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Collection Summary

British Museum (Natural History). Department of Palaeontology Archive
British Museum (Natural History Library): Papers of the Department of Palaeontology Archive (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
8 May 1838 - 15 August 1986
Collection Number
176 items
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Scope and Contents

Departmental correspondence 1846-1916 concerning dispatch of specimens and fossils, exchange of specimens, identification of specimens, and other research. Correspondents include F.W. Whitehouse, Duncan Merrilees, David Ride, B.D. Webby, A.B. Walkom, Reverend Robert T. Wade, Martha Small, Michael Waldman, Arthur Wade and R.J. Tillyard.

Correspondence 1839-1930 relating to acquisition, loan and exchange.

Fossil Mollusca Section: correspondence 1893-1924 of Richard Newton.

Fossil Echinodermata Section: correspondence and papers 1898-1929 of Francis Bather.

Fossil Brachiopoda Section: correspondence 1948-1955 of W.N. Benson.

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Filmed at the British Museum (Natural History), London, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1993. (AJCP reel M2878-2887). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

The Natural History Museum was formerly known as the British Museum (Natural History).

Existence and Location of Originals

Archive Section, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London.

Collection reference: DF PAL 100-199. For further information see Library and Archives at the Natural History Museum. []

Existence and Location of Copies

The original AJCP microfilm of the records filmed from this collection is available at the National Library of Australia [] as well as other institutions holding AJCP microfilm.

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Administrative History

The Department of Palaeontology has its origins in the Department of Natural and Artificial Productions which was set up at the foundation of the British Museum in 1756. In 1806 it was renamed the Department of Natural History and Modern Curiosities and was under the keepership of George Shaw (1751-1813) and later Carl Dietrich Eberhardt Konig (1774-1851). Most of the records from this period remain in the archives of the British Museum, though there are a number of early letters included in DF100.

In 1837 the Department was divided into three branches, of which Mineralogy and Geology was one, and in 1856 the branch became a Department in its own right, almost immediately being divided into the two departments of Geology and Mineralogy. The first Keeper of Geology was George Robert Waterhouse (1810-1888), an entomologist, who had joined the Museum in 1843 from the Zoological Society. He was succeeded in 1880 by Henry Woodward (1832-1921), who thus had the task of supervising the move from Bloomsbury to South Kensington. By the time Woodward retired in 1901 the Department had a staff of 15.

Through the 1920s and 1930s the collections were divided into 15 units, each presided over by an Assistant Keeper or an Unofficial Worker. Formal sections did not appear until after World War II, and they were never as influential as in, for example, the Zoology Department. An Anthropology Section which spanned the departments of Geology and Zoology was set up in 1954. It was given the status of a sub department in 1959, and was made part of Palaeontology the following year.

In 1956 the title of the Department was changed from Geology to Palaeontology.

By 1956 the Department was responsible for one of the largest and most important collections of palaeontological material in the world, and was an international centre for research in the both stratigraphic and taxonomic palaeontology. Research work was supported by a rich departmental library. The exhibition galleries of the Department, particular those crowded with skeletons of extinct mammals and reptiles, were among the most popular in the Museum. Staff numbered 63.

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Australia; Bather, Francis; Benson, W.N.; Fossils; Merrilees, Duncan; Natural History Museum, London; Newton, Richard; New Zealand; Palaeontologists; Ride, David; Small, Martha; Tillyard, R.J., Dr; Wade, Arthur; Wade, Robert T., Rev.; Waldman, Michael; Walkom, A.B.; Webby, B.D.; Whitehouse, F.W.


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 68, p23. []

Item Descriptions

Series DF100. Palaeontology Department Correspondence, 1838 - 1986

152 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2878-M2886.

Correspondence, 27 January 1846 (File 100/5)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Henry Jaenneret (Hobart) to Lord Stanley, 27 January 1846 (Item)

Re aluminous fossils from Port Arthur.

Correspondence, 16 November 1844 - 27 December 1850 (File 100/6)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Henry Ellis (British Museum) to Konig, 27 December 1850 (Item)

Re box of fossil woods sent by Joseph Milligen of Hobart.

Owen (Royal College of Surgeons) to Konig: re casts of Dinornis bones, 16 November 1844 (Item)

Correspondence, 14 March 1853 - 16 March 1853 (File 100/7)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Monteaux Brothers (London): offering specimen of Australian gold for sale, 14 March 1853 (Item)
British Museum (Natural History) to Monteaux Brothers, 16 March 1853 (Item)

That intrinsic value of specimen exceeds its scientific value.

Correspondence, 4 March 1859 (File 100/8)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

W.B.Clarke (St Leonard's) to Bennett, 4 March 1859 (Item)

Enclosing sketch of two bones found in quarry under Government House, Hobart by Milligen in 1856.

Correspondence, 8 July 1863 (File 100/9)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Julius Van Haast (Ware, Herts) to Owen, 8 July [1863] (Item)

Re fossils from Middle Island, New Zealand, and skull of crocodile from Fitzroy River, Queensland.

Correspondence, 20 October 1868 - 19 August 1869 (File 100/11)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Arthur B.Hill (London): re Dinornis bones, sent by Reverend William Reeves of Christchurch, 1868-10-20; 1869-08-19 (Item)

Correspondence, 31 January 1872 - 29 September 1873 (File 100/13)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

R.Daintree (Queensland Government Offices, London), 31 January 1872 (Item)

Acknowledging receipt of casts of mammals for forwarding to Brisbane.

Julius Haast (Christchurch) to Owen: re Dinornis bones, 29 September 1873 (Item)

Correspondence, 3 June 1874 - 30 December 1875 (File 100/14)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

K.H. Davies (Chelsea), 30 December 1875 (Item)

Re impression of footprint of Moa found at Poverty Bay, New Zealand.

W. Gipps (Mundorian) to Owen: with sketch map of where he found bones of Diprotodon, 3 June 1874 (Item)
James Hector (Wellington) to Owen, 8 February 1875 (Item)

Re journey to England, will be bringing bones with him.

F. Hutton (Dunedin) to Owen: re sending Moa bones, 21 September 1875 (Item)
Owen to Waterhouse: re exchange with Hutton, 1875-04-12; 1875-11-16 (Item)

'On general principles I think it desirable to encourage the local museums in our remote colonies, and to meet liberally their propositions to exchange.'

Correspondence, 13 April 1876 - 4 October 1877 (File 100/15)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

F. Hutton (Dunedin): re Moa bones sent to Owen, 1876-07-25; 1877-10-04 (Item)
John R. Jackson (Kew): re New Zealand fossils, 13 April 1876 (Item)

Correspondence, 5 May 1879 - 8 May 1879 (File 100/16)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

E. Gibson Boulton (Beverley): re Moa Bones brought from New Zealand by Mr Gibson, 5 May 1879 (Item)
British Museum (Natural History): acknowledgement, 8 May 1879 (Item)

Correspondence, 5 May 1880 - 2 October 1882 (File 100/17)

11 items

Filmed selectively.

[Upton?] (London) to Owen: re Moa Skeleton for sale, 5 May 1880 (Item)

Includes: Owen (London); re letter. [5 May 1880]

Owen: re fossils from George Bennett of Toowomba, 13 July 1880 (Item)
R. Etheridge: re specimens, 15 July 1880 (Item)
Owen to John Hasard: re Moa bones, 24 July 1880 (Item)

Includes: J. Hasard; re Moa bones for sale. [26 July 1880]

J. Hasard (London): re sale of Moa bones for £2, 31 July 1880 (Item)
Frederick Evans (Admiralty), 21 April 1881 (Item)

Introducing Guppy, who is about to go to the Pacific in Lark.

James Hector (Wellington), 30 September 1881 (Item)

Re exchange of fossils, encloses official acknowledgement and lists.

H. Gray (London), 17 May 1882 (Item)

Re poisonous fish, Momuki Hika, Devil fish, caught off Rarotongan Reef.

[A? Long] (London): re Momuki Hika, 2 October 1882 (Item)

Correspondence, 1881 (File 100/18)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Notes on Lacertion Canal Vertebra of a reptile from Howes Island, 1881 (Item)

Donated by Robert Fitzgerald, Deputy Surveyor General, NSW.

Correspondence, 13 February 1882 - 17 December 1883 (File 100/19)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

S.L. Glyde (Adelaide) to Sir Arthur Blyth (Agent General for South Australia), 17 December 1883 (Item)

Re sending books to Natural History Museum. (Copy)

E. Thurston Holland (London) to Owen: re tusk of Elephas from Australia, 13 February 1882 (Item)
Owen to C.H. Hartmann (Toowomba): re skull of marsupial lion in his possession, 16 May 1883 (Item)

Correspondence, 18 January 1884 (File 100/20)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Edward Handman (Perth): re photographs of fossil horn, 18 January 1884 (Item)

Photographs not included.

Correspondence, 6 January 1886 (File 100/21)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Fred McKnight (West Melbourne), 6 January 1886 (Item)

Re fossil starfish discovered in Silurian beds of Moonee Ponds.

Correspondence, 8 February 1886 - 1887 (File 100/22)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

William Anderson (Department of Mines, Sydney), 8 October 1887 (Item)

Re specimens of carapace of Dithyracaris.

John Calvert. Press cutting of letters to Standard: re relics of Captain Cook, 27 September 1887 (Item)
R. Collett. Note of donation of material from Norway by Henry Tyron of Queensland Museum, 8 February 1886 (Item)
R. Etheridge. List of books sent to Australian Museum and bills of lading, n.d. (Item)
Duplicates selected for Julius Von Haast, 1887 (Item)
F. Ommanney (Crown Agents): re sending out geological specimens to Western Australia, 15 December 1887 (Item)
E. Ramsey (Australian Museum), 19 September 1887 (Item)

Re fossils; comments on De Vis; field trip to Lord Howe Island.

Charles G. Smith (Mulleugulleuga) with four photographs of fossil leaves, 22 August 1887 (Item)

Correspondence, 28 February 1888 (File 100/23)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

R. Etheridge (Sydney): sending casts of ammonites from New Guinea, 28 February 1888 (Item)

Working next to 'aboriginal female carcass, which is being manipulated.'.

Correspondence, 17 November 1890 (File 100/25)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

William S. Day (Jenolan Caves): sending fossil bones from Wellington Caves, 17 November 1890 (Item)

Correspondence, 26 May 1891 - 16 September 1891 (File 100/26)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

R. B. Brett (London): re bones of Moa brought from New Zealand, 26 May 1891 (Item)
J. G. Padin (Dunedin): re bones of Aptorius found by Mitchell, 16 September 1891 (Item)

Correspondence, 1 August 1892 (File 100/27)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

W.G. Rutherfurd (Otago), 1 August 1892 (Item)

Re skeleton of Dinornis elephantopus and Moa eggs he has found.

Correspondence, 23 January 1894 - 29 March 1894 (File 100/29)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

A. W. Bickerton (Christchurch): re his astronomical theories, 23 January 1894 (Item)

Encloses:A new story of the stars by A.W.Bickerton. Christchurch, Whitcombe and Tombs, 1894. 20p. (printed.)

J. MacNaught Campbell (Glasgow): re bone found on Queensland beach, 1894-03-22; 1894-03-29 (Item)

Includes reply by Henry Woodward on probable fish.

Correspondence, 6 March 1895 - 21 September 1895 (File 100/30)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

H. Y. L. Brown (Adelaide): re trip overland via Port Darwin, 20 May 1895 (Item)

Photographs of Diprotodon faked by Dr Stirling.

Notes by Woodwood and Flower on Stirling, 24 June 1895 (Item)
H.B. Coles (Christchurch): re bones of Moa for sale, 11 June 1895 (Item)
J.V. Ellis (Otorohanga) to Gray (Auckland): re Moa bones for sale, 21 September 1895 (Item)

Includes press cuttings.

Gilbert J. McCaul and Co. (London): re fossil opals from Wilcannia, 1895-03-09; 1895-03-06 (Item)

Correspondence, 22 January 1898 - 10 July 1899 (File 100/31)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

J.H. McKnight Grant (Melbourne): re sending fossils from Hamilton, 10 July 1899 (Item)
William Haswell (Sydney): acknowledges receipt of fossils, 10 October 1898 (Item)
W.G. Rutherfurd (London): re skeleton of Moa for sale, 22 January 1898 (Item)
A.H. Turton (Mount Lyell, Tasmania) to L.L. Belinfante (Geological Society), 30 May 1898 (Item)

Re crayfish found alive in solid rock.

W.H. Twelvetrees (Launceston): re Tasmanian labyrinthodontia bone, 23 August 1898 (Item)

A-Z 1901, A-F 1902, 12 June 1901 - 23 December 1901 (File 100/32)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

A.W. Dobbie (Adelaide): requesting publications, 3 July 1901 (Item)
Arthur G. Eve and Co. (London), 1901-12-14; 1901-12-23 (Item)

Re discovery of Moa egg by miners on West Bank of Molyneaux River, at Earnscleugh Flat.

F.W. Hutton (Christchurch): re price to be paid for Moa eggs, 12 June 1901 (Item)
Miss E. Martin (Cheltenham), [8? September 1901] (Item)

Re curiosities (including turtle shell) collected by her brother while Government Surveyor in Fiji (6p.).

G-Z, 18 January 1902 - 12 December 1902 (File 100/33)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

F.P. Mennell (Bulawayo), comparison of English, South African and Australian beds, 12 December 1902 (Item)
W. Gladstone Simons (National Museum, Melbourne), 18 January 1902 (Item)

Re forwarding specimens (filed with Spencer).

E. Stirling (Adelaide): re working on bones of Diprotodon, 5 October 1902 (Item)

A-G, 10 March 1903 - 7 September 1903 (File 100/34)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

F. Chapman: sending spirulirastra curta specimen, 7 September 1903 (Item)
J.W. Gregory (San Remo, Melbourne University), 1903-03-10; 1903-06-03 (Item)

Re manuscript on cretaceous bryozoa; bones of Diprotodon ruined by rain; difficulties of reaching Callabonna; his illness.

H-Z, 5 June 1903 - 5 October 1903 (File 100/35)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

G. Podenzana (Spezia), 5 October 1903 (Item)

With lists of fossils from Australia and rocks from New Zealand. 13p. [List 2 filed before letter]

Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne): re publications, 5 June 1903 (Item)

A-M, 27 February 1904 - 29 July 1904 (File 100/36)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

C. Armstrong (Public Library, Melbourne), 4 May 1904 (Item)

Re payment for drawings for memoir on fossil fishes of Marsfield.

R. Etheridge (Australian Museum) with photographs of fish from Queensland (one wanting), 1904-05-08; 1904-07-29 (Item)

Disagrees with Woodward's opinion.

Alex Morton (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery): requesting sample of radium, 27 February 1904 (Item)

N-Z, 15 March 1904 - 25 October 1904 (File 100/37)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

H.H. Scott (Launceston): re sample of fossil wood, 24 September 1904 (Item)
H.H.Scott (Launceston): re sample of fossil wood, 16 May 1904 (Item)

Notes by British Museum (Natural History) staff on spores.

Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne): acknowledge receipt of manuscript, 1904-10-25; 1904-03-15 (Item)

A-J, 21 February 1905 - 5 March 1905 (File 100/38)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

J.W. Gregory (Glasgow University): re Cretaceous Glossopteris, 21 February 1905 (Item)

Best adviser is B. Dunstan, Government Geologist, Brisbane.

R. Hanitsch (Raffles Library and Museum), 5 March 1905 - 8 March 1905 (Item)

Re field trip to Christmas Island, new birds, shells and species of insects. Encloses: Report on the large fruit pigeon (Carpophaga whartoni) of Christmas Island. 18 November 1904. 4p. (printed).

K-V, 4 July 1905 - 3 November 1905 (File 100/39)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

A.S.Lukin (Bath): re specimens from Murrumbidgee Valley, 1905-10-27; 1905-11-03 (Item)
J.A. Stigand (Java): sending fossils, 4 July 1905 (Item)

Also included note on Stigand's deoation.

W-Z 1905, A-F 1906, 19 March 1905 - 15 December 1906 (File 100/40)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

L. Wray (Perak): re fossil tooth of an elephant, 1905-03-19; 1905-08-22 (Item)
J.Gunnar Andersson on fossil fishes from Swedish Antarctic expedition, 1906-06-05; 1906-06-08; 1906-11-18; 1906-12-15 (Item)

Includes draft and main Report by A.J. Woodward on fossil fish remains from Snow Hill and Seymour Islands and J. Gunnar Andersson Report on Palaeontological work of Swedish Antarctic Expedition. (Filed before letters) (21p.)

George F. Bennett (Northgate Junction, Queensland), 28 January 1906 (Item)

Re dispute that Moloch horridus is a prototype of Megalania prisca, a view held by his late father Dr George Bennett and supported by Richard Owen.

George F. Bennett (Northgate Junction), n.d. (recieved 13 August 1906) (Item)

Surprised his specimen no longer called Megalania prisca; lack of scientific literature in Queensland; difficult to collect fossils now that land divided into farms and banks of creeks trodden in by stock.

George F. Bennett (Northgate): sending bones of Diprotodon, 9 February 1906 (Item)
Frank Brock (Adelaide): wishing to sell petrified bird's nest with eggs, 29 October 1906 (Item)
R. Etheridge (Australian Museum), 1906-03-29; 1906-08-09; 1906-03-29; 1906-08-14; 1906-11-19; 1906-12-10 (Item)

Re work on shells from Queensland; receipt of casts.

H. Farquhar (Department of Lands and Survey, Wellington), 4 July 1906 (Item)

Re his publications; all NZ fossils now in care of Dr Bell.

G-R, 23 January 1906 - 10 December 1906 (File 100/41)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

J.W. Gregory (Glasgow): re Diprotodon skulls in Australia, 23 January 1906 (Item)
J.W. Gregory (Glasgow), 5 October 1906 (Item)

That Spencer is coming to England, presumes wants Lankaster's job.

R. Hanitsch (Singapore): re specimens from Christmas Island, 20 March 1906 (Item)

Also includes British Museum (Natural History) note on donation.

H.J. Hillier (Hermannsburg), 23 July 1906; 10 December 1906 (Item)

Re skeletons of Diprotodon found at Lake Eyre after floods.

S-Z 1906; A-G 1907, 4 April 1906 - 5 November 1907 (File 100/42)

10 items

Filmed selectively.

H.H. Scott (Launceston): re problem of obtaining fossils from King Island, 30 July 1906 (Item)
Ethel Shakespear (Northfield): re New Zealand graptolites, 1906-09-08; 1906-10-09 (Item)
W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne): re publications on fish, 13 September 1906 (Item)
Mrs. E. Stedman (Wimbledon): re New Zealand fossils, 11 December 1906 (Item)
John Thompson (Wellington) to S.R. Stedman (Petone), 3 October 1906 (Item)

Re rock strata. (Following letter).

E.C. Stirling (Mount Lofty): re cast of Diprotodon, 4 April 1906 (Item)
Victoria, Department of Mines: re paper on Victorian fossils, 26 September 1906 (Item)
George F. Bennett (Northgate Junction): re specimens of Diprotodon and Macropos, 18 March 1907 (Item)
George F. Bennett (Northgate Junction) sending specimens via Mr Boyd, 1907-09-29; 1907-10-27 (Item)

Intends to visit the Downs and King's Creek.

J.T. Boyd (SS Carpentaria, London) re fossils sent by Bennett, 1907-05-26; 1907-11-05 (Item)

D-O, 31 January 1907 - 21 November 1907 (File 100/43)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

J. Hamilton (Colonial Museum, Wellington): re specimens from Ashley Gorge, 1907-01-31; 1907-11-21 (Item)
S.F. Harmer (Cambridge): re cast of Diprotodon, 1907-02-14; 1907-02-18; 1907-03-01; [1907-03-11?]; 1907-05-18; 1907-06-02 (Item)
C.J. Isaacson (Attleborough): re Graptolite fossils from New Zealand, 1907-02-15; [1907-02-19?]; 1907-06-21; 1907-08-02 (Item)

Includes: 3 June 1907. E. Douglas Isaacson (Nelson) that hopes to do some collecting.

P-Z, 20 February 1907 - 25 November 1907 (File 100/44)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Ethel Shakespear (Birmingham), 21 June 1907; 4 November 1907; 24 October 1907; 25 November 1907 (Item)

Re Isaacson's collection of New Zealand Graptolite fossils.

E.C. Stirling (Adelaide): re cast of Diprotodon, 20 February 1907 (Item)
W. Villinger (Anakie, Queensland), 13 November 1907 (Item)

Re fossils he has found in sapphire fields, including man; his geological theories.

A-K, 5 January 1908 - 14 October 1908 (File 100/45)

11 items

Filmed selectively.

Charles Andrews (Singapore, Christmas Island), 20 July 1908; 2 August 1908; 22 August 1908; 7 September 1908; 24 September 1908; 1 October 1908 (Item)

Re visit to Botanic Gardens; voyage to Christmas Island; field work; visit by Sir John Murray; collected new species.

George F. Bennett (Northgate Junction), 5 January 1908; 15 July 1908; 27 August 1908; 2 September 1908 (Item)

Sending specimens from Downs; specimens of Ichthyosaurus.

British Borneo Exploration Co. Ltd. (London), 12 October 1908; 14 October 1908 (Item)

Re fossils found in borehole on Jambongon Island.

F. Chapman (National Museum, Melbourne): re exchange of specimens, 4 August 1908 (Item)
Charles Chilton (Christchurch): sending fossil from coalmine at Denniston, 15 August 1908 (Item)
H. Farquhar (Wellington): re collections in New Zealand, n.d. (answered 30 April 1908) (Item)
T.S. Hall (University of Melbourne): sending specimens, 20 March 1908 (Item)
British Museum (Natural History) note re donation by A. Hamilton (Wellington), 28 January 1908 (Item)
C.J. Isaacson (Attleborough): that son left the copper company, 25 January 1908; 11 April 1908; 4 May 1908; 21 May 1908 (Item)
E. Douglas Isaacson (Wairarapa), 29 February 1908 (Item)

Forwarding Notes on New Zealand Rhabdophora. (5p.)

E. Douglas Isaacson (Attleborough, Pahiatua): sending fossils, 7 May 1908; 18 June 1908; 10 October 1908 (Item)

L-Z, 10 May 1907 - 19 November 1908 (File 100/46)

7 items

Filmed selectively.

G.R.L. Mestayer (Wellington): re Challenger material, 14 August 1908; 10 May 1907; 23 August 1907; 19 November 1908 (Item)
E.F. Pittman (Department of Mines, Sydney): re report on Labyrinthodont, 11 April 1908 (Item)
Ethel Shakespear (Birmingham): re New Zealand Graptolites, 28 January 1908; 18 February 1908; 28 February 1908; 30 April 1908 (Item)
Shaw, Adams and Co. (London): re sending 3 cases of fossils to Victoria, 20 July 1908 (Item)
Agent-General for Victoria: re shipping fossils (following letter), 18 July 1908 (Item)
W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne): enclosing list of Silurian fossils for exchange, 25 July 1908; 2 May 1908; 12 November 1908 (Item)

Also includes: National Museum, Melbourne re sending fossils (following letter).

H.P. Wordman (Geological Survey of Western Australia), 1908-11-10; 1908-09-05 (Item)

Requesting list of fossils from Western Australia in the Museum. Also includes draft reply on reverse of letter.

A-M, 22 January 1909 - 3 November 1909 (File 100/47)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

George F. Bennett (Northgate), 22 January 1909; 21 June 1909 (Item)

That Professor Stirling disapproved of his sending specimens out of Australia; problems of drought and bush fires.

J. Hamilton (Dominion Museum, Wellington), 3 August 1909; 3 May 1909; 3 November 1909 (Item)

Sending fossils for identification; requesting duplicates of Challenger material. (3 August 1909 recieved, incomplete letter).

C.J. Isaacson (Attleborough), 16 February 1909; 9 July 1909 (Item)

That son's gold mine investment failed due to exorbitant demands of miners.

E.D. Isaacson (Pakiatua): intends to visit England in summer, 9 February 1909 (Item)

Also includes a following note re fossils from South Island purchased from Isaacson.

N-Z, 19 February 1909 - 19 October 1909 (File 100/48)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

E.F. Pittman (Department of Mines, NSW): re presentation of Airly Labyrinthodont, 19 October 1909 (Item)

Also includes the following note re box for Sydney.

A. Simpson (Pericles, London): re specimens sent by Bennett, 7 April 1909 (Item)
British Museum (Natural History) notes re fossils received from J.A. Stigand, Jesselton, 2 August 1909; 19 February 1909 (Item)
W. Twelvetrees (Launceston): re publications, 16 July 1909 (Item)
T.C. Wollaston and K. Wollaston (Adelaide): selling fossils, 4 June 1909; 9 September 1909 (Item)

A-J, 16 November 1908 - 30 December 1910 (File 100/49)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

G.F. Bennett (Northgate), 22 October 1909; 10 June 1910 (Item)

Loss of Pericles, which was carrying fossils from Downs, on uncharted rock.

F. Chapman (Balwyn, near Melbourne): re Nummulites complanatus, 27 June 1910 (Item)
Charles Chilton (Christchurch), 23 May 1910; 30 December 1910; 16 November 1908 (Item)

Re crab's claw found in Denniston coal mine.

Wyndham Dunstan (Imperial Institute): re Dinornis bones, 12 May 1910; 17 May 1910; 1 June 1910 (Item)

Also includes Dr Bather to Dunstan re bones and note by Charles Andrews, having examined the bones.

A.S. Giles (Adelaide): offering to collect fossils for the museum, 12 June 1910 (Item)
British Museum (Natural History): note re specimen of Ordovicion, 10 May 1910 (Item)

Presented by Henry T. Hillier (Hermannsburg).

Also includes 13 September 1909. G Meack Walds (British Museum (Natural History)) re fossils, and following note.

K-W, 21 December 1909 - 23 September 1910 (File 100/50)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

C.M. Maplestone (Eltham): re selling his collection of Victorian Tertiary Polyzoa, 29 June 1910; 23 September 1910 (Item)

Also includes following British Museum (Natural History) notes and Maplestone bibliography.

NSW Agent General (London): re collecting case of fossils, 18 January 1910 - 22 April 1910 (Item)

Also includes 22 April 1910. E.F. Pittman (Sydney) sending fossil fish (attached to previous letter).

A.J. Shearsby (Yass): re Yass Mechanics Institute's collection of fossils, 21 December 1909 (Item)

Also includes a following list of fossils sent to British Museum (Natural History).

A-L, 5 November 1910 - 12 December 1911 (File 100/51)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

F.T.B. Dykes (Malay States Development Agency, London), 7 February 1911; 5 November 1910; 15 May 1911; 5 December 1911; 9 December 1911; 12 December 1911 (Item)

Re fossil leaves found in Rawang coal measures. Also includes report on fossil plants collected from the Rantau Panjang coal measures. (1p. Incomplete)

R. Etheridge (Sydney): introducing Dr John Creed, 11 April 1911; 25 November 1911 (Item)

M-Z, 20 February 1911 - 20 November 1911 (File 100/52)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

To Director National Museum (Melbourne): sending fossils, 12 April 1911 (Item)

Also includes list of fossils sent on exchange.

Director National Museum (Melbourne): that not received exchange items, 20 February 1911 (Item)
H.J. Blow (Mine Department, New Zealand), 22 August 1911 (Item)

Re exchange of publications. (Filed under New Zealand)

A.J. Shearsby (Yass): introducing J.H. Griffin of Commercial Bank, Yass, 20 February 1911 (Item)
J. Allan Thomson (Wellington), 4 July 1911; 29 September 1911; 20 November 1911 (Item)

Re his appointment as Palaeontologist to the New Zealand Geological Survey; intends to send specimens to England for identification.

W. Twelvetrees (Launceston): sending pipe stem sandstone specimens, 8 August 1911 (Item)
R.H. Walcott (National Museum, Melbourne): re receipt of exchange specimens, 29 September 1911 (Item)
Bernard Woodward (Perth), 19 May 1911 (Item)

Re any Western Australian fossils in the British Museum (Natural History).

A-J, 14 February 1912 - 4 June 1912 (File 100/53)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

R.N. Atkinson (Sulphur Creek, Tasmania), 4 June 1912 (Item)

Re collecting for the Museum; offering Table Cape fossils for sale.

F. Chapman (Melbourne): re examining specimens, 14 February 1912; 26 March 1912 (Item)
T.W. Edgeworth David (Sydney University): introducing Charles Hedley, 17 March 1912 (Item)
R. Etheridge (Sydney): introducing Charles Hedley, 28 February 1912 (Item)
H.A. Henry (Pontianak), 20 February 1912 (received) (Item)

Re fossil of man or large ape regarded by the Dyaks as a god. (photograph not included)

K-Z, 17 February 1912 - 4 October 1912 (File 100/54)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

E.F. Pittman (Sydney): sending fossil wood, 17 February 1912 (Item)
J. Allan Thomson (Wellington): sending Mollusca, 4 October 1912 (Item)

Also includes note from British Museum (Natural History).

Bernard Woodward (Perth): re specimens from Kimberley, 23 March 1912 (Item)

A-L, 1913 (File 100/55)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Arthur R. Andrew (Singapore): geology of area not very interesting, 28 February 1913 (Item)
Professor W.B. Blaxland Benham (Otago), 1913 (Item)

British Museum (Natural History) note re casts.

George Bennett (Northgate), 4 April 1913; 10 August 1913; 8 November 1913 (Item)

Difficult to get specimens; reconstruction of Diprotodon (enclosures wanting).

Frank Debenham (Cambridge): re specimens from Antarctic, 10 October 1913 (Item)
Alfred G. Edquist (Adelaide High School), 1 June 1913; 18 July 1913 (Item)

Sending old millstone for identification of shells. Also includes reply on reverse.

M-Z, 2 July 1913 - 5 March 1914 (File 100/56)

6 items

Archival History

Filmed selectively.

John Mitchell (Waratah): re exchange of specimens, 21 December 1913 (Item)

Also includes British Museum (Natural History) note.

Reply from Museum with list of Trilobita and Brachiopoda sent, 5 March 1914 (Item)
New Zealand High Commission (London): re sending material to New Zealand, 12 July 1913 (Item)
Otago University Museum: sending cast, 2 July 1913 (Item)
James Park (Dunedin): re sending specimens for identification, 7 December 1913 (Item)
J.B. Scrivenor (Batu Gajah), 5 September 1913; 9 July 1913 (Item)

Re fossil corals from Kuantan District of Pahang.

A-K, 16 January 1914 - 30 November 1914 (File 100/57)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

G.F. Bennett (Northgate), 27 March 1914; 14 July 1914; 30 November 1914 (Item)

He is 70, his father's money has passed to his stepmother's relations; his sons not interested in natural history; sending photographs of Owen owned by his father (photo not included); one son joined No.1 General Hospital (Queensland) another to go into Light Horse; troops sent by Australia - strong feelings against Germany; some sons of original German settlers attempting to enlist.

James Chumley (Challenger Office, Edinburgh), 16 January 1914; 19 January 1914; 22 July 1914; 10 July 1914; 11 March 1914; 3 July 1914 (Item)

Sending pigeon and rocks from Christmas Island. (11 March from Sir John Murray.)

B. Dunstan (Brisbane): re fossils previously sent to the Museum, 17 February 1914 (Item)

L-Z, 12 February 1914 - 15 October 1914 (File 100/58)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

Dennis G. Lillie (Cambridge), 12 February 1914; 19 May 1914; 19 July 1914 (Item)

Re specimens from Scott's expedition; his work on New Zealand specimens of marine Tertiary fauna; possible funding by New Zealand government of publication.

John Michell [sic.]) (Waratah): re exchange of specimens, 19 May 1914 (Item)
Jerome de la Mothe (Bali), 25 April 1914 (Item)

With description of large species of monitor or raranus. (Photograph not included).

R. Bullen Newton (Melbourne), 14 August 1914 (Item)

Re British Association for Advancement of Science, Australian meeting - events he has attended, problems of returning to England during wartime. Also includes British Museum (Natural History) note.

James Park (Dunedin): re identification of belemnites, 24 April 1914 (Item)
D. Sutherland (Milford Sound), 6 July 1914 (Item)

Re large amphibious monster he has seen and called Poseidon Sutherlandi; offers to send cast of footprint; settled in area in 1877.

W.H. Twelvetrees (Launceston): requesting publications, 12 October 1914 (Item)
Bernard Woodward (Perth), 18 May 1914; 16 July 1914; 24 August 1914; 15 October 1914 (Item)

Re fossils found by Glauert at Mammoth caves including skeleton of Nototherium.

A-L, 11 February 1915 - 17 July 1915 (File 100/59)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

G.F. Bennett (Northgate), 8 April 1915 (Item)

Son working in hospital at Helipolis; skull found on Downs (photograph not included).

T.F. Cheeseman (Auckland), 18 May 1915 (Item)

Re specimen of uncoiled ammonite left at British Museum (Natural History) by A. Yarborough.

Yarborough (Auckland), n.d. (Item)

Wishes specimen left with Museum to go to Auckland Institute and Museum. (next letter).

D.G. Lillie (Cambridge), 18 February 1915; 25 June 1915; 17 July 1915; 17 February 1915; 11 February 1915 (Item)

Re work on New Zealand specimens; problems of returning them to New Zealand during war.

M-Z, 19 January 1915 - 9 August 1915 (File 100/60)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

P.G. Morgan (Geological Survey, Wellington), 9 August 1915 (Item)

Sending New Zealand Tertiary fossils (filed under New Zealand). Also includes British Museum (Natural History) note.

List of fossils presented by J.B. Scrivenor from Malay Peninsula, 19 January 1915 (Item)

A-M, 9 March 1916 - 15 September 1916 (File 100/61)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Oliver Bainbridge (London), 9 March 1916 (Item)

That taking expedition to Papua, Solomons and other Pacific Islands; offers to collect for Museum.

George Bennett (Northgate): re skull found at Talgai, Darling Downs, 25 March 1915 [ie. 1916] (Item)
L.A. Cotton (Sydney): that Professor David on active service, 12 May 1916 (Item)
R. Etheridge (Sydney), 23 March, 15 September, 19 June 1916 (Item)

Sending cast of reptilian ramus from Lightning Ridge; casts of ungual phalangeal of Thylacoleo.

N-Z, 19 February 1909 - 13 November 1916 (File 100/62)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

NSW Department of Mines, 18 May 1916 (Item)

That at present no specimens of coniferous trunks from Lake Macquarie.

British Museum (Natural History): note, 10 May 1916 (Item)

Re donation of belemnites from NZ by James Park (filed under Park).

Henry Woods (Cambridge), 9 May 1916 (Item)

Re identification of J Park's belemnites (filed under Park).

James Park (Dunedin), 1909-02-19; 1909-05-21 (Item)

Sending fossils from Brighton and Shay Point for identification.

J.B. Scrivenor (Batu Gajah, SS Miyazaki Maru), 28 June 1916; 13 November 1916 (Item)

Re report on fossils sent in 1913. Also includes British Museum (Natural History) note.

J. Allan Thomson (Wellington), 29 August 1916 (Item)

That box of Hutton's missing types found in Adelaide.

S.M. Tout (Hay, Tamworth), 18 May 1916; 23 August 1913 (Item)

Re exchange of specimens; working as Relieving Staff, Local Land Board Office; sends list of fossils he has available.

Ernest Westlake (Fordingbridge), 16 June 1916 (Item)

Re sending Tasmanian stone implements to Hobart; theft of stone implements from ship at London docks.

A-W, 17 May 1917 - 22 May 1917 (File 100/63)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

E.J. Dunn (Kew, Victoria), 22 May 1917 (Item)

Re his work on Northern Territory; fossil wood from Derby.

Sir C. Read (British Museum), 17 May 1917 (Item)

Surprised how little valuable material has been unearthed from trenches at Salonika and Gallipoli; story of New Zealand soldier who dug up a palaeolithic implement on Somme and mounted it as a weapon.

A-Z, 19 March 1918 - 16 October 1918 (File 100/64)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

E.J. Dunn (Kew, Victoria): re his work on gold, 16 October 1918 (Item)
B. Dunstan (Brisbane), 9 May 1918 (Item)

Sending specimen of fossil shrimp from St Peter's, Sydney.

R. Etheridge (Sydney), 1918-03-19; 1918-03-20; 1918-07-10; 1918-07-18; 1918-08-13 (Item)

Re his work on Australian Cambrian Trilobites; sending casts of Talgai skull; Krefft's specimens.

List of slides of George J. Hinde's collection [of Australian fossils]. (2p.), n.d. (Item)
H.H. Scott (Launceston), 12 August 1918 (Item)

Sending photograph of skeleton of Nolotherium Tasmanicum (photo not included).

J. Allan Thomson (Wellington): re electrotypes of wax records, 11 July 1918 (Item)

A-Z, 23 January 1919 - 19 November 1919 (File 100/65)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

John A. Bartrum (Auckland University College), 28 April 1919; 29 September 1919 (Item)

Sending artefact found by NZ soldier in desert near Cairo for identification.

R. Etheridge (Australian Museum): re cast of Talgai skull, 23 January 1919; 10 February 1919; 9 August 1919 (Item)
L. Glauert (AIF Head Quarters, Tidworth) re working in the Museum, 1919-07-22; 1919-08-07 (Item)
Miss AP Lillie (London), 23 October 1919 (Item)

Re letter received from J. Allan Thomson in Wellington re boxes of material sent by her brother D.G. Lillie who has had a breakdown. Includes copy of British Museum reply on reverse. (Filed under Thomson)

R. Etheridge (Australian Museum) to H. Woods (Cambridge), 10 April 1919 (Item)

Re Clark collection of Australian fossils. (Filed under Woods).

Henry Woods (Cambridge), 7 June 1919; 19 November 1919 (Item)

Re letter from Etheridge and New Zealand material sent by Allan Thomson.

A-Z, 13 January 1920 - 21 December 1920 (File 100/66)

9 items

Filmed selectively.

O.M. Dalton (British Museum): re cassowary bone daggers from Papua, 4 August 1920 (Item)
F. Chapman (Melbourne): re lecturing at University, 7 April 1920 (Item)
T.T. Flynn (University of Tasmania), 9 September 1920 (Item)

Re skull of squalodont whale from Wynyard; prepared to send to British Museum (Natural History), but some feeling against this in Hobart and Launceston Museums. (7p.) Includes British Museum (Natural History) note.

L. Glauert (Perth), 10 May 1920; 24 May 1920 (Item)

Re specimens sent from station on Trans-Australian Railway on Nullarbor Plains; encloses sketches of Sthenurus skulls. (10p.)

C. Hedley (Australian Museum), 13 January 1920; 13 February 1920 (Item)

Re sudden death of R. Etheridge on 4 January; he is temporarily in charge of the Museum.

John Mitchell (Waratah): re exchange of fossils and list, July 1920; 14 August 1920 (Item)
Herbert Phillips (Sydney): re work in Lands Department, 8 September 1920 (Item)
R.J. Tillyard (RMS Aquitania), 19 August 1920 (Item)

Re visit to England; work he intends to do in New Zealand.

R.J. Tillyard (Nelson), 21 December 1920 (Item)

Returned to disorder since maid deserted them, 'a typical Australian trick'.

Letterbook Volume 1, 1 September 1903 - 7 December 1903 (File 100/67)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

To F. Chapman (National Museum, Melbourne): re casts, 1 September 1903 (Item 193)
To Professor David (Sydney): re fossil turtles from Suva stone, 7 December 1903 (Item 278)

Letterbook Volume 2, 30 October 1905 - 17 May 1906 (File 100/68)

9 items

Filmed selectively.

To A.S. Lukin (Bourton), 30 October 1905 (Item 265)

Re specimens from Murrumbidgee River.

To A.S. Lukin (Bath): that specimens are of Silurian age, 4 November 1905 (Item 273)
To James Park (Dunedin), 5 December 1905 (Item 298)

Re publishing papers in Transactions of NZ Institution.

To Kempe (Peake station): re obtaining Diprotodon, 12 January 1906 (Item 345-6)
To R. Hanitsch (Singapore), 3 February 1906 (Item 373)

Re identification of corals from Christmas Island.

To R. Etheridge (Sydney), 3 February 1906 (Item 379-380)

Re Brachiopods from Strzelecki collection.

To H.H. Scott: re fossils from Tasmania, 27 February 1906 (Item 396)
To George F. Bennett: accepting his offer to collect for the Museum, 17 March 1906 (Item 409-410)
To R. Etheridge (Sydney): receipt of cast of Icthyodectes, 17 May 1906 (Item 456)

Letterbook Volume 3, 15 August 1906 - 24 June 1907 (File 100/69A)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

To R. Etheridge (Sydney): re work on Australian Brachiopods, 15 August 1906 (Item 67-8)
To H.J. Hillier: re death of Kempe, 25 September 1906 (Item 113)
To C.J. Isaacson: re New Zealand graptolites, 13 October 1906 (Item 142-3)
To C.J. Isaacson: re New Zealand graptolites, 20 June 1907 (Item 446-7)
To C.J. Isaacson: re New Zealand graptolites, 24 June 1907 (Item 451)

Letterbook Volume 4, 7 October 1907 - 15 September 1908 (File 100/69B)

9 items

Filmed selectively.

To F. Chapman, 7 October 1907 (Item 116)

Re his letter on nomenclature in Geology Magazine.

To A. Hamilton (Wellington): re non-receipt of box of specimens, 8 October 1907 (Item 123)
To A. Hamilton (Wellington): that box has arrived, 30 December 1907 (Item 252)
To W. Villinger (Anakie, Queensland), 14 January 1908 (Item 263)

He should consult G.F. Bennett on his discoveries.

To A. Hamilton (Wellington): re specimens of Torlessia Mckavi, 29 January 1908 (Item 289)
To H. Farquhar (Wellington), 30 April 1908 (Item 385)

That Mckay is to publish descriptions of New Zealand fossils.

To T.S. Hall (Melbourne): thanking him for specimens, 30 April 1908 (Item 386)
To F. Chapman, 30 May 1908 (Item 411-12)

Re his publication on fossil Mollusca of Victoria.

To W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne): re exchange of specimens, 15 September 1908 (Item 491)

Letterbook Volume 5, 22 September 1908 - 13 November 1909 (File 100/70)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

To R.L. Mestayer (Wellington), 22 September 1908 (Item 17)

Re his request for Challenger material.

To Charles Chilton (Christchurch): re fossil of claw of a crab, 1 October 1908 (Item 41)
To Captain Simpson (SS Pericles), 5 October 1908 (Item 50)

Re box of specimens from G.F. Bennett.

To H.P. Woodward (Perth), 5 October 1908 (Item 51)

That willing to provide list of West Australian fossils in the Museum.

To Government Geologist, (West Australia), 15 October 1908 (Item 82)

Sending list of West Australia fossils (list not included).

To T.C. Wollaston (Glenelg): re opalised fossils, 14 April 1909 (Item 319-20)
To H.T. Hillier (Hermansberg): that further fossils be sent, 13 September 1909 (Item 453)
To A. Hamilton (Wellington): sending Challenger material, 13 November 1909 (Item 494-5)

Letterbook Volume 6, 4 May 1910 - 30 September 1911 (File 100/71)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

To Charles Maplestone (Eltham), 4 May 1910 (Item 117)

Re the sale of his collection of Tertiary Polyzoa.

To F. Chapman (Melbourne): re nummulites complanatus, 16 May 1910 (Item 120)
To Professor Charles Chilton (Christchurch), 11 July 1910 (Item 163)

Re crab's claw from Denniston coal mine.

To Charles Maplestone (Eltham): re polyzoa, 9 August 1910 (Item 186-7)
To Charles Chilton (Christchurch): re crab claw, 17 November 1910 (Item 258)
To F. Chapman (Melbourne): re fossil wood from Queensland, 7 December 1910 (Item 284)
To Director National Museum (Melbourne): re fossil wood, 25 February 1911 (Item 339)
To W.H. Twelvetrees (Launceston), 30 September 1911 (Item 473)

Re 'pipe-stem' sandstone, comparison with specimens from Sweden. (3p.).

Letterbook Volume 7, 11 January 1912 - 14 July 1913 (File 100/72)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

To F. Chapman (Melbourne), 11 January 1912 (Item 62-63)

Sending specimens of Entomostraca for identification.

To F. Chapman (Melbourne): re identification, 10 May 1912 (Item 176)
To Henry Woods (Cambridge), 6 November 1912 (Item 280)

Re Belemnites sent by James Park of Otago.

To W.B. Benham (Otago University): re cast of gigantic cirripede, 5 May 1913 (Item 364)
To High Commissioner for New Zealand, 11 July 1913 (Item 392)

Re sending box of fossils to Geological Survey, Wellington.

To High Commissioner for New Zealand: re insurance, 14 July 1913 (Item 394)

Letterbook Volume 8, 2 March 1914 - 18 August 1917 (File 100/73)

7 items

Filmed selectively.

To James Park (Dunedin): re Belemnites Lindsayi, 2 March 1914 (Item 33)
To H. Woods (Cambridge): re Belemnites from Park, 2 March 1914 (Item 35)
To Bernard Woodward (Perth): re casts, 28 September 1914 (Item 121)
To T.F. Cheeseman (Auckland Institute): re uncoiled ammonoid, 31 July 1915 (Item 232)
To S.M. Tout (Tamworth): re corals, 5 April 1916 (Item 324)
To E.J. Dunn (Kew): re his work in Northern Territory, 14 March 1917 (Item 396)
To E.J. Dunn (Kew): re publications, 18 August 1917 (Item 423)

Letterbook Volume 9, 3 July 1919 - 20 July 1922 (File 100/74)

14 items

Filmed selectively.

To J.A. Bartrum (Auckland): re pebble of banded chert, 3 July 1919 (Item 8)
To F. Chapman (Melbourne): re material from Flinders Island, 12 August 1919 (Item 21)
To R. Tillyard: re fossil insects, 4 September 1919 (Item 25)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): sending odonata, 14 September 1920 (Item 128)
To J.C. Moulton (Raffles Museum and Library, Singapore): re labelling, 11 October 1920 (Item 140)
To R. Tillyard: sending photographs, 11 November 1920 (Item 155)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): re specimens, 5 April 1921 (Item 223)
To P.G. Morgan (Wellington): re specimens, 14 May 1921 (Item 232)
To Roland Allport (Sydney): re fossil sea urchin, 5 August 1921 (Item 263)
To R. Tillyard: re his accident; fossil insects, 31 October 1921 (Item 318-19)
To Geological Survey, New Zealand, 3 February 1922 (Item 360)

Returning corals sent to D.G. Lillie.

To Dr R.H. Walcott (National Museum, Melbourne), 1 April 1922 (Item 386)

Returning specimens from Wollumbilla Creek.

To Professor Wood Jones (Adelaide): acknowledges his parcel, 11 April 1922 (Item 406)
To P.G. Morgan (Geological Survey, New Zealand): re NZ fossils, 20 July 1922 (Item 462)

Letterbook Volume 10, 3 November 1922 - 4 September 1923 (File 100/75)

12 items

Filmed selectively.

To Professor Halle [Stockholm], 3 November 1922 (Item 49)

Re plates of NZ plants prepared by Sir James Hector (3p.).

To R. Tillyard (Nelson): receipt of mss on Liassic Odonata, 24 November 1922 (Item 63)
To F. Chapman (Melbourne): re Australian and French Aturia, 12 December 1922 (Item 81)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): re photographs (2p.), 25 January 1923 (Item 113)
To C. Anderson (Australian Museum): re receipt of papers, 21 April 1923 (Item 151)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): re dragonflies, 17 May 1923 (Item 178)
To P. Marshall (Wellington): re arrival in New Zealand, 17 May 1923 (Item 180)
To P. Marshall (Wellington): re Hemiaster, 26 May 1923 (Item 190)
To H.L. Hawkins (Reading): sending echinoids from New Zealand, 28 May 1923 (Item 191)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): re Liassic Odonata, 22 August 1923 (Item 222)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): sending specimens, 25 August 1923 (Item 229)
To R. Tillyard (Nelson): sending specimens, 4 September 1923 (Item 232)

Abbott - Almgreen, 21 November 1903 - 25 November 1955 (File 100/76)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Mrs F.E.S. Alexander (Singapore), 2 April 1947 - 24 July 1952 (Item)

Subjects include: Sending fossils from Singapore; her work making a geological map of Singapore; bringing Lingulas back from Singapore on BOAC flight. (24p.)

Correspondence with Joyce Allan (Australian Museum, Sydney), 27 January 1955 - 25 November 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: Mollusca from Great Barrier Reef; Iredale's bad working habits. (7p.)

Correspondence with R.S.Allan (Christchurch), 26 September 1926 - 29 August 1950 (Item)

Subjects include: Cirripedes from Waipara Greensands; work on planto beds in the Malvern Hills; exchange of papers and specimens. (24p. some very faint copies)

Correspondence with H.A.Allen (Geological Survey and Museum London), 21 November 1903 - 14 August 1907 (Item)

Re specimens of Cronoidal Limestone from Portugese Timor. (8p.)

Amerghino-Archey, 29 June 1923 - 26 January 1940 (File 100/77)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with C.Anderson (Australian Museum, Sydney), 29 June 1923 - 27 January 1939 (Item)

Subjects include: Owen's type specimens of fossil marsupials; fossil marsupials from Wellington Cave; Nototherium Watutense from New Guinea; Dunstan/Tillyard collection of fossils; fossil fishes from N.S.W. (14p.)

E.C. Andrews (Geological Survey, N.S.W.): re fish, 10 July 1924 (Item)
Correspondence with Gilbert Archey (Auckland), 16 November 1927 - 26 January 1940 (Item)

Subjects include: Dinornis material in British Museum (Natural History); bones of moa acquired from Baroness Burdett Coutts; preparations for war in New Zealand. (21p.)

Arkell - Associated, 25 September 1924 - 16 July 1926 (File 100/78)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Edwin Ashby (Blackwood, South Australia), 25 September 1924 - 16 July 1926 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on fossil Polyplacophora; exchange of fossil chitons; Atkinson collection of Table Cape fossils from Tasmania (25p.).

Bandulska - Bate, 7 October 1918 - 6 February 1965 (File 100/80)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Maxwell Banks (St Lucia), 29 August 1962 - 6 February 1965 (Item)

On Corals from Tasmanian ordovician. (6p.)

Correspondence with John A. Bartrum (Auckland), 7 October 1918 - 2 September 1941 (Item)

Subjects include: collecting plants from Port Waikato beds; geology of Port Waikato; fossil wood from Port Waikato; sending other specimens, including Labrodon; identification of fossil trails of crustaceans. (84p., some very faint carbons).

Also includes:John E. Holloway (Hokitika) to A.C.Seward (Cambridge), 24 April 1920, re collecting Equisetites.

P.G. Morgan (Wellington) to Seward, 25 July 1921, re fossil plants from Waikato beds.

Correspondence with Herbert Basedow (Adelaide), 31 March 1932 - 16 July 1932 (Item)

Re fern from Jurassic age, and other fossils from McDonnell Ranges. (8p., some faint carbons)

Includes: notes on Dr H.Basedow collection from South and Central Australia.

Bath - Benedict, 31 October 1932 - 18 December 1953 (File 100/81)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Joan Beattie (Captain's Flat, N.S.W.), 23 September 1953 - 18 December 1953 (Item)

Re her work on Permian bryozoa from Western Australia. (4p.)

Correspondence with R. Bedford (Kyancutta Museum), 31 October 1932 - 5 December 1952 (Item)

Subjects include: meteorites from Central Australia; desiderata from British Museum (Natural History); sale of his collection of Archaeocyathinae to the British Museum (Natural History); identification by Sir Edgeworth David of 'Uranosphaera' as Astraeospongia; sale of material to Adelaide Museum; possibility of British Museum (Natural History) publishing a catalogue of Archaeocyathines; new Devonian Antiarch fish from Taemas, N.S.W.; damage suffered by White's room at British Museum (Natural History) during war 'the first [H E bomb] hit my room with the Australian fishes in it. However, they were rescued from the debris and have suffered little damage.'(88p.)

Also includes: Brynheld Wood (Kyancutta) to White, re death of her father R. Bedford

Bennett-Birmingham, 28 February 1910 - 24 November 1956 (File 100/82)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

George F. Bennett (Northgate), 28 February 1910 (Item)

Re femur found by J.F. White on his Mount Sturgeon Run; formation of Field Naturalist Club.

Correspondence with Professor W.N. Benson (Dunedin), 5 March 1929 - 24 November 1956 (Item)

Subjects include: F. Chapman; his visit to England; sending papers; work on fishes of late Tertiary period found at Dunedin described by Chapman as Portheus; return of fossil echinoids on loan since 1913/1916. (27p.)

Boardman - Borneo, 1946 - 1969 (File 100/84)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Geological Survey Department, Kuching Sarawak, 1946 - 1969 (Item)

Subjects include: fossils found near Trong River; fossiliferous rocks; fossil wood; fossils from Bau District; stromatoperoids and corals; Radiolaria in Danau cherts; ammonites; rocks from Semporna Peninsula, North Borneo; Formaminifera from Baram Valley; limestone from Tatau-Balingian area; fossils from Batu-Timbang; radiolarian cherts from West Sarawak. (2 files, c380p.)

British M - Brown, D, 18 February 1945 - 25 February 1966 (File 100/88)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Professor David A. Brown (Dunedin, Canberra), 18 February 1945 - 25 February 1966 (Item)

Subjects include: sending papers; sending Dipnorhychus specimen; new Geology Building at A.N.U.; discovery of goniatites; family news; his appointment to chair of Geology at A.N.U.; his work on Polyzoa; field trip to Bloody Jack's Island; war service. (c90p, some faint carbons.)

Brown, E - Bullen, 21 August 1932 - 26 April 1962 (File 100/89)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr Ida Brown (Sydney University), 22 June 1938 - 26 April 1962 (Item)

Subjects include: H.A. Toombs' work on Murrumbidgee Devonian fishes; casts of type specimens of Australian spirifers; her work at the university; her trip to America; her work on Eastern Australian martiniopsis. (38p.)

Dr R.O. Brunnschweiler (Geosurvey of Australia Ltd, Adelaide), 22 January 1957 (Item)

Re his interest in palaeontology.

Correspondence of F. Lindsay Buick, 21 August 1932 - 14 November 1932 (Item)

F. Lindsay Buick (Wellington), 14 November 1932 and 21 August 1932, re his interest in Moa bones and Rule's letters. (4p.)

British Museum (Natural History) to Buick, 29 September 1932, re photographs of Moa Bones (very faint).

Campbell - Carter, 12 March 1938 - 30 April 1964 (File 100/93)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with John D.Campbell (Christchurch), 27 October 1954 - 30 April 1964 (Item)

Re jaw and teeth remains of ichthyosaur from Hokonui Hills. (6p.)

Correspondence with Dorothy Carroll, (University of Western Australia), 12 March 1938 - 8 December 1939 (Item)

Subjects include: her interest in sponges from Salmon Greens District; fossil sponges from Plantagent Beds. (12p.)

Channon - Chauvel, 17 August 1925 - 5 June 1941 (File 100/96)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with F. Chapman (Melbourne), 17 August 1925 - 5 June 1941 (Item)

Subjects include: his talk on the wireless entitled 'Curious Cattlebones'; exchange of specimens; skull produced by Professor William Colin MacKenzie; Edgeworth David's claims that pre cambrian markings are fossil arthropods; moving house. (13p.)

Correspondence with W. Charles (Hughenden), 10 January 1929 - 7 August 1929 (Item)

Subjects include: his activities as Head Teacher, State School, Hughenden, North. Queensland; collecting fossils from Station managers; identification of specimens forwarded. (13p.)

Clarke, E - Cobham, 29 October 1930 - 30 October 1947 (File 100/99)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Professor E. de C. Clarke (University of Western Australia, Perth), 29 October 1930 - 30 October 1947 (Item 100/99)

Subjects include: Permo - Carboniferous fossils from Wooramel River; problem of keeping type specimens in Australia; identification of crinoid catillocrinus; news of other scientists; need for a palaeontologist - possibility of appointing a displaced German scholar (61p., some faint carbons).

Cockerell - Collins, 21 September 1950 - 4 May 1961 (File 100/100)

1 item

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Correspondence with P. Collenette (Geological Survey Department, North Borneo), 21 September 1950 - 4 May 1961 (Item)

Subjects include: pollen grains in coals; Mollusca. (10p.)

Colonial Office - Cooper, G, 19 November 1945 - 3 January 1966 (File 100/101)

1 item

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Correspondence with Dr Isabel Cookson (University of Melbourne), 19 November 1945 - 3 January 1966 (Item)

Subjects include: her work on pollen of Australian Tertiary Species of Nothofagus; lignite from Kerguelen sent by Douglas Mawson; sending food parcels; her visit to Norway working on Nothofagus; withdrawal of grant by CSIRO. (13p.)

Also includes:George A. Thomas (Universty of Melbourne), 5 March 1965, re his work on conulaird species found in Permian deposits of Bacchus Marsh.

British Museum (Natural History), 17 March 1965, re Morris' original specimens.

Craig - Crusafont, 2 September 1921 - 25 March 1964 (File 100/103)

3 items

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Correspondence with Lucy M. Cranwell (Honolulu, Auckland, Tucson), 8 April 1938 - 25 March 1964 (Item)

Subjects include: fossils from Waikato Heads; field work on Hawaii; her work on New Zealand pollen types; Rapa Island samples collected by Dr L. Chubb. (36p.)

J.M. Creed (Sydney), 2 September 1921 (Item)

Re antiquity of man in Australia; myth of 'Bunyip'. (Memorandum not included)

Correspondence with Dr Irene Crespin (Canberra), 21 October 1947 - 22 November 1962 (Item)

Subjects include: sending food parcels; destruction of Bureau of Mineral Resources Library in fire; visit of H.A. Toombs to Australia; her work compiling a catalogue of type and figured specimens in the fossil collections of each state; British Museum (Natural History) Tasmanian type and figured specimens.(15p.)

Curtis Museum - Dannatt, 4 January 1933 - 18 January 1933 (File 100/105)

1 items

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Correspondence with Sir Henry Dale (Royal Society), 4 January 1933 - 18 January 1933 (Item)

Re grant to Edgeworth David and the rejection of David's paper by the Royal Society. (15p.)

Danreuter - David, 11 June 1893 - 7 March 1934 (File 100/106)

1 item

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Correspondence with Edgeworth David (Sydney, London), 11 June 1893; 9 July 1893; 23 July 1923 - 7 March 1934 (Item)

Subjects include: Bather's visit to Sydney; fossil specimen of large labyrinthodont from Triassic Rocks at Sydney; David's visit to London; purchase of Dunston's Labyrinthodont; fossils from Adelaide beds; finding of fossils in pre Cambrian beds near Adelaide; photographs of restoration by Tillyard and David of pre Cambrian arthropod found in Teatree Gully; annelids from Teatree Gully; problems of identification; Royal Society referees decide the fossils are not organic and reject David's paper; application for Royal Society grant to continue excavations; echinoid from Fiji. (152p., some faint carbons).

Dickins - Donovan, 18 October 1955 - 11 May 1959 (File 100/110)

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Correspondence with J.M. Dickins (Bureau of Mineral Resources, Canberra, St Lucia), 18 October 1955 - 11 May 1959 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on Permian Pelecypods of Western Australia; loan of specimens; specimens collected by Daintree. (19p.)

Dunbar - Eames, 18 May 1914 - 9 August 1955 (File 100/112)

3 items

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Correspondence with E.J. Dunn (Kew), 20 October 1917; 10 October 1926; 15 November 1926; 1 January 1927 (Item)

Re the book on gold mining he intends to write. (11p.)

Correspondence with Dr B. Dunstan (Brisbane), Mrs A.M. Dunstan (Brisbane) and Brenda Dunstan (Brisbane, Sydney), 18 May 1914 - 9 August 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: purchase of specimens of fossil fish; purchase of Dunstan's private collection of fossils; catalogue of Dunstan's Mineral specimens and fossil woods; disposal of Dunstan's maps of Queensland; introducing Rhys and Ruth Williams. (64p.)

Correspondence with Gilbert Henry Dutton (Glamorgan, Sunderland, Adelaide), 16 December 1918 - 20 May 1921 (Item)

Subjects include: his qualifications and experience; introductions to scientists in Australia; his work as Assistant to Wood Jones in Adelaide; delights of Adelaide. (14p.)

Earland - Edwards, 28 January 1926 - 9 October 1956 (File 100/113)

2 items

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Correspondence with Robert Edwards (Port Noarlunga), 17 July 1956; 6 September 1956; 9 October 1956 (Item)

Re fossil echinoids from Christie's Beach, Port Noarlunga. (3p.)

Correspondence with W.C. Edwards (Suva), 28 January 1926 - 13 December 1926 (Item)

Re fossils from Fiji, including teeth of Great Charcharadon. Includes photograph. (4p.)

D'Erasmo - Fallot, 14 April 1888 - 28 August 1962 (File 100/115)

2 items

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Correspondence with Robert Etheridge (Australian Museum, Sydney), 14 April 1888; 20 July 1890; 24 August 1891; 31 October 1896; 15 January 1907; 4 April 1907; 20 July 1910 (Item)

Subjects include: standard of curation in the Australian Museum; founding of Australian Association for the Advancement of Science; Ramsay's health; Wilkinson's health; exchange of specimens and publications; introducing John Mitchell. (13p.)

Also includes:

Correspondence with R. Maxwell Bradner (New York), Arthington Bristow (North Norwood, S.A.); S. Dibley (Cochin); Mary Knowles (Nairn); J.E. McKee (New York); Dr W. Bell Dawson (Montreal) re certain remarks on evolution attributed to Etheridge (27p.)

Correspondence with Dr John William Evans (Australian Museum, Sydney), 28 January 1955 - 28 August 1962 (Item)

Subjects include: exchange of casts of specimens; sending fossil fish from Gosford and Talbragar; work on Devonian fish found near Canowindra; Whitley's work on systematics; H.A. Toombs visit to Yass. (26p.)

Farchad - Filiozat, 17 February 1897 - 14 April 1954 (File 100/116)

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Correspondence with H.Farquhar (Department Lands and Survey, Wellington), 17 February 1897 - 26 June 1906 (Item)

Subjects include: exchange of publications; his work on Echinoderms; Goniodon dilatatus (15p.).

Correspondence with Barry Fell (Wellington), 25 January 1954 - 14 April 1954 (Item)

Re loan of Cidarid fossils and identification of echninoids. (6p.)

Correspondence with H.T. Ferrar (Wellington), 23 July 1924 - 7 December 1931 (Item)

Subjects include: candidature of P.T. Cox to Geological Society; Mount Torlesse Annelid; shark teeth found on Waimakariri River. (6p.)

Finks - Foerste, 3 April 1932 - 14 March 1969 (File 100/117)

4 items

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Correspondence with H.J. Finlay (Dunedin): re his work on Turridae. (10p.), 3 April 1932 - 29 June 1932 (Item)
Correspondence with N.H. Fisher (Canberra), 22 September 1955 - 3 June 1965 (Item)

Subjects include: J.M. Dickins' work on Permian pelecypods of Western Australia; fossils from Nanutarra Formation of W.A.; assignment of type numbers; fossils from Jimi River, New Guinea; fossil fish from Taemas, N.S.W. (40p.)

Correspondence with Charles A. Fleming (Geological Survey, Wellington, Lower Hutt), 18 March 1949 - 14 March 1969 (Item)

Subjects include: death of H.J. Finlay; discovery of fossils in Ross Dependency; Pakawau plant specimens. (38p.)

Correspondence with H.D. Fletcher (Australian Museum, Sydney), 7 October 1952 - 29 October 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: arthrodire head from Goodra Vale; his work on Permian gastropods of N.S.W. (7p.)

Geo - Gill, 4 August 1952 - 4 December 1952 (File 100/122)

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Correspondence with Edmund D. Gill (National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne), 4 August 1952 - 4 December 1952 (Item)

Re type specimens of extinct marsupials and his work on the fossils of Lake Colongulac area. (3p.)

Gillet - Gloucester, 14 January 1921 - 1 February 1968 (File 100/123)

3 items

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Correspondence with F.G. de V Gipps (Forsayth), 8 December 1933 - 15 March 1934 (Item)

Re fossils of flora found near Gilberton (5p.)

Correspondence with Martin F. Glaessner (Melbourne, Port Moresby, Adelaide), 30 September 1942 - 1 February 1968 (Item)

Subjects include: his paper on Gin Gin chalk; difficulties of the war years; his work for Australasian Petroleum Co. in New Guinea; work of other scientists; studying fauna of late mesozoic mollusca from central highlands; classification of Australian and New Zealand Tertiaries; appointment as Senior Lecturer in Palaeontology at University of Adelaide; purchase of casts and models; his visit to Europe in 1955; work on Cenomanian crabs from Northern Australia. (80p., some faint carbons.)

Correspondence with L. Glauert (Perth), 14 January 1921 - 9 March 1933; 26 October 1950 - 6 December 1950 (Item)

Subjects include: his work in charge of the Natural History and Ethnological Sections of the Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery of Western Australia; sending specimens; Gin Gin Chalk specimens; expeditions to Gin Gin with university students; importance of the fossils found at Gin Gin; fossils found at Murchison River. (61p., some faint pages.)


2 December 1909. Bernard Woodward (Perth) introducing Glauert, who has retrieved 'nearly 2000 marsupial bones from the sinking he made in the floor of the mammoth cave.' (2p.)

Green - Gregory, 10 June 1902 (File 100/126)

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J.W. Gregory (Melbourne University) to Smith Woodword, 10 June 1902 (Item)

Congratulations on being appointed keeper; 'prejudice here against sending things [specimens for identification] home simply because so many collections have been sent and allowed to remain in England absolutely untouched.'

Gupta - Hampton, 10 May 1897 - 28 June 1956 (File 100/128)

3 items

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A.C. Haddon (Cambridge), 14 October 1938 (Item)

Re fossils sent to him by Reverend V.H. Sherwin from Watut River BNG.

Correspondence with T.S. Hall (Melbourne University)., 10 May 1897 - 14 September 1909 (Item)

Subjects include: crinoid head found during Yarra improvement; sending papers; Australian Tertiary Echinoids. (15p.)

Correspondence with D. Hamilton (University of Otago), 5 March 1954 - 28 June 1956 (Item)

Re belemnites from Waikari Valley.(10p.)

Hanby - Harris, 5 June 1905 - 18 March 1935 (File 100/129)

2 items

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Correspondence with Wilfred A. Hancox (Mangonui), 21 July 1934 - 18 March 1935 (Item)

Re sale of his collection of fossil nuts from Coopers Beach. (7p., some faint pages.)

Correspondence with R. Hanitsch (Singapore), George Matthai (Cambridge), Harold B. Marshall (Brunei), 5 June 1905; 10 July - 5 October 1914 (Item)

Re fossils from Christmas Island and Borneo. (13p.)

Hiley - Hodgins, 19 December 1924 - 8 December 1969 (File 100/134)

3 items

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Correspondence with Dorothy Hill (Cambridge, Brisbane), 4 January 1937 - 8 December 1969 (Item)

Subjects include: applications to work in Australia; voyage on SS Narkunda, 1937; visit to Sydney; problems obtaining books; study tour of Moreton Bay; introducing Ida Brown; loan of specimens; work on corals from Michaelmas Cay; war service as operations officer in navy; work as Palaeontology lecturer at Queensland University; introducing W.G.H. Maxwell; studying sarcinulidae from Tasmania and N.S.W.; her paper on Antarctic Archaeocyatha; whereabouts of Bedford's collection of Archaeocyatha formerly at Kyancutta Museum; Archaeocyatha collected by Trans - Antarctic Expedition; award of Lyell Medal by Geological Society, 1964.(216p., some faint carbons.)

British Museum (Natural History) to H.H. Hill (Napier), 19 December 1924 (Item)

Thanking him for depositing moa specimens. (1p.)

Correspondence with Dr Edwin S. Hills (University of Melbourne), 20 November 1929 - 1 June 1961 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on fossil fishes; Devonian fish of N.S.W.; imposition of duty on books; Queensland material; Balcombian material from Balcombe Bay, Port Phillip; tertiary plants from Bacchus Marsh; introducing Owen Singleton; specimens from Taemas; study visit to Sweden. (42p., Some faint carbons)

Hodgson - Holmes, 1 January 1940 (File 100/135)

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John E. Holloway (University of Otago), 1 January 1940 (Item)

Thanking British Museum (Natural History) for plant fossils; need for trained New Zealand palaeontologists. (2p.)

Holmgreen - Housten, 6 June 1921 (File 100/136)

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Dr G. Horne (Melbourne): re Grant's collection of fossils, 6 June 1921 (Item)

Howard - Hudson, 27 June 1969 - 22 July 1969 (File 100/137)

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Correspondence with Dr Annie Howie (University of Sydney), 27 June 1969 - 22 July 1969 (Item)

Re suitable glue for palaeontology work. (5p.)

Jerusalem - Jongmans, 19 August 1927 - 1 April 1946 (File 100/143)

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Correspondence with Owen A. Jones (Brisbane, Cambridge), 19 August 1927 - 1 April 1946 (Item)

Subjects include: war activities; teaching commitment at University of Queensland; Dorothy Hill in Navy; working as commercial geologist; boom in gold mining; work on Favositidae. (34p., some faint carbons.)

Larwood - Le Compte, 20 October 1929 - 4 April 1950 (File 100/153)

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Correspondence with Charles R. Laws (Dunedin, Auckland), 20 October 1929 - 4 April 1950 (Item)

Subjects include: exchange of N.Z. Tertiary mollusca; his work on protoconchs; extra teaching duties due to death of Professor Bartrum.(38p.)

Ledger - Leroy, 8 February 1951 - 4 February 1952 (File 100/154)

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Correspondence with Heather Leed (New Zealand Geological Survey), 8 February 1951 - 4 February 1952 (Item)

Re lack of science books in New Zealand. (6p.)

Leslie - Linton, 27 August 1919 - 15 November 1919 (File 100/155)

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Correspondence with Patrick Lillie (London), 27 August 1919; 28 October - 15 November 1919 (Item)

Re fossils sent to his brother D.G. Lillie from Dominion Museum, N.Z. (13p.). Also includes J. Allan Thomson (Wellington) to P. Lillie, 27 August 1919, re D.G. Lillie's illness and requesting return of fossils.

Lisboa - Lorch, 29 June 1921 - 25 November 1937 (File 100/156)

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Correspondence with Heber A. Longman (Queensland Museum, Brisbane), 29 June 1921; 9 August 1927 - 25 November 1937 (Item)

Subjects include: searching for jurassic mammals in shale; sending fossil barnacles from Magnetic Island for identification; importance of Australian forms of Sauropods; use of Loricata> for an order of Mollusca. (22p.).

Los Angeles - Lyon, 29 May 1952 - 11 December 1961 (File 100/157)

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Correspondence with Mrs Nell Ludbrook (Canberra, Adelaide), 29 May 1952 - 11 December 1961 (Item)

Subjects include: good trip back to Australia with the Tillyards; visits to scientists in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney 'I spent a day at the Australian Museum in Sydney where the collections are in a most horrible mess'; new job as Palaeontologist Department of Mines, Adelaide; drive from Canberra to Adelaide; colleagues working on uranium production and research; news of other Australian and New Zealand scientists; prices of fruit and wine; field trip to Northern Murray area; fire at Bureau of Mineral Resources; field trip to Nullarbor Plain; sending Tertiary Brachiopods. (25p.)

Mackie - Maempel, 7 June 1956 - 10 October 1956 (File 100/159)

1 items

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Correspondence with Donald F. McMichael (Australian Museum), 7 June 1956 - 10 October 1956 (Item)

Re type specimens of fossil freshwater mussels. (7p.)

Magaurau - Malaya, 4 September 1895 - 4 August 1977 (File 100/160)

4 items

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J.H. Maiden (Sydney), 4 September 1895 (Item)

Re the Technological Museum 'built to my own ideas'. (2p.)

Malaya Geological Survey (File 1), 22 April 1933 - 16 January 1946 (Item)

Correspondence with E.S. Willbourn, Director of Geological Survey, Federated Malay States and J.B. Scrivenor (Bedford). (Some incomplete letters. 170p.)

Subjects include: identification of fossils from Sungei Taba, Raub Pahang; fossil organisms in recent volcanic ash from Perak bore samples from Durian Chondong, Kepong; Lacustrine fossils from Johore; supposed sponge spicules in a Rhyolite Tuff of Pleistocene in Malaya; fossils from Kuantan District, Pahang collected by F.H. Fitch; publication of articles; memorandum by H. Service on fossil collections from Lipis District, Pahang; news of staff on occupation of Malaya and Singapore; imprisonment of Willbourn by Japanese.

Includes: Fred Fitch (Bridgetown, W.A.) to Wilbourne (British Museum (Natural History), London), 16 January 1946, re fossils of S. Terapai, his health, possible return to Malaya.

Malaya Geological Survey (File 2), 27 March 1947 - 23 December 1958 (Item)

Correspondents include: F.T. Ingham (Batu Gajah); Harold Service (Batu Gajah); E.S. Willbourn (South Kensington); H.E.F. Savage (Batu Gajah, Birmingham); C.R. Jones (Perlis); J.R. Paton (Batu Gajah); D. Slater (Batu Gajah); W.D. Procter (Kuala Lipis); E.F. Bradford (Ipoh).

Subjects include: fossils collected by F. Fitch in Kuantan area; marine fossils from Sungei Lembing, Pahang; fossils collected by A.C. Amies from Chukai; elephant's tooth from Batu Village; formation of Geological Survey Department in Borneo and specimens from Borneo in the British Museum (Natural History); fossils from Semanggol area; fossils from Singapore collected by F.E.S. Alexander; fossils from Bukit China and Bukit Kluang; specimens from Trengganu; fossils collected by J.R. Paton from Jengka Pass; fossils in shale from Batu Arang Coal Seams, Serangor; fossils from Bidan Island, Kedah; graptolites from Langkawi Islands; fossils from Veu Kenyam; visit to Fook Hin Tin Mines Co, Chemor by S.K. Chung; fossils from Chemor. (373p.)

Malaya Geological Survey (File 3), 16 January 1959 - 10 June 1964; 26 July - 4 August 1977 (Item)

Correspondents include: J.B. Alexander (Ipoh); E.F. Bradford (Ipoh); D. Rishworth (Ipoh); A. Renwick (Ipoh); W.D. Procter (Ipoh); C.H. Yeap (Kuala Lumpur).

Subjects include: fossils from Sing Seng Joo; death of J.R. Paton; graptolites from Kinta Valley; fossils from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan Road; limestone from Sungei Biwah; fossils from Thai-Malayan border; fossils from Hawthornde Mine No. 3; fossils from Kuala Lumpur area; identification of fossils sent in 1904 by J.B. Scrivenor in conflict with recent information; publication by Geological Society of Malaysia.

Maling - Marriot, March 1934 - 14 March 1963 (File 100/161)

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Correspondence with Dr Peter B. Maling (Christchurch), March 1934-16 July 1935; 12 November 1962-14 March 1963 (Item)

Re his collection of Triassic fossils from New Zealand. (38p.)Also includes:Deed of gift signed by P.B. Maling, 1 February 1935.R.S. Allan's MS notes on N.Z. Mesozoic Brachiopod Genera, n.d.

Correspondence with B.J. Marples, 13 October 1948; 11 December 1948; 12 December 1956 (Item)

Includes:B.J. Marples (Dunedin), 13 October 1948, re discovery of Penguin bones.B.J. Marples (Dunedin), 11 December 1948, re fossil bone from WaitmateBritish Museum (Natural History) to Marples (London), 12 November 1956, re plesiosaurian bones from New Zealand.

Marsach - Matley, 20 March 1922 - 3 March 1955 (File 100/162)

3 items

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Correspondence with P. Marshall (Wanganui, Wellington), 20 March 1922 - 24 September 1926 (Item)

Re his collection of fossils from Kaipara. (10p., faint carbons).

Correspondence with Dr J. Marwick (Wellington), 20 March 1923-11 December 1928; 5 February 1946-3 March 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: tertiary Mollusca>; specimens of Balanus from Middle Pliocene beds at Titirangi, Chatham Island; his work on Tertiary stalked Cirripedes; fossils from Waripara Gorge first discovered by von Haast. (25p.)

Correspondence with Hubert Mathias (North Melbourne), 26 July 1926 - 11 April 1935 (Item)

Subjects include: his collection of fossil sharks' teeth and shells; F. Chapman's habit of naming specimens unknown to him, 'like Adam in Eden'; the shore at Beaumaris where he collects sharks' teeth; the naming of one of his specimens after Mr Cudmore; his relations with Chapman. (37p.)

Matsumoto - Melville, 6 October 1902 - 7 January 1966 (File 100/163)

3 items

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Correspondence with Dr W.G. Maxwell (Brisbane, London), 24 August 1949 - 2 June 1954 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on productid species from the Queensland carboniferous; exchanging specimens; the taxonomy of Strephalosia King; his application for lectureship at Melbourne University.(20p.)

Correspondence with Lord Medway (London, Kuala Lumpur), 21 October 1960 - 11 January 1963 (Item)

Re rhinoceros teeth from Sarawak. (5p.)

Correspondence with the National Museum, Melbourne, 6 October 1902- 29 July 1938; 17 February 1950-7 January 1966 (Item)

Correspondents include: Frederick Chapman; J.A. Kershaw; D.J. Mahony; R.T.M. Prescott; Edmund D. Gill; C.W. Brazenor; R. Boswell; Thomas A. Darragh.

Subjects include: reorganisation of the Museum in 1902; preparation of fossils; Chapman's publications; death of Chapman's daughter from influenza 'consequent on this war, as it can be put down to troop ships calling at Sydney and starting the influenza there' (1918); Chapman's field trip to mountains to examine Walhalla line; Gippsland Palaeozoic flora; Miss Cookson; exchanging specimens; Chapman's enforced retirement and work on oil field fossils; Australian cirripedes; R. Etheridge's work on Tasmanian fossils; fossil insects found in brown coal at Yallourn (with photograph); fossil mollusca from Geraldton; casts of fish holotypes from N.S.W.; casts of marsupials which show that part of the holotype of Thylacoleo Carnifex is in London and part in Melbourne; purchase by National Museum of part of Dr J. Lycett's collection.(89p., some faint carbons)

Minchin - Monsen, 22 November 1923 - 26 July 1950 (File 100/165)

2 item

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Correspondence with John Mitchell (Waratah), 22 November 1923 - 29 April 1926 (Item)

Subjects include: fossil fish he wishes to name after Edgeworth David; exchange of specimens. (8p.)

Correspondence with S.R. Mitchell, 19 May 1950; 26 July 1950 (Item)

Includes:S.R.Mitchell (Abbotsford), 26 July 1950, re microflakes and microliths.K.P. Oakley (British Museum (Natural History), 26 July 1950, acknowledgment.

Mulholland - Myers, 8 May 1838 - 9 October 1957 (File 100/168)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with F.S. Mance and C. St.J. Mulholland (Department of Mines, Sydney), 14 May 1935-24 October 1938; 30 August 1951-13 September 1952 (Item)

Subjects include: fossil fish from Brick Pit at St Peters; sending to N.S.W. the type specimens of fossil fishes; Arthrodire fish from Goodra Vale. (10p., some faint carbons)

John Murray (Edinburgh): requesting leave for Andrews to visit Christmas Island, 11 February 1908 (Item)
Correspondence with P.D.F. Murray, 19 September 1957; 8 May 1838; 9 October 1957 (Item)

Includes:P.D.F. Murray (University of Sydney), re specimens obtained by Mitchell from Wellington Caves; encloses photographs and copy of: Richard Owen (Royal College of Surgeons) to Mitchell, 8 May 1838, re fossils found in Wellington Caves.

British Museum (Natural History) to Murray, re location of Mitchell's specimens. (with note).

Newall - Nixon, 6 March 1914 - 4 June 1966 (File 100/170)

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New Hebrides Geological Survey: Correspondence with A.J. Warden (Vila, New Hebrides Geological Survey), 6 April 1963 - 4 June 1966 (Item)

Subjects include: rocks from Epi and Efati Islands; corals from Pleistocene reefs.(12p.)

Correspondence with New Zealand High Commission, 6 March 1914 - 24 September 1934; 27 March - 24 June 1963 (Item)

Correspondents include: J.K. Campbell, Alexander Crabb, C.B. Burdebin, R.T. Clarke.

Subjects include: publication of results of Scott Antarctic Expedition; shipment of fossils collected by D.G. Lillie; shipment of tertiary corals and bryozoa from Tenison-Wood and Hamilton collections; Moa bone brought to England by John Rule; fossil remains found on site of new New Zealand House. (32p.)

Odell - Orvig, 2 April 1935 - 13 October 1950 (File 100/172)

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Correspondence with W.R.B. Oliver (Dominion Museum, Wellington), 12 October 1939 - 13 October 1950 (Item)

Subjects include: his penguin remains have been packed away for the duration of the war; moa bones; triassic flora from Waitaki River. (10p.)

Archival History

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Correspondence with C.H. Oostingh (Java), 2 April 1935 - 22 October 1937 (Item)

Subjects include: exchange of publications; Mollusca> from Java; identification of specimens. (11p.)

Pacheco - Parona, 24 February 1906 - 2 March 1937 (File 100/174)

2 items

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Correspondence with G.B. Palmer (Mental Hospital, Auckland), 18 July 1936 - 2 March 1937 (Item)

Re specimens of humans. (5p.)

James Park (Dunedin), 24 February 1906 (Item)

Re good relations with German and American palaeontologists 'due to the generous exchange system of the American State and Federal Scientific Department and Universities and all countries in Europe except Britain.' (2p.)

Peach - Perry, 11 May 1953 (File 100/176)

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E. Percival (Christchurch): re specimens from rockpool in Lyttelton Harbour, 11 May 1953 (Item)

Peterborough - Pike, 1 November 1959 - 15 August 1986 (File 100/177)

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Correspondence with G.M. Philip (Cambridge, Armidale), 1 November 1959 - 26 November 1965 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on Australian Tertiary echinoids; Bather and Chapman's work; collecting literature for Geology Department at University of New England; work of his students; condonts from Murrumbidgee limestones; Harry Toombs field trip to Australia in 1963. (60p.)

Correspondence with J.W. Pickett (Liverpool, Sydney), 7 August 1963; 17 March 1982 - 15 August 1986 (Item)

Re his review of the literature on Australian fossil Porifera. (9p.)

Pilgrim - Plumstead, 17 May 1934 - 8 July 1935 (File 100/178)

1 item

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Correspondence with Torrington Pincombe (Sydney), 17 May 1934 - 8 July 1935 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on Australian Glossopteris> specimens; sending some of his collection to the Museum; Tillyard's health; trips to Warner's Bay and Belmont; trip to New Zealand; Tillyard's interest in gold mining. (9p.)

Pocock - Preston, 27 July 1923 - 1 November 1937 (File 100/179)

1 item

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Correspondence with O. Posthumus (Java), 27 July 1923 - 30 January 1927; 12 December 1936 - 1 November 1937 (Item)

Subjects include: his work as a botanist to Sugar experiment station; collections from Djambi; validity of names of certain fossil plants.(14p., some faint carbons)

Preuss - Quensted, 10 June 1955 - 11 December 1967 (File 100/180)

1 item

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Correspondence with Rex T. Prider (Nedlands), 10 June 1955 - 11 December 1967 (Item)

Subjects include: exchange of publications; family news; discovery of bone in Jurassic Colalura sandstone near Geraldton. (9p.)

Richter - Roberts, 23 July 1954 - 18 December 1969 (File 100/185)

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Correspondence with David Ride (Oxford, Western Australian Museum, Perth), 23 July 1954 - 19 February 1969 (Item)

Subjects include: offer of job at Perth; exchange of Marsupial fossil material; James Tennant collection; space and staffing problems at Western Australian Museum; purchase of Dr Hopwood's library by State Library; Broom's Wombeyan Caves material; establishment of spelaeological Society in New Guinea; field trip to Fitzroy Basin; re curating marsupial collections at British Museum (Natural History); list of marsupial collections at British Museum (Natural History); vertebrae from Huon Peninsula, New Guinea; Peter Bridge - local collector; material sent to Owen by Thomas Mitchell; material present to British Museum (Natural History) by Sir Daniel Cooper from Queensland. (93p.)

Correspondence with Dr Alex Ritchie (Australian Museum, Sydney), 1969-03-06; 1969-06-18; 1969-12-18 (Item)

Re Antarctic material to be worked on in Sydney; discovery by Alan Thorne of Australian Aboriginal material. (5p.)

Robertson - Roller, 13 November 1930 - 20 February 1935 (File 100-186)

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Correspondence with Dr F.A. Rodway (Nowra), 13 November 1930 - 20 February 1935 (Item)

Re donation of specimens of Devonian fossils from Jerrawangala. (7p., some faint carbons).

Schaeffer - Schenk, E, 8 October 1938 - 4 March 1940 (File 100/190)

1 item

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Correspondence with Edgar C. Schenck (Honolulu), 8 October 1938 - 4 March 1940 (Item)

Re identification of animals in mosaic pavement from Antioch. (13p.)

Sclater - Sedgwick, 10 July 1899 - 11 April 1950 (File 100/193)

3 items

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Correspondence with H.H. Scott (Launceston), 10 July 1899; 27 September 1933 - 11 September 1935 (Item)

Subjects include: thanking British Museum (Natural History) for gift of books for Victorian Museum; sending Launceston Tertiary Basin 'Cycadstems'; moving into new building; flakes collected by Reverend C.G. Wilkinson at Bay of Fires Aboriginal camps 'no Tasmanian native ever expected his chipped flakes to travel round the world'. (12p., some faint carbons)

Correspondence with J.B. Scrivenor (Batu Gajah, Bedford), 19 January 1922 - 11 April 1950 (Item)

Subjects include: fossils from Putus Semanggal; Kelantan fossils; Perlis fossils; fossil plants from Kakura Mine, Gambang; sponge remains in rock; fossil wood; retirement from Geological Survey Department FMS; sponge-spicules and problematical bodies in Rhyolite-ash from Perak. (116p., some faint carbons)

Sedgwick Museum (Cambridge): sending Chatham Island Tertiary corals. (3p.), 14 June 1929 (Item)

Seeley - Shaw, 30 January 1893 - 3 August 1966 (File 100/194)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with U.E. Shakespeare (Wellington, NSW), 12 May 1926 - 25 June 1926 (Item)

Re fossils from Wellington Caves, includes list of Pleistocene fossil mammals. (7p.)

Correspondence with G.C. Shaw (Dominion Museum, Wellington), 12 November 1951 - 3 August 1966; 30 January 1893 (Item)

Includes:R.K. Dell (Wellington), 12 November 1951, sending casts of StruthiolariidaeG.C. Shaw (Wellington), 21 February 1954, re Chadwick collection of spongesGeorge Hinde (Croydon) to S.Chadwick (Malton), 30 January 1893, re his collection of sponges (copy)R.A. Falla (Wellington), 3 August 1966, re damaged moa egg

Shearman - Shotton, 17 October 1938 - 22 October 1965 (File 100/195)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with A.J. Shearsby (Yass), 6 December 1954 - 9 November 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: Toombs visit to Australia to search for Devonian fish remains; taking geology students on field trips; fish plate found by side of Bloomfield road by D.J. Cameron; death of W.E. Williams; identification of plate as hinder part of skull roof of extinct fish, Buchanosteus Murrumbidgeensis White. (11p.)

Correspondence with K. Sherrard, 31 October 1950; 14 November 1965; 22 October 1965 (Item)

Includes:Kathleen Sherrard (London), 31 October 1950, re visit to British Museum (Natural History).

Kathleen Sherrard (Sydney), 14 October 1965, re specimen of Tentaculites Liversidgei Etheridge Jnr. from Wellington Caves.

British Museum (Natural History) to K. Sherrard, 22 October 1965, re holotype.

Correspondence with Reverend V.H. Sherwin (Wau), 17 October 1938 - 13 January 1939 (Item)

Re specimens Nototherium Watutense collected by him in New Guinea. (4p.)

Heather Shilton (Wellington): re work on Waagenophyllum, 20 May 1953 (Item)

Sinard - C. Smith, 27 August 1926 - 27 August 1959 (File 100/197)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with F.A. Singleton (Melbourne, Cambridge, South Yarra), 21 October 1937 - 13 August 1938; 7 March 1946 - 11 April 1947 (Item)

Subjects include: plans to spend long leave at British Museum (Natural History); field trips to continent and Bramford; type specimens of Australian cirripedes; his room at Melbourne University damaged by water; his health. (14p., some faint carbons).

Correspondence with Owen Singleton (Cambridge, Bergen, Melbourne), 2 May 1949 - 27 August 1959 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on Australian trilobites; his father's work; Miss Crespin's work on Gippsland; problems of geological dating in Australia; 'concerning the Mallee and Murray R. we know so little that it would be rash to commit oneself at present. However you can be certain that Chapman is wrong whatever else may be the case.' introducing G.M. Philip: Brown's chair at Canberra. (26p.)

A. Smith (Brisbane) suggesting exchange of specimens. (2p.), 27 August 1926 (Item)

E. Smith - S. Smith, 5 August 1954 - 26 November 1957 (File 100/198)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Edith M. Smith (Hobart), 5 August 1954 - 26 November 1957 (Item)

Re her work on Permian Polyzoa. (7p.) Includes:S. Warren Carey (Hobart), 5 August 1954, introducing E.M. Smith.Maxwell R. Banks (Hobart), 8 November 1957, re location of Strzelecki's Polyzoa, previously noted by Etheridge as being at British Museum (Natural History).

Sowerby - W.K. Spencer, 26 November 1902 - 5 November 1959 (File 100/202)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Ian G. Speden (New Zealand Geological Survey), 27 August 1958 - 5 November 1959 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on New Zealand Grammatodon (Indogrammatodon); similarity of specimens from India and Awakino - Mahoenui area of North Island; receipt of casts.(12p.)

Correspondence with R. Speight (Christchurch), 8 January 1931 - 6 November 1936 (Item)

Subjects include: revision of Von Ettingshausen's determinations of New Zealand Cretaceous Plant fossils; material at the British Museum (Natural History) sent by Hector; visit to Amuri Bluff beds; fossil crabs. (9p.)

W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne), 26 November 1902 (Item)

That the Mansfield collection has not been sent through Gregory. (3p.)

W.K. Spencer - Springer, 19 June 1954 - 2 July 1954 (File 100/203)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with R.C. Sprigg, 19 June 1954; 2 July 1954 (Item)

Includes:H. Dighton-Thomas (British Museum (Natural History)) to Sprigg, 19 June 1954, re jelly fish.Reg. C. Sprigg (Adelaide), 2 July 1954, re jelly fish from Edicara, SA.

Squires - Stelfox, 13 October 1924 - 2 December 1924 (File 100/204)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with T. Steel, 13 October 1924 - 2 December 1924 (Item)

Includes:Thomas Steel (Sydney), 13 October 1924, sending specimens of Fossilisation from Crankey's Creek Falls and Wentworth Falls.

British Museum (Natural History), 2 December 1924, acknowledgement.

Sternberg - Stiva, 27 September 1897 - 1 February 1968 (File 100/206)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Dr G.R. Stevens (Cambridge, Lower Hutt), 28 May 1957 - 1 February 1968 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on New Zealand Jurassic and Cretaceous belemnite faunas; award of DSIR Senior Research Fellowship; work on Rotularia. (22p.)

Correspondence with G.C. Stirling [sic], 27 September 1897; 15 February 1899 (Item)

Includes:E.C. Stirling (Adelaide), 27 September 1897, re exchange of specimens; he has assembled fore and hind feet of Diprotodon. (2p.)

E.C. Stirling (Adelaide), 15 February 1899, that cannot send complete skeleton of Reliquiae callabonnae. (4p.)

Suess - Sykes, 28 November 1898 - 14 December 1970 (File 100/209)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with C.A. Sussmilch (Sydney), 30 October 1936 - 1 February 1937 (Item)

Re locality of figured specimen of Cvathophvllum (Hercophyllum) Shearsbvi. (4p.)

Correspondence with Sydney University, 28 November 1898 - 14 December 1970 (Item)

Correspondents include: William A. Haswell, Frank H. Taylor, Neville Stephenson, A.J. Wright, Robin Wass and J.A. Mahoney.

Subjects include: casts, voyages to Australia, scientific work, various species in Australia.

Tansley - Texas, 30 October 1964 - 7 December 1964 (File 100/211)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Tasmania University, 30 October 1964; 27 November 1964; 7 December 1964 (Item)

Includes:[John A?] (Botany Department), 30 November 1964, re fossil from Lowdina Homestead near Richmond.

Max Banks, 27 November 1964, requesting photograph of Stenopora ovata.

British Museum (Natural History), 7 December 1964, acknowledgement.

Theil - Tilman, 1 August 1912 - 13 October 1961 (File 100/212)

3 items
Correspondence with D.E. Thomas (Mines Department, Melbourne), 16 November 1951 - 13 October 1961 (Item)

Subjects include: position of tillite specimen from Bacchus Marsh; fish specimens from bore at Port Fairy. (15p.)


Fred C. Stinton (Bouremouth), 28 February 1960, re specimens from Victoria

Report by F.C. Stinton and C. Patterson on specimens from Port Fairy Bore, September 1961.

Correspondence with J. Allan Thomson (Wellington), 1 August 1912 - 1 December 1925 (Item)

Subjects include: sending fossil from Waipara Gorge; fossils loaned to Lillie. (16p., some faint carbons)

Correspondence with R.J. Tillyard (Hornsby, Nelson, Canberra), 14 February 1916 - 19 August 1938 (Item)
2 items


Correspondence with R.J. Tillyard (14/02/1916-30/11/1936): (156p.)

Subjects include: his work on fossil insects of Australia; death of his brother at Ypres; 'war work' as Zoology lecturer; his discoveries re Dunstania; 'civic life is almost at a stand still' as a result of influenza epidemic; inflation after the war; work at Cawthron Institute, Nelson; his health; publication of his paper on Liassic Dragonflies; shipping strike of 1925 in New Zealand; visit to Europe in 1926; organising CSIR Division of Economic Entomology; work with Edgeworth David on Pre-Cambrian fossils; death of Edgeworth David; suicide of F.Chapman.


Photograph of Belmontia.

British Liassic Dragonflies by R.J.Tillyard.

Correspondence with P.Chalmers Mitchell, Zoological Society, re publication of his paper.

Press cuttings from Sydney Morning Herald re death of David.

Tillyard to Royal Society, 18 August 1935, re newly discovered Upper Triassic Insect fossil beds at Mount Crosby, Queensland.

Tillyard to Royal Society, 30 November 1936, re publication of results of Mt Crosby expedition.

Correspondence with R. Winckworth (Royal Society) Mrs Patricia Tillyard (Rochester) and Dr Anderson (Sydney) (29/06/1937-19/08/1938): re presentation of Tillyard's collection of insects from Mt Crosby to British Museum (Natural History) (29p.)

Timmis - Tralau, 23 September 1960 - 3 January 1964 (File 100/213)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with John A. Townrow (Botany Department, University of Tasmania), 23 September 1960 - 3 January 1964 (Item)

Subjects include: tedious sea voyage; Hobart, 'housing is dear and difficult'; Triassic material in Tasmania; visit to Port Arthur; 'a most depressing place…but is lovely scenery'; lack of facilities for curating type specimens 'Hobart museum threw out 90% of old R.M. Johnston's types not long ago and Launceston is as bad'; snow. (25p.)

Turner - Tutcher, 25 October 1900 - 2 December 1900 (File 100/216)

1 item

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Turner - Tutcher: Amy Turton, 25 October 1900; 30 November 1900; 2 December 1900 (Item)

Includes:John Taylor (British Museum) to Woodward, 30 November 1900, re Moa egg offered for sale by friend in New Zealand, encloses 2 photographs.

W. Thiselton-Dyer (Kew) to E.R. Lankester, 2 December 1900, enclosing: Amy Turton (Dunedin) to Sir Joseph Hooker (Kew), re Moa egg for sale, encloses 2 photographs.

Tweedie - Ustredni, 21 September 1934 - 26 October 1934 (File 100/217)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with M.W.F. Tweedie, 21 September 1934; 3 October 1934; 26 October 1934 (Item)

Includes:M.W.F. Tweedie (Raffles Museum), 21 September 1934, sending fish remains from kitchen middens in Wellesley Province; his work on Decapod crustacea.

British Museum (Natural History), 3 October 1934, acknowledgment.M.W.F. Tweedie (Singapore), 26 October 1934, acknowledgment.

Vadasz - Venables, 10 November 1952 - 28 March 1953 (File 100/218)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with John J. Veevers (Muswellbrook), 10 November 1952 - 28 March 1953 (Item)

Subjects include: collecting fossils from 'Muree Stage' of the Upper Marine Series of Hunter River Valley; studying in London; discovery of Ordovician and Devonian strata at Kimberley. (15p.)

Venezuelan - Wade, 21 January 1931 - 2 December 1954 (File 100/219)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Arthur Wade (London, Perth, Canberra), 21 January 1931 - 30 January 1939; 27 November 1954 - 2 December 1954 (Item)

Subjects include: his report to Australian government on Kimberleys; discoveries in Permian Strata in Kimberleys; specimens to be returned to Australia after determination. (42p. some very faint carbons)


Report on Dr A. Wade's collection of specimens from Western Australia.

Letters re forwarding of specimens belonging 'Late Dr Arthur Wade', 1954.

R.T. Wade - Wallis, 6 February 1930 - 20 August 1968 (File 100/220)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Reverend Dr Robert Thompson Wade and Mrs Martha Smith (his sister), 6 February 1930 - 15 October 1963; 4 November 1967 - 20 August 1968 (Item)

Correspondence with Reverend Dr Robert Thompson Wade (Cambridge, Braunton, Sutton Valence, Falkland Islands, Parramatta, Manly) 6 February 1930 - 15 October 1963 and with Mrs Martha Small (his sister, Canberra) 4 November 1967 - 20 August 1968: re his death (188p.)

Subjects include: studies at Clare College Cambridge on fossil fish of Brookvale; lists of specimens; problems placing his paper for publication; 'the outlook for publication looks gloomy: looks as though paper will have to be burnt'; field work at Narrabeen; purchase of his insect collection by the museum; appointment as Chaplain at Sutton Valence School; application to work at British Museum (Natural History); life in Stanley, Falkland Islands; wife's health; removal to NSW; closing of Brookvale quarry; description of Manly 'In one of the sheds there are facilities for the women to be manicured after bathing'; work at Kings School, Parramatta; sending food parcel; work of other scientists; sending his specimens from Talbragar beds, previously lost at Australian Museum to British Museum (Natural History).


Obituary notice Nature volume 219 number 5151, page 311.

16 August 1929 J.W. Edgeworth David (Sydney) introducing Wade, 'a most devoted collector of our Triassic fossil fish'.

Correspondence with Michael Waldman (Bristol, Monash University), 30 March 1965 - 24 May 1967 (Item)

Subjects include: identification of Gyrodus specimen; his PhD work at Monash on palaeoecology of freshwater deposit of lower Cretaceous age; discovery of new species; working on rock from Koonwarra. (20p.)

Correspondence with A.B. Walkom (Sydney), 4 June 1934 - 13 February 1953 (Item)

Subjects include: fossil plants collected by C.C. Morton from Pascoe River, head waters of Batavia River; specimens collected by A. Wade of Perth; work on New Zealand plants; exchange of specimens. (32p.)

Walmsley - Ward, 18 May 1929 - 8 April 1930 (File 100/221)

1 item

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Correspondence with Mrs M.E. Walsh (Java), 18 May 1929 - 8 April 1930 (Item)

Subjects include: fossils from Niki Niki, Timor 'I was the first white woman who ever went in this part of the country'; 'fauna is exceedingly poor that its (sic) hardly worth while to collect'; problems of an expedition on Timor; pricing her collection. (17p.)

Ward - Watson, 29 April 1957 - 6 April 1960 (File 100/222)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Bruce Waterhouse (Cambridge, Lower Hutt), 29 April 1957 - 6 April 1960 (Item)

Subjects include: research on New Zealand gastropods; identification of Trechmann's Megalodon globularis from New Zealand triassic; problems of supply of scientific literature in New Zealand 'we don't seem to get enough continental literature to keep abreast of developments'. (21p.)

Wattison - Weinert, 20 June 1957 - 8 January 1965 (File 100/223)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with B.D. Webby (Wellington, Bristol, Sydney), 20 June 1957 - 8 January 1965 (Item)

Subjects include: his MSc thesis on undifferentiated Triassic-Jurassic alternating greywackes and argillites north of Wellington; holotype of Dentalium batheri Finlay; application for lectureship in Geology at University of Sydney. (35p.)

Western - Whitby, 16 March 1949 - 19 May 1971 (File 100/225)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with J.H. Lord (Perth), 21 October 1964 - 19 January 1965 (Item)

Re study of Devonian reef complexes of Kimberley District. (3p.)

Correspondence with Duncan Merrilees and David Ride, (Western Australian Museum, Perth), 13 September 1963 - 19 May 1971 (Item)

Subjects include: fish from Tennant Creek; type specimens of Diprotodon Minor Huxley; possible survival of type specimens of Diprotodon after destruction of Royal College of Surgeons' Museum; fossil mammals from Australia described by Owen; William Pengelly Cave Research Centre; Gogo collection; Myotragus specimens; fossil index; Australian fossil marsupial specimens in British Museum (Natural History). (52p.)

Correspondence with P.J.Coleman (Nedlands), 16 March 1949 - 22 July 1949 (Item)

Re his work on Permian Productidae> of Western Australia. (4p.)

White - Wilcockson, 14 August 1923 - 3 October 1949 (File 100/226)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with F.W. Whitehouse (Cambridge, Brisbane), 14 August 1923 - 3 October 1949 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on fauna of Rolling Downs Formation of Eastern Australia; his work on ammonites of Australia; post-pliocene turtle's egg from Fremantle; work on Cambrian beds near cattle station Nockatunga, cost of petrol - problems of travel; 'I left Cambridge with deep regret and here in this place, where there is no literature to do decent work, I have stagnated so much'; fossils from Kukukuku, New Guinea, collected by N.H. Fisher; his life at University of Queensland. (40p., some faint carbons)

Wilde - Willis, 1923 - 21 November 1963 (File 100/227)

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with G.E. Wilford (Geological Survey Brunei), 12 December 1957 - 21 November 1963 (Item)

Subjects include: fossils from Brunei Town; specimens from Miri Formation. (20p.)


N.S. Haile (Geological Survey, Borneo), 3 August 1961, re fossil shells from Togopi formation, Dent Peninsula. (poor xerox)

N.S. Haile (Geological Survey, Sabah), 4 October 1963, sending specimens.

J.F. Brondijk (Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd.), 8 November 1963 and 21 Novemeber 1963, re pliocene crabs from Brunei.

Memoranda and reports on G.H. Wilkins Australia and Islands expedition. (9p.), 1923 - 1924 (Item)
Correspondence with E.S. Willbourn (Geological Survey Department, Batu Gajah, London), 7 July 1937 - 12 October 1937; 10 April 1954 - 19 January 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: fossiliferous limestone from N.W. Pahang; return of Dr Skiba to Fiji. (11p.)

Correspondence with W.E. Williams (Cootamundra), 29 June 1949 - 13 April 1955 (Item)

Subjects include: his discoveries at Taemas, Murrumbidgee River of Devonian formations, includes sketch map; Burrinjuck Dam; his 'old friend Yarry Yarry...he is a stone age man living in the atomic age'; advice to H.A. Toombs on his fossil hunting expedition to Yass; his health. (10p.)

Wingrave - Woods, 22 January 1960 - 4 May 1966 (File 100/229)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with J.T. Woods (Queensland Museum), 22 January 1960 - 4 May 1966 (Item)

Subjects include: his work on cretaceous marine deposits; exchange of specimens of fossil crabs. (9p.)

Woodward - Wouters, 27 March 1897 - 19 May 1898 (File 100/230)

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Bernard Woodward (Perth), 27 March 1897 - 19 May 1898 (Item)

Subjects include: damage to Tennant collection due to poor packing; exchange of casts. (15p.)

Wrey - Wright, J, 18 September 1936 - 5 August 1968 (File 100/231)

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with A. Cecil Wright (Melbourne), 18 September 1936 - 26 February 1937 (Item)

Re fossil sharks' teeth found at Beaumaris. (7p.)

A.J. Wright (Wellington), 5 August 1968 (Item)

Re his ill fated trip and Peter Webb's proposal to reach Boomerang Range. (2p.)

Correspondence with E.V. Wright, 23 November 1948; 15 August 1949 (Item)

Includes:Ted Wright (Sydney), 23 November 1948, re trip to Australia; met McCartney in Adelaide; contact with Rhodes Fairbridge at Perth. (2p)

Ted Wright (North Ferriby, Yorks), 15 August 1949, re visit to Hallett's Cove, Adelaide; collecting New Zealand. (2p)

Young - Zych, 27 September 1915 - 12 June 1916 (File 100/234)

1 items

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Correspondence with J.H. Young, 27 September 1915; 12 June 1916 (Item)

Includes:J.H. Young (Meredith), 27 September 1915, re his interest in natural history. (1p.)

James Hay Young (Meredith), 12 June 1916, re sending specimens.

Note, n.d., James Hay Young died 10 February 1922.

Series DF 105. Acquisition, Loan and Exchange. Correspondence and Papers, 1839 - 1930

13 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2887.

Manuscript Catalogues of Geological Collections, Volume 1, 25 October 1858 - 8 March 1879 (File 105/1)

9 items

Filmed selectively.

New Zealand fossils offered by Upton Bower, n.d. (Item ff.78-79)
Dr Hector's collection of New Zealand fossils, n.d. (Item ff.80-81)
A. Hart Everett (Sarawak) to J. Evans, 8 March 1879 (Item ff.195-198)

Second quarterly report on the Bornean Cave exploration.

A. Hart Everett (Palru): list of remains etc found in Sarawak Cave, Borneo, 30 November 1878 (Item ff.199-207)
Schedule of fossils from New Zealand presented to Trustees of British Museum on behalf of the Colonial Government by Dr Hector, 5 April 1876 (Item ff.242-255)
[Dr Hector] fossil plants with drawings, n.d. (Item 256-285)
Fossils presented by R.L. Jack, Townsville, July 1879 (Item ff.286-287)
Newer tertiary fossils of New Zealand presented by Walter Mantell, n.d. (Item f.340)
Shells from Otago; New Zealand [presented by Walter Mantell], 25 October 1858 (Item 341r+v)

Manuscript Catalogues of Geological Collections, Volume 2, 1839 - 18 October 1891 (File 105/2)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Carboniferous and Devonian fossils from Port Stephens, n.d. (Item ff.99-101v)
Richard Owen to Woodward, 18 October 1891 (Item ff.158-160)

Re shells from Maryvale Creek, Queensland, presented by Richard Daintree.

Mollusca from Table Cape, Tasmania, n.d. (Item ff.183-184v)

Collected by R.M. Johnston of Launceston.

List of fossils from Australia and Van Diemen's Land collected by J.B. Jukes during voyage of Fly, [1842-1846] (Item ff.185-195)
List of fossils from Kerguelen's Land and Australia during voyage of Erebus and Terror by J.E. Davis, [1839-1843] (Item ff.196-198v)
Robert Jack (Townsville) to Etheridge, 27 May 1881 (Item ff.210-211)

Re fossil Crustacean found on beach.

Manuscript Catalogues of Geological Collections, Volume 3, January 1875 (File 105/3)

1 items

Filmed selectively.

Geological Survey and Colonial Museum, New Zealand, January 1875 (Item ff.87-97)

Packing list of Saurian remains etc taken to England by Dr Hector.

J. Rule, 26 February 1841 - 31 March 1841 (File 105/11)

1 item
J. Rule (Bristol) to Robert Bright, 26 February 1841; 27 March 1841; 31 March 1841 (Item)

Re purchase of fragment of Dinornis bone and spiders from Norfolk Island (11p. faint, damaged)

Percy Earl, 4 August 1845 (File 105/15)

1 items
Forshall (British Museum) to Konig, 4 August 1845 (Item)

Sending list of Dinornis bones purchased from Percy Earl (3p.)

Walter Mantell Correspondence and papers on Dinornis bones, 1848; 1856 (File 105/16)

Collected by Walter Mantell in New Zealand (23p.) Includes:Gideon Mantell (London) to Konig, 21 January 1848, offering Dinornis bones discovered by his son Walter in New Zealand.

List of specimens of fossil bones of birds, seals etc from New Zealand collected by Walter Mantell in 1847, March 1848.

Walter Mantell (n.p.) to Waterhouse, 1856, re his collection.

Lists and notes on fossils from Australia, 27 April 1858 - 17 June 1884 (File 105/18)

6 items


List of plaster casts received from Australian Museum. [27 April 1858]

Casts of fossils from Darling Downs. [29 August 1866]

Fossil wombats in the British Museum. [July 1871]

Donations collected and transmitted by George Bennett. [28 February 1872]

Plaster casts from Australian Museum. [17 June 1884]

Two photographs of jaw of Thylacoleo carnifex. [n.d.]

Notes on donations and purchases of Dinornis and other New Zealand fossils. (6p.), 1856 - 1883 (File 105/20)

C.A. Ewen, 3 March 1896 - 26 October 1896 (File 105/29)

1 items
Correspondence with Charles Ewen (New Plymouth) and Miss R. Sutton (London), 3 March 1896 - 26 October 1896 (Item)

Re purchase of Ewen's Dinornis bones. (18p.) Also includes:F.W. Hutton (Christchurch) to Woodward, 21 April 1896, re the skeleton of Dinornis Maximus found by Ewen at Invercargill.

Report by Henry Woodward to the Trustees on the skeleton, n.d.

Donations and exchanges of duplicates with institutions in Australia and New Zealand, 1870 - 1902 (File 105/42)

Correspondence and lists, (92p.)

Correspondents include: James Hector (Wellington); Bernard Woodward (Perth); E.C. Stirling (Adelaide); Melbourne Museum; Charles De Vis (Brisbane).

Purchase of Labyrinthodont skeleton, 2 June 1927 - 28 June 1927 (File 105/43)

Correspondence between Bather (British Museum (Natural History)) and Professor D.M.S. Watson (University College): re Dunstan's Labyrinthodont skeleton. (10p.)

List of desiderata, n.d. (File 105/44)

1 item
List of fossil desiderata, including Australian specimens (3p.), n.d. (Item)

E.A. Wilson, December 1930 (File 105/49)

2 items
List of extinct birds of Chatham Island by E.A. Wilson, n.d. (Item)
Note re list, December 1930 (Item)

Series DF 122. Fossil Mollusca Section: Newton Correspondence, 1893 - 1925

6 items

Richard Bullen Newton (1850-1925) joined the Museum staff in 1880. He was responsible for fossil Mollusca and plants.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2887.

Correspondence, 23 February 1893 - 29 April 1893 (File 122/1)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

A. Everett (Labuan): sending fossiliferous limestone, 23 February 1893 (Item)
Bullen Newton acknowledgment, 29 April 1893 (Item)

Correspondence, 17 February 1913 - 25 February 1915 (File 122/2)

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Bureau of Statistics, NSW (Sydney): re Handbook of New South Wales, 25 February 1915 (Item)
Frederick Chapman (Melbourne), 17 February 1913 (Item)

Re his work and publications, agrees with McCoy on ages of beds.

Correspondence, 26 November 1914 - 12 October 1915 (File 122/3)

8 items

Filmed selectively.

H. Bolton (Bristol), 26 November 1914 (Item)

Re collecting 'pollywogs' on North Queensland coast.

F. Chapman (Melbourne): re his work on Mallee bores, 7 July 1915 (Item)
T.W. Edgeworth David (Sydney): re Newton's visit to Australia in 1914, 10 August 1915 (Item)
Charles Fenner (Ballarat), 27 July 1915 (Item)

Re Newton's paper on opalised molluscan remains from NSW.

Charles Fenner (Ballarat): re Newton's visit, 20 August 1915 (Item)
J. Wilfrid Jackson (, 1 May 1915 (Item)

Re specimens of Conularia tasmanica brought back from Hobart by Dr Tattersall.

Henry Suter (Christchurch): re his work on fossils, 12 October 1915 (Item)
C.T. Trenchmann (Castle Eden): re New Zealand Triassic fossils, 20 July 1915 (Item)

Correspondence, 30 June 1916 - 13 February 1917 (File 122/4)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

F. Chapman (Melbourne), 13 February 1917 (Item)

Re his work on Mollusca from Papua in connection with Dr Wade's oilfield work.

Walter Howchin (Adelaide), 2 December 1916 (Item)

Re effect of military service on undergraduate intake.

A.B. Rendle (British Museum (Natural History)): re shell from Murray River, 23 August 1916 (Item)
Qualifications of Professor Ernest Willington Skeats, Melbourne University, n.d. (Item)
H. Yabe (Sendai, Japan), 30 June 1916 (Item)

Re his collection of formaminiferal limestone from Fiji and Caroline Islands.

Correspondence, 8 January 1920 - 10 November 1921 (File 122/6)

6 items

Filmed selectively.

L. Glauert (Perth), 10 May 1920 (Item)

Re specimens from Nullarbor Plains; rise in cost of living due to war.

L. Glauert (Perth), 16 July 1920 (Item)

He is in charge of the whole Natural History collection; his work on a catalogue of Australian marsupials.

Charles Hedley (Sydney), 7 February 1920 (Item)

Re death of Etheridge, his hopes for the appointment.

R. Logan Jack (Sydney): re death of Etheridge [newspaper cutting wanting], 8 January 1920 (Item)
P. Marshall (Wanganui): re Aturia aturi from Western Australia, 17 September 1921 (Item)
Bullen Newton: acknowledgment, 10 November 1921 (Item)

Correspondence, 23 August 1922 - 7 July 1925 (File 122/7)

5 items

Filmed selectively.

W. Benson (Dunedin): requesting papers, 7 July 1924 (Item)
F. Chapman (Melbourne): re his work on oilfield fossils, 23 August 1922; 1 February 1922; 25 June 1923; 16 November 1923 (Item)

Changes in nomenclature; work on fish.

P.G. Morgan (Wellington): re fossils from Wangaloa, 8 March 1923; 12 March 1923 (Item)
Chief Clerk (New Zealand Government Offices): re receipt of fossils, 14 November 1922; 9 November 1922 (Item)
F.A. Singleton (Melbourne): re literature on Australian Tertiary geology, 7 January 1924 (Item)

Series DF 123. Fossil Echinodermata Section, 1898 - 1929

4 items

Correspondence and papers of Francis Arthur Bather (1863-1934), who joined the museum in 1887.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2887.

Crinoids from Australia, 1898 - 1929 (File 123/40)

Correspondence, photographs, notes, lists, drawings re crinoids from Australia (200p., some faint carbons, pencil, some letters incomplete).

Correspondents include: George Sweet (Brunswick), W. Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne); G.B. Pritchard (Moonee Ponds); T.W. Edgeworth David (London, Sydney).

Includes papers on:

Isocrinus from Muloowurtina, 1928.

Fossil stalked echinoderms of Australia. 1929.

Crinoids from Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1900 - 1908 (File 123/41)

Correspondence with Expedition Antarctique Belge and Academie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux Arts re new crinoid. (4p.)

Fiji Geology and echinoids: Correspondence and Notes, 1903 - 1927 (File 123/61)

(33p.) Includes: Bather to J. Stanley Gardiner, 16 February 1904, re his work on coral reef of Rotuma and Fiji.

E.C. Andrews (Sydney), 3 February 1904, re supposed turtle remains in 'soapstone' of Fiji.

Bather to Dr Skeats, 7 December 1903, re his work on Fiji.

Some Australian Miocene Spatangoids, n.d. (File 123/67)

Notes for article? (15p.)

Series DF 124. Fossil Brachiopoda Section, 1948 - 1955

1 items

Correspondence and papers of Helen Marguerite Muir-Wood. (1895-1968).

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M2887.

Subseries 124/1. Correspondence, 24 November 1948 - 5 January 1955

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence from W.N. Benson (Dunedin, England), 24 November 1948 - 5 January 1955 (File 124/2)

Subjects include: exchange of publications; Dorothy Hill; field work among mountains of South Island; Wood's collection of Permian fossils at Waipalu to be sent to Australian Museum for examination; palaeontological maps of Australia and New Zealand. (10p)