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Fonds DP 162. Phoenix and 'Peterloo Poets Series', 1963 - 1975

Series DP 162/21. Letters to Harry Chambers, 24 April 1963 - 13 May 1975

Filmed selectively.

Dr D.B. Moore (Speers Point) to Harry Chambers, 3 September 1973 - 27 January 1975 (File M File)

Re his authorship of book on Louis MacNeice and non receipt of Phoenix.

Peter Porter (London) to Harry Chambers. Re meeting, 24 April 1963 - 16 February 1974 (File P File)

Comparing English and Australian attitudes to striking; his change of job; possibility of getting Arts Council grant for Phoenix; Peter Porter's opinion of Phoenix; Peter Porter's editorship of new PEN anthology; sale of Peter Porter's manuscripts to Reading University to pay tax.

Clive Sansom (Hobart) to Harry Chambers, 1974-08-27; 1975-05-13 (File S File)

Comments on Phoenix and enclosing three poems, 'Suicide', 'Starlings' and 'The Trouble With Beer'.

Fonds DX 66. Marie Stopes Memorial Foundation, 1875

Series DX 66/1. Letters to Thomas Joseph Haslam and Mrs Anna Haslam, February 1875 - May 1875

Filmed selectively.

Isabelle Tod (Belfast) to Mrs Haslam, 18 May 1875 (File DX 66/1(c))

Enclosing; received letter from brother in Melbourne, Mr Featherstonhaugh has created a stir in Melbourne on account of his broad church doctrines. (4p)

J. [Evans?] (Albany) to sister thanking her for sending Duties of Parents, February 1875 (File)

Difficulty of getting books on birth control in Australia… 'consequences of excessive marital indulgence are most appalling', opposition of clergy. (3p)...

Fonds DX 150. P.M. Arnott: Hand Bills and Poster Collection, 1848

Series DX 150/27. Miscellaneous, 1848

Filmed selectively.

Epiphany 1848. G.A. Selwyn (Bishop of New Zealand, Tonga Tabu, HMS Dido) to father William Selwyn (Richmond, Surrey) (File DX 150/27/4)

Re voyage on HMS Dido, under Captain Maxwell to Tonga. Descriptions of island, native dress; visit to Mission station at Mua, Polynesion race cannot be induced to work; drawings of the island, natives, ouaua tree. (6p) (photocopy of Ms)

Fonds DCW. Cooperative Women's Guild Papers, c.1941

Series DCW 5. Notes for Speakers, c.1941

New Zealand Social Security, c.1941 (File DCW 5/12)

Comprises notes on social security in New Zealand. (2 copies. 11p. Duplicated typescript).

Fonds DDC. Union of Democratic Control, 1915 - 1949

Series DDC 4. Numbered Parcels, 1942 - 1949

Files re Malaya, Sumatra and Philippines, 1942 - 1944 (File DDC 4/4 (106))

Memoranda, press cuttings re Malaya, Sumatra and Philippines...

Material re Malaysia and Indonesia, 1947 - 1949 (File)
G. De Cruz. Report on restrictions being placed on mass meetings to protest against the constitutional proposals in the Malayan Union For Malayan Council of Joint Action, 1947 (Item 1)

(2p. Carbon typescript)

Sir Edward Gent (Governor, Kuala Lumpur) to Mr De Cruz, 29 April 1947 (Item 2)

Re restrictions on meetings. (1p. Carbon typescript copy)

W. Thomassen (Secretary Partij van de Arbeid, Amsterdam) to Ashley Bramall (House of Commons), 20 April 1947 (Item 3)

Re Dutch Labour Party policy on Indonesia. (2p.)

Resolution carried by Special Congress of Dutch Labour Party re Indonesia. (1p.), 15 August 1947 - 16 August 1947 (Item 4)
W. Thomassen. Indonesia - Holland … and the Socialists, 1947 (Item 5)

(8p. Duplicated typescript)

Second memorandum on the Indonesian policy of the Netherlands Labour Party. (4p.), c.1949 (Item 6)

Series DDC 5. Publications, 7 January 1947

Observations made by W. McMahon Ball rep. of United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and India on Allied Council for Japan, 7 January 1947 (File DDC 5/415)

Re rural land reform; Japanese labour organisations, dissolution of Zaibatsu, Allied food policy in Japan. (8p. Duplicated typescript).

Series DDC 6. Miscellaneous, June 1915

Memo by Union of Democratic Control on consultation of Dominions on terms of peace settlement. (3p.), June 1915 (File DDC 6/11)
Covering letter signed by Charles Trevelyan, Union of Democratic Control. (1p.), 12 June 1915 (File)

Fonds DHD. Charles Howard of Melbourne [Yorkshire] and Sutton on Derwent: Papers, 1836 - 1873

Series DHD 1. Correspondence, April 1836 - May 1873

Letters to Mrs Thomas Peacock (nee Mary Howard), April 1836 - May 1873 (File DHD 1/10)

Filmed selectively.

John Howard (Warrnambool) to Mary (sister), 5 January 1857 (Item No.27)

Re family financial affairs, he is cut off from all family and friends in Australia. (8p.)

Mary Bateman (Warrnambool) to Aunt Mary, 16 August 1865 (Item No.32)

Birth of daughter, news of family in Queensland (part crossed 4p.)

Mary Howard (Warrnambool) to Mrs Peacock, 13 May 1873 (Item No.35)

News of children in Queensland and NSW. (8p.)

J.B. Howard (London) to Thomas Peacock, 28 April 1836 (Item DHD 1/17)

Leaving England [for Australia] to make his fortune (4p.)

J.B. Howard (London) to Dr Wilson, 31 May 1836 (Item DHD 1/18)

Leaving England for Sydney.

Fonds DHL. J. Henry Lloyd Papers, 1939 - 1951

Series DHL 14. Correspondence with Dr J. Bell Ferguson (South Yarra) and Maurice Tumerelle (Brussels), 4 August 1939 - 1 May 1951

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr J. Bell Ferguson (South Yarra), 4 August 1939 - 1 May 1951 (File)

Subjects include: Tasmanian sweepstake; family news; British Medical Association oposition to national health service in Australia; sending food parcels; his job as physician for Tuberculosis at Royal Melbourne Hospital; enforced retirement; bureaucratic interference; political views. (41p.)...

Fonds DJH. Jock Haston Documents, 1945 - 1954

Series DJH 15. Revolutionary Communist Party, July 1945 - August 1954

Revolutionary Communist Party Conference Documents, 1946 (File DJH 15A/27)

Filmed selelctively.

Revolutionary Communist Party Conference Documents, 1946 (Item DJH 15A/27/e)

Includes: Resolution of the Labour Socialist Group of Australia on forthcoming Conference of Revolutionary Communist Party. (9p.)

Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers, 11 November 1945 - 21 November 1945 (File DJH 15F)
Letters campaign against military intervention in Java and Indo China 1946, 11 November 1945 - 21 November 1945 (Item DJH 15F/22)

6 letters...

Foreign Countries, 5 July 1945 - 8 August 1954 (File DJH 15G)
Australia, 1945 - 1954 (Item DJH 15G/1)

Correspondents include: A. Thistlethwayte (Revolutionary Workers Party, Neutral Bay); Gilbert Roper (Paddington, NSW); N. Origlass (Labour Socialist Group, Balmain); W.P. Tuitene (Williamstown); J. Kavanagh (Revolutionary Workers Party of Australia, East Sydney)...

Far East and Malaya, 13 August 1946 - 25 June 1947 (Item DJH 15G/9)

Letters from Derek Booth (stationed with army in Malaya and Java) to 'Colin' and Jock Haston re political and military situation in Indonesia; his deportation from Indonesia to Malaya; political situation in Malaya; British 'military' situation in Malaya; communist situation. (13p.)

Series DJH 16. Movements in USA, 24 April 1946

Socialist Workers Party, 24 April 1946 (File DJH 16B)
J. McClelland (Secretary, Labour Socialist Group (Australia) Balmain) to J.P. Cannon (New York), 24 April 1946 (Item DJH 16B/50)

Forwarding resolution on split in Socialist Workers Party. (Duplicated typescript).

Fonds DMH. Frank Hooley MP Papers, 1968 - 1970

Series DMH 36. Banaban People, 1968 - 1970

File re exploitation of phosphates on Ocean Island and removal of people to Rabi Island, Fiji.

Fonds DMN. Lord Ammon Papers, 1903 - 1959

Series DMN 1. Correspondence, 7 January 1903 - 3 May 1959

Letters From Relatives in New Zealand, 7 January 1903 - 3 May 1959 (File DMN 1/3)

10 letters...

Series DMN 10. Miscellaneous, 17 February 1927

Filmed selectively.

Parliamentary question by Mr Ammon and answer, 17 February 1927 (File DMN 10/35)

Re visit of Duke and Duchess of York to Australia. (Copy from Hansard. 1p.)

Fonds DQR. Quaker Records, 1837

Series DQR 9. Pickering and Hull, 4 February 1837

William [Unknown] (Convict), Goat Island, Port Jackson, 4 February 1837 (File DQR 9/54)

Thanks to James Backhouse and George Washington Walker for their work on behalf of prisoners whilst in New South Wales. (3p.) (Printed copy sent to Joseph Sanders, Whitby)

Fonds DSE. Southeast Asian Manuscripts, 1823 - 1953

Filmed selectively.

Album of photographs, c. 1909-12 (File DSE 24)

'Taken by E.B.Maundrell in Malaya and sent to S.E.M. for Xmas 1909'. Most unidentified. (24p.)...

Printed addresses from the Mohammedan advisory Board (Penang) to Hon. Walter Cecil Michell, Resident Councillor (Penang), 19 July 1919 (File DSE 25)

Celebrating the successful conclusion of World War I. English and Malay in Arab script. (2 sheets)

Printed address from representatives of the national communities in Ipoh and the District of Kinta to Sir Thomas Shenton Whitelegge Thomas, on his visit to Ipoh (1 sheet), 16 January 1935 (File DSE 26)

Charles Seager Brett (Langkon Estates, Kudat) to his brother Bert, 9 January [1928/1929] (File DSE 27)

Conditions on a rubber estate due to economic climate. (6p. poor xerox of Ms letter).

'Education in the Netherlands Indies', [c.1944] (File DSE 28)

Ts. memorandum (chapter?) by B.H.M. Vlekke (pp.1-11). (Typescript, Ms alterations).

'The School System of the Netherlands Indies', being a continuation of 'Education in the Nertherlands Indies' (DSE 28), [c.1944] (File DSE 29)

(pp.12-20. Typescript, Ms alterations).

Grant. William Farquhar, Resident of Singapore to Ram Sammy, 3 February 1823 (File DSE 32)

Parcel (18′×75′) - Signed by Thomas Stamford Raffles (Damaged, 2p.)

'Anthology of Malaya' compiled and edited by H.R. Cheeseman, C.M.G., 1953 (File DSE 33)

Includes information on history, early settlers; natural history; economy; World War II. (409p.)

Diary of an officer in the Public Works Department, Penang, 1 January 1890 - 5 January 1892 (File DSE 34)

Work diary (designing new buildings, inspecting buildings): received Duke and Duchess of Connaught (25 March 1890); inspection of lunatic asylum; inspection of site of reservoir; visits to Kuala Selangor, Singapore etc. Accounts for 1894 at back. (86p.)

Album of photographs: Vancouver; Hong Kong; Penang; Taipin; Pundut; Ipoh; Sitiawan; Gopeng; Kuala Lumpur, [c.1920] (File DSE 35)

Scenery; native villages; rubber plantations including Highlands and Lowlands Rubber estate. (51p.)

Album of photographs: A visit by HMS Malaya, and unveiling a statue of Sir Frank A. Swettenham [at Kuala Lumpur?] (24p.), (c1920) (File DSE 36)

Register of directors and secretary of the Borneo Rubber Estate Owners Co. Ltd., [c.1948] (File DSE 37)

Gives: name, age, address and other directorships. (12p.)

Fonds DDBH. Baines of Bell Hall Papers, 1832 - 1909

Series DDBH 26. Correspondence, June 1850 - January 1909

Subseries DDBH 26/4-7. Hewley Mortimer Baines Correspondence, June 1850 - July 1850
Correspondence, June 1850 - July 1850 (File DDBH 26/7)

Filmed selectively.

H.H. Willis and Co, London to H.M. Baines, 14 June 1850 (Item 1)

Sending prospectus of the Sir Edward Paget, leaving in August. With the prospectus giving a plan of part of the ship and details of food and accommodation (4p).

H.H. Willis and Co. (London) to H.M. Baines, 31 July 1850 (Item 2)

Acknowledging passage money, written on a prospectus (2p).

Mary Baines (Wife of Hewley Mortimer Baines) Correspondence, n.d. (File DDBH 26/8)

Filmed selectively.

Mary Frances [Fanny] Baines (Mount Eden, New Zealand) to 'Grandmama', 9 Oct [n.y.] (Item 53)

Glad when the box of dolls comes. Will soon be twelve (2p).

Subseries DDBH 26/11-28. William Mortimer Baines Correspondence, July 1850 - January 1909
Correspondence, 4 July 1850 - 20 December 1868 (File DDBH 26/11)

Correspondence to William Mortimer Baines in New Zealand. (233 letters)...

Correspondence, 1 January 1869 - 24 October 1872 (File DDBH 26/12)

Subjects include: Family news; arrival in England; paying off debts; money orders; organisation of voyage of wife and children from New Zealand to England; sale or letting of Mount Eden property; social news; instructions on what to bring to England including plants, curios and books; subscription to the Weekly Hearld; family to travel on Percy with domestic help; cost of goods in England; comments on gentle folk in England; goldfields; financial matters; Christmas news and wishes; Hunter's bankruptcy; presumed sinking of S.S. Taurang; sending of seeds from England; difficulty of agriculture – failure of crops and increased price of cattle; birth of daughter; mining machinery; death of Dr. Stratford...

Correspondence, 18 December 1872 - 26 November 1874 (File DDBH 26/13)

Filmed selectively.

W.P. Fooks (Otahuhu) to W.M. Baines, 18 December 1872 (Item 1(a))

Congratulations on another daughter. Hunter is very hard up at Coromandel and will probably soon return to the old place. The family are now at Parnell. An addition of January 3: Hunter has passed the affair of the property to Mr Dyer and has let the house to people of very bad character. (4p.)

A. Hunter (Parnell) to W.M. Baines, 2 June [unknown year] (Item 2)

So far away; their escape from Matarohera just before all their friends and neighbours were killed; the Duke's visit; about to stay with Maryanne. (4p.)

E.V. Dixon (Otahuhu) to W.M. Baines, 7 May 1873 (Item 16)

Called in on journey from Thames to Auckland to find Fooks dying and his wire taking it very much to heart. (6p.)

E.V. Dixon (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 11 May 1873 (Item 17)

Fooks is dead and they need money to send his wife and children to England; please contact his family. (4p.)

A.H. Hunter to W.M. Baines, 20 January 1874 (Item 19)

Account for rent and repairs to houses. (1p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to P.V. Fooks, 21 June 1873 (Item 20)

Sending Power of Attorney to collect rents and debts and let or sell the house at Mount Eden and the land at waikato; has asked Mr Hunter to remove bad tenants - prefers to give him a present rather than a percentage of the rents. Envelope marked 'Deceased'. (5p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to Hunter, 21 June 1873 (Item 21)

Sending Power of Attorney as has written many times to get an account of the rents for his houses. (Copy to Fooks). (2p.)

Transfer for £37.4.7 to W.M. Baines, Bank of New Zealand. (1p.), 17 January 1874 (Item 41(a))
A.H. Hunter (Parnell) to W.M. Baines, 28 January 1874 (Item 42)

Sorry he has not sent balance sheet regularly but has been at Coromandel for 2 years keeping a timber, coal and lime yard where did very well for first 9 months supplying timber till the Green Harp Gold Mining Company smashed so has had to start again. (2p.)

W.D. Hunter (Sydney) to W.M. Baines, 19 February 1874 (Item 45)

Very dull and lonely in Sydney but there are more opportunities than in Auckland. 'Money seems the only passport to society here'. Working as a draftsman in an engineering office where he is doing well and can send his mother 40/- a week; advises him against coming over again. 'Old and honourable names count for nothing among the colonial herd of thieves and vagabonds'. His views on marriage. Fred is working up country. (4p.)

W.K. Graham (London) to W.M. Baines. Trouble in Auckland. (4p.), 11 May 1874 (Item 51)
Sampson Low Marston and Co. (London) to W. M. Baines, 21 May 1874 (Item 52)

Received £68.15.0 for 100 copies of a book which has been advertised in their lists - they will use correspondents in New Zealand and Australia and suggest that the Colonial press should be notified with 2 accounts. Includes prospectus of and preface for New Zealand. The Narrative of Edward Crewe by W.M. Baines. (5p.)

Hugh H. Lusk (Auckland) to R. Dyer, 23 May 1874 (Item 53)

Notification that the Official Agent has registered a memorial against the Mount Eden property of Mr W.M. Baines in respect of a debt of £40. (1p.)

W.K. Graham (London) to W.M. Baines. Approves of book, 30 June 1874 (Item 54)
J. Dixon (Laanecooria) to W.M. Baines. Re book, 7 September 1874 (Item 62)
G. Owen (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 19 September 1874 (Item 64)

As his book only covers 5 years he presumes there will be another. (2p.)

R. Hunter to M.V. Baines, 20 November 1874 (Item 66)

Carrey to Brisbane; their children; Eddie in the bank at Grafton and goes kangaroo hunting. (4p.)

R. Hunter to M.V. Baines. Thanks for presents; Carrey to Brisbane. (4p.), 26 November 1874 (Item 67)
Original Bundle of Documents on the Properties: Mr Dyer, 17 January 1874 - 16 July 1880 (File DDBH 26/14)
R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 17 January 1874 (Item 1)

Rents from Messrs James and Atkinson in the two houses - the latter gives no rents but when they put the bailiff in there was not enough furniture to pay for the arrears; they are still in possession; Mr James is in arrears with his rent. With accounts. (4p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 7 February 1874 (Item 2)

No more rents received. May be able to sell for £500. (2p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 8 June 1874 (Item 3)

Property will be sold by auction within 3 months unless he hears from him. (2p.)]

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 24 September 1874 (Item 4)

As he did not hear from him he had to act to prevent the auction particularly as two people were interested in buying the properties; has received the Power of Attorney and he must send the deeds if he wishes them sold. With a Power of attorney of 1 September 1874 also accounts and a copy of a printed notice of the Supreme Court for the properties to be auctioned. (9p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 30 October 1874 (Item 5)

Atkinsons have left and the house is let at 6/- a week. (3p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 24 December 1874 (Item 6)

Mr James has left the property and the house is let at 12/- a week. (3p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 9 June 1875 (Item 7)

Business matters including re shares in the Mount Eden Gold Mining Company. Sending a statement of account. (3p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 18 December 1875 (Item 8)

The tenants; his land in the Waikato. (3p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 26 August 1876 (Item 9)

Repairs to the property; new tenants; statement of account. (4p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 29 August 1877 (Item 10)

Half-yearly statement of account. (3p.)

R. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 5 March 1878 (Item 11)

Statement of account showing a small credit balance. With a copy of his business card. (5p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 20 August 1878 (Item 12)

Half yearly statement of account; business bad in New Zealand so hard to get rents-things must improve; price of property in waikato and Queen Street remains high; have been great changes in Auckland. With an account. (4p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 1 April 1879 (Item 13)

An account; a general depreciation in New Zealand due to Bank and other failures in England that have been felt there, also the tariff for insurance companies has been broken so they are all trying to undercut each other. With a statement of account. (3p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 7 January 1880 (Item 14)

No money to forward for some time as things are very bad; his son will manage these affairs as he is leaving Auckland. (3p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 3 February 1880 (Item 15)

Sending transfer for £12.6.7 to Baines through the Colonial Bank of New Zealand. (2p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 25 May 1880 (Item 16)

Sending transfer for £13.19.3 to W.M. Baines through the Colonial Bank of New Zealand. (3p.)

R.C. Dyer (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 16 July 1880 (Item 17)

In accordance with instructions has handed over the agency of his houses to Mrs Hunter of Parnell. (2p.)

Correspondence, 27 April 1875 - 24 May 1878 (File DDBH 26/15)

Filmed selectively.

A. Hunter (Auckland) to M.V. Baines, 27 April 1875 (Item 14)

Glad she can see Fran so often - sure she is better off in England; mother to go to Australia; finds teaching a wearing life; Rose is much changed. (4p.)

A. Hunter (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 27 April 1875 (Item 15)

Thanks for Book [The Narrative of Edward Crewe]; hopes it is not the last book he will write; sorry she did not send an account of the massacre but his request came at a very difficult time; works as a governess/housekeeper from 7 in the morning to 10 at night; presumes that her mother and younger members of the family will join her brother in Australia soon. (6p.)

A. Hunter to M.V. Baines, 6 May 1875 (Item 16)

At home with mother - doesn't know what she will do when she goes to Australia, and wishes she could come and care for Maryanne's children; Tom Verdon can get no work here and wishes he were back in Ireland. (4p.)

R. Hunter to M.V. Baines, 10 May 1875 (Item 17)

A grandmother now as Rose has a son; may go to Australia; Ted is in the Surveyor General's Office in Sydney; Eddie in Grafton in the bank - they wish her to go to Sydney from where it is only three days to Brisbane. (6p.)

W.V. Hunter (Cooerwull Woollen Mills, Bowenfells) to W.M. Baines, 28 January 1878 (Item 42)

Very busy with the new undertaking; would he choose a man for him as the business is getting too big for him to manage alone; his mother and the children with him; hopes soon he will keep Baines to his promise to find him a lady partner. With requirements for the working manager he needs. (4p.)

A.H. Hunter (Wellington) to W.M. Baines, 24 May 1878 (Item 45)

An advertisement he has seen in the paper seeking a Robert Hunter or his representative if dead, to benefit by some money. With a copy of the advertisement. (5p.)

Correspondence, 28 February 1881 - 31 October 1889 (File DDBH 26/16)

Filmed selectively.

Printed announcement that D.V. Hunter has commenced business as general storekeeper, forwarding and general commission agent at Hunter's Wharf, Ballina, Richmond River. (1p.), n.d. (Item 2(a))
R. Hunter (Parnell) to W.M. Baines, 28 February 1881 (Item 5)

No money to send because of bad tenants; had been advised that he should send a Power of Attorney to Mr Hunter to act over the debts; the new property tax; the township has gone down to that 'a few rich shopkeepers are the creme de la creme'; everyone that she loved has gone; the family; local news. (9p.)

D.V. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 24 October 1881 (Item 7)

Fred, Ned and Nellie all settled on the river; a sugar growing area; would like to visit England and then look for a wife. (3p.)

R. Hunter to M.V. Baines, 19 February 1882 (Item 8)

No children round her now; her family. (4p.)

A.H. Hunter (Mount Eden Road) to W.M. Baines, 26 February 1882 (Item 9)

Has received Power of Attorney; will inspect Baines' land at Mangatawhiri and take possession of it. With a note re the Power of Attorney. (3p.)

R. Hunter (Mount Eden) to W.M. Baines, 1 November 1883 (Item 10)

Sending an order for £5; conditions improving after long bad period - people are becoming rich (though not them) and there are new buildings. (4p.)

F. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 4 June 1885 (Item 21)

On visit to see children and grandchildren; has heard that cottage at Mount Eden has burnt down and Hunter will rebuild it; the family. (5p.)

Manager (Bank of New Zealand, Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 27 October 1885 (Item 23)

Sending draft for £171.18.6 at request of Mr A.H. Hunter of Ballina, Richmond River. (2p.)

A.K. Heyland (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 27 April 1887 (Item 30)

The Hunters are all in New South Wales and all the girls are married but not very well; business in Auckland very bad - no money. (2p.)

A. Hunter (St Albans Parsonage, Mount Roskill Road [NZ]) to W.M. Baines, 17 November 1887 (Item 33)

Death of brother Davie at Charters Towers, Australia -mother will never quite get over it; Fred is not very well; very busy but her present position ends in March when the Phillips go to England; terrible poverty. (5p.)

A. Hunter (St Albans Parsonage, Mount Roskill Road [NZ]) to W.M. Baines, 4 December 1887 (Item 34)

Mr Phillips has asked her to go to England with them - would they let her stay with them for 9 or 12 months till she returns to the Phillips. (3p.)

T.G. Homewood (SS Mararva) to W.M. Baines, 1 February 1888 (Item 35)

Has seen his house at Mount Eden which is now on a 7 year lease to a good tenant who would like to buy it, but he advisies him to wait for better days as Auckland is very depressed; gold on the Upper Thames; Australia has the gold fever and seems prosperous; charmed with Sydney; Annie Hunter and their old friends. (6p.)

A.H. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 6 May 1888 (Item 36)

Wants to return to Auckland; put Baines' property in good hands when he left but property is depressed in Auckland so he should not sell yet. With note of an account of repairs from D.F. Evans (4p.)

F.G. Homewood (SS Mararva) to W.M. Baines, [1888]-06-04 (Item 47)

Possible sale of the property; Baines' gold mine; the voyage. With a statement from the Property Tax department, Wellington dated 20 December 1886. (8p.)

G. Sellwood (Churchill, Waikato) to W.M. Baines, 26 June 1888 (Item 54)

On fencing the boundary between their properties. With specifications for the work. (4p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to G. Sellwood, 27 August 1888 (Item 55)

Will write to old Evans on the matter of the fencing. (Copy, 4p.)

A.H. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 28 October 1888 (Item 63)

His land at Waikato; business improving in Auckland and hopes to go back. With a newspaper cutting of 8 October 'Brighter Times in New Zealand'. (4p.)

G. Sellwood (Churchill) to W.M. Baines, 29 October 1888 (Item 65)

Offers to lease Baines' land is open till January; cannot find the roads by it he mentioned. (4p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to G. Sellwood. Accepts offer of land. (4p.), 12 December 1888 (Item 65(2))
R. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 2 December 1888 (Item 67)

Just leaving Ballina for Auckland where she will enquire into his property. (4p.)

A.H. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 31 January 1889 (Item 69)

On Sellwood leasing the land - suggests extra clauses to go with contract; Mrs Hunter has left. (3p.)

R. Hunter [Auckland] to W.M. Baines, 8 February 1889 (Item 70)

Sellwood refused the terms on the land but there are others interested. (5p.)

G. Sellwood (Churchill) to W.M. Baines, 25 February 1889 (Item 71)

Accepts terms. (2p.)

Copy of lease of allotments no. 56-60 Maungatawhiri, Count of Eden. (4p.)], 6 April 1889 (Item 76)
R. Hunter (Mount Eden) to W.M. Baines, 10 June 1889 (Item 81)

Unsettled since they came home; Auckland very depressed. (4p.)

D.F. Evans and Co. (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 15 July 1889 (Item 84)

Memorandum on Maugatawhiri Waikato lease and Mount Eden property leases. (1p.)

G. Sellwood (Churchill) to W.M. Baines, 2 September 1889 (Item 85)

Sending lease for signature and return.

W.M. Baines (York) to G. Sellwood, 31 October 1889 (Item 89)

Returning one of deeds.

Correspondence, 24 June 1890 - 4 June 1899 (File DDBH 26/17)

Filmed selectively.

W.M. Baines to A. Sellwood. Thanks for £6. (1p.), 24 June 1890 (Item 6)
A. Sellwood (Churchill) [to W.M. Baines], 14 May 1890 (Item 7)

Sending rent for Waikato land. (2p.)

A.H. Hunter (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 24 March 1891 (Item 10)

Sending statement on Mount Eden property on which no rent has been received and Mr Evans the Agent disappeared so is returning to Auckland to clear up the debts. (5p.)

R. Hunter (Ballina) to W.M. Baines, 19 April 1891 (Item 12)

Husband went to Auckland about Baines' properties - the house is to have a new roof; family news. (6p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to Sellwood asking for rent (2p.), 9 August 1892 (Item 29)
H. Thompson (Agent, Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 17 February 1893 (Item 36)

Payment from A. Sellwood has lapsed - he has left the land and his brother who has the property on the other side will not pay the arrears; the men's stock graze on it as it is not fenced. (5p.)

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 19 April 1893 (Item 37)

Has been offered £150 cash for the Waikato property - not a very high bid. (3p.)

W.M. Baines to H. Thompson, 24 April 1893 (Item 38)

Sending copy of agreement under which the Sellwoods have lost their claim of right of purchase; the Sellwoods have agreed to do all the fencing; please advise him on what is best to do. (4p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to H. Thompson, 31 May 1893 (Item 39)

Advises him to decline the offer. (3p.)

A.R. Sellwood to B. Mercer, 14 February 1894 (Item 43)

Has been away - what rent does he owe? (3p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to A.R. Sellwood. Agreement is broken. (2p.), 9 April 1894 (Item 45)
H. Thompson (London) to W.M. Baines. Returning to Auckland, 18 September 1894 (Item 52)
E.V. Dixon (Danneverke, [New Zealand]) to W.M. Baines, 30 October 1896 (Item 68)

Maori language in the contracting business for building roads etc; New Zealand is changed 'everything is cut down to the last farthing;' has received Baines' new book; remembers when the Narrative of Edward Crewe was read on the Thames when people believed he or Griff was his companion and he was made offers to come into groups if he would lead them to the spot where the reef was found - the New Zealand Government should give him a present for the imaginary discovery which helped to get the area prospected and great finds made near the creek he described; much foreign capital entering the Thames; change in the Maoris with white settlement since Baines was there; the young white generation is different - with more education they feel above the old life of hard labour; many new settlements; people of Napier, Wellington and New Plymouth are only interested in frozen mutton, wool, hides and tallow; at the South end of the North Island many people live off the land so the appearance of the area is very changed; sending Griff's and Jake's addresses in Victoria...

E.V. Dixon (Dannerverke) to W.M. Baines, 5 March 1897 (Item 69)

Origin of the town's name from Norwegian settlers. (3p.)

Mary Ann Dixon (Hokianga) to W.M. and M.V. Baines, 16 March 1897 (Item 70)

William and her husband Henry have died and now lives with her adopted daughter Alice Hunter, keeping a few livestock. (4p.)

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines. Rates and taxes paid on the land. (3p.), 12 June 1897 (Item 71)
E.V. Dixon (Danneverke) to W.M. Baines, 20 June 1897 (Item 72)

Record reign; will send a manuscript of his book - the charges in New Zealand are too high for him to be able to get it published; Maori letters. (4p.)

A. Anderson (Auckland) to W.M. and M.V. Baines, 25 October 1897 (Item 73)

Married a drunkard 4 years ago and have had to get a protection order against him; her family. (6p.)

D. Munro (Manager of Maharahara Copper Mine) to E.V. Dixon, 24 March 1898 (Item 84)

The property he mentioned should be a good one and a good investment - a description of the area. (4p.)]

E.V. Dixon (Dannerverke) to W.M. Baines, 27 March 1898 (Item 85)

A mining property under offer which might be a good proposition - is he interested? Hopes he received the bank draft for £50 towards the cost of 'Rough Life'. (2p.)]

F.V. Hunter (Grafton, [Australia]) to W.M. Baines, 6 April 1898 (Item 86)

Wonder how the Baines fare in England; has made a lot of money as a Government-licensed Surveyor but lost it through growing sugar; fortunate in his marriage and has 8 children; state education provides youths with education but no interest in work; excitemen over Federation; his family. (7p.)]

H.J. Anderson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines. He would not recognise Auckland. (4p.), 13 April 1898 (Item 88)
A. Anderson (Freemans Bay) to W.M. Baines, 14 April 1898 (Item 89)

Interested in curios; has travelled with concert party including to Melbourne and Sydney but is now at home with the children; hopes Uncle Ned's book will be a success. (6p.)

L.M.G. Dixon (Onehunga [New Zealand]) to W.M. Baines. Their troubles old acquaintances. (5p.), 14 May 1898 (Item 92)
E.V. Dixon (Danneverke) to W.M. Baines, 3 July 1898 (Item 95)

The £50 lent by Mr G. Hunter of the House of Representatives in good faith to help the book; getting the book in type. With a newspaper from the Auckland Weekly showing interest in the pioneering life, which should promise a good sale for a book such as his. (3p.)

M.A. Dixon (Woodstock) to W.M. Baines, 24 July 1898 (Item 97)

Busy with the harvest - has prepared meals for 20 men in a temperature of 114; sending a photo of the family; wish they could meet; grain prices so low that farming there is almost a failure. (8p.)

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 6 August 1898 (Item 98)

No new news of the property; Mr Hunter very ill for a long time - is looked after by a Mrs Carrie Walker. (3p.)

M. Kirkham (Opotiki) to W.M. and M.V. Baines, 29 October 1898 (Item 100)

Her father's death when he called out for Maryanne and Fanny; recalls their childhood; mother is very infirm and nearly blind. (5p.)

E.V. Dixon (Danneverke) to W.M. Baines, 28 November 1898 (Item 101)

Possibility of getting 'Rough Times' in print. (7p.)

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 7 February 1899 (Item 102)

His wife and three children are to visit England - please let Annie know. (3p.)]

W. McGill (Pokeno) to W.M. Baines, 15 May 1899 (Item 104)

Interested in purchasing land in Waikato - what is the lowest he will take for his? (2p.)

G.V. Dixon (Koonawarra, Victoria) to W.M. Baines, 4 June 1899 (Item 106)

Out of touch for a long time; a hard life since they were boys together; has not married which is lonely; a friend Mr W. Tack is on a trip to England and may look him up. (4p.)

Correspondence, 21 May 1900 - 6 January 1909 (File DDBH 26/18)

Filmed selectively.

H. Thompson (Indent and Commission Agent, Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 21 May 1900 (Item 2)

Sending an offer of 10/- cash per acre for his Waikato land - if he wishes it sold please send the deeds. (1p.)]

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 3 August 1900 (Item 3)

Death of Mr Hunter; Mrs Walker will now move from the Mount Eden house which will be let - it is in a very bad condition; suggest he put all his properties in the hands of an agent to try for sales; his wife and daughter enjoyed their stay at Bell Hall. (4p.)]

W.M. Baines (York) to H. Thompson, 8 September 1900 (Item 4)

Will sell the Mount Eden property but prefers to hold the Waikato acres. (2p.)

M. Kirkham (Opotiki) to W.M. and M.V. Baines, 15 November 1900 (Item 5)

Exchange of photos; husband is not well; family news; there is a Dr Fooks of Tauranga but does not think he is related to them. (5p.)

W.M. Baines (York) to Manager of the Bank of New South Wales, London. Sending a deed. (3p.), 8 March 1902 (Item 8)
J.W. Stewart (Solicitor, Auckland) to the Manager of the Bank of New South Wales, London, 24 June 1902 (Item 8(a))

Purchase by Wiseman from Baines. (Copy, 2p.)

Assistant Manager of the Bank of New South Wales to W.M. Baines, 20 July 1902 (Item 8(b))

On a Deed of Conveyance for the sale of the Mount Eden property. (1p.)

Pencilled note on rents received. (2p.), 12 March 1902 (Item 9)
M.A. Dixon (Woodstock) to W.M. Baines, 20 March 1902 (Item 10)

Thanks for portrait; a friend visiting England may call on them; London will be gay for the Coronation; Griff is still in Gippsland. (5p.)]

H. Fooks (Snowtown, South Australia) to her father, 25 March 1902 (Item 11)

Hopes to settle in their own house at Lyndoch shortly; locum work has meant so much moving about; strong wind brings so much dust that sometimes they cannot see across the road; pepper trees; back yards full of rubbish. (5p.)

J.W. Stewart (Auckland) to Messrs Russell and Campbell, Solicitors, 26 June 1902 (Item 12)

Sale or Mount Eden property to Mrs Leonice Eliza Wiseman for £850. (3p.)

Manager, Bank of New South Wales, London to W.M. Baines, 28 July 1902 (Item 13)

Need to sign a Deed of Conveyance before the money can be paid. (2p.)

H. Fooks (Lyndoch) to W.M. Baines, 25 November 1902 (Item 14)

Sending seeds; to go to Adelaide to the dentist; a diamond from her ring lost and found; very hot; husband Russell's birthday cake. (5p.)]

H. Fooks (Lyndoch) to W.M. Baines, 25 February 1903 (Item 16)

Moving again; husband very busy with a lot of sickness; the new big house; expects to be very busy and do a lot of calling ; will be in Gawler which is much nicer. (9p.)

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 19 October 1904 (Item 20)

Has received notice from the Department of Agriculture to clear blackberries from his land under the Noxious Weeds Act by 31 October next - the land is poor, he should sell it. Enclosing papers. (5p.)

Russell and Campbell (Solicitors, Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 27 October 1905 (Item 25)

Sending draft for £97.5.5. Enclosing papers. (4p.)

H. Thompson (Auckland) to W.M. Baines, 8 January 1906 (Item 28)

Report that has only received £97.5.5 for the Waikato land. (2p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to M.V. Baines, 26 February 1908 (Item 30)

Her very busy life. (3p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to W.M. Baines, 4 March 1908 (Item 31)

Arrival of Mrs Homewood, a cyclist from Ealing on a world tour. (3p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to W.M. Baines, [unknown] March 1908 (Item 32)

Motor ride of 63 miles to see the country and have a picnic; Mrs Homewood there - enclosing a newspaper cutting on her. (4p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to M.V. Baines, 18 March 1908 (Item 33)

Birthday greetings; maid back after illness so could go out with Mrs Homewood and has taken her to Adelaide where they met a lady reporter and visited the Chief Justice's house; social entertainment. (5p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to M.V. Baines, 29 April 1908 (Item 40)

To go to the sea for a holiday; the children; country needs rain; husband has joined the new bowls club. (5p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to M.V. Baines, 20 May 1908 (Item 42)

Home from their holiday by the sea; the children. (2p.)

H Fooks (Gawler) to M.V. Baines, 27 May 1908 (Item 44)

The children; not well since their holiday when they caught bad colds. (3p.)

H. Fooks (Gawler) to W.M. Baines, 6 January 1909 (Item 46)

Children have been told about England and the idea of the big ship going there excites them. (3p.)

Letters and Papers Relating To William Philip Baines and Death at Sea on Wreck of 'Port Yarrock' off Ireland, 25 January 1895 (File DDBH 26/25)

Filmed selectively.

R. Thompson (Nemuva, New Zealand) to W.M. Baines, 25 January 1895 (Item 183)

Herbert arrived with news of them all; parents have just arrived in New Zealand to live in their old house; sorry that Maryanne still feels so deeply troubled after the death of two of her children. (5p.)

Subseries DDBH 26/29-38. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1869 - 1872
Letters to Fanny (Mary Frances) Baines, 1869 - 1872 (File DDBH 26/37)

5 letters...

Emily Hunter (Parnell) to Fanny Baines. Child's letter, n.d. (Item)
Caroline Hunter to Fanny Baines. Glad to hear of safe arrival, 2 April n.y. (Item)
Katherine Baines (Mount Eden) to Fanny Baines. Fooks is coming to stay, 7 May n.y. (Item)
Emily Armitage (Mount Eden) to Fanny Baines. Staying with Mrs Baines, 27 April n.y. (Item)
E.M. Baines to Fanny and Hattie (Item)

Scarborough, lessons, social news.

Series DDBH 27. Diaries and Journals, 1832 - 1850

Filmed selectively.

[Verdon?], Sydney. Diary (partly illegible). Entries respecting the Dixon family. (6p.), 1832 - 1840 (File DDBH 27/4)
William Mortimer Baines (Auckland), August 1850 - December 1850 (File DDBH 27/5)

Diary from a voyage to New Zealand on the Sir Edward Paget. Shipboard life; observations of the weather, sea, birds, fish and whales; catching birds with a hook and line; Auckland; visits to the bush. (48p.)

Dixon. Recollections of life and conditions of early settlers in New Zealand, [mid 19th century] (File DDBH 27/9)

Remembering 24 years ago when times were hard; one ship a year; a beach where there are now many shops; leaving Freemans Bay and the land granted by the government to militia men to travel to Auckland. (19p. Writing suggests Maryanne Verdon Dixon (Baines)).

Series DDBH 29. Miscellaneous, 1866 - 7 May 1905

Filmed selectively.

Certificate of Miner's Right issued in province of Nelson, New Zealand under Gold Fields Act 1866, [c.1866] (File DDBH 29/36)

(Blank. 1p. Very dirty)

Notebook given to me [Joseph Weighell] on occasion of my birthday by M.A. Baines, 7 May 1905 (File DDBH 29/44)

(142p. Includes notes on NZ and accounts at back)

Fonds DDCA. Duke of Norfolk Deposit, 1852

Series DDCA 31. Correspondence, August 1852

Charles Nicholson (Speaker, Legislative Council Chambers, Sydney, NSW) to Lord Beaumont, 27 August 1852 (File DDCA 31/26)

Enclosing resolution re redress of grievances. (3p. Wanting)

Fonds DDCB. Bickersteth MSS, 1861

Series DDCB 31. Wills, 8 October 1861

Filmed selectively.

Probate copy of the will of Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson of Sydney, NSW, 8 October 1861 (File DDCB 31/34)

Property includes estates in New South Wales and New Zealand. (17p.)

Fonds DDCV. Messrs Crust Todd and Mills, Solicitors, Deposit, 1890

Series DDCV (2). 2nd Deposit, May 1890

Subseries 85. Various Deeds, 3 May 1890
General release: Frederick John Easther of Dunedin, New Zealand, Captain Royal Navy, and his wife Margaret Wharton to Messrs Sprent and Todd. (6p.), 3 May 1890 (File DDCV (2) 85/26)

Fonds DDEV. Maxwell-Constable of Everingham Deposit, 1862 - 1870

Series DDEV 60. Correspondence, 1862 - November 1870

Subseries DDEV 60/31. Correspondence of Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell Of Terregles, 1862 - November 1870
From nephews Robert, Wilfred and Edward Constable-Maxwell: Their voyage and emigration to New Zealand, 1862 - November 1870 (File DDEV 60/31 VIII)

Filmed selectively.

'List of new clothes' (1p.), n.d. (Item 14)
List of articles to outfit Robert. (10p.), 1862 (Item 15)
Sir W. Lawson (Brough Hall) to M. Constable-Maxwell, 29 August 1862 (Item 16)

Thanks for news that his nephew Robert is going to New Zealand; his son Henry went out in 1855 for 18 months in search of 'a run' but was drowned. Great expense of taking up land there now - it would be best for a lad to work for a sheep owner for a start until he has gained experience. His own son had worked on a sheep farm and for a wool merchant before he went. On the outfit he should take out. He will ask Sir Charles Clifford on the present prospects for a youth going to New Zealand now. He considers the finest and most rising colony in the British Dominion is British Columbia and Vancouver Island. (6p.)

Marine Life and Casualty Mutual Assurance Society, London, 22 October 1862 (Item 17)

Form for Robert Constable Maxwell. Insurance on goods from England to Melbourne. (1p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell (Aden) to M. Constable-Maxwell. A rough voyage which he describes. (11p.), 9 November 1862 (Item 18)
Sir W. Lawson (Brough Hall) to M.Constable-Maxwell, 22 January 1863 (Item 19)

A reference to his son Henry who had gone to New Zealand. (3p.)

F. Weld (New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 4 March 1863 (Item 20)

His station manager appears satisfied with Robert. There are many young men seeking position on stations. A man needs head, heart and lots of pluck to succeed in a new country. Impossible to find a place with a Catholic on a station now in the immediate vicinity of a priest, but mass is said frequently in his house and he is always welcome. (6p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell (Stonyhurst Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 5 April 1863 (Item 21)

On the voyage from Aden to Ceylon, King Georges Sound and Melbourne which he describes, to New Zealand, where he stayed with the Welds at first. (8p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell to Clare Maxwell, n.d. (Item 22)

Living with a station manager and some others. Hopes to set up his own establishment. A week spent on a hunting expedition. Description of local birds - is making a collection of bird skins. (4p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Stonyhurst Station, New Zealand) to Aunt Mary, 10 July 1863 (Item 23)

Work on the station; climate; earthquakes; 70 miles from a priest; trouble with natives; rising price of land. (4p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell (Stonyhurst Station, NZ) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 15 July 1863 (Item 24)

Visit to the Welds; plans for his own property in the future; is soon to move to another of Clifford's and Weld's stations; clothes he brought are far too good for his life. (4p.)]

Sir Charles Clifford (London) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 19 July 1863 (Item 25)

Had heard that his nephew has not proved a good correspondent; hears that he is on his Stoneyhurst Station and should do well; the measure of his success must largely depend on the capital he will have available. (4p.)

Charles Weld (Chideock) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 25 December 1863 (Item 26)

Has heard that Robert is to move to Flaxbourne Station. 'He seems a little heavy and slow but willing'. (2p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 1 April 1864 (Item 27)

Returned to Stonyhurst Station after a short stay at the Flaxburn Station; station life; is getting the experience necessary for when he has his own property. (7p.)

F. Weld (Brackenfield, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 3 October 1864 (Item 28)

Robert needs to send home a Power of Attorney before he can arrange to draw on him (his uncle). Advising him on the best way to have money transferred out to New Zealand. Land is a good investment; his life there; Robert has not enough capital for a run; the manager of his station speaks well of Robert; affairs of the Maoris who are favoured at the expense of English settlers. (12p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Stonyhurst Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 6 March 1865 (Item 29)

Description of an exploring trip from which he has just returned, seeking land for sheep. Sorry that the Welds have moved to the north of the country. (6p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Kowai) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 12 May 1865 (Item 31)

Has received the bill of exchange so must look out for an opening straight away. There is no one to consult on runs now that Mr Weld has moved. (3p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Stonyhurst Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 4 September 1865 (Item 32)

His attempts to find a suitable run; there are now new difficulties to finding runs than when Mr Weld came out 20 years ago. (9p.)

Hon. H. Petre (London) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 24 November 1865 (Item 33)

Has written to his agent in New Zealand to see if he can find a post for his nephew on a good run but has not yet had a reply. Believes that land can be obtained at a much lower rate in the North Island. (4p.)

T. Constable (Otley) to his 'cousin', 10 December 1865 (Item 35)

Robert's money affairs - he appears prudent in not hurrying to put his capital into land. He himself has made some bad speculations. (4p.)

Printed 'S. W. Silver and Co's Emigration Circular', 19 December 1865 (Item 36)

Including tables of statistics and information on selected places (including in New Zealand and Australia) of prices of provisions, the labour market, ships, free and assisted passages. Silver and Co., Bishopsgate Street, Cornhill. (4p.)]

Hon. H. Petre (London) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 28 December 1865 (Item 37)

The best sea route for New Zealand; the boys should not knock about in Melbourne with nothing to do; as they are anxious to go the sooner they do the better. (4p.)

Note from H.M. P[etre] on the rate of interest for money in New Zealand. (1p.), n.d. (Item 38)
C.F. Woodsworth to [Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell]. Edward takes their best wishes to New Zealand. (3p.), 29 December 1865 (Item 39)
Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell (Dumfries) to R. Constable-Maxwell, 1866 (Item 40)

Edmund and Wilfred are going to New Zealand. He has told them that they are not to live with Robert but must look out and work for themselves. (Copy 6p.)

Sir C. Clifford (Coldham Hall, Bury St, Edmunds) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 8 January 1866 (Item 41)

Can probably do no better than send his two nephews to New Zealand - if they live there together their united capital will yield a better return that if they were there separately. (4p.)]

Sir C. Clifford (Bury St Edmunds) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 29 January 1866 (Item 43)

He considers the land bought by Robert in New Zealand a good purchase. The other two boys should have control of their own allowances. (4p.)

Printed form filled in for the insurance of goods of E. Constable-Maxwell to Canterbury, New Zealand by Houlder Bros of London. (1p.), 1 March 1866 (Item 44)
E. Constable-Maxwell (on board ship, Plymouth) to Alfred. On route for New Zealand, 6 March [1866] (Item 45)

Conditions on the ship. (4p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 10 March 1866 (Item 46)

Thanks for box of clothes. In the early days had a good market for sheep as the diggers were nearby, but they have since discovered other passes and his road is now very quiet. His brothers are welcome to come to him. Has no flat land for crops, so shall try and buy some of the adjoining country - can he send out some more money for this. Once he is well set up he will come home for a brief visit. (6p.)

E. Constable-Maxwell (SS Otago) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 18 May [1866] (Item 47)

Nearing Bluff Harbour. The voyage out, including a description of Melbourne. (3p.)

E. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 4 July 1866 (Item 48)

His arrival in New Zealand and meeting with brother Bob. Rough road to the station; the work there. (6p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 9 July 1866 (Item 49)

Arrival of his brothers. After shearing, may try and get Edward on another station for further experience; price of sheep and wool has dropped; thanks for presents. (9p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell. Receipt for £838/5/10. (1p.), 9 July 1866 (Item 50)
W. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 9 March 1857 (Item 51)

Shearing has just been completed; development of the station. (3p.)]

E. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 16 April 1867 (Item 52)

An account of an expedition he was on for a month. Has at last got a good house, at a cost of £30; Agatha's wedding in England. (4p.)]

W. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station) to his aunt, 11 May 1867 (Item 53)

Snow and frost - the winter has just begun; Agatha's wedding; cruelty of Maoris; will soon move to another station where a paid job has been offered; the Welds' visit to England. (4p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 12 June 1867 (Item 54)

A depression appears to be coming; has let his run of 3000 sheep for £500 a year for 7 years; his brothers will work another stations; hopes to take a trip home - he is sick of station life. (4p.)

W. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Aunt: News from Dumfries, 13 June 1867 (Item 55)

His attempts at dairying; the station he is moving to; animals they shoot. (6p.)

F. Weld (London) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 19 July 1867 (Item 56)

Hears good reports of Robert; glad to visit him; the future. (4p.)

British Linen Company Bank (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 20 August 1867 (Item 57)

Note on the future of Edward C Maxwell. (1p.)]

'Note of funds belonging to Edward C. Maxwell, Esq. August 1867'. (1p.), August 1867 (Item 58)
T. Weld (Chideock) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 3 September 1867 (Item 59)

A pity that Robert has let his run, but if the tenants can make a good profit from it he should too; sheep are a very good investment. (4p.)]

W. Constable-Maxwell (Booth's Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 8 September 1867 (Item 60)

Robert's visit home; his present station; does not know where Edward is, Fiji or Chatham Island. How did he like the Paris Exhibition? Depression in Christchurch. (5p.)]

T. Constable (Otley) to his cousin, 20 September 1867 (Item 61)

Edward's fortune his own New Zealand relations; general depression. (4p.)]

British Linen Company Bank (Dumphries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell. Edward's money. (2p.), 23 September 1867 (Item 62)
British Linen Company Bank (Dumphries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell. Sale of shares for Edward's capital. (2p.), 24 September 1867 (Item 63)
T. Constable to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell. Edward's settlement. (3p.), 5 October 1867 (Item 64)
W. Constable-Maxwell (Booth's Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 14 October 1867 (Item 65)

Gets no pay with Mr Booth but has been offered a partnership when he comes of age. (4p.)

E. Constable-Maxwell (Wellington) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 3 November 1867 (Item 66)

How do they find Bob? Many of the sheep on his old station have been killed by the severe weather; his money under the settlement; investment in New Zealand; preparations for the arrival of the Duke of Edinburgh. (4p.)

E. Constable-Maxwell (Christchurch) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 29 December 1867 (Item 67)

Has received the first portion of his money - hopes to purchase a station with it; possibility of leasing island of Opara but there are drawbacks to using it for sheep. Robert and Wilfred. (4p.)

W. Constable-Maxwell (Mr Booth's Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 10 March 1868 (Item 68)

Is well; expects to go into partnership with Edward and Mr Booth; great depression in business and sheep are fetching practically nothing; Fenians have started there; a great flood. (4p.)]

E. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 4 June 1868 (Item 69)

Jackson, Robert's tenant, who let the property go and sold many of the sheep. After consulting lawyers he took possession of the run as Jackson had left the country. Has sold his house. Pleuro-pneumonia has broken out in the province. (6p.)]

E. Constable-Maxwell (Wellington) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 2 August [1868] (Item 70)

Has sent Power of Attorney; left Robert's station and come to Wellington where he is interested in taking up some islands for sheep runs; very bad weather. (4p.)]

W. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 13 November [1868] (Item 71)

Vegatables and fruit they are growing; the stock. (4p.)

Hanmer and Harper (Solicitors, Christchurch) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell of Dumphries, 5 December 1868 (Item 72)

Sending a Power of Attorney from W.C. Maxwell. (1p.)]

Leonard Harper (Solicitor, Christchurch), 5 December 1868 (Item 73)

Assigning Power of Attorney to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell on behalf of W.C. Maxwell. (4p.)]

W. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 18 December 1868 (Item 74)

Good stock on the property; colonial life agrees with him; a meeting with a group of Maoris from the diggings. (4p.)

W. Constable-Maxwell (Race Course Hill, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 23 March 1869 (Item 75)

Death of Booth's partner has led to disolving the old partnership and the formation of a new one with Edward; have finished the clip. (4p.)

W. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 9 June 1869 (Item 76)

Earthquake at Christchurch; rumour that the Blue Jacket, a large wool ship, has been burnt at sea; prices still depressed. (4p.)

J. Carmont (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 29 June 1869 (Item 77)

On sending money to Wilfred (4p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell (Christchurch) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 4 July 1869 (Item 78)

Has had no fixed home for some time; his return to the run from which Jackson had disappeared leaving debts but where affairs were reasonable; if the market for mutton does not improve he does not know what will become of them; will part with Benmore any time he can get a bid for it; his brothers have invested in a good run; has seen Edward on the diggings. (7p.)

J. Carmont (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 8 July 1869 (Item 79)

Wilfred's money affairs. (3p.)

J. Carmont (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 10 July 1869 (Item 80)

Wilfred's money affairs. (1p.)

J. Carmont (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 11 July 1869 (Item 81)

Wilfred's money affairs. (2p.)]

H.J. Mathias (Race Course Hill, New Zealand) to W. Constable-Maxwell, 18 April 1870 (Item 82)

The affairs of the Maxwell brothers; last shearing; crops; property; Kowai races; news of Robert. (7p.)

R. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 11 May 1870 (Item 83)

Has been on the move for the last 12 months doing various jobs; has had good fishing with a Maori Haikoura; has now taken over at Benmore but small properties do not pay anymore so he will sell if he can. (4p.)]

Part of letter from R. Constable-Maxwell to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 11 May 1870 (Item 84)

Wilfred's arrival in Melbourne - he hopes to see him soon; Race Course Hill Station. (2p.)

W. Constable-Maxwell (Race Course Hill, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 25 September 1870 (Item 85)

The war has depressed wool - if it continues many runholders will be ruined; Robert has been ill but is improving; investment of his money in NZ. (9p.)]

R. Constable-Maxwell (Benmore Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 23 October 1870 (Item 86)

Settled in Benmore; depressed wool prices; his brothers. (4p.)]

E. Constable-Maxwell (Race Course Hill, New Zealand), 29 November 1870 (Item 87)

Waiting for his present of a reaping machine to arrive; development of the property; injury to one of his horses. (5p.)

From John Walker (Scarborough); Charles Weld; William Lord Herries; Charles Blount, (Richmond, Yorkshire); Thomas Constable, (Otley) and others, 1 September 1862 - 14 February 1866 (File DDEV 60/31 XI)

Affairs of nephew Robert and his emigration to New Zealand...

J. Walker to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, n.d. (Item 2)

Has talked to Robert about New Zealand - he should be allowed to go. (4p.)

Henry Langdale to his uncle, 29 October 1860 (Item 3)

Family and social news.

Mr Walker to Robert, 18 August 1862 (Item 4)

Lecture, New Zealand, Australia, social news.

J. Walker to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, [1 September 1862?] (Item 5)

Lending Robert a book on New Zealand. (8p.)

Hon. H. Petre (Bedford Romford) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 2 September 1862 (Item 6)

Sending terms of passage of P and O steamers to Melbourne. (2p.)]

C. Weld to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 10 September 1862 (Item 7)

Sending a note of introduction for Robert to Fred. (4p.)

Form selling £250 Consuls for Robert by Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. (1p.), 25 September 1862 (Item 8)
British Linen Company Bank, Dumfries, 3 October 1862 (Item 9)

The £250 Consuls for Robert C Maxwell. (1p.)]

British Linen Company Bank, Dumfries, to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 6 October 1862 (Item 10)

Passage on a P and O Steam Navigation Company vessel. (1p.)]

Union Bank of Australia. £25.5.0 credited at Melbourne. (1p.), 15 October 1862 (Item 11)
Union Bank of Australia. £25.0.0 credited at Christchurch. (1p.), 15 October 1862 (Item 12)
Plumber's receipt for 10/6 received from R.C. Maxwell for securing his case. (1p.), 17 October 1862 (Item 13)
Statement on money raised and received by R.C. Maxwell. (1p.), n.d. (Item 14)
R.C. Maxwell (Stoneyhurst Station, New Zealand) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 3 July 1864 (Item 15)

Looking for an opening in New Zealand. Had asked Mr Weld's advice on a property he has seen. (4p.)]

Hon. H. Petre (Bedford Romford) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 6 July 1864 (Item 16)

Has he had news of Robert? His New Zealand agent is now in England and he could meet him if he wishes. (3p.)]

C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 28 September 1864 (Item 17)

On Robert's affairs. (2p.)]

[Unknown] to Mr Maxwell, 1 October 1864 (Item 18)

Mortgages, money for nephew, selling of property.

'Note of accumulations of interest due the children of P.C. Maxwell, Esq., as invested 4th October, 1864.' (4p.), 4 October 1864 (Item 19)
Lord Herries (Everingham Park, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (4p.), 8 October 1864 (Item 20)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's money. (5p.), 8 October 1864 (Item 21)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 10 October 1864 (Item 22)

Should send £2650 to Robert now. (4p.)]

Power of Attorney: Robert Constable Maxwell (Christchurch) to the Honourable Marmaduke Maxwell. (6p.), 10 October 1864 (Item 23)
Statement on the estimated fortune of the children of the late Mr and Mrs P.C. Maxwell. (4p.), 11 October 1864 (Item 24)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's money. (3p.), 13 October 1864 (Item 25)
M. Constable (Otley) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 18 October 1864 (Item 26)

The trouble of raising Robert's fortune. (4p.)

Lord Herries (Everingham Park) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 21 October 1864 (Item 27)

Robert's affairs. (4p.)

C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 26 October 1864 (Item 28)

A way to raise capital for Robert. (7p.)]

C. Blount to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 28 October 1864 (Item 29)

Has received a Power of Attorney from Robert. (2p.)

London Joint Stock Bank (London) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 1 November 1864 (Item 30)

On transferring money to Robert. (2p.)]

C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 1 November 1864 (Item 31)

Trust moneys for Robert. (Letter defaced). (4p.)]

T. Constable (Otley) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 22 December 1864 (Item 32)

On Power of Attorney sent by Robert. Money to be forwarded to Robert. (2p.)]

T. Constable (Otley) to C. Blount, 22 December 1864 (Item 33)

Should apply Power of Attorney to sell consuls to raise money for Robert. (Copy. 2p.)]

C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 23 December 1864 (Item 34)

Received Power of Attorney from Robert. (3p.)

C. Blount (Danby) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 26 December 1864 (Item 35)

Suggests that he send Power of Attorney to him. (2p.)]

Statement on Robert's fortune. (1p.), 1865 (Item 36)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (4p.), 4 January 1865 (Item 37)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (3p.), 6 January 1865 (Item 38)
London Joint Stock Bank (London) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 2 February 1865 (Item 39)

Note: £348.7.2 credited to account. (2p.)]

Lord Herries (Everingham Park) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (3p.), 8 February 1865 (Item 40)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (8p.), 9 February 1865 (Item 41)
Lord Herries (Everingham Park) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (4p.), 11 February 1865 (Item 42)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (1p.), 15 February 1865 (Item 43)
T. Constable (Otley) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 23 February 1865 (Item 44)

At last sending draft to Bank. Robert's money. (4p.)]

T. Constable (Otley) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (7p.), 27 February 1865 (Item 45)
C. Blount (Richmond, Yorkshire) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (3p.), 1 March 1865 (Item 46)
J. Carmont (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 4 March 1865 (Item 47)

Scheme tor raising Robert's fortune. (4p.)

British Linen Company Bank (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (1p.), 15 March 1865 (Item 48)
Part of letter from [T. Constable] (Otley) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (4p.), 18 March 1865 (Item 49)
Part of letter from T. Constable to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (2p.), 19 March 1865 (Item 50)
British Linen Company Bank (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (1p.), 21 March 1865 (Item 51)
British Linen Company Bank (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's fortune. (2p.), 23 March 1865 (Item 52)
Marmaduke Constable Maxwell (Terregles) Note on the manner in which Robert's fortune has been raised. (3p.), n.d. (Item 53)
Lord Herries (Everingham Park) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. Robert's affairs. (6p.), 25 March 1865 (Item 54)
T. Constable (Otley) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 30 March 1865 (Item 55)

Congratulations on nearly completing the winding up of the trust with Robert. Hopes that Robert's location in New Zealand will benefit himself and encourage others of the clan to try the colonies, particularly New Zealand where Catholics have done so well. (3p.)]

R.C. Maxwell. Receipt of £5000 from Marmaduke Constable Maxwell. (1p.), 4 September 1865 (Item 56)
S. Adamson (Dumfries) to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, 14 February 1866 (Item 57)

Sending transfer papers for stock for Robert. (1p.)]

Memo on Robert's fortune. (2p.), n.d. (Item 58)

Fonds DDFA. Nigel Forbes Adam, Eserick Deposit, 1871 - 1910

Series DDFA 36. Beilby, 3rd Lord Wenlock, 1901

Public Office and Affairs, 1901 (File DDFA 36/22-46)

Filmed selectively.

Notice of meeting between His Excellency the Governor (Lord Ranfurly), the Rt.Hon. R.J. Seddon, Premier and Native Minister, and the Hon. James Carroll, Member of the Executive Council, June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/25)

"Representing the native race, and the native chiefs and people at each place, assembled in respect of the proposed native land legislation and native affairs generally during 1898 and 1899"...

Notebook of Lord Wenlock, 1901 (Item DDFA 36/26)

Itinerary of world tour in H.M.S. Ophir of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York. Notes on the arrangements, the programm, clothing etc. for visits to places including Auckland. (76p.)]

Printed list of 'Duties of household and staff', 1901 (Item DDFA 36/27)

Private and confidential. Sets out the duties for the tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York of Lord Wenlock, Lieut. Colonel Sir A. Bigge, the Equerries, Sir J. Anderson, Sir D. Wallace, A.D.C.'s and Commodore Winsloe. (3p.)]

Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to the opening of the Commonwealth Parliament at Melbourne. (Coloured. 1p.), 9 May 1901 (Item DDFA 36/30)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to the celebrations in Melbourne in connection with the opening of the Commonwealth Parliament. (Coloured. 1p.), May 1901 (Item DDFA 36/31)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to an evening reception in Melbourne. (Coloured. 1p.), 9 May 1901 (Item DDFA 36/32)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to the royal Review at Flemington. (Coloured. 1p.), 10 May 1901 (Item DDFA 36/33)
Souvenir programme of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York to Sydney, 27 May 1901 - 6 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/34)

Printed on silk, leather bound. (5p.)]

Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to the review at Auckland. (Coloured. 1p.), 12 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/35)
Souvenir programme for the Royal review of South Australia Military Forces. (4p.), 13 July 1901 (Item DDFA 36/36)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to a Maori demonstration at Rotoroa. (Coloured. 1p.), 15 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/37)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to a public reception at Wellington. (Coloured. 1p.), 17 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/38)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to a reception at Parliament House, Wellington. (Coloured. 1p.), 19 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/39)
Illuminated invitation to Lord Wenlock to the laying of a foundation stone at the new railway offices at Wellington. (Coloured. 1p.), 20 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/40)
Portfolio of 8 photographs of the Southern Alps of New Zealand; Souvenir of the Royal Visit to New Zealand, 18 June 1901 (Item DDFA 36/41)

Presented to Lord Wenlock...

Series DDFA 40. Miscellaneous, May 1901

Menu for dinner at Government House, 14 May 1901 (File DDFA 40/52)

On back sketch of HMS Ophir at Melbourne by Fr. Martino, 1901 (2p.) Photograph [of Government House?] (1p.)]

Series DDFA (3) 5. 3rd Deposit: Correspondence of Constance Lady Wenlock, 1871 - 1910

Filmed selectively.

From husband Beilby 3rd Lord Wenlock, 19 March 1901 - 24 July 1901 (File DDFA (3) 5/1. No. 58-73)

Lord Wenlock (on board HMS Ophir; Government House, Melbourne; Brisbane, Government House, Sydney, Auckland, Albany, Perth) Incomplete to wire re journey with Duke and Duchess of York...

Fonds DDHO. Hothams of Dalton Hall Deposit, 1853 - 1878

Series DDHO 10. Sir Charles Hotham, October 1853 - 1860

Subseries DDHO 10/1. Correspondence, October 1853 - August 1855

Filmed selectively

Duke of Newcastle (London) to Sir Charles Hotham, 20 October 1853 (Item 7)

Wishes to see him on a matter of public business. (2p.)

Draft of a reply from Sir Charles Hotham (London) to the letter of 20 October from the Duke of Newcastle, n.d. (Item 8)

On the flattering offer of the post of Governor of Victoria. Will try and carry out the work of the government as best he can in such a responsible position. (2p.)

Draft from Sir Charles Hotham (London) to the Duke of Newcastle, n.d. (Item 9)

The honour of being offered the Governorship of Victoria. On the salary necessary for the post. (4p.)

Draft of letter to Mr Gladstone from Charles Hotham, 4 December [1853] (Item 10)

Money needed for the position offered. (4p.)

Mr Gladstone (Hawarden) to Charles Hotham, 7 December 1853 (Item 11)

Considering the question of an outfit. (2p.)

Messrs Druce to Charles Hotham, 4 January 1854 (Item 12)

Furniture to be sent to Melbourne. (2p.)

Draft of a letter from Charles Hotham to Hankey, [4 Jan. 1854?] (Item 13)

The position he has been offered in Victoria. Expenses it would involve; salary needed; his appointment if war should break out; his gratitude to the Duke. (9p.)

Draft of letter from Charles Hotham to the Duke of Newcastle, 11 January [1854] (Item 14)

If the colony is to be invited to find a house and furniture for the new Governor - if not will they vote money. What if the Government changes. Could not £2000 be lent to the colony? (4p.)

Duke of Newcastle (London) to Charles Hotham, 12 January 1854 (Item 15)

A loan of £2000 is as impossible as a gift - there is no fund for it. (4p.)

M.E. McEachern of the Admiralty to Charles Hotham, 16 February 1854 (Item 16)

The Government is anxious that he proceed to Victoria. (3p.)

Charles Hotham (King Street) to the Duke of Newcastle, 18 February [1854] (Item 17)

The bearer, Commander Lockyer of the Navy, carries a commission from the Government to the Council of Victoria to purchase a steam vessel of 250 tons, subject to His Grace's approbation. (4p.)

[H?] Pinnock (Gloucester Square) to Charles Hotham, 20 February 1854 (Item 18)

Sending a copy of a Melbourne paper reporting a debate in the Legislative Council on a 'temporary residence for the future Governor'. £20,000 has been voted to cover a sum for a 2 years unexpired lease on a house, £6,000 for furniture erection of Guards Houses etc, £700 for a private secretary's salary and £350 for house rent. (2p.)

Draft of a letter from Charles Hotham to the Duke [of Newcastle], n.d. (Item 19)

Question of an allowance for the post in Victoria. (2p.)

Draft of a letter from Charles Hotham to the Duke of Newcastle, 15 March 1854 (Item 20)

The payment of £800 allowance for the Colonial Governor's outfit. (1p.)

Charles Hotham (King Street) to the Duke of Newcastle, 20 March [1854] (Item 21)

Ordnance for Sydney - has selected the guns best suited to the batteries. (Copy. 4p.)

Henry Ginn to Charles Hotham, 27 March 1854 (Item 22)

Cannot help him, but there must be other capitalist contractors in England prepared to enter the field in Australia. Feels that unless such a contractor enters Victoria, important works there cannot be executed. On back: note that answer was sent the same day. (4p.)

Letter to Charles Hotham, 22 May 1855 (Item 23)

He is better where he is than on a ship against the enemy who are impregnable. Palmerston's government is weaker than ever before. (4p.)

Edward Thornton (Montevideo) to Charles Hotham, 30 June 1855 (Item 24)

Sure that he will be much happier once the troubles are over. Many people ask after him very kindly. Local matters. (4p.)

Charles Hotham to his brother the Rev. J.H. Hotham, 15 August 1855 (Item 25)

Difficulty with finances for there was a great deficit when he took over. Has now settled the gold question and all other problems except the land question. Annoyed that the Victorian Government which opposed him now say how superior Victoria is to New South Water and the other colonies. Government House is now very nice. With a covering note. (7p.)

Subseries DDHO 10/15-43. Governor of Victoria, 1852 - 1860
Correspondence, November 1853 - July 1855 (File DDHO/10/15)

Correspondents include: W.A.B. Hamilton (Admiralty), Duke of Newcastle, Lieutenant Governor La Trobe, Lords of the Admiralty, Colonel Richard Airey, Chapman (Colonial Office), Salvador Garcia (Argentina), J. de Urquisa (San Jose), Lord Russell and Sir H. Young...

Correspondence, 29 November 1853 (File DDHO 10/16)
The Duke of Newcastle's despatch on the squatting question; despatch (no.126) from the Duke of Newcastle, Downing St, to Lieut Governor La Trobe, 29 November 1853 (Item)

On the extent of the rights of licensed occupants of Crown Lands in Victoria under the Order in Council of 9th March, 1847 and subsequent orders and regulations. Expects that general control of waste lands will soon be transferred from the Home to the local Government; lacks information on aspects of the leasing of land in the colony; satisfied that the circumstances of the colony have rendered the surveys which were considered essential for leasing impracticable - not fully appreciated beforehand; pastoralists should not have advantages over others in purchasing crown lands particularly for speculation and in holding up development; must consider if the present powers of the Government can be used to repress this abuse; the future leasing of unsettled land; grants and sales; consider that as population and settlement increase so land should be supplied for agriculture to support it; Government should be able to classify land as settled, intermediate and unsettled by an order in Council; question of private people extending their rights; the duration of leases; must assume the powers of the local government as far as advisable to provide an adequate supply of land to the community; the proposal of a stock assessment to replace present rates; necessary legislation. (58p.)

Memorandum, n.d. (File DDHO 10/17)
Sir Charles Hotham. Memorandum on Colonial finances (7p.), n.d. (Item)
Papers, 1854 (File DDHO 10/18)
Papers relating to the sale and shipping of furniture. Bills, inventories, etc. (26p.), 1854 (Item)
Newspaper Cuttings, 1854 - 1860 (File DDHO 10/19)
Book of newspaper cuttings relating to Sir Charles Hotham's Governorship (61p.), 1854 - 1860 (Item)
Correspondence, 24 June 1854 - 13 October 1854 (File DDHO 10/20)
Letterbook: letters from the Secretary of State, 24 June 1854 - 6 October 1855 (Item)

With an alphabetical index to numbered pages. 70p...

Correspondence, 26 June 1854 - 8 January 1856 (File DDHO 10/21)
Letterbook of Sir Charles Hotham: letters to the Secretary of State, 26 June 1854 - 8 January 1856 (Item)

With an alphabetical index to numbered pages. 367p...

Correspondence, c. 1855 (File DDHO 10/22)
Sir Charles Hotham. Draft of speech to the Legislative Council on the bill for a New Constitution, c.1855 (Item)

Regret that members for the mining districts could not attend. Will be introducing a Bill to regulate elections and to prevent bribery. The quietness on the goldfields is largely due to the acts of the last session. Defence of Hobsons Bay. Urgent need to develop railways in the state. Improved financial position. Look forward to flourishing towns on the Murray. Need for a light house on Kings Island. The Public Service. (15p.)

Covering Letter, 23 November 1855 (File DDHO 10/23)
Draft of a covering letter from Charles Hotham to the Colonial Secretary (Melbourne), 23 November 1855 (Item)

Sending a statement on his views on the future administration of the Government of Victoria. The enclosure: The position of the Governor under the new Constitution - his relationships and responsibilities with the Ministry and the Sovereign.(16p.)

List of Acts, 1854 - 1855 (File DDHO 10/24)
List of Acts of the Legislative Council session (8p.), 1854 - 1855 (Item)
Memorandum, c.1855 (File DDHO 10/25)
Memorandum on the Denominational School Board. 'Precis for His Excellency'. (12p.), c.1855 (Item)
Hon. James Frederick Palmer, 1855 (File DDHO 10/26)
Three letters to the Hon. James Frederick Palmer, Speaker of the Legislative Council of Victoria by J.F. Leslie Foster late Colonial Secretary, Melbourne, James J Blundell, 1855 (Item)

Printed pamphlet. 23p.

Account, 27 January 1855 (File DDHO 10/27)
Wood account for the camp at Heathcote (2p.), 27 January 1855 (Item)
Memoranda, 7 February 1855 (File DDHO 10/28)
Charles Hotham. Two memoranda concerning the Lieutenant-Governors salary. (3p.), 7 February 1855 (File)
Memoranda, 7 February 1855 (File DDHO 10/29)
Charles Hotham. Memoranda on the ill state of the Governor's residence and money spent on its improvement. (2p.), 7 February 1855 (Item)
Financial estimates, 1855 (File DDHO 10/30)

Filmed Selectively.

Financial estimates for Victoria, 1855 (Item)

The printed estimates, printed notices from the Colonial Secretary's Office, with a few ms. amendments to tables and additions. (127p.)]

Despatch, 6 November 1855 (File DDHO 10/31)
Copy of a despatch (No.161 Executive) from Sir H.E. Young (Government House, Tasmania) to Sir William Molesworth on the 'Privilege' question in Tasmania, 6 November 1855 (Item)

The Mayor of Melbourne has forwarded to Charles Hotham for transmission to Downing Street a copy of a resolution sympathising with the Legislative Council of Tasmania on the 'privilege question' and condemning him (Young). The resolutions are devoid of truth - he sets out the facts: it is not true that the Tasmanian Legislative Council has suppressed facts, for the Select Committee of Enquiry was already functioning; the facts of the arrest of Mr Hampton for his refusal to be a witness after which he (Young) used his prerogative of Prorogation to prevent outrages which were threatened. The Prorogation did not take place during a debate as had been stated. His address has been misunderstood and then used as an excuse to appeal to the Legislature of Victoria to come in against him. With a copy of a despatch of 31 October 1855 from [unknown] Chapman to the Governor Sir, H.E.F. Young, Melbourne: Has received an authentic copy of his speech and regrets that he acted on a newspaper version of it. (14p.)]

The Herald, 6 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/32)
The Herald, Melbourne, 6 December 1855 (Item)
The Herald, 11 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/33)
The Herald, Melbourne, 11 December 1855 (Item)
The Herald, 12 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/34)
The Herald, Melbourne, 12 December 1855 (Item)
The Age, 8 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/35)
The Age, Melbourne, 8 December 1855 (Item)
The Age, 11 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/36)
The Age, Melbourne, 11 December 1855 (Item)
The Age, 13 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/37)
The Age, Melbourne, 13 December 1855 (Item)
The Argus, 10 December 1855 (File DDHO 10/38)
The Argus, Melbourne, 10 December 1855 (Item)
Pamphlet, 1856 (File DDHO 10/39)
Printed pamphlet 'New Year's sermon', 1856 (Item)

With remarks suggested by the decease of the late Governor Sir Charles Hotham K.C.B., preached in Chalmer's Church, Melbourne, on Sunday, January 6, 1856 by the Rev. A. Cairns, D.D.' Published by request. Melbourne. Wilson, Mackinnon and Fairfax (22p.)]

Pamphlet, 1856 (File DDHO 10/40)
Printed pamphlet 'New Year's sermon' [duplicate], 1856 (Item)
Despatch, 9 May 1856 (File DDHO 10/41)
Copy of despatch of Sir Charles Hotham, 9 May 1856 (Item)

His speech at opening of Victoria Legislative Council 23 November 1855; and despatches relating to his death.

Notebook, December 1855 - January 1856 (File DDHO 10/42)
Notebook containing copies of letters of condolence, newspaper articles and excerpts from Lady Hotham's diary, December 1855 - January 1856 (Item)

Also newspaper cuttings on the death of Sir Charles Hotham (168p.).

Notebook, 1852 - 1856 (File DDHO 10/43)
Notebook of newspaper cuttings, 1852 - 1856 (Item)

On Sir Charles Hotham's appointments in South America and Australia; on his death and funeral. Copies of addresses on his death. (80p.)]

Series DDHO 13. Correspondence, July 1878 - October 1878

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence, July 1878 - October 1878 (File DDHO 13/19)

Letters to the Rev. F.H. and Misses Emily and Georgina Hotham from their son and brother, Beaumont Hotham in Auckland.

B.G. Hotham (Kohu Kohu) to Georgina [Hotham], n.d. (Item)

Thinks he would sooner be anywhere but where he is for there is nothing to do. Yarborough is a poor companion. Looks forward to going to Auckland. Is much easier here to lose a fortune than make one. (2p.)]

B.G. Hotham (Kohu Kohu) to Emily [Hotham], 14 July [1878] (Item)

An awful life - Yarborouyh is so dull. Can't see how he will start farming or do anything. Some money has disappeared, also his knife. wishes he were at home. (14p.)

B.G. Hotham to his father (Auckland) [Rev. F.H. Hotham], 14 October 1878 (Item)

Will probably leave Auckland next week. Why he has not got on a good run yet. Hopes to work on Mr Kissling's run where he would be able to learn farming. In the future will try and buy land of his own. At the moment a man Ryan has a share with Kissling, and when Ryan leaves he might try and take it over. Hopes that he has sent out his money as it could be in the bank earning 5% interest, also it would be on hand if he should have the chance to buy into a run. On mutual friends, and the war news. In a p.s.: thinks that he will not now be able to get on to Kissling's run.(8p.)]

Fonds DDLG. Mrs N. Turner and Trustees of Sewerby Estates Deposit, 1875 - 1906

Series DDLG 46. Correspondence, February 1906 - July 1906

Subseries DDLG 46/22. Correspondence, February 1906 - July 1906

Letters and copy letters between Joseph Abbott (Dublin) Sir George R. LeHunte (Adelaide).

Correspondence and copies of correspondence between Joseph Abbot (Dublin) and Sir George Ruthven LeHunte (Government House, Adelaide), 8 February 1906 - 16 July 1906 (File 1)

Regarding the estate of Rev. Francis LeHunte of New Ross who died intestate on 2 Jan 1900. (13p.)

Series DDLG 53. Rev. Dr James Thomas O'Brien, Bishop of Ossory, Ferns and Leighton, and family, 10 June 1875 - 17 July 1901

Correspondence of Mrs Ellen O'Brien, June 1875 - June 1876 (File DDLG 53/32)

Filmed selectively.

Letters to Mrs O'Brien from her son H. Arthur O'Brien, Colonial Secretary's Office, Singapore, 10 June 1875 - 25 June 1876 (Item nos. 78-87, 89)

Subjects include: living quarters; dinner at Government House to meet Rajah Brooke; cadetship scheme; 'Malays are like the Irish'; social life; ill health; trip to survey the harbour islands; has to leave Singapore due to ill health.

Address in Fijian from native chiefs [signed] and officials to Sir G.T.M. O'Brien on his retirement as Governor of Fiji, 17 July 1901 (File DDLG 53/50, 51)

12p. and 8p. and translations.

Fonds DDPR. Preston Family of Moreby Deposit, 1817 - 1820

Series DDPR 50. Correspondence, March 1817 - November 1820

Letters to Rev. Thomas Preston, March 1817 - May 1817 (File DDPR 50/6)

Filmed selectively.

Letters and orders concerning convict William Varley, 16 March 1817 (Item 8)

Reprieved from death penalty and sent to hulks en route to New South Wales. (4p.)

James Long (Elston) to Rev. T. Preston, 18 May 1817 (Item no. 16)

Re Richard Roper, under sentence of transportation. (2p.)

Letters to Rev. Thomas Preston, August 1820 - November 1820 (File DDPR 50/9)

Filmed selectively.

James Long (Elston) to Rev. Preston, 6 November 1820 (Item no. 25)

Re Richard Long under sentence of transportation. (1p.)

Roper (n.p.) to Rev. Preston, 13 August 1820 (Item no. 20)

Re son under sentence of transportation. (2p.)

Fonds DDSY. Sykes Papers, 1818 - 1853

Series DDSY 23. Garton on the Wolds, January 1846

Filmed selectively.

Will of John Boyes, January 1846 (File DDSY 72/95)
Probate copy of the will of John Boyes late merchant of Antwerp and London, 24 January 1846 (Item)

Bequests include 20 shares in the South Australian Banking Company to Harriet Boyes his daughter, and to his sons Frederick and John Henshall Boyes, 20 shares in the South Australian Agricultural Company (another 10 to be held for their heirs) and land in South Australia. (4p.)

Series DDSY 72. Wetwang, May 1853

Filmed selectively.

Medical Certificate, May 1853 (File DDSY 72/95)
Copy of a medical certificate on the health of Charles Simpson of Waratah, County Northumberland, N.S.W., 27 May 1853 (Item)

Headed: Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England. Signed by [Richard Ryther Steer Bowker?]. (1p.)

Series DDSY (3). Miscellaneous Papers deposited by Sir Richard Sykes, July 1818

Subseries DDSY (3)/8. Sykes Letters and Papers, July 1818
Letters to Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, 21 July 1818 (File DDSY (3)/8/6)

Filmed selectively.

Lord Sidmouth (Whitehall) to Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, 21 July 1818 (Item no. 6)

That cannot recommend pardons for Henry Smith or George Handley, two prisoners under sentence of transportation. (2p.)