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Collection Summary

Gould, John
Papers of John Gould (as filmed by the AJCP)
Date Range
1831 - 1880
Collection Number
M725-M727, M2888-M2902
517 items
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Scope and Contents

The bulk of the collection consists of the original manuscript notes and sketches collected by Gould for his book The Birds of Australia. Each folder (or notebook) has the name of the order or tribe written on the outside, and inside the folder the notes are divided by species. At the top of each sheet there is an illustration of the bird in question, of which some are lithographs from Gould's earlier work A Synopsis of the Birds of Australia and the Adjacent Islands (1837), while others are original watercolour paintings by Gould. In the margin are headings probably written by his secretary, Edward Prince, such as Latin name, English name, diet and locality inhabited, with manuscript notes and occasional rough sketches by Gould.

Letters, notes and lists by Gould: letters from Gould to Sir William Jardine 1835-1849 and to Alfred Newton 1856-1861 describing birds and specimens in Europe and Australia; three lists of Australian birds; a list of Swan River birds; and a list of the drawings by Aylmer B. Lambert in the possession of Lord Derby.

Letters of Australian and Pacific interest 1857-1876, written to Alfred Newton and chiefly relating to Gould's works on Australian birds. Correspondents include T. Allcock, J.J. Briggs, E. Prince, O. Salvin, P.L. Sclater, H.B. Tristram and A.R. Wallace.

The second part of the collection has been arranged alphabetically according to correspondent, and in chronological order within each folder.

Correspondence arranged in alphabetical order 1831-1886. Subjects include: Gould's publication Birds of Australia; sighting of birds; introduction of salmon into Tasmanian rivers; discovery of gold in Tasmania; dispatch of specimens; Elizabeth Coxen's drawings; Gould's collection of Australian birds; George French Angas; and expeditions of A.C. Gregory, John Gilbert, E. Kennedy, Ludwig Becker, Ludwig Leichhardt and John MacGillivray. Correspondents include Robert Ball, Charles Coxen, Stephen Coxen, Sir George Gipps, John Edward Gray, William J. Hooker, Sir William Jardine, Alfred Newton, Sir Richard Owen, Robert J. Shuttleworth and Ludwig Becker.

Australian collection 1844-64 including notes, letters and drawings pertaining to Australian mammals and birds. Subjects include: cassowary; dugong; drawings of George French Angas; and drawings of Southern hairy-nosed wombats. Correspondents include Johann G. Krefft.

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Filmed at the Balfour & Newton Libraries, University of Cambridge and the British Museum of Natural Hisory, London, as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1970 (AJCP Reel: M725-M727, M2888-M2902). Original microfilm digitised as part of the NLA AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

Existence and Location of Originals

M725-M727: Balfour & Newton Libraries, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

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Formerly Zoology Library, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD, England

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Allcock, T.; Angas, George French; Australia; Australia: exploration; Australia: flora and fauna; Ball, Robert; Becker, Ludwig; Birds: Australia; Briggs, John J.; Cassowaries; Coxen, Charles; Coxen, Elizabeth; Coxen, Stephen; Dugongs; Fish and fisheries; Gilbert, John; Gipps, Sir George; Gold and goldfields: Tasmania; Gould, John; Gray, John E., Dr; Great Britain; Gregory, Sir Augustus C. ; Hooker, Sir William J. ; Jardine, Sir William, 7th Baronet; Kennedy, Edward; Krefft, Johann G. ; Lambert, Aylmer B. ; Leichhardt, F.W. Ludwig; MacGillivray, John; Newton, Alfred; Ornithologists; Owen, Sir Richard; Paintings, drawings, and prints; Prince, Edward; Sclater, P.L. ; Shuttleworth, Robert J. ; Stanley, Edward S., Lord Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby; Swan River; Tasmania; Tristram, H.B. ; Wallace, Alfred R. ; Western Australia: flora and fauna; Wombats


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 193, pp.71-72.

Biographical / Historical

John Gould (1804-1881) was born in Lyme Regis, Dorset. He first worked with his father as a gardener and later at the Royal Gardens at Windsor. In 1824 he set up in business as a taxidermist and in 1827 joined the staff of the Zoological Society of London as Curator and Preserver. He married Elizabeth Coxen, a talented artist, in 1829.

In 1831-32 Gould published in twenty monthly parts A Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains, illustrated by his wife. It was followed by Birds of Europe, in five volumes. He brothers-in-law, Charles and Stephen Coxen, lived in New South Wales and sent him specimens of Australian birds. They aroused his interest in Australian birds and he resolved to make an expedition to Australia. Accompanied by his wife, son, two servants and a collector, John Gilbert, he arrived in Hobart in September 1838. After exploring Van Diemen's Land and the islands of Bass Strait, Gould spent most of his time in New South Wales and South Australia, while Gilbert collected birds in Western Australia. In New South Wales Gould was based mainly at the Coxen property at Yarrundi in the Hunter Valley. He and his party, with the exception of Gilbert, left Australia in May 1840. The first part of Birds of Australia appeared in December 1840. This celebrated work, totalling 36 parts bound in seven folio volumes and with 681 colour plates, was completed in 1848. Many of the drawings were the work of Elizabeth Gould, but after her death in 1841 other artists were employed.

Gould retained a strong interest in Australia and kept in touch with John Gilbert, Charles Sturt and other explorers and naturalists. In 1854-63 he produced in three volumes The Mammals of Australia and in 1865 Handbook to the Birds of Australia. He was also the author of The Birds of Asia (7 volumes) and The birds of Great Britain (5 volumes). Gould has often been described as the greatest figure in bird illustration alongside John James Audubon.

Item Descriptions

Fonds MS Add. 9839. Alfred Newton Papers [John Gould component], 1835 - 1876

34 items

Series 1. Manuscript notes and sketches for Gould's Birds of Australia

11 items

The collection comprises folders containing notes by Gould, usually written on double sheets, with loose sheets or notes inserted. At the top of the first sheet there is often a drawing of a bird's head and below in the margin are headings such as the Latin name, English name and locality inhabited, with notes beside them. Longer notes follow, sometimes on the inside pages, sometimes on loose sheets, and they occasionally contain rough sketches. Each folder contains notes on several genera and species. The name of the order, tribe and genera are written on the outside of the folder in the hand of Edward Prince, Gould's secretary.

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M725-M726.

Order: Grallatores (File 1.a)

Genera:Erythrogonys, Pelidna, Actites, Calidris, Strepsilas, Scolopax, RhynchaeaPorphyrio, Tribonyx, Gallinula, Fulica, Crex, Rallus, Para, ZaporniaApteryx, Odicnemus, Haematopus, Glaveola, Eudromius, Lobivanellus, Sarciophorus, Charadrius, Squatarola, AgialitisNycticorax, Botaurus, Ardeola, Platalea, Ibis, NumeniusGrus, Mycteria, Ardea, Herodias, DromaiusCladorhynchus, Himantopus, Recurvirostra, Limosa, Terekia, Totanus

Order: Dentirostres (File 1.b)

Genera:Zosterops, PsilopusRhipidura, Seisura, Myiagra, Piezhorynchus, Microeca, MonarchaEpthianiura, Sericornis, Origma, Pyrrholaimus, Anthus, Calamanthus, Cincloramphus, MirafraAmytis, Dasyornis, Megalurus, Cysticola, Calamoherpa, Acanthiza, Xeronphila

Order: Natatores (File 1.c)

Genera:Phalacrocorax, Plotus, Tachypetes, Sula, PelecanusLarus, Xema, Lestris, Phaeton, SternaProcellaria, DaptionDiomediaPrion, Puffinus, Puffinaria, ThalassidromaCygnus, Anseranus, Sarkidiornis, Leptotarsus, Dendrocygna, Nattapus, Cereopsis, Tadorna, Casarka, BerniclaPygoscelis, Aptenodytes, Spheniscus, EudyptesBiziura, Erismatura, Anas, Querquedula, Nyroca, Rhynchaspis, Malacorhynchus, Podiceps

Order: Rasores (File 1)

Genera:Lopholaimas, Columba, Petrophassa, Phaps

Order: Raptores (File 1.e)

Genera:Aquila, Ichthyiaetus, Haliaetus, Pandion, Falco, Jeracidea, CerchnesStrix, Athene

Order: Insessores Tribe: Fissirostres (File 1)

Genera:Caprimulgus, Eurostopodus, Podargus, Aegotheles, Eurystomus, Hirundo, Cotyle, Collocalia, Chaetura, Cypselus, Dacelo, Halcyon, Alcyone, Merops

Order: Insessores Tribe: Scansores (File 1.j)

Genera:Eudynamys, Centropus, Scythrops, Cuculus, ChalcitesClimacteris, Ptiloris, Orthonyx, Sittella

Order: Insessores Tribe: Dentirostres (File 1.g)

Genera:Cracticus, Gymnorhina, Grallina, Strepera Campephaga, Graucalus, SymmorphusPitta, Merula, Mimeta, Sphecotheres, Oreocincla, Aplonis, CinclosomaPetroica, Eopsaltria, DrymodesColluricincla, Pachycephala

Order: Insessores Tribe: Tenuirostres (File 1.h)

Genera:Ptilotis, Myzomela, AcanthorhynchusMeliphaga, GlyciphilaPlectorhamphus, Zanthomyza, Entomophila, Acanthagenys, Anthochaera, Tropidorhynchus, Poe BirdEntomyza, Melithreptus, Myzantha, Manorhina

Order: Insessores Tribe: Conirostres (File 1.i)

Genera:Pardalotus, DicaeumCorvus, Chlamydera, Ptilonorhynchus, Neomorpha, Sericulus, Cororax, Struthidea, PomatorhinusAmadina, Estrelda

Order: Insessores Tribe: Scansores (File 1.j)

Genera: Euphema, Melopsittacus, TrichoglossusPlyctolophus, Licmetes, Nestor, Calyptorhynchus, CorydonPlatycercus, Pezoporus, Nymphicus, Polyteles

Series 2.a. Diagram, letters and sketches, Sep 1835 - Jan [1849]

7 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Biographical / Historical

Sir William Jardine (1800-1874), 7th Baronet, was the editor of the 40 volumes of The Naturalist's Library (1833-1843).

Diagram showing bird courses (File)
Gould (London) to Sir William Jardine, 28 September 1835 (File)

Acknowledges payment; drawing of hypsipetes ganeesa; Col. William Sykes engaged to make plates for Gould's Birds of Europe; Gould's journey through Europe.

Gould (London) to Sir William Jardine, 3 November 1837 (File)

Despatch of zinc plates and chalks; visit to London of Prince of Musignano [Charles Bonaparte]; his plans to visit Scotland; Gould has collected many species of caprimulgidae; drawing of apteryx by Elizabeth Gould; purchase of birds from Van Diemen's Land.

Gould (London) to Sir William Jardine, 30 April 1838 (File)

Preparations for journey to Australia; description of his cabin on the Parsee; his party on the voyage; plans to visit Van Diemen's Land in first instance.

Gould (Maitland, NSW) to Sir William Jardine, 28 September 1839 (File)

Collecting of birds in Van Diemen's Land, islands of Bass Strait and New South Wales; interest in quadrupeds; summary of his proceedings sent to Zoological Society; new discoveries of birds; journey with Charles Sturt into interior of South Australia; Lake Alexandrina; visit to Liverpool Ranges; brothers of Elizabeth Gould live in Hunter Valley.

Gould (London) to Sir William Jardine, 5 January [1849] (File)

Acknowledges box of specimens; movements since leaving Edinburgh; mutual acquaintances.

Three sketches of nests, two dated December 1842, by G. Grey, reproduced in Gould's Birds of Australia, vol. 1 (File)

Series 2.b. Manuscript list of drawings of Australian plants, birds, animals and fish

1 item

Collected and copied by Aylmer Lambert and in the possession of Lord Derby (18pp)

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Biographical / Historical

Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1761-1842) was a British botanist and an early member of the Linnean society.

Manuscript list of drawings of Australian plants, birds, animals and fishes collected and copied by Aylmer Lambert and in the possession of Lord Derby (18pp) (File)

Series 3. List of Australian birds

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Notebook kept by Gould (File)

Containing a general list of birds inhabiting Australia and the adjacent islands, with many ink and pencil annotations. (c. 50pp)

Series 4. List of Swan River Birds

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

List in Gould's hand of Swan River birds, with many amendments and deletions (4pp) (File)

Series 5. List of Australian birds

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Notebook kept by Gould containing a general list of Australian birds, with many alterations and deletions (20pp) (File)

Series 6. List of Australian birds

1 item

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Notebook kept by Gould containing a general list of Australian birds, with many pencilled additions (19pp) (File)

Series 7. Letters from Gould to Alfred Newton, 1856 - 1861

4 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Biographical / Historical

The ornithologist and zoologist Alfred Newton (1829-1907) entered Magdalene College, Cambridge, as an undergraduate in 1848 and remained there all his life. He was Professor of Comparative Anatomy at Cambridge University from 1866 to 1907.

Gould (London) to Alfred Newton, 1 August 1856 (File)

Return from lengthy tour in Norway; acknowledges birds in spirits; colouring of soft parts apt to fade.

Gould (London) to Alfred Newton: thanks for birds, comparisons of specimens, 8 February 1859 (File)
Gould (London) to Alfred Newton: sends notes and drawing, 26 March [1859] (File)
Gould (London) to Alfred Newton, 22 March 1861 (File)

Requests Newton to send letters to Bedford Square and not Fitzroy Square. With a draft reply from Newton.

Series 8. Letters of Australian and Pacific interest in the correspondence of Alfred Newton, 1857 - 1876

7 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reel M727.

Trivet Allcock to Alfred Newton, 22 February 1858 (File)

Will advise Newton if he receives any notes or papers of Strange on Birds of Australia

John Briggs (Swarkestone, Derbyshire) to Alfred Newton, 28 December 1858 (File)

Lord Ferrers; ducks may have come from Melbourne

Edwin Prince (London) to Alfred Newton, 30 November 1865 (File)

Sends vol. 2 of Gould's Handbook to the birds of Australia

Osbert Salvin (Elmshurst) to Alfred Newton, 16 November 1857 (File)

Despatch of box of birds' eggs; John Wolley; Salvin's dislike of Philip Sclater; 'he is of the Gould genus'

Philip Sclater (Hampshire) to Alfred Newton, 24 Dec [1858] (File)

Gould agrees to change of name for hummingbird; publication matters

Alfred Wallace (Dorking) to Alfred Newton, 23 July 1876 (File)

Proposed address about zoology of islands; letters from Charles Darwin; reviews of Wallace's book; his move to Dorking

Alfred Wallace (Grays, Essex) to Alfred Newton, 25 August 1875 (File)

Thanks for notes on his proof; woodcocks; Newton's article on migration; invitation from R. Cholmondeley to accompany him to Malay Archipelago; mysteries of classification.

Fonds Z MSS GOU A-B. Correspondence and Papers of John Gould, 1831 - 1880

483 items

Series Z MSS GOU A. Gould Correspondence, 1831 - 1880

443 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2888-M2901.

Subseries BOX 1. Correspondence A-Daq, 1831 - 1880
75 items
Abbott, Capt Charles Compton (Falkland Is., Montevideo), 1858 - 1860 (File)

12 letters.

Abbott, Keith, 1859 (File)
Adams, Andrew Leith (Sheffield; Dublin; Malta), 1856-1865[?] (File)

30 letters.

Allport, Morton (Hobart Town), 1864 - 1873 (File)
1 item
Correspondence between Morton Allport (Hobart) and Gould (London), 23 July 1864 - 5 September 1873 (Item 1-13)

13 letters. Subjects include: exchange of publications; sightings of birds; introduction of salmon into Tasmanian rivers; discovery of gold in Tasmania. Gould letter (no. 11) crossed.

Anonymous/Unidentified [no Australian references] (File)

3 letters.

Anstey, Henry F (Anstey Barton), 1848 (File)
1 item
H. Anstey (Anstey Barton, Tasmania) to Gould, 22 February 1848 (Item 1)

Cancelling his subscription to Birds of Australia due to low price of wool and other financial misfortunes.

Arago, P (Acadamie Royale de Science, France), 1835 (File)
Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (London), 1838 (File)
1 item
Duke of Sussex (London) to Civil and Military Authorities of HM Colonies, 24 April 1838 (Item 1)

Requesting their protection for Gould during his forthcoming visit to NSW

Bagstom, Henry M (London), 1850 (File)
2 items
H. Bagstrom (London) to Sir William Jardine re birds, 5 June 1850 (Item 1)
H. Bagstrom (London) to Prince re delivery of birds from a correspondent in Sydney, 17 June 1850 (Item 2)
Baily, William L (Philadelphia), 1854 - 1856 (File)

3 letters. Includes one colour plate.

Baird, Spencer Fullerton (Washington DC), 1857 - 1872 (File)

31 letters.

Baker, Joseph (London), 1839 (File)
Ball, Robert (Dublin), 1845 - 1852 (File)

Filmed selectively. 11 letters. Items of interest include:

1. R. Ball (Dublin) to Gould requesting Australian spears for the Museum, 1845-09-27.2. R. Ball (Dublin) to Gould thanking him for sending spears, 1845-10-20.9. R. Ball (Dublin) to Gould re Birds of Australia, 1852-01-24.10. R. Ball ( to Gould that the seeds sent produced good crops, n.d.

Bass, Arthur (Burton on Trent), 1872 (File)
Bates, Henry Walter (Leicester, London), 1861 - 1869 (File)

6 letters.

Beale, Lionel Smith (London), 1861 - 1862 (File)

2 letters.

Beauvais, L (Lauderdale), n.d. [1835 water mark] (File)
Beavan, Reginald C (Calcutta), 1864 (File)

2 letters.

Becker, Ludwig P H (Melbourne), 1859 (File)
1 item
L. Becker (Melbourne) to Gould sending him a copy of a report on Indigenous Australians for which Becker has done the illustrations, 17 August 1859 (Item 1)
Bedford, M (Hobart), n.d. (File)
1 item
M. Bedford (Hobart) to Gould ordering a carriage, n.d. (Item 1)
Bell, Jacob (London), 1838 (File)
1 item
J. Bell (London) to Gould, 1 May 1838 (Item 1)

Enquiring as to the present whereabouts of Charles Cathrow who went to Hobart in 1832 and thence to Sydney where he got a position as clerk to Mr Dillon, solicitor.

Bell, Thomas (Hampshire) (File)

Filmed selectively. Seven letters. An item of interest includes:

5. T Bell (London?) to Gould introducing Blandowski who has worked on Australian natural history for 10 years, 17 Nov [n.y]

Bennett, Edward J (London), 1833 (File)
Bennett, George (Sydney), 1839 - 1879 (File)
1 item

12 letters. Includes one water colour of birds nest.

G. Bennett (Sydney) to Gould, 21 October 1839 - 25 September 1879 (Item 1-12)

Subjects include: sending specimens; Kennedy's expedition to Victoria River has discovered several new species; procuring specimens of Dugong; news of Coxen family, JG's son and others.

Benstead, James (Australia; New Zealand), 1845 - 1849 (File)
1 item

12 letters.

Correspondence between J Benstead (Hobart and Auckland), Gould, Prince and Thomas French (Cambridge), J Benstead's brother, 4 February 1845 - 10 July 1849 (Item 1-12)

Concerning a box of birds assembled by J. Benstead which Gould attempted to sell on his behalf.

Bentham, George (London), 1860 (File)
Beresford Hope, A J (London), 1872 (File)
Berthold, A A (Gottingen), 1850 (File)
Blo...[?] , A J (Calling Low), 1873 (File)
Blyth, Edward (London; Calcutta; Rangoon), 1834 - 1864 (File)

13 letters.

Boie, Friedrich (Hamburg), 1834 (File)
Bonaparte, Charles Lucien (Paris), 1854 (File)

2 letters.

Bourcier, Jules (Paris), 1848 - 1869 (File)

21 letters.

Bowerbank, James Scott (London), 1841 (File)

2 letters.

Brandt, F (St Petersburg), 1842 - 1853 (File)

3 letters.

Bree, Charles Robert (Colchester), 1858 - 1875 (File)

38 letters.

Bremer, Gordon, n.d. [c.1838] (File)
1 item
Gilbert Elliot (Hobart?) to Sir Gordon Bremer (HMS Alligator) introducing Gould, n.d. [c.1838] (Item 1)
Briggs, John (near Keerstpeirpoint), 1854 - 1856 (File)

7 letters.

Brodrick, William (Ilfracombe), 1856 (File)
Brongniart, Alexandre, 1831 (File)
Brook, Mourant (Clifton), n.d. (File)
Brooke, Sir Victor (Dublin), 1870 (File)
Buckland, Francis Trevelyan (London), 1855 - 1873 (File)

33 letters.

Buller, William (Westminster), 1872 (File)
1 item
W. Buller (Agent General for New Zealand, London) to Gould that his memorandum has been laid before the General Assembly of New Zealand, 8 June 1872 (Item 1)
Cabot, S (Boston), 1859 (File)

2 letters.

Cassin, J (Philadelphia), 1855 - 1863 (File)

5 letters.

Chief Police Magistrate, 1838 (File)
1 item
Police Office (Hobart) to Gould (VDL) re box of birds received from Norfolk Island, 2 November 1838 (Item 1)
Childers, J W (Matlock), 1868 (File)
Clerk, E. G., n.d. (File)
1 item
E. Clerk (Satin?) to Gould (Dart Brook) re selling his horse and gun, n.d. (Item 1)
Collingwood, C., 9 July 1859 (File)
Commandant at Flinders Island, 1839 (File)
1 item
Gould (Hobart) to Commandant at Flinders Island re collecting bird eggs, 1 May 1839 (Item 1)
Cotes, Louisa, 1851 (File)
Cottle, Thomas J (Woodstock, Canada), 1857 (File)
Couch, Jonathan (Cornwall), 1863 (File)

2 letters.

Coulon, Louis (Neuchatel), 1854 - 1866 (File)

4 letters.

Covington, Syms (Port Stephens), 1840 (File)
1 item
S. Covington (Port Stephens) to Gould re his lack of success in obtaining specimens of wanted animal, 26 March 1840 (Item 1)
Coxen, Charles, 1840 - 1876 (File)
3 items

Includes four mss lists of specimens. 37 letters.

C C (Yarrundi) to W Were (Maitland) re pasturing his horse, 3 February 1840 (Item 1)
Correspondence between C C (Dart Brook, Sydney, Brisbane, Yarrundi, Pages River) and Gould, 5 April 1841 - 2 May 1876 (Item 2-37)

Subjects include: bird collecting; sending stores, eggs and drawings; activities of the younger generation of Coxens (Henry's scandalous divorce); Gould's publications; affairs in the colony; wreck of Henry Star off New Zealand; Birds of Australia; economic conditions on his station; Gilbert's death on expedition; financial matters.

An item of interest is: 31. Sheet describing the setting up of the Queensland Museum with Charles Coxen as acting Curator, 1871-10-01.

List of [bird] specimens contained in case, includes native name (Item iv)
Coxen, Ebenezer Edward, 1836 - 1849 (File)

14 letters.

Coxen, Capt H C ?, 1833 (File)
Coxen, Henry W, 1843 (File)
1 item
H W Coxen (Darling Downs) to Gould re money due from his uncles; new birds he has seen and will try to procure, 12 April 1843 (Item 1)
Coxen, Stephen Jr, 1841 - 1842 (File)

28 letters. Items of interest include:

1. S. Coxen Jr (Alfred, off Mast Point) to Gould re bad voyage from NSW, 1841-07-22.

10. S. Coxen Jr (Paris) to Gould re improvement in his father's affairs in NSW; plans to return, 1842-08-28.

17. S. Coxen Jr (Deal, Kent) to Gould re voyage to Australia, 31 May? 1843.

Cretzschman, Dr (Frankfurt), 1833 (File)
Crewe, Henry Harpur (London; Tring), 1862 - 1873 (File)

35 letters.

Crichton, Arthur W (Shropshire), n.d. [c.1886] (File)

2 letters

Cuming, Hugh (London), 1857 (File)
Dakins, Sophia Matilda (Chesterfield), 1854 (File)
D'Albertis, L M (Genoa), 1879 - 1880 (File)

2 letters.

Dalen, C (Rotterdam), 1842 - 1849 (File)
1 item

5 letters.

Correspondence between C Dalen (Rotterdam) and Gould, 28 February 1842 - 2 February 1849 (Item 1-5)

Subjects include: Birds of Australia; despatch of seeds gathered by Gilbert in Australia; problems of germination

Dallas, William Sweetland (London, York), 1852 - 1868 (File)

5 letters.

Dalton, G V (British Guiana), 1864 (File)
Dalton, J Stuart (Liverpool), 1852 - 1861 (File)

12 letters.

Dampier, Mr (Winchester), 1849 (File)
Dana, James Dwight, 1857 (File)
Danbury, Rev John (London), 1865 (File)
Danvers, H Dawes (Duchy of Lancaster), 1832 (File)
Subseries BOX 2. Correspondence Dar-Der, 1835 - 1872
41 items
Darby, Rebecca (Shropshire), 1852 - 1869 (File)

Related Materials

17 letters.

Darmstadt, Duke of, 1845 - 1850 (File)
1 item

4 letters.

Correspondence between D of D and Gould, n.d., July 1845-12 July 1850 (Item 1-4)

Subjects include: Birds of Australia; Gould's offer to supply Museum at Darmstadt with duplicate specimens of Australian fauna from his collection

Darwin, Charles, 1838 (File)
Dashwood, Margaret, 1849 (File)
Daubry, Rev J (Killion?), 1863 - 1869 (File)

4 letters.

Daubry, Mrs M (Killion?), 1866 (File)
Davey, R (Helstone), 1862 - 1870 (File)

4 letters.

Davidson, J Ewan, 1871 - 1872 (File)
1 item

2 letters.

J. Davidson (London) to Gould re skin of Cassowary, 6 November 1871 - 24 February 1872 (Item 1-2)
Davis, Maurice (London), 1871 (File)
Davy, E D (Australia), 1839 (File)

Four letters. Items of interest include:

1-2. E. Davy (Muswellbrook) to Gould that regrets not seeing Gould on his way through, 2 [no month]1839.

4. J G (Yarrundi) to Davy that about to leave for the interior, 27 [no month] 1839.

Davy, John (Ambleside), 1864 - 1867 (File)

2 letters.

Day, Alexander (Birmingham), 1868 - 1872 (File)

7 letters.

Day, J & Son [Booksellers] (London), 1870 (File)
Day, James Eagland (Wareham), 1845 (File)

2 letters.

Day, James (Sydney), 1845 (File)
1 item
J Day (Sydney) to Gould re payment of a bill of exchange, 5 December 1845 (Item 1)
Dayus, H (Mauritius), 1836 (File)
Dearden, Charles (Nottingham), 1861 - 1862 (File)

3 letters.

Deare, Charles, 1841 (File)
De Blaquiere, Lord (London; Surrey), 1866 - 1867 (File)

5 letters.

De Bouck (Hamburg), 1842 (File)
De Bure, Freres (Paris), 1836 (File)

3 letters.

Decies, Lord (London), 1838 - 1839 (File)

2 letters.

De Grey, Thomas (London), 1870-1871? (File)

4 letters.

Dehaan, W (London), 1837 (File)
Dehany, W H, 1848 (File)
De Jersey, P Frederick (Southampton; Guernsey), 1839 - 1853 (File)

17 letters.

Delafosse, ?F J (London), 1852 - 1867 (File)

6 letters.

De Lattre, A (San Francisco; Paris), 1852 - 1853 (File)

4 letters.

Delaval, G & Co (Hamburg), 1854 - 1857 (File)

2 letters.

Delillo [Delille?], C J (London), 1849 - 1850 (File)

3 letters.

De Morella, Countess (Staines), 1868 - 1872 (File)

4 letters.

Denham, Capt & Mrs Isabella (London), 1858 - 1861 (File)
2 items
J Gould, in Prince's hand, to Captain Denham, 12 March 1858 (Item 1)

That the bird specimens sent back by MacGillivray through him were of highest interest; Gregory's expedition

Mrs Denham (London) to Gould re strange bird from Java brought back by Captain Denham, 30 May 1861 (Item 2)
Denison, Alfred (London), 1862 - 1872 (File)

Includes one ms list. 13 letters.

Denison, Mrs (London; St Albans), 1864 - 1872 (File)

6 letters.

Denmark, King of (Denmark), 1841 (File)
Dennistown, A H (Helensburgh, Scotland), 1868 - 1873 (File)

9 letters.

Denny, Henry (Leeds), 1842 - 1869 (File)

83 letters.

Correspondence between H Denny (Leeds) and Gould, 5 April 1842 - 5 September 1869 (Item 1-83)

Subjects include: Denny's study of parasites, especially lice; requests for specimens from Gould's Australian skins; attempts to get Gilbert and Bennett to send him skins from Sydney; attempts to obtain Australian mammals for the Leeds Museum.

Dent, Lawrence (London), 1851 (File)
Derby, Edward Smith Stanley 13th Earl of, 1835 - 1851 (File)
1 item

217 letters.

Correspondence between 13th Earl of Derby (Knowsley and London) and Gould and Prince, 26 January 1835-28 July 1851, and undated (Item 1-217)

Subjects include: work of MacGillivray, Gilbert, Strange and other collectors; skins, eggs etc. of Australian and New Zealand animals sent for Derby to select his requirements for his Museum; Gould's publications; Gould and Mrs Gould's sketches and drawings; theft of some of Gould's collection of Australian birds

Derby, Edward G G S Stanley 14th Earl of, 1851 - 1853 (File)
1 item

3 letters.

Gould (London) to 14th Earl of Derby requesting his patronage, 26 Aug. 1851, 4 Sept. 1851, 31 Jan. 1853 (Item 1-3)

Wishes to borrow material from the 13th Earl's collections bequeathed to the City of Liverpool

Derby Museum, 1853 (File)
1 item

4 letters.

Correspondence between Gould and the Museum Trustees re loan to Gould of Australian material from the Museum, 21 February 1853 - 3 March 1853 (Item 1-4)
Subseries BOX 3. Correspondence Der-Dun, 1838 - 1880
64 items
De Rosen, Count (London), n.d. (File)
Des Murs, Marc Athanese Oeillet (Paris), 1842 - 1880 (File)

18 letters.

De Tabley, Lord William (London), 1850-1854 [1834?] (File)

10 letters

De Vitre, Caroline (Maidenhead; Sussex), 1863 - 1873 (File)

13 letters

Devitt & Moore (London), 1846 - 1872 (File)
1 item

13 letters.

Devitt and Moore (London) re shipment of material from Australia, 10 November 1846 - 16 July 1872 (Item 1-13)

Includes: 5. 14 Dec. 1857, Smith and Strachan (Melbourne) to Devitt and Moore re box from Gould

Devizes Natural History Society, 1860 (File)
Dewar, D (Glasgow), 1859 - 1871 (File)

3 letters.

Deyrolle, Achille (Paris), 1852 (File)
1 item

1 letter and 1 ms list

A. Deyrolle (Paris) to Gould requesting him to remind Strange to send Coleoptera from Moreton Bay, 23 July 1852 (Item 1)
Dickie, George (Aberdeen), 1845 - 1848 (File)

6 letters.

Dickins, C Scrase (Horsham), 1863 - 1868 (File)

4 letters.

Dickins, Catherine, n.d. (File)
Dickinson, J D, 1870 - 1872 (File)

3 letters.

Dickinson, John & Co (London), 1856 - 1857 (File)

3 letters.

Dickinson, John (London), n.d. (File)
Dickson, Capt C S (Oatlands), 1839 (File)
1 item
C Dickson (Oatlands, NSW) to Gould (Hobart) that Dickson's dog has taken specimens, 15 August 1839 (Item 1)
Dieffenbach, Ernest, 1840 - 1846 (File)

Four letters. Items of interest include:

1. E Dieffenbach (Port Jackson) to Gould describing a number of New Zealand and Chatham Island birds he is sending to Gould, 1840-09-30.

2. E Deiffenbach (London) to Gould requesting a list of New Zealand and Chatham Island birds, 1842-05-02.

Dilke, Mary Wentworth, 1850 - 1852 (File)

4 letters

Dillwyn, Lewis Llewellyn (Swansea), 1842 - 1851 (File)

4 letters.

Dixon, Rev Edmund Saul (Norwich), 1849 (File)

2 letters

Dixon, R, 1838 (File)
1 item
J G (London) to Dixon requesting he take a parcel to Sydney for Stephen Coxen, 9 March 1838 (Item 1)
Dixwell, E S (USA), 1872 (File)
Dobson, George E (Southampton), 1875 (File)
1 item
G Dobson (Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley) to Gould re location in Australia of certain specimen, 1 September 1875 (Item 1)
Dodd, John (Rickmansworth), 1850 - 1857 (File)

4 letters

Dode, Ch, 1871 (File)
Dodman, J, 1861 (File)
Dodman, Frederick M (Henley-on-Thames), n.d. (File)
Domvile, William C (Dublin), 1852 - 1871 (File)

7 letters

Don, David (London), 1841 (File)
Donaldson, Stuart A (Sydney), 1840 - 1843 (File)
1 item

12 letters

S. Donaldson (Sydney and London) to Gould re financial matters, 6 March 1840 - 19 November 1843 (Item 1-12)
Dorriew[?], J A Smith (Scilly Isles), n.d. [1843?] (File)
Dorset County Museum & Library (Dorchester), 1856 (File)

3 letters

Douall, M, 1863 (File)
Doubleday, Edward (London), 1847 (File)

2 letters

Doubleday, Henry (Epping), 1838 - 1863 (File)

2 letters

Dowdeswell, Mrs G (Gloucestershire), 1852 - 1867 (File)

10 letters

Dowding, Townley W, 1864 (File)

2 letters

Dowling, Lady Harriott Mary (London), 1859 - 1864 (File)

3 letters

Dowling, James (Kent), 1863 (File)
Downes, H (London), 1866 (File)

2 letters.

Dowsett, Arthur (Chelmsford; Brighton), 1860 - 1871 (File)

20 letters

Dresden Royal Library, 1864 - 1871 (File)

2 letters

Dresser, Henry Eeles (London), 1858 - 1874 (File)

9 letters

Dresser, Joseph (London), 1867 (File)
Dresser Bros (London), 1868 - 1872 (File)

2 letters

Drew, Frederic (Tunbridge Wells), 1859 (File)
Drouet, C (London), 1842 (File)
Druce & Sons, 1846 (File)

3 letters

Drummond, Augusta C, 1860 - 1872 (File)

6 letters

[?]Drummond AMCARGH [Bankers] (London), 1848 - 1872 (File)

Consists mostly of bank statements. 190 letters.

Drummond, Robert (London; Scotland), 1866 - 1867 (File)

4 letters

Drummond-Hay, Col Henry Maurice, 1856 - 1873 (File)

14 letters

Dublin Natural History Society, 1854 (File)
1 item
Secretary DNHS to Gould introducing E Sargint who is going to Australia, 13 November 1854 (Item 1)
Dublin Royal Zoological Society, 1841 (File)
1 item
Robert Ball, Secretary DRZS to Gould re offer of Australian specimens, 19 July 1841 (Item 1)
Dublin Society Library, n.d. [1841?] (File)
1 item
Gould to DSL re Birds of Australia, n.d. [1841?] (Item 1)
Dublin (Trinity College Library), 1841 (File)
Du Boulay, F H (Australia), 1867 (File)
2 items
F Du Boulay (Champion Bay) re sending skins, 16 March 1867 (Item 1)
F Du Boulay (W. Australia) to Gould re specimens of small birds, 12 November 1867 (Item 2)
Du Bus, Viscomte B (Brussels), 1841 - 1851 (File)

17 letters

Ducie, Henry John Moreton Earl of (Gloucestershire), 1867 - 1869 (File)

15 letters

Duffield, Roger D Dawson (Cambridge), 1858 (File)
Dulau & Co, Booksellers (London), 1870 (File)

2 letters

Dulcken, H W (London), 1853 (File)

3 letters

Dumaresq, Mrs S (York), 1841 (File)
Dunbar, Mrs (London), n.d. [1864?] (File)
Dunbar, Lewis (Invernesshire), 1849 (File)

2 letters

Subseries BOX 4. Correspondence Dun-Gra, 1834 - 1878
38 items
Duncan, P B, 1851 (File)
Dunlop & Schoales [later Geo Dunlop] (Southampton), 1851 - 1873 (File)

17 letters

Dunn, Joseph H (Orkney), 1864 - 1867 (File)

6 letters

Dunn, R (Shetland Isles), 1848 (File)
Dupuis, Rev George John (Guildford; Windsor), 1837 - 1852 (File)

4 letters

D'Urban, William Stewart Mitchell (Exeter), 1872 (File)

5 letters

D'Usayer, Henry (London), 1860 (File)
Dutton, Edward L (London), 1867 - 1870 (File)

5 letters

Dutton, Francis L (London; Australia), 1845 - 1858 (File)
3 items
F Dutton to Gould requesting he design a scroll emblematic of South Australia for Dutton's book; news of Sturt, 20 Jan 1846 [1845 on letter] (Item 1)
George Hawker to Dutton with details on circumstances of shooting a hawk which he believes to be a new species, 10 August 1858 (Item 2)
F Dutton (Adelaide) to Gould, 11 August 1858 (Item 3)

Forwarding specimens of a hawk caught by George Hawker on Freeling's expedition to Lake Torrens; Gregory's opinion on the hawk

Dutton, John (Eastbourne), 1864 - 1867 (File)

6 letters

Duuring, Gerard (Rotterdam), 1864 - 1869 (File)

5 letters

Dyson, David (Cheetham; Venezuela), 1846 - 1849 (File)

6 letters

Dyson, Rev F, 1841 - 1855 (File)

3 letters

Edwards, Alphonse Milne (France), 1878 (File)
Elliott, David Giraud (New York; Rome; Paris), 1859 - 1877 (File)

28 letters

Elsey, J R (Australia), 1856 (File)
1 item
J Elsey (Victoria River Depot, NW Australia) to Gould, June 1856 (Item 1)

Re problems of Gregory's expedition; notes on birds he has observed and specimens collected

Empson, Charles, 1856 (File)
1 item
C Empson to ? re specimens of Duckbilled platypus lent to him by Sir William Cockburn, 16 December 1856 (Item 1)
Ewing, Emily, 1849 - 1854 (File)
1 item

11 letters

Correspondence between E Ewing (Jameston) and Gould re letters and payments from her brother, 23 May 1849-4 Nov n.y. (Item 1-11)
Ewing, Mrs, n.d. [1844?] (File)
1 item

2 letters

Mrs E to Gould re letters from her son, n.d. (Item 1-2)
Ewing, Rev Thomas J (Tasmania), 1834 - 1854 (File)
1 item

96 letters

Correspondence between T E (Hobart) and Gould, 7 Feb. 1834-23 Jan. 1865, and undated (Item 1-96)

Subjects include: Gould's publications; accounts and financial transactions; problems with servants who have gone to the Victorian gold fields; payments for crops on Sea Tree Farm; specimens of Tasmanian birds and other animals.

Ewing, Rev Thomas J, 1840s-1860s (File)

Bills/receipts. See also Gould, J (4,5).

39 letters

Eyton, Thomas Campbell (Newcastle under Lyme), 1836 - 1876 (File)

102 letters. Items of interest include:

8. T Eyton (Salop) to Gould re naming of New Holland Duck, 1837-12-18.

11. T Eyton to Gould re Gould's trip to Australia, 1838-01-28.

Fairfax, John, 1840 (File)
1 item
Memorandum of agreement between Fairfax of the subscription library and Gould to distribute Birds of Australia, 6 April 1840 (Item 1)
Falconer, Dr Hugh (London), 1863 (File)

3 letters

Finsch, Otto (Bremen), 1864 (File)
Forbes, Edward, 1848 - 1849 (File)
1 item

8 letters

E Forbes (London and other addresses) to Gould, 9 May 1848-11 Nov. 1849, and undated (Item 1-8)

Subjects include: letters and specimens from MacGillivray; introducing Bristow, Geological Survey of NSW and Stuchbury, Geological Survey of Australia.

Forbush or Forbrook, n.d. [c.1839] (File)
1 item
Draft possibly by Gould, n.d. (Item 1)

To Forbush or Forbrook that he should take charge of any eggs obtained by Robinson for Gould and to Robinson with a list of desiderata from Small Islands

Franklin, Lady Jane (Hobart), 1838 - 1839 (File)
1 item

3 letters

Letters written on her behalf by John Pirie and H Elliot re visit to Port Davey and other trips, 25 Oct 1838 and n.d. (Item 1-3)
Gambel, William (Philadelphia), 1847 (File)
Gatcombe, John (Devon), 1860 - 1869 (File)

Includes five ms folios on birds. 30 letters.

Gene, Joseph (Turin), 1842 (File)

3 letters

Gilbert, John (Tasmania), 1839 (File)
1 item
J Gilbert (Hobart) to Gilbert with instructions for his collecting trip to Swan River, 29 January 1839 (Item 1)
Gipps, Sir George (Sydney), 1839 - 1840 (File)
3 items
G Gipps (Government House) to Capt. Adams introducing Gould, 17 Feb ? (Item 1)
G Gipps (Sydney) to G Macdonald introducing Gould, 10 September 1839 (Item 2)
Watson Parker (Parramatta) to Gould that Sir George and Lady Gipps will receive him and Mrs Gould tomorrow, 9 March 1840 (Item 3)
Glenelg, Lord Charles Grant of (London), 1838 (File)
1 item
Lord Glenelg (London) to Lt. Col. Gawler (South Australia) that Gould should receive every assistance for his ornithological researches, 10 May 1838 (Item 1)
Godman, Frederick Ducane (London), 1878 (File)

4 letters

Gould, Charles, n.d. (File)

Newspaper cutting re exploration of Eldon Range.

Gould, John, 1839 - 1878 (File)
1 item

41 letters

Gould's account with Derwent Bank, Hobart, 1839 - 1845 (Item 11-33)

Includes: 32. 26 June 1843, Circular re lower rate of interest due to depression in the colony

Graham, Rev, 1841 (File)
Subseries BOX 5. Correspondence Gra-Jul, 1832 - 1880
30 items
Gray, George Robert, 1839 - 1872 (File)

7 letters. An item of interest includes:

1. G Gray (London) to Gould (Hobart) - Glad to hear of his safe arrival, asks him to mention H G Harrington, apprentice druggist and entomologist, to the Governor, 1839-02-18.

Gray, John Edward (British Museum), 1840 - 1863 (File)

29 letters. Items of interest include:

1. J Gould (London) to Gray (British Museum) sending Grey's collection except rock kangaroos, 1840-10-12.

8. J Gould to Gray depositing at the British Museum four kangaroos belonging to Bynoe of HMS Beagle, 1842-08-23.

9. J Gould to Gray depositing in the British Museum a collection formed by Sir George Grey in South Australia, 1843-07-04.

14. J Gould to Gray offering his collection of Australian birds to the British Museum for £1000, 1847-04-09.

Gray, Robert (Glasgow), 1868 - 1870 (File)

3 letters

Gunn, Ronald C, n.d. (File)
1 item
R Gunn ( to Gould introducing Dr Grant of Bothwell, n.d. (Item 1)
Gunther, Albert Carl Gotthilf Lewis (British Museum), 1872 (File)
Harcourt, Edward V (Sheffield), 1854 (File)
Harrison, T C (London), 1838 (File)
1 item
T Harrison (London) to Gould re collection of birds from New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land lent to him by John Abbott of VDL, 19 September 1838 (Item 1)
Harvey, J B (Australia), 1839 (File)
2 items

6 letters

J Harvey (Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, Port Lincoln) to Gould (Adelaide) re collecting on the island, 10 June, 13 July, 22 Oct, 9 Nov 1839 (Item 1-4)
John Newman and Co (Port Adelaide) to Gould (Sydney), 18 December 1839 (Item 5-6)

With bill of lading for box of birds shipped on Exporter

Harvey, William Henry (Dublin), 1846 - 1847 (File)
1 item

3 letters

W H (Trinity College Dublin) to Gould re examining Ewing's collection of Australian algae, 4 Dec 1846, 11 Feb 1847, n.d. (Item 1-3)
Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhouse (Norwood), 1856 (File)
Heine, Ferdinand, 1860 (File)
Henslow, Rev John Stevens, 1853 - 1856 (File)

5 letters

Hewitson, William Cotterill (Alnwick; London), 1836 - 1838 (File)

6 letters

Hooker, William Jackson, 1842 - 1854 (File)

10 letters. Items of interest include:

1. W H (Kew) to Gould re Charles Moore who is considering an offer from Lady Franklin to be in charge of her garden at Hobart, 1842-03-28.

5. W H to Gould re birds collected on South Polar Expedition, 1842-08-11.

6. W H to Gould re Bynoe who has just returned from Western Australia, 1843-10-04.

7. W H to Gould that he has written to Captain Stokes who has seeds from Swan River and the West Coast, 1843-10-11.

10. W H to Gould introducing Thomas Baines who has been recommended by the Geographical Society as artist to the Australian Expedition, 1854-03-19

Horsfield, Thomas (London; Isle of Wight), 1832 - 1846 (File)

4 letters

Hughes, E (London), 1871 (File)
Hume, Allan Octavian (Calcutta; Simla), 1875 - 1880 (File)

4 letters

Hunter, William Perceval (Albany), 1837 (File)
Hutt, John (Tasmania; Australia), 1839 - 1846 (File)
2 items

3 letters

J Gould (Hobart) to Hutt re his offer of assistance; Gilbert is to visit Swan River, 29 January 1839 (Item 1-2)
J Hutt (Perth) to Gould, January 1846 (Item 3)

Re rumour that Gilbert's expedition in Gulf of Carpentaria has been cut off by natives

James, W M (London), 1862 (File)
Jameson, Robert, 1832 (File)
Jameson, William (Quito, Ecuador; Scotland), 1850 - 1872 (File)

80 letters

Jamrach, Charles, n.d. (File)
Jardine, Lady, 1841 (File)
Jardine, Sir William (Scotland), 1833 - 1873 (File)

313 letters. Items of interest include:

24. Prince (London) to Jardine with news of Gould in Australia; reception by the Franklins; collecting in VDL and Bass Strait; death of boatman, 1839-07-20.

25. W J (Jardine Hall, Lockerby) to Prince Re news of Gould; his brother has sailed for Sydney, 1839-08-09.

26. W J to Prince with news of Gould in the Hunter, 1840-03-16.

269A. W J to Gould re collection of Australian birds bought back by Dumfries gentleman, 1866-11-19.

279. W J to Gould re skin of a bird not in Birds of Australia, 1868-11-14.

R. A few sheets of drawing paper used by Mr Gould for trial, details of Australian specimens wanted by Jardine? 'Trout from VDL…' n.d.

Jerdon, Thomas Caverhill (India), 1859 - 1863 (File)

9 letters

Johnstone, Capt C R, 1838 (File)
Jones, N (Glasgow), 1848 (File)
Jukes, Joseph Beete (Wolverhampton; Dublin), 1850 - 1858 (File)
2 items
J Jukes (Wolverhampton) to Gould, 24 February 1850 (Item 1)

Re news of MacGillivray in Cape York who recounts the finding of a white woman who had lived with Indigenous Australians for four years.

J Jukes (Dublin) to Gould re collecting birds in VDL, 8 May 1858 (Item 2)
Julius, Dr (Weimar), 1833 (File)
Subseries BOX 6. Correspondence Kau-New, 1834 - 1879
63 items
Kaup, Johann Jacob (Darmstadt), 1845 - 1870 (File)

12 items.

Kavanagh, P (Muswellbrook), 22 January 1839 (File)
1 item

Items of interest include:

P K (Muswell Brook) to Gould re obtaining his ticket of leave after service with Gould

Kennedy, Alexander Clark (Eton), n.d. (File)

Three items.

Kennett, George (Sydney), 26 July 1839 (File)
1 item

Items of interest include:

G K (Sydney) to Gould hoping to sell him a horse on hearing of the loss of Primrose. Note by C B Bacon that he has sat on the horse in question

Kiener, C or L (Faubourg St Germain), 1834 - 1844 (File)

Two items; includes one ms list of specimens.

King, Philip Parker (Port Stephens), 18 October 1841 (File)

Two items. Items of interest include:

P K (Port Stephens) to Earl of Stamford that he will introduce Gilbert to those he knows in New Zealand; sorry Port Stephens is not worth a visit.

King, Richard (London), 23 May 1849 (File)

Two items. Items of interest include:

R K (London) to Gould re talk on Indigenous Australians at Ethnological Society.

Kjarbolling (Copenhagen), 1856 (File)

Two items.

Knip, Mme, 1847 (File)
Knox, A E (Petersfield), 1872 (File)

Two items.

Krauss, (Stuttgart), 1862 (File)

Three items.

Krefft, Johann Ludwig Gerard (Brunswick; Sydney), 1859 - 1865 (File)
1 item
G K (Sydney) to Gould, 3 February 1859 - 21 September 1865 (Item 1-5)

5 items. Subjects include: leaving for Australia; letters of introduction; news from Becker and his expeditions; his appointment as Assistant Curator at Australian Museum; ordering publications.

La Fresnaye, Baron Fredrick de (Calvados), 1837 - 1859 (File)

27 items.

La Fresnaye, Baroness de, 1862 (File)

Three items.

Lambert, Donaldson (London), 1838 (File)
1 item
D L (London) to Messrs R Jones and Co (Sydney) introducing Gould, 12 May 1838 (Item 1)
Lankester, Edwin, 1857 - 1860 (File)

Five items.

Lanza, Francois (Dalmatia), 1843 (File)
Latham, Robert Gordon (London), 1852 - 1871 (File)

Six items.

Lawrence, George N (New York), 1858 - 1877 (File)

Two items.

Layard, Dr (London), 1863 - 1866 (File)

Two items.

Layard, Edgar Leopold (London; Peterborough), 1854 - 1871 (File)

Four items.

Lefevre, Auguste, n.d. (File)
Legge, William Vincent (Hampshire), 1878 (File)

Three items.

Leichhardt, Frederick Wilhelm Ludwig, 1846 (File)
1 item
J G, in Prince's hand, to Leichhardt (Sydney) re Gilbert's death and his expeditions, 17 December 1846 (Item 1)
Lilford, Thomas 4th Baron (Oundle, Northants), 1863 - 1874 (File)

13 items.

Lloyd, B S (London), 1855 (File)
1 item
B L (London) to Gould re news of death of Strange in Sydney. (Press cutting wanting), 13 February 1855 (Item 1)
Loche, Capt Victor (Algeria), 1858 - 1862 (File)

Four items.

Loudon, John Claudius (London), 1842 (File)

Three items.

Loudon, Jane Webb (London), 1842 (File)
Lowe, Edward Joseph (Nottingham), 1856 - 1860 (File)

Eight items.

Lyell, Sir Charles (London), 1852 (File)

Two items.

Lynd, Robert (Sydney), 1846 (File)
1 item
R L (Sydney Barracks) to Gould, 11 May 1846 (Item 1)

Sending specimens collected by Leichhardt during expedition to Port Essington; news of Leichhardt's forthcoming expedition

Lyons, Samuel (Sydney), 1846 (File)
1 item
S L (Sydney) to Gould re subscription to Birds of Australia, 31 January 1846 (Item 1)
MacGillivray, John, n.d. (File)
2 items
Thursday. J M (Chancery Lane) to Gould that in custody and requires bail (Item A)
J M (n. pl.) to Gould requesting loan of £2 until he receives Admiralty pay, n.d. (Item B)
Mackworth, Edward (London), n.d. (File)

Two items.

Mallard, C (Parramatta), n.d. (File)
1 item
Tuesday C M (Parramatta) to Gould re journey to Camden (Item 1)
Mantell, Gideon Algernon (Pimlico), 1849 - 1851 (File)
1 item
G M (London) to Gould re specimens of Notornis sent by his son from New Zealand, 22 Nov 1849-12 June 1851 and undated (Item 1-5, A-l)

14 items.

Mantell, Walter (London), n.d. (File)
1 item
W M (London) to Gould re bird specimens from New Zealand, 3 June, 11 March no year (Item A-B)
Marshall, Capt C H (England; India), 1869 - 1875 (File)

Three items.

Martin, Thomas, 1844 (File)
Martin, William Charles Linnaeus, n.d. (File)
Martin, William J, 1844 (File)
2 items
W M ( to Gould (Sydney) with news of family and friends; Gould's activity in the colony, n.d. (Item 1)
W M to Gould re power of attorney and Stephen Coxen's debts, 18 May 1844 (Item 2-3)

Two items.

Marum, Martin van (Harlem), 1833 (File)
Meisner (Basle), 1847 (File)
Meyer, Adolf Bernhard (Dresden), 1872 - 1879 (File)
1 item
A M (Royal Zoological Museum Dresden) to Gould re birds of New Guinea, 26 June 1872 - 1 August 1879 (Item 1-19)

19 items.

Middendorff, Alexander Theodor von (St Petersburg), 1852 (File)
Mitchell, David William (Penzance; London; Newark), 1840 - 1859 (File)

39 items.

Mitchell, Robert (London), 1839 (File)
1 item
R M (London) to Gould (Sydney) requesting seeds from any rare plants from NSW, 13 September 1839 (Item 1)
Mivart, J (London), 1842 (File)
1 item

Includes printed matter.

J M (London) to Count Warowzow Daschkaw (St. Petersburg), 30 July 1842 (Item 1)

Requesting his patronage for Birds of Australia including a prospectus which gives a list of subscribers in the Australian colonies

Mivart, St George J (London), 1864 - 1870 (File)

Two items.

Morris, Francis Orpen (Sheffield; York), 1849 - 1856 (File)

Six items.

Mousson, Joseph Rudolph Albert (Zurich), 1849 (File)
Muller, Baron (Brussels), 1851 - 1852 (File)

Two items.

Mumford, Samuel, n.d. (File)
Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey (London), n.d. (File)
Murray, Andrew (London; Aberdeen), 1865 - 1869 (File)

Six items.

Murray, John (Aberdeen), 1870 (File)

Three items.

Nathan, H (London; Liverpool), 1842 (File)
1 item
Correspondence between H N (London) and Gould re Bill of exchange drawn on Bank of Australasia, 12 December 1842 - 19 December 1842 (Item 1-8)

8 items.

Natterer, Johann (Borough; Karlsbad; Vienna), 1836 - 1840 (File)

18 items. Includes one drawing.

Naumann, Johann Frederich, 1843 (File)
Nevill, Lady D, 1863 (File)
Newman, Edward (London), 1852 - 1865 (File)

5 items.

Newton, Alfred (Thetford; Cambridge), 1852 - 1874 (File)

75 items. Items of interest include:

30. A N (Cambridge) to Gould thanking him for Handbook to Birds of Australia, 1865-09-26

42. A N (Cambridge) to Gould re gift to University of Australian birds nest. 1867-11-20

43. J G (London) to Newton that the nest came from Melbourne. 1867-11-21

62. A N (Cambridge) to Gould re identification of an Australian bird. 1872-13-21

64. A N (Cambridge) to Prince requesting he sends a copy of Handbook to Birds of Australia to Louis Peers, Denilquin, NSW. 1872-04-03

68. A N (Cambridge) to Gould re specimens of North Australian Oreocincla.1872-04-30

A. J G (London) to Newton re Pardalotus formerly identified as from Van Diemen's Land now also found in New South Wales. Undated [1865?]

Subseries BOX 7. Correspondence Ogi-Str, 1831 - 1873
45 items
Ogilby, William (London), 1838 - 1843 (File)

Two items. An item of interest includes:

W O (London) to Gould re various specimens of kangaroo he is to collect in Australia, 1938-05-09.

Olufsen, ? (Copenhagen), 1856 - 1862 (File)

Seven items.

Owen, Sir Richard (London), 1854 - 1873 (File)

45 items. Items of interest include:

5. J G (London) to Owen re Australian specimens he is sending Owen including koala and kangaroo rat. 1840-09-22

6. J G (London) to Owen re box of skeletons, eggs and skins of Australian birds. 1840-09

10. J G (London) to Owen re specimens brough to England by Captain Ross. 1844-03

13. R O (London) to Augustus Greeve re Australian and New Zealand fossils. 1845-05-25

15. R O (London) to Gould re Australian and New Zealand birds. 1848-03-15

Oxenden, S Chichester (Canterbury), n.d. (File)
Paget, ?W (Cambridge), 1846 (File)
1 item
Paget (Cambridge) re collection of birds from Australia presented to the University by Captain Blackwood, 1 October 1846 (Item 1)
Percy, John (Birmingham), 1845 (File)
Petchcott, John (Plymouth), 1854 (File)
Peters, Wilhelm Carl (Berlin), 1866 - 1873 (File)

Four items.

Pini, Napoleone (Milan), 1867 (File)

Two items.

Pinwill, W Stackhouse (Banbury), 1865 - 1867 (File)

Eight items.

Powis, Thomas Clive 2nd Earl of (Welshpool), 1842 (File)
Prevost, Florent (Paris), 1837 (File)
Quekett, John Thomas (London), 1858 (File)
1 item
J Q (London) to Gould, 22 January 1858 (Item 1)

Re his catalogue of Mr Hunter's birds collected by Sir Joseph Banks on his voyage with Cook

Rasoh, H (Christiania), 1858 (File)
Reeve, Lovell Augustus (London), 1846 - 1864 (File)

Nine items.

Richardson, Sir John (Gosport), 1838 - 1844 (File)

Six items. Items of interest include:

3. J R (Haslar Hospital, Gosport) to Gould re fish from Port Essington. 1841-11-12

4. J R (Gosport) to Gould re specimen of kangaroo. 1842-02-06

6. J R (Gosport) to Gould re New Holland fish in the Haslar Museum. 1844-02-14

Roper, John, 1847 (File)
1 item
J G (in Prince's hand) to Roper re death of Gilbert and receipt of his journals and specimens, 28 January 1847 (Item 1)
Royle, John Forbes, n.d. (File)
Ryan, Major Thomas (Norfolk Island), 1839 - 1840 (File)
1 item
T R (Norfolk Island) to Gould (Sydney) sending specimens of birds and eggs from Norfolk and Philip Islands, 6 Nov 1839, 10 Jan 1840, 15 Jan 1840 (Item 1-3)
Sainte-Hilaire, A Bourjot (Paris), 1837 (File)
Sainte-Hilaire, Isidore Geoffroy (Paris), 1832 - 1854 (File)
Salle, Auguste (Paris), 1859 - 1863 (File)

Three items.

Salvin, Osbert (Rotherham), 1857 - 1870 (File)

14 items. See also Skinner, F U.

Saunders, Howard (Reigate), 1868 - 1869 (File)

Two items.

Schimper, Wilhelm Philipp (Strasbourg), 1850 - 1865 (File)

19 items.

Schinz, Heinrich Rudolf (Zurich), 1846 (File)
Schlegel, Hermann (Leiden), 1850 - 1880 (File)

19 items. Items of interest include:

14.H S (Leiden) to Gould asking if Circus is known in Australia or New Zealand; identification of Circus Gouldii by Bonaparte. 1862-11-25

15. H S (Leiden) to Gould re Mammals of Australia; his son in Batavia. 1864-03-07

16. H S (Leiden) to Gould re sending specimens from Islands in Bay of Geelvin, NW coast Papua in exchange for Cassowary. 1872-10-19

17. H S (Leiden) to Gould hoping that further exploration of New Guinea will reveal new species. 1880-10-29

Sclater, Philip Lutley (London), 1854 - 1880 (File)

39 items.

Scouler, John (Glasgow), 1831 (File)

Three items.

Sedgwick, Rev Professor Adam (Norwich), 1850 (File)
Seeman, Berthold (Barnsley; Kew), 1856 (File)

Three items.

Selby, Prideaux John, 1831 - 1851 (File)

Seven items.

Sharpe, Richard Bowdler (London), 1868 - 1871 (File)

Seven items.

Shelley, George Ernest (London), n.d. (File)
Shuttleworth, Robert Jones (Ireland), 1846 - 1859 (File)

24 items. Items of interest include:

1. J G (London) to Shuttleworth sending shells and seeds collected by Gilbert. 1846-11-27

2. R S (Galway) to Gould grateful for shells and seeds from Australia. 1847-1-26

3. R S (Berne) to Gould on identification of shells. 1847-05-21

5. J G (Prince's hand) to Shuttleworth sending more shells collected in Australia. 1848-12-7

6. R S (Berne) to Gould re shells collected by Cuming. 1848-12-7

7. J G (Prince's hand) to Shuttleworth that his collector is now in New Zealand. 1849-4-7

9. J G (Prince's hand) to Shuttleworth that recieved news from Strange of a collection of New Zealand shells. 1849-11-22

11. J G (Prince's hand) to Shuttleworth re collection of Australian shells. 1850-11-15

12. R s (Berne) to Gould on receipt of shells. 1851-1-9

20. J G (Prince's hand) to Shuttleworth sending shells from South Australia. 1855-8-7

21. R S (Berne) to Gould on receipt of shells. 1856-2-6

22.J G (Prince's hand) to Shuttleworth re death of Strange. 1856-2

Sidney, Sam (London), 1852 (File)

Two items.

Skaise, John, 1849 (File)
Skinner, F U (Jamaica), 1857 (File)
Smith, Andrew (London), 1842 - 1849 (File)

Two items.

Smith, Charles Hamilton, n.d. (File)
Spence, William (London), 1846 - 1859 (File)

Nine items. An item of interest includes:

W S (London) to Gould introducing Charles O'Reilly visiting Australia to collect natural history specimens. 1850-05-20

Stephen, Alfred (Sydney?), n.d. (File)
1 item
A S (Philip Street, Sydney?) to Gould, 31 March ? (Item 1)

Regretting that he cannot afford to buy Gould's works and correcting several names in the list of subscribers from VDL

Stevenson, Henry (Norwich), 1857 - 1872 (File)

37 items. Includes ms list of specimens.

Stokes, J (Perth), 1845 - 1846 (File)
2 items
J S (Perth) to Gould re murder of Johnson Drummond by natives on expedition to obtain specimen of a kangaroo, 16 August 1845 (Item 1)
J S (Perth) to Gould re death of Gilbert, 27 June 1846 (Item 2)

He hopes to be able to obtain an engraving of a portrait of Gilbert to distribute among his friends as Smith did of his son who starved to death on Captain Grey's expedition

Strange, Frederick (Sydney), 1835 - 1852 (File)
1 item
Correspondence between F S (Sydney, Moreton Bay, New Zealand) and Gould, many in Prince's hand, 27 December 1835 - 18 November 1852 (Item 1-128)

128 items.

Subjects include: specimens being shipped; news of MacGillivray, Bennett, Gilbert and other collectors and explorers; suicide of Stephen Coxen by poison; Moa; Gould's desiderata; expenses; Strange's account with Gould.

Includes: Bills of lading; lists of specimens despatched with notes; list of subscriptions to testimonial for Leichhardt.

Subseries BOX 8. Correspondence Str-Zil, 1831 - 1879
39 items
Strickland, Arthur (Bridlington Quay), 1849 - 1863 (File)

Eight items.

Strickland, Hugh Edwin (Evesham; Apperley Green), 1840 - 1853 (File)

55 items. Items of interest include:

1. H S (Evesham) to Gould requesting that Gould identifies Australian and New Zealand birds described by Latham. 1840-10-15

2. H S (Evesham) to Gould sending the list of Latham's birds. 1840-12

3. H S (Evesham) to Gould re Gould's offer to the Worcester Natural History Society of 100 Australian Birds. 1841-07-07

4. H S (Evesham) to Gould re his gift. 1841-09-17

5. J G (London) to Strickland re death of Mrs Gould. 1841-10-13

7. H S (Evesham) to Gould re employment of Lear. 1841-11-09

8. H S (Evesham) to Gould asking to have any specimens from Captain Belcher's voyage that are in a poor condition. 1843-04-10

Strickland, H E snr (Apperley Court; Weston super Mare), 1852 - 1862 (File)

Nine items.

Stroud, Richard (Aldermaston), 1841 - 1843 (File)
1 item
Rev S Bellas (Aldermaston) and R S (Northam) to Gould re money due under will of Thomas Stroud, 11 Nov 1841-6 June n.yr. (1843?) (Item 1-3)

Three items.

Stroud, Thomas, 1837 (File)
1 item
Copy of will of Thomas Stroud appointing Stephen Coxen executor, 8 June 1837 (Item 1)
Sundervall, Carl Jacob (Stockholm), 1850 (File)
Swainson, William (nr London), 1831 - 1837 (File)

Ten items.

Swanston, G, n.d. (File)
1 item

See also Gould, John [Box 4; File 2].

G S (Hobart) to Lt. Beechee (Hobart) that bad weather prevents him leaving home, n.d. (Item 1)
Swinhoe, Robert (Chelsea), 1862 - 1874 (File)

Seven items.

Thomson, J Deas (Sydney), 1839 (File)
2 items
E T (Sydney) to Gould authorising him to draw official stores, 7 September 1839 (Item 1)
E T (Sydney) open letter requesting that all Government officials assist Gould, 7 September 1839 (Item 2)
Valenciennes, Achille (Versailles), 1841 - 1842 (File)

Three items.

Verreaux, Jean Baptiste Edouard (Paris), 1845 - 1862 (File)
1 item
Correspondence between J V (Paris) and Gould, many in Prince's hand, 5 June 1845 - 12 February 1862 (Item 1-50)

50 items. Subjects include: exchange of specimens; Gould sending Australian birds and mammals, including kangaroos and echidna specimens; selling Strange's collection; 'Australian natural history is already getting scarce'; problems finding collectors since the discovery of gold.

Verreaux, Jules P (Paris), 1842 - 1870 (File)

16 items.

Vigne, G P (London), 1863 (File)
Vrolik, Willem (Amsterdam), 1841 - 1859 (File)

24 items.

Wagner, Rudolph (Gottingen), 1850 (File)

Two items.

Wallich, Nathaniel (London), 1852 (File)
Walters, G, n.d. (File)
1 item
G W (Huonfarm lands, VDL) to Gould (Hobart) sending him a rat, n.d. (Item 1)
Waterhouse, George Robert (British Museum), n.d. (File)
Way, Nowell F (Bristol), 1879 (File)
Webster, John H (Sydney), 1838 (File)
1 item
J W (Sydney) to Gould (Hobart) re safe arrival after 108 day voyage; his brother Thomas is to go to Rev Thomas Hassell at O'Connell Plains, 12 October 1838 (Item 1)
Were, ?Michael W (Plymouth), 1854 (File)

Three items.

Westwood, John Obadiah (Oxford), 1838 - 1871 (File)

Eight items.

White, Adam (British Museum), 1843 - 1861 (File)

Three items.

White, Samuel, 1867 (File)
1 item
Observations on birds whose eggs he is sending Gould, including some from his brother's aviary in Adelaide, Feb? 1867 (Item 1)

One list of specimens [5 folios].

Wickham, Capt (Sydney), 1840 (File)
1 item
J G (Sydney) to Wickham that cannot stay in Sydney until Beagle arrives, 2 April 1840 (Item 1)
Wied-Neuwied, Prince Maximilian Alexander Phillip zu (Wied), 1859 (File)
Wilcox, J (Sydney), 1852 (File)
1 item
J W (Sydney) to Gould sending specimen of eggs and nest of Menura Albertini from Richmond River, 26 September 1852 (Item 1)
Wilson, Edward (Tenby), 1847 (File)

One letter and one list of specimens [5 folios].

Wilson, Mr, 1845 (File)
1 item
J G to Wilson on his going to Australia. [illegible], 12 January 1845 - 12 July 1845 (Item 1)
Wolf, Joseph (London), 1868 (File)
Wollaston, Mr (Brompton), 1831 (File)
Wolley, Charles (Windsor), 1865 (File)
Wolley, John (Matlock; Nottingham), 1857 - 1858 (File)

Three items.

Wood, John George (London), 1860 - 1863 (File)

Two items.

Wood, Neville (Doncaster), 1837 (File)
Wright, Thomas (London), 1860 (File)
Yarrell, William (London), 1831 - 1856 (File)

Eight items.

Zill, C (Algeria), 1854 (File)

One ms list of specimens.

Subseries BOX 9. Correspondence - Nobility, 1834 - 1877
46 items

Mainly letters concerning subscriptions to Gould's publications including Birds of Australia.

Audley, George Edward 21st Baron (Edinburgh), 1857 (File)
Bagot, Lord (Rugeley), 1863 (File)
Bradford, Orlando George Charles 3rd Earl of, 1868 - 1873 (File)

Five letters.

Brydges, Sir Hereford Jones, 1865 (File)

Two letters.

Burlington, Earl of, 1841 - 1852 (File)

Five letters.

Buxton, Sir J F (Waltham Abbey), 1862 (File)
Calthorpe, Lord, 1869 (File)
Cloncurry, Lord, 1864 - 1870 (File)

Two letters.

Cloncurry, Lady, 1865 - 1866 (File)

Two letters.

Craven, William 2nd Earl of, 1850 - 1862 (File)

12 letters.

Darnley, John Stuart 6th Earl of, 1863 - 1867 (File)

Three letters.

Dartmouth, William Walter Legge Earl of (Wolverhampton), 1868 (File)
Dorchester, Lord, 1862 - 1869 (File)

Four letters.

Egremont, Wyndham Earl of, 1837 - 1843 (File)

Six letters.

Enniskillen, William Willoughby Cole 3rd Earl of, 1864 - 1873 (File)

12 letters. Items of interest include:

6.E (Ireland) to Gould re two emu skins left with him by an Australian. 1868-11-30

Falmouth, Evelyn Boscawen 6th Viscount, 1863 - 1876 (File)

Seven letters.

Falmouth, Viscountess, 1854 - 1860 (File)

Three letters.

Foley, Lord, 1863 - 1869 (File)

Seven letters.

Foley, Lady, 1870 (File)
Hill, Rowland Clegg 2nd Lord and Viscount, 1843 - 1848 (File)

12 letters.

Holmesdale, Viscount, 1864 - 1872 (File)

5 letters.

Kenmare, Earl of, 1838 - 1849 (File)

Six letters.

Leigh, William Henry 2nd Baron, 1857 - 1870 (File)

Eight letters.

Leigh, Lady, 1871 (File)
Leven & Melville, John Thornton, 9th Earl of Leven & 8th of Melville, 1868 (File)
Lyttleton, Lord, 1834 (File)

Three letters.

Newport, Viscount, 1863 - 1864 (File)

Three letters.

Northampton, Charles Douglas 3rd Marquis of, 1852 (File)
Panmuro, Lord, 1843 (File)
Portman, Lord, 1869 (File)
Powerscourt, Mervyn Wingfield 7th Viscount (Ireland), 1859 - 1874 (File)

Ten letters.

Ravensworth, Lord (Gateshead), 1863 - 1873 (File)

Nine letters.

Sefton, William Philip Molyneux 4th Earl of (London), 1863 - 1867 (File)

Three letters.

Selkirk, William Alexander Louis Stephen, 12th Duke of Hamilton & 9th Duke of Brandon Earl of, 1867 (File)
Sheffield, Earl of, 1851 - 1863 (File)

Six letters.

Shrewsbury, John Talbot 16th Earl of, 1843 - 1848 (File)

Six letters.

Somerset, Edward Adolphus Seymour 11th Duke of, 1851 (File)
Sondes, Lord, 1863 - 1864 (File)

Two letters.

Sutherland, George Granville 2nd Duke of, 1834 (File)
Tankerville, Charles Augustus 6th Earl of, 1866 - 1871 (File)

Five letters.

Taylor, Baron B T, 1841 (File)
Teignmouth, Charles John 2nd Baron, 1837 - 1858 (File)

Ten letters.

Tweeddale, George 8th Marquis of, 1866 - 1877 (File)

Six letters. Items of Interest include:

2. T (Chistlehurst) to Gould re bird from Phillipines obtained from Dr Meyer. 1872-07-09

Wenlock, Lord (nr York), 1842 - 1851 (File)

Two letters.

Wharncliffe, Lord, 1864 - 1874 (File)

13 letters.

Wurttemberg, Paul Wiliam Duke of, 1845 (File)
1 item
W (Wurttemberg) to Gould, 24 October 1845 (Item 1)

He regrets not being able to visit Gould's Australian treasures; his own collection includes a number of Gould's new species; requests that Gould's Australian collectors obtain specimens for him

Subseries BOX 10. Correspondence - Outsize Material, 1839 - 1876
2 items
Coxen, Stephen Snr (Sydney), 1839 - 1843 (File)
1 item
Correspondence between S C (Yarrundi, Sydney) and Gould, 18 September 1838 - 15 September 1843 (Item 1-17)

17 letters. Subjects include: education of Stephen Jnr.; economic state of NSW; subscriptions to Gould's publications; requests for birds eggs; Gould's trip to Australia; buying land.

Items of interest include: 15. S C (Yarrundi) to Stephen Coxen Jnr. that he should return to NSW; economic problems, 1843-06-01.16. S C (Yarrundi) to Elizabeth Coxen (his mother) with family news, 1843-06-01.

Gould, John Balance sheets and accounts (File)
6 items
J G to ? thanking him for assistance; news from Bennett (crossed and illegible), n.d. (Item 1)
List of eggs of VDL birds wanted by Mr Gould (Item 2)
List of birds (Item 3)
Account with T Ewing (Item 4-5)
Account with S Coxen (Item 6-9)
Bill of Exchange, Union Bank of Australia, 11 March 1846 (Item 10)

Series Z MSS GOU B. Gould Australian Collection, 1834 - 1872

40 items

Archival History

Originally filmed on AJCP reels M2901-M2902.

Subseries. Mss notes, letters and drawings regarding Australian mammals and birds
40 items
Angas, George French (Australia), c1859 (File)
4 items

Eight items, including six drawings.

G A (Sydney) to George Bennett re assisting Gould; drawings of sea lions;the Australian Museum, 14 September 1859 (Item 1)
Drawings of seals, sealions, Bennett's Cassowary (Item 3-8)
Bartlett, Abraham Dee (London), 1862 (File)
1 item
A B (London) to Gould re wombat, 7 November 1862 (Item 1)
Becker, Ludwig (Melbourne), 1858 (File)
1 item

Two letters.

L B (Melbourne) to Gould, 12 May 1858 (Item 1-2)

Re sketch of bat seen in hollow tree, encloses Tenacity of life in the platypus by L B Transaction of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria Vol. 1 1856, pp. 155-158.

Bennett, George (Australia), 1857 - 1859 (File)
2 items

Fifteen items, including two sketches. See also Angas, George.

G B (Sydney) to Gould, 10 September 1857 - 26 January 1859 (Item 1-11)

Subjects include: discovery of new species of Cassowary from New Britain; Angas' drawing of it; skeleton of dugong from Moreton Bay; proposed trip to England.

The Australian dog or dingo: Canis Australasiae (Item 12)
Blyth, Edward (London), 1867 (File)
1 item

Two items.

E B (London) to Gould re Indian grass owl, 19 November 1867 (Item 1)
Coxen Charles, c1860-1868 (File)
1 item

Three items, including one sketch.

C C (Brisbane) to Gould re specimens of dugong and Waller's owl, 11 July 1860?, 10 Sept 1860?, 10 Aug 1868 (Item 1-3)
Davidson, J Ewen (Australia), 1868 - 1872 (File)
2 items

Four items, including one sketch. See also Rolleston, G (2).

J D (Port Mackay) to George Marten re Cassowary, 28 March 1868 (Item 1)
Notes and drawings of Cassowary (Item 3-4)
Diggles, S (-), n.d. (File)

Two items, including one painting and one print.

Elsey, J R (London), 1857 (File)
1 item
J E (Highgate) to Gould, 29 September 1857 (Item 1)

Re different bird species encountered on North Australian Exploring Expedition led by A G Gregory

Gibson, F (S A) ms description of species (File)
1 item
Notes on Emblema picta. Ediowii, South Australia, 1869 (Item 1)
Gilbert, John (Australia), c1841-1845 (File)
10 items

Ms booklets containing lists of specimens and descriptions of species.

Quadrupeds (of Western Australia, 1839-1840) (Item 1)
Birds observed inhabiting the Cobourg peninsula, 1840 - 1841 (Item 2)
Quadrupeds of Port Essington, 1840 - 1841 (Item 3)
Reptiles of Port Essington, 1840 - 1841 (Item 4)
Birds of Copang, 1841 (Item 5)
Birds of Western Australia, 1842 - 1843 (Item 6)
Birds of Western Australia Revision of 6, 1842 - 1843 (Item 7)
Mammals of Western Australia, no. 1, 1842 - 1844 (Item 8)
Mammals of Western Australia, no. 2 Revision of 8, 1842 - 1843 (Item 9)
List of specimens sent to London from Sydney, 1839 - 1840 (Item 10)
Gould, John, 1834 - 1867 (File)

Undated lists and descriptions of species; rough sketches; 1 print (48 items total).

Items of interest include:

11. Received from Mr Bynoe, surgeon of HM ship Beagle the following species of birds. 1839-04-09

12. Some additional information respecting the havits and economy, particularly of its nidification of the Leipoa Ocellata. 1834

14. On a new species of Cassowary, 1857

18. On the Australian genus Climacteris. 1867

Grant, H (-), 1843 (File)
1 item
H G (India House) to Gould encloses a copy of a letter from JH Arnold to T L Peacock 28 June 1843, 14 December 1843 (Item 1)

Re kangaroo kept by Peacock.

Gray, John Edward, n.d. (File)

One printed booklet.

Gregory, Francis T (Perth, WA) ms note on Dacelo cervina, 1861 (File)
Grey, Sir George, 1842 - 1854 (File)
7 items
Schedule of specimens marked with an x before the number, n.d. (Item 1)
Western Australia, Ngowo of the natives, Australian pheasant of the settlers., n.d. (Item 2)
Anas naevosa. Adelaide, December 1842 (Item 3)
G G (Serringapatam, Bristol) to Gould re Kakapo of New Zealand, 7 October 1854 (Item 4)
Three drawings of mound of Mallee Fowl with ms. notes, December 1842 (Item 5)
Notes on kangaroos (Item 6)
Drawing of head of wombat, Murray Plains (Item 7)
Jardine, John, 1866 (File)
3 items
J J ( to Charles Coxen with description of new fly catcher and new honey eater, 1866 (Item 1)
Water colour of same, Gould has added scientific names (Item 2)
Proceedings of Zoological Society, 8 May 1866 (Item 3)

Additions to list of avifauna of Australia by Gould.

Krefft, Johann Gerard (London; Sydney), 1858 - 1861 (File)
7 items
G K (London) to Gould with list of eggs collected from lower Murray and Darling, 7 July 1858 (Item 1a)
List of birds eggs collected on Blandowski expedition, 1856 - 1857 (Item 1b)
G K (Sydney) to Gould enclosing sketch and hair of small species of Perameles, 23 March 1861 (Item 2a-c)
G K (Sydney) to Gould re rats, 22 May 1861 (Item 3)
G K (Sydney) to Gould re sketches of mammals, 20 June 1861 (Item 4)
G K (Sydney) to Gould re specimens sent on Damascus, 21 July 1861 (Item 5)
Four water colour drawings of rats (Item 6-9)
Leycester, Augustus Adolphus (Australia), 1859 (File)
1 item
Narrative of a shooting excursion to the 'Calwin' mountains of the Richmond River, 20 April 1859 (Item 1)
McCoy, Frederick, n.d. (File)
1 item

Includes five sketches.

Five drawings of Southern hairy nosed wombats (Item 1-5)
MacGillivray, John (HMS Rattlesnake), 1845 (File)
5 items

18 letters.Items of interest include:

1. J M (HMS Rattlesnake, Mauritius) to Gould sending back first batch of specimens. 1847-05-12

2. J M (HMS Rattlesnake, off Cape Howe and Port Phillip) to Gould re voyage and specimens. 1848-02-06 and 1848-02-12

3. J M (HMS Rattlesnake, at sea and Moreton Bay) to Gould re voyage and collecting. 1849-05-12 and 1849-05-19

5. Notes for Mr Gould on some Australian mammalia and birds.

6. Voyage of HMS Rattlesnake catalogue of mammals and birds.

Mantell, Walter, c1848 (File)
2 items

Four items.

W M ( to Gould enclosing paper on birds of New Zealand by Capt. W Mein Smith, n.d. (c. 1848) (Item 1)
W M ( to Gould re disposal of birds; note on Kea, n.d. (post 1852) (Item 3-4)
Marten George N (Cannock), 1867 - 1869 (File)
1 item

Two items. See also Rolleston, G (1).

G M (Cannock) to Gould enclosing description of Davidson's Cassowary, 13 Dec 1867 or 1869 (Item 1-2)
Mueller, Ferdinand von (Melbourne), 1866 (File)
1 item
F M (Melbourne?) to Richard Owen with cuttings from Melbourne papers on discovery of Cassowary, 25 December 1866 (Item 1)
Ogilby, William, n.d. (File)
1 item
W O ( to Gould re specimen of kangaroo in French Museum, pre-1841 (Item 1)
Penny Illustrated Paper, c1869 (File)

Two items.

Preiss, L, n.d. (File)
1 item
Animals from Western Australia left with Mr Gould, 1842 (Item 1)
Ramsay, Edward Pierson (Dobroyde, NSW), 1868 - 1869 (File)
1 item
E R (Dobroyde, NSW) to Gould re birds, 18 Feb 1868, 18 April 1868, 1 Jan 1869 (Item 1-3)
Reeves, John, n.d. (File)
Richter, Henry Constantine, c.1854 (File)
1 item
Notes on Bettongia cuniculus, betongia ogelbie, c.1854 (Item 1)
Rolleston, George, c.1866 (File)
1 item
G R ( to George Marten with copy of letter from J E Davidson re Cassowary, c.1866 (Item 1-2)
Schomburgh, Richard, 1862 (File)
1 item

Two items.

R S (Adelaide) to Gould, October 1863 (Item 1)

Sending his article Zur Fortpflanzungsgeschichte der Leipoa ocellata Gould Leopoldina Heft 3 Nr. 14 15 1862 with rough translation

Scott, A J, c.1867 (File)
1 item
A S (London) to Gould re Cassowary, 4 March (c.1867) (Item 1)
Strange, Frederick, (Australia), n.d. (File)
2 items
List of mammals and birds sent per Captain Marshall Posthumous. On reverse letter (to Gould?), July 4 (Item 1)
Ms. notes on various animals (Item 2-7)
Sturt, Charles, 1844 - 1846 (File)
4 items
C S ( to Gould re sticknest rat, includes extract from journal on discovery of nest of sticknest rat, 20 December 1844 (Item 1)
Birds shot at the depot (Fort Grey), 1844 - 1845 (Item 2)
Drawing of sticknest rat, on reverse extract from Sturt's journal re death of Henry Bryan (Item 3)
Drawing of sticknest rat (Item 4)
Tomes, Robert F (Stratford upon Avon), n.d. (File)
3 items
R T (Stratford on Avon) to Gould, n.d. [1858/9] (Item 1-3)

Re bats 'surprised that Australia does not furnish a single form among bats but such as are common to nearly all the world'.

Notes on genus Scotophilus (Item 4)
Drawings of bats (Item 5-27)
Wall, William Sheridan (Australia), 1852 - 1854 (File)
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List of mammalia and aves belonging to the Australian Museum and forwarded through George Bennett to Mr Gould for description, 1852 (Item 1)
Cutting from Illustrated Sydney News, 3 June 1854 of Cassowary (Item 2)
Wallace, Alfred Russel (Amboyna), 1859 (File)
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A W (Amboyna) to Gould re his collection, 30 September 1859 (Item 1)
Waterhouse, George Robert (British Museum), 1840s (File)
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G W ( to Gould what to look at at Paris Museum, 3 March 1841 (Item 1)
Notes and sketches of kangaroos and marsupials (Item 2-13)
White, Samuel (Reed Beds Adelaide), 1864 (File)
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Includes three photographs.

S W (Reed Beds) to Gould re his collection of Australian birds, 25 January 1864 (Item 1)
Gould (London) to S W re his collection and list of desiderata, 21 March 1864 (Item 2)
S W (Reed Beds) to Gould re collecting eggs and enclosing three photographs of Australian Little Eagle, 26 May 1864 (Item 3)
S W (Reed Beds) to Gould sending eggs, June 1864 (Item 4)
Gould (London) to S W re identification of bird photograph, 19 July 1864 (Item 5)
S W (Reed Beds) to Gould sending nest and eggs, 24 August 1864 (Item 6)
Gould ( to S W re receipt of eggs and list of desiderata, 22 October 1864 (Item 7)
'Copy of my notebook', c.1864 (Item 8)

S W lists nine birds with descriptions collected from the Reed Beds, Murray River and Coopers Creek, 1862-1863