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Fonds 705:260. Harward and Evers (Solicitors) Records, 26 October 1869 - 26 March 1904

Filmed selectively.

Series BA 4000/568. Papers relating to James Weston Clulee (b. 1851) of Dunedin, New Zealand, 26 October 1869 - 26 March 1904

Subseries. Certificates, 26 October 1869 - 26 March 1904
Copy of baptism certificate of J.W. Clulee, 26 October 1869 (File)
Copy of marriage certificate of J.W. Clulee and Jessie Aitken, Dunedin, 2 February 1886 (File)
Will of J.W. Clulee of Kaikorai Hill, East Taieri, 29 January 1902 (File)
Copy of birth certificate of William, son of J.W. Clulee, 17 December 1903 (File)
Copy of birth certificate of Marion Henderson, daughter of J.W. Clulee, 26 March 1904 (File)
Copy of birth certificate of Archibald Wilson, son of J.W. Clulee, 26 March 1904 (File)
Subseries. Correspondence, 13 November 1885 - 18 November 1895
Birmingham Banking Co. Ltd. to Union Bank of Australia Ltd, 13 November 1885 (File)

Sending £50 to J. W. Clulee in Dunedin.

Metropolitan and Birmingham Bank Ltd., Stourbridge, to W. Clulee, 13 July 1890 (File)

Sending £10 to J. W. Clulee in New Zealand.

J.W. Clulee, Lower Kaikori, to his brother, 18 November 1895 (File)

Death of their father; requests copy of will; his life and family.

Fonds 705:349. Hampton Family Archives, 2 March 1852 - 16 February 1867

Papers of Sir John S. Pakington (1799-1880). Filmed selectively.

Series BA 3835/11 (ii). Correspondence, 25 August 1858

Lord Derby to Pakington, 25 August 1858 (File 26)

China question resolved; need to increase naval force in Pacific.

Series BA 3835/16 (xi). Correspondence, 18 December 1852 - 13 May 1853

Octavius Matheas, Christchurch, NZ, to Pakington, 20 December 1852 (File 13)

Encloses resolution of public meeting at Christchurch supporting New Zealand Constitution.

From Bishop W. G. Broughton, 18 December 1852 (File 16)

Interview with Pakington.

Pakington to Duke of Newcastle, 28 December 1852 (File 19)

Offers to discuss matters outstanding at Colonial Office. (Copy)

Duke of Newcastle to Pakington, 29 December 1852 (File 20)

Will call on Pakington to discuss Colonial Office matters.

Duke of Newcastle to Pakington, 3 January 1853 (File 21)

Thanks for private letters from Sir Henry Ward, General Cathcart, Sir William Denison, Gardner; letters from Tasmania are curious and interesting.

Sir Charles FitzRoy to Pakington, 10 February 1853 (File)

Mr. Howlett; future of young gentlemen in Australia.

Sir George Grey, Wellington, to Pakington, 24 February 1853 (File 25)

New Zealand Constitution; Grey will remain in New Zealand as long as Pakinston wishes.

Charles E. Prichard, Christchurch, to Pakington, 29 March 1853 (File)

Seeks position in New Zealand or another colony.

Sir Charles FitzRoy, Sydney, to Pakington, 9 May 1853 (File 29)

Complaints about Edward Bathurst; projected Australasian Chartered Railway Company.

C.J. La Trobe, Melbourne, to Pakington, 13 May 1853 (File 30)

Vote of thanks of Legislative Council

C.J. La Trobe, Melbourne, to Pakington, 13 May 1853 (File 31)

Despatch received from Duke of Newcastle confirms Pakington's predictions.

Series BA 3835/17 (i). Correspondence and miscellaneous, 2 March 1852 - 13 November 1852

Memorandum of conversation with Lord Derby, 2 March 1852 (File 24)

Reference to Sir George Grey and New Zealand Constitution.

John R. Godley, Lyttleton, N.Z., to Pakington, 13 November 1852 (File 32)

Resolution of public meeting at Lyttleton on New Zealand Constitution.

Series BA 4732/2 (vi). Correspondence, 19 December 1854

Arthur E. Kennedy to Pakington, 19 December 1854 (File)

His Sierra Leone governorship and promotion to Western Australia.

Series BA 4732/2 (vii). Correspondence, 2 November 1855 - 2 June 1856

W.T. Haly to Pakington, 2 November 1855 (File)

Lord Palmerston's offer of Colonial Office to Edward Stanley.

Lord Alfred Churchill to Pakington, 5 November 1855 (File)

His travels in Australian colonies and visit to penal establishments at Port Arthur; failure of ticket of leave system; cessation of transportation; urges establishment of Reformatory Union.

Lord Harrowby to Pakington, 2 June 1856 (File)

Refers to transportation.

Series BA 4732/3 (iii). Correspondence, [1866]

Lord Derby to Pakington, [1866] (File)

Queen does not want Duke of Edinburgh to be in London in approaching season; Pakington should ensure Galatea is off coast of Australia, or North America, or North Pole, or South Pole, for next 2 or 3 years.

Series BA 4732/3 (vii). Correspondence, 25 December 1852

Copy of Lyttleton Times, 25 December 1852 (File)

Reporting meeting at Christchurch thanking Pakington for measure of self-government granted to New Zealand (p.10).

Series BA 4732/4 (iv). Correspondence, 10 June 1852 - 16 February 1867

Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, to Pakington, 16 July 1866 (File)

Promotion of Lieut. Hugh Campbell to Commander of the Galatea.

Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, to Pakington, 2 September 1866 (File)

Further appointments to Galatea.

Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, to Pakington, 22 September 1866 (File)

Galatea is ready; appointments.

Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, to Pakington, 16 November 1866 (File)

Proposed arrangements for Galatea cruise of 1867.

Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, to Pakington, 18 January 1867 (File)

Sailing orders have been received from Queen.

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, to Pakington, 16 January 1867 (File M/B/11)

Returns orders; Duke of Edinburgh's great responsibility; hoisting of Royal Standard.

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, to Pakington, 4 February 1867 (File M/B/12)

Approves amended instructions for the first part of Duke of Edinburgh's cruise.

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, to Pakington, 16 February 1867 (File M/B/14)

Opinion of Pakington and Dr Armstrong on long cruise to Australia; if cruise is successful Duke of Edinburgh can visit India later.

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, to Pakington, 10 June 1852 (File M/B/45)

Sanctions Bill which enables her to give up the land revenues in the colonies.

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, to Pakington, 25 July 1852 (File M/B/47)

Wishes to see lump of Australian gold; asks Pakington to bring Mr Herring to Osborne.

Fonds 705: 414. Slatter, Son and More (Solicitors) Records, 1876 - 1880

Filmed selectively.

Series BA 8189/20 (iii). Papers relating to the estate of Alfred Cheeke, 1876 - 1880

Correspondence, affidavits, accounts, abstract of title and other papers, 1876-1880, concerning the personal estate and effects in England of Justice Cheeke. The correspondents include Ellis and Makinson of Sydney, Thomas Applebee of Evesham, New, Prance and Garrard of Evesham, Robert Gibbs of Stratford-on-Avon and the Prudential Assurance Company.

Fonds 705:445. Sir Edward Elgar Papers, 14 November 1921

Filmed selectively.

Series BA 5247/22 (ii). Correspondence, 14 November 1921

Dame Nellie Melba, Coldstream, Victoria, to Elgar, 14 November 1921 (File 7981)

Introduces Alberto Zelman, Conductor of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, who is visiting England.

Fonds 705:462. Sir Granville Bantock Papers, 1907 - 1939

Filmed selectively.

Series BA 4664/10 (ii). Newspaper cuttings, 1938 - 1939

Newspaper cutting book relating to Bantock's Australian tour, 1938 - 1939 (File)

Series BA 4664/29. Photograph album, welcome book, 1907 - 15 November 1938

Photograph album of people and scene, in South Africa, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Melbourne and New Zealand, 1907 (File)
Book of welcome to Bantock signed by music-teachers, musicians and students in Victoria, 15 November 1938 (File)

Fonds 705:550. Marcy Hemingway and Sons (Solicitors) Records, 2 December 1856 - 5 November 1893

Papers relating to James Nash (?-1867).

Series BA 4600/138 (xi). Papers relating to James Nash, 4 May 1863 - 12 November 1868

Filmed selectively.

Will of James Nash the younger, of St. Kilda, Melbourne, 4 May 1863 (File)
James Nash (Melbourne) to T.H. Peake (Worcester), 26 July 1867 (File)

Voyage to Australia; is considering going to goldfields.

Edward Charsley to William N. Marcy, 2 August 1867 (File)

Death of James Nash.

Edward Charsley (Melbourne) to William N. Marcy (Bewdley), 27 August 1867 (File)

Nash's death, his estate and will; seeks power of attorney.

W.N. Marcy to Dr James Nash (Martley), 20 October 1867 (File)

Affidavits concerning death of Nash's son.

Draft affidavits (File)
Draft power of attorney to Messrs. Charsley and Klingender (File)
Power of attorney given by Dr. N. Nash to Messrs. Charsley and Klingender, 21 October 1867 (File)
Dr. J. Nash to W.N. Marcy (copy), 22 October 1867 (File)

Possibility of James Nash's belongings being sent home.

W.N. Marcy to E. Charsley, 23 October 1867 (File)

The Nash estate.

From Dr. J. Nash, 4 November 1867 (File)

Requests depositions at the inquest.

Klingender, Charsley and Liddle to W.N. Marcy, 28 December 1867 (File)

Nash estate.

Klingender, Charsley and Liddle to W. N. Marcy, 2 March 1868 (File)

Nash estate.

Klingender, Charsley and Liddle to W. N. Marcy, 30 March 1868 (File)

Nash estate.

Worcester Old Bank to Dr. J. Nash, 11 May 1868 (File)

Payments from Australia.

From Dr. J. Nash, 18 May 1868 (File)

Money matters.

From Dr. J. Nash, 29 July 1868 (File)

£650 remitted from Australia.

E. Charsley to W.N. Marcy, 15 August 1868 (File)

Money matters.

Klingender, Charsley and Liddle to W.N. Marcy, 12 September 1868 (File)

Money to be returned to England from Nash's bank.

From Dr. J. Nash, 12 November 1868 (File)

Will follow recommendations.

Series BA 4600/202. Viscount Cobham (Lord Lyttleton), 7 October 1891 - 5 November 1893

Filmed selectively.

R.J.S. Harman (Christchurch, N.Z.) to W.N. Marcy (Bewdley), 7 October 1891 (File)

Power of attorney.

R.J.S. Harman to Lord Cobham (Hagley), 9 August 1892 (File)

Loss due to fraud of Mr. Gresson who was killed on the railway; court case.

R.J.S. Harman to Lord Cobham, 16 August 1892 (File)

Encloses yearly statement.

Copy of schedule of investments for Lord Cobham's New Zealand property, August 1892 (File)
Copy of Messrs. Harman and Stevens cash account for Lord Cobham's New Zealand property for year ending, 14 August 1892 (File)
Copy of Messrs. Harman and Stevens epitome of accounts and comparative account, New Zealand estates, for year ending, 14 August 1892 (File)
From Lord Cobham, 14 September 1892 (File)

New Zealand property.

W.N. Marcy to Lord Cobham, 17 September 1893 (File)

Referring to Harman's letter of 9 August.

From Lord Cobham, 2 October 1893 (File)

New Zealand accounts.

From Lord Cobham, 5 November 1893 (File)

New Zealand accounts.

Series BA 4600/802 (ii). Papers relating to the Lyttleton Trust Estate, 2 December 1856 - 22 March 1869

Epitome of a deed of conveyance of an estate at the Canterbury Settlement, New Zealand, 2 December 1856 (File)

From Rt. Hon. Frederick Earl Spencer to Rt. Hon. George William, Lord Lyttleton, in trust for the latter's son, Hon. George William Spencer Lyttleton.

Copy of power of attorney to Richard Strachan Harman to manage estates of the Lyttleton Trust Estate, 16 December 1856 (File)
Affidavit of Lord Lyttleton concerning George William Spencer Lyttleton, 29 May 1858 (File)
Copy of order to apply income of certain New Zealand estates for maintenance of infant George William Spencer Lyttleton, 8 June 1858 (File)
Copy of power of attorney to R.J.S. Harman to complete contracts of former attornies relating to estates in New Zealand (File)
Draft power of attorney by Lord Lyttleton to R.J.S. Harman concerning hereditaments of the Lyttleton Trust Estate in New Zealand, 28 May 1863 (File)
Draft certificate of authorisation of execution of letter of attorney of 28 May 1863 of Lord Lyttleton, 30 May 1863 (File)
Draft declaration verifying execution of letter of attorney by Lord Lyttleton, 30 May 1863 (File)
Frere, Cholmeley and Forster (London) to W.N. Marcy, 20 April 1864 (File)

Management expenses of New Zealand estate.

Power of attorney from Lord Lyttleton to R.J.S. Harman, 20 September 1864 (File)
Sworn attestation of W.N. Marcy and William Rowe of witness to signature on power of attorney by Lord Lyttleton to R.J.S. Harman, 22 September 1864 (File)
Power of attorney from Lord Lyttleton to R.J.S. Harman, 27 October 1864 (File)
Chapman and Clark (London) to W.N. Marcy, 4 May 1865 (File)

Returning papers.

Frere, Cholmeley and Forster to W.N. Marcy, 6 May 1865 (File)

Deed contains no power to appoint in attorney.

From W.N. Marcy, 10 May 1865 (File)

Leasing land in New Zealand.

Lord Lyttleton to W.N. Marcy, 11 May 1865 (File)

His son's power to deal with his property.

From [W.N. Marcy ?], 12 May 1865 (File)

Encloses opinion of Morris; has suggested to Lord Lyttleton he might seek opinion of Chancery Judge.

Chapman and Clark to W.N. Marcy, 13 May 1865 (File)

Preparing statement.

W.N. Marcy to Stewart Forster, 15 May 1865 (File)

Rents from New Zealand estate in use for maintenance.

Lord Lyttleton to W.N. Marcy, 22 May 1865 (File)

Power of attorney for his agent in New Zealand.

Chapman and Clark to W.N. Marcy, 23 May 1865 (File)

Possible application to court.

Copy of opinion of Frederick P. Morris on Lord Lyttleton's New Zealand estate, 23 May 1865 (File)
W.N. Marcy to Lord Lyttleton, 24 May 1865 (File)

Application to V. C. Wood.

Chapman and Clark to W.N. Marcy, 27 May 1865 (File)

No judge in chambers until term.

W. Forster to W.N. Marcy, 16 June 1865 (File)

Encloses affidavit.

Paper on income from New Zealand property and educational expenses of Lord Lyttleton's son at Eton, 7 July 1865 (File)
W. N. Marcy to W. Forster, 8 July 1865 (File)

Encloses affidavit.

W. Forster to W.N. Marcy, 12 July 1865 (File)

Lyttleton affidavit.

Affidavit of Lord Lyttleton of his son's expenses and seeking an order to increase his son's income from the New Zealand estate from £200 to £350, 5 July 1865 (File)
Order to increase the New Zealand income of G.W.S. Lyttleton, 21 July 1865 (File)
W. Forster to W.N. Marcy, 21 July 1865 (File)

Vice-Chancellor has made order.

Frere, Cholmeley and Forster to W.N. Marcy, 25 July 1865 (File)

Rents of the New Zealand property.

W. Forster to W.N. Marcy, 19 August 1865 (File)

Encloses order.

W. Forster to W. N. Marcy, 5 September 1865 (File)

Acknowledges cheque.

R.J.S. Harman to G.W.S. Lyttleton, 5 May 1868 (File)

Powers of attorney.

E.G. White (London) to E.N. Marcy, 8 June 1868 (File)

Power of attorney.

Draft power of attorney to R.J.S. Harman and E. Stevens for management of New Zealand estates, 28 July 1868 (File)
R.J.S. Harman to Lord Lyttleton, 18 December 1868 (File)

Sends draft of new power of attorney so that Harman can convey land in Lyttleton's name. (copy)

Power of attorney from Hon. G.W.S. Lyttleton to R.J.S. Harman and E.C.J. Stevens (File)
Lord Lyttleton to W.N.Marcy. Enclosures, 27 February 1869 (File)
W.N. Marcy to Lord Lyttleton, 1 March 1869 (File)

Power of attorney; sale of property in New Zealand.(copy)

Lord Lyttleton to W. N. Marcy, 2 March 1869 (File)

Seeks meeting.

Power of attorney from Lord Lyttleton to R.J.S. Harman, 22 March 1869 (File)

Fonds 705:587. Ticehurst, Wyatt and Co. (Solicitors) Records, 5 May 1835 - 26 April 1853

Filmed selectively.

Series BA 5093/2 (v). Papers relating to the Reverend P. M. Boissier, 5 May 1835 - 26 April 1853

Indenture between Edward Dumaresq of New Norfolk, Van Diemen's Land, and Gabriel Cook of Norfolk Plains, 5 May 1835 (File)
Report of the Committee for enquiring into General Darling's conduct during his administration of the Government of New South Wales as read before the House of Commons on Tuesday, 1 September 1835 (File)
Henry Jennings (Launceston) to E. Dumaresq, 15 May 1837 (File)

Estate bought from G. Cook would be good security for £3000 and grant of 2560 acres could stand as security for £5-6,000.

Power of attorney from E. Dumaresq to Forbes and Forbes and Leader Stevenson to negotiate with G. Cook for paying off mortgage, 19 May 1837 (File)
E. Dumaresq to Rev. P. M. Boissier, 2 June 1837 (File)

Dumaresq's borrowings.

G. Cook to Forbes, Forbes and Co., 1 January 1838 (File)

Cook's mortgage on E. Dumaresq's property in Van Diemen's Land.

Union Bank of Australia to Rev. P. M. Boissier, 1 October 1839 (File)

Interest on Dumaresq's mortgage.

Authority from Rev. P.E. Boissier to Union Bank, Launceston, to return 2500 acres at Illawarra, Van Diemen's Land to E. Dumaresq, 26 April 1853 (File)

Fonds. Quarter Sessions Records, 1824 - 16 April 1836

Series Q/ROS. Sheriffs' Oaths and Appointments, 1824 - 16 April 1836

Sheriffs' Oaths and Appointments, 15 March 1834 - 16 April 1834 (File Q/ROS/8)

Filmed selectively.

J. Bosley to Magistrates of Hereford: submits tender for conveyance of convicts to ships, 15 March 1834 (Item)
J. Parry and W. Howells to Magistrates of Hereford: seeks contract for conveyance of convicts to ships, 29 March 1834 (Item)
J. Keene. Petition to Chairman and Magistrates seeking renewal of contract for conveyance of convicts to ships, 7 April 1834 (Item)
Agreement between Sir Samuel Meyrick, High Sheriff of Herefordshire, and John Bosley appointing Bosley Assistant Gaoler and Keeper of Prisoners sentenced to transportation (3pp.), 16 April 1834 (Item)
Sheriffs' Oaths and Appointments, 16 April 1836 (File Q/ROS/10)

Filmed selectively.

Agreement between Edward Griffiths, High Sheriff of Herefordshire, and William Bosley appointing Bosley Assistant Gaoler and Keeper of Prisoners sentenced to transportation (3pp.), 16 April 1836 (Item)
Sheriffs' Oaths and Appointments, 1824 - 1 May 1827 (File Q/ROS/33)
W. Pateshall (Hereford) to R. Peel: seeks directions on transfer of convicts from Hereford Gaol to transports or hulks, [1827-04-29] (Item)

Although described individually, this document was originally microfilmed with a page from another document. The last page of the document described can be found at the beginning of nla.obj-1088435354.

H. Hobhouse to W. Pateshall: responsibility for delivery of convicts to transports rests with Sheriff and Gaoler, 1 May 1827 (Item)
Extract from Transportation Act, 1824 (Item)

Fonds A95. Pateshall Collection, 1795 - 3 September 1817

Series A95/V/N. Papers of Admiral Nicholas L. Pateshall, 1795 - 3 September 1817

Filmed selectively.

Lieut. N.L. Pateshall. Account of voyage round the world on H.M.S. Calcutta (Capt. D. Woodriff), February 1803 - July 1804 (File 2a)

Including accounts of visits to Port Phillip (October-November 1803) and Port Jackson (November 1803 - March 1804) and encounters with Indigenous Australians (50pp).

Captain N.L. Pateshall. Statement of service in Royal Navy, including voyage of H.M.S. Calcutta (1p.), 1795 - 1816 (File 160)
Captain N.L. Pateshall. Memorandum of services (2pp.), 3 September 1817 (File 191)

Series A95/V/W. Papers of William Pateshall, 26 February 1803

Filmed selectively.

Lieut. N.L. Pateshall (Spithead) to W. Pateshall (Allensmoor), 26 February 1803 (File a/2 [Box 54])

Receipt of gun; imminent departure of H.M.S. Calcutta; ship nearly wrecked on Isle of Wight; hopes of promotion; encloses letter from Admiral Cornwallis

Fonds A100. British Records Association Deposit, 17 November 1880 - 26 May 1904

Series 64-65. Deeds of Clive Family of Perrystone, 17 November 1880 - 26 May 1904

Filmed selectively.

Agreement between (i) Annysbella Clive (Ross) (ii) Col. Edward H. Clive (London) (iii) Sir Walter Farquhar (London) (iv) Harrie M. Farquhar and Walter Farquhar (London) concerning properties at Collaroy and elsewhere in N.S.W. bequeathed to Annysbella Clive (9pp.), 17 November 1880 (File 64)
Assignment by Annysbella Clive to her son General Edward H. Clive of 2320 shares in Collaroy Co. Ltd., 26 May 1904 (File 65)

Fonds D52. Garnons Collection, August 1838 - October 1838

Series Box 96. Papers of Cotterell Family, August 1838 - October 1838

Filmed selectively.

William Leigh (London, Little Aston) to Sir John Cotterell, August 1838 - October 1838 (File)

Delays in departure of Katharine Stewart Forbes from Gravesend; financial arrangements; meeting with Gladdon and G. Morphett; information about prices in South Australia; purchase of 160 acres in South Australia; letters of introduction for Thomas Cotterell. (4 letters included in bundle of 1838 letters.)

Fonds D96. R. and C.B. Masefield, solicitors, 1875 - 6 July 1891

Property deeds of Mynors family, 6 July 1891 (File 5. (Bundle 81))

Filmed selectively.

Certificate of title of Audley B. Mynors to piece of land in Parish of Cedar, County of Ward, Queensland, 6 July 1891 (Item)

Deed of covenant, 1875 (File 7. (Bundle 160))

Deed of covenant and declaration of trust, 1 May 1875 (Item)

Between (i) Rev. Edward Higgins (Bosbury House, Herefordshire) (ii) Joseph H. Whately (Great Malvern) (iii) George Masefield and George E. Masefield (Ledbury) concerning 30 shares in Union Bank of Australia.

Fonds G2. Biddulph Collection, 24 October 1802 - 1808

Papers of John Biddulph, banker of London, 24 October 1802 - 1808 (File Bundle 652)

Items of interest include:Hydrographical notes on Pacific Islands.Captain J. Mudie (24/10/1802). Observations and memorandum respecting southern whale fishery (3pp).Captain J Mudie to J. Biddulph (1803-1808): whaling voyages in Tom of London in South Seas (3 letters).Certificates concerning cargo of Tom of London (14/08/1808).

Fonds J54. Jay Family, 12 June 1856

Filmed selectively.

W. Andrew (Kirkham, Yorks) to Thomas Jay (Ashbourne), 12 June 1856 (File 309)

Brother emigrated to New Zealand to sheep farm and also to 'do a little sheepherding among a more noble flock'

Fonds L77. The Moor Collection (Widemarsh Common, Hereford), c. 1897-1916-12-31

Series IV/3-10. Papers of F.W. Chave, c. 1897

Filmed selectively.

Cutting from Hereford Times on interview with W.F. Chave, former Mayor of Hereford, (c.1897) (File 5)

On his life as owner of a sheep station in the Burke District of Queensland.

Series IV/12-17. Papers of Florence Chave, 31 December 1916

Filmed selectively.

Bill Prell (Salisbury) to his aunt Florence Chave, 31 December 1916 (File 15)

Service with Australian Artillery; disruptions in mails; distance from Australia.

Fonds AIII. Australian Estates - Maxwelton, 1890 - 1908

Plan of Maxwelton and surrounding sections, Hughenden district of Queensland (File 1)

(21" x 16")

Annual summary stock returns, bank account and balance sheet, 1890 - 1907 (File 2)

(1 vol., 150pp.) Also includes shearing returns, shearing costs, cash accounts, building costs, estimates and other papers, 1897-1906. (72pp.)

Maxwelton; summary of expenditure and stations cash account (1 vol., 118pp.), 1896 - 1908 (File 3)

Maxwelton; staff and wages return (1 vol., 63pp.), 1895 - 1908 (File 4)

Maxwelton; record of cheques drawn (1 vol., 188pp.), 1895 - 1908 (File 5)

Maxwelton; bank account (1 vol., 47pp.), 1892 - 13 March 1897 (File 6)

Bank account 1892-1894. Includes cutting from The Queenslander on meeting of selectors at Hughenden, 13 March 1897.

Fonds AB55. Lyonshall Parish, 4 November 1829

Overseers' correspondence, 4 November 1829 (File 82)

Filmed selectively.

J. Hinde (London) to Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of Lyonshall, 4 November 1829 (Item 1)

Seeks assistance in raising subscription to send paupers to new settlement in Western Australia; wages and apprenticeship; enclosed Colonial Office circular. (printed)

Fonds AG51. Thomas Turner

Photograph of Thomas Turner, who emigrated to Lyttelton, New Zealand, on Samarang in 1852 (File AG51)

On verso: biographical notes

Fonds X18. Photocopies of letters of Rebecca, 19 November 1852

Filmed selectively.

George Short (Kington) to his fiancee Rebecca, n.d. (File)

Sends notice on emigration to Australia; seeks advice of Pendred and her opinion of herself as Antipode.

[unknown] (Kington) to Rebecca, 19 November 1852 (File)

Plans of George Short to emigrate to Australia; unable to offer financial help; arrangements for party of five men to emigrate (incomplete)