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Created: 2019

Online Items

Series A. Notebooks

Catalogue of fossils with figures (File (a))

(Indexed. 155p)

Supplementary collection (37p.) (File (b))

QGS fossil collection (54p.) (File ( c ))

List of box contents. At back: two plans of fossil insect bed, Ipswich (6p) (File (d))

List of fossil collection (48p.) (File (e))

List of fossils… Collections distributed … St Petes Insects (File (f))

(pp11-124, other pages blank)

List of fossils with sketches (File (g))

(p. 7-37, plus 58p)

Queensland type fossils, figured, described or referred to (90p) (File (h))

List of Cretaceous fossils and locality index (74p) (File (i))

Series B. Miscellaneous, 1917 - 1921

List of Trilobites sent to B Dunstan by J Mitchell (1p), 14 January 1919 (File (a))

Recent, post tertiary and tertiary mollusca etc (File (b))

Includes: lists of mollusca from raised beds at Maitland; marsupial remains; Cretaceous, Queensland and South Australia; Jurassic plants, NSW; Trilobites...

Catalogue of small fossils 'D' (File ( c ))

(19p, typescript)

Mesozoic insects of Queensland by RJ Tillyard, Proceedings of Linnaean Society of NSW, 1917 - 1921 (File (d))

Benjamin Dunstan's copy with MS annotations and inserted list of fossil insects described. Benjamin Dunstan supplied Tillyard with the fossils from the Ipswich Beds...

Series C. Correspondence between Benjamin Dunstan and Tillyard (Nelson, NZ; Hornsby), 10 September 1913 - 22 May 1923

Subjects include: publication in Proceedings of 'Mesozoic Insects of Queensland'; fossils presented to Cawthron Museum by Benjamin Dunstan and Yale University; discussion on variations on species; Benjamin Dunstan's lecture at Ipswich Town Hall on the Insects; Tillyard's work in Nelson as Chief of Biological Dept; Benjamin Dunstan fossil hunting at Bundamba Beds; Tillyard urges Dunstan to send fossil specimens to British Museum(Natural History); comments on Ipswich fossils 'absolutely beyond price to Entomology'...