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Fonds BAR. Barton Collection, 1834 - 1965

Papers of the Barton Family of Threxton, 1560-1965. Filmed selectively.

Knopwood Family: Will of Robert Knopwood of Van Diemen's Land (copy), 1834 (File BAR 25, 367X3)

Antiquarian and Miscellaneous: Michael Culyer, 12 July 1965 (File BAR 123, 368X4)

Notes on the Hoyle and Wall families of Gloucestershire and New Zealand, with a covering letter from Culyer (Coulsden, Surrey) to Barton.

Fonds GUN. Papers of the Rolfe Family of Heacham, 1877 - 1888

Filmed selectively.

Charles William Neville Rolfe: Letters from Australia, 30 April 1877 - 1 September 1888 (File GUN 78, 364X2)

Correspondents include: Eustace Rolfe, H.R. Mayne, E.H. MacRay, Mrs F. Appleton, W. Dennis and Neville Rolfe...

Fonds HEA. Deeds and papers relating to Heacham and Sedgeford and district and the Rolfe Family, 1834 - 1835

Filmed selectively.

Circulars about emigration to the Australian colonies, September 1834 - April 1835 (File HEA 570, 275X5)

Female emigration: extract from a letter from Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land (1p, printed), 26 September 1834 (Item)
Papers relating to emigration to the Australian colonies ordered by the House of Commons to be printed (20pp, printed), 27 March 1835 (Item)
Committee for Promoting the Emigration of Females to the Australian Colonies. A Free Passage to Single Women and Widows (3pp, printed), 30 April 1835 (Item)

Fonds PET. Papers of the Petre Family of Westwick, 1812 - 1874

Filmed selectively.

Series. Petre estates in Norfolk: Swanton Abbott, 1812 - October 1874

Extract from Court Roll, 13 May 1862 (File PET 854/36, 262X5)

Admission of Thomas Eglington, Mary Anne Burton, Freeman Eglington, Eliza Graver and John Eglington, under the will of Thomas Freeman their grandfather on the death of Mary Eglington their mother.

Paper relating to certificates of the Eglington and Freeman families, 1812 - 1855 (File PET 854/37, 262X5)

Including baptisms of Anne Eglington, Thomas Eglington, Freeman Eglington and John Eglington (1812-1829), marriages of Joseph Burton and Mary Anne Eglington (1832), Robert Graver and Eliza Eglington (1838), burials of Mary Freeman (1849), Mary Eglington (1861) and John Eglington (1826), and death at Adelaide of Robert Graver (1855).

Power of attorney from Eliza Graver (Adelaide) to Leonard Hicks (London), 24 December 1862 (File PET 854/38, 262X5)

To receive her share of proceeds of the sale of messuage and land at Swanton Abbott and other money due under the wills of her grandfather Thomas Eglington and her mother Mary Eglington.

Indenture - Deed of covenant, 24 December 1862 (File PET 854/39, 262X5)

Deed of covenant between (1) Thomas Freeman Eglington (Irmingland), farmer, Joseph Watts Burton (Hackforth next Reepham), butcher and his wife Mary Anne Burton; nee Eglington, Freeman Eglington (Kerdiston), Eliza Graver (Adelaide), widow; nee Eglington and John Eglington (Fakenham), draper and (2) John Berney Petre of Westwick House to convey copyhold property in Swanton Abbott.

Surrenders from Thomas Eglington and others to John B. Petre of messuage and land in Swanton Abbott, 24 December 1862 - 21 March 1863 (File PET 854/40, 262X5)
Extract from Court Roll, Special Court for Manor of Swanton Abbott, 28 March 1863 (File PET 854/41, 262X5)

Admission of John B. Petre on the surrender of Thomas Eglington and his wife Sarah Ann Eglington, Joseph Burton and his wife Mary Anne Burton, Freeman Eglington, Eliza Graver, John Eglington and Mary Gladden Eglington, his wife, of messuage and land in Swanton Abbott.

Receipts for succession duty for property in Swanton Abbott, 1862 - 1863 (File PET 854/42, 262X5)

Receipts for succession duty for property in Swanton Abbott to Eliza Graver (Adelaide)[13 Mar 1862], Freeman Eglington (Kerdiston), John Eglington (Fakenham), Thomas Eglington (Irmingland) and Marianne Burton (Hackford next Reepham) [all 23 May 1863].

Bundle of correspondence and papers, of R.W. Parmeter, solicitor of Aylsham, 1849 - 1874 (File PET 1058/5, 266X6)

Concerning the settlement of Rev. Alfred Wodehouse and his wife Emma Hamilla. Filmed selectively.

Charles Wodehouse (Rockhampton) to R.W. Parmeter, 22 July 1874 (Item 1)

Acknowledges £674.10.3; Rockhampton weather; death of his uncle; news from Hamilla; seeks information on insurance policy.

George Winters (Litcham) to R.W. Parmeter, 15 October 1874 (Item)

Sends certificate of baptism of Charles Wodehouse.

E.T. Wodehouse (North Walsham) to R.W. Parmeter, 23 December 1867 (Item 9)
E.T. Wodehouse to R.W. Parmeter: Charles Wodehouse has received his money - his share of the unsettled property, 21 December 1867 (Item 10)
Correspondence and papers of R.W. Parmeter with the trustees of the settlement concerning investments of trust money and other matters, 1851 - 1868 (Item 11)
Papers of R.W. Parmeter on the investment of trust money, 28 July 1864 - 23 March 1868 (Item 17)
Letters on the settlement, 1849 - 1873 (Item 18)
Letters on the settlement, 1864 - 1867 (Item 19)
Receipt of £300 advanced for the benefit of Charles Wodehouse during his minority, 22 July 1864 (Item 20)
Indenture between Charles Wodehouse (Rockhampton) and John B. Petre, Edward Gurdon and Algernon Wodehouse, 6 April 1867 (File PET 1058/7, 266X6)

For his share of the trust fund under the settlement of Rev. Alfred Wodehouse and Emma Hamilla.

Fonds MC 17. Freeman Collection, 1875 - 1907

Filmed selectively.

Series. William Philip Barnes Freeman, 1875

Ellen Bryant (Castlemaine, Victoria) to William and Polly: colonial life; mining works; thanks for photographs, n.d. (File MC 17/43, 405X7)
David Freeman (Melbourne) to his brother William Freeman, 1875 (File MC 17/44, 405X7)

14 June 1875: Has exchanged mining for the timber trade; Melbourne; suggests that William sell a painting in Melbourne Gallery; family matters...

Series. William Henry Freeman, 22 October 1905 - 24 November 1907

D.G. Freeman (Melbourne) to William H. Freeman (Norwich), 22 October 1905 - 14 November 1905 (File MC 17/55, 405X7)

Nelson centenary celebrations; family memories of the French invasion scare; sends a walking stick; Australian forestry work.

D.G. Freeman (Melbourne) to his nephew William H. Freeman: death of his wife Rosa; family property, 24 November 1907 (File MC 17/56, 405X7)

Series. Howard Family correspondence, 15 October 1895

Ellen de Carle Freeman of Melbourne (Chipping Campden) to Howard: Freeman ancestors, 15 October 1895 (File MC 17/74-75, 405X7)

With a note on monumental inscriptions at St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich.

Fonds Y/D. Great Yarmouth Borough records, 1839 - 1844

Series Y/D 51. Title deeds and other papers relating mainly to Great Yarmouth, September 1839 - October 1844

Filmed selectively.

Certificate of death of Priscilla Tubby at Hobart, daughter of Priscilla Jay, with receipt for supplying certificate to the executors, 26 September 1839 - 14 October 1841 (File 1913)
Release from Robert Browne, J.G. Fisher and others to the surviving executors of the will of Priscilla Jay, 18 September 1844 (File 1914)
Receipt of division of money arising from the estate, 8 October 1844 (File 1915)

Fonds N/TC. Records of Town Clerk's Department, Norwich, 1900 - 1901

Series D1. Title deeds, July 1900 - January 1901

31A, 35 and 37 West Pottergate and 1-11 Lawrence Street, Norwich. Filmed selectively.

Conveyance from Rose Allison to Alice Crotch and John Rout, 14 July 1900 (File D1/213/18, 326X10)

Conveyance upon trust for sale of certain freehold hereditaments. Rose Allison, wife of George Allison of Bootoma Station, Brewarrina, NSW, Sheep Farmer and Alice Crotch of Marlborough House, Ipswich Road, Norwich, Spinster, and John Rout of Norwich, Gentleman.

Statutory declaration by John Rout verifying heiress-ship of Rose Allison and Alice Crotch, 18 January 1901 (File D1/213/19, 326X10)

Copies of entries from Marriage, Birth and Death registers attached.

Conveyance between John Rout and Samuel Wilkins of freehold hereditaments, nos 33 and 35 West Pottergate Street, 29 January 1901 (File D1/213/20, 326X10)

Fonds. Norwich Public Library Manuscript Collection, 1786 - 1913

Filmed selectively.

George Colman Green. The thirty-sixth voyage of the Afric (White Star liner) to Australia, 21 December 1912 - 9 February 1913 (File MS174)

Bound typescript volume with watercolours and added manuscript notes...

Petition from mayor and Justices of the Peace for the Borough of Great Yarnmouth to Lord Sydney requesting that a number of prisoners in the overcrowded gaol be sent to Botany Bay, October 1786 (File MS 2292, 2E2)

The names, ages and occupations of eight prisoners are given.

Charles Clarke (Christchurch) to E.C. Bailey (Norwich): sale of property in New Zealand, 27 August 1873 (File MS14876a, 37A1)

E.C. Bailey to Howes (Long Stratton): sends copy of the letter from Clarke, 10 November 1873 (File MS 14876a, 37A1)

Fonds COL. Colman Collection, [c.1852]

emmigration and immigration; South Australia; South Australia: immigration to; Convicts; Canada.

Series 7B. Pamphlets, [c.1852]

Filmed selectively.

Rev. Scott F. Surtees, ed. Emigrant letters from settlers in Canada and South America, collected in the parish of Banham, Norfolk, London, Jarrold and Sons, (16pp.), [c.1852] (File)

The publication reproduces letters, or extracts from letters, written in 1849-1851 from six emigrants in South Australia.

Fonds BL. Papers of Harry Bradfer-Lawrence, 1925

Series BL/BE. Papers of Edward M. Beloe and his son Edward M. Beloe, solicitors and antiquaries of Kings Lynn, [1925]

Filmed selectively.

E.M. Beloe. Crimes and their punishments mentioned in Norfolk Borough Quarter Sessions, Lynn and elsewhere (typescript with ms amendments), 1925 (File 3/29)

pp. 1-16, 64-67 on details of convicts transported.

Fonds BUL. Papers of Bulwer Family of Heydon, 1833 - 1837

Series BUL 1. Diplomatic papers of Sir Henry Bulwer, 1833 - 1837

Filmed selectively.

Subseries BUL 1/8, 561X6. Correspondence and papers relating to Australia, 1833 - 1837
Letters, 1833 - 1837 (File 1-47)

The correspondence relates to Bulwer's appointment as parliamentary agent of the Australian colonies, his relation with the Australian Patriotic Association, a petition by the inhabitants of Van Diemen's Land against George Arthur, the lieutenant-governor, educational establishments in New South Wales (1837), trial by civil jury in New South Wales, an examintaion of Sir John Jamison before the Police Committee on the administration of justice in the colony, and the use of convict labour...

Papers, 1834 - 1836 (File 48-60)

The papers comprise a list of men in Van Diemen's Land qualified to serve as jurors (1835), two issues of the True Colonist, a petition from inhabitants of New South Wales to the House of Commons on trial by jury (1834), a list of British parliamentarians favourable to trial of jury in New South Wales, three printed letters on the nomination of Bulwer as agent, and copies of parliamentary bills.

Volume of newspaper cuttings relating to trade in Coventry, parliamentary debates, New South Wales and other subjects (File BUL 1/9, 561X6)

pp. 64, 116, 117, 118, 120, 122, 124, 125...

Fonds UPC. Papers of Upcher Family of Sheringham, 1936 - 1938

Filmed selectively.

Series UPC 264 643X6. Letters of Geoffrey Palmer in Auckland, July 1936 - September 1938

Geoffrey Palmer (Auckland) to Miss Upcher: family history, 9 July 1936 (File)
Geoffrey Palmer to Miss Upcher, 2 March 1937 (File)

Further details on Upcher connections; disastrous cricket match at Melbourne; conditions in Auckland; sharks and other fish.

Geoffrey Palmer to Miss Upcher: weakness of naval defence in Pacific; family history, 30 September 1938 (File)
Photograph of Palmer's son Humphrey Palmer, photograph of a portrait of George Horsnell (b. 1778) in the possession of Palmer, 9 July 1936 (File)

Includes notes on the Upcher and Blake Palmer families.

Fonds BR 66. Papers of the Press Family of Great Yarmouth, 1871 - 1877

Log book of the Frederica, commanded by James Pepperill, 4 December 1872 - 18 February 1873 (File BR 66/17)

Select pages describing voyage from Mauritius to Melbourne and Fremantle (30p). Details of weather, sailing conditions, misdemeanours by seamen.

Log book of the Frederica, commanded by Joseph B. Press, 18 February 1873 - 2 July 1874 (File BR 66/18)

Voyage from Melbourne to Fremantle, China, Manila, Sydney and Colombo (70p).

Log book of the Frederica, commanded by J.B. Press, 23 December 1875 - 18 April 1876 (File BR 66/20)

On a voyage from London to Mossel Bay, South Africa, and Java. Includes voyage; Cheribon/Melbourne/Newcastle NSW/Java/Melbourne (178p).

Abstract of log of Frederica, commanded by J.B. Press, 16 January 1875 - 9 April 1876 (File BR 66/21)

On a voyage from London to the Falkland Islands. Last page lists other ships spoken with.

Letters and Papers, February 1872 - March 1874 (File BR 66/28)

Includes:Wage accounts for Joseph Thompson and William Geary, made out at Sydney, 1874...

Letters and papers, 1875 - 1877 (File BR 66/29)

The papers include testimonials on behalf of Capt. J.B. Press giving details of Australian voyages (1877), a report by the Merchant Shipping Underwriters Association Ltd., Lloyds' Agency for Melbourne (21 Apr 1877) on damage sustained by the Frederica on account of grounding, receipts and correspondence about possible repairs in Melbourne, statements by the crew on the grounding (26 Apr 1877), details of the public sale of the Frederica at Lloyds Rooms, Melbourne (25 May 1877), disbursements of Frederica at Cheribon, Java (Jan-Feb 1877); receipts from Melbourne, Sandridge (Sep 1876), Newcastle (Oct 1876) and Batavia (Dec 1876)...

Death of James Henry Prowse, February 1873 - June 1876 (File BR 66/114)

Correspondence, invoices and accounts concerning the death of a seaman, James Henry Prowse, who was drowned at Sandridge, Victoria, on 2 February 1873 and was buried in Melbourne with Roman Catholic rites. The papers include correspondence with Catherine Collins and John Foley in Ireland (26 July; 11 Oct 1873); invoices and wages due to Prowse; invoice for funeral John Dally, undertaker, Melbourne (Feb 1873)...

Jottings, 1872 - 1877 (File BR 66/150)

Diary notes and jottings made by J.B. Press, March 1873 - August 1877, while at Melbourne, Flinders Island, Newcastle, Parramatta, Batavia, Bendigo and Rio de Janeiro.

Fonds BR 124. Papers of Scott, Pillow and Barwell families of Norwich, 1914 - 1919

Miscellaneous correspondence, August 1918 - March 1919 (File BR 124/68)

Filmed selectively.

Annie Potts (Yeulba, Qld.) to Margaret Pillow, 29 March 1919 (Item)

Her emigration to Australia as a baby; effect of the War on her life; enlistment of Edward Pillow; her son served in Egypt and Gallipoli and was wounded in France.

Lettie Potts (Geelong) to Margaret Pillow: news of members of Pillow Family in Australia, and her brothers in the Army, 20 August 1918 (Item)
Lettie Potts (Melbourne) to Margaret Pillow: family news; effects of influenza in Melbourne; includes a photograph of Geelong College Truck shop, 13 February 1919 (Item)

Family photographs, December 1914 (File BR 124/82)

Filmed selectively.

Photograph of Edward Pillow, 2nd Light Horse Regiment, taken at Cunnamulla, Queensland, 14 December 1914 (Item)

Fonds Y/D50. Records of Grout and Company of Norwich, 1889 - 1903

Filmed selectively.

Synopsis of Australian account, 1901 - 1903 (File Y/D50/117)

Certificate of award at the Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1889 (File Y/D50/221)

Fonds MC 3. Papers of Lothian Family of Blickling, 1881 - 1891

Series. Family papers, 1881

Filmed selectively.

Dugard Buckler (Emigrant and Colonists' Aid Corporation, London) to Walter Butler, 26 July 1881 (File MC 3/309 (a), 468X5)

Refers to letter from Lady Lothian (not included); emigration of a master mason; suggests Sydney or Brisbane rather than New Zealand as New Zealand buildings are mostly timber; methods of obtaining a passage.

Series MC 3/586, 516X9. Family and personal papers, 1891

Filmed selectively.

Woods Australian Diary, 1891 (File)

Entries for May-July 1891 only, referring to opening of Parliament, dinner parties, Sydney Rowing Club regatta, Queen's Birthday review, polo club meetings and horse races at Randwick. There are numerous references to 'Winslow', the home of Sir Joseph Long Innes at Darling Point, Sydney. The writer of the diary is not identified (46p).

Fonds MC 32. Papers of Sir Henry Rider Haggard, 1913 - 1921

Letters from Rider Haggard to his wife, March 1916 (File MC 32/39, 478X7)

Filmed selectively.

Rider Haggard (SS Turakima) to Marianna Haggard, 19 March 1916 (Item 36)

Voyage to Tasmania from Cape Town; details of other passengers and proposed Australian itinerary (6p).

Letters from Rider Haggard to his daughter Lilias, May 1916 - June 1916 (File MC 32/40, 478X7)

Rider Haggard (SS Karligar) to Lilias, 5 May 1916 (Item 2)

Voyage to Fremantle; his work is going well, meeting with members of the Government in Adelaide; due to meet State premiers; horror at thought of teetotalness imposed on guests by Sir Harry Barron, Governor of Western Australia, and that he is going to smuggle in some brandy (2p).

Rider Haggard (RMS Niagara off Honolulu) to Lilias, 22 June 1916 (Item 3)

Voyage to Hawaii; details of stay in New Zealand and Suva; plans for a new book (4p).

Page from an incomplete undated letter from Rider Haggard (File MC 32/47, 478X7)

Letter in Rider Haggard's hand headed Northern Club, Auckland. Refers to the conclusion of his work in Australia and New Zealand and the benefits of migration.

Rough diary and notebook, 1914 - 1921 (File MC 32/52, 478X7)

With notes on Rider Haggard's tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1916, names and addresses, and appointments. Plot of When the World Shook on board Niagara(146p).

Part of a speech or article by Sir Edward Vincent (Wellington) apparently attacking Rider Haggard from Wellington Club, Wellington, NZ, 1913 (File MC 32/55, 478X7)

Menu of a dinner in honour of Rider Haggard, Sydney, 28 April 1916 (File MC 32/60, 478X7)

Menu of a dinner in honour of Rider Haggard, Auckland, 12 June 1916 (File MC 32/61, 478X7)

Fonds MC 45. Records collected by Rev. W.B.H. Chandler

Filmed selectively.

Collections on the history of Stoke Holy Cross with Dunston (File MS 10605)

Notes on the Boyce Family of Dunston, n.d. (Item MS 10605/79 (26F1))

Sent by 'a Boyce, florist of Western Australia, claiming descent from the Earl of Deloraine. Religious dementia, claims to be one of the Trinity, a heaven conferred DD etc' (7pp.)

Fonds MC 57. Travel diaries of Edward A. Field, 1898 - 1908

Filmed selectively.

Diary of a journey to Australia, 2 September 1898 - 23 December 1898 (File MC 57/15, 507X2 ff. 1-51)

ff.1-12 Tilbury to Melbourne. Leaves Tilbury on the Oruba, shipboard life, games and entertainment, excursions in Italy, the journey through Suez Canal, his impressions of Albany (6 Oct) and Adelaide, a rail journey to Mount Gambier, bird life, rail journey to Ballarat and Melbourne...

Diary of a journey to New Zealand and the Pacific, 24 December 1898 - 3 June 1899 (File MC 57/15, 507X2 ff.52-69)

Voyage from Sydney to Wellington on the Talune, variations in the scenery and flora of New Zealand compared to Australia, and visits to Hokitika, Christchurch and Port Lyttelton.

Diary of a journey to Australia and New Zealand, 13 January 1899 - 3 June 1899 (File MC 57/15, 507X2 ff.70-158)

ff.70-83 Voyage on Waikaro from Port Lyttelton via Dunedin, Preservation Inlet, Milford Sound back to Port Lyttelton...

Diary of a journey to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, December 1903 - 21 March 1904 (File MC 57/23, 507X3 ff. 61-118)

ff. 61-118 Cape Town to New Zealand on the Corinthe, Christmas celebrations on board, arrivals in Hobart (1 Jan 1904) and Wellington (6 Jan), a voyage around the coast on the Waikare, games and competitions on board...

Diary of a journey to Japan and Australia, 20 November 1907 - 24 April 1908 (File MC 57/27, 507X3 ff. 24-60)

ff.24-36. Japan to Sydney. Voyage to Sydney, visit to Macau and inspection of opium factories, voyage to Timor (7 Dec) and visit to Cairns (15 Dec), train journey from Sydney to Melbourne...

Fonds MC 81. Papers of Copeman Family of Norwich, 1853 - 1901

Filmed selectively.

Series MC 81/26. Family letters, March 1853

Benjamin Buck (New Norfolk) to his family, 15 March 1853 (File MC 81/26/270, 525X9)

Experiences in New Zealand and Tasmania while working as a surgeon; meeting with William Smith O'Brien, the Irish nationalist.

Series MC 81/79-89. Printed and miscellaneous papers, May 1901

Memorial service for Rev. James Chalmers and Rev. O.F. Tomkins, murdered in New Guinea, City Temple, London (printed, 6pp.), 17 May 1901 (File MC 81/85, 526X7)

Fonds MC 109. Papers of Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, 28 Jan.

Filmed selectively.

Series. Correspondence, mostly about portraits, 28 Jan.

F.N. Ribbald (Sydney) to [Unknown]: portraits of Pocahontas and Bishop Edmund Scrambler, Bishop of Norwich in 16th century; with an annotation by C.S. Orde, 28 Jan. (File MC 109/72 573X4)

Fonds MC 114. Records of T.E. Rudling and Company, solicitors of Thetford, 1900 - 1901

Series MC 114/4. Miscellaneous deeds and papers, 1900 - 1901

Filmed selectively.

Correspondence of Houcher and Houcher, solicitors (Thetford) relating to the executorship of Maria Kernshaw (d. 26 Jun 1899) of Willaston, South Australia, 1900 - 1901 (File MC 114/4/51, 584X3)

The papers include letters and financial documents from the English, Scottish and Australian Bank (London), Stock and Scott, solicitors (Adelaide), Sarah Rice (Attleborough) and Frederick Wood, solicitor (Brandon) (33p).

Fonds MC 124. Papers of the Petre Family of Westwick, 8 April 1888 - 7 July 1888

Series. Duff Family papers, April 1888 - July 1888

Filmed selectively.

Sil Duff (Warner's Hotel, Christchurch) to B.J. Duff: voyage, travels in New Zealand; possible purchase of a house; infestation of rabbits, 8 April 1888 (File MC 124/137, 600X7)
Sil Duff to Bernard Duff: on board ship; rescue of shipwrecked people from Palmyra Island (Pacific Ocean), 7 July 1888 (File MC 124/138, 600X7)

Fonds MC 131. Papers concerning Ellen Caudwell, 1852 - 1985

Ellen Caudwell (Melbourne) to her family, 19 September 1852 (File MC 131/1)

Death of her baby girl on voyage to Australia; conditions and prices of commodities in Melbourne; plans to go to Bendigo.

Susan Edwards (Tottenham, London) to her granddaughter Maude: news of Ellen Thompson (previously Caudwell) in Melbourne, 4 May 1878 (File MC 131/2)

Registrar General of Shipping (Cardiff) to 'Dear Madam': records of ship Francis Ridley, registered in 1847, on which Ellen Caudwell travelled, 14 May 1964 (File MC 131/3)

Marriage certificate of Ellen Caudwell of North Melbourne (widow) and David Thompson of Melbourne (butcher), 23 November 1857 (File MC 131/4)

Notes by Dorothy Hooker on the Caudwell-Thompson Family, April 1985 (File MC 131/5)

Also contains a transcript of Ellen Caudwell's letter (MC131/1).

Fonds MS 4694. Additional papers of Rider Haggard, 1914 - 1916

Filmed selectively.

Diary, 29 January 1916 - 23 November 1916 (File 1/6)

The diary, which contains occasional newspaper cuttings, provides a detailed record of Haggard's mission to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in February - June 1916, including his visits to Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Wellington, Auckland and Suva (300pp).

Notes relating to Soldiers' resettlement scheme, 1914 - 1916 (File 5/1-2)

Two volumes. Notes of events when Haggard visited New Zealand and Australia.

Notes for speeches made by Haggard in Canada and Australia (File 17/1-3)

Fonds MS 11602. Dr. Casey Wood, November 1923

Filmed selectively.

Circular letter written by Casey Wood (Suva, Fifi), 12 November 1923 (File)

Voyage in South Seas including visits to New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Rarotonga, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Hawaii; voyages of Capt. James Cook and Capt. William Bligh; birds of the South Pacific; fish; animals. (35pp, typescript).

Fonds MS 20463. Letters from Sir Rider Haggard to Andrew Corbett, 1916 - 1917

Rider Haggard to Andrew Corbett, 6 September 1916 - 6 September 1917 (File)

Report of Haggard's mission to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand; lectures; Sir Harry Wilson; meetings of Royal Colonial Institute committee; Empire Settlement Committee. (10 letters)