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Flinders, Matthew, Captain
Papers of Captain Matthew Flinders (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1779 - 1912
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M444, M3033 - M3037
78 items
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Selections from Admiralty 1 and 7 in the Public Record Office relating to Matthew Flinders (Adm. 1/177, 1200, 1800, 1803-1804, 1806-1809, 2020-2021, 3762-3763, 4379, 4382, 4689 and Adm. 7/707-8).

Correspondence between Flinders and the Admiralty re the Investigator, his exploration of the coast of Australia and his time on Mauritius; miscellaneous correspondence 1797-1814. Correspondents include Sir Joseph Banks and Thomi Pitot; correspondence between the Admiralty and the French Government concerning Flinders; despatches from Governor King; official correspondence re the release of Flinders from Mauritius and the recovery of his journal; and three letters written by Sir Joseph Banks 1806 re botanical and mineral specimens collected by Joseph Brown and the sketches of Ferdinand Bauer.Also includes journals and narratives 1791-1810 including journals kept on HMS Providence (c.1791) and HMS Bellerophon (1793-1794), narratives of voyages on HMS Tom thumb (1795-1796) and Investigator (1814).

Manuscript, printed charts, drawings and prints 1792-1812 including chart of the passage between New Holland ad New Guinea as seen from HMS Providence in 1792, and charts published by Alexander Dalrymple and A. Arrowsmith. Also included are two copies of Flinders unpublished manuscript A narrative of the causes that prevented His Majesty's ship the Investigator from completing the examination and discovery of the Coasts of Australia..., July 1806", 332, lxxiv.

Letters sent to Mrs Flinders by Sir Joseph Banks, Sir John Franklin and Thomi Pitot.

Papers 1800-1912 of Sir Willliam Flinders Petrie concerning the life of his grandfather.

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Material selectively filmed at the National Archives of the United Kingdom and the National Maritime Museum, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1960 and 1992 (AJCP Reels: M444, M3033-M3037).

Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

The records filmed as part of M444 comprise letters, manuscripts and other documents written by or relating to Matthew Flinders and are held in two classes of Admiralty records at The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office). They were originally filmed at the request of James D. Mack, the author of Matthew Flinders 1774-1814 (Melbourne, Nelson, 1966).

The personal papers, filmed as M3033-M3037, are part of the Flinders papers presented to Melbourne by Professor Flinders Petrie. Together with books and relics of Matthew Flinders they were deposited in the National Maritime Museum on temporary loan for cataloguing in August 1958 by the owners, Miss A.F. Petrie and J.F. Petrie Esq., and in March 1060 were formally transferred on indefinite loan.

Existence and Location of Originals

The National Archives United Kingdom: Public Record Office. Kew, Richmond and Surrey.Collection Reference: ADM 1 and ADM 7.

For further information see The National Archives of the UK. []

National Maritime Museum. Romney Road, Greenwich.Collection Reference:NMM. Section 4 FLI

For Further information see Matthew Flinders at the National Maritime Museum. []

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See also Collections held by the Lincolnshire Archives Office relating to Australia and the Pacific (as filmed by the AJCP)for correspondence of Captain Matthew Flinders. []

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Arrowsmith, A.; Australia; Australia: exploration; Australis: Botany; Paintings, drawings and prints: Australia; Banks, Sir Joseph; Bass, George; Bauer, Ferdinand; Bellerophon, HMS (ship); Botany: Australia; Brown, Robert; Dalrymple, Alexander; Exploration: maritime; Explorers; Flinders, Ann; Flinders, Matthew, Capt.; France; Franklin, Sir John; Great Britain. Admiralty; Great Britain. Transport Board; Investigator, HMS (ship); King, Philip G., Capt.; Magnetic observations; Maps, plans and charts: Australia; Mauritius; Minerals; Naval officers; Papua New Guinea; Petrie, Sir William F.; Pitot, Thomi; Providence, HMS (ship); Royal Navy: exploration and surveys; Royal Navy: voyages; Tasmania: exploration; Tom Thumb (ship)


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 169, p. 61.

Biographical / Historical

Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) was born in Donington, Lincolnshire. He entered the Royal Navy in 1789 and in 1791 made his first visit to the Pacific, serving as a midshipman on HMS Providence under William Bligh. In 1795 he sailed to New South Wales on HMS Reliance and, with George Bass, explored the coast south of Sydney. In 1798-1799 he and Bass explored Bass Strait and made the first circumnavigation of Van Diemen's Land. He returned to England in 1800.

In 1801 Flinders was promoted to the rank of commander and given command of a sloop, HMS Investigator . He received orders from the Admiralty to explore the unknown southern coast of Australia. He reached Cape Leeuwin in December 1801 and sailing eastwards he charted the Great Australia Bight, Spencer's Gulf, St Vincent's Gulf, Kangaroo Island, and Encounter Bay, where he met the French explorer Nicolas Baudin. He explored Port Phillip Bay before reaching Sydney in May 1802. In July 1802 Flinders resumed the survey, sailing north to Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria. He found that the Investigator was in a very poor state and was forced to abandon the survey, but he was able to return by way of the western coast and thereby complete the circumnavigation of Australia. He reached Sydney in June 1803.

In August 1803 Flinders sailed as a passenger on HMS Porpoise, but the ship was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef. He sailed the ship's cutter back to Port Jackson and organised the rescue of the stranded crew. Intending to return to England, he took command of the Cumberland. The ship, however, leaked badly and in December 1803 he sought assistance at the Isle de France (Mauritius). Instead of assistance, the governor, General De Caen, treated him as a spy and Flinders remained a virtual prisoner on the island for six years. He finally reached England in October 1810 and was promoted to post captain. In failing health, he worked on A Voyage to Terra Australis, which was published the day before his death.

Item Descriptions

Series ADM 1. Admiralty and Secretariat Papers, 1801 - 1812

5 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M444.

Letters from Admirals etc. - East Indies, 1805 - 1806 (File)

1 item

Archival History

For further information on the original records held by The National Archives of the UK see Letters from Admirals etc - East Indies.

Admirals' despatches: East Indies, 13 August 1805 - 15 January 1806 (Item Adm 1/177)

Flinders (Mauritius) to Sir Edward Pellew, 13 Aug. 1805: account of voyage of Cumberland from New South Wales; reasons for putting in at Mauritius; seizure of schooner, charts, books and papers; degrading treatment of Flinders and crew; contrast with treatment accorded to French officers by Governor King; attaches documents. Also an acknowledgment by Pellew, 15 Jan. 1806.

Naval Stations - Portsmouth, 1812 (File 2)

1 item

Archival History

For further information on the original records held by The National Archives of the UK see Naval Stations - Portsmouth

Admirals' despatches: Portsmouth, 30 May 1812 (Item Adm 1/1200)

Sir Richard Bickerton (Portsmouth) to Admiralty, 30 May 1812: sends reports received from various ships on compass variations.

Captains' Letters - Surnames A-H, 1801 - 1812 (File 3)

9 items

Archival History

For further information on the original records held by The National Archives of the UK see Captains' letters - Surnames A-H

Captains' letters (F), 1801 (Item Adm 1/1800)

Letters from Flinders HMS Investigator to E. Nepean (Admiralty): appointment of crew members; procurement of charts, books, stationery and articles suitable as presents; repairs needed on the ship; conduct to be observed towards French vessels; departure from Spithead; performance of ship. Also instructions from the Lords of the Admiralty to Flinders (n.d.) and copies of letters from the Admiralty to Flinders.

Captains' letters (F), 1802 - 1804 (Item Adm 1/1803)

Includes Flinders (Mauritius) to Admiralty, 30 Dec. 1804: his continued captivity; sends copies of letters to Governor De Caen.

Captains' letters (F), 1805 - 1806 (Item Adm 1/1804)

Includes Flinders (Mauritius) to W. Marsden (Admiralty), 13 March 1805: sends copy of letter to M. Fleurieu on erroneous statement about Flinders's intentions on travelling to Mauritius; refers to the friendly reception that the Geographe and Naturaliste received at Port Jackson.

Captains' letters (F), 1808 - 1809 (Item Adm 1/1806)

Includes Flinders (Mauritius) to W. Marsden, 20 Jan. 1808: continued imprisonment despite an order from the French Minister for the Marine; seizure of letters by De Caen; sends copies of letters to Minister and Col. Monistrol.

Captains' letters (F), 1810 (Item Adm 1/1807)

Letters from Flinders (London) to J.W. Croker and J. Barrow (Admiralty): request for compensation payment for his time imprisoned at Mauritius; efforts by P.G. King, the Minister for the Marine and others to secure his release; De Caen's retention of the third volume of the Investigator's logbook.

Captains' letters (F), 1811 (Item Adm 1/1808)

Includes: Flinders (London) to J.W. Croker, 14 Nov. 1811: requesting an allowance while writing an account of their voyage on H.M.S. Investigator and drawing charts.

Captains' letters (F), 1812 (Item Adm 1/1809)

Includes: Letters from Flinders (London) to J.W. Croker: observations on the magnetism of ships; experiments on compass variations at Sheerness and Portsmouth. Also minutes by Capt. Hurd (Hydrographic Office) on the observations of Flinders.

Manuscript by Flinders, 4 July 1812, entitled 'An account of some experiments to ascertain the effects produced on the compass by the attractive power in ships, with the modes by which the error may be obviated' (45pp). Also a summary by Flinders, 'Magnetism of ships', 26 Aug. 1812 (3pp).

Draft circular to captains of the Royal Navy on Flinders' research, 29 Aug. 1812.

Captains' letters (K), 1803 (Item Adm 1/2020)

Includes: Letters from P.G. King (Sydney) to E. Nepean (Admiralty): reports on warships arriving at Sydney; explorations in Bass Strait by French ships; King's decision to form a settlement in Van Diemen's land; return of HMS Investigator; transfer of officers and men to the Porpoise; wreck of Porpoise on reef.

Letters from Flinders to P.G. King: condition of Investigator; transfer of crew to HMS Porpoise to complete exploration of Australian coasts; wreck of Porpoise.

Letters from P.G. King to Flinders: transfer of command of the Porpoise to Flinders; different modes of carrying out explorations; loss of the Porpoise.

Orders issued by King concerning a survey of the condition of the Investigator.

Account by Flinders of the loss of HMS Porpoise, 9 Sept. 1803.

Captains' letters (K), 1804 - 1805 (Item Adm 1/2021)

Includes: Letters from P.G. King (Sydney) to W. Marsden: sends copies of letters from Flinders to King written at Timor and Mauritius and a copy of a letter written by King to the Governor of Mauritius.

Transport Board, 1811 - 1812 (File 4)

2 items

Archival History

For further information on the original records held by The National Archives of the UK see Transport Board (

Letters from Transport Department, 1811 (Item Adm 1/3762)

Includes: Board of Transport to J.W. Croker, 31 Jan. 1811: sends letter from M. Riviere (Department of Marine) concerning Flinders at Mauritius.

Letters from Transport Department, 1812 (Item Adm 1/3763)

Includes: Board of Transport to J.W. Crocker, 1 Jan. 1812: sends letter from M. Riviere on loss of Flinders' journal.

Promiscuous - Surnames A-H, 1805 - 1811 (File 5)

3 items

Archival History

For further information on the original records held by The National Archives of the UK see Promiscuous - Surnames A-H (

Promiscuous letters (B), 1805 - 1806 (Item Adm 1/4379)

Memorandum by Sir Joseph Banks, Jan. 1806, on collections made by R. Brown and F. Bauer on voyage of HMS Investigator; requests that salaries be continued in manner similar to those of artists of J. Cook; proposed publication of engravings and descriptions of most interesting objects. Also covering letter to W. Marsden

Promiscuous letters (B), 1811 - 1812 (Item Adm 1/4382)

Letters from Sir Joseph Banks to the Admiralty on the charts and drawings of Flinders' voyage and the report by Flinders on variations of the compass. Also an unsigned memorandum on Flinders' paper on compass variations (7pp) and a draft letter to Sir Joseph Banks on the plates and charts of Flinder's voyage.

Promiscuous letters (H), 1811 (Item Adm 1/4698)

Letters from Hope to J. Barrow: refers to his relative Hugh Hope who secured the release of Flinders at Mauritius; promise made by Hope to secure the release of French prisoners of war in England.

Series ADM 7. Admiralty and Secretariat Miscellanea, 1806

2 items

Archival History

For further information see The National Archives of the UK. Collection Reference: ADM 7 (

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M444.

Narrative of Matthew Flinders of his imprisonment by the French, 1806 (File Adm 7/707)

Manuscript (332pp + 38 appendices) written by Flinders at Mauritius, July 1806, entitled 'A narrative of the causes that prevented His Majesty's Ship Investigator from completing the examination and discovery of the coasts of Australia, the embarkation of the commander and company on board His Majesty's armed vessel Porpoise, the loss of that ship, and of the Cato of London, upon a coral reef between New Caledonia and New South Wales, a voyage of 250 leagues to Port Jackson in an open boat, and the subsequent embarkation of the commander of the Investigator, with the charts etc of his discoveries, for England, in the Cumberland schooner of 29 tons. Also an account of his voyage as far as the Isle of France, his reception there by the French captain-general De Caen, and the treatment he has received during an imprisonment of --- years, interspersed with notices upon the voyage of Monsieur N. Baudin, and various observations and remarks'

Narrative of Matthew Flinders of his imprisonment by the French, 1806 (File Adm 7/708)

Manuscript by Flinders entitled 'Abstract of the Investigator's proceedings and discoveries on the coast of New Holland from 22 July 1802 when she sailed from Port Jackson to 12 March 1803' (4pp).

Includes a shorter version of the manuscript in Adm. 7/707 (132pp + 27 appendices), with a covering letter from Flinders to W. Marsden (Admiralty), 28 July 1806.

Series NMM FLI. Correspondence of Matthew Flinders, 1791 - 1815

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3033.

Personal letters from English correspondents received by Flinders, arranged alphabetically by name of writer, 1791 - 1814 (File FLI 1)

18 items

(34 letters)

Sir Joseph Banks, 1800 - 1814 (Item)

(7 letters)

Admiral William Bligh, 1811 (Item)

(1 letter)

Sir John Franklin, 1810 (Item)

(1 letter)

James Horsburgh, 1812 (Item)

(2 letters)

W. Hope, 1809 - 1812 (Item)

(5 letters)

Captain W. Kent, 1811 (Item)

(1 letter)

Captain Larkins, 1806 (Item)

(2 letters)

William F.W. Owen, 1810 - 1812 (Item)

(3 letters)

E. Owen, 1811 (Item)

(1 letter)

Sir Thomas Pasley, 1791 - 1793 (Item)

(2 letters)

Thomas Pearce, 1800 (Item)

(1 letter)

Major Russell, 1801 (Item)

(1 letter)

Christopher Smith, 1799 (Item)

(1 letter)

Mrs Ann Tyler, 1803 (Item)

(1 letter)

Miss Tyler, 1810 (Item)

(1 letter)

Richard Westall, 1802 (Item)

(1 letter)

William Wilberforce, 1811 (Item)

(1 letter)

James Wiles, 1811 - 1813 (Item)

(2 letters)

Letters received by Flinders from French correspondents, 1804 - 1815 (File FLI 2)

Arranged chronologically, including 35 letters from M. Pitot. (68 letters in all)

Official letters received by Flinders, 1801 - 1812 (File FLI 3)

Including Admiralty orders for voyage in Investigator, passport 1801, correspondence about Flinders' release, and pay (20 documents).

Copies of letters written by Flinders, 24 pages from a private letterbook, 1795 - 1808 (File FLI 4)

Series FLI 5 - 7. Personal and Service Papers and Memos, 1797 - 1814

3 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3033-M3034.

Service papers of Captain Flinders - commissions, certificates etc. (8 documents), 1797 - 1810 (File FLI 5)

Personal legal and business papers of Captain Flinders, wills, accounts, etc., 1811 - 1814 (File FLI 6)

Technical memoranda, mainly on variation of the compass, and correspondence from the Admiralty on the same subject, 1812 - 1814 (File FLI 7)

Includes copies of articles on his voyage published in contemporary periodicals, Malay vocabulary and alphabet.

Series FLI 8 - 14. Journals and Narratives of Captain Flinders, c. 1791 - 1809

9 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M3034-M3035.

Portion of journal, relating to voyage on Providence with Bligh, c.1791 (File FLI 8a)

In the form of notes on places. (11p.).

Journal kept in the Bellerphon, September 1793 - July 1794 (File FLI 8b)

Includes: Glorious First of June. By Matthew Flinders, lieutenant

Biographical / Historical

Thomas Pasley (1734 - 1808) commander

Narrative of voyages in the Tom Thumb, September 1795 - April 1796 (File FLI 9a)

Up George's River and to Port Hacking, by Matthew Flinders. (24p.).

Narrative of expedition to Furneaux Islands on the coast of New South Wales in the Port Jackson colonial schooner Francis by Matthew Flinders, second lieutenant of H.M.S. Reliance, March 1798 (File FLI 9b)

Copy that was made in May 1877 by William M. Flinders Petrie when the original was presented to Melbourne Library.

Record of longitude by Earnshaw's chronometers, kept by Flinders in H.M.S. Investigator, November 1801 - December 1803 (File FLI 10)

Back of volume contains out-letterbook of Mrs Flinders 1821 - 32.

A biographical tribute to Trim the cat, by Matthew Flinders, Isle de France, December 1809 (File FLI 11)

Includes a copy of the same by Miss Tyler. (9p. + 13p.)

Journals and letterbook of Matthew Flinders, 1806 - 1807 (File FLI 12)

Incomplete unbound, folio, 180-230, at the end of the book are 18 pages of notes on Grant's History of the Isle de France, made in the Island.

Abridged narrative of a voyage of discovery to Australia performed in H.M.S. Investigator (File FLI 13)

3 items
English copy of Abridged narrative of a voyage of discovery to Australia performed in H.M.S. Investigator (Item FLI 13 a))
French copy of Abridged narrative of a voyage of discovery to Australia performed in H.M.S. Investigator (Item b))
Rough copy of the Voyage, Book II, ff.70-107 (Item c))

Newspapers. (File FLI 14)

Sydney Gazette. 1803 - 18 copies. The Orphan, 1804 - 1 copy, Isle de France Gazette, 1809-1810, 8 copies.

Series FLI 15 - 20. Charts and Drawings, 1779 - 1814

46 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3036.

Subseries FLI 15. Manuscript charts, 1791 - 1810

24 items
A chart of the passage between New Holland and New Guinea as seen in HMS Providence in 1792, 1791 - 1792 (File 1)

M.Flinders. (Also showing the track of the Pandora in 1791). 18 × 22 inches.

Original item filmed.

Chart of Port II Refugio in the island Vavaoo, by William Wilson, commander of the Royal Admiral, August 1801 (File 2)

Inset showing the Hoorn Islands.

23 × 23 inches.

Original item filmed.

Chart of Port St Vincent, coast of New Caledonia, surveyed in 1803, 1803 (File 3)

By William Kent, 2nd commander of HMS Buffalo.

Dedicated to Earl St Vincent.

10 × 13 inches.

Original item filmed.

Map showing a journey made in the interior of New South Wales, 25 July 1806 - 22 August 1806 (File 4)

16.5 × 9.75 inches

Original item filmed.

Sketch map, possibly for (4) Map showing a journey made in the interior of New South Wales (File 5)

16.25 × 9.75 inches

Original item filmed.

Survey of country between Port Dalrymple and the River Derwent, Van Diemen's Land, 1807 (File 6)

Charles Grimes, Surveyor General of Lands, New South Wales

42 × 21 inches

Original item filmed.

A copy of a survey of the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro. (With a view of the harbour entrance.), Undated (possibly made in the Reliance in 1795) (File 7)


Chart: 10.5 × 10 inches.

View: 2 × 10.5 inches.

Copy filmed

Chart of the harbour of Rio de Janeiro. (Companion to (7) A copy of a survey of the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro. (With a view of the harbour entrance.)) (File 8)

10.5 × 6.5 inches

Copy filmed

Isle Penantipode, discovered by HMS Reliance, H.Waterhouse, commander, 25 March 1800 (File 9)

Copied by S.Flinders. 7 × 9.5 inches.

Copy filmed

Copy of Mr Barrallier's sketch of Port Hunter, 15 May 1810 (File 10)

Annotated by Flinders. Tracing paper, 8 × 10 inches.

Copy filmed

Chart of part of the Freshwater River at Hobart Town, River Derwent, Island of Van Diemen, by G.P.Harris. (File 11)

Tracing paper, 10 × 24.5 inches

Carte de la partie occidentale de la Nouvelle Guinee et des detroits adjacents d'apres un manuscrit Hollandois qu'on suppose avoir ete fait dans le voyage de Geelvink en 1705, 1801 (File 12)

Tracing paper, 18 × 26 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Plan de la Grande Baie du Geelvinck a la cote nord de la Nouvelle Guinee d'apres un manuscrit Hollandois, 1801 (File 13)

Tracing paper, 18 × 26 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Carte generale de la Terre de Nuyts. Tracing paper, 15 × 36 inches, 1801 (File 14)

Tracing paper, 15 × 36 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Carte de la partie de la Terre de Nuyts reconnue par M.d'Entrecasteaux, contre amiral de France, du 9 au 23 Decembre 1792 Redigee a bord de la fregate La Recherche par Beautemps Beaupre, 1801 (File 15)

Tracing paper, 18 × 18 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Carte generale de la partie sud de la Terre de Diemen, reconnue par M.d'Entrecasteaux, contre amiral, en 1792 et 1793. Redigee a bord de la fregate La Recherche par Beautemps Beaupre., 1801 (File 16)

Tracing paper, 10 × 13 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Carte particuliere de la partie de la Terre de Diemen comprise entre le Cap Meridional et le Baye aux Huitres, construite sur les observations et relevemens d'Avril 1792 et Janvier 1793 par Beautemps Beaupre., 1801 (File 17)

Tracing paper.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Port A.Van Diemen's Land (Rechreche Bay), 1801 (File 18)

Tracing paper, 18 x 21 inches

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Plan d'un port situe dans la partie de la Baye des Tempetes, Nouvelle Hollande … leve par le Sr Jouvency. (Port B, Van Diemen's, in pencil), 1801 (File 19)

Tracing paper 11.5 × 18 inches

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Plan du port C. Leve par M.Jouvenci en 1792, 1801 (File 20)

Tracing paper, 16 × 20 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Plan du port (F) situe dans la patrie Ot du Detroit d'Entrecasteaux. Leve le 15 Fevrier 1793, 1801 (File 21)

Tracing paper, 18 × 21 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

A chart of the Friendly Islands being the north western extremity, supposed to be Hamsa, Vavao and Feejee, seen 4 December 1799, March 1801 (File 22)

Copied from a manuscript of Alexander Dalrymple.

Tracing paper, 18 × 11 inches.

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

A chart of Bligh's Islands by William Bligh, 14 April 1801 (File 23)

With: Land seen by the Hope and Ann, Captain Maitland, 1799, added in pencil.

Tracing paper, 10 × 15.5 inches

Copy of English/French chart, made in 1801

Charts of Port Hunter, Broken Bay, Port Jackson, Botany Bay and Twofold Bay, by Flinders 10.25 × 2.25 inches (File 24)

Subseries FLI 16. Printed Charts, 1779 - 1802

2 items
Charts published by Alexander Dalrymple, July 1779 - May 1802 (File)
16 items
Charts of the west coast of New Holland from Van Keulen, plate 1, 28 July 1779 (Item 1)

11 × 18 inches

Chart of the coast of Edels Land, (north of Swan River) discovered 1619, 28 July 1779 (Item 2)

11 × 18 inches.

Plan of the island Rottnest, (ie Rat's Nest) lying off the west coast of New Holland, from Van Keulen. Published 11.5 × 8.5 inches, 7 January 1780 (Item 3)
New Guinea (part), 31 March 1780 (Item 4)

This chart appeared to be very antient (sic) when copied in April 1763. 10.75 × 17 inches.

Houtman's Abrolhos near the west coast of New Holland from Van Keulen, August 1782 (Item 5)

Dangerous rocks off the coast of New Holland seen in the London, Captain Daniel, 1681. Tryall rocks, where the English ship Tryall was lost in 1622.

Seen by a Dutch ship in 1718 and described by a sloop sent from Batavia, Lat. 19 degrees 30'S., 80 leagues west from the coast of New Holland.

11.5 × 15.5 inches.

Chart of the west end of the Island Timor, with part of the adjacent islands, 4 August 1786 (Item 6)

From a Dutch manuscript. 8.5 × 11.5 inches

Chart of the islands of Mangaray and Sumba with Timor and the adjacent islands, 7 August 1786 (Item 7)

From a Dutch printed chart, most obligingly communicated by Mr Sayer.

18.5 × 11.5 inches

A copy of part of an antient (sic) manuscript map in the British Museum. (East Indies), 24 August 1787 (Item 8)

25 × 19.5 inches

Plan of the islands to the eastward and southward of Banda with part of the adjacent coasts of New Guinea and New Holland, 27 August 1788 (Item 9)

From a Dutch manuscript in possession of the Hon. Archibald Fraser.

11 × 13.5 inches

Part of a plane chart published by John Thornton and Joel Gascoyn. (Torres Strait and Arafura Sea), 17 February 1790 (Item 10)

8.5 × 11.25 inches

Map of the islands between Banda and Papua, 27 October 1790 (Item 11)

Reduced from that published by Valentyn in 1727.

11.5 × 8.5 inches.

Chart of Timor and adjacent islands, 1 March 1792 (File 12)

From a Dutch manuscript communicated by Captain William Bligh.

24 × 18 inches

Sketch of Copang Bay on the island of Timor, taken in HMS Leopard, 1791, 7 September 1792 (Item 13)

15.5 × 12.5 inches.

Chart of the track and discoveries of the East India Company's cruizers Panther and Endeavour, under the command of Lieutenant John McCluer, 1790 - 1792, 6 December 1792 (Item 14)

19 × 12 inches.

Plan of Jervis Bay on the east coast of New Holland, Lat. 35 degrees 6' S., Long. 150 degrees 52' E.,, 11 March 1794 (Item 15)

By Mr Matthew Weatherhead. 5.75 × 11.25 inches

Sketch of the harbour of Dellie, Lat. 8 degrees 33'S., 30 May 1802 (Item 16)

By Thomas Dunning Lippiat (Timor). 9 × 11.5 inches

Chart published by A.Arrowsmith, January 1798 (File)
1 item
Chart of several harbours on the south east part of Van Diemen's Land, 1 January 1798 (Item 17)

26 × 34 inches

Subseries FLI 18. Original drawings

8 items
Port Lincoln, by Hosmer Shepherd (File 1)

Watercolour, 7.5 x 13 inches

Two icebergs (File 2)

Wash, 2.25 x 10.25 inches

Bay de Tombeau (File 3)

Pencil, 12 x 18 inches

View from the shoulder of the Pause looking towards the sea (File 4)

Pencil, 12.5 x 17 inches

Hut in Mauritius (File 5)

Ink, 12 x 18 inches

Waterfall (File 6)

Pencil, 15 x 11 inches

Foliage, Mauritius (File 7)

Pencil. 12 x 9 inches

Sir Charles Saunders' Island, Society Islands. (View) (File 8)

Ink, 2.5 x 10 inches. On reverse: Hummock Island, Cape St George, part of Wallis Island

Subseries FLI 19. Prints

5 items
Lithographs from views by William Westall, prepared for plates in Flinders' Voyage to Terra Australis (File 1-7)
View of Port Louis, Mauritius, by Dureau (File 8)

Lithograph, 6 x 9 inches

View, by John Pye, dated 1812, 1812 (File 9)

Lithograph, 6 x 9 inches

Sir John Franklin. Proof of lithograph (File 10)
Matthew Flinders. Facsimile of his portrait and his parole (File 11-20)

Subseries FLI 20. Loose papers, December 1799 - 1814

7 items
Extract from the Ann & Hope's journal, Captain Maitland, 5 December 1799 - 9 December 1799 (File 1)

Describing Feejee or Bligh Island. 1 sheet.

Letter written by E.Davies, 3rd officer, Warren Hastings, Grand River Prison, 14 July 1806 (File 2)

Describing an action with La Piedmontaise on 24 June 1806. 1 sheet.

Note written by Tore'de Espinosa, to Flinders, 9 May 1811 (File 3)

Giving details of an eclipse of the sun at Port Jackson in 1793, used to determine the longitude of Port Jackson. 1 sheet.

Invitation to a church service, (1 sheet) (File 4)

In French

Mount Table from Mr Brown, (1 sheet) (File 5)
Note on Flinders' service and a press cutting on his death, (2 sheets), 1814 (File 6)
Fragment, referring to a view of Port Lincoln (File 7)

Series FLI 25 - 31. Papers of Mrs Matthew Flinders, 1799 - 1852

7 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3036.

Letters received by Mrs Flinders from Matthew Flinders, also four letters from Flinders to members of the Tyler family (46 letters), 1799 - 1812 (File FLI 25)

Letters received by Mrs Flinders from Sir Joseph Banks (9 letters), 1804 - 1810 (File FLI 26)

Letters received by Mrs Flinders from Sir John Franklin (5 letters), 1810 - 1842 (File FLI 27)

Letters received by Mrs Flinders from John Elder, (Flinders petty officer servant) (3 letters), 1808 (File FLI 28)

Letters received by Mrs Flinders from M.Pitot, including translations of some of the letters (27 letters), 1815 - 1843 (File FLI 29)

Letters received by Mrs Flinders from other correspondents (11 letters), 1814 - 1852 (File FLI 30)

Drafts of letters written by Mrs Flinders (File FLI 31)

Mostly undated, probably 1820-1827

Series FLI 101 - 110. Papers of Professor Sir William Flinders Petrie, 1800 - 1912

2 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M3037.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Flinders Petrie (1853 - 1942)

Correspondence, 1873 - 1880 (File FLI 101-102)

2 items
Correspondence with J.J. Shillinglaw about the latter's projected book on Flinders, 1875 - 1880 (Item FLI 101)
Correspondence of W.F. Petrie and Mrs Petrie mainly letters received with some draft replies, mostly about Flinders and material on his life etc., 1873 - 1880 (Item FLI 102)

Biographical material about Captain Matthew Flinders, collected by Professor Flinders Petrie, 1800 - 1912 (File FLI 103-110)

7 items
Notes on Captain Matthew Flinders, made and collected by Professor Petrie, including newspaper articles relating to Flinders, 1806 - 1912 (Item FLI 103)

Draft for an article by William Flinders Petrie. 'A chapter in the History of Magnetism', list of and notes on the Flinders papers compiled by W.F.P.

A memoir of Captain Flinders, apparently in his wife's handwriting (12p.) (Item FLI 104)
A brief memoir of Captain Flinders, written for his friends by Admiral Smythe. (31p.), c.1845 (Item FLI 105)
A memoir of Captain Flinders written for his daughter, (almost identical with the Brief Memoir of Admiral Smythe), 1800 (Item FLI 106)

(first page missing.)

Includes an extract from the Quarterly Review of October 1814 referred to on page 16 of the Memoir.

Biographical outline of Captain and Mrs Flinders by Elizabeth Tyler, 1852 (Item FLI 107)


Includes a short description of the appearance and character of Captain Flinders.

Abridgement of Voyage to Terra Australis, 1861 (Item FLI 108)

Edited by Captain Flinders' daughter, Anne Flinders Petrie (178p.)

Photographs connected with Matthew Flinders including portraits of and monuments to Flinders. (63 photographs) (Item FLI 109)