requests papers on Fiji by Reverend L. Fison.

S. Ngatelline to Chesson, [1885] (Item 192)

Proposal for union of Maori chiefs; petition for Maori self-government.

J.K. Nicholls to Chesson, 1884 - 1887 (Item 196-208)

Visit of Maori chiefs; treatment of Maoris; volcanic eruption in New Zealand; Sir Francis Bel Sir George Bowen; publication of articles. (13 letters)

Miss Nihill to Chesson, 31 July 1882 (Item 290)

Donation to Maori fund.

Lord Normanby to Chesson, [1871]-02-13 (Item 297)

Deputation from Society.

Lord Normanby to Chesson, [1871-04] (Item 298)


A. Nugent to Chesson, 16 September 1885 (Item 299)

Requests articles on Maori for magazine.

A. Nugent to Chesson, 21 September 1885 (Item 300)

Acknowledges article; Miss C. Weale.

Lady Augusta Onslow (Buxton) to Chesson, 28 July 1882 (Item 51)

Donation for Maori fund.

E. Oswald to Collet, 14 August 1882 (Item 76)

Visit of Maori chiefs; disposal of lands.

H. Jones (Reading) to Chesson, 1 September 1882 (Item 90)

Donation of G. Palmer to Maori fund.

G. Palmer (Reading) to Chesson, 12 December 1883 (Item 112)

Letter from Reverend W.G. Lawes in New Guinea.

G. Palmer to Chesson, 8 February 1886 (Item 123)

Letter from Reverend W.G. Lawes

E. Parker (Tonga) to W. James, 28 June 1887 (Item 148)

Need to expel Reverend S. Baker from Tonga; J.B. Thurston; need for British protectorate.

W. Te Parore (Kaipara) to [unknown], 10 May 1883 (Item 149)

Return to New Zealand; construction of railway through Maori lands. (copy)

W. Te Parore to [unknown], n.d. (Item 150)

Return to New Zealand; railways; petition to Governor. (copy)

W.F. Parr (Levuka, London) to Chesson, 1879 - 1887 (Item 151-71)

Trial of Hunt; Sir Arthur Gordon; need for inquiry into Fijian 'mountain war'; action of Reverend G. Brown in New Britain; murders of Europeans; attacks by Society on Fijian planters; murders of Indigenous Australians in Queensland; war in Samoa; Pacific labour trade; native taxation; J.B. Thurston; W. MacGregor. (21 letters)

J. Parsons (Auckland) to Birkett, 1885 - 1887 (Item 176-80)

Tongan affairs; career of Reverend S. Baker. (extracts)

T. Parsons (Tonga) to Captain Fane, 20 February 1887 (Item 181)

Account of recent events in Tonga.

T. Parsons to J. Macarthur, 9 March 1887 (Item 182)

Policies of Reverend. S. Baker.

J. Patahi (Wanganui) to Miss C. Weale, 17 April 1883 (Item 184)

Meeting of tribes; petition to Governor. (translation)

N. Patara to Chesson, 26 February 1885 (Item 185)

Te Wheoro; meeting of chiefs. (translation)

N. Patara to Chesson, 26 March 1885 (Item 186)

Assembly of Maori tribes (translation)

T. Patara (Auckland) to Chesson, 22 October 1884 (Item 187)

Reply of Lord Derby to petition. (Maori and translation)

T. Patara to Chesson (in Maori), 26 February 1885 (Item 188)
Miss Patteson to Chesson, July 1882 - August 1882 (Item 189-91)

Meeting with Maori chiefs. (3 letters)

P. Peckover to Chesson, 3 July 1884 (Item 258)

Donation to Maori fund.

J. Pender to Chesson, 6 January 1885 (Item 259)

Suggests meeting with J.B. Thurston.

C. Phillips (London, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney) to Chesson, 1875 - 1876 (Item 7-11)

Proposed Polynesian trading company; death of Commodore J. Goodenough; paper on Pacific civilization; hopes for annexation of Samoa. (5 letters)

A. de Plevitz (Port Louis, Sydney, Ovalu) to Chesson, 1876 - 1878 (Item 48-53)

Voyage from Mauritius; attempts to establish agricultural company in Fiji; financial matters; Sir Arthur Gordon; appointment as police constable. (6 letters)

Marie de Plevitz (Mauritius) to Chesson, 7 September 1877 (Item 54)

A. de Plevitz.

H. Reid (Melbourne) to T.B. Potter, 7 August 1883 (Item 61)

Sends pamphlet on customs union for Australia.

H. Pringle to Chesson, 1883 - 1884 (Item 113-15)

Paper on annexation of New Guinea; Pacific labour trade. (3 letters)

A. Rathbone to Chesson, June 1882 - July 1882 (Item 162-64)

Introduces Maori chiefs financial difficulties; sends New Zealand papers. (3 letters)

W. Rathbone (Keswick) to J. Te Parore, 23 August 1882 (Item 166)

Maori land scheme. (copy)

J. Te Parore to W. Rathbone, 23 August 1882 (Item 167)

Seeks advice on proposed Maori land scheme.

J. Rae to Chesson, 29 May 1884 (Item 168)

Visit of Maori King and chief

H. Richard to Chesson, 3 January 1882 (Item 206)

Proposed Maori land scheme

H.D. Richardson to Chesson, 22 July 1882 (Item 232)

Sends photographs of Maori chiefs.

A. Rivington to Chesson, 19 November 1877 (Item 238)

History of Victoria by F. Labilliere.

A. Roche to Chesson, March 1871 - April 1871 (Item 264-66)

Requests paper on Pacific islands for meeting of Royal Colonial Institute; need for tact in dealing with Queenslanders. (3 letters)

H. Rapiha (Napier) to Chesson and C. Weale, 1884 - 1885 (Item 281-84)

Maori petition to Queen Victoria; Te Wheoro; Treaty of Waitangi. (4 letters, in Maori).

W.K. Rose to Chesson, 21 May 1885 (Item 285)

Sends report of Queensland Royal Commission on labour trade.

W.K. Rose (Brisbane) to Chesson, 29 August 1885 (Item 286)

Pacific labour trade; German planters in Samoa; J. Douglas.

G.W. Rusden to Chesson, 1882 - 1887 (Item 10-30)

History of New Zealand; Maori despatch to Lord Kimberley; paper by Sir William Fox; treatment of Indigenous Australians in Queensland; prosecution by J. Bryce; visit of Maori chief introduces Reverend F. Spencer. (21 letters)

B. St. Hilaire (Paris) to Schoelcher, 16 August 1881 (Item 43)

Action taken by Governor of New Caledonia concerning violent acts by French vessel at New Hebrides. (French)

Amy Saintsbury to Chesson, June 1884 - August 1884 (Item 45-48)

Functions for Maori chiefs.

C. Salmon to Chesson, 14 March 1885 (Item 58)

Proposal by W. Westgarth for Crown colony in northern Australia; supports free immigration of coloured labour.

C. Salmon to Chesson, 22 February 1886 (Item 74)

Colony in northern Australia danger of creating 'southern states' with different social organization.

C. Salmon to Chesson, 15 April 1886 (Item 77)

Report of North Queensland Separation League.

W. Seed (Mauritius, Levuka, Gibraltar) to Chesson, 1876 - 1883 (Item 139-44)

Appointment as Inspector of Police in Fiji; A. de Plevitz; labour question; planters shortage of officials; Sir Arthur Gordon; treatment of labourers on estates; transfer to Gibraltar. (6 letters)

C. Short to Chesson, 18 January 1883 (Item 259)

Report for Australian newspapers on deputation to Lord Derby concerning Pacific.

R. Short (Melbourne) to Chesson, 7 November 1870 (Item 260)

Extensive system of kidnapping in Fiji; quotes from letter of Reverend J.G. Paton; need for intervention by British Government.

R. Short to Chesson, 21 April 1871 (Item 261)

Sends pamphlet on Fiji; increase in slave traffic; acts of retaliation by natives; opposes Australian annexation of Fiji.

J. Sinclair (Auckland) to Chesson, 17 July 1885 (Item 59)

Proposal that sandals be sent to New Zealand for use of Maoris.

Reverend G. Smith (Edinburgh) to Chesson, 1882 - 1883 (Item 121-24)

Free Church deputation to Lord Kimberley and Lord Derby on New Hebrides protectorate and Pacific labour trade. (4 letters)

Reverend F. Spencer to Chesson, July 1884 - December 1884 (Item 213-27)

Meeting with Maori chiefs; ordination; translations; Miss C. Weale; arrangements for functions; Te Wheoro petition. (14 letters)

D. Syme (Melbourne) to Chesson, 17 May 1883 (Item 232)

Sends copies of Age with articles on Queensland labour traffic.

Reverend R. Steele (Sydney) to Chesson, 16 April 1875 (Item 66-67)

Use of French flag in Pacific labour traffic; need for international treaty; Reverend L. Fison; encloses cutting on New Caledonia.

E. Sturge to Chesson, 1867-07-22 [ie.1870] (Item 122)

Interview with Lord Kimberley on Fiji; Queensland import of Pacific labourers.

E. Sturge to Chesson, 15 November 1875 (Item 130)

Danger of occupation of New Guinea proving another stimulus to Pacific labour trade.

E. Sturge to Chesson, 5 March 1877 (Item 142)

Queensland coolie returns.

E. Sturge to Chesson, 29 September 1885 (Item 172)

Introduces Griffiths fr[om?] Queensland.

(S. Tairdhage?) (Auckland) to Chesson, 2 July 1885 (Item 215)

Grievance of Maoris; J. Gorst.

Reverend R.W. Thompson (London Missionary Society) to Chesson, 16 March 1886 (Item 16)

Alleged severities inflicted by Diamond on South Sea Islanders.

J.B. Thurston (Suva, London) to Chesson, 1884 - 1887 (Item 27-46)

Relations between Germans and natives in Pacific; Count Bismark and Lord Granvi[illegible]; Fiji Land Claims Commission; visit to England in 1884-1885; affairs of Tonga; Reverend G. Brown; transfer of New Guinea to Queensland; possible French annexation of New Hebrides; native taxation; report of Sir Charles Mitchell on Tonga; Reverend S. Baker; possible transfer of Fiji to Victoria; T.H. Prichard. (20 letters)

Chesson to F. Tippet, 15 September 1882 (Item 48)

Debts of Maori chiefs.

W. Torrens to Chesson, 27 March 1871 (Item 49)

Seeks meeting on introduction of Pacific labourers to Queensland.

W. Torrens to Chesson, [1875]-03-09 (Item 52)

Openings for men at Fiji

C. Trotter to Chesson, 1881 - 1883 (Item 78-82)

French annexations of Pacific islands; New Hebrides. (5 letters)

H. Tucker (U.S.P.G.) to Chesson, 6 December 1886 (Item 85)

Reverend J. Gribble.

H. Tucker to Chesson, 8 December 1886 (Item 86)

Reverend J. Gribble; Bishop A. Barry.

Sir William Des Voeux (St. Johns) to Chesson, June 1886 - November 1886 (Item 122-24)

Impressions of Newfoundland; despatches on smallpox in Fiji; appointment of Sir Robert Hamilton as Governor of Tasmania; harsh treatment of Des Voeux by Colonial Office. (3 letters)

Miss C. Weale to Chesson, 1882 - 1886 (Item 141-55)

Visits of Maori chiefs; arrangements for meetings; Te Wheoro; translations. (15 letters)

W. Westgarth to Chesson, 27 July 1885 (Item 179)

Possible establishment of Crown colony in northern Australia; financial arrangements; opposes exclusion of coloured labour from Queensland.

W. Westgarth to Chesson, 20 October 1884 (Item 180)

South Africa; coloured labour in Queensland; proposed Crown colony in northern Queensland.

C. Wilson to Chesson, 30 January 1882 (Item 242)

Harsh treatment of Maoris by New Zealand Government.

C. Wilson to Chesson, 26 February 1882 (Item 244)

Maori land annexations.

E. Wilson to Chesson, 7 July 1877 (Item 247)

Criticizes notion of parliamentary representation of Indigenous Australians.

Sir Charles Wingfield to Chesson, 23 June 1873 (Item 253)

Parliamentary debate on Fiji; Pacific labour trade.

Sir Charles Wingfield to Chesson, 24 June 1873 (Item 254)

Characters of members of Fijian Government.

Sir Charles Wingfield to Chesson, 28 February 1876 (Item 264)

Appointment of Liardet as Consul at Samoa.

Sir Charles Wingfield to Chesson, [1886]-09-08 (Item 288)

Letter of W.F. Parr to Times; denial by Fijian Government of charges made by Levuka Chamber of Commerce.

E. Wooton to Chesson, 3 March [n.y.] (Item 318)

Reasons for decline of Maori race; seeks financial support for establishment of medical centres.

F. Larkworthy to Chesson, 28 September 1882 (Item 319)

Maori land scheme; letter of Bishop C. Abraham.

'A hater of cruelty' to Chesson, 27 May 1879 (Item 337)

Sends cutting [on?] massacre of Indigenous Australians near Cooktown.

Chesson to Sir Henry Holland, 5 September 1887 (Item 350)

Inquiry into flogging of native at Fiji. (draft)

Chesson to W. Macarthur, 18 November 1872 (Item 352)

Need for Society to take action against Polynesian traffic.

Chesson to Reverend B. Millard, 13 January 1872 (Item 353)

Publication of statements on Fiji.

Chesson to Reverend B. Millard, 1 February 1872 (Item 354)

Deputation to Lord Kimberley on Polynesian labour trade.

Chesson to Reverend B. Millard, 26 May 1872 (Item 356)

Circulation of Polynesian pamphlets.

Chesson to Reverend B. Millard, 13 March 1874 (Item 359)

Submission to Admiralty on acts of naval representatives in Pacific.

Statement on attack by H.M.S. Curacoa on natives and villages at Tanna, 1865 (Item 383)
Chesson to Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 3 April 1879 (Item 384)

Pacific labour trade; call for increased powers for High Commissioner for Western Pacific. (draft)

Notes on charges made by Reverend J. Gribble in Western Australia, [1886] (Item 385-86)
Chesson to E. Stanhope, 4 February 1887 (Item 387)

Persecution of natives of Tonga; welcomes inquiry by Sir Charles Mitchell. (draft)

Chesson to E. Stanhope, 29 March 1887 (Item 388)

Maori accusations of unfair treatment over lands. (draft)

Chesson to Sir Henry Holland, 13 April 1887 (Item 389)

Treatment of Indigenous Australians in northern Western Australia, especially in pearl fishery (draft)

Chesson to Sir Henry Holland, August 1887 (Item 390)

Urges removal of Reverend S. Baker from Tonga; report of Sir Charles Mitchell. (draft)

Chesson to Lord Knutsford, 9 March 1888 (Item 391)

Persecution of natives of Tonga; Reverend S. Baker. (draft)

Sir Arthur Gordon to Chesson, n.d. (Item 402)

Reply to letter of W.F. Parr; introduces Baron von Hugel.

H.R. Fox-Bourne, 26 January 1875 - 18 May 1887 (File C150-53)
1 item

Biographical / Historical

H.R. Fox-Bourne, Secretary of Aborigines Protection Society 1888-1809

J. Dawson (Melbourne) to Sir Robert Fowler, 20 November 1881 (Item 138)

Forwards copy of book on Indigenous Australians.

W. Mitchell (Lima) to Sir Robert Fowler, 26 January 1875 (Item 161)

Seeks appointment in Fiji; work as Acting Consul at Fiji and publications on Fiji.

W.F. Parr to Sir Robert Fowler, [1887]-05-18 (Item 175)

Parliamentary question on floggings in Fiji.

Miscellaneous Letters, 8 December 1840 - 1888 (File C154-60)
6 items
E. Baines (Tunbridge Wells) to Harvey, 23 March 1874 (Item 64)

Forward reply of Lord Normanby to memorial on import of Pacific labourers to Queensland.

J. Baker to [unknown], 5 November 1883 (Item 69)

Atrocious conditions and high mortality at Rottnest Island native prison.

W. Brookes (Brisbane) to [C.H. Allen], 5 November 1880 (Item 206)

Sends material on Queensland Pacific Islanders Bill; believes use of coloured labour in Queensland will be short lived.

Lord Alfred Churchill to Sir James Fergusson, September 1871 (Item 57)

Settlement of northern districts of Australia; need to bring about understanding with natives following Canadian example. (copy)

Edith Cooper to [unknown], 10 May 1877 (Item 118)

Parliamentary motion for amended return of number of Polynesians in Queensland.

T. Cornish (Melbourne) to [unknown], 26 November 1867 (Item 123)

Insurance; home at St. Kilda; Wellesley Quartz Mining Co.; inquiries about English friends; visit of Duke of Edinburgh to Melbourne.

E. Crosby (Tonga) to T. Brocklehust (Leeds), 1887 - 1888 (Item 169-76)

Affairs of Tonga; Tongan Constitution; Reverend S. Baker; persecution of natives; sends copies of letters to Reverend W. Stephenson, R. Leefe, Reverend S. Baker (8 letters).

A. Davidson (Brisbane) to Reverend W. Gill, 7 February 1873 (Item 219)

Pacific labour.

H. Fisher (Tonga) to [unknown], January 1887 (Item 86-87)

Affairs of Tonga; Reverend. S. Baker; oppression of natives. (2 letters)

C. Reed to A. Macarthur, 7 December 1881 (Item 167)

Sends extract from letter of Reverend W. Gill (Tonga) on threatened annexation of Tonga by France.

J. Gordon (Eromanga) to [B. Millard], 19 March 1871 (Item 174)

Instances of kidnapping in New Hebrides; experiences of natives on vessels and in Queensland.

C. Hope to [unknown], 3 July [n.y.] (Item 44)

Sends article on Fiji; emigration system could be of great advantage to natives of New Hebrides.

T. Laurance (Mortgage and Agency Co. of Australia) to J.B. Thurston, 12 February 1885 (Item 179)

Seeks information on deputation.

Cutting on cannibalism in Pacific Islands, n.d. (Item 181)
Petition of New Hebrides Mission Synod to Parliament, 7 June 1878 (Item 7)

Calling for end of recruitment of Pacific labourers for Queensland and Fiji.

H. MacIver. Memorandum on New Guinea Colonization and Trading Company, (copy), 18 August 1883 (Item 27)
W. Michell to Reverend B. Millard, 22 December 1873 (Item 98-99)

Sends memorandum for Anti Slavery Reporter on deposition by Fijian J. Vida on cruise of Daphne in South Seas.

H. Minchin to [unknown], [1874]-04-04 (Item 105)

Reverend R. Codrington; import of labourers to Queensland.

R. Newland (Encounter Bay, South Australia) to Reverend J. Freeman, 8 December 1840 (Item 141)

Intense prejudice against natives in South Australia; doctrine of kill and exterminate; assistance in farming by Indigenous Australians.

W.F. Parr (Levuka) to Colonial Secretary, 6 September 1877 (Item 182)

Native taxation; shortage of labour on plantations. (copy)

Reverend J.G. Paton (Glasgow) to [unknown], 22 August 1885 (Item 185)

Offers to lend articles on Pacific labour trade to Queensland Commission on New Guinea labour traffic.

G. Stephen (Melbourne) to [unknown], 2 December 1875 (Item 99-100)

Admiralty orders on fugitive slaves; protest sent to Argus.

Baron N. de Maclay (Aden) to [unknown], 6 February 1883 (Item 272-73)

Sends copy of order of Governor of New Caledonia prohibiting import of South Sea Islanders.

Subseries C161-67. Letters from Government Offices, 8 September 1863 - 15 March 1888

6 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2431.

Anti-Slavery Society, 8 September 1863 - 18 May 1874 (File C161)
12 items

Filmed selectively.

A. Layard (Foreign Office) to L. Chamerouzow, 8 September 1863 (Item 144)

Traffic in natives from Polynesian islands in vessels using Peruvian flag.

Sir Frederic Rogers (Colonial Office) to A. Bennett, 23 March 1868 (Item 169)

Introduction of Pacific natives to Queensland.

Sir Frederic Rogers to L. Chamerouzow, 27 April 1868 (Item 170)

Alleged kidnapping of Pacific natives.

T. Elliot (Colonial Office) to L. Chamerouzow, 27 May 1868 (Item 171)

Import of Pacific labourers to Queensland.

T. Elliot to L. Chamerouzow, 3 June 1868 (Item 172)

Criticisms of Queensland Act to regulate Pacific labour trade.

C. Adderley to L. Chamerouzow, 19 June 1868 (Item 173)

Pacific labour trade; alleged kidnappings.

R. Herbert to [B. Millard], 23 August 1873 (Item 191-92)

Introduction of Polynesian boys to Queensland; despatch from Governor.

R. Meade to [B. Millard], 21 November 1873 (Item 193)

Remission of sentence on captain of Jason.

H. Holland to [B. Millard], 17 December 1873 (Item 194)

Remission of sentence on captain of Jason.

R. Herbert to [B. Millard], 9 March 1874 (Item 195)

Import of Polynesian boys to Queensland.

H. Holland to [B. Millard], 19 March 1874 (Item 197-201)

Sends papers on introduction of Polynesian boys to Queensland.

H. Holland to [B. Millard], 18 May 1874 (Item 202)

Polynesians in Queensland.

Anti-Slavery Society, 29 December 1873 - 18 May 1886 (File C162)
8 items

Filmed selectively.

H. Holland to [B. Millard], 29 December 1873 (Item 201)

Alleged leniency to convicted Pacific traders in Australia.

H. Holland to [B. Millard], 22 January 1874 (Item 202)

Conviction of Pacific traders; Jason case.

R. Meade to B. [Millard], 7 April 1874 (Item 204)

Mary Queen case.

H. Holland to [B. Millard], 8 June 1874 (Item 205-6)

Despatch from Queensland Governor on Jason case.

W. Malcolm to [E. Sturge], 13 November 1875 (Item 207)

Despatch to Lord Carnarvon on New Guinea expedition.

Sir William Cairns (Brisbane) to Lord Carnarvon, 5 May 1876 (Item 208)

Alleged illtreatment of kanaka woman.

R. Meade to [E. Sturge], 31 August 1877 (Item 211)

Deficiency in Queensland; returns of Pacific islanders in colony.

E. Wingfield (Colonial Office) to [C. Allen], 18 May 1886 (Item 220)

Statement of Reverend J. Gribble.

Anti-Slavery Society, 13 May 1874 - 13 July 1886 (File C163)
4 items

Filmed selectively.

R. Herbert (Colonial Office) to J. Cooper, 13 May 1874 (Item 3)

Alleged outrages against Indigenous Australians by Native Police in Queensland.

R. Herbert to J. Cooper, 9 November 1874 (Item 4)

Outrages against Indigenous Australians in Queensland.

Sir Frederick Broome (Perth) to Lord Granville, 12 July 1886 (Item 105)

Statement by D. Carly on ill-treatment of natives of Western Australia.

Sir Frederick Broome to Lord Granville, 13 July 1886 (Item 106-7)

Sends papers on statement by D. Carly.

Aborigines Protection Society, 28 January 1871 - 22 July 1879 (File C164A)
15 items

Filmed selectively.

T.V. Lister (Foreign Office) to Chesson, 2 September 1875 (Item 3)

Arrest of Captain. Hayes in Landrone Islands.

T.V. Lister to Chesson, 22 March 1876 (Item 5)

Proceedings of Colonel Steinberger at Samoa.

Sir Julian Pauncefote (Foreign Office) to Chesson, 22 July 1879 (Item 13)

Treaty between Germany and Samoa.

Sir Frederic Rogers (Colonial Office) to Lord Alfred Churchil, 28 January 1871 (Item 35)

Alleged abuses in import of South Sea natives to Queensland.

H. Holland to Chesson, 12 June 1871 (Item 36-37)

Sends despatch from Governor of Queensland on import of South Sea natives.

H. Holland to Chesson, 20 June 1871 (Item 38-40)

Treatment of natives in Queensland; seeks information on missionary Milne.

H. Holland to Chesson, 5 July 1871 (Item 41-48)

Sends despatch and papers on inquiry by Queensland Government into alleged abuses.

J.B. Thurston (Fiji) to [A. Layard], 18 February 1874 (Item 51)

Inquiry into conflict in Fiji. (copy)

R. Herbert (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 1 April 1875 (Item 53)

Deputation to Sir Arthur Gordon.

W. Malcolm (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 19 April 1875 (Item 54)

Pacific Islanders Protection Bill.

R. Herbert to Chesson, 6 May 1875 (Item 55)

Pacific Islanders Protection Bill.

R. Meade (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 3 December 1875 (Item 66)

Conviction of Pacific Islanders in Queensland for murder.

Sir William Cairns (Brisbane) to Lord Carnarvon, 187[?]-09-10 (Item 95)

Sends papers on conviction of Pacific Islanders of murder. (copy)

Sir William Cairns to Lord Carnarvon, 7 August 1875 (Item 96)

Conviction of Pacific Islanders of murder. (copy)

R. Herbert to Chesson, 4 June 1879 (Item 102)

Polynesian labour traffic.

Aborigines Protection Society, 7 March 1883 - 15 March 1888 (File C164B)
25 items

Filmed selectively.

F. Murray (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 7 March 1883 (Item 154)

Invites submission for committee inquiring into working of Western Pacific Orders in Council.

E. Wingfield (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 22 May 1883 (Item 158)

Annexation of New Guinea.

J. Bramston (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 27 September 1883 (Item 160)

Pacific labour trade.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 25 March 1884 (Item 166-68)

Sends despatch from J.B. Thurston on Pacific labour trade.

F. Fuller (Colonial Office) to [unknown], [1884]-11-22 (Item 177)

Medical treatment for Te Wheoro.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 31 March 1886 (Item 188)

Ill-treatment of natives of Western Australia.

Sir Robert Herbert to Chesson, 7 September 1886 (Item 190-91)

Statements of D. Carly and Reverend J. Gribble on treatment of natives in Western Australia.

F. Fuller to Chesson, [1886]-10-25 (Item 195)

Statements of D. Carly and Reverend J. Gribble.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 6 December 1886 (Item 201)

Native affairs in New Zealand.

F. Fuller to Chesson, 13 December 1886 (Item 202)

Despatch of Sir Frederick Broome on allegations of Reverend J. Gribble.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 22 December 1886 (Item 203)

Alleged flogging of natives at Fiji.

E. Stanhope to J.B Thurston, 2 December 1886 (Item 205)

Alleged flogging of natives at Fiji. (copy)

J. Bramston to Chesson, 28 January 1887 (Item 209)

Alleged ill-treatment of natives in Western Australia.

E. Wingfield to Chesson, 19 February 1887 (Item 212-13.)

Despatch from Sir Frederick Broome on alledged ill-treatment of natives in Western Australia.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 17 March 1887 (Item 218)

Affairs of Tonga.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 19 May 1887 (Item 224)

Treatment of Aboriginal Australians in Western Australia.

R. Meade (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 4 June 1887 (Item 225)

Possible employment of Reverend J. Chalmers by Government of New Guinea.

H.W. Just (Colonial Office) to Chesson, 12 July 1887 (Item 229)

Possible deportation of Reverend S. Baker from Tonga.

E. Wingfield to Chesson, 26 July 1887 (Item 231)

Charge of Reverend F. Langham against native administration in Fiji.

R. Meade to Chesson, 8 August 1887 (Item 232-33)

Treatment of natives of Western Australia.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 24 September 1887 (Item 236)

Treatment of natives in Fiji.

J. Bramston to Chesson, 15 March 1888 (Item 243)

Religious persecution in Tonga.

Sir William Des Voeux (Nasova) to Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 8 September 1879 (Item 248)

Remarkable experience of group of natives wrecked in Windward Group.

R. Hall (Admiralty) to Chesson, 30 March 1878 (Item 271)

Execution of native of Tanna on board H.M.S Beagle.

R. Hall to Chesson, 30 March 1881 (Item 272)

Punishment of natives of Solomon Islands by captain of H.M.S Emerald.

Aborigines Protection Society, 29 August 1887 (File C165)
1 item

Filmed selectively.

J. Bramston (Colonial Office) to Sir Robert Fowler, 29 August 1887 (Item 185)

Proposed removal of Reverend S. Baker from Tonga.

Series MSS. Brit. Emp. S22. Territorial Files (nineteenth century), 1843 - 1895

10 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP Reel M2432-M2435

Australia, 1845 - 1892 (File G97)

The earliest paper deals with the management of convicts in Van Diemen's Land and the proposals of Captain A. Maconochie (October 1845). Most of the other papers are letters relating to the Polynesian labour trade and the import of labourers into Queensland, 1869-1883. Correspondents include R. Short (Brisbane), A. Davidson (Brisbane), J. Kay, H. Holland (Colonial Office), Reverend J. Fawcett (Rockhampton), A. Vogan (Sydney). (1 folder)

New Zealand, 1843 - 1886 (File G98)

The earliest papers comprise letters of H. Ngawariki (Port Nicholson) on the death of his father at Taranaki (1843) and W. Fox (Nelson) on the progress of Nelson, the Maori War and New Zealand finances (1845). The other papers mainly date from 1882-1886 and relate to the visits of the Maori chiefs to England and the use of Maori lands. Correspondents include Te Wheoro, C. Weale, and Bishop C. Abraham. There are also letters from Bishop H. Perry (Perth) and others concerning the charges of Reverend J. Gribble on the treatment of Aboriginal Australians in Western Australia (1886).

New Zealand, 1864 - 1887 (File G99)

The earliest papers are letters of Sir George Grey on the Maori War (1864-1870). Most of the other New Zealand material dates from 1880-1887 and comprises printed items, cuttings, manuscripts and correspondence on New Zealand affairs, the construction of public works on Maori lands, the Taranaki War and Te Whiti, the use of Maori lands, and the visits of the Maori chiefs to England. The correspondents include F. Chesson, Te Wheoro, Na Taiahiao (Waikato) and the Colonial Office officials. There are also letters of J. Gorst on the execution of a native at Tanna and New Zealand affais (1878-1886), a report by A. Taylor on alleged ill-treatment of labourers on Fijian plantations (1877), copies of official papers on alleged outrages committed on Australian Aboriginals by Queensland Native Police (1874), and papers of Reverend J. Gribble on treatment of Australian Aboriginals in Western Australia (1886).

Fiji, 1870 - 1887 (File G100)

Reverend R. Short. The slave trade in the Pacific, further horrible disclosures contained in evidence taken before the Royal Commission in Fiji in 1871 but suppressed, with remarks thereon, 1874. (217pp) (pagination erratic: text continues p.20-22, 33-38).

Correspondence, 1871-1887. (55 letters). Letters, mainly to B. Millard and F. Chesson, on Fijian affairs, land rights in Samoa, Sir Arthur Gordon, recruitment of labourers in Pacific and treatment of Pacific Islanders in Queensland. Correspondents include E. Liardet (Samoa), E. Layard, Bishop G.A. Selwyn, W. Brookes (Brisbane), F. Langham (Bau), T. Leggat (Le Vuka), manuscript by H. Britton, 'Fiji in 1870'.

Polynesia, 1869 - 1892 (File G101)

5 items
Reverend J. Kay to F. Chesson and B. Millard, 1871 - 1873 (Item 1)

Pacific labour trade. (9 letters)

R.H. Bakewell (Auckland). 'Coloured labour in Australasia' (50pp), August 1892 (Item 2)
Correspondence concerning treatment of Aboriginal Australians in north-west Western Australia, 1884 - 1887 (Item 3)

(24 letters)

Correspondents include Reverend J. Gribble (Perth), R. Haynes (Perth), D. Carly (Perth).

Correspondence concerning Polynesian labourers in Queensland, 1869 - 1892 (Item 4)

(30 letters)

Correspondents include Reverend R. Short (Melbourne), T. O'Donnell, L. Fis[illegible] (Sydney), D. Henderson (Melbourne), W. Brookes (Brisbane), J.A. Fawcett (Rockhampton), V. D'Orsey (Sydney), R. Gray, H. Holland (Colonial Office).

Correspondence concerning New Guinea, 1875 - 1887 (Item 5)

(10 letters)

Correspondents include F. Labilliere (Brighton), Reverend W.G. Lawes (Port Moresby).

Pacific, 1868 - 1895 (File G101A)

(c. 600pp)

Printed and manuscript papers, in no order, relating to Pacific labour trade, ill-treatment of Pacific labourers, Fijian affairs, native taxation, religious persecution in Tonga and other subjects. Correspondents include J. Brower (Levuka), J. Copeland (Futuna), W. Watt (Tanna T. Powell (Samoa), H. Treavy (Tavuni), J. Watts (Levuka), W.F. Parr (Levuka), W. Hunt (Apia), W. Brookes (Brisbane), D. Wilkinson (Nasova[text cut off]) E. Wingfield (Colonial Office), Reverend J.G. Paton. Other papers include memorial of Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland to Lord Kimberley (1872), memorial from Aborigines Protection Society to Lord Kimberley (1873), proceedings of Native Council, Waikava, Fiji (1876), petition from Levuka Chamber of Commerce and minute of J.B. Thurston (1886), proceedings of Police Court, Nukualofa, Tonga (1886), affidavit of E. Turpin (Suva) on decrease of native population (1895).