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Fonds. Papers of Sir Walter Trevelyan, 1839-04-06 - [1855]-06-19

Series WCT 142. Letters from Lord Grey, 21 April 1851

Filmed selectively.

Lord Grey (Howick) to Trevelyan, 21 April 1851 (Item)

Unable to give friend South Australian appointment; young man would do better in fields of private enterprise.

Series WCT 181. Letters from Alexander Maconochie, [1844?]-06-03 - [1855?]-06-19

Filmed selectively.

A. Maconochie to Trevelyan, [1844?]-06-03 (Item)

Papers sent by Sir James Graham to Lord Stanley.

A. Maconochie to Trevelyan, [1846?]-06-27 (Item)

Sends proof of pamphlet.

A. Maconochie to Trevelyan, [1855?]-06-19 (Item)

Observations made at Norfolk Island on connection between crime and different forms of education.

Series WCT 182. Letters from Mary Maconochie, 6 April 1839 - 4 April 1846

Filmed selectively.

Mary Maconochie (Hobart) to Mrs W. Trevelyan, 6 April 1839 (Item)

Appointment and arrival in Hobart; inadequacies of Sir John Franklin; report on convict management; letter to Lord John Russell; emnity of J. Montagu; slow progress of agriculture; description of countryside.

Mary Maconochie (London) to Mrs W. Trevelyan, 4 April 1846 (Item)

Publication of Captain. Maconochie's despatches; transportation and penal reform; W.E. Gladstone more sympathetic to Van Diemen's Land than Lord Stanley.

Mary Maconochie to Mrs W. Trevelyan, 3 Dec. [n.y.] (Item)

Return to England; failure of Sir George Gipps to assist Maconochie in Norfolk Island.

Series WCT 184. Leaflets and cuttings on penal reform, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Cutting from The Scotsman on new system of convict management at Norfolk Island, n.d. (Item)

Series WCT 204. Letters from D. Robertson, 3 June 1844 - 23 April 1845

Filmed selectively.

D. Robertson (Sydney) to Mrs W. Trevelyan, 3 June 1844 (Item)

Visit to Hobart, Tahiti and Hawaii on H.M.S. Hazard; deplores French annexation of Tahiti.

D. Robertson (Auckland) to Mrs W. Trevelyan, 23 April 1845 (Item)

Leg wound; unhappy situation in New Zealand due to mistaken philanthropy; inadequate military force.

Fonds. Papers of Sir Charles Trevelyan, May 1895 - 14 November 1956

Series CPT 1. Visit to North America and Australia, May 1898 - January 1899

Filmed selectively.

Letters relating to visit of Trevelyan to Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia, May 1898 - January 1899 (File)

They include copies of letters of Trevelyan to his family written in San Francisco, Honolulu, Wellington, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Among the other correspondents are G. Essex Evans (Toowoomba), J. Ashton (Sydney), B.R. Wise (Sydney), A.F. Buxton (Adelaide), D. Syme (Melbourne), J. Gavan Duffy (Melbourne), E.E. Morris (Melbourne), J.L. Bonython (Adelaide), J. Downer (Adelaide), A. Weigall, J. Noble Anderson (Melbourne) and R.R. Garran (Sydney)...

Series CPT 4. Correspondence with Herbert Samuel, 1 June 1898 - 2 October 1898

Filmed selectively.

H. Samuel to Trevelyan, 1 June 1898 (Item)

Voyage of Trevelyan across Pacific and possibility of capture by Spanish warship; death of W.E. Gladstone.

Trevelyan (Sydney) to H. Samuel, 2 October 1898 (Item)

Political awareness of Australians and New Zealanders; death of Queensland Premier T.J. Byrnes; land reform; Samuel's book; ineffectiveness of Liberal Party.

Series CPT 6. Letters, 6 December 1900 - 28 December 1900

Filmed selectively.

A. Lawrence to Trevelyan, 6 December 1900 (Item)

Seeks article on New Zealand politics for New Liberal Review.

W.P. Reeves to Trevelyan, 27 December 1900 (Item)

Books on New Zealand; industrial disputes; Arbitration Act and strikes of unorganized labourers.

A. Lawrence to Trevelyan, 28 December 1900 (Item)

Article on New Zealand.

Series CPT 7. Letters, 27 September 1901

Filmed selectively.

W.P. Reeves to Trevelyan, 27 September 1901 (Item)

Holiday in France; sends cable from R.J. Seddon denying that New Zealand Arbitration Act had broken down.

Series CPT 8. Letters and papers, [1902]-05-12

Filmed selectively.

W.P. Reeves to Trevelyan, [1902]-05-12 (Item)

Invites Trevelyan to attend his lecture on J.S. Mill.

Series CPT 9. Letters, 21 February 1902 - 13 July 1902

Filmed selectively.

W.P. Reeves to Trevelyan, 21 February 1902 (Item)

Weakness of Railway (Labour Disputes) Conciliation and Arbitration Bill; refers to New Zealand and N.S.W. legislation.

E. Raffen to Trevelyan, 20 June 1902 (Item)

Trevelyan's letter to Times; system of religious instruction in Australia; importance of church schools.

E. Raffen to Trevelyan, 13 July 1902 (Item)

Nonconformists strongly oppose a N.S.W. Concordat whereby there would be denominational facilities in Board schools.

Series CPT 164. Letters, 29 May 1948

Filmed selectively.

Ursula Weinmann (Cambridge) to Trevelyan, 29 May 1948 (Item)

Weinmann's father; life in Hobart and Melbourne; ugliness of man-made things in Australia; low status of women; democratic spirit; family news.

Series CPT 171. Letters, 14 November 1956

Filmed selectively.

Ursula Weinmann (Melbourne) to Trevelyan, 14 November 1956 (Item)

Life in Melbourne; depressing political scene; vacillating Menzies Government; industrial troubles.

Series CPT 210. Miscellaneous leaflets and pamphlets

Filmed selectively.

C.P. Trevelyan. 'Liberal principles in New Zealand' (8 pp.) (Item)

Fonds. Papers of Lord Runciman, May 1907 - 27 May 1936

Series WR 20. Papers on shipping and trade with the colonies, May 1907 - 8 April 1908

Filmed selectively.

Typescript notes on Pacific Cable Agreement (4 pp) (Item 2)
Memorandum by Runciman on Colonial Conference and steamship subsidies (9 pp.), May 1907 (Item 5)
Sir James Mackay to J. Morley, 3 June 1907 (Item 6)

Sends figures on cost of All-Red shipping route, for use of Runciman. (6 pp.).

W.P. Reeves. Memorandum on Pacific section of All-Red shipping Route (9 pp.), n.d. (Item 23)
R.M. Collins to Secretary, Board of Trade, 8 April 1908 (Item 25)

Views of Australian Government on All-Red Route and development of Pacific steamship service (roneoed copy).

Series WR 28. Letters and papers, mainly on education, March 1909 - April 1909

Filmed selectively.

Letters and cuttings, March 1909 - April 1909 (File)

Concerning a statement by Runciman on the secularization of education in Australia. The correspondents include Runciman, T. Coghlan and J.T. Paton.

Series WR 33. Miscellaneous leaflets and cuttings, 1913

Filmed selectively.

Sir George Reid. Some aspects of the evolution of the British Empire. (London). 13pp. Annotated, 1913 (Item)

Series WR 48. Miscellaneous Cabinet Papers, 13 March 1911 - 13 May 1911

Filmed selectively.

S. Buxton. Memorandum on the All-Red Route between U.K. and Australasia via Canada. (3 ff.), 13 March 1911 (Item)
S. Buxton. Memorandum on the All-Red Route, (3 ff.), 30 March 1911 (Item)
L. Harcourt. Memorandum on Dominions resolutions to be submitted to Imperial Conference. (12 ff.), 12 May 1911 (Item)
L. Harcourt. Additional resolution from Australian Government on consultation with Dominions concerning negotiations with foreign powers, (2 ff.), 13 May 1911 (Item)

Series WR 121 (2). Miscellaneous letters, Board of Trade, M, 17 November 1916 - 24 November 1916

Filmed selectively.

W.F. Massey to Runciman, 17 November 1916 (Item)

Query by Glenorchy Scheelite Mining Co. concerning demand in Britain for talc.

[Unknown] to W.F. Massey, 21 November 1916 (Item)

Query sent to Minister of Munitions.

W.F. Massey to Runciman, 17 November 1916 (Item)

Seeks permission for 3,000 tons of basic slag to be exported to New Zealand by Leeds Phosphate Works.

C. Prescott to E. Eddison, 24 November 1916 (Item)

Export of limited quantities of basic slag allowed.

Series WR 128. Miscellaneous letters, Board of Trade, T, 25 November 1916

Filmed selectively.

G. Thomson (Admiralty) to R. Matthew, 25 November 1916 (Item)

Australian coal strike; precautions taken to ensure wheat transports leave Australia.

Series WR 245. Letters and papers, 21 December 1931 - 28 December 1931

Filmed selectively.

Runciman to J.R. MacDonald, 21 December 1931 (Item)

Discussions on Imperial preference.

J.R. MacDonald to Runciman, 28 December 1931 (Item)

Import duties; danger of Dominions playing with Britain at Ottawa Conference.

Series WR 254. Letters and papers, 21 February 1932 - 8 November 1932

Filmed selectively.

Lord Bledisloe (Wellington) to Runciman, 21 February 1932 (Item)

Runciman's work at Board of Trade; New Zealand's appalling financial situation; difficulty of retaining coalition government.

Lord Bledisloe to Runciman, 13 March 1932 (Item)

Efforts of New Zealand Government to save country from bankruptcy; New Zealand and Empire preference.

Lord Bledisloe to Runciman, 8 November 1932 (Item)

Ottawa Conference; pessimistic forecast of Bank of England.

Series WR 256. Letters and papers on Ottawa Conference, 13 June 1932 - 16 August 1932

Filmed selectively.

Lord Bledisloe (Auckland) to Runciman, 13 June 1932 (Item)

Possible effects of Ottawa Conference on New Zealand; weakness of protectionist policy; preference should be restricted to high quality goods.

Lord Bledisloe to Runciman, 4 July 1932 (Item)

Preference for British films should not be extended to immoral films; effect of films on illegitimate births in New Zealand; encloses letter from A. Schultze.

A. Schultze (Auckland) to Lord Bledsloe, 2 July 1932 (Item)

Support of Free Methodist Church for Lord Bledsloe's remarks on harmful effects of films.

L.S. Amery (Ottawa) to Runciman, 16 August 1932 (Item)

Dominion views on Imperial preference; Runciman's statement on Australian overproduction; Empire development; future of Canada's position in Empire.

Series WR 257. Letters and papers on Ottawa Conference, n.d.

Filmed selectively.

Notes on the results of the Ottawa Conference (13pp, roneoed), n.d. (Item)

Includes sections on Australia and New Zealand (pp. 4-8).

Series WR 258. Papers on the Lausanne Economic Conference, 1932

Filmed selectively.

Cabinet. Reparations Committee. Policy at Lausanne: memorandum by the Secretary of State for Dominion affairs (Item)

About Dominian war debts. (5 pp.)

Series WR 260. Letters and papers, 13 March 1936 - 27 May 1936

Filmed selectively.

Sir Henry Gullett (Canberra) to Runciman, 13 March 1936 (Item)

Presents inkstand made of wood of H.M.A.S. Sydney; sinking of Emden.

J.L. Treloar (Canberra) to Runciman, 2 April 1936 (Item)

Arrangements for transporting of inkstand.

Secretary to J.L. Treloar, 18 May 1936 (Item)


Runciman to Sir Henry Gullett, 27 May 1936 (Item)

Thanks for inkstand.

Series WR276. Letters and papers, 29 April 1935

Filmed selectively.

Lord Bledisloe to Runciman, 29 April 1935 (Item)

Return from New Zealand; suggests discussion on methods of negotiating with Dominions on trade matters.

Series WR 281. Papers on Australia and New Zealand, 5 February 1932 - 31 March 1936

Copy of letter from Westminster Bank to N.S.W. Agent-General, 5 February 1932 (Item)

On default of interest payments by N.S.W. Government.

M. MacDonald to Runciman, 4 March 1935 (Item)

Sends notes on visit to Australia and New Zealand, especially imports, tariffs and migration. (20pp).

Articles by A. Winn on Australia and New Zealand in Times, 30 March 1936 - 31 March 1936 (Item)