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Series B&B 1. Bundle of draft deeds, 10 January 1867 - 25 September 1877

Filmed selectively.

Agreement with Henry Rogers & Sons & Co to introduce shears into foreign markets (3p), 10 January 1867 (File 22)

Agreement with Messrs Alexander Bros of Sydney appointing them as agents in NSW and Queensland (4p), 25 September 1877 (File 24)

Series B&B 4. Papers relating to application by Burgon & Ball to extend patent, 1870 - 1878

Bundle of correspondence and invoices from Henry Rogers Sons & Co of Wolverhampton, 1870 - 1872 (File a)

Re shears returned from New Zealand and Australia as unsaleable (8p).

Bundle of correspondence and invoices from James McEwan & Co of London, 1871 - 1878 (File b)

Re return of shears from Melbourne (6p).

Series B&B 5. Papers relating to prolongation of patent, 1869 - 1879

Brief for Counsel, 1879 (File a.1)

Includes: Evidence of Charles Ibbotson of Dalgetty De Cruz & Co on sale of shears in Australia. (p.35)

Further observations, 1869 - 1876 (File a.4)

Includes: Copies of correspondence with McErwin & Co Ltd, Swire & Sons, Sharpe Terry & Co and other Australian firms re sale of shears in Australia. (ff.27-36)

Account of Consignment (2p.), 1870 - 1878 (File a.5)

Details of orders sent including Australia and New Zealand.

Bona fide orders from principal customers South America, North America, Australia (1p), 1870 - 1878 (File d.3)

Series B&B 7. Notes, drafts re prolongation of patent, 2 March 1869 - 1879

Filmed selectively.

Notes by J. Rigg on selling shears in Australia. (3p. pencil), 2 March 1869 - 1 February 1876 (File 5)

Declaration by Charles Ibbotson of Dalgetty De Cruz & Co, 1879 (File 17)

Re method of selling shears in Australia (2p).

Series B&B 8. Papers of Charles Burgon, 20 January 1881

Filmed selectively.

McLean Bros & Rigg (London) to Burgon & Ball, 20 January 1881 (File 4 & 5)

Re sale of shears by company in Melbourne. (2 letters)

Series B&B 14. Papers of Frederic Burgon, 28 June 1893 - 26 September 1899

Filmed selectively.

Charles Burgon to Harry Burgon (son) in Australia, 28 June 1893 (File d.1)

Defending Hind and with references to Eyres. (4p)

Dalgetty & Co (Sydney), 17 September 1897 (File g.1)

Terminating their Australasian agency; inferiority of Burgon's sheep shearing machine. (part of letter). Also includes: envelope showing Burgon sheep shearing machine.

Receipt from Dr to P Lawrence (Sydney): for 3 pair emu eggs, 26 September 1899 (File j.1)

Series B&B 16. Minute book of Directors meetings and Shareholders Annual Meeting, 1898 - 1915

Includes: references to Australian trade, Australian quarterly returns, appointment of agencies, trips by directors...

Series B&B 19. Letter book of J.H. Baines, Company Secretary, 1899 - 1906

Filmed selectively...

Series B&B 41. Miscellaneous re insurance of goods shipped overseas, 22 September 1888 - 31 December 1909

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Redfern Alexander & Co (London) to Burgon & Ball, 1888-09-22; 1888-09-29 (File a)

Re sheep shears sent to Australia which arrived saturated by seawater (3p).

Correspondence with Tozer Kemsley & Fisher Ltd. (London), December 1903 - January 1904 (File c)

Re insurance for goods sent from Sheffield to Sydney (12p).

Insurance policy for sheep shearing machinery sent to Australia (2p), 31 December 1909 (File)

Series B&B 56. Miscellaneous papers re patents, 1887 - 1898

Filmed selectively.

Draft agreement between Mott G. Gillette of New York and Messrs McLean Bros & Rigg, 1887 (File c)

To test and market in Australia sheep shearing machine invented by Gillette (6p).

Lists of patents assigned to Frederic Burgon in Britain, USA, Argentina, New Zealand, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, N.S.W., South Australia (14p), 1898 (File j)

List of patents of C. & H. Burgon in Britain, USA, Argentina, New Zealand, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, N.S.W., South Australia (7p), 1895 (File k)

Series B&B 59. Papers relating to patents, 1891 - 1898

Filmed selectively.

Patents in New South Wales, 1891 - 1898 (File b)

Includes: Assignment of interest in certain patents by Frederic Burgon to Burgon and Ball Ltd., Will of Charles Burgon 1894 and patents 2979 (1891); 3650 (1892); 3649 (1892); 3775 (1892); 4973 (1894) for sheep shears. (includes diagrams).

Patents in South Australia, 1891 - 1898 (File c)

Includes: Assignment of interest in certain patents by Frederic Burgon to Burgon and Ball Ltd., Will of Charles Burgon 1894 and patents 2661 (1894); 2182 (1892); 2228 (1892); 2183 (1892); 1914 (1891): for sheep shears. (19p)

Patents in Victoria, 1891 - 1898 (File d)

Includes: Assignment of interest in certain patents by Frederic Burgon to Burgon and Ball Ltd., Will of Charles Burgon 1894 and patents 8720 (1891); 9511 (1892); 9512 (1892) 9669 (1892); 11281 (1894): for sheep shears. (28p)

Patents in Queensland, 1897 - 1898 (File e)

Includes: Declaration by F. Burgon re patent specification improvements in machines for shearing and assignment of interest in certain patents by F. Burgon to Burgon and Ball. (9p).

Patents in New Zealand, 1891 - 1898 (File f)

Includes: Assignment of interest in certain patents by Frederic Burgon to Burgon and Ball Ltd., Will of Charles Burgon 1894 and patents 5491 (1892); 5010 (1891); 5957 (1892) 6777 (1894); 5490 (1892): for sheep shears. (24p).

Series B &B 60. Papers re agreement with Alfred Melchior of Sydney (36p.), 1897 - 1899

Includes: F. Burgon (Sydney) to Melchior, 2 August 1899, re terms under which he offers Burgon & Ball his shearing machine.Agreement between Frederic Burgon, Burgon & Ball and Alfred Melchior, 26 August 1899, as to sheep shearing and grinding patents.License and agreement between A Melchior, William Charles Hill and Frederic Burgon, 26 August 1899.Alfred De Lissa (Sydney) to Burgon & Ball, 29 August and 27 September 1899, re agreement with Melchior.Norton & Smith (Sydney) to De Lissa, 26 August 1899, re agreement.Declaration by F. Burgon, 21 December 1897, re Queensland patents.

Series B&B 61. Papers re agreement with J.H. Young & Co of Sydney (32p.), 1898 - 1899

Includes: Draft request and declaration patents register entry...

Series B&B 62. Certificates of registration of trade mark of Burgon & Wilkinson, 1896 - 1901

Certificates for South Australia (1901); Queensland (1901), Western Australia (1896); NSW (1901). (5p)

Series B&B 63. Cuttings re Burgon & Ball trade marks in Australia, 1903

Cuttings from Australian Ironmonger; Queensland Government Gazette (4p)

Series B&B 65. Letters re trade marks, 25 March 1908

Filmed selectively.

Reginald Barker (London) to Burgon & Ball, 25 March 1908 (File 3)

Re case in Australia of registration of mark of a London firm by an Australian. (2p.)

Series B&B 66. Papers re Australian patents granted to James Hind (24p.), 1910 - 1911

Includes: W.J. Spruson (Sydney) to Burgon Sheep Shearing Co. (Sydney), 18 May 1911, Hind's Commonwealth (No.19181) and New Zealand patents (No. 28502)...

Series B&B 67. Papers re Benjamin Hind's patent for improvements in shears etc., 6 March 1934

Filmed selectively.

Letters patent Australia No. 16656, 6 March 1934 (File 3)

Improvements in garden shears, sheep shears, scissor, 1934-1937. (8p.)

Series B&B 68. Letters from Shipping Agents, 1868 - 1878

Filmed selectively.

Letters and invoices from Messrs Dalgetty De Cruz & Co (London and Melbourne), 1872 - 1877 (File a (Bundle 1))

Re shipping of shears to Melbourne and Dunedin. (14p.)

Letters and invoices from Levy Bros (London and Melbourne), 1871 (File b (Bundle 2))

Re shipping shears to Melbourne. (9p.)

Letters and invoices from Gibbs Bright & Co (Brisbane and Dunedin), 1871 - 1872 (File c (Bundle 3))

Re shipping and selling shears. (4p.)

Letters from New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co Ltd (London), 1877 - 1878 (File d (Bundle 4))

Re shipping shears to New Zealand; comments by New Zealand agents on selling the shears. (7p.)

Letters and invoices from William Rigg (Melbourne and London), 1868 - 1876 (File e (Bundle 7))

Re shipping shears to Melbourne; comments on quality...

Letters and invoices from John Swire & Sons (Liverpool), 1871 - 1875 (File f (Bundle 8))

Re shipping shears to Sydney; problems selling them in Sydney...

Letters and invoices from G.F. Dickinson (London), 1872 - 1873 (File g (Bundle 11))

Re shipping and selling shears in New Zealand and Sydney. (14p.)

Letters and invoices from James McEwan & Co (London), 1869 - 1878 (File h (Bundle 12))

Re shipping and selling shears in Victoria, financial arrangements. (16p.)

Series B&B 69. Miscellaneous Letters, 1868 - 1901

Correspondents include: Sharpe & Terry (London); Cassilis (NSW); N.F. Roberts (Auckland); W.A. Donald (Croydon, NZ); F. Lassetter & Co. (Sydney)...

Series B&B 70. Frederic Burgon Letterbooks, 30 March 1887 - 21 December 1888

Copy of letterbook kept during Australian tour, 30 March 1887 - 6 October 1888 (File A)


Copy letterbook contains letters to his father from Melbourne, 30 November 1888 - 21 December 1888 (File B)

Re business contacts, awards at exhibition. (5p.)

Series B&B 71. Lease of office premises on Hamilton Street, Sydney (3p.), 24 December 1897

Series B&B 72. Papers re Fred Burgon, 1899 - 1900

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence re financial aspects of F. Burgon's trip to Australia (8p.), June 1899 - September 1899 (File a.1)

Correspondence with Alfred De Lissa (Sydney), 1899 - 1900 (File b)

Re death of F. Burgon and settlement of his affairs in Australia. (21p.)

Series B&B 73. Agreements and Correspondence with Australian agents and papers re Australian patents (136p.), 1877 - 1929

Includes agreements with: George Munro Ltd of Ballarat (1929), Barrow & Co Ltd of Banbury (1911), A.S. Long and S.J. Hill of Sydney (1913), Andersons Ltd of Christchurch (1912), Percy Guthridge (1912), John Tucker (Broken Hill) (1901), Wortley Cane & Co (1896), W.H. Eyres (1890), Alexander Bros (1877)...

Series B&B 76. Copy of Letterbook of Benjamin Hind, 30 August 1898 - 28 November 1902

Filmed selectively...

Series B&B 77. James Hind Letter File, 6 March 1906 - 21 October 1906

James Hind (Sydney) to Ben Hind, 6 March 1906 - 21 October 1906 (File)

(117p. Copies and originals, pagination erratic)...

Series B&B 78. Correspondence of Alfred de Lissa (111p.), 1903 - 1907

Letters from Alfred de Lissa (Solicitor, Sydney) to Burgon and Ball (B&B); copies of letters from de Lissa to J.H. Young & Co; copies of letters from J.H. Young & Co to de Lissa...

Series B&B 79. Correspondence with Australia, 1908 - 1916

File of Correspondence, invoices, press cuttings, cables, 1908 (File a)

Correspondents include: James Hind (Sydney); Benjamin Hind (Sheffield); McArthur Engineering Co Ltd (Sydney); W. Trench C. Kelly (Melbourne)...

File of invoices from Sydney office for sheep shears (66p.), 1910 - 1916 (File b)

Series B&B 81. Correspondence with Australia (453p.), 1921-1927; 1933

Correspondents include: A. Hind (Sydney); Dalgetty & Co Ltd; James A. Hind (North Sydney and Wellington); A.B. Clark (Burgon & Ball, Sydney); Ben Hind (Sheffield); John Hind (Sydney, Wellington, Auckland)...

Series B&B 82. Letters re property in Sydney, 1929 - 1936

Correspondents include: National Provincial Bank (Sheffield); A.C. Benson (Sydney); A.B. Clark (Burgon and Ball, Sydney); Ben Hind (Sheffield); Ronaldson Bros & Tippett Pty. Ltd. (Ballarat)...

Series B&B 84. Power of Attorney, 1925 - 1941

Copies of Power of Attorney granted to A.B. Clark 1925, 1930, 1939 and related correspondence, 1925 - 1941. (14p.)

Series B&B 85. Correspondence with Australia, 1929 - 1942

Correspondents include: A.B. Clark (Burgon and Ball (B&B), Sydney); A.H. McDonald (Richmond); S. Glen-Munn (B&B agent, Armidale); B. Hind (Sheffield); F.W.G. Bristow (Sydney); G. Morrison (Winton, QLD); G. Munro Pty. Ltd. (Ballarat); Spruson & Ferguson (Sydney)...

Series B&B 86. Correspondence with Australia, 1938 - 1944

Copies from letters from Burgon and Ball (B&B) (Sheffield) to B&B (Sydney); some letters from W.R. Keywood (Manager, B & B Sydney) and A.B. Clark (Sydney)...

Series B&B 87. Papers re Wolseley sheep shearing machine, Australian patents, agents, miscellaneous papers, 1887 - 2 December 1931

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Wolseley Co, 1887 - 1892 (File a)

Re agreement with Burgon & Ball to make their machine. (62p.)...

Draft agreement appointing Dalgetty & Co sole agents for Burgon and Ball in Australasian colonies, 1890 (File b)

With covering letters from Dalgetty & Co. (London) (4p.).

Miscellaneous Papers, 1891 - 1892 (File d)

Queensland Government Gazette, 16 April 1892 (Item d.i)

Notice re patent 2023. (1p.)

British and Foreign Patent Office (London) to Burgon and Ball: re patents, 28 March 1891 (Item d.ii)
Rough notes (8p.), 1891 - 1892 (Item d.iii)

Profit and loss account and report, 30 June 1892 - 23 December 1892 (File g)

Profit and loss account of Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Co Ltd (3p.) (references to Australian sales), 30 June 1892 (Item g.i)
Report by Laurence Heyworth, Chairman Wolseley Sheep Shearing Co Ltd, 23 December 1892 (Item g.ii)

On present losses and future trade in Australia. (5p.)

Miscellaneous Papers, 2 December 1931 (File i)

Robert Wilson (Graziers' Cooperative Shearing Co Ltd, Sydney) to J.F. Rolfe (Newtown), 2 December 1931 (Item i.i)

Re distribution and manufacture of SAF parts at Lithgow Small Arms Factory.

Order form for SAF shearing machine duplicates and leaflet (Item i.ii)
Press cuttings re shearing (13p.) (Item i.iii)

Series B&B 88. Papers re William H Eyres, 1890 - 1902

Appointment as agent, 1890 (File a)

Draft agreements, correspondence, power of attorney. (18p.)

Agreement appointing Eyres agent (3p.), 1896 (File b)

Correspondence re appointment as Managing Director for the colonies, 1901 - 1902 (File c)

With Eyres and Messrs Webster and Styring (Sheffield)(10p.)...

Series B&B 89. Papers re John Henry Young, sheep shearing contractor, Sydney, 1899 - 23 December 1912

Agreements, 1899; 1902; 1906; 1909 (File a)

J.H. Young agreements to act as manager of Burgon and Ball business as sheep shearing contractors; formation of J.H. Young & Co. Ltd.

Transfer of shares to J.H. Young (4p.), 3 February 1906 (File b)

List of shareholders in J.H. Young & Co Ltd, 12 October 1910 (File c)

(1p.) [includes James and Anderson Hind]

Assignment of J.H. Young & Co Ltd assets to Burgon and Ball (2p.), 23 December 1912 (File d)

Shearing by contract with machinery J.H. Young & Co Shearing contractors, Sydney (7p.) (printed illustrated brochure), n.d. (File e)

Series B&B 90. J.H. Young & Co Comparison of rate per head paid for shearing at different stations (44p.), 1899 - 1905

Details of shed, number of sheep shorn, price per head, profit, loss, cost of plant, remarks [strike, rain, breakdowns, etc]...

Series B&B 91. List of firms

Filmed selectively.

Names and addresses of firms (File ff.1-7)

Locations include Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, South Africa, West Indies, South America, India, British India, Dutch East Indies, Japan, China, Africa and Canada.

Series B&B 92. W.H. Eyres, Sydney. Balance Sheets, 1893 - 1895

Includes drafts paid to Eyres, 1890-1894. (36p. pressed copies, some faint)

Series B&B 93. W.H. Eyres. Statement of account, receipts and expenditure, 1890 - 1895

Balance sheets 1 - 17; +1. (144p.)

Series B&B 94. Sydney store. Cycle stock returns, 1896 - 1897

Details of sales of bicycles. (74p.)

Series B&B 95. Australian Financial files, 1890 - 1897

Balance sheets of account with Dalgetty & Co Ltd: 19 bundles (128p.), February 1891 - September 1897 (File a)

W.H. Eyres. Receipts and account (18p.), 1896 - 1897 (File b)

Sydney store. Machine stock (28p.), 1896 - 1897 (File c)

Correspondence with McIlwraith & McEacharn & Co (London), 1890 - 1892 (File d)

Re Queensland agency. (11p.).

Miscellaneous financial documents, 1890 - 1895 (File e)

Including: freight charges paid by Dalgetty & Co. (17p.)

Series B&B 96. Burgon and Ball Shearing Machine Co. Financial Accounts, balance sheets, 1912 - 1936

Financial accounts and balance sheets, 1912 - 1914 (File 96/1)

With covering reports from Auditors Lyell and Allard (Sydney) (142p.).

Financial accounts and balance sheets, 1935 - 1936 (File 96/2)


Financial accounts and balance sheets, 1934 - 1935 (File 96/3)


Financial accounts and balance sheets, 1933 - 1934 (File 96/4)


Financial accounts and balance sheets, 1932 - 1933 (File 96/5)

With auditor's report (H.J. Brigden). (22p.)

Financial accounts and balance sheets, 1924 - 1925 (File 96/6)


Series B&B 97. Sydney expenses, May 1927 - December 1941

Details of expenditure on salaries, advertising, travel, rent, income tax, insurance, etc. (49p.)

Series B&B 98. Sydney account book, 1900 - 1952

Details of current expenses, shed maintenance, defective stock, purchase of 66 Regent St, Head Office account with Sydney, etc...

Series B&B 99. Melbourne and Sydney Stock Returns, 1906 - 1928

Stock returns prepared by W & A Mcarthur Ltd (24p.), 1906 (File a)

Price list of sheep shearing machine parts (12p.), [n.d.] (File b)

Price list of stock (25p.) (pencil, faint), 1922; 1928 (File c)

Series B&B 111. Testimonial Letters, 1899 - 1941

Letters from shearers and station owners re performance of Burgon & Ball shearing machines, also comments on other machines, methods of working etc...

Series B&B 112. Testimonial Letters, c.1897-1898

Copies of letters from shearers and station owners in New Zealand and Australia re performance of Burgon & Bell shearing machines. (17p.)...

Series B&B 125. Papers re Trade Unions, 1894 - 21 December 1899

Filmed selectively.

Australian Worker's Union, Bourke Branch, 18 January 1894 - 11 June 1895 (File)

Shearers ticket; Doondi Stations Certificate of Discharge for O. Olsen, note signed by Ronald MacPherson (Boatman) that O. Olsen is a good shearer; leaflet for TUS sheep shears.

Ward & Payne's (Sheffield) to E.C. Fibre Co Ltd, (Suffolk), 21 December 1899 (File)

Re sheep shears for Australia.

Appeal by TUS Cooperative to shearers and merchants, 1894 (File)


Series B&B 132. Legal Papers, 1887

Filmed selectively.

Re Ward & Payne (4p.), 1887 (File Bundle 9)

Ward and Payne disputed Burgon & Bell's advertising claim to have been awarded the only first award for sheep shears at Adelaide Exhibition in 1887, after appeal Ward and Payne were given an order of merit. Documents comprise: 28 November 1887. Broomhead, Wightman and Moore (Sheffield) to Burgon & Bell re their claim...

Series B&B 133. Papers re Claims, 1888

Filmed selectively.

Re Messrs Broadley & Son (23p.), 1888 (File Bundle 7)

Broadley & Son packed 200 dozen shears for shipment to Australia. Due to defective packing the load was ruined by sea water...

Series B&B 134. B. Hind's Miscellaneous Papers, 1895 - 25 October 1929

Filmed selectively.

Papers re Trade Unionists' Sheep Shearing Cooperative Society Ltd. (7p.), c. 1895-1899 (File (b))

Includes: 1 February 1896. E. Rich & Co Ltd (Sydney)...

[B. Hind] to A.B. Clark (Sydney), 25 October 1929 (File (f))

Re visit to Sheffield by Mr Bishop of Messrs Monro & Co. of Ballarat and Agreement to manufacture Monro machines. (7p.)

Series B&B 135. Newspaper cuttings book, c.1886-1903

(201p. with loose inserts and index)...

Series B&B 136. Newspaper cuttings book, c.1902-1907

(99p., indexed)...

Series B&B 138. Newspaper cuttings book, c.1900-1947

(90p. with inserts and index, includes p.151-152)...

Series B&B 142. Machinery Merchants Association of New South Wales., 1936 - 1939

Sheep shearing machine section: Schedule of minimum prices: 1936 season (11p.) (File 142/1a)

Sheep shearing machine section: Schedule of minimum prices: 1937 season (12p.) (File 142/1b)

Sheep shearing machine section: Schedule of minimum prices: 1938 season (11p.) (File 142/2a)

Sheep shearing machine section: Schedule of minimum prices: 1939 season (11p.) (File 142/2b)

(includes leaflets for Cooper E-3 handpiece and for Stewart E-B handpiece (5p.))...

Series B&B 143. Arthur Canham - The Empire Trek Book. British National Union, 1929

The Year Book of the British National Union and a souvenir of the tour of Empire Farmers in Great Britain and Ireland organised by the Union during the summer of 1923...

Series B&B 157. Catalogues, 1895-c.1930

Filmed selectively.

Burgon and Ball, Sheffield, 1895 (File 2)

Includes: testimonials from Australian and New Zealand shearers and photographs from moveable machine plant. (51p.)

Miscellaneous catalogues, c. 1900-1930 (File 3)

Filmed selectively.

New Century Catalogue and prices, Burgon Sheep Shearing Machine. Sydney, c.1900 (Item)

Includes: instructions for fitting up a shed. (23p.)

General Illustrated Catalogue, Burgon Sheep Shearing Machines. Sydney (8p.) [blue cover], n.d. (Item)
General Illustrated Catalogue, Burgon Sheep Shearing Machines. Sydney [red cover] (annotated with prices), [c. 1930?] (Item)

Australian Bundle, n.d. (File 4)

Burgon Sheep Shearing Machines, General Illustrated Catalogue, six catalogues, no dates, some annotated with prices. (95p.)

Series B&B 158. Catalogues and Pamphlets, 17 September 1906 - 1923

Filmed selectively.

Sheep shearing: progress and advantages of machinery, Sydney, Burgon & Ball, c.1914-1923 (File Items 1-4)

Includes pictures of Australian pastoral scenes; testimonials form Australian shearers; suggestions and plans for shearing sheds. (122p.)

Catalogues, 17 September 1906 - 7 October 1906 (File File 1)

Filmed selectively.

James Hind (Sydney) to Burgon & Ball, 17 September 1906 (Item)

Re winning case against Eyres; problems with J.H. Young. (4p.)

James Hind (Sydney) to Burgon & Bell, 7 October 1906 (Item)

Re McArthur's agency.