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Created: 2019

Online Items

Series. D.D. Baldwin, Sandwich Islands, to E.A. Smith sending local shells with a list of those sent, 17 July 1888 - 29 October 1888

Series. BANZAR Expedition, 1938 - 1951

Correspondence, 1938-1939, 1951 (File a))

31 letters concerning the British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition. Correspondents include Prof. T. Harvey Johnston, Adelaide University, A.W.B. Powell, Auckland Institute and Museum.

Station lists for gastropods, lamellibranchs, cephaeopods (c. 81p.) (File b))

The Mollusca of Macquarie Island by J.R. Le B. Tomlis (21p.), 1948 (File c))

Rough notes (8p, file 7) (File d))

Series. R.M. Dixon, 1977

A provisional catalogue of worldwide recent species of the family Naticidae (Mollusca Gastropoda) (32p.), 1977 (File)

Xerox of author's own typescript. Includes species from Australia and New Zealand and gives genus name, date first noted, habitat and the person who noted them...

Series. Ernest Carrick Freeman

Manuscript catalogue of a collection of British and foreign shells, marine, freshwater and land 1869-1929 (2 vols. 300p. & 212p.) (File)

Includes shells from the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

Series. Mrs J. Longstaff. Field note books, 1909 - 1910

Filmed selectively.

Notebook for collecting trip in Australia and New Zealand (20p.), December 1909 - 14 April 1910 (File)

Gives species name, date, locality and general remarks. Mrs Longstaff visited Mt. Wellington, Napier, Gisborne, Wanganini, Hobart and Adelaide.

Series. Alfred J. Peile, 1921 - 1929

Letters from Hugh B. Preston (Florence) to Peile, 19 November 1921 - 9 February 1924 (File a))

Concerning Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island Mollusca. Includes list of Norfolk Island shells sent to Preston. Six letters.

Letters from Bryant Walker to Peile, 2 January 1922 - 7 April 1929 (File b))

From Detroit concerning shells from Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. Ten letters.

Series. A. Powell. Discovery material (c. 16p.), 1937

Comprises list of Mollusca for stations 929-934. 5p; correspondence with A. Powell, Auckland Institute and Museum, 10 May 1937; and manuscript notes...

Series. William James Rees. Drafts of papers and notes, 1949

Achatina (c. 165p.), 1949 (File)


Series. Terra Nova file (c. 100p.), 1914 - 1929

Comprises rough notes, memoranda, correspondence from Museum staff on the Mollusca specimens from the Terra Nova expedition. Includes lists of Mollusca sent to New Zealand for examination.