Guide to the Diary of Stephen Brennand (as filmed by the AJCP)



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Created: 2019

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Diary kept on a voyage from London to Adelaide on the clipper Harbinger, 16 August 1883 - 12 November 1883 (File 1)

The diary records the preparations for the voyage, the departure from London (18 August), shipboard routine, meals, conversations with seamen and fellow-passengers, ships sighted, sightings of porpoises, turtles, sharks, albatrosses and other birds, church services, fighting among passengers, storms, the heat of the tropics, deaths of passengers, concerts, sighting of Kangaroo Island, and the ship's arrival at Port Adelaide (12 November 1883). At the end of the diary are notes on the characteristics of Brennand's messmates, the texts of some rope songs, and a list of the second and third class passengers on the Harbinger.

Rossendale emigrants 1842-1883, edited by Jon Elliott, Rawtenstall Libraries, 1969 (File)

The volume contains transcripts of the diary of Stephen Brennand and the letters of Rossendale emigrants in Australia and the United States...