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Created: 2019

Online Items

Series 1. Autobiography (typescript), 1844 - 1871

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Selected section, 1844 - 1871 (File)

Series 2. Autobiography (Manuscript), 1844 - 1900

Series 3. Autobiography (manuscript), 1844 - 1912

Series 4. Autobiographical notes

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Book 1 (File)

Includes notes on Bendigo and Beechworth.

Book 2 (File)

Includes notes on Bendigo, emigration to Australia in 1849, life on farm at Rhyana and Goulburn, journalism, goldmining.

Book 5 (File)

List of mines examined, notes on Coolgardie goldmines, Mountt. Morgan goldmines, Bendigo goldmines, list of discoveries.

Book 6 (File)

Includes notes on the bunyip, discovery of Heathcote beds.

Series 6. Cutting books, 1871-1880; 1886-1887

Remnants of two cutting books, 1871-1880, 1886-1887, mostly relating to the Cape Colony goldfields and diamond fields. Many of the cuttings are from Australian newspapers, including the Argus, Ovens and Murray Advertiser, Age, Herald, and Wangaratta Weekly Dispatch.

Series 9. Autobiographical notes, 1860 - 1923

Two pads of autobiographical notes, written in about 1936, referring inter alia to Robert O'H. Burke, G.M. Stephen, A.R.C. Selwyn, Sir Ferdinand von Mueller, R. Brugh Smyth, wages, Bendigo mining, thirst, bushfires, scientific discoveries and book Geology of gold.

Series 10. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1871 - 1948

Folder of letters relating to Dunn's geological discoveries, his work in South Africa, his visit to England in 1898-1899, and his writings and papers...

Series 11. Photographs

Filmed selectively.

Photographs of E.J. Dunn (File)

Photographs of interiors of Rosemeath, Kew, Melbourne (File)

Series 12. Publications, 1937

In memory of Edward John Dunn, geologist. (Melbourne). (15p.), 1937 (File)

In memory of Elizabeth Julie Dunn (5p.) (File)

Series 13. Ethnographical collections etc. made by E.J. Dunn in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, [n.d.]

(Melbourne) (44 pp.) Manuscript amendments