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British Museum (Natural History). Coelenterata Section
Natural History Museum: Collections of the Coelenterata Section (as filmed by the AJCP)
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1903 - 1968
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M2643 - M2644
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Scope and Contents

Correspondence of successive heads of the Coelenterata Section, concerning the acquisition, loan and exchange of specimens, enquiries from both professional and amateur zoologists, and coelenterate research relating to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Correspondents include Baldwin Spencer, Arthur K. Totton, W.M. Bale, E.A. Briggs, W.T. Wells, Sir Douglas Mawson, E.J. Batham, H. Boschma, Cyril Crossland, Beatrice Grey, Loisette Marsh, R. Denison Purchon, C.M. Yonge and John Wells.

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Material selectively filmed at the Archives Department, British Museum (Natural History), as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1991 (AJCP Reels: M2643-M2644). Original microfilm digitised as part of the AJCP Online Delivery Project, 2017-2020.

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Archives Department, Natural History Museum, London, England.

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Formerly known as British Museum (Natural History).

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Administrative History

The Coelenterata Section was formally set up in 1913 when the old Invertebrate Section was split up on the retirement of E.A. Smith. Immediately prior to this, Smith had been responsible for the corals, and R. Kirkpatrick for the hydrozoa. Arthur Knyvett Totton (1892-1973) was appointed in 1914 to take charge of the Coelenterata, but had only just started work when he left to serve in the army. Totton had studied zoology at the Royal College of Science, London, under Professor E.W. MacBride, and specialised on the hydroids and later, the siphonophores while at the Museum. He retired in 1954, but was retained as an Associate until 1963. In 1955 William James Rees (1913-1967) was moved from the Mollusca Section to take charge of the Coelenterata. He worked mainly on hydroids, although retaining an interest in cephalopods, and died suddenly in 1967. Ernest White worked as an assistant on the Section from 1918, when he joined the Museum, until his retirement in 1964.

Both Totton and Rees kept individual files for the chief correspondents (31-84 and 86-189), with a chronological or alphabetical sequence for the remainder (1-30, 85).

References Anon, 1973. Arthur Knyvett Totton, Nature, 244, 187-188.

The class consists of the correspondence of successive heads of the Coelenterata Section, and covers the acquisition, loan and exchange of specimens, enquiries from both professional and amateur zoologists, and coelenterate research.

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Australia; Australia: flora and fauna; Bale, W.M.; Batham, E.J.; Boschma, H.; Briggs, E.A.; Crossland, Cyril; Great Britain; Grey, Beatrice; Marsh, Loisette; Mawson, Sir Douglas; Natural History Museum, London; New Zealand: flora and fauna; Purchon, R. Denison; Spencer, Sir W. Baldwin, Prof.; Totton, Arthur K.; Wells, John; Wells, W.T.; Yonge, C.M.; Zoologists


Originally cited in Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook. Part 8: Miscellaneous (M) Series. Third Edition, published 1998. Entry 61, p21.

Item Descriptions

Series 253/1. Correspondence, 1903 - 1919

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Baldwin Spencer (Melbourne) re type specimens, 20 Apr 1903; 30 Jun 1903 (File)

(2 letters)

M.Bale (Kew, Vic), 8 February 1909 (File)

Re Rattlesnake Hydroids.

M. Bale (Kew, Vic.) re identification of specimens, 28 August 1911 (File)

E.A. Briggs (Australian Museum, Sydney), 3 February 1915 - 1 June 1915 (File)

Re his work on Hydroids of Antarctic expedition.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Briggs, 14 November 1919 (File)

Re work on Terra Nova Hydroida. (copy)

Series 253/2. Correspondence, 1920

1 item

Filmed selectively.

E.A. Briggs (Sydney) re new post as lecturer in Zoology at University of Sydney; work on Mawson Hydroids, 8 January 1920 (File)

Series 253/3. Correspondence, 1921

1 item

Filmed selectively.

Richard E. Trebilcock (Kerang), 23 March 1921 (File)

Intends to collect along roughest part of Victoria; working on Challenger Collection.

Series 253/5. Correspondence, 1923

2 items

Filmed selectively.

D.S. Grant (London, Singapore), 23 Jan., 12 July, 14 Oct. 1923 (File)

Re work on cable ship Colonia; and intended trip to Cocos Islands.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Grant, 2 August 1923 (File)

Re specimens he has sent. (copy)

Series 253/6. Correspondence, 1924

3 items

Filmed selectively.

D.S. Grant (Cocos Keeling Islands, Penang), 20 Jan., 31 Mar., 20 May [1923?], 20 July 1924 (File)

Sending specimens, due to South-East Trade Winds unable to gather living corals, description of Cocos Island; cannot understand how Wood Jones gathered specimens from Barrier Reef; barracoutas make swimming dangerous.

W.T. Wells (Australian Museum, Sydney), 31 July 1924 (File)

Re exchange of specimens; there are no paintings by Watling in Sydney.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Australian Museum, 19 June 1924 - 30 October 1924 (File)

Re exchange of Bryozoa and Aurellia coerulea; requesting details of paintings by Watling he believes are in Sydney.

Series 253/7. Correspondence, 1925

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Copy of notes on living Virgularia sp. presented to Australian Museum by A.C. English (File)

Ex letter from A.C. English, Baradobo Rigo, Papua. (2p.)

D.S. Grant (Cocos Keeling Island) sending specimens, 10 -Mar[?]-1925 (ans. 30 Mar. 1925) (File)

W.T. Wells (Australian Museum) re exchange of specimens, 27 January 1925 (File)

Series 253/8. Correspondence, 1926

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Director, Australian Museum requesting specimens of Lineoloria spinulosa, 1 June 1926 (File)

W.T. Wells (Australian Museum) regretting not able to supply, 14 May 1926 (File)

[Filed under Australian Museum]

W. Benham (Otago) sending specimens, 10 June 1926 (File)

J.A. Kershaw (National Museum, Melbourne), 3 June 1926 (File)

Re specimens of Lineolaria, encloses copy of 31 May 1926. W.M. Bale (Kew.) to Kershaw that cannot supply Lineolaria.

[?] Wood (New Zealand Institute, Wellington) re specimens from Lyall Bay, 17 June 1926 (File)

Series 253/9. Correspondence, 1927

1 item

Filmed selectively.

R.E. Trebilcock (Kerang), 14 February 1927 (File)

Sending specimens of Lineolaria.

Series 253/10. Correspondence, 1928

6 items

Filmed selectively.

W.T. Wells (Australian Museum) re specimens of Pennatulid collected by A.C. English in Papua, 30 April 1928 (File)

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Australian Museum, 21 June 1928 (File)

Re specimens 'these animals have been recorded alive on very few occasions'.

W.T. Wells (Australian Museum), 13 August 1928 (File)

Ack. receipt of letter. [Filed under Australian Museum]

F.W. Packer (Fagamalo, West Samoa) re will send coral specimens, 3 September 1928 (File)

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Trebilcock re their work on New Zealand specimens; problems of identification (draft), 3 December 1928 (File)

Andrew Thomson (Apia Observatory) re coral specimens from Fagamalo; problems of travel, 7 August 1928 (File)

Series 253/11. Correspondence, 1929

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Wells (Australian Museum) re identification of Virgularia sent by English from Papua, 25 Feb., 14 May, 4 July, 15 Aug. 1929 (File)

[Filed under Australian Museum].

Correspondence with W. Bale (Kew) re Thecocaules, 5 June 1929 - 24 July 1929 (File)

Series 253/12. Correspondence, 1930

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with W. Bale (Kew), 3 May, 12 June, 28 July, 18 Aug., 12 Sept., 22 Sept. 1930 (File)

Re Terra Nova hydroids, and his work on Dr. Martensen's New Zealand specimens. (31p.)

E.A. Briggs (University of Sydney), 23 April 1930 (File)

Re Terra Nova Hydroids.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) acknowledgement, 2 June 1930 (File)

Series 253/15. Correspondence, 1933

4 items

Filmed selectively.

W. Bale (Kew) re specimens; his illness, 23 April 1933 (File)

Correspondence with Sir Douglas Mawson (London) re corals from Kerguelen area, 8 April 1933 - 27 April 1933 (File)

M.W.F. Tweedie (Raffles Museum, Singapore), 17 November 1933 (File)

Re Coelenterates for identification.

Totten (British Museum (Natural History)) ack, 28 December 1933 (File)

Series 253/17. Correspondence, 1935

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Rev. A.E. Corner (Melanesian Mission, Bournemouth), 17 May 1935 (File)

Re opportunities for missionaries to collect specimens.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Melanesian Mission, 14 May 1935 (File)

Re coral from Malaita Island.

Correspondence with H.C. Richards (London, New York), 2 Sept., 17 Oct., 27 Nov., 13 Dec. 1935 (File)

Re his trip to England, the Great Barrier Reef, his trip to U.S.A.

Series 253/18. Correspondence, 1936

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with T. Harvey Johnston (University of Adelaide), 4 April, 2 July, 20 May, 4 Aug. 1936 (File)

Re Totton's work on Sir Douglas Mawson's collection of Siphonophora.

Alan P. Scott (Kew) re visit to Bale now paralysed by a stroke (part letter), 26 Dec. 1935 (sic) (File)

Lt. Cdr. H. Totton (HMS Dunedin, New Zealand), 23 November 1936 (File)

Re voyage home, encloses 3 photographs of coral and letter from G.T. Barker to Commander Burrows re Fijian coral.

Series 253/19. Correspondence, 1937

4 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with J.W.E. Lomax (Kau Kau Estate, British Solomon Islands) re flexible corals, 30 Apr., 7 July, 5 Sept. 1937 (File)

Sir Douglas Mawson (Adelaide) re his article 'The Unveiling of Antarctica', 17 December 1937 (File)

Lucy B. Moore (Auckland), 12 March 1937 (File)

Re identification of hydrozoa and polyzoa from Poor Knights Islands.

H.K. Totton (Portsmouth) re coconut crabs and other specimens from New Zealand and South Sea Islands, 13 April 1937 - 22 April 1937 (File)

Series 253/20. Correspondence, 1938 - 1939

6 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with C. Anderson (Australian Museum), 4 Oct., 28 Oct., 5 Dec. 1938, 4 Jan. 1939 (File)

Re specimen of Myriothela Australis from Marouba Bay.

Maurice Blackburn (C.S.I.R.O., Cronulla), 10 March, 19 April, 31 Aug. 1938 (File)

Re his work on Australian hydrozoa; news of Bale and Trebilcock.

Correspondence with T. Harvey Johnston (Adelaide) re B.A.N.Z.A.R.E. Collections, 16 Sept., 24 Oct., 30 Nov. 1938 (File)

H.C. Richards (Brisbane) re Great Barrier Reef material, 27 July 1938 (File)

Richards (Brisbane) to H. Boschma (Leiden) re work on borings on Heron Island (copy), 27 July 1938 (File)

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Richards re work on Great Barrier Reef material, 9 September 1938 (File)

Series 253/21. Correspondence, 1939

4 items

Filmed selectively.

D. Colbron Pearse (Tasmanian Biological Survey) re identification of 2 pieces of coral, 25 August 1939 (File)

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) that surprised to find these species so far south, 8 November 1939 (File)

Melbourne Ward (Sydney) re his collection, 29 January 1939 (File)

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) ack, 3 July 1939 (File)

Series 253/26. Correspondence, 1950

5 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with P.R. Elliot (Singapore) re corals from Labuan, 13 July 1950 - 20 July 1950 (File)

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to Prof. Louis Fage, 11 November 1950 (File)

Re specimens of Stephanomia amphytrides from Peron and Lesueur's Voyage aux Terres Australes.

Correspondence with A. Franc (Paris) that cannot find the specimens, 14 November 1950 - 27 November 1950 (File)

R. Denison Purchon (University of Malaya, Singapore) re plankton, 4 December 1950 (File)

Position of HMS Rattlesnake 14-24 June 1847 taken from ship's log, 6 November 1950 (File)

Series 253/27. Correspondence, 1951

1 item

Filmed selectively.

R. Denison Purchon (Singapore) re plankton, 5 January 1951 (File)

Series 253/28. Correspondence, 1952

3 items

Filmed selectively.

C. Sanders (University of Western Australia) re Kwinana Oil Refinery, 27 November 1952 (File)

H. Thompson (Cronulla), 10 April 1952 (File)

Re suggestion that Totton work on Siphonophora at Heron Island.

Totten (British Museum (Natural History)) to Prof. H. Waring (University of Western Australia) re working on plankton at Cockburn Sound, 21 May 1952 (File)

Series 253/29. Correspondence, 1953

3 items

Filmed selectively.

Totton (British Museum (Natural History)) to S.J. Edmonds (Adelaide) re corals of South Australia (File)

Includes list of Australian specialists.

Correspondence with E.P. Hodgkin (Perth) re corals; Totton may retire to Russell in New Zealand, 22 March 1953 - 27 March 1953 (File)

Elizabeth R. Pope (Australian Museum) re publications, 12 May 1953 (File)

Series 253/33. W.M. Bale, 1912 - 1926

1 item

Correspondence with W.M. Bale (Kew, Vic.). (74p.), 7 April 1912 - 21 September 1926 (File)

Subjects include: identification of specimens; specimens from Rattlesnake and Endeavour; his work on Endeavour specimens; disappearance of Endeavour on voyage from Macquarie Harbour to Hobart; effects of war 'recruiting has had a great impetus'; E.A. Briggs' work at University of Sydney; disapproves of purchasing German goods; his work on New Zealand Hydroida; Hydroida identified by Allman; news of Treblicock.

Series 253/34. Dr. E.J. Batham, 1951 - 1952

1 item

Correspondence with Dr. E.J. Batham (Otago) (11p.), 5 July 1951 - 16 July 1952 (File)

Subjects include: Medusae from East Coast of New Zealand; methods of preservation; obtaining specimens from Otago Harbour.

Series 253/36. H. Boschma, 1923 - 1952

1 item

Correspondence with H. Boschma (Leiden) (74p.), 6 September 1923 - 15 September 1952 (File)

Subjects include: Siboga material; Millepora from New Zealand; work on Great Barrier Reef corals; Michalmas Cay borings.

Series 253/42. Cyril Crossland, 1926 - 1936

1 item

Correspondence with Cyril Crossland (Egypt, Denmark, Tahiti, Cambridge) (87p.), 10 January 1926 - 25 December 1936 (File)

Subjects include: Sending corals from Tahiti; differences between fauna of Tahiti and other islands 'in the old days everything from a radius of 500 miles from here was labelled 'Tahiti'; Merulina from Christmas Island.

Series 255/48. Mrs B. Grey, 1935 - 1952

1 item

Correspondence with Mrs Beatrice Grey (Naples; Piraeus; Broome; Perth; Singapore) (73p.), 20 Sept. 1927 - 1 July 1935; 17-18 Sept. 1952 (File)

Subjects include: Collecting along coast of Western Australia, including Willy Creek - geological descriptions, specimens collected; comments on species sent to the museum 'your area seems to be prolific'; marooned up coast by rains 'had a pretty thin time'; plans to collect in Borneo.

Series 253/61. Mrs L. Marsh, 1952 - 1954

1 item

Correspondence with Mrs Loisette Marsh (Maylands, W.A.) (21p.), 12 November 1952 - 6 February 1954 (File)

Subjects include: Corals collected in Western Australia; different species collected on Rottnest Island; specimens from Cockburn Sound.

Series 253/66. Prof. R.D. Purchon, 1953 - 1954

1 item

Correspondence with R. Denison Purchon (Truro, Bristol, Singapore) re his identification of Singapore corals (15p.), 6 July 1953 - 26 November 1954 (File)

Series 253/83. Dr. J.W. Wells, 1933 - 1954

1 item

Correspondence with John Wells (Homer, N.Y.; Columbus, Ohio; Ithaca, N.Y.). (72p.), 16 June 1933 - 8 February 1954 (File)

Subjects include: His work on corals; specimens from Port Essington; work on corals of Marshall Islands; his report on corals of Bikini Islands; identification of Mrs Marsh's Western Australian corals; plans to lecture in Queensland.

Series 253/84. Prof. C.M. Yonge, 1926 - 1953

1 item

Correspondence with C.M. Yonge (Glasgow, Bristol, Plymouth), 18 January 1926 - 16 December 1953 (File)

Re work on Great Barrier Reef and his opinion of several Australian scientists. (38p.)

Series 253/85. General Correspondence, 1957 - 1969

20 items

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence with Jack Barnes (Cairns), 20 April 1965; 11 Aug., 3 Oct. 1964 (File)

Re his work on Chironex / Chiropsalmus.

Correspondence with Isobel Bennett (University of Sydney) re snails from Sydney Harbour, 12 June 1964; 26 April, 15 March, 8 March 1965 (File)

Correspondence with A.J. Berry (University of Malaya) re freshwater medusae, 10 Oct. 1961; 14 Nov., 16 Oct., 10 Oct. 1962 (File)

Correspondence with Robert Burn (Geelong), 6 Feb. 1961; 26 March, 2 March 1960 (File)

Re his work on Edenttellina and Tamanovalva.

J.W. Evans (Australian Museum), 3 January 1962 (File)

Enclosing data concerning type material of Hydrozoa reported on by Ritchie, 1911 ex Thetis expedition collections. [Specimens stored in Australian Museum.]

R.W. George (Western Australian Museum), 1 June 1965 (File)

Re type specimen of octo corals.

Keith Gillett (Waverley) re hydroids from Great Barrier Reef which sting, 20 May 1965 (File)

Correspondence with F. Jacka (Mawson Institute for Antarctic Research), 11 Nov., 23 Nov 1965; 11 May, 22 April 1966 (File)

Re work at the British Museum(Natural History) on B.AN.Z.A.R.E. Hydroids.

W.J. Rees (British Museum (Natural History)) to George Mack (Queensland Museum) re Stylactella niotha, 28 February 1961 (File)

Correspondence with Dr. Edgar Martin (Pago Pago) re poisonous animal used by natives to comit suicide, 25 Nov. 1958, 27 Feb. 1957, 26 Dec. 1956 (File)

F.A. McNeill (Australian Museum) re Southcott's Chironex fleckeri, 25 November 1959 (File)

Correspondence with R.L.C. Pilgrim (University of Canterbury) re Pelagohydra mirabilis, 26 Aug., 2 July 1968; 23 March 1967 (File)

W.J. Rees (British Museum (Natural History)) to Elizabeth Pope (Australian Museum) re her work on the Australian seashore, 12 November 1963 (File)

Correspondence with N.B. Potter (Singapore) re corals from Malaya, 20 Aug., 30 June 1968 (File)

Includes three photographs.

W.J. Rees (British Museum (Natural History)) to W.D.L. Ride (Museum of Western Australia) re type specimens of octocorals, 5 May 1965 (File)

Correspondence with B.J. Smith (National Museum of Victoria), 1 Sept., 15 July, 27 May, 15 May, 20 May 1969 (File)

Re type specimens of Lineolaria spinulara Hincks.

Correspondence with Dale Straughan (St. Lucia, Townsville) re hydroids, 4 Oct. 1967; 10 June, 4 June, 26 May, 18 May 1964 (File)

Correspondence with Dale Straughan (St. Lucia), 23 March, 25 Feb., 21 Feb. 1964 (File)

Re medusae collected by Dinah Hodge in Brisbane River.

Correspondence with Mrs J.M. Tarca (Barrier Reef Novelties, Townsville) re literature on corals, 28 April 1967 - 10 May 1967 (File)

Correspondence with Jeanette Watson (Essendon) on her work on hydroids of Westernport Bay; news of Col. Trebilcock, 22 July 1967 - 28 July 1967 (File)

Series 253/88. E.J. Batham, 1957 - 1963

1 item

Correspondence with Dr. Elizabeth Batham (Portobello Marine Station) (17p.), 19 September 1957 - 4 January 1963 (File)

Subjects include: Uthercate hydroids on pigfish; Metridium canum from Kermadec Island collected by W.R.B. Oliver in 1908.

Series 253/103. B.C. Cotton, 1956 - 1966

1 item

Correspondence with Bernard C. Cotton (University of Adelaide, South Australian Museum) (27p.), 23 May 1956 - 19 April 1966 (File)

Subjects include: His retirement from the Museum; his publications on mollusca of South Australia; Iredale's work on mollusca of Great Barrier Reef; collecting trips to River Murray.

Series 253/145. J.E. Morton, 1962

2 items

Filmed selectively.

Rees (British Museum (Natural History)) to Morton ack, 18 September 1962 (File)

John Morton (University of Auckland), 5 September 1962 (File)

Re 'knocking this place [Department of Zoology] into shape'.

Series 253/147. K. Nix-James, 1959 - 1965

1 item

Correspondence with Katherine Nix-James (Hobart and Sydney), 1 January 1959 - 8 October 1965 (File)

Re her visit to Australia to draw and collect corals from Great Barrier Reef. (73p.)

Also includes: correspondence with A.S. Clarke (Edinburgh), William Stephenson (University of Queensland), Donald McMichael (Australian Museum).

Series 253/149. P.R. Pennycuik, 1960 - 1963

1 item

Correspondence with Dr. Pamela Pennycuik (C.S.I.R.O., Glebe and University of Queensland) (50p.), 2 December 1960 - 18 February 1963 (File)

Subjects include: Medusae collected at Heron Island; unknown jelly fish from Sydney Harbour; stinging hydroids from North Queensland.

Series 253/154. P.M. Ralph, 1955 - 1968

1 item

Correspondence with Dr. Patricia M. Ralph (Victoria, University of Wellington, Washington and, Plymouth) (254p.), January 1955 - February 1968 (File)

Subjects include: Joint paper with Rees on Pelagohydra; her teaching and research work at Wellington; family news; her visit to the Smithsonian Institution; sabatical leave in England and U.S.A.; Totton and Mackie's Discovery report on Physalia; her DSc. examination; exchange of specimens; her visit to Marine Observatory, Plymouth as part of Nuffield Travelling Fellowship.

Items of note include:Nuffield Report: submitted by P.M. Ralph (New Zealand) holder of Nuffield Travelling Fellowship in Natural Science (1958).

Tetraplatia: a coronate scyphomedusan by P.M. Ralph, 1959.

Series 253/188. J.C. Yaldwyn, 1964 - 1968

1 item

Correspondence with Dr. J.C. Yaldwyn (Australian Museum) (29p.), 8 April 1964 - 24 April 1968 (File)

Subjects include: New hydroid from Sydney Harbour; identification of jelly fish; trip by Keith Gillett to Cairns to photograph Chironex.

Series. George Busk Notebooks, 1852 - 1926

3 items

Sertulariadae of the voyage of HMS Rattlesnake (30p.), 1852 (File 1)

Drawings of Sertulariadae with locations.

Plumularia (48p.) (File 2)

Drawings of plumularia with locations. Includes: New Zealand, Banks' Island, Prince of Wales Channel).

Pencil notes by Totton, 1926.

Sertularia (49p.), 1926 (File 3)

Drawings of sertularia with locations. Includes: New Zealand, Portland Bay).

Pencil notes by Totton.