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Fonds. Dorchester Gaol Records, March 1834

Filmed selectively.

Register of prisoners, entry for Tolpuddle Martyrs, March 1834 (File D3/B2)

Fonds. Parish Records, July 1840 - 1852

Filmed selectively.

Buckland Newton, 1848 - 1852 (File P18/OV34)

Correspondence mainly with J. Farquhrson of the Poor Law Board and the Blandford Branch of the Dorset Colonization Society, and papers on emigration of paupers to Australia, with reference to Helliar Family Foot Family and John Burt.

Cerne Abbas, 1851 (File P22/OV30)

Miscellaneous papers. Notice of meeting to dicuss proposal to raise funds to support emigration.

Beaminster, 1852 (File P57/OV29)

Bills for outfitting Jane Frampton, emigrant to Adelaide.

Wareham, 1848 (File P63/OV18)

Lady St. Mary Parish, Vestry minutes. Resolutions concerning raising money for emigration, including Joseph Jacobs and family for South Australia.

Sherborne, July 1840 (File P155/VE2)

Vestry minutes. Resolutions concerning raising money for emigration.

Bridport, 24 August 1848 (File P196/VE1)

Vestry minutes. Resolution concerning raising money for emigration.

Stalbridge, 1839; 1847-1848 (File P208/VE1)

Vestry minutes. Resolutions concerning assistance for persons emigrating to Australia.

Iwerne Minster, 11 April 1849 (File P320/VE1)

Vestry minutes. Resolution concerning assistance for Fanny Brine and children to emigrate to Australia.

Fonds. Nonconformist Records, 14 May 1866

Filmed selectively.

Series N10/J. Society of Friends. Shaftesbury, Bridport and Sherbourne Monthly Meeting, 14 May 1866

T. West (Darlington). Circular seeking funds for Friends Meeting House at Sydney, 14 May 1866 (File N10/J57)

Fonds D10. Weld (Lulworth Castle) Papers, 29 July 1858 - 9 October 1884

Filmed selectively.

Palmer, Eland and Nettleship (London) to Joseph Weld (Cowes). Management of estates in New Zealand, 29 July 1858 (File C292)

Palmer, Eland and Nettleship (London) to Joseph Weld (Lymington), 12 September 1884 (File)

Distribution of property under his will, including New Zealand property.

Palmer, Eland and Nettleship (London) to Joseph Weld (Lymington), 9 October 1884 (File)

Property settlement, future sale of New Zealand property.

J. Vaughan (Ross) to Joseph Weld, 19 July 1865 (File C306)

Stocks and shares; purchase of Victorian bonds or New Zealand investment.

G.H. Brown (Oxford, N.Z.) to Joseph Weld, 29 March 1873 (File C308)

Life on sheep farm in New Zealand; relations with Maoris.

Frederick Weld (Chideock) to Joseph Weld, [1859]-02-26 (File C310)

Thanks for congratulations on marriage; money in New Zealand well invested in land at Canterbury; will probably return to New Zealand.

Frederick Weld (Hobart) to Joseph and Flora Weld (Lymington), 28 October 1876 (File)

Family news; rising land values in New Zealand; visit to Melbourne for Cup Day.

Frederick Weld (Hobart) to Joseph Weld (Lymington), 11 May 1878 (File)

Death of Edward; sporting activities; death of Pope.

Katherine Weld to Flora Weld, [1876]-03-12 (File C328)

New Zealand investments; suggests her New Zealand land be transferred to Joseph Weld.

Fonds D16. Weld (Chideock) Papers, 5 February 1859 - 18 May 1883

Filmed selectively.

Filomena Weld (Chideock) to father; illness of Frederick Weld (File C59)

Charles Weld (Lulworth) to Laura Philips: engagement of Frederick Weld and Filomena Phillips, 5 February 1859 (File)

Frederick Weld (Flaxbourne, N.Z.) to Filomena Weld, 15 November 1864 (File C60)

Horses; estate directions; possibility of Weld being asked to form a government.

The New Zealand Company's dejeune; a pathetic ballad... London, T. Gardiner (4pp.), n.d. (File F19)

Emma Petre to Charles Weld: proof of the ballad, n.d. (File)

T.P. Henning (Sidmouth) to Frederick Weld, [1869]-12-05 (File F35)

Compilation of Weld pedigree; Weld's arrival in Australia.

T.P. Henning (Sidmouth) to Frederick Weld (Perth), [1875]-05-04 (File)

Compilation of Weld pedigree; South Australian appointment.

Frederick Weld (Hobart) to Editor, Burke's Landed Gentry; family details. (Copy), 18 September 1875 (File)

Sir Frederick Weld (Singapore): statements on history of Weld family, 18 May 1883 (File)

Fonds D43. Colfox Papers, 15 January 1831

Filmed selectively.

M. Stevens (Hobart) to Thomas Colfax (Dorset), 15 January 1831 (File C26)

Seeks remission of sentence of transportation; encloses petition from Hannah Stevens to Sir Robert Peel in 1824 asking he might remain in England on a convict hulk.

Fonds D60. Trenchard and Pickard Papers, 17 January 1727 - 22 December 1738

Filmed selectively.

Charles Barbut (Fort Marlborough) to William and Jocelyn Pickard, 17 January 1727 (File F32)

Sends gold to balance account of Strange Pickard.

Indenture of Strange Pickard with United East India Company under a surety of £1000, 16 November 1731 (File)

Bond of Sarah and William Pickard with United East India Company, 16 November 1731 (File)

Will of Strange Pickard, 21 November 1731 (File)

Strange Pickard (Fort Marlborough) to Jocelyn Pickard (Bloxworth), 26 August 1735 (File)

Thanks for gifts; pepper trade; argument with supervisor; receipt of clothes.

Account of sale of Strange Pickard's effects, signed by Charles Barbut, 29 October 1735 (File)

Thomas Saunders (Fort St. George) to William and Jocelyn Pickard: estate of Strange Pickard, 3 October 1736 (File)

Thomas Saunders (Fort St. George) to William and Jocelyn Pickard: sends bill of lading, 15 February 1737 (File)

Thomas Saunders (Fort St. George) to William and Jocelyn Pickard: sends bill of exchange on East India Co., 30 September 1737 (File)

Thomas Saunders (Fort St. George) to William and Jocelyn Pickard: bill of exchange, 5 February 1738 (File)

Charles Barbut (Fort Marlborough) to William Pickard: loss of shipmates, including Strange Pickard, 22 December 1738 (File)

Fonds D86. Calcraft Family Papers, 26 September 1869 - 19 May 1870

Filmed selectively.

John Bright (Perth) to H.G. Calcraft (Board of Trade), 26 September 1869 (File X17)

Enquiry concerning Ridgway and Sons of London acting as agents for emigration to New Zealand.

John Bright to H.G. Calcraft: approves of Lord Granville's action on New Zealand question, 19 May 1870 (File)

Fonds D128. Dampier (Hilfield) Papers, 29 August 1839 - 4 February 1843

Filmed selectively.

Power of attorney to Messrs. Samuel and William Sparks from Thomas M. Sparks of Crewkerne, Somerset, about to leave England for Australia. (Copy), 29 August 1839 (File T20)

Power of attorney to Messrs. Samuel and William Sparks from Octavius B. Sparks of Monaro, N.S.W. (Copy), 4 February 1843 (File)

Fonds D232. Wootton Fitzpaine Manuscripts, 24 February 1855

Filmed selectively.

Vestry minutes. Resolution to raise money to finance emigration, 24 February 1855 (File 2)

Fonds D239. Battiscombe Papers, 1860 - 1890

Filmed selectively.

Biographical note on Rear-Admiral Albert H.W. Battiscombe, c.1890 (File F13)

Diary of Lieutenant Albert H.W. Battiscombe of Pelorus at Camp Waitara, New Zealand, during Maori War, 1860 - 1861 (File F14)

Fonds D257. Battiscombe Papers, 1860 - 1861

Filmed selectively.

Commendations of Lieutenant Albert H.W. Battiscombe for service in New Zealand, 1860 - 1861 (File F3)

Fonds D289. Williams Family Papers, 22 November 1885 - 13 December 1891

Filmed selectively.

I.T. Simes (Sydney) to Robert Williams: activities of mutual friends, 2 June 1890 (File C26)

I.T. Simes (Sydney) to Robert Williams, 20 April 1891 (File)

Work as wool classer; depression in N.S.W.; Pastoralist.

Postcards of Waihi, New Zealand (File C32)

The 'Big Cut', Waihi; Waihi No. 5 Shaft; Moresby Ave. and Hollis Bush, Waihi; Waihi, view showing Tauranga Road; Waihi Anglican Church.

J.W. Gildea (Condobolin, N.S.W.) to Rosa Williams: stations at Melrose; work in clearing scrub, 22 November 1885 (File C50)

Bob (Melrose, N.S.W.) to Rosa Williams; sheep mustering; mountains at Melrose, 29 August 1886 (File)

I.T. Simes (Condobolin, N.S.W.) to Rosa Williams: life on station; rabbit scourge, 16 August 1886 (File C54)

I.T. Simes (Sydney) to Rosa Williams: affair of friends in Dorset and Australia, 12 September 1889 (File)

I.T. Simes (Sydney) to Rosa Williams: purchases financial difficulties, 5 January 1891 (File)

I.T. Simes (Sydney) to Rosa Williams, 13 December 1891 (File)

Divisions between High and Low Churches in Australia. Encloses St. Andrew's Cathedral Monthly News.

Fonds D473. Barratt-Hine Papers, 30 October 1854 - 13 February 1855

Filmed selectively.

Journal of Annie Beer on a voyage from London to Melbourne on Canaan, 30 October 1854 - 13 February 1855 (File F1)

Fonds D482. Weld Papers, 3 November 1886 - 27 December 1887

Filmed selectively.

Sir Frederick Weld (Singapore) to A. Huttenbach, 3 November 1886 (File)

Land question in Straits Settlements; boundary dispute with Sultan of Johore.

Sir Frederick Weld (Bridport) to A. Huttenbach, 27 December 1887 (File)

Huttenbach's gift to nuns at Penang and kindness to Weld Family.

Fonds D553. Florance Family Papers, 8 June 1871 - 1 May 1918

Filmed selectively.

George and William Baranard (Christchurch, N.Z.) to Angelina Florance, 8 June 1871 (File 2)

Franco-Prussian War; life of Jane Florance in Fiji.

Robert Florance (Christchurch) to Angelina Florance, 6 November 1879 (File)

Death of father; economic conditions in New Zealand.

Jane Cameron [Wellington] to Augustus and Jane Florance (Christchurch), 21 September 1878 (File 3)

Family matters; advantage of life in Fiji.

E. Florance (Christchurch) to S. Saunders, 28 June 1907 (File 4)

New Zealand sketches; progress of Christchurch; photographs.

M.T. Lidwell (Corfe Castle) to S. Saunders: details of the Florance Family in Australia, 6 March 1910 (File)

M.T. Lidwell (Corfe Castle) to S. Saunders: arranges meeting, [1910] (File)

E. Florance (Christchurch) to S. Saunders: family news; the War, 1 May 1918 (File)

Fonds D574. Miscellaneous Files, 1933 - 1957

Filmed selectively.

Series 24. Papers and publications on Tolpuddle Martyrs, 1933 - 1957

Historical notes and correspondence between Walter Citrine, General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress, and A.R. Cox of the Dorset County Council concerning the Dorsetshire labourers, 1933 - 1934 (File (i))
W.M. Citrine. Dorsetshire Labourers' centenary commemorations. London, 1934 (File (ii))
W. Maitland Walker. 'An impartial appreciation of the Tolpuddle martyrs'. Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Proceedings, 55: 47-76, 1934 (File (iii))
R.S. Lambert. 'The Dorsetshire labourers, a dramatic interlude'. Listener:pp. 683-88, 25 April 1934 (File (iv))
West Dorset Liberal Association. Demonstration in commemoration of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, Souvenir programme, 7 July 1934 (File (v))
The story of the Dorchester labourers; a guide to the Old Crown Court, Dorchester, and the village of Tolpuddle. London, T.U.C., 1957 (File (vi))

Fonds D640. Mansel-Pleydell Papers, 1852 - 1890

Filmed selectively.

Note on Sir Fiennes Colville and 2 cuttings on his service in the New Zealand War (File F60)

Tamichana Te Raupahara (New Zealand chieftain) to Margaretta Michel (Melbourne): best wishes; financial matters, 7 May 1852 (File C32)

Edmund Mansel-Pleydell (Egypt) to Isabel Mansel-Pleydell: illness; plans to visit Australia, [1883]-03-05 (File C73)

Edmund Mansel-Pleydell (Adelaide) to Isabel Mansel-Pleydell, [1883]-04-17 (File)

Voyage to Australia; Governor's party to attend race meeting; plans to do some kangaroo hunting.

Fonds Photocopy 164; D60/26 (Original). Tolpuddle Martyrs Papers, 20 February 1834

Filmed selectively.

Public notice warning labourers against entering into illegal societies or unions, 20 February 1834 (File 3)

Liable for transportation for 7 years. Wareham, Dorset.

Fonds Photocopy 305. Stephens Papers, 1935 - 1954

Correspondence, 1935 - 1954 (File)

Typescript copies of 10 letters to or from J. Edmund Clark, 1935, concerning his uncle Samuel Stephens (1801-1854), a surveyor with the New Zealand Company who arrived in New Zealand in 1841 and was one of the founders of Nelson...

Fonds Photocopy 398. Tolpuddle Martyrs Papers, 5 April 1834 - 12 April 1834

Filmed selectively.

Articles on the Tolpuddle Martyrs in the Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser and Leamington Gazette, 5 April 1834 - 12 April 1834 (File 1-2)

Fonds Photocopy 465. Hardy Family Papers, 26 May 1851 - 1872

Filmed selectively.

Diary of Nathaniel Hardy on a voyage from Plymouth to Adelaide on the Thetis, 26 May 1851 - 8 September 1851 (File 4)

Copy of land grant to Nathaniel Hardy in County of Kuitpo, South Australia, 22 August 1859 (File 5)

Joseph Hardy to his uncle. Death of W. Thomas; property left to Nathaniel Hardy, 6 February 1861 (File 7)

Joseph Hardy (Taunton) to T.T. Dauncey, 16 February 1861 (File 9)

Will of W. Thomas; address of Nathaniel Hardy in Australia.

Joseph Hardy (Taunton) to Thomas Hardy. Encloses answers from Dauncey, 25 February 1861 (File 10)

Thomas Hardy to T.T. Dauncey. Estate of W. Thomas, 10 August 1861 (File 11)

Diary of Nathaniel Hardy on voyage from Melbourne to Plymouth, 15 March 1862 - 30 June 1862 (File 13)

William Cory [?] to Nathaniel Hardy: loan of £200, 5 September 1864 (File)

South Australian wines; extracts from the colonial press on the merits of the wines grown at the Bankside Vineyard; Mr Thomas Hardy Proprietor. Taunton, 1872 (File 15)

Family tree of the Hardy Family (File 16)

Advertisement flyer, c. 1865 (File)

J. Pickard millinery advertisement.

Fonds. Lewis Papers, 1975

'The Hardy Family' in unpublished manuscript by P.A. Lewis. The History of Sandpit, Broadwindsor, 1975 (File Shelf 28. ff.93-101)

Fonds Vol. 3 - 10. Quarter Session Records, 1783 - 1851

Transportation orders. Filmed selectively.