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Correspondence and newspaper cuttings, 1874 - 1916 (File 1)

Major-General Henry Renny (Colombo) to Musgrave, 4 February 1874 (Item)

Musgrave's visit to Ceylon.

Frederick Locker (London) to Musgrave, 7 April 1874 (Item)

Article by Musgrave passed to J.T. Knowles, editor of Contemporary Review.

Frederic Locker (The Hague) to Musgrave, 17 July [1774] (Item)

Locker's marriage; Musgrave's contribution to Contemporary Review.

H.D. Macleod (London) to Musgrave, 13 October 1874 (Item)

Comments on Musgrave's article 'Mr Mill on capital'; definition of 'capital'.

H.D. Macleod to Musgrave, 17 February 1875 (Item)

Principles of economical philosophy; theory of credit in Byzantine Empire.

Musgrave (Adelaide) to D.D. Field, 25 May 1874 (Item)

Thanks for pencil case; death of his daughter; Musgrave's book and article In Contemporary Review; his son William.

Rev. Alexander Russell (Adelaide) to Musgrave, 22 November 1876 (Item)

Musgrave's appointment as Governor of Jamaica.

Newspaper cutting of a speech by Musgrave delivered on his departure from South Australia, [South Australian Register], 27 January 1877 (Item)

Musgrave (Kingston) to Edward Norton, 24 January 1883 (Item)

Newton's health; question of his return to Jamaica; local affairs; loan legislation.

R.J. Boyd to Lady Musgrave, 8 March 1883 (Item)

Thanks for help.

Musgrave to Lord Derby, 27 December 1884 (Item)

Reprieve granted to prisoners Neil McNeil and Bernard Williams under sentences of death; views of Executive Council. (draft)

List of petitions concerning the case of McNeil and Williams (Item)

John Chapman to Musgrave, 31 July 1886 (Item)

Treatment of colonial questions and Imperial Federation in Westminster Review; suggests Musgrave write a paper on the Irish in Newfoundland.

John Chapman (London) to Musgrave, August 1886 - September 1886 (Item)

Article in Westminster Review on currency question. (4 letters)

Musgrave (Whitehaven) to D.D. Field, 28 September 1886 (Item)

Travels in Scotland; financial matters; dinner for Musgrave in London.

Newspaper account of a dinner in London in honour of Musgrave, October 1886 (Item)

Musgrave (London) to D.D. Field (Item)

Departure from London; report of banquet.

Musgrave (SS Rome) to Edward Newton, 28 September 1886 (Item)

Arrangements made for his sons in England; report of banquet in London; Sir Henry Norman in Jamaica.

Prospectus and report of Westminster Review Company Ltd, March 1887 (Item)

John Chapman (London) to Musgrave, 9 April 1887 (Item)

Meeting of Westminster Review Co. Also includes a note to Musgrave regarding a certificate for 1 share of Westminster Review Co., 5 March 1887.

Sir Thomas Brassey to Musgrave, 12 October 1887 (Item)

Death of Lady Brassey on the Sunbeam.

Committee of Lady Musgrave Lodge (Brisbane) to Lady Musgrave, October 1888 (Item)

Death of Musgrave; Lady Musgrave's departure from Queensland. (2 letters)

Col. G.A. French (Brisbane) to W.A.B. Musgrave, 27 October 1888 (Item)

Case of Capt. Draper; queries whether Sir Anthony Musgrave made a definite decision on the matter.

W.A.B. Musgrave (Brisbane) to Col. G.A. French, 27 October 1888 (Item)

Recollections of Governor's handling of case of Capt. Draper.

H.D. Sedgwick (New York) to Lady Musgrave, 11 May 1916 (Item)

Agrees to be her executor in United States.

Godwin Smith to Lady Musgrave, 10 June 1889 (Item)

Admiral Tryon to Musgrave, 20 May 1887 (Item)

Notes and extracts from writings, c.1870-1876 (File 2)

Extract from paper by W.S. Jevons, 'The progress of the mathematical theory of political economy', 11 November 1874 (Item)

Containing a reference to Musgrave's writings.

Notes and quotes from articles and books, c.1870-1876 (Item)

Correspondence of Lady Musgrave concerning memorials in honour of her husband, 1910 - 1913 (File 3)

Late in her life, Lady Musgrave provided funds for various kinds of memorials to Musgrave in colonies in which he had been governor or administrator. They included shields, a lectern, candlesticks and a launch. In addition to photographs, the papers comprise letters from the Governor of Queensland, Sir William MacGregor, the Bishop of Antigua, the rector of St Paul's Church, Nevis, the Bishop of the West Indies, the Bishop of Newfoundland, the Newfoundland Church Lads' Brigade, the Columbia Church Mission, and the British Columbia Church Aid Society.

Address to Lady Musgrave, 16 April 1883 (File 4)

J.I. Wigham to the Ladies Committee of the Women's Self Help Committee, 16 April 1883: sends signatures (30pp) of ladies of Portland for proposed address to Lady Musgrave on her departure from Jamaica.

Will of Sir Anthony Musgrave, 16 August 1877 - 8 August 1883 (File 5)

Will of Sir Anthony Musgrave, 16 Aug. 1877, and two codicils, 8 Nov. 1879, 8 Aug. 1883.

Commissions, 1862 - 1883 (File 6)

Commissions appointing Musgrave as Lieutenant Governor of St Vincent (1862), Governor of Newfoundland (1864), Governor of South Australia (1873), Governor of Jamaica (1877) and Governor of Queensland (1883). There are also letters about his appointment from the Secretary of State for the Colonies: the Duke of Newcastle (1862), Lord Granville (1869) and Lord Kimberley (1871).

Letters of Sir Samuel Griffith to Lady Musgrave, 1890 - 1901 (File 7)

Fifteen letters from the Queensland politician and judge, Sir Samuel Griffith, to Lady Musgrave following her return to England in 1888...

Diary of Lady Musgrave, 1888 (File 8)

The diary, which has a page for each day, commences on 14 February 1888 and continues to the end of the year. The entries refer to social events, visits to schools and hospitals, exhibitions, music, cruises on the Lucinda, a visit by Lord and Lady Carrington (May 1888), a tour visiting Bundaberg, Gympie and Maryborough (May-June 1888), the resignation of Sir William Griffith as Premier (12 June 1888), the Melbourne International Exhibition (Aug. 1888), the death of Sir Anthony Musgrave (8 Oct. 1888) and Lady Musgrave's departure from Queensland and her journey to England on SS Juno (Nov.-Dec. 1888).

Album of photographs and tributes to Musgrave, 1888 - 1890 (File 9)

Album of photographs, letters, cables, obituaries and newspaper cuttings compiled following the death of Musgrave in October 1888. There are a large number of photographic portraits of Musgrave, dating from 1869 to 1888, as well as photographs of his grave, inscriptions on the grave, memorials in St John's Church, Brisbane, and the funeral procession in Brisbane. There are a large number of letters and cables from individuals and organisations to Lady Musgrave expressing sympathy on the death of her husband. The correspondents include Lady Carrington, Sir George Baden-Powell, Sir Henry Ayers, Lord Knutsford, William MacGregor, Charles Pearson, Sir Thomas Brassey, Sir Robert Hamilton, Sir Henry Loch and Sir Alfred Stephen. Among the other papers are special editions of the Queensland Government Gazette (9 Oct. 1888) and the Jamaica Gazette (10 Oct. 1888), the death certificate, Lady Musgrave's written account of Musgrave's death, newspaper reports of the funeral, obituaries, addresses of condolence from the parliaments of Queensland and Tasmania, and newspaper cuttings about memorials to Musgrave erected in Jamaica.