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Disraeli, Benjamin, 1804-1881
Papers of Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
19 March 1847 - 18 July 1880
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167 items
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Scope and Contents

Political correspondence, including official and semi-official letters. Subjects include: emigration; colonial governorships; Fiji; establishment of Moreton Bay as a separate colony; the Congress of Berlin (1878); military action in Malaya; colonial appointments; affairs of Sir James Brooke; and Fenian prisoners.

Major correspondents are Lord Carnarvon, Lord Stanley, Lord Derby, J. Pope Hennessy, Duke of Buckingham and Charles Gavan Duffy.

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Australia; Berlin Congress (1878); Brooke, Sir James; Disraeli, Benjamin, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield; Duffy, Sir Charles Gavan; Emigration and immigration; Fenian prisoners; Fiji; Great Britain; Governorships; Grenville, Richard, 3rd Duke of Buckingham; Herbert, Henry H.M., 4th Earl of Carnarvon; Malaya; Politicians: Britain; Pope Hennessy, Sir John; Queensland: politics and government; Stanley, Edward H., Lord Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby; Stanley, Edward S., Lord Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 139, p51. []

Biographical / Historical

Conservative MP 1837-1876. Leader of Conservative Party in the House of Commons 1848-1876; Chancellor of Exchequer February-December 1852, 1858-1859 and 1866-1868; Leader of Conservative Party 1867-1881; Prime Minister February-December 1868 and 1874-1880.

Item Descriptions

Fonds B.. Political Papers, 19 March 1847 - 18 July 1880

167 items

Series V.. Papers of 1852, July 1849 - 1879

18 items
Subseries F. (Box 35). Emigration, 18 August 1852 - 2 November 1852
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir Charles Trevelyan. Minute on emigration (11p.), 18 August 1852 (File B/V/F/1)
Sir Charles Trevelyan to Disraeli. Sends minute, 18 August 1852 (File B/V/F/2)
Colonial Land and Emigration Office, 2 November 1852 (File B/V/F/3)

Return showing emigration from UK 1849-1852

Subseries G (Box 36). Papers concerning Sir James Brooke, [c. 1849-07-1852]
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence between certain merchants and inhabitants of Singapore and Jospeh Hume M.P., [c. July 1849] (File B/V/G/3)

Relative to the massacre of the Dyaks off the coast of Borneo in July 1849. (3pp., printed)

Manuscript on debate concerning Sir James Brooke and the alleged massacre of the Dyaks in 1849 (14p.), [1852] (File B/V/G/4)
Subseries X/B (Box 42). Official and Semi-Official Letters to M. Corry, 10 September 1867 - 7 July 1868
2 items

Filmed selectively.

R. Dalglish to Corry, 10 September 1867 (File B/X/B/10a)

Seeks letter of introduction for Captain. H. Wallace emigrating to New Zealand.

A. B. Cochrane to Corry, 7 July 1868 (File B/X/B/25)

Refers to fact he had declined Governorship of Tasmania.

Subseries XlV/B (Boxes 61-64). Official and Semi-Official Letters to M. Corry, 21 February 1874 - 1879
10 items

Filmed selectively.

Reverend S.W. Payne to Corry, 21 February 1874 (File B/XlV/B/10)

Sends printed petition seeking Church preferment in view of services rendered to H.M. troops in New Zealand in 1863-1864.

Sir Andrew Clarke (Singapore) to Corry, 4 March 1874 (File B/XlV/B/33)

Strength of Disraeli Government; importance for Britain of Straits of Malacca; believes Disraeli would support his actions as Governor.

Sir John Stewart to Corry, 8 December 1874 (File B/XlV/B/246)

Seeks Governorship of Fiji or one of Australasian colonies

[unknown] to Corry, 19 August 1874 (File B/XlV/B/258)

Interest of Haliburton in Chief Justiceship of Fiji.

M. Slade to Disraeli, 16 June 1875 (File B/XlV/B/375)

Seeks appointment in Fiji.

Correspondence concerning appointment of J.H. Graves as Consul at Samoa, 1876 - 1879 (File B/XlV/B/556)

(5 letters)

W. Macredie (Melbourne) to Disraeli, 26 April 1876 (File B/XlV/B/562)

French ambitions in Pacific; proposes that New Hebrides be placed under Australian Naval Station; sends correspondence with Reverend J.G. Paton.

H. Loch to Corry, 26 November 1876 (File B/XlV/B/639)

Requests colonial governorship.

H. Loch to Corry, 29 May 1877 (File B/XlV/B/679)

Requests colonial governorship.

C. Holmes to Corry, 12 August 1878 (File B/XlV/B/755)

Urges that F. Swettenham be appointed Governor of Labuan.

Subseries XVll (Box 73). Berlin Congress, August 1878 - December 1878
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Addresses, correspondence and cables, August 1878 - December 1878 (File B/XVll/184-213)

Mainly from Australia and New Zealand, congratulating the British Government and Beaconsfield on the success of the Congress of Berlin, August - December 1878. They include letters from A.P. Martin (Melbourne) and Dean H. Macartney (Melbourne) and addresses from the Parliaments of Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania and from public meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Geelong, Ballarat, Newcastle, Auckland, Christchurch, Napier and Levuka.

Series XlX. Royal Correspondence, 25 April 1868 - 27 June 1879

6 items
Subseries A. (Box 77). 1852-1873, 25 April 1868 - 27 April 1868
2 items

Filmed selectively.

Queen Victoria to Disraeli, 25 April 1868 (File B/XlX/A/42)

Refers to shock at Fenian attack on Duke of Edinburgh in Australia.

Queen Victoria to Disraeli, 27 April 1868 (File B/XlX/A/44)

Thanks for letter of sympathy on attack on Duke of Edinburgh.

Subseries B. (Boxes 78-79). 1874-1881, 1 December 1874 - 20 March 1876
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir Henry Ponsonby to Disraeli, 1 December 1874 (File B/XlX/B/113)

Views of Queen on name for new colony; prefers retention of 'Fiji' rather than 'Windsor'.

Queen Victoria to Disraeli, 18 March 1876 (File B/XlX/B/474)

Royal titles; proposal to call princes after colonies.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 20 March 1876 (File B/XlX/B/478)

Criticizes proposal to create Royal Dukes of Canada and Australia.

Subseries C. (Box 84). Copies of correspondence with Queen Victoria, 27 June 1879
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Beaconsfield to Queen Victoria, 27 June 1879 (File B/XlX/C/170-171)

Beaconsfield's illness; agrees that Prince Leopold should not visit Australia; illness.

Series XX. Special Correspondence, 6 January 1850 - 18 July 1880

52 items
Subseries Ca. (Box 91). Letters of Lord Cairns, 26 September 1873 - 17 September 1875
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Lord Cairns to Disraeli, 26 September 1873 (File B/XX/Ca/105)

Ashanti War; Dutch control of Malacca Straits and possible annexation of Acheen. (Includes cuttings).

Lord Cairns to Disraeli, 29 January 1874 (File B/XX/Ca/108)

References by W.E. Gladstone to 1824 Anglo-Dutch Treaty; Dutch ambitions to extend territories in Sumatra.

Lord Cairns to Disraeli, 17 September 1875 (File B/XX/Ca/159)

Request by Sir Henry Parker, former Premier of N.S.W., for Disraeli's autograph; appointment of judge.

Subseries Co. (Box 94). Letters of Montagu Corry, Lord Rowton, 27 November 1866 - 29 July 1870
4 items

Filmed selectively.

M. Corry to Disraeli, 27 November 1866 (File B/XX/Co/18)

Contradictory statements concerning cost for Britain of Sarawak.

Notes on offer of Sir James Brooke to cede Sarawak. (File B/XX/Co/18a)
M. Corry to Disraeli, 10 January 1868 (File B/XX/Co/36)

Gratitude of A.B. Cochrane for offer of Governorship of Tasmania.

M. Corry to Disraeli, 29 July 1870 (File B/XX/Co/64)

Interview with Sir John Hay about dockyards and naval defence; refers to flying squadron with 2800 of best seamen being somewhere in Pacific.

Subseries D. (Box 95). Letters of Disraeli to Montagu Corry, 18 July 1880
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Beaconsfield to M. Corry, 18 July 1880 (File B/XX/D/305)

Interview with Sir Philip Rose; agricultural depression in Buckinghamshire; refers to New Zealand wheat being sold in Wycombe market for 42/- a quarter; predicts fall of landed interest.

Subseries Ha. (Box 98). Letters of Gathorn Hardy, Lord Cranbrook, 4 August 1868
1 item

Filmed selectively.

G. Hardy to Disraeli, 4 August 1868 (File B/XX/Ha/36)

Apppointment of Sir James Fergusson as Governor of South Australia; "almost a pity as he is very useful at home."

Subseries Hs. (Box 99). Letters of James Harris, Lord Malmesbury, [1852]-05-13
1 item

Filmed selectively.

Lord Malmesbury to Disraeli, [1852]-05-13 (File B/XX/Hs/16)

Agrees with J. Hume that appointment of Sir James Brooke should be put on less anomalous footing.

Subseries He. (Box 100). Letters of Henry Herbert, Lord Carnarvon, 16 October 1866 - 16 March 1876
20 items

Filmed selectively.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 16 October 1866 (File B/XX/He/7)

Proposal of Victorian Government for iron-plated ship.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 19 October 1866 (File B/XX/He/8)

Iron-plated ship.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 30 June 1874 (File B/XX/He/23)

Requests meeting of Cabinet to discuss Fiji.

Lord Carnarvon to M. Corry, 6 July 1874 (File B/XX/He/25)

Urgency of Fiji question.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 9 August 1874 (File B/XX/He/28)

Thanks for letter on Fiji.

Lord Carnarvon to M. Corry, 29 July 1875 (File B/XX/He/46)

Suggests members of Copyright Commission, including A. Michie.

Lord Carnarvon to Sir William Jervois, 29 December 1875 (File B/XX/He/53)

Perak. (copy cable)

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 30 December 1875 (File B/XX/He/54)

Despatch of cable to Sir William Jervois.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 1 June 1876 (File B/XX/He/66)

Policy draft on Straits Settlements.

H. Jekyll to M. Corry, 14 October 1877 (File B/XX/He/83)

International Exhibition at Melbourne; possible visit to Australia by Prince of Wales; despatch from Sir George Bowen.

Lord Carnarvon to Beaconsfield, 21 December 1877 (File B/XX/He/85)

Visit of Prince of Wales to Australia.

A. Pearson to A. Turnor, 22 December 1877 (File B/XX/He/86)

Visit of Prince of Wales to Australia.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 7 August 1874 (File B/XX/He/106)

Regrets postponement of Cabinet on Fiji; Disraeli's objections to advance to cover preliminary expenses in Fiji.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 17 October 1874 (File B/XX/He/109)

Sends cable from Sir Hercules Robinson on cession of Fiji; abolition of slavery in Gold Coast.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 27 October 1874 (File B/XX/He/111)

Pleasing cable from Sir Hercules Robinson on Fiji.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 25 November 1875 (File B/XX/He/131)

Sends cable from Sir William Jervois on annexation policy in Malaya.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 30 November 1875 (File B/XX/He/132)

Restoration of troops to sef-governing colonies; sends letter from Victorian Government.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 10 December 1875 (File B/XX/He/133)

Hopes scheme may be devised to station imperial troops in Victoria; draft of despatch to Sir William Jervois on Perak.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 14 December 1875 (File B/XX/He/134)

Sends cable on military action in Perak.

Lord Carnarvon to Disraeli, 16 March 1876 (File B/XX/He/137)

Opposition of G. Hardy to return of Imperial troops to Australia.

Subseries Hu (Box 100). Letters of George W. Hunt, 23 October 1866
1 items

Filmed selectively.

G.W. Hunt to Disraeli, 23 October 1866 (File B/XX/Hu/7)

Financial implications of proposal of Victorian Government on colonial navy.

Subseries Ly. (Box 104). Letters of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Lord Lytton, 1858 - June 1859
5 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton to Disraeli, [1858] (File B/XX/Ly/107)

Canadaian affairs; establishment of Moreton Bay as separate colony.

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton to Dundas, 14 December 1858 (File B/XX/Ly/108)

Governorship of Prince Edward Island; Dundas' interest in Moreton Bay.

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton to Disraeli, [June 1859] (File B/XX/Ly/123)

Question in House of Commons by Sir John Trelawny on New Zealand loan; evidence given to Committee by H. Sewell.

Sir John Trelawny to Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 9 June 1859 (File B/XX/Ly/123a)

Motion on New Zealand loan.

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Note on explanation of H. Sewell (File B/XX/Ly/125)
Subseries P. (box 107). Letters of Sir John Pakington, Lord Hampton, 25 April 1852 - 9 August 1852
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Sir John Pakington to Disraeli, 25 April 1852 (File B/XX/P/3)

Pakington's need for assistance in settling important and difficult imperial subjects.

Sir John Pakington to Disraeli, 1 June 1852 (File B/XX/P/4)

Objections of Sir James Graham to reading of New Zealand Bill.

Sir John Pakington to Disraeli, 9 August 1852 (File B/XX/P/6)

Hopes for reconstruction of Government involving Peelites and that colonies might have value in arranging terms.

Subseries S. (Box 109). Letters of Edward Stanley, 14th Lord Derby, 6 January 1850 - 1852
3 items

Filmed selectively.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 6 January 1850 (File B/XX/S/9)

Attack on administration of Colonial Office; difficult to reconcile views with those of Colonial Reform Association; duties on colonial produce.

Lord Derby to Disraeli, 11 December 1851 (File B/XX/S/41)

Parliamentary reform; great difficulties in achieving colonial representation in Imperial Parliament; refers to duties on colonial produce.

Lord Derby to Disraeli, [1852] (File B/XX/S/85)

Asks Disraeli to look at papers from N.S.W. and South Australia.

Subseries S. (Box 111). Letters of Edward Stanley, 15th Lord Derby, 13 November 1850 - 20 April 1876
10 items

Filmed selectively.

E.H. Stanley (Madras) to Disraeli, 13 November 1850 (File B/XX/5/538)

Colonial policy; representation of colonies in Imperial Parliament; difficulties in mode of election, payment of M.P.'s; distance.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 28 July [1852] (File B/XX/5/558)

Sends books by Mundy on operations of Sir James Brooke in Borneo.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 9 August [1852] (File B/XX/5/560)

Relations with United States; proposal of Sir James Brooke that House of Commons committee investigate Borneo affairs.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 13 August 1852 (File B/XX/5/563)

Objections of Sir John Pakington to committee on Sir James Brooke.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 24 August 1852 (File B/XX/5/564)

Sir James Brooke to be sent back with extended powers and less pay.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 29 March 1853 (File B/XX/5/595)

Believes Duke of Newcastle could be attacked on question of secondary punishment; without transportation felons would be let loose on society.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 12 June [1852] (File B/XX/5/634)

Sends memorandum on Sir James Brooke; difficult position for Government arising from motion of J. Hume; suggests reduction in Labuan expenditure.

Lord Stanley to Disraeli, 4 October 1858 (File B/XX/5/651)

Suggests Labuan to abandoned and Government take over Sarawak from Sir James Brooke.

Lord Derby to Disraeli, 29 January 1874 (File B/XX/5/895)

Negotiations with Dutch on Acheen.

Lord Derby to Disraeli, 20 April [1876] (File B/XX/5/1013)

Proposal of Rajah Brooke to extend his dominions.

Series XXI (Boxes -145. General Correspondence, 19 March 1847 - January 1880

90 items

Filmed selectively.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 12 December [1849] (File B/XXI/A/69)

Invites Disraeli to join Council of Colonial Government Society.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 21 December 1849 (File B/XXI/A/70)

Resolution on relations with colonies; N.S.W. Constitution Bill.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 23 August [1855] (File B/XXI/A/74)

Scheme for enlisting in Army convicts sentenced to transportation; refers to evils of ticket of leave system.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 3 September [1861] (File B/XXI/A/76)

Colonial expenditure; pamphlet on colonial relations.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 18 December [1861] (File B/XXI/A/77)

Pamphlet on colonial relations.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 28 January [1862] (File B/XXI/A/78)

Pamphlet; urges withdrawal of British troops from Australia.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 12 July 1878 (File B/XXI/A/90)

Need to strengthen colonial connection; emigration.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, November 16 (File B/XXI/A/128)

Sends extracts from New Zealand papers on unjustifiable actions of colonial Government in causing native war; criticizes colonial reliance on Britain for local defences.

C.B. Adderley to Disraeli, 2 May (File B/XXI/A/129)

Colonial legislation on martial law.

G. Arbuthnot (Treasury) to Disraeli, 4 September 1852 (File B/XXI/A/187)

Shortage of silver coin due to shipment of excessive quantities to Australia; need for limitation on tender of silver coins in Australia.

G. Arbuthnot to Disraeli, 6 September 1852 (File B/XXI/A/188)

Shortage of silver coin; suggests article in Times

G. Arbuthnot to Disraeli, 14 September 1852 (File B/XXI/A/191)

Silver coinage; article in Times

G. Arbuthnot to Disraeli, 23 September 1852 (File B/XXI/A/192)

Project for bank in Australia based in Glasgow.

G. Arbuthnot to Disraeli, 24 September 1852 (File B/XXI/A/193)

Shares in colonial banks.

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach to Beaconsfield, 24 September 1878 (File B/XXI/B/223)

Hopes to persuade Lord Dufferin to be Governor of Victoria; Sir George Bowen unable to cope with constitutional crisis; Transvaal.

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach to Beaconsfield, 12 October 1878 (File B/XXI/B/224)

Colonial honours; scheme for permanent colonial museum in London.

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach to Beaconsfield, 4 January 1879 (File B/XXI/B/231)

Appointment of Governor of N.S.W.

Sir Michael Hicks-Beach at Beaconsfield, 13 January 1879 (File B/XXI/B/232)

Suggestion of N.S.W. Government that Prince of Wales visit N.S.W.; regrets rivalries of Australian colonies has led to two exhibitions.

Lord Belmore to M. Corry, 28 January 1875 (File B/XXI/B/308)

Seeks appointment; refers to Governorship of N.S.W.

G. Berry to M. Corry, 12 April 1879 (File B/XXI/B/453)

Seeks interview with Beaconsfield.

H.C.E. Childers to M. Corry, 8 April 1879 (File B/XXI/B/453/1)

Visit of G. Berry of Victoria.

Rev. E. Bickersteth to Disraeli, 13 October 1865 (File B/XXI/B/498)

Visit of Queen Emma to Aylesbury for U.S.P.G. meeting on missions in Sandwich Islands.

Sir Henry Brand to Disraeli, 13 February 1875 (File B/XXI/B/905)

Eligibility of J. Mitchel to sit in House of Commons in view of escape from imprisonment in Van Diemen's Land in 1853.

Sir James Brooke to Disraeli, 26 February 1853 (File B/XXI/B/999)

Reversal of British policy in East Indies; suggests meeting.

Sir James Brooke to Disraeli, n.d. (File B/XXI/B/1000)

Notion of J. Hume.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 17 April 1867 (File B/XXI/B/1229)

Offer of Governorship of Labuan to J. Pope Hennessy.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 4 May (File B/XXI/B/1230)

Repeal of colonial laws on martial law.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 5 July (File B/XXI/B/1232)

New Zealand Medal.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 14 August (File B/XXI/B/1233)

Termination of deadlock in Melbourne.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 17 September 1867 (File B/XXI/B/1234)

Meeting with Honduras and Western Australian people.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 19 September 1867 (File B/XXI/B/1235)

Shipment of Fenian prisoners from Dublin.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 21 September (File B/XXI/B/1236)

Fenian prisoners; escape of Captain Deasy.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 1 January 1868 (File B/XXI/B/1239)

Despatch to Victoria on Darling grant.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 27 March (File B/XXI/B/1248)

Offer of Governorship of Tasmania to A.B. Cochrane.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 25 April 1868 (File B/XXI/B/1252)

Attempted assasination of Duke of Edinburgh in N.S.W.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 3 August 1868 (File B/XXI/B/1257)

Appointment of Sir James Fergusson as Governor of South Australia.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 15 August (File B/XXI/B/1258)

Australian telegram; Governorship of Tasmania.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 4 November 1868 (File B/XXI/B/1263)

Sends cable on cruise of Duke of Edinburgh in Pacific.

Duke of Buckingham to Disraeli, 1 December 1868 (File B/XXI/B/1265)

Recommendations for colonial knighthoods, including J. Cockle, M. O'Connell, J. Martin and R. Officer of Australia.

I. Butt (Dublin) to [unknown], 17 June 1849 (File B/XXI/B/1418)

Unconstitutional action of Irish Government in seeking to transport political prisoners; believes Irish M.P.'s will oppose Bill of Lord Campbell.

Sir Andrew Clarke (Singapore) to M. Corry, 9 November 1874 (File B/XXl/C/236)

Sino-Japanese agreement; need to increase naval force in China Sea.

A. Pelham Clinton to Disraeli, 13 March [1868] (File B/XXl/C/280)

Seeks Governorship of N.S.W.

Lord Denman to Disraeli, 12 June 1875 (File B/XXl/D/213)

Legal matters; believes House of Lords, not Privy Council, best possible court of appeal for colonies.

H. Drummond to Disraeli, 20 September 1848 (File B/XXI/D/372)

Colonial policy; need to put forward motion on independence of colonies to test sincerity of Manchester School.

C. Gavan Duffy (Melbourne) to Disraeli, 26 November 1867 (File B/XXI/D/394)

Proposals on Irish land tenure; refers to meeting in 1866.

C. Gavan Duffy (London) to Disraeli, 10 August (File B/XXI/D/395)

Memoranda on land question.

C. Gavan Duffy to Disraeli, 23 July (File B/XXI/D/396)

Seeks interview.

Sir James Fergusson (Adelaide) to Disraeli, 2 December 1872 (File B/XXI/F/106)

New county in Northern Territory named Disraeli; settlement in Northern Territory; wearisome task of colonial governor with weak ministries; success of overland telegraph.

Sir James Fergusson (Auckland) to Disraeli, 12 May 1874 (File B/XXI/F/107)

Congratulations on election victory; pleasant life of New Zealand Governor but wishes to return to politics.

Sir James Fergusson to Disraeli, 29 August 1874 (File B/XXI/F/108)

Impending departure from New Zealand; hopes to re-enter Parliament; useful experience in colonies.

Sir James Fergusson to Disraeli, 16 October 1874 (File B/XXI/F/109)

Introduces J. Vogel, Premier of New Zealand.

Sir James Fergusson to M. Corry, 26 November 1879 (File B/XXI/F/110)

Violent attack on Beaconsfield by Sir George Grey in New Zealand; sends cutting of letter by Reverend. C. Meysey-Thompson rebutting charges.

W.F. Fitzgerald to Beaconsfield, 24 October [1878] (File B/XXI/F/168)

Seeks Governorship of Victoria.

W. Vesey Fitzgerald (Dublin) to Disraeli, 18 February 1875 (File B/XXI/F/170)

Imperial defence; proposes advisory assembly of colonial delegates.

C. Fremantle to Disraeli, 31 December 1866 (File B/XXI/F/276)

Offer of appointment in Colonial Office or Board of Trade to R. Herbert, Agent for Queensland.

C. Fremantle to Disraeli, 21 January (File B/XXI/F/284)

Warrant on New Zealand postage.

J.A. Froude to Disraeli, 11 November 1869 (File B/XXI/F/338)

Disastrous colonial policy of Gladstone Government; sends article in Pall Mall Gazette.

W.E. Gladstone to Disraeli, 27 April 1868 (File B/XXI/G/110)

Address on attempted assasination of Duke of Edinburgh in Australia.

J. Grant to Disraeli, 12 December [1858] (File B/XXI/G/298)

Connection with Brooke Family; British gunboat or steamer should be permanently on Borneo coast to keep down piracy; British settlers endangered by withdrawal of recognition of Sir James Brooke.

J. Grant to Disraeli, 21 December [1858] (File B/XXI/G/299)

Thanks for the letter; occasional visit by warship should secure safety of Europeans at Sarawak.

Sir Robert Herbert to A. Turnor, 6 September 1878 (File B/XXI/G/361)

Sends letter on South Africa from Sir George Grey in New Zealand.

T. Hankey (Bank of England) to Disraeli, 15 September 1852 (File B/XXI/H/117)

Shortage of silver coin; assumes large amount taken by emigrants to Australia.

J. Pope Hennessy to Disraeli, 5 January 1867 (File B/XXI/H/488)

Seeks governorship of Straits Settlements.

J. Pope Hennessy to Disraeli, 25 April 1867 (File B/XXI/H/491)

Acceptance of governorship of Labuan though would prefer Queensland; unhealthy climate of Labuan.

J. Pope Hennessy (Labuan) to Lord Henry Lennox, 23 April 1868 (File B/XXI/H/495)

Delight at Disraeli being Prime Minister; successful administration of Labuan; previous governors set of incapables.

J. Pope Hennessy to Disraeli, 11 June 1868 (File B/XXI/H/496)

Offers to help Government at elections; finances of Labuan; colony becoming a little Singapore.

J. Pope Hennessy to Disraeli, 19 October 1868 (File B/XXI/H/497)

History of administration of Labuan; financial independence; hopes to return to House of Commons.

J. Hume to Disraeli, May 1852 - September 1852 (File B/XXI/H/740-45)

Public offices held by Sir James Brooke in Borneo; emigration of hand-loom weavers of Airdrie to Australia (6 letters)

J. Hume to Disraeli, 24 May (File B/XXI/H/749)

Use of troops by Sir James Brooke for private purposes.

J. Knott to Disraeli, 2 February 1852 (File B/XXI/K/164)

Seeks interview; effect of Australian gold discoveries on currency and prices.

H. Labouchere to Disraeli, 27 January 1858 (File B/XXI/L/2)

Sends despatch from Sir George Grey on statement by Disraeli on forces in New Zealand when Grey was Governor.

Lord Augustus Loftus to M. Corry, 2 June 1879 (File B/XXl/L/246)

Departure for Sydney; inquires if Beaconsfield has any orders.

F. McCulloch to Disraeli, 9 March 1849 (File B/XXI/M/11)

Criticizes minimum price of land in colonies; necessary size of properties in Australia; results in capitalists going to colonies and beggars staying in England.

Lord Mandeville to Disraeli, 3 December [1848] (File B/XXI/M/86)

Suggestions for Irish poor law; parishes should be obliged to advance funds for emigration.

Duke of Northumberland to Disraeli, 8 January 1852 (File B/XXl/N/175)

Parliamentary reform; drawbacks of Disraeli's proposal of giving 20-30 seats to colonies.

W.G. Palgrave (Manila) to M. Corry and Beaconsfield, November 1876 - July 1877 (File B/XXI/P/29-33)

Impressions of Manila; Anglo-Spanish relations; Malays; race relations; parallels with Turkish administration. (5 letters).

Lord Pembroke to Disraeli, 11 August (File B/XXI/P/201)

Request of H. Kingsley for pension; Geoffrey Hamlyn one of finest novels of day.

J.A. Smith to Disraeli, 10 July 1850 (File B/XXl/5/292)

Sends reports of New Zealand Company.

J.A. Smith to Disraeli, 13 July 1850 (File B/XXl/5/293)

Suggestion there be temporary measure concerning New Zealand Company; G.F. Young willing to give full explanation to Lord Stanley.

W.H. Smith to Beaconsfield, [January 1880] (File B/XXl/5/333)

Claims of Sir William Loring for appointment.

Sir William Loring to Beaconsfield, 5 January 1880 (File B/XXl/5/333a)

Failure to be given commands; refers to work as Commodore on Australian Station at time of Maori War.

A. Stafford to Disraeli, 30 May (File B/XXl/5/477)

Sends letter from J. Godley on New Zealand Bill; refers to 1845 debates and Stanleyites.

J.R. Godley to A. Stafford, 29 May (File B/XXl/5/477a)

Need for New Zealand to be rescued from becoming democratic republic under auspices of Lord Grey.

R. Lowe to Lord Stanhope, 18 March 1873 (File B/XXl/5/503)

Sends epitaph in Latin. (Copy).

J. Stanley to Disraeli, 20 June 1868 (File B/XXl/5/563)

Presents book on Philippines.

W.K.F. Synge (Honolulu) to Disraeli, 20 September 1864 (File B/XXI/5/747)

Sends feather fan given by King of Sandwich Islands; appointment as Consul-General in Honolulu.

W.K.F. Synge to Disraeli, 15 August 1865 (File B/XXI/5/748)

Visit of Queen Emma to England.

Colonel R. Torrens to Disraeli, 19 March 1847 (File B/XXI/T/125)

Irish destitution demands comprehensive system of colonization.

Colonel R. Torrens to Disraeli, 3 April 1849 (File B/XXI/T/128)

Sends pamphlet on results of emigration to South Australia.

Colonel R. Torrens to Disraeli, 5 January 1850 (File B/XXI/T/129)

Sends paper on commercial legislation; triumph of Conservative Party necessary to prevent dismemberment of Empire.