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Fonds. Edward Arber, 1913 - 1914

Proof of text and illustrations of E.A.N. Arber's 'Fossil Plants' intended for the report of the National Antarctic Expedition, but not published. (85p.)

The set of proofs which has some ms. alterations, illustrations and 2 maps. (File)

Letters and invoices concerning preparations for publication, 1913 - 1914 (File)

Correspondents include: A.C. Seward (Cambridge), Frank Debenham (Cambridge), C.E. Fagan (British Museum (Natural History). (41p.)

Fonds. F.A. Bather, n.d.

Chelonechinus suvae from soap stone of Viti Levu, Fiji, n.d. (File)

140p. and 4p. misc. notes...

Fonds. Henry Bowman Brady, 22 January 1887

Brady (Brighton) to Etheridge (British Museum (Natural History), 22 January 1887 (File)

Re work on minute shells from Solomon Islands. (3p.)

Fonds. British Museum (Natural History). Department of Geology, 23 February 1883

A. Gunther (British Museum (Natural History) to H. Woodward (British Museum (Natural History), 23 February 1883 (File)

Transferring fossil specimens Rhabelophyllia from NW Australia to Geology Dept. (1p.)

Fonds. Canterbury, New Zealand Museum, 1872-12-23; 1873-01-10

Correspondence, 1872-12-23; 1873-01-10 (File)

Includes:23 December 1872, Julius Haast (Christchurch) to R. Owen...

Fonds. Robert F. Damon, April 1890 - 24 April 1896

Series A. Lists of specimens purchased, April 1890

Filmed selectively.

Muddy Creek Mollusca Victoria (4p.), April 1890 (File)

Series B. Lists of specimens purchased, 24 April 1896

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Australian Tertiary Mollusca from Muddy Creek, Victoria, Tasmania, Adelaide (9p.), 24 April 1896 (File)

Fonds. John Darlington, 17 September 1868

An account of fossils from Australia presented to Museum of Practical Geology by Henry Challoner of Burra Burra mines (1p.), 17 September 1868 (File)

Fonds. John Dennant, 20 March 1886 - 19 February 1889

A series of Tertiary shells from Muddy Creek, Victoria presented by Government Inspector of Schools, Hamilton (9p.), 20 March 1886 (File A)

J.Dennant (Castlemaine) to Woodward, 19 February 1889 (File B)

Forwarding list of corrected names to fossils sent to British Museum (Natural History) in 1885. (5p.)

Fonds. Egypt Survey Department, 1900

List of the Egyptian Survey Collection of fossil corals and achinoids taken by Professor J.W. Gregory from the Natural History Museum, London, to the University of Melbourne (8p.), 1900 (File)

Fonds. W.V. Fitzgerald, 1926

The geology of a portion of West Kimberley, North West Australia, 1926 (File)

(15p. (ms.) 2 notes re provinence.

Fonds. E.J. Garwood, 1930-10-08; 1930-01-06 [ie. 1931]

Letters, 1930-10-08; 1930-01-06 (ie. 1931) (File)

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J.W. Edgeworth David (Sydney University) to E.J. Garwood, 1930-10-08; 1930-01-06 [i.e. 1931] (Item)

Enlisting his support for J.W. Edgeworth David and R.J. Tillyard to publish on pre-Cambrian fossils, news of Sir Douglas Mawson and other scientists.

Fonds. Geological Society of London, [1846]

Foreign collections: North and South America, West Indies, Australasia, Islands of the Pacific...

Index to Collection from Australia, New Zealand, Pacific. (File ff. 77-100)

(Specimens donated by Sir Thomas Mitchell, Australian Agricultural Society, J.B. Jukes, Professor Huxley).

Museum catalogues: miscellaneous, [1846] (File)

[Jukes collection from Australia], [1846] (Item 12-18v)

Fonds. Julius Haast, 1867 - 1869

Correspondence, 5 April 1868 - 1869 (File A)

Haast (Christchurch) to R. Owen re purchase of his collection of fossils, 5 April 1868 (Item)
W. Flower (British Museum (Natural History)) to Owen, 6 June 1868 (Item)

Re arrival of Dinornis bones from Haast.

Specimens selected for British Museum, 1869 (Item)

3 lists of Dinornis bones (8p.), 1867 (File B)

Measurements of Dinornis bones obtained from a swamp at Glenmark by Haast. (14p.), [n.d.] (File C)

6 photographs of Dinornis skull and notes by Haast (2p.), 6 December 1869 (File D)

Fonds. E.T. Hardman, 13 February 1886 - 2 December 1886

C.J. Nicoloy (Freemantle) to R. Scott, 13 February 1886 (File A)

Re Hardman collection sent to London for London, Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886, and sending a fossil crayfish. (2p.)

List of fossils from Western Australia. (1p.), 2 December 1886 (File B)

Fonds. Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, 24 December 1868 - 16 May 1964

Moa and Dodo presentation manuscripts. Filmed selectively.

Descriptive list of collection by A.P. Harvey (British Museum (Natural History)), 16 May 1964 (File f.1)

John L. Worthington (Queenstown, New Zealand) to father, 24 December 1868 (File ff.9-14)

Re Moa bones - problems of sending via agents in Dunedin; Maori traditions re Moa; finding the bones.

J.L. Worthington (Lowestoft) to Richards: re Moa bones., 30 September (n.y.) (File ff.21)

Correspondence between J. Manwaring August 1963 Baines (Hastings) and E.I. White (British Museum (Natural History)), December 1962-29 (File ff.22-267)

Re presenting Moa and Dodo bones.

List of Moa bones presented to British Museum (Natural History), 14 December 1962 (File f.28)

Correspondence between Baines and White re presenting Moa and Dodo bones, 27 March 1962 - 29 March 1962 (File ff.29-30)

British Museum (Natural History) notice: re Moa bones (File f.31)

Fonds. William D. Lang, 19 July 1938 - 23 March 1965

William D. Lang (1878-1966). Correspondence.

Series Box H-I. Correspondence, 19 July 1938 - 23 March 1965

Filmed selectively.

Fred J. Harris (Brisbane): re lack of fossils in Australia, 26 November 1959 (File)
Letters (File)

19 July 1938;10 April 1939;6 Sept. 1941; 25 Nov. 1948;14 July 1955; Dec 1960; 1 May 1964; 23 March 1965.

Election form for Royal Society, with D. Hill listed as selected candidate (File)

Series Box U-Z. Correspondence, 21 April 1951 - 27 March 1954

Filmed selectively.

A.W. Whitelaw (Auckland): seeking news of Hebe, family news, 27 March 1954 (File)
Mrs. J. Wyatt (Auckland): re exchange of shells, 21 April 1951 (File)

Fonds. E.L. Layard, 1886

Note and label: re fossil ammonite from New Caledonia, (1p.), 1886 (File)

Fonds. Sir J.H. Lefroy, 1885

Note and label, 1885 (File)

Re bivalves from permo-carboniferons obtained when excavating for new fort, opposite Hobart Tasmania. (1p.)

Fonds. J. Lhotzky, [1837]

Catalogue of geological specimens [from Tasmania] for inspection of Koenig Esq., British Museum (2p.), [1837] (File)

Fonds. A. Lumsden, [1880?]

Notes on Lumsden collection of Tertiary fossils from Labuan, Borneo and notes on the geology of Labuan by R. Etheridge Jnr. (8p.), [1880?] (File)

Fonds. Gideon A. Mantell, 5 September 1849

Mantell (London) to [unknown], 5 September 1849 (File)

Re fossil bird; news of Walter in New Zealand and his discoveries. (2p.)

Fonds. Melbourne - National Museum, 22 October 1908

List of silurian fossils from Victoria sent by the National Museum in exchange to British Museum (Natural History) (2p.), 22 October 1908 (File)

Fonds. Sir Thomas Mitchell, 14 October 1830 - 29 July 1831


Mitchell (Sydney) to Dr. Fitton, 14 October 1830 (File)

Sending fossil bones from limestone cave; geology of New South Wales. (8p.)

Colonel H. Dumooresq (New South Wales) to Dr. Fitton, 22 February 1831 (File)

Re fossils found in caves near Wellington Valley by Dr. Henderson; news of Sturt's expedition. (8p.)

Thomas Stapleton (London) to Dr. Fitton: re arrival of cases from Sydney (1p.), 31 March 1831 (File)

William Clift (London) to W. Lonsdale: re Mitchell's specimens (1p.), 29 July 1831 (File)

Fonds. T.P. Moody, 2 December 1886 - 4 December 1886

Correspondence re fossils from Russell, NZ. (5p.), 2 December 1886 - 4 December 1886 (File)


Fonds. New Zealand Geological Survey, 4 October 1912

List of Tertiary Mollusca from New Zealand presented by J. Allan Thomson (1p.), 4 October 1912 (File)

Fonds. Richard Bullen Newton, 1897 - 1901

Notes on boulders collected in West Central Borneo by GAF Molengraaf, (6p.), 1897 - 1901 (File)

Fonds. H. Alleyne Nicholson, 27 October 1889 - 16 November 1889

Nicholson (Aberdeen) to Woodward: re stromatoporoids from Western Australia (4p.), 1889-10-27; 1889-11-16 (File)

Fonds. David J. Scourfield, 1920 - 24 August 1935

Papers re work on Rhynie Chert Fossils.

Series A. Red Box, 24 August 1935

Filmed selectively.

R.J. Tillyard (Canberra) to Scourfield, 24 August 1935 (File)

Re his ill health; restarting work on fossil insects. (1p.)...

Series B. Correspondence envelope, 1920 - 1932

Subseries. Scourfield-Womersley correspondence, 1929 - 1932

Filmed selectively.

Letters from H. [unknown] Womersley (Perth, Adelaide, West Town, Cape Town) to Scourfield, and copies of Scourfield to Womersley, 1929 - 1941 (File)

Subjects include:...

Subseries. Scourfield-Tillyard correspondence, 1920 - 1932
Letters from R.J. Tillyard (Canberra) to Scourfield and copies of Scourfield to Tillyard (14p.), 1920 - 1932 (File)
Calman (British Museum-(Natural History) to Scourfield, 20 September 1929 (File)

Re Tillyard; Rhynie Chert fossils; Tillyard's reprints and work on insects.

Fonds. Albert Charles Seward, 1914

Report on fossil plants collected by members of Captain Scott's second Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913), 1914 (File A)

(Pagination erratic, 96p.) Typescript with ms. alterations.

Photographs and drawings of Antarctic fossil plants. 12 items, 1914 (File B)

Fonds. C. Davies Sherborn, 22 May 1894 - 10 November 1934

Series A. Index Nominum Animalium. Correspondence, August 1926 - 10 November 1934

1920-30 envelope, August 1926 - 10 August 1927 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Gilbert P. Whitley (Australian Museum) with omissions, 1926-08-63; 1926-10-18; 1926-12-10 (Item)
Gilbert P. Whitley (Australian Museum) with omitted fish names, 10 August 1927 (Item)
1930-39 envelope., 6 January 1931 - 10 November 1934 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Gilbert P. Whitley (Australian Museum) sending list of fish names omitted (2p.), 6 January 1931 (Item)
Anthony Musgraves (Australian Museum), 16 January 1931 (Item)

Re dates of publication, his work on Bibliography of Australian Entomological Literature, 1775-1929

T.L. Buick (Wellington), 26 May 1932 (Item)

Re correspondence between Owen, Harris and Rule on Moa bones.

Buick (Wellington): re photographs of Moa bones sent by Sherborn, 14 September 1932 (Item)
Buick (Wellington): re work on Moa, 10 November 1934 (Item)

Series B. Index to Foram: Letters of appreciation, 22 May 1894

Filmed selectively.

N. Howchin (Goodwood East), 22 May 1894 (File 22)

Fonds. William Herbert Squires, 20 September 1881 - 19 July 1882

Correspondence concerning the remains of moa found at Queenstown and purchased by H.L. Squires, 20 September 1881 - 19 July 1882 (File)

Correspondents include A. Gunther (British Museum), W.H. Squires (Clevedon); John Sanderson and Co.(Melbourne); Henry Woodward (British Museum (Natural History)); Mary Squires (Hereford). 27p...

Fonds. I.A. Stigand, 10 March 1906

I.A. Stigand (Solo, Java): re fossils collected in East Borneo, 10 March 1906 (File)

British Museum (Natural History), note re fossils (3p.) (File)

Fonds. E.C. Stirling, 4 March 1893 - 22 November 1906

Notes, correspondence, photographs and press cuttings: re bones of Diprotodon australis sent to the British Museum (Natural History) by the Public Library Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia., 4 March 1893 - 22 November 1906 (File)

Correspondents include: Henry Hurst (Callabonna sheep station); John Kinmont (Edinburgh); E.C. Stirling (Adelaide); A Zietz (Adelaide). (c. 40p.)

13 photographs of assembled limbs and excavations of the bones at Lake Mulligan (File)

Fonds. Tasmania, c.1850

List of Paleozoic and Tertiary Mollusca from Tasmania (2p.), c.1850 (File)

Fonds. Sir Edmund O. Teale, 20 November 1925 - 11 December 1925

Teale (Purley) to Dr. Lang (British Museum (Natural History), 11 December 1925 (File)

With list of his collection of Australian fossils (with locations) that he wishes to present to the museum. (3p.)

Lang (British Museum (Natural History) to Bather (British Museum (Natural History), 20 November 1925 (File)

Re accepting the collection. (2p.)

Fonds. R.D.M. Verbeek, 1874 - 1881

On the geology of Central Sumatra, 10 March 1875 (File A)

Ms. draft with ms. Alterations. (11p.)

Letters to Professor T. Rupert Jones concerning the paper, 1874 - 1881 (File B)


Fonds. Sir George H. Wilkins, 1923 - 10 September 1925

Papers relating to expedition to Australia to collect specimens for British Museum

Wilkins (London) to Dr. Bather (British Museum (Natural History): sending map and off print, 10 September 1925 (File 1))

Queensland Four mile maps sheet 15A (File 2))

Annotated by Wilkins to show where fossils were collected.

H.C. Richards and C. Hedley. A geological reconnaisance in North Queensland (File 3))

Photographs of caves near Flinders River where fossils were found (File 4-9))

Annotated on back by Wilkins

Fonds. Arthur Smith Woodward, 18 May 1914 - 16 July 1920

Ms. of Monographs, n.d. (File)

Filmed selectively.

The extinct animals of Australia (12p.), n.d. (Item A. IV)
Difficult (20p.), n.d. (Item B. VI)

(Refs. to Owen's creation of 'Great Horned Lizard of Australia', etc.)

Marsupials (2p.), n.d. (Item C)

Congratulations on Knighthood' envelope, 16 July 1920 (File)

Filmed selectively.

Georgina King (Sydney): re her work and publications, 16 July 1920 (Item)

'Diploma etc' envelope, 18 May 1914 (File)

R.H. Cambage (Sydney), 18 May 1914 (Item)

Re award of Clarke Memorial medal to Arthur Smith Woodward by Royal Society of NSW.

Fonds. James Hay Young, 20 January 1916

Young (Meredith) to R. Buller Newton with list of fossils he is sending to the Museum (3p.), 20 January 1916 (File)